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March 2010

South Australia

The Sir Eric Neal Address 2010 - 17th February 2010 Left to Right: Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng, Sir Eric Neal AC CVO FTSE HonFIEAust CPEng, The Hon Trish White BE BA FIEAust MP and His Excellency, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR CompIEAust, Governor of South Australia

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Congratulations to Reza Fallahzadeh, the winner of the Craig Gilbert Leadership Award for 2009. The Craig Gilbert Leadership Award is now well established as the premier honour recognising leadership amongst the civil engineering students in our state. The Award is bestowed upon a student nominated by their peers and judged by a panel representing the profession and community. It recognises the outstanding contribution Craig made to engineering in South Australia throughout his career and his leadership as the Director of Tonkin Consulting. The Award is a fitting memorial to him, especially in this Year of Engineering Leadership. Reza Fallahzadeh demonstrated to the judging panel that he has clear potential to excel as an engineering leader as well. Reza has not had the benefit of having growing up in Australia having coming here as a young adult from Iran. Despite the differences in culture, language and background knowledge he was nominated for the award in a secret ballot by his student peers. His essay demonstrated insight into the ethos of a leader and his oral presentation showed real depth of character and potential. Australia is truly a richer place for having migrant engineers like Reza within our community.

Division Executive President Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng Deputy President Jeff Walsh FIEAust CPEng Treasurer Gerry Doyle MIEAust CPEng Executive Director Caroline Argent Deputy Director Sarah Carey

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I would also like to congratulate the other award winners presented at the Sir Eric Neal Address. Nigel Ridgway FIEAust CPEng received the Award of Merit for Engineering Heritage and Daix Tregenza StudIEAust received the Flinders University Medal. The Keith Johinke Medal was presented to Mark McKenzie StudIEAust and the Arvi Parbo Medal was won by Justin Fong StudIEAust. The Honourable Trish White BE BA FIEAust MP reminded us of the qualities of a leader during the Sir Eric Neal Address. In this year of Engineering Leadership it was greatly appreciated that she could take the time from a busy schedule in the middle of an election campaign. Her retirement from political life at this election means we have one less engineer in the South Australian parliament. Nevertheless we continue to engage with the political decision makers in our community through advocacy, active responses on engineering related issues, and our Parliamentary Fellows Program. You can see more details of the PFP relationships in this issue of Engineering South Australia. Late last year my attention was drawn to the difficulties that many migrant engineers are encountering in gaining employment in Australia. The economic slowdown has allowed employers to become quite selective in their recruitment practices. Natural concerns about migrants qualifications, their ability to communicate clearly with

customers and their familiarity with Australian workplace customs are pushing migrant engineers to the back of the employment queue. The problem seems worst for those migrants from non English speaking backgrounds and countries that are less aligned to our Western European view of the world. I saw firsthand the disappointment and disillusionment that this is causing. In my view we need to turn around some of our perceptions. We should view our migrant engineers as bridges to new market opportunities with non traditional trading partners. There are emerging markets in Africa and central Asia. Many of the smaller countries in South East Asia are following paths of reform and opening up of trade. Our Australian businesses have become more globally focused over a period of decades but this process could be sped up by employment of engineers able to bridge cultural and language divides. Too often we forget how monolingual Australia really is, both in the literal meaning of the word, and in our global outlook. As the professional body representing the engineering profession we have not been ignoring the problem. At Congress 2008 a Migrant Support Committee was formed which reported back to the 2009 Congress. The Committee was confronted by the low utilisation rates of some sections of the migrant engineer population. It reported that leaving the current level of intake in place when so many are finding engineering employment beyond reach is ethically, morally and economically flawed. The Committee recommendations are extensive and include both active measures to assist migrant engineers, and recommendations for Government action to achieve better alignment between employer needs and migrant skills and expectations. In particular, the committee recommended breaking the expectation of “buying� permanent residency through education programs, and this has subsequently been adopted by the federal government. If you wish to obtain a copy of the report contact the Division Office. In closing, an update on the next Infrastructure Report Card (IRC) for South Australia. The IRC is released every five years and the chapter review of the 2010 report is now underway. The release will be coordinated nationally and we expect it to occur here well after the election, for obvious reasons, in around late May or early June.

Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng President Engineers Australia South Australia Division

The 2010 Sir Eric Neal Address was held at the Sebel Playford on Wednesday 17th February with over 170 attendees. By holding this event the engineering profession recognises and honours exceptional leadership in engineering and as such it is appropriately named after Sir Eric Neal. Inspired, agile and successful described our guest speaker perfectly. With a remarkable career in Engineering and Politics, The Hon Trish White BE BA FIEAust MP engaged the audience with the catalysts that inspired her career. Trish also shared with attendees what she predicted will affect future upcoming leaders in the engineering profession. The Hon Trish White’s presentation is available as a pdf on the South Australia Division website at\sa or can be obtained by contacting the South Australia Division office. A fantastic evening was had by all and in addition the following was presented: Engineering Executive Certificate: Hamish McCarter MIEAust EngExec Fellow Certificate: David Knox FIEAust Murray Bartsch FIEAust CPEng Dr Christopher Hewitson FIEAust CPEng Dr Michael Griffith FIEAust CPEng Leo Noicos FIEAust CPEng Mark Gilbert FIEAust CPEng Prof Simon Beecham FIEAust CPEng Peter Statton FIEAust CPEng Companion Certificate: Robert Lemonius CompIEAust

Left to Right: Craig Gilbert Leadership Award Finalist Jared Ewers StudIEAust, Sir Eric Neal AC CVO FTSE HonFIEAust CPEng, Arvi Parbo Award Winner Justin Fong StudIEAust and Flinders University Medal Winner Daix Tregenza StudIEAust.

Award of Merit for Engineering Heritage: Nigel Ridgway FIEAust CPEng Craig Gilbert Leadership Award: Winner: Reza Fallahzadeh StudIEAust Finalists:

Christopher Maiolo StudIEAust Graigan Panosot StudIEAust Jared Ewers StudIEAust

University Medals: Arvi Parbo Justin Fong StudIEAust Keith Johinke Mark McKenzie StudIEAust Flinders University Daix Tregenza StudIEAust Catherine Chamberlain Events Manager Engineers Australia South Australia Division

Super greenhouse to help sustain global agriculture One of the world’s most sophisticated plant research facilities, set to make huge advances in international agricultural sustainability and deliver significant benefits to Australia’s agriculture and horticulture industries, was opened in Adelaide on 28th January 2010. Based at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus, The Plant Accelerator is the largest and most advanced facility of its type in the world and was jointly opened by Premier Mike Rann and the Hon Anthony Byrne MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Australia. The “super greenhouse” features a series of 50 high-tech glasshouses and laboratories housing more than 1km of conveyor systems that will deliver plants automatically to state-of-the-art imaging, robotic and computing equipment. The top floor of the building includes 34 greenhouses, four Smarthouses and two imaging halls. A Smarthouse is a greenhouse fitted with an automated conveyor system and each can hold 600 potted plants which are fitted with radio frequency identification chips to record information about each plant in a central database. This will allow continual measurement of the physical attributes (the phenotype) of up to 160,000 plants a year. The Plant Accelerator is the national headquarters of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility and has been jointly funded by the Commonwealth, the South Australian Government and the University of Adelaide under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and the Education Investment Fund. Support from the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG) was also critical in this project.

The Plant Accelerator at Waite, South Australia

Director of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility Professor Mark Tester said the Plant Accelerator would lead critical and groundbreaking research into the yield and quality of crops that can tolerate drought, salinity and disease. “This facility is an Australian first and is world class in every respect. It will improve international efforts to cultivate sustainable crops, as well as providing a competitive edge for Australia’s $28 billion annual agriculture export industry,” he said. To minimise the building’s environmental impact, the Plant Accelerator recycles ninety percent of its water. Ninety-nine percent of the roof’s rainwater is collected for reuse, waste water from air conditioning units and cooling towers is collected and reused and greenhouse waste water is filtered and stored in tanks for later use as irrigation external to the building. Anna Day Senior Consultant FULLER 3

Sir Eric Neal Address 2010

Parliamentary Fellows Program (PFP) launched During 2009 there was an initiative going on behind the scenes – starting up our Parliamentary Fellows Program. The PFP links a group of our Chartered Fellows to a group of South Australian Parliamentarians. There are nineteen MPs involved in all, each now having a one on one point of contact with our profession. The PFP grew from a 2007 survey of nearly 5000 of our members around Australia that clearly showed that our membership wants us to engage more with the decision makers in the community. The PFP gives the Parliamentarians a channel through which to obtain accurate and balanced technical advice and allows Engineers Australia

to communicate with these key decision makers in our community. Engineering is the profession that makes things happen and our input to decision makers is important for the community to effectively meet the economic and environmental challenges to come in the future. Nineteen Parliamentarians represents more than 25% of the Members of the South Australian Parliament. The members that are joined are featured below. As our senior members achieve Chartered Fellow status they are invited to join the PFP support group and in due course will take on primary responsibility for the one on one relationship with an MP. Further information can be obtained from the Division Office.

Hon John Darley MLC - Member of the Legislative Council

Political Party: Independent House: Legislative Council Date elected: 21st November 2007

Hon Iain Evans MP - Member for Davenport Shadow Minister for: WorkCover/Industrial Relations; Small Business/Consumer Affairs; Gambling; Red Tape Reduction; and Volunteers

Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 11th December 11 1993 Qualifications: BAppSc JP

Steven Griffiths MP - Member for Goyder Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Treasurer, Shadow Manager of Government Business & Shadow Minister for: Government Enterprise; and Federal/State Relations

Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 18th March 2006 Qualifications: DipLG Administration JP

Martin Hamilton-Smith MP - Member for Waite Shadow Minister for: Economic Development; Industry & Trade; Defence Industry Development; Science & Information Economy; and Substance Abuse

Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 11th October 1997 Qualifications: BA(Mil) MA MBA JP

Hon Paul Holloway MLC - Member of the Legislative Council Member of the Executive Council & Minister for: Mineral Resources Development; Urban Development and Planning; and Small Business

Political Party: Australian Labor Party House: Legislative Council Date elected: 26th September 1995 Qualifications: BSc BE (Hons) BEc

Hon Dennis Hood MLC - Member of the Legistlative Council

Political Party: Family First Party House: Legislative Council Date elected: 18th March 2006 Qualifications: BEc BA(Hons)

Tom Kenyon MP - Member for Newland

Political Party: Australian Labor Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 18th March 2006 Qualifications: BA BApp Sc JP

Hon Steph Key MP - Member for Ashford

Political Party: Australian Labor Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 11th October 1997 Qualifications: BA JP

Dr Duncan McFetridge MP - Member for Morphett Shadow Minister for: Aboriginal Affairs & Reconciliation; Mental Health; and Health

Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 9th February 2002 Qualifications: Dip T BSc(Vet Biol) BVMS BSc (Ag Sc)

Hon Mark Parnell MLC - Member of the Legislative Council

Political Party: Greens SA House: Legislative Council Date elected: 18th March 2006 Qualifications: LLB BComm MRUP


Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 18th March 2006

Tony Piccolo MP - Member for Light

Political Party: Australian Labor Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 18th March 2006 Qualifications: BEc Grad Cert Ed M Ed Mgt CPA JP

David Pisoni MP - Member for Unley Shadow Minister for: Education; Employment, Training and Further Education; and Early Childhood Development

Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 18th March 2006

Isobel Redmond MP - Member for Heysen Leader of the Opposition & Shadow Minister for: the Arts; and Multicultural Affairs

Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 9th February 2002 Qualifications: LLB

Hon David Ridgway MLC - Member of the Legislative Council Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Assisting Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs & Shadow Minister for: Police; Urban Development & Planning; Transport & Infrastructure; and City of Adelaide

Political Party: Liberal Party House: Legislative Council Date elected: 9th February 2002

Hon Bob Such MP - Member for Fisher

Political Party: Independent House: House of Assembly Date elected: 25th November 1989 Qualifications: BA (Hons) DipT DipEd PhD

Hon Stephen Wade MLC - Member of the Legislative Council Assisting the Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for: Housing; Families and Communities; and Social Inclusion

Political Party: Liberal Party House: Legislative Council Date elected: 2nd May 2006 Qualifications: LLB BEc FAICD

Mitch Williams MP - Member for MacKillop Shadow Minister for: Water Security; Mines; and Energy Security

Political Party: Liberal Party House: House of Assembly Date elected: 11th October 1997

Hon David Winderlich MLC - Member of the Legislative Council

Political Party: Independent House: Legislative Council Date elected: 17th February 2009

Adrian Pederick MP - Member for Hammond Shadow Minister for: the River Murray; Agriculture, Food & Fisheries; and Forests

Chemeca 2010 will be held in Adelaide from 26th - 29th September 2010. Chemeca 2010 will bring together industrial chemists, chemical technologists, chemical & process engineers, energy technologists and materials engineers from across the world to present, discuss and debate key challenges facing humanity, including how we may best address the big environmental challenges of this century whilst continuing to maintain economic growth. Chemeca 2010 will not only be a showcase for new knowledge but also a forum to discuss current issues. It is an excellent opportunity to listen to and share our vision with leaders of the profession from industry and academia. For more information about Chemeca 2010 visit or email


Update from Update fromMps MpsPeople PeopleSolutions Solutions Focus on Defence

Jim Gaitaneris – Consultant Technical & Engineering

2009 provided substantial challenges for the Defence Industry, mainly because of the uncertainty created by the Global Financial Crisis and a significant number of Defence Policy Reviews with the release of the Australian Defence Force White Paper. Companies that were proactive and strategically focused have weathered the storm and positioned themselves well to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. The adaptability of Defence in a time that the world has stuttered and other local industries have waivered, the Defence Industry has continued to grow. Few industries are in the fortunate position of having the level of commitment and investment shown by the Australian Government to defend our Nation.

The new White Paper forecasts 150 new projects in addition to the 239 projects currently in the Defence Capability Plan and 2010 is indicating great signs for the Defence Industry in South Australia. This year will see the completion of Techport and the Common User Facility, ASC’s new shipyard and the steel cut for the Air Warfare Destroyer with an anticipated growth of their workforce to more than 1100. 2010 will also see the selection of the contender for the Land 121 Phase 4 vehicle project for the Australian Army, as well as the move of the 7RAR Battle Group from Darwin to RAAF Base Edinburgh which will significantly contribute to the growth of South Australia’s economy. The skills shortage is a concern and if you are interested to hear more about career opportunities in the Defence Industry, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your options by contacting either Engineers Australia or Mps People Solutions.

First Impressions Count One of the biggest things we as recruiting professionals find is a lack of effort put into making an application for career positions. Unfortunately there is no secret formula for the perfect application however we can assist in making it as professional as possible. Over the coming months we will provide you with some insight into making an application for the next step in your career. First impressions go a long way and can occur even before meeting someone face to face for an interview. A first impression can start as early as reading a cover letter and/or a resume. Engineers are professionals and portraying a professional approach towards your application could mean the difference between getting an interview and not. Having a correct format and content in your cover letter or resume can go a long way. We will also run you through the content that should be contained in a cover letter and a resume. Furthermore we will provide some tips into your first face to face interview, referees, offers and placements. If there are other areas of an application you would like covered, please do not hesitate to request this content to be included. Next month will be focused on your cover letter and making your first impression count!

Did You Know? round is the largest The Adelaide showg nt in Australia, with urban solar power pla across six rooftops. over 12,000 panels the capacity to The installation has 1400 mega watts generate more than ctricity each year, hours of solar ele South Australian enough to power 250 to save 1400 tonnes homes. It is estimated issions annually. of greenhouse gas em


Mps People Solutions Level 9 | 55 Currie Street Adelaide SA 5000 P | 08 8210 8585 F | 08 8210 8500


Membership Profile WGCDR Tobyn Bearman MIEAust CPEng

WGCDR Bearman is a current member of the Engineers Australia South Australia Division Committee, having been elected into a position in the 2009 Division Committee Elections. Why did you decide to become an engineer? Ever seen the “Knack” Dilbert video? – for those who have enough said. For those who haven’t I was pulling apart and fixing “stuff” about as soon as I was able to work a screwdriver. Engineering was the only realistic option after that. What project are you working on now? There are a variety of projects that I am involved with. The most significant revolve around the development, integration and operation of Flight Test Instrumentation for the RAAF F/A-18 and Army Blackhawk aircraft. I am also helping my organisation start down the ‘LEAN’ road of process and organisational improvement.

WGCDR Tobyn Bearman MIEAust CPEng

What do you like the most about the engineering profession?

What are your hobbies?

The variety of experiences and challenges available. In 20 years of practice I have never been bored and I am constantly inspired by the innovation and creativity of others.

Restoring my 1959 Fiat 500 – this year is the year of the pimped engine!, clay target shooting and keeping up with my daughters.

What do you see as one of the biggest issues facing the engineering profession? Recognition and comprehension by the wider community. Engineers contribute enormously to the global community but as a group I feel we are difficult for the wider community to comprehend accurately. If the community can understand the profession better, it can challenge us more effectively to “Make it So” as the campaign suggests. Who has provided you with the greatest amount of inspiration in your career? Effective leaders. I’ve had some great leaders and some shockers. Both inspire you to be better and to do better as you interact with those looking to you for leadership. I think it is important to remember that leaders are not always “superiors”. I have been privileged to work with some outstanding ‘leaders’ who were my peers or subordinates. The greatest engineering achievement is? I don’t subscribe to assigning the “greatest” to many things. I would prefer to recognise the myriad of “great” achievements our profession has and continues to provide. My favourites are the aircraft – shrank the world, internet – information for everyone and information is empowering, renewable energy – solar, wind, geo-thermal – offering the hope of affordable energy for all.

What do you think you will be doing five years from now? I will probably still be in the Air Force. The challenges keep coming and I love the work, the people and the opportunities. After the Air Force I will hopefully be working for myself – I’m not sure what I’ll be doing – I’ve got to finish planning yet. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be? Europe – Copenhagen, Denmark for the immersion in outstanding and inspiring design, Bruge, Belgium for the pure beauty of the place. What is your motto? You must make your own luck – hard work is a good place to start. Who would you most like to meet? Bill Clinton, Kerry Packer, Donald Trump, Fred Hollows, Kelly Johnson.

The History of Australian Tunnelling The History of Australian Tunnelling is a colour publication by the Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS), with over 150 pages of unique Australian tunnelling projects from early 1800s to projects completed in 2009. This book provides unique insights in the construction of water, sewer, cable, road and rail tunnels, underground storage and defense facilities. The book also includes a comprehensive database of nearly 300 tunnelling projects. The book is available from ATS Secretariat Narelle Folkard at Engineers Australia for $95+GST by emailing

Contract Management Training Adelaide & Melbourne Practical courses presented by experienced industry practitioners that can answer your questions Courses provide CPD points consistent with Engineers Australia guidelines

Adelaide 11-14 May Contract Administration - Works Contract Management for Superintendents Melbourne 13-16 July Contract Supervisor’s and Inspector’s Course Contract Management for Superintendents Discounts apply to members of Engineers Australia CONTRACT CONTROL INTERNATIONAL

P: 07 3236 1936 E: 7

Your Professional Development March 2010 - April 2010. Unless published otherwise all presentations are scheduled for the Engineers Australia South Australia Division Office. Event details are subject to change. Please check our website prior to event for current information and office location updates. Please Note the South Australia Division has relocated premises. Our new address is now Level 11, 108 King William Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000

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Breakfast Briefing and CELM LDS Session 6


Catherine Chamberlain

Course: Project Management Fundamentals

Vicki Fowler

Engineers Australia

Chartered Workshop

Nathan Jones




Technical Presentation: Collins Submarine

Paul Godden

IET Retired

Technical Presentation: Battery Electric Vehicles

Paul Godden

JTP Electrical and

Technical Presentation: Defence Systems Innovation Centre



Paul Godden

Engineers Australia

Eminent Speaker: Prof Abbink

Nina Lenz

Engineering Education

Technical Presentation: Slide Rule Internet Thinking in the


Internet Age

Vicki Fowler

Engineering Education Australia

Venue: The Stamford Plaza, North Terrace Adelaide

April 2010

JTP Mechanical Technical Meeting

Chartered Status Workshops A FREE Chartered Status Workshop will be held for Members and Non Members interested in submitting an application for Chartered Status on Tuesday 30th March 2010. The next workshop will be held Tuesday 4th May 2010. Our National Assessor Ewan Hazeldine will conduct the Chartered Workshop, which will feature invaluable information regarding Engineers Australia, Chartered Status accreditation and tips on writing Career Episode Reports (CERs) and putting together your Chartered Status application. Further dates for workshops can Engineers Australia South Australia

be obtained via Division website

the at

Registration is essential. Please contact Nathan Jones on 08 8202 7170 or to register your attendance.

Feedback and articles can be submitted to Nathan Jones Membership Officer via or by phoning 08 8202 7170

Interviewers Needed Professional Interviewers are required to assess the applications of Chartered Applicants. In particular engineers who have Chartered Status and experience in Computer Systems, Software Engineering or Submarines would be particularly welcome. To register as an interviewer please contact Membership Officer Nathan Jones via: E: Ph: 08 8202 7170 Add: Level 11, 108 King William Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000

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Engineering South Australia - March 2010  

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Engineering South Australia - March 2010  

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