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What is Biometrics

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Defination:-Biometrics literally means life measurement and is associated

with utilization of distinctive physiological characteristics for identifying individuals. Though most important application related with biometrics is that of security, it is used as the computer interface too. A range of Biometric applications are being used for authenticating person’s identity. With the use of various features including fingerprints, face, signature, and iris, a person is identified. Applications:-Attendance and time technology of biometrics is being used by a range of businesses for addressing deficiencies in the conventional attendance systems. The biometric technology restricts entrance of the unauthorized users and lets the authorized users in the property. It keeps record of all the entries and exists. Biometrics locks known as fingerprint locks are installed in homes for replacing the keys. System maintains database of approved fingerprints and lets only ones with fingerprints in record in the house. Other applications of this useful technology include biometric reports, security systems, biometric presentations and biometric whitepapers. Why opt for Biometrics? There are many benefits of using biometrics including better security. These systems offer low cost and convenient security tier. By using the biometrics, companies can also reduce the frauds related to buddy punching and ID. Biometric systems also take care of the problems related to forgotten passwords, lost IDs by employing physiological attributes. Read More About :- Biometrics

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