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Fuzzy Logic Controller

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Defination:-Fuzzy Logic can be viewed as a super set of Boolean logic, as a

multi-valued logic. It adds degrees between the absolute truth and absolute false to cover partial truth in between. In simple terms, fuzzy logic involves classifying objects and functions into fuzzy sets which could be given linguistic phrases. It is a form of reasoning that is neither exact, nor absolutely inexact. Working:-How Fuzzy Logic works can be understood in a simple example of driving in a lane within speed limits. While the driver may take precise inputs (not fuzzy) from the speedometer, he also keeps an eye on the drivers behind him, ahead of him and an overall trend of the speed of the traffic, density pouring in from side lanes etc. to have a rough estimate of conditions. The whole information is processed and summarized into a crisp output of the speed decision he maintains, whether to speed or not. This is a simple example of fuzzy logic. Like any other mathematical modeling process, FL too uses a few steps to achieve the final goal. The various steps are outlined as: 1. System Requirements: Define control objectives, specifications, criteria, type of response needed, possible failure modes etc. 2. Input/Output relationship: Choosing the minimum number of fuzzy variables for inputs and their relation to the output. These can be linguistic variables, for example for error measurements, large positive error, zero error, small negative error etc. 3. Create FL Membership Functions: These define the values of Input/output terms used in the rules. Read More About :- Fuzzy Logic Control

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Fuzzy Logic Controller  

Fuzzy Logic Controller View More :- Fuzzy Logic Definition Defination:- Fuzzy Logic can be viewed as a super set of Boolean logic, as a mult...