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Clean Fuel Starts with a Clean Tank Cleaning Process ThreeThree StageStage Cleaning Process Polisher Features Features Polisher Features Stand alone fuel pumping •Polisher Stand fuel Standalone aloneseparator fuelpumping pumping ••·Centrifugal only · Centrifugal separator only Centrifugal separator •• Three stage filtering only ·Three Threestage stagefiltering filtering alert gauge ••·Filter Filteralert alertgauge gauge Filter pumped meter ••·Gallons Gallons pumped meter Gallons pumpedCart meter Wheeled ••·Large LargeWheeled WheeledCart Cart • Large

PRO Polisher II

PRO Diesel

Polisher II Fuel Polisher

2. 40 Mesh, 381 Micron Screen

1. Centrifugal Separator

3. 10 Micron Filter

Pro Polisher II Cleans Pro Polisher II Cleans... · Commercial bulk fuel tanks bulk equipment fuel tanks tanks •·Commercial Trucks & heavy equipment tanks •·Truck Stand& byheavy generators generators •·Stand-by Boat diesel fuel tanks fuel storage tanks tanks •·Boat Smalldiesel site fuel siteoil fuel storage Heating fuel tankstanks •·Small • Heating oil fuel tanks Who Needs Tank Cleaning · Construction Who Needs TankCompanies Cleaning? · Diesel Repair Shops • Construction Companies Marina's & Working Repair Shops Boats •·Diesel Hotels &&Hospitals Working Boats •·Marina's · Mobile Repair Companies • Hotels & Hospitals · Mines & Sand Pits • Mobile Repair Companies • Mines & Sand Pit

Three Way Valve Pick-Up & Discharge Pipes

3/4 Fuel Hose

Water Proof Switch W/ GFI Outlet

Quick Couplers Filter Pressure Gauge Electronic Flow Counter 20 GPM 1 HP Pump

Parts & Tool Tray

Large Diameter Tires

Distributed by Proudly Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA

Diesel Fuel Polisher

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Pro Polisher II, Diesel Fuel Polisher  
Pro Polisher II, Diesel Fuel Polisher  

Three stage fuel cleaning process made easy