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Gabriella Medvegy Dr.

Dean, Operative leader of Architecture Dean office B125

Péter Iványi Prof. Dr.

Leader of the Computer Science office B140

Attila Fülöp dr.

Operative leader of the Civil Engineering office B345 Ildikó Horváth dr. Operative leader of the Electrical Engineering Office B130

Centre for International Programmes and Relations Office B011,Tel: +36 72 501 533 ext: 23651

Ms. Réka Somfai – managing expert

Ms. Alexandra Pető - managing expert Providing help in non educational issues, Immigration Office, Health Insurance, GP, medical help, bank account,Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship, contact with foreign representatives and recruiting companies, Erasmus and learning agreement, transcript

Registry Office office B025  Ms. Orsolya Árvay - administrative assistant

Phone: +36 72 503 650 / 23653 E-mail:  Ms. Ildikó Kovács - administrative assistant

Phone: +36 72 503 650 / 23661 E-mail: Opening hours Monday: 8.30-11.30 Tuesday: 13.00-15.00 Wednesday: 8.30-11.30 Thurdays: 13.00-15.00 issuing student status certificate, enrollment and course registration, discuss study related questions, student cards, Neptun errors, Neptun password

Registration period is closed 16:00 9 February 2018 !!! Latest deadline to enroll and take up your courses or modify them! Study Period: starts: 5th February, 2018 ends: 18th May, 2018 Spring Holiday: starts: 3rd April, 2018 ends: 6th April, 2018

Holidays:  15th March 2018 (Thursday)  30th March 2018 (Friday)  2nd April 2018 (Monday)  1st May 2018 (Tuesday)  21st May 2018 (Monday)

Exam period:  starts: 21st May, 2018  ends: 22nd June, 2018

After activation make sure you check  your data (personal, financial, study connected) in

Neptun  your emails (SPAM)  your mails (always have a current address in Neptun) Indicate mistakes in a written form via email to or

How to apply a student card ?

necessary to be enrolled and Education ID appeared in Neptun (see My data → Personal information)



Studies – A general overview Code of Studies and Examinations of the University of PÊcs: 0421-20170508114625.pdf

credits for each educational component/subject

Curricula and course discription, please find here, by clicking major:


Cashiers Faculty Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development Faculty of Law Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Faculty of Sciences / Faculty of Humanities / Medical School


Opening hours Monday-Thursday

Szántó K. J. u. 1/b 8:00-14:00

Dohány u. 1-3. Boszorkány u. 2.

Ifjúság u. 6.

Friday 8:00-13:00 Monday-Wednesday 8:00-13:00 Thursday 8:30-13:30 Friday 8:30-12:30 Monday-Thursday 8:00-14:00 Friday 8:00-13:00

Customer Service of the Central Registrar’s Office: Faculty of Law, Building Z (1-3, Dohány Street, next to the cash-desk) University Library and Centre for Learning (Tudásközpont) Address: 2/a Universitas street Monday-Thursday: 8:00-15:00 Friday: 8:00-17:00

→ „Student” tab → User guide  setting your student status


 register courses, book exam


 checking status, payments,

grades, timetable

 contacting fellow students and


 Choose English


 Log in name =

Neptun code

Password = you get from Registrar’s representatives

 Click on Administration

enrollment/ registration

 Click on list  Click on + next to the term

2017/18/2  Choose log in  Choose „Active” and Save

Please, print enrollment sheet as pdf, sign,and handle to Registry Office ! Just after, your enrollment fully completed!

 Click on Subject

→ Register for subject Double click on chosen subject

Tick the checkbox next to the subject code ending -GY (means practice) -EA(means theory),

-LA(means lab) Some cases you can see GY-01,GY-02… or LA-01,LA-02… These are different groups, taking place different time or with different teacher. Choose one to fit your timetable Don’t take subject code ending VL or /V Click Add to shedule planner

Unfortunately Neptun does show days in hungarian abbreviations regarding subject registration and timetable.

H = Monday K = Tuesday Sze = Wednesday Cs = Thursday P = Friday

By clicking on Class shedule planner

you can check how your timetable developing

 In Neptun you can check and print out Gradebook

Student responsibility to make sure all grades are registered in Neptun by lecturers, within exam period. Once it is closed, your grade lost. Also make sure, you accept offered grades in Neptun within examination period! see here: Neptun/Subjects/Offered grades

Registration step by step  
Registration step by step