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APRIL 2013

Born and raised in the Eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, Liza, the only child of her parents, matriculated in 2001. With her main focus on Law and Psychology, she went on to graduate from the University of Johannesburg with a degree in Law in 2005 and a certificate in Estate Administration from UNISA in 2006. She started her career working as an Assistant in the Financial Services Industry in 2006, thereafter as an Assistant at an Engineering company specialising in manufacturing. Today she is employed as a Project Secretary at Claassen Auret Inc. Her hobbies include painting, reading, hiking, travelling and photography.

Noxie, born as Noxolo Yulanda Claasen was born and raised in Cape Town. She has 4 siblings and 2 children. A boy and a girl. Having a very “Afrikaans” surname, Noxie is often asked where it comes from and to clarify she just answers with a “ I have a mixed family.” She has African, coloured and white cousins. She matriculated at a High School in Langa and studied Electrical Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She will be graduating on 19 April 2013 and will be the first in her family to accomplish such an achievement. Noxie loves spending time with her friends and family and also seems to be a book worm at the best of times reading anything and everything she can put her hands on.

As we progress in live we find that change is inevitable and we cannot always stay the same. We move in life and experience things that alter us either for the better or the worse. I am fortunate to say that working at Claassen Auret has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Working with the team at Claassen Auret both in the Johannesburg and the Cape Town has really been exciting. Spending time with everyone you create a sense of family and each and every one touches you in their own way. And I must say I am going to miss everyone, the atmosphere, the excitement and fulfilment on projects and the bonds I have created with people. I would just like to thank everyone at Claassen Auret both Directors and staff for 5 years of my life that I surely will not forget. I leave the company and turn to a passion I have always had in my heart, the bush and wildlife.

Louis and Alecia met about 2 years ago through a mutual friend and clicked from the word go. Alecia is a primary school teacher and with more patients than Louis teaches grade 3’s. Although he might not have the patients to work with grade 3’s he surly has the nick with pulling off a romantic proposal. The original plan was to propose at the top of the Empire State Building. But it being in the dead of winter in the states it was very cold and also crowed, so he changed his plans. He then decided to take her to Central Park where the atmosphere was perfect. With snow covering the grounds and squirrels running around he finally popped the question… and she said YES!!!

Zaine and Truda tied the knot on December 21st of last year.

They met in 2009 and got engaged on new year’s eve in 2011.

As a bride should, Truda looked beautiful in her designer’s gown and believe it or not...

Zaine cleaned up very nicely as


We wish them all the happiness in the world.

Full Name:

Luke Eerik Dini

Birth Date:

24 January 2013



Mom and Baby are doing fine. They went home on January 27. Bobby and Betty ( Jason’s Whippets) welcomed the new addition to their family. Bobby sometimes seems a bit concerned when Luke makes baby sounds and comes to the ‘rescue’ when he seems unhappy. Congratulations you guys. May Luke bring you loads of joy and happiness. Savas you seem to have competition for Baby Lea.


ry ua an J 24

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ry nua 31 Ja

Jan ua ry

25 January 4 February


Feb rua ry ary bru e F 17

28 March

29 M arch

Happy New Year  

This Edition is very late. But only due to a lack of news.

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