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1942 a big year for many things. The world’s first operational jet fighter took to the skies, the first selfsustaining nuclear chain reaction was initiated in December of that year and who knew… instant coffee was introduced to the world.

He still had to travel by train in those days due to a lack of funding and of course his own transport… the life of a student was a tough.

Department he moved on to Vecor Pro-

A fter completing his studies he met and

I t took Cobus about 8 years before he

married his wonderful wife Wilma in 1966.

finally joined Claassen Auret & De Lange

According to Wilma they are still married

B ut not only that, Cobus Human was

because she says so. I mean who wouldn’t

born, September 6th 1942, in a town named Lindley in the Free State (This will now confirm why he is a Cheetah supporter).

and hardworking- party—animal after so

A fter about 9 years they relocated to

respectively and Cobus thinks his son Riaan

different areas in the Gauteng Province better known as the Transvaal back in the day where he completed his primary and secondary education.

Cobus obtained his Engineering Diploma by means of correspondence and part-time studies in the evenings.

want to be married to a vibrant, generous many years?

N ext came the children in 1970 and 1975 is older than his daughter Tonya.

W hen it comes to work experience Cobus

jects & Construction where he stayed for about a year before joining C. A. Du Toit & Partners.

in 1979.

33 Years later Cobus says that being an employee of Claassen Auret & De Lange later to be known as Claassen Auret Inc. was and still is the best part of his professional career.

Cobus may we be blessed to have you as part of the CAI team for many years to come. May we as youngsters be as ener-

seems to have accumulated quite a bit over

getic and full of life as you are today and

the years.

please teach us to be proper...

Starting with the South African Railway & Harbours (now Transnet) in the Signaling

It was decided to get Julian and Wanda more involved in the day to day running of projects and give them more exposure to different clients etc. They will be moving upstairs where it will be easier for them to interact with the other engineers to discuss projects and to get the best solutions for their projects. Good Luck Gentlemen

Congratulations to Hans for giving away his last daughter in September this year.

We hope that Anna-Mart and Pierre-Victor will have a wonderful marriage filled with love and happiness and may they bless you with many grandchildren in the near future.


Savas Antonio de Oliveira


7 September 2012

Weight: 3.5kg Length: 153cm Welcome to the CAI family little man. We hope that you bring loads of joy to the whole family.


Leah Nel


3 October 2012

Weight: 2.86 kg Wynand is taking collections to buy a shotgun to protect Leah from ALL winkies‌ Yes Mr. Savas Antonio de Oliveira she is off limits!!!

** Cry till you get picked up, whether you need anything or not. Random crying will keep your parents on their toes. ** Sleep all day. Remember, night time is quality time and you'll want to be awake for it. ** Be a fussy eater. You may grow up to be a Gourmet Chef. ** Don't just burp. Give them something solid. Why do you think they're wearing a drop cloth? ** When soiling a diaper, make sure to hold a little back for the fresh diaper. ** Don't be afraid to take advantage of your cuteness. It lets you get away with almost anything!

If you follow these basic pointers, you'll have your parents, trained by the time you're a teenager!

Congratulations to Jason and Faith who’s expecting their first pink foot. May this little bundle of joy bring you all the happiness in the world. We know that you are going to be awesome parents.

"Making the decision to have a child--It's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." ~ Elizabeth Stone quote

It was that time of the year again on 29 September 2012 where Abland hosted their Annual Potjiekos Competition. Once again Claassen Auret Inc. entered a team , taking on strong competition from years before. CAI with their very own top chef JP lead the team to a well deserved 3rd place with their Biltongpotjie. It was a wonderful day and it great to see almost 80% of the staff joining in and supporting team “Bosberaad”. In line with our commitment to our social spend on BEE we considered it appropriate to donate as part of our annual budget R 15 000-00 to the foster home and did we receive enormous exposure for it since the MC decided to do regular announcements thanking Claassen Auret for their generous donation. Thank you very much to Chris for supplying the recipe, Lebo and Alfred for your respected duties, JP for cooking up a storm, those who had to be there at the crack of dawn to set up camp for the day and everyone else who supported. The food must’ve been great as there was no leftovers to take home. Seems like JP will be doing the cooking at the company weekend. The day also presented a few marketing opportunities which we will follow up. We will do this again next year.

Above: JP Securing 3rd place with his biltong potjie.

It was time for dinner and dance in Soweto again. This time staff visited CHAF POZI in Orlando Towers. This is not a restaurant as we would think but a tshesa nyama. Lebo explained to me that “tshesa” originally means burn but they have used it in the township or “ekasi” as they know it as a slang word for “braai” and “nyama” is meat. Everyone seemed to have a great time and some even got their “groove” on later by dancing the night away.

The annual ABSA Casual Day took place on the 7th of September 2012. The theme this year was “GET ON BOARD” and the CAI team sure was on Board. Anyone and everyone could dress up providing you had your Casual Day Sticker. One in particular person went “OVER BOARD” with the design of her costume. Yes Jolandi surely stole the

show with her awesome creation. So creative and special just like the cause ABSA invented to help those with disabilities. ABSA is hoping to raise R21 Million rand for 2012 but these figures will only be available in April 2013. I will keep you updated with that news in our next issue.

Sheri started with Claassen Auret Inc. in January 1983. Some of us were but mere toddlers and others not even a twinkle in their parents eyes. When Sheri started with the company there were no such thing as computers, email, EFT’s, cell phones, Skype, MSN etc.!!! She even remembers when they all had to go for DOS training at the Technikon.

Sheri also used to be quite the practical joker till it backfired one day and she was called into Mr. Auret’s office. One of her jokes even “killed” a Christmas party where everyone packed up and left not giving her time to explain. But it was all in good spirit and soon forgotten.

true sense became part of her family. A household name over the past 29 years. We hope that Sheri will “refind” herself as she put it and that she will find happiness and joy in everyday. Your hard work and dedication will be missed.

Over the years CAI witnessed her getting hitched to Allan, becoming a mom and grandmother, and in the

Above Grandma Sheri & her Little Monster

Eon however is no stranger to CAI as he started working with us during his holidays in 2008 and became a

permanent member in

July of this year. He was born on the 23rd of July 1988 and is a “Jo’burger” in the truest sense of the word. Eon matriculated in 2006 at Hoërskool Linden and then enrolled at The University of Johannesburg; studying B.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering with B.SC Information Technology as endorse-

Also no stranger to CAI, Louis has been working part time at CAI since 2007 whilst completing his studies. All studies are now completed and he was appointed permanently in November of this year. Being a man of few words Louis says that he is not good at playing golf but enjoys the sport thoroughly . He supports WP Rugby (well


done!!) and has a love for cars and basically anything with an engine

He enjoys photography, music festivals and spending

attached to it.

his weekends climbing down in Riverclub’s manholes.

If driving around and sight seeing is your thing you might be able to

Eon, we wish you many happy days...years with CAI. May all the challenges you face on a daily basis be as exciting as your weekend manhole expeditions.

get a lift with Louis, as he too enjoys driving around and discovering new places. We wish you many successful and happy years with CAI.

Sheri was cleaning out her desk and found this old photo of the CAI group of way back in the 90’s. I made the photo sepia as I think we will all agree that the fashion was … well something we are all happy stayed behind in the 90’s. Big hair, bold prints and funny shoes that was neither flat nor high but somewhere in between. Some of the faces you’ll know and some will have moved on but it seems like the core is still very much the same. Looking at this might also remind those who “are part of the furniture” what they have accomplished over the past 30 years and hope to achieve just as much success in the next 30 years.

Thando (6)

Sarel (1)

Christine (3)

Monica (8)

Rebecca (10)

Julian (7)

Marius vdS (14)

Sheri (14)

Eon (23)

Harry (5)

Ronald (15) Nkuli (30)

Cobus (6)

Jean-Pierre (2)

Oupa (6)

Cheryl (11)

Jason (7)

Alfred (12)

Kim (8)

Brand (31)

Audrey (9)

Mirriam (27)

A moving problem This picture represents a cherry and a glass. Of course you could just take the cherry out but that would be too easy. Your challenge is to take the cherry out the glass by moving only 2 matches. All Squared up How many blocks were there?? The Answer: There are indeed 64 small squares in 8 rows of 8. However, there are also 7x7 =49, 2x2 squares, and 6x6 =36, 3x3 squares, and so on, until you finally include the whole board as the single 8x8 square.

The Answer:

Happy Holidays  

news of happenings in the company

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