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What is Neural Network

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Defination:-Neural Netrworks are considered to be a prominent component

of futuristic Artificial Intelligence. Currently the phrase Neural networks is synonymous with Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) whose working concept is similar to that of Human Nervous System and hence the name.In Human body, Neural Networks are the building blocks of the Nervous System which controls and coordinates the different human activities.Neural network consists of a group of neurons (nerve cells) interconnected with each other to carry out a specific function. Historical Background:-The history of neural networks dates back to 1943 when McCulloch and Pitts developed some simple models of neural networks as binary devices with fixed thresholds to implement simple Boolean logic functions.In 1958, Rosenblatt developed a system called as Perceptron consisting of three layers with the middle “Association Layer� and the system could learn to associate a given input to a random output unit. Widrow and Hoff of Stanford University developed a system called ADALINE (ADAptive LInear Element) in 1960 which was an analog electronic device and was based on the Least-Mean-Squares (LMS) learning rule.The growing popularity of Neural Networks led to many other developments like, the principle of Heterostasis by A. Henry Klopf in 1972, the Back propagation learning Method by Paul Werbos in 1974 and COGNITRON , the step wise multilayered and trained neural network to interpret handwritten characters developed by F Kunihiko in 1975.Since then, significant advancements have been accomplished in the field of neural networks. Read More About :- Applications of Artificial Neural Networks

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What is Neural Network