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January 2010

South Australia

The New Home of Engineers Australia South Australia Division (Pre-Fitout) Level 11, 108 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

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Division Executive President Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng Deputy President Jeff Walsh FIEAust CPEng Treasurer Gerry Doyle MIEAust CPEng Executive Director Caroline Argent Deputy Director Sarah Carey

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Welcome to 2010 and another opportunity to make things happen through engineering. I trust that all of our members have considered their objectives for the year and are now planning to make it so. For me, I am entering a new industry sector and have lots of continuing professional development to undergo before becoming proficient with the new challenges this will bring. Luckily for all of us we have a broadly based professional organisation with lots of opportunities to gain learning experiences. Take advantage of this, and the networks that you can build in doing so. Late in 2009 a delegation from SA attended the National Congress and the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards. The awards were again held in the Parliament House Great Hall and saw the GHD water project, “Three Delta Towns” in Vietnam, emerge as a worthy winner. Congratulations to all the award winners. If you haven’t seen the winners you can look on our website, or the results were published in the December edition of the Engineers Australia Magazine. During the Congress elections were held for the National Deputy President and for half of the Council positions. Council is our governance body similar to a board of directors where half are re-elected each year. I’m very pleased to advise that Bronte Strout FIEAust CPEng, our 2007 South Australia Division President, was returned to Council for a second term and will take up the role of National Vice President Communications and Marketing. Merv Lindsay FIEAust CPEng from Newcastle Division was elected as National Deputy President. Congress also received an update on the Make it so campaign. Throughout 2010 you will continue to see Make it so emails, competitions and media events and exposure. The Make it so team are very pleased with the interest that has been generated so far and you can get updates from Even though the target of 7000 advocates has been reached, you can still join up. Our newly elected Division Committee met for the first time late in 2009 to consider appointing further members to assist us in representing all aspects of the membership through 2010. The first appointed was Bronte Strout in recognition of the important link that he provides to Council. We then invited Vivian Kwong, Tim Browne and Mira Sembiring to join and were very pleased when they accepted. The Committee also considered portfolio groups around which the Committee members could deliver services to our SA members. The three groups agreed

are Communications, Parliamentary Fellows Program (PFP) Support and Group Reinvigoration. The Communications portfolio will ensure that we communicate internally to our members as well as developing the messages that we want to distribute into the community via the media. The PFP Support portfolio will be taking on the governance and support of the Parliamentary Fellows Program launched on 17th November 2009. Through the PFP our profession now has direct linkages with nineteen of the members of the SA Parliament and we have already received a lot of positive feedback for initiating this step. The Group Reinvigoration portfolio is going to review and support the many branches, technical societies and special interest groups that exist under the SA Division umbrella to ensure that adequate resources, planning information and support is in place. Looking forward to 2010, this year has been themed the Year of Engineering Leadership. Our Centre for Engineering Leadership and Management (CELM) group will continue their Leadership Development Series (LDS) as well as providing other support to the theme. Nationally, CELM and Young Engineers Australia are hosting the Engineering Leadership Conference 2010, which will be held in Brisbane 5th-7th May 2010. The conference will explore the themes of Leadership in Business, Leadership in the Environment and Community and Pathways to Leadership. Locally, not long after you read this edition of Engineering SA we should be moving into our new premises at 108 King William Street. I am certainly looking forward to this event after more than five years of working towards it. More information will be provided soon about the transition day and a formal opening. Our next milestone event is the Sir Eric Neal Address, where we will be announcing the Craig Gilbert Leadership Award winner and a range of other award winners. I look forward to seeing you all and I wish you a very interesting and prosperous 2010. Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng President Engineers Australia South Australia Division

South Australian Wins 2009 President’s Prize The Presidents Prize is an award determined at the discretion of the National President on an annual basis. The award is presented to an organisation, individual or initiative that has made a major contribution to the engineering profession or the community. It is about the realisation of goals and making a difference in a very real sense and in a way that captures the imagination and attention of the National President. At the 2009 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards the 2009 National President Peter Godfrey FIEAust CPEng EngExec noted that he chose the recipient of this year's President's Prize as they were a person who has been a giant in representing Australia's engineering interests on the world stage and who has also spent much of their life in efforts aiding the recovery from, and the mitigation of, disasters. Peter noted that he wanted to select a great ambassador of engineering who reached the highest level of representation of the engineering profession and who, for over twenty years of his stellar career, was involved in Emergency Management and Disaster Relief. Moreover, Barry Grear has also arguably done more than anyone else in aiding recognition and mobility of Australian engineers around the world. Barry's involvement in Engineers Australia dates back to 1965. In 1989 he was President of the South Australia Division and he became National President in 1997. After the completion of his presidential year, Barry was elected Chairman of the National Engineering Registration Board in 1998 where has established a stable role for the Board with Government and Industry. Over a significant period, Barry has contributed extensively to education and training policies through the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (FEISEAP) and the World Federation of Engineering Organisations

Barry Grear AO BTech Grad Dip Bus Admin HonFIEAust FACE FIPENZ FAICD MAIES CPEng JP and his wife Barbara Grear

(WFEO). He became President of the WFEO in 2007 and has just completed his two-year term. Barry was a driving force behind the establishment of the APEC Engineer Register and, in 1999, became the inaugural Chair of the APEC Engineer Coordinating Committee. Barry has also been Chair of Registered Engineers for Disaster Recovery, better known as RedR Australia. In 2001 Barry was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for services to engineering and to the community, through sporting, church and emergency services organisations. Peter Godfrey stated “I have known Barry for a few years now and there wouldn't be too many more self-effacing people about. He is an energetic and tireless servant of the engineering profession and well known and respected around the world. He thoroughly deserves to receive this accolade.” Our congratulations to Barry once again. Catherine Chamberlain Events Manager Engineers Australia South Australia Division

Water efficiency knowledge drives industry change Water shortages are an inevitable effect of climate change. As a result, sustainable management of this important resource is becoming a key issue around the world. The variability in water supplies, caused by climate change and our response, requires a more flexible and innovative approach to the management of water demand data. Historic approaches are not necessarily relevant in times of rapid change and variability in climatic conditions. A greater emphasis on water utilities to improve their effectiveness and efficiencies in water accounting, as well as the custody transfer of water, has motivated the requirement for guidelines in the management of water data. GHD has been acknowledged to be at the vanguard of this field through the publication by Engineers Media of the 2nd Edition of ‘Management of Non-revenue and Revenue Water Data’, a book authored by GHD’s Edgar Johnson, Global Service Line Leader, Water Efficiency. It outlines a comprehensive approach to data management that is applicable to water organisations, and provides valuable insight into new and existing techniques, methods, procedures and models that consistently limit apparent water losses. The originality, innovation and ingenuity of this text is borne from by the fact it is the first book dealing with this subject in such a comprehensive manner. Edgar Johnson has also recently been appointed as Leader of the

International Water Association (IWA) Apparent Loss Initiative committee. This committee is tasked with the development of Guidance Notes on Apparent Losses. Apparent water losses are the non-revenue water components which generally account for most water management revenue and efficiency losses. Edgar was invited to provide his valuable insight into this topic at the IWA Water Loss 2009 Conference in Cape Town, at a Sensus Metering sponsored seminar in Johannesburg, South Africa and at the IWA Efficient 2009 Conference in Sydney and will be a guest presenter at the Water New Zealand Water Loss Conference in February 2010. These presentations dealt with a spectrum of related case studies that provided details into the development of our work. Edgar believes that water efficiency is the key to success in a water-constrained future. He says, “No government or organisation can afford to ignore the urgency of implementing effective and efficient water management measures to best utilise the country’s scarce water resources. For more information, contact Edgar Johnson at GHD on 08 8111 6600 or by email at Chloe Smith Events and Marketing Coordinator, GHD


Barry Joseph Grear AO BTech Grad Dip Bus Admin HonFIEAust FACE FIPENZ FAICD MAIES CPEng JP

Senior Engineer Appointed to Federal Government Advisory Council on Intellectual Property Dr Derek Rogers, a Fellow and Chartered Professional Engineer of Engineers Australia, has been appointed to the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP) for a three year term commencing January 2010. The ACIP was established in 1994 to advise the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, and IP Australia on matters relating to Intellectual Property (IP) policy and the Dr Derek Rogers FIEAust CPEng strategic administration of IP Australia. The ACIP is currently chaired by Mr Leon Allen and can contain up to 10 members whose background and experience reflect the variety of users of the intellectual property system.

Dr Rogers said “Intellectual Property and engineering are intimately related and it is important that the engineering community understands the specifics of intellectual property and has an input into the strategic direction of any policy in this regard”. Over his career, Dr Rogers has been involved with patents, copyright and recently successfully registered a trademark using IP Australia’s easy to use TM Headstart process. “Intellectual Property is one of the key elements of successful technology commercialisation – the taking of an idea through to a successful business”, Dr Rogers said, “and if Australia is to continue to grow and prosper we need to encourage innovation and enhance our skills at successfully commercialising what we do invent”. Dr Rogers also sits on the Advisory Board for the Education Centre for Innovation and Commercialisation (ECIC) at the University of Adelaide and is involved in delivering training in commercialisation as a guest speaker for Regional Skills Training (RST), an organisation that provides vocational training to rural communities around South Australia.

Dr Rogers recently joined Saab Systems after successfully leading a team of forty people in the development of five products with BAE Systems to the value of approximately $30 million. Dr Rogers is also an adjunct at the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia and has established two of his own entrepreneurial ventures after successfully commercialising a number of products with the Motorola Australia Software Centre. Dr Rogers holds four degrees including a Master’s of Science and Technology Commercialisation from the University of Adelaide, joint with the University of Texas in Austin where he was the recipient of a rare leadership award. Dr Rogers is the first person outside of the US to receive this award, for his outstanding academic results and assistance to both staff and students alike. Dr Rogers was also the inaugural winner of the prestigious IREE Neville Thiele Award for his work in the fields of information and communications technology.

Engineers make it so and Dr Rogers is hoping to do so with his contributions to the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property because as he said “Engineering and innovation is crucial to Australia’s future and the challenges we face. Capturing and commercialising the intellectual property we develop is critical to sustainable economic growth”. Advisory Council on Intellectual Property More information on the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property can be found on their website

G t a wheely g d inventi n or design? If you invent something smart or design something great, you need the best possible protection. Patents and registered designs can provide that protection and Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick can provide you with the best advice and services to obtain registered protection.

Interviewers Needed Professional Interviewers are required to assess the applications of Chartered Applicants. In particular engineers who have Chartered Status and experience in Computer Systems, Software Engineering or Submarines would be particularly welcome. To register as an interviewer please contact Membership Officer Nathan Jones via: E:

phone: 08 8232 5199 |

Ph: 08 8267 7070

Add: 11 Bagot Street North Adelaide SA 5006

South Australia Division


Update From from Mps Update MpsPeople PeopleSolutions Solutions

Ian Briggs – Manager Technical & Engineering

There has been plenty of noise and sound bites across all facets of the media in the recent months regarding economic recovery. However, what is actually going on inside all the anecdotes and what does this mean moving forward? There are many indicators out there and aside from the Treasury, Westpac is forecasting economic growth to pick up from 1.75% in 2009 to 4% in 2010. Furthermore, figures released by the Westpac-Melbourne Institute indicate the likely speed of economic activity over the next 6 months will give us the fastest turnaround since the recession of the mid-1970s. And we all know about the interest rate rises!

Well all of these are positive indicators of recovery indeed, but what does this mean and how does it translate into things we see every day? This confidence is finding its way into the jobs market. Figures released by ANZ in Dec-09 show that newspaper job ads rose by 8.3% nationally, and now stand at 12.3% higher than at the lowest point in July 2009. South Australia is still leading the way in job ads recovery; which means more employers are recruiting, and the competition for talent is hotting up once more. Here’s to a fantastic 2010 from all of us at Mps People Solutions, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with Engineers Australia throughout the coming 12 months.

Focus on Resources

Attracting the Best

One of the first industries to emerge from a downturn fighting is the resources sector, and in particular mineral exploration. According to figures released in Dec-09 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the seasonally adjusted estimate of mineral exploration expenditure rose $53.4m (11.4%) to $521.8m in the September quarter 2009. In the last three months, there has been a noticeable increase in exploration activity locally and new mine approvals are continue to be granted. South Australia still has a long way to go to emulate WA in achieving a similar proportion of operating mines but the richness and prospective nature of the State’s resources are without question. Recent announcements by OZ Minerals, Centrex Metals, Ironclad Mining and IMX Resources all point to a continued prosperity and an increase in operating mines going forward. A snapshot of the South Australian resources industry could not be complete without a look at the emerging Geothermal Energy sector. Geothermal heat derived from “hot rocks” lying 3-4km beneath the earth’s surface can be utilised to produce electricity and South Australia is leading the way in Geothermal Energy. Our abundance of naturally occurring hot rock geothermal resources backed up by a firm commitment from the State Government is putting SA on the global stage. Of the companies in this area, two stand out as the most advanced in “proof of concept” terms; namely Geodynamics, with its Habanero Hot Rock Project in the Copper Basin, and Petratherm with their Paralana Hot Rock Project near Beverley.

Research Corner

ian Centre for The South Austral is a newly rch Geothermal Resea Geothermal Energy established centre for the University of Research. Based at class centre is Adelaide, this world into enhanced ch ear conducting res and power systems geothermal systems economically, and that provide an ble, delivery of environmentally via . rgy geothermal ene

Economic turn-around and job advertising on the increase, the first quarter of this year will quickly see employers back in the war zone when it comes to sourcing talent. When the numbers of candidates actively seeking employment reduces, and this is already in evidence, how do you stand out from the crowd and get the best in the market? There is of course, more than one way to tackle the problem. Online advertising will always have its place, but remember it only reaches those candidates who are actively seeking a job. Print advertising will attract a wider pool of candidates but it needs to standout from the crowd. Search is adapted to suit every situation and is a very powerful option. In combination with advertising enables access not only to candidates seeking a change of role but those high performers who had not necessarily considered a change. How do you choose the correct methodology to suit the need? As with many things, seek advice.

Mps People Solutions Level 9 | 55 Currie Street Adelaide SA 5000 P | 08 8210 8585 F | 08 8210 8500


Welcome to 2010! Fantastic to be back refreshed and ready for the excitement and challenges of a New Year. What a year it promises to be with so much going on in the market not to mention Engineers Australia forging ahead with their “Make it So” campaign.

National Congress Outcomes On 24 - 25 November we represented the division at the National Congress meeting in Canberra. It was uplifting to review the overall achievements of the organisation and we encourage you to read the 2008-09 Annual Report (at au/annualreport).

Merv Lindsay, a Newcastle civil and structural engineer, was elected as National Deputy President 2010, and will become National President in 2011. Dave McHugh of Northern Division, Alex Baitch of Sydney Division and Bronte Strout of South Australia Division, were elected as new members of Council.

National Congress approved a new five-year Strategic Plan for 2010-2015, following a comprehensive program of focus groups and consultation over the last year (to be released in February 2010).

While in Canberra we attended the national AGM, and had a great night supporting our division entrants at the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards at Parliament House.

We also reviewed progress on a draft new Royal Charter and Byelaws, which will be open to on-line member comment in March and April. This aims for a better and clearer governing document, but will not change the membership or organisational structure. We reviewed progress on a draft new Code of Ethics, which will be open to on-line member comment in February and March, before we meet to review a final draft in July. The current code has served us well but after ten years it needs updating and refreshing.

National Congress is a representative body of about 50 members, who elect and advise the Council of Engineers Australia (our ninemember governing body). National Congress is also the custodian of our Royal Charter and Bye-laws, our Code of Ethics and our Disciplinary Regulations.

Division President Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng David Cruickshanks-Boyd FIEAust EngExec 2009 National Congress delegates, South Australia Division

We also heard from the 2009 special committees of Council that have been looking into issues such as support for regional members, support for migrant engineers, and future directions for electronic communication with the members.

Congress 2009

Division Executive Director Caroline Argent (third from left) attending congress with (Left to Right) national Congress Representative Dr David Cruikshanks-Boyd FIEAust EngExec, Division President Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng, Esteemed Division Member, Past President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations and Engineers Australia President’s Prize Winner Barry Grear AO FIPENZ HonFIEAust CPEng, Division Deputy President Jeff Walsh FIEAust CPEng and National Vice President Communications and Marketing Bronte Strout FIEAust CPEng in November 2009


Membership Profile As announced in an earlier newsletter Cris has only recently been elected a member of Division Committee but has previously been a member as a representative of Young Engineers Australia. We welcome Cris back to the Division Committee where we are sure he will provide valuable input. Why did you decide to become an engineer? It was mainly encouragement from my father, but also good advice from the astronaut, Andy Thomas. What project are you working on now?

The greatest achievement is?


Pragmatically, I would suggest both utilising combustion and electricity generation are two of the greatest human-driven engineering achievements, mainly because they have allowed so many more achievements to be made. However, the greatest engineering achievement would be plant- and animal-life.

As part of the Centre for Energy Technology and the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide, I’m working on an ARC-funded project with FCT-Combustion. I’m investigating combustion systems for conventional, alternative and renewable solid-fuels. The project aims include the optimisation of a burner configuration in order to reduce harmful emissions production, but also improve combustion and heat transfer for specific industrial applications.

What are your hobbies?

What do you like the most about the engineering profession?

Excluding “establishing and maintaining world peace”, I’d like to contribute to designing and building a completely sustainable city that establishes a benchmark for future projects.

Engineering provides one of the best means of building a better future. What do you see as one of the biggest issues facing the engineering profession? The problems of the world are usually the challenges and opportunities that engineers seek. Therefore, lack of funding to let engineers solve the world’s problems is probably a biggest hurdle we face. Who has provided you with the greatest amount of inspiration in your career? I’m inspired by many people and I couldn’t give credit to just one person.

Reading, renovating my house, gardening, playing piano and guitar, and I’m in the Army Reserves.

Cris Birzer MIEAust

Cristian Birzer MIEAust

If you knew you could try anything and not fail (and money was no object), what dream would you attempt?

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be? I plan to work in Germany for a while in the not-to-distant future, but home will probably always be Adelaide. What is your motto? I don’t think I’m sophisticated enough for a motto, but I do believe I’m generally motivated to do what I can to make the world better a better place. Who would you most like to meet? Queen Elizabeth II

Engineers Australia Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Following a comprehensive 18 month period of consultation, the Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 has been completed. The Strategic Plan provides a blueprint for the efforts of all members and staff over the five year period 2010 to 2015. The new Strategic Plan comprises 21 broad strategies across six Strategic Domains: -

Community Engagement


Body of Knowledge and Professional Development


Leadership and Influence


Recognition, Promotion and Membership


Education and Qualification


Internal Structure and Administration

A copy of the Strategic Plan is available to download from All office bearers and members are encouraged to help us deliver this plan. Doug Gillott FIEAust CPEng President Engineers Australia South Australia Division


Your Professional Development January 2010 - March 2010. Unless published otherwise all presentations are scheduled for the Engineers Australia South Australia Division Office. Event details are subject to change. Please check our website prior to event for current information and office location updates.

February 2010 Date




Wednesday 17th


Engineers Australia

Tuesday 23rd


Engineers Australia

Thursday 25th - Friday 26th


Engineering Education Australia

Sir Eric Neal Address



Catherine Chamberlain

Chartered Workshop

Paul Godden

Stepping up to Management

Vicki Fowler

Venue: Sebel Playford, North Terrace, Adelaide

March 2010 Date





Wednesday 10th


REG Luncheon

The Wrecks Are Talking

Paul Godden

Wednesday 17th


March Breakfast Meeting

Catherine Chamberlain

Tuesday 30th


Engineers Australia

Paul Godden

Breakfast Briefing and CELM LDS Session 6 Venue: The Stamford Plaza, North Terrace, Adelaide Chartered Workshop

Chartered Status Workshops A FREE Chartered Status Workshop will be held for Members and Non Members interested in submitting an application for Chartered Status on Tuesday 23rd February 2010. The next workshop will be held Tuesday 30th March 2010. Our National Assessor Ewan Hazeldine will conduct the Chartered Workshop, which will feature invaluable information regarding Engineers Australia, Chartered Status accreditation and tips on writing Career Episode Reports (CERs) and putting together your Chartered Status application. Further dates for workshops can be obtained via the Engineers Australia South Australia Division website at


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Registration is essential. Please contact Paul Godden on 08 8267 1783 or to register your attendance.

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Engineering South Australia - January 2010  
Engineering South Australia - January 2010  

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