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Define Biometrics

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Defination:-Biometrics literally means life measurement and is associated

with utilization of distinctive physiological characteristics for identifying individuals. Though most important application related with biometrics is that of security, it is used as the computer interface too. A range of Biometric applications are being used for authenticating person’s identity. With the use of various features including fingerprints, face, signature, and iris, a person is identified. Working:-When someone uses biometrics for the first time, it’s called enrollment. In this stage, information is stored by the individual. In succeeding uses, information in biometric system is compared and detected with one stored in the enrollment. One should make sure that storage as well as retrieval of the information is done in a secure manner.First block which is also known as sensor, acts as an interface between system and real world and acquires all necessary data. Usually it’s a picture acquisition system but can change as per desired characteristics. Second block performs needed pre-processing- removes artifacts from sensor, enhances input. In the following block, essential characteristics are extracted. This is a crucial stage as one needs to extract the right features in optimal way. Image or vector of the numbers with specific properties is used for creating template. Template is synthesis of related features extracted from source. Elements of biometric measurements those are not required for comparison algorithms are banished in templates for reducing size of file and for protecting identity of enrollee.While the enrollment takes place, template gets stored in database or on card. Read More About :- Pic Microcontroller Definition

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