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DEVELOPER October 2021


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EUROPE PREPARES FOR A FUTURE HYDROGEN ECONOMY Rinnai’s Chris Goggin concludes his look at the progress of the major European economies in their deployment of Hydrogen. France has published its own national strategy adding further credibility to hydrogen’s reputation as a potential continental and global fuel source. France has pledged a financial package of 7.2 billion euros aimed at improving and developing contemporary hydrogen technology that enhances a viable economy from which the country aims to capitalize. From this injection of 7.2 billion euros public investment, two instalments will be provided before 2030. 2 billion is being made available 2020 – 2022, whilst a further 4.3 billion will be allotted by 2023. It is expected that considerable progress will have been made in developing low carbon hydrogen that aids French decarbonisation targets. The remaining 0.9 billion euros will follow thereafter depending on gathered data. Unlike the Dutch and German hydrogen strategies, the French are coy in their plans of domestic usage, although, like The Netherlands and Germany, there are existing proposals that focus on introducing hydrogen blends into the national gas grid. By 2030 the French Energy Code set a target of 10% renewable gas share, with some independent organizations pushing for 30%, and 100% by 2050. By 2050 hydrogen will feature in a third of all available gas mixes and satisfy 12% of national property energy demand. These percentages could rise if hydrogen becomes a stable and affordable source of domestic and commercial fuel. In adopting a precautionary perspective regarding domestic hydrogen use the French government favour demonstration projects. These projects produce comprehendible data that can be simply scaled towards larger ventures. One such study that focuses on dispersing hydrogen into the national gas grid has been carried out in the GRHYD project. A residential community of 200 homes in the

Capelle le Grande district of Dunkerque will be powered by a hydrogen mixture of below 20%. If the GRHYD project produces positive results an expansion in scale and scope will follow. The French government therefore have 10 years to plan the necessary infrastructural adjustments that will

allow larger percentages of hydrogen dispersal into the national gas grid. From 2040 onwards more significant measurements of hydrogen are expected to travel through French infrastructure. The Italian government are hopeful it can capitalise on its centralized

Mediterranean global position. Italy is ideally placed to become a hydrogen hub and bulk hydrogen exporter, linking northern Europe with Africa and the Middle East. Potential financial benefits in a future hydrogen economy have convinced the Italian government of hydrogen’s early potential and are therefore keen for its success. Italian preference towards hydrogen is evident in a financial injection of 10 billion euros. 1 billion euros of this funding is to be directed towards infrastructural adaptations, that once completed will be capable of facilitating domestic and commercial hydrogen demand. By 2030 up to 2% of natural gas demand could be replaced by hydrogen and at present the Italian gas grid can accept 1% hydrogen in biomethane gas blends. A successful test on domestic hydrogen has recently been completed in two commercial properties at Salerno in southern Italy. For the period of a month a pasta factory and mineral water bottling plant both received a 5% hydrogen natural gas admixture. The experiment was replicated in December with an increased 10% natural gas and hydrogen mix. Both commercial properties operated as usual, without any safety issues impacted by hydrogen usage. Several studies have been since undertaken by Snam, an Italian energy infrastructure company, all of which conclude that hydrogen gas mixes are a safe and practical fuel source at 5% and 10%. Two further Italian multinational fuel distributers, Enel and Eni, both agreed to collaborate on future hydrogen

projects in Spain, Chile, USA, and Italy further expanding hydrogen’s potential beyond Europe. Plans for a UK project are also being considered. Italy appears to be enthusiastically investing in hydrogen’s potential and has undertaken considerable studies and data collection that triggers optimism. The Italian Industry Ministry believe introducing hydrogen into Italy’s national fuel options will create more than 200,000 jobs and add 27 billion euros to national GDP. Current pan-European plans to soon incorporate hydrogen into domestic gas grids hint at hydrogen’s probable roll in becoming a sustainable and affordable international fuel source. To make this possible further work and projects have been undertaken which concentrate on refining production and storage methods. One such project is the UK’s Twin Track Approach. This strategy will focus on advancing blue and green hydrogen production methods and product storage. The Twin Track approach will also investigate future alternative hydrogen production techniques. Including nuclear generated hydrogen combined with electrolysis or biomass. Italy is well placed to benefit from hydrogen’s introduction. If Italy can successfully incorporate hydrogen into its national energy menu and prove its decarbonizing credentials, it will doubtless look to the wider export market. The French approach to domestic hydrogen differs; in comparison the French are guarded and refrain from full support. Although hydrogen will be used to power properties in France, for

now, the government’s focus is placed on developing hydrogen technology that offers positive and instant financial results. The French government require additional information before any roll out of any kind is announced. With Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy progressing their respective hydrogen strategies that include extensive work on modifying infrastructure to carry hydrogen, UK end users should be aware that a continental preference towards hydrogen could sway UK decision makers to continue viewing hydrogen in a similar light. Once hydrogen becomes a tradable commodity, many believe hydrogen is the global fuel for the future. Rinnai products offer end users a limitless supply of instantaneous temperature controlled hot water, provided water and gas supplies are constant. Temperature accuracy ensures hot water can be provided to support anti-legionella regimes, thermal disinfectant and comfort. Rinnai is a world leading manufacturer of hot water heating units and systems for all and every type of commercial, institutional and residential sites. The company manufactures over 2 million units a year and operates on each of the five continents with an established reputation for high performance, cost efficiency and robust, extended working lives. Rinnai units are UKCA certified, A-rated water efficient, with a wide range of accessories, including water treatment systems plus multiple fuel options. The whole range is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Any unit can be delivered to any UK site within 24 hours. Rinnai is committed to decarbonisation and the N series of units is hydrogen blend-ready NOW and can also use BioLPG which delivers NetZero carbon emissions. Rinnai also offer comprehensive Training Courses, CPDs and Technical Support in all aspects of the hot water heating industry. More information can be found on Rinnai’s website and its “Help Me Choose” dedicated webpage. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

ecoSAVE 100% Energy Efficient Oil Filled Electric Heater. Designed to meet the heating demands of the modern home, the ecoSAVE is an 100% energy efficient oil filled electric Heater which incorporates the latest technology to allow 24/7 Wi-Fi controllability for both time and temperature.

This unique product benefits from 24/7 Manual or Smart control for all your heating requirements. Available in outputs from 750W to 1800W.

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Shore Road Pumping Station is a Grade 2 Listed building in Birkenhead on the Wirral peninsular, Merseyside. The threestorey Italianate style building was designed by engineers James Brunlees and Charles Douglas Fox and constructed in conjunction with the Mersey Railway in order to house steam pumping engines, which drew water from the rail tunnels.


he building housed two ‘Grasshopper’ Beam Engines (manufactured by Andrew Barclay of Kilmarnock), which powered pumps designed to remove water from the railway tunnel under the River Mersey. These steam driven pumps have today been replaced by modern electric versions, however one of the original pumps, the ‘Giant Grasshopper ’, remains in the building, although it is no longer operational. Up until 2014 the building served as a public museum, however today the building is closed to the public and maintained and operated by Network Rail. The property is primarily constructed f rom red brick and comprises six bays of blind arcading with engaged brick columns and round headed arches subdivided by brick buttresses to the longitudinal elevations and three bays to the gables elevations. Each elevation is supplemented by small round arched single glazed metal framed windows, decorative brick dentils / articulation and stone hood moulds / string courses. To the south-west

Stella Rooflights Breathe New Life into Historic Railway Pumping Station gable end of the main building is a single storey duo pitched roof outshoot of similar style. The roof structure is of hipped construction covered with Welsh slate and clay ridge tiles, supplemented by ornamental finials at each apex. The internal roof structure is of timber queen post construction (a truss in which two posts are placed on a tie beam to support the principle rafters above, with the vertical posts held in place laterally by a collar beam). These roof trusses are in turn engaged into the external masonry walls. Shore Road Pumping Station is located within the Hamilton Square Conservation Area – an area designated in recognition of the architectural qualities and historic significance of the realised portion of the Grand Georgian Development. Network Rail is currently under taking an extensive package of works to the Shore Road Pumping Station building

to secure the building’s fabric in a historically appropriate and sensitive manner. As such, a programme of works were recently authorised for the refurbishment of the building, consisting of the replacement/ repair of various elements of damaged fabric. As a major part of the refurbishment and preservation work, contractors

Rooflight specification: 2 x Bespoke Stella Conservation Rooflights

• Manufactured From 316 Stainless Steelv • Size 2842mm (w) x 1304mm (h) • Outer Frame in Single Section • 5 Glazing Bars / 6 Double Glazed Units • Fixed (Non-Opening) Design • Black Powder Coat Finish In C5 Application • American Ash Interior Liners 2 x Bespoke Stella Conservation Rooflight

• Manufactured From 316 Stainless Steel • Overall Rooflight Size 15,260mm (w) x 1304mm (h) • Outer Frame In 5 Sections / Linked With 316 Stainless Capping • 5 Glazing Bars / 6 Double Glazed Units Per Section (30 Panes Per Rooflight) • Fixed (Non-Opening) Design • Black Powder Coat Finish In C5 Application • American Ash Interior Liners

MFG Construction appointed Stella Rooflight to design and manufacture the Conservation ro o f l i g h t s to re p l a ce t h e original skylights sited in the principle roof slopes of the buildings’ Welsh slate roof. M FG co m m i s s i o n e d S te l l a to produce four bespoke rooflights, of two sizes, the f irst two with a size of 15,260mm (w) x 1310mm (h) and the second pair at 2842mm (w) x 1304mm (h). Stella divided the large rooflight into f ive f rames to ensure that f ramework was kept to a minimum and the amount of glazing maximised, while still providing manageable sizes. Each section consisted of f ive glazing bars and six glass units giving a total of 30 panes for each rooflight. The smaller rooflights were produced as single frames with a total of six glass units. Each pair of rooflights were linked together with a 316 stainless capping, giving the impression of two large individual rooflights, sitting adjacent to each other in the roof structure. Due to the height of the building

and the inaccessibility of the rooflights, regular cleaning was not going to be straightforward, therefore carbon or mild steel frames were not an option due to the problems that can occur with rusting if they are not regularly maintained. As all Stella rooflights are manufactured using a Marine Grade 316 stainless steel f rame and f inished with a C5 marine powder coating, they were the ideal choice for the project. Furthermore, the flush fit offered by the thin lines of steel and genuine glazing bars on each unit, would perfectly replicate the original Victorian design and satisfy the Planning and Conservation officers involved. As the rooflights needed to be individually designed to exactly match the size of the originals, a set of complex, detailed drawings were created by Stella, each showing the full assembly of the linked frames as well as f iles for each individual component, based on the precise measurements provided.

Due to the sheer size and weight of each rooflight, one of the major challenges for the MFG team was the positioning and installation of the rooflights, three storeys up in a building situated on a busy main road. To help overcome this challenge Stella allowed for four lifting eyes, which were welded to each individual frame during the manufacturing process, allowing the contractor to lift the frames into position with a crane. The entire design and manufacture process took a total of 8 weeks, despite facing the unprecedented challenges that the early stages of the Covid19 crisis posed. Having the entire supplier, manufacturing and assembly process based in the UK, enabled Stella to overcome these challenges and ensure that the remaining refurbishment works were unaffected by any delay.

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SOLUTION FIRES - EXCELLENCE IN ELECTRIC Solution Fires is a new generation of highly efficient, authentic and stylish electric fires. The focus of your living space, these fires have been designed and manufactured with optimal controllability of heat, light and sound as the critical elements.

Controllable from your handset, via Alexa or through the app on your smart phone or watch, you can customise your fireplace to suit your individual taste. No electric fire, currently on the market, has the level of product features or attention to detail that solution fires have as standard, supported by a high level of genuine customer service. Top reasons to choose a Solution luxury fire • • • • • •

Ultra realistic, contoured flame effect technology ‘One box solution’ for front, corner or panoramic views Six preset illumination settings & one custom setting Nine independent flame colours with adjustable brightness* Nine independent fuel bed colours with adjustable brightness* Nine independent downlight colours with pulse effect*

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

High quality, hand decorated ceramic log fuel bed Crackling fire audio with volume control Customisable fuel bed set-up Fade in - ON, Fade out - OFF, flame effect feature Supplied with remote control as standard App control for most smart phones, tablets & watches Alexa voice control Optional Scene lighting LED kit available Optional Anti Reflective Glass available Thermostatically controlled with ultra-quiet fan heater Seven day, twice daily, program settings Fully ErP Compliant & low energy LED flame effect Plugs into a standard 13-amp 3 pin socket Optional 5 year warranty for added peace of mind

*The above applies to the SLE75, 100, 150 & 200 fires *With use of Solution App

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‘Build, Build, Build’ acknowledged in planned reforms to put infrastructure at the centre of the Government’s economic growth strategy. Part of this announcement has emphasised the importance in safeguarding the UK’s natural environment by utilising methods in ‘capturing and removing CO2 from the atmosphere, protecting precious biodiversity, and connecting people with nature’. (Gov.UK) Green roofs and roof terraces/podiums can provide mentally beneficial spaces for occupants, as well as the ability to combat extreme climate conditions. The key benefits gained from the utilisation of green roofs across developments in our inner cities include:



W: E: T: 01277 355705


BOND IT APP Bond It yet again lead the way in providing users of their products with excellent reference tools. The new app, launched this month, provides quick and easy locating of technical data sheets, declarations of conformity, safety data sheets and application advice relating to their whole product range. A free, quick and easy reference guide providing key information on all Bond It products: pack images, product descriptions, application instructions and technical documentation. A must have on-the-job tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Find the information you need while using their products directly on your mobile. QR code scanning direct from product packaging makes the information you need even more accessible. KEY FEATURES: Quick search by Product Code; Add products to ‘favourites’ for quick reference; Scan QR codes and instantly find product details; Find all technical reference documents for our product range; Links to application tutorials and tips. No ads, no in-app purchases, just the information you need to make an informed decision about any Bond It product. Download the app today from google store. Compatible with all Apple and Android devices. Tel: 01422 315300 or visit



A POP OF COLOUR Upgrade Your Property with Country Colour Never has it been so apparent what a difference an upgraded front door, cladding system or garden fence can make to a property. Homeowners are proud of their properties and want them to look the best that they can be. Having taken note at the upgrades that are being done, we have observed a trend towards more standout colours being used – in particular, blue. Making small upgrades that make the world of difference does not need to break the bank. You don’t need to install brand new products when there are fantastic refurbishment options available to you that are affordable, easy to use and provide the desired pop of colour.

Country Colour from Osmo UK offers an opaque, satin wood finish for exterior wood. Available in 19 standard colours, 186 RAL Classic and 1950 NCS colours, it is the idea finish to renew previously stained, weathered or discoloured wood surfaces and provide a standout colour feature to your property. The range promises premium durability and a rich colour, hiding the natural colour and grain of the wood whilst enhancing its natural texture. The finish not only rejuvenates the wood, but leaves it protected against the unpredictable British weather for many years to come. Country Colour can be applied to a range of wood species, including oily and exotic materials. Based on natural vegetable oils, the finish allows the wood to breathe, preventing it from cracking, peeling or blistering. Requiring only two coats, it can be applied using a roller or brush and has an approximate drying time of 8 – 10 hours.

Extemely weather & UV resistant Very water and dirt resistant Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage Resists the growth of algae, mildew & fungal attack Microporous, breathable finish No sanding necessary for future applications

12 Show Preview

Bringing the Construction Sector Back Together this October Following the Government’s announcement that restrictions are due to be lifted in July, we can be confident that business events will return in the Autumn and look forward to welcoming you back to the Kent Event Centre on 7th October for the South East’s leading construction event. Kent Construction EXPO will bring together 2,000+ construction professionals, contractors, developers and specialist suppliers for one invaluable day of networking in a face-to-face environment once again since the COVID-19 outbreak.


rought to you by Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Kent County Council and Medway Council, this major annual gathering offers a fantastic line-up of speakers, alongside the South East’s largest exhibition of construction suppliers: providing a unique opportunity for you to get the inside track on major infrastructure projects and the latest industry developments, while making valuable new contacts and building your business. We already have a great programme line-up confirmed, with inspirational keynotes and practical workshops that will provide you with fresh insights into current construction industry challenges and opportunities on the horizon as well as emerging technologies, practices and innovations helping you to keep up to date and thrive in the years ahead. Back by popular demand, our roundtable stream provides a focussed platform for discussion where you will have the opportunity to share your challenges and opportunities, hear your peer’s points of view and learn from their experiences, ask questions and voice an opinion.

A few of the hot topics and sector trends that will feature on the programme this year are: • Bouncing Back from Covid-19 • Construction Futures • BIM and Digitisation • Major Infrastructure Developments in Kent and the South East • Health & Safety Regulations • R&D Tax Credits • Sustainable Innovation • Mental Health Awareness • Construction Pathways A key feature at the event is the exclusive opportunity to put your business in front of leading contractors, suppliers and government departments, with over 600 FREE meet-the-buyer appointments available.

You can also benefit from: • Over 150 marketleading exhibitors • Invaluable networking opportunities to build and maintain business relationships • Live Demo Areas showcasing the most dynamic and innovative products in the industry • Big Networking Breakfast with a focus on collaboration in the construction sector • Post-Event Gala Dinner with after-dinner comedian Angela Barnes, the perfect way to unwind, network and celebrate excellence within the industry

For more information and to register for FREE visit: Exhibiting and Sponsorship Opportunities For the latest up-to-date floorplan and more details on pricing and sponsorship opportunities available please contact: Emily Taylor 01892 820939

7th October 2021

Kent Event Centre, Detling

Bringing the construction industry back together in a face-to-face environment this October

Produced by

Kent Construction Expo delivers a multi-track conference programme, over 150 market-leading exhibitors, and a unique opportunity for the construction sector to come together for an invaluable day of networking and innovation. The packed programme also includes over 600 free Meet the Buyer appointments, a Big Networking Breakfast and Gala Dinner.

2021 Speakers: Ben Cheeseman

Fergus Harradence

Dr Paul Toyne

Lee May

Pip Lawrence

Sarah Collins

Ricky Hemmings

Julie Putman

Commercial Director, Harwood Building Control

Deputy Director, Infrastructure & Construction, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Partner, Brachers LLP

Sustainability Practice Leader, Grimshaw & London Sustainable Development Commissioner

Technical Director, RIFT R&D Tax Credits

Wellbeing Director, Wellbeing People Ltd

Oliver Heath Founder & Director of Oliver Heath Design

Managing Director, Ardula Group Limited

Opening Keynote

Regional Manager - South, CIOB

Valuing & Implementing Health and Wellbeing in the Built Environment

FREE Registration

FREE Meet the Buyer Appointments

FREE Tea & Coffee

FREE Parking

Plus: FREE exhibition featuring hundreds of essential suppliers Event Partner

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For more information on exhibiting or visiting please visit

14 Show Preview

LANDSCAPE - the UK’s premier landscaping exhibition, is pleased to announce the 10 th anniversary show will take place on the 3 rd & 4 th November 2021, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.


elcoming over 200 exhibitors with a vast collection of industry-leading products and services, LANDSCAPE 2021 is the trade event you will not want to miss – and the best part is, it’s all FREE! As the first in-person industry show back, The LANDSCAPE Show is perfect opportunity to reconnect with others and keep up to date with products and services. LANDSCAPE is thrilled to bring this year’s show to the NEC for the first time. The move to a larger venue in Birmingham gives the ability to grow and create a bigger show. This exciting new chapter for LANDSCAPE has put the health and best interests of both exhibitors and visitors front and centre with many still uneasy about venturing into London. The NEC is a purpose built, Covid secure venue which is easily accessible. The NEC is located directly alongside Birmingham international airport and Railway Station and it has ample parking on site. The LANDSCAPE Show is dedicated to products, services and innovation for the design, build and management of exterior and interior landscape projects. LANDSCAPE brings the industry together by introducing its visitors to the latest products, services and techniques necessary to design, build and maintain prestigious and award-winning interior or exterior landscaping projects all over the world.

Between the LANDSCAPE exhibitors there are products and services for every aspect of the design and build process spanning from CAD systems and tools to plants and stone. LANDSCAPE features an endless selection of products that are available to source, exhibitors include manufacturers and suppliers of everything from living plants, trees and turf, vases, pots and flag stones to furniture and conservatories, water features and sundials. Our exhibitors also provide architectural iron work, planters, sheds, living roofs and walls, sculptures, soil, plants and paving as well as lighting, heating, trees and tools. Our extensive exhibitor list ensures that when we say that there is “something for everyone”, we really do mean it! The LANDSCAPE Show will be open from 10am-6pm on Wednesday 3 rd November, and 10am-5pm on Thursday 4 th November. Across both days there are 44 CPD accredited seminars taking place. Both the exhibition and all seminar sessions are free to attend.

To register to attend the show for FREE, simply visit our registration page at: Further information can be found online: Website: Email: Phone: +44 (0)20 7821 8221 Twitter: @LandscapeEvent #LANDSCAPE2021 Instagram: #LANDSCAPE2021

+44 (0)20 7821 8221

@LandscapeEvent #Landscape2021

16 Show Preview Committed, enthusiastic visitors welcome the return of the London Homebuilding & Renovating Show The London Homebuilding & Renovating Show is making its long-awaited return to ExCeL London between 24-26 September 2021, issuing a call for entry to companies interested in exhibiting at this year’s event.

After 18 months of continuous COVID restrictions, over three quarters of Homebuilding & Renovating Show visitors have revealed that they are most looking forward to being able to touch, see and feel products and speak to home design and build experts, according to research carried out by the event organiser Future PLC. Although 85 per cent of survey respondents researched home improvements during this time, half refrained from making any such purchases online. Over half of survey respondents said that they are looking to spend a minimum of £50,000 on their

Show Preview 17 homes, and areas such as architecture and design, builders/ contractors, garden/landscaping, doors/windows, kitchen, heating and flooring are among people’s top interests. Exhibitors will finally be able to meet new clients faceto-face again and shore up their databases with relevant contacts, while visitors will get back to reviewing the suitability of the products and services in person for their current and future home ventures after months of internet searches and online shopping. Nick Noble, commercial & events director at Future PLC, says, “These past months have been very frustrating for the industry but we’re thrilled to once again be able to offer our

The Homebuilding & Renovating Show’s portfolio consists of eight shows across the year, covering key locations from north to south, east to west, and their nearby affluent areas. Companies interested in attending can fill out the form below: exhibit-with-us.

visitors the help and guidance they look to us for under the format of a live event. We’re picking up the pace and inviting companies to get on board and introduce their new products and services that are currently so in-demand directly to the individuals who are most excited to see them.” All visitors are assured that the safety and wellbeing of attendees and staff remains a priority. Every aspect of the event complies strictly with the latest Government official guidelines. Key information on the status of the show and any regulations people need to follow while attending will be updated on the website. There is also an app, available on iPhone and Android, that can assist people in browsing the venue with confidence, in a Covid-safe environment.

For further information please contact: Olivia Sandu, Jade Molloy or Lynda Heath

Specialist Hand Protection for

Construction Workers Your hands - the most valuable tool you have Your hands are without doubt your most valuable tool; they’re versatile, strong, always by your side and like your best friend, they’ll never let you down. However, they’re also precious, sensitive and you only get one pair to last your entire life. That’s why getting the correct hand protection is a serious matter and one that should be considered very carefully. There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of different gloves available in today’s market. It’s great to have choice but sometimes it leads to confusion and a lack of clarity. That’s why MCR Safety have categorised the options to help you make the right choice for you.

General Handling Heroes

MCR Safety offer an extensive range of General Handling work gloves; they come with a variety of different protective properties to suit different tasks and operations throughout the Construction Industry. They’re especially suitable for use in Construction, Building and Trades because they’ll protect your hands from the scrapes and grazes you encounter on a daily basis. They’re great for handling rough objects like bricks and breeze blocks, protecting your hand and improving your natural grip.

They’ll also protect your skin when in contact with abrasive surfaces like concrete, masonry and timber. You can select from a range of coatings designed to improve, dexterity, breathability, grip and comfort. The range also includes options with touch-screen fingertips so you can operate tech without removing your gloves. Lean more about General Handling Gloves

We Protect People.

Cut Protection Medium to Extreme Risk

Work gloves designed to offer any level of protection, by law, must be tested to EN388 which is a globally recognised standard. Gloves are tested for their resistance to abrasion, cut, tear and puncture and the combined score represents the overall protective value of the glove. The score given for cut is the most relevant in high-risk environments; the highest rating is ‘F’. When it comes to cut protection, MCR’s range starts at level ‘B’ and goes right through to ‘F’ . They represent this with a simple scale measuring from Medium through to Extreme protection. This is a quick and easy reference to help you navigate the range. Levels of protection are determined by components and glove construction. Cut fibre yarns are used in conjunction with coatings and for some gloves at the extreme end of the scale, leather reinforcements are used.

The Construction Industry is one of the biggest users of impact protection gloves. Heavy objects are an obvious hazard and although safety regulations are stringent and personnel are properly trained; there is always risk of hand injury.

Learn more about Cut-Protection Gloves

Armoury for Hands

MCR Safety’s impact protection gloves have robust armour to shield the back of your hand. It’s made from TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), an ideal material for impact protection because it’s incredibly tough but also surprisingly supple. It’s applied in panels like the scales of a crocodile so it can flex with the hand through your full range of motion.

Learn more about Impact-Protection Gloves

Protective Eyewear. MCR Safety also have a full range of protective eyewear and prescription safety eyewear.

MCR Safety Europe. Middlemore Lane West - Walsall - WS9 8BG - United Kingdom t: +44 (0) 1922 457421 e:

20 Safety Workwear

Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance.

STRIDE OUT IN THE ALL-NEW WORK TROUSERS FROM SNICKERS WORKWEAR. Snickers Workwear is continuing to make great strides in Work Trousers design and functionality while still increasing its commitment to environmental responsibility. Sustainable fabrics, body-mapping designs and improved performance are key features in the all-New Work trousers for men and women. Wherever they’re working, whenever they’re on task and whatever the weather, there’s a pair of trousers to suit. There’s new designs for both men and women with unrivalled functionality in the AllroundWork and FlexiWork ranges. The 4-Way Stretch features ensure maximum working mobility while the loose or slim fit designs deliver maximum working comfort all day, every day.

With great ergonomic fit and superb value for money there’s optional features such as detachable holsters, Canvas+ fabrics for durablility and Cordura reinforcements for extra durability. You can also choose trousers with or without the KneeGuard® Pro System which will deliver certified knee protection if you need it. Check out all the Work Trousers at – for the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get every job done comfortably and efficiently on site.

Getting information on the Snickers’ new Stretch Trousers is easy. You can call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at or email

There’s a reason Managing Safely doesn’t cut corners The consequences of rushing health and safety training can be fatal. So Managing Safely takes exactly the right amount of time to get participants up to speed. That’s why our three day health and safety course is the most popular for line managers, in any sector, worldwide.

Managing Safely Tried. Tested. Trusted.

22 Industry News


GROUNDBREAKING new sports facility has opened in Colchester, designed by sports and leisure specialists GT3 Architects to combine the needs of both elite sports teams and local community groups.


New Sports Hub Desig Elite Sport And Commu

Completed for Colchester Borough Coun cil un der th e Scape Perfect Circle framework with Gleeds, RG Carter, AECOM and Pick Everard, the £29 million project delivers facilities that cater for the centre’s diverse range of stakeholders and creates a unique sports hub setting in the Northern Gateway area of the town. The facilities include a new state of the art rugby pavilion with flexible function space, educational space, changing rooms and viewing gallery, across an array of new grass and 3G pitches for different sports and age groups. The site also contains a 1.5km closed circuit cycle racetrack, partly funded by British Cycling. The track caters for national competitions as well as local grass roots cycle clubs and community use, and includes a ‘learn to ride’ facility and pump track.

Central to the site and connecting to the pitches and racetrack is the council’s new dry sports centre. This houses a large flexible sports hall space including indoor cricket, gym space with dedicated equipment for cyclists, studios, velo studio, cycle hub, retail units, classroom space and a large café with views onto the 3G pitches and cycle track. Externally, the site is supported by a full-size archery range and equestrian trails. Mark Gowdridge, director at GT3 Architects, said: “The opening of this exciting sports hub marks the result of a successful collaboration between all parties. With so many

stakeholders involved – Colchester Borough Council, local residents and junior sports groups, Rugby Union and League, local College and schools, British Archery, English Cricket Board, Badminton England, Equestrian groups, local cycle clubs, Sport England and British Cycling – we needed to deliver a scheme that would suit everyone’s needs. “Engaging with all parties via our Performance + engagement tool was crucial – understanding each user- group’s different goals, outcomes and concerns allowed us to design a facility mix which capitalises on the



gn Combines unity Needs dynamics of space and maximises performance, ultimately delivering the best results for the people and organisations that will use it.

deliver a high performing design, sensitive to the local surroundings and which blurs the lines between inside and out.

“It also allowed us to meet the leisure and fitness requirements for the wider local community, whilst delivering high-quality facilities needed for elite sport.”

“The scheme blends into its environment, with a strong use of timber in the main sports centre. The choice of materials is not only sensitive to the landscape but also ensures durability. We want the scheme to act as a high performing, welcoming fitness hub for both community wellbeing and elite sport for years to come.”

The centre will address key health needs in the local area and provide a diverse range of facilities for the local community. Residents will benef it f rom facilities designed to an elite sport level and exercise alongside national athletes in the new cycle track and rugby training centre. Mark added: “In addition to meeting the site’s diverse user needs, we needed to ensure the design was ecologically sound. We undertook extensive research to

The leisure centre is now open and is already being used by the 900 junior members of the Colchester Rugby Club. For further information visit or join the conversation over on Twitter @_GT3Architects.

PANASONIC INTRODUCES REVOLUTIONARY ADAPTIVE DUCTED UNITS TO VRF RANGE Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions introduces the Adaptive Ducted F3 range for its VRF systems, designed for retail, hotel and office applications. The range features a new vertical mounting option and a choice of rear or bottom air inlet, increasing fitting possibilities. This, and a choice of 12 capacities, from 1.5 kW – 16 kW, provides very flexible options for installers.

in quiet comfort for users. Smart sensors control Discharge Air Temperature for precise room temperature control and provide the possibility to reduce cold draughts during heating operation.

Outstanding design and flexible installation

A series highlight is the industryleading introduction of both horizontal and vertical installation options, which enables discrete placement outside the room even if a small ceiling limits space for ductwork – the unit’s drain pan is conveniently suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations. The range also allows for selectable rear or bottom air inlet thanks to its adjustable panels. The series includes a more powerful highlift, built-in drain pump that allows drain piping to be elevated up to 701mm from the base of the unit.

The Adaptive Ducted Units come in a compact design for the ultimate space-saving solution, with a height of just 250mm and ranges in weight from 26kg to 42kg, making it well adapted for projects requiring a more discreet fit. Although small, the design still allows for a powerful 150 Pa External Static Pressure, and optimal airflow set-up is possible depending on ducting design and conditions. It also features two integrated R32 refrigerant leak detectors for security. In addition, the unit’s design permits a smooth airflow, which helps to achieve an incredibly low noise operation down to a market-leading 20dBA, whilst still maintaining powerful pressure and therefore resulting

Superior air quality: 24/7 protection with nanoe™ X The entire series has Panasonic’s maintenance-free nanoe™ X technology (Generator Mark 2 = 9,6 trillion Hydroxyl Radicals/ sec) built-in as standard. This

innovative technology produces hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals), which are abundant in nature and have the capacity to inhibit certain pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to clean and deodorise hard surfaces and soft furnishings, improving protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a pleasant environment for all. The technology is ideal for a wide range of applications, with nanoe™ X having a proven effect against odours in large spaces[1]. Smart connectivity Additionally, the Adaptive Ducted Units are compatible with all VRF controls including the new CONEX Controller with Bluetooth built-in and Apps for quick, convenient set-up. The innovative controller can be used through a smartphone or tablet with flexible, daily remotecontrol operation thanks to the Panasonic H&C Control App. The controller is also compatible with the Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App for analysis and troubleshooting. For more information, please visit

[1] Tested by 3rd party. Testing organisation : KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation in Japan, international testing institute.

26 Industry News

FUTURE HOMES SUSTAINABLE CITIES by Wojciech Brozyna - MD of Aluprof UK

Around a third of all our energy use in the UK is used in our homes. With the majority of this energy used in heating, this equates to about forty MTOE (million tonnes of oil equivalent) used every year. The UK Government have some ambitious plans to cut energy usage by 2050 in many sectors. Glasgow will be hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), from 31 October to 12 November 2021 and the UK is striving to take a global lead to drastically cut carbon emissions.

The last change to our legislative window U-values for new homes was implemented in Approved Document, Part L in 2013. Little has changed since then, but, that is all set to change following the Government’s recent Future Homes Standard Consultation. The updated Part L will likely be f inalised and released at the end of 2021 to be introduced into legislation early in 2022. This will likely mean the introduction of window systems having to meet a lower U-value of 1.2 W/m2K (in England) for the ‘notional’ building and the possible introduction of triple glazing. Following this change, it is likely that Part L will be further revised in 2025, possibly taking window U-values down to 0.8 W/m2K. The changes are the result of the Government mission to achieving net-zero carbon by 2050 and ensuring that new homes are built to be “zero-carbon ready” as the National Electricity Grid decarbonises. With the introduction of revised air tightness requirement, down f rom the limiting value

of 10 m³/h.m² at 50Pa to 8 m³/h. m² at 50Pa (with 5.0 m3/h.m2 at 50Pa for the notional building) using the ‘blower door’ test method or a new ‘Pulse’ test method, our building structures are likely to become even more airtight. It is suggested that a house achieving an airtightness of 5 m³/h.m² will use 40% less energy on space heating than a house built to 2013 standards of 10 m³/h.m². With stricter airtightness, this calls into question how we can retain heat in our buildings in winter whilst maintaining healthy indoor air quality for wellbeing with controllable natural ventilation. Will the change in thermal requirements in Part L and the revised guidance in Approved Document L Volume 1 change the material of choice for specifiers? Probably not, as both of the predominant materials chosen for new construction, aluminium and PVC, can achieve the U-values required, albeit they will be thicker, more thermally eff icient and may carry triple or quadruple

glazing, consequently products will become more expensive. Balancing this increased cost will be increased product quality which is likely to offer products an increased in-use life, possibly up to twice the current life expectancy.

Industry News 27 There will likely be a move to adopting differing designs of windows and doors in the future to make the most of high insulation glazing, such as reducing sightlines to a minimum. This may mean a move to sliding systems for large glazed opening doors and the adoption of tilt turn window systems. Will this herald a move away f rom the UK’s love of the outward opening ‘casement’ window?

There are three areas of carbon emissions we have to remember; the production and installation of a product, what the product can save (or use) during its useful life and what value it has at its end of life, or how it can be reused or recycled. Reducing the rate of replacement will signif icantly reduce carbon. In the future, we may be required to prove a carbon payback if a lesser performing product is to be replaced with a newer carbon saving product. Aluminium has proven its almost 100% recycling ability with no loss of structural strength, however, with long life comes the shortage of end of life recycling and currently, we can only supply up to 50% of the global demand for the material. Product recycling and sustainability are crucial if we are to ensure cyclical ‘cradle to cradle’ material resources in the future. Specifying aluminium will ensure its continued use for generations to come. 75% of all aluminium ever produced since 1880, when it became commercially viable, is still in use today.

What does seem to be missing in this rapid move towards increasing thermal eff iciency and airtightness in our future builds is the need for air ventilation, particularly in our homes. This is crucial for our well-being and continued health. We know that sealing up a small dwelling will eventually lead to condensation appearing on the coolest elements in the room, sometimes a wall or an abutment with a ceiling, where dampness can turn quickly into unhealthy mould growth. This is particularly relevant in social housing where occupants may be reluctant to ventilate due to the cost incurred in reheating. It, therefore, seems logical for future legislation to include mechanical ventilation with efficient heat recovery, or indeed cooling of incoming fresh air depending on the time of year. Another issue that we do need to attend to as an industry is the robust detailing of interfaces

between windows and doors and the building structure. Cold bridges often decrease the claimed eff iciencies within a building construction that can reduce the effectiveness in use of a designed build by up to 50% of its claimed thermal efficiency. As an industry, should we be doing more to incorporate or encourage the specification of interface designs that reduce cold bridging to an absolute minimum? Here at Aluprof we already have an approved range of highefficiency windows, doors and curtain walls which all meet Passivhaus accreditation. As a member of the Passivhaus Trust in the UK we are supplying systems for new and refurbishment properties whilst working closely with the trust regarding installation. In each of our technical manuals, we show how our products can be installed to ensure the minimum of cold bridging. Our team of engineers are also on hand to work with architects and designers to help detail thermally efficient interfaces for Aluprof windows and doors into any structure. Since setting up the Aluprof Office at the Business Design Centre in London, the company has rapidly grown their specif ication influence in the UK with their high-performance architectural aluminium systems. Further expansion of the company’s headquarters in Altrincham now provides specifiers with meeting facilities and an extensive showroom of commercial systems to view. With overseas growth across Europe spreading into the Middle East and f irm roots already in the East of the USA, the company is becoming a global player in facade supply.

Further information is available on the company’s website at or direct from their UK head office in Altrincham on 0161 941 4005.

28 Windows & Doors


ISO Chemie’s products are being used by modular house designer CoreHaus

The development sees WINFRAMER units along with WIN2WALL multi-level sealing tape, being supplied to North Eastbased CoreHaus for installation in its modular properties. The company has a five-year plan to produce around 1,000 precision engineered units a year built using modern methods of construction (MMC) to deliver long term energy cost savings. Passivhaus certified and fire rated to up to 30 minutes, WINFRAMER is a prefabricated installation frame, manufactured to accommodate cavities up to 250mm that allows windows to be supported independently f rom the face of the wall regardless of any external cladding being in place. Quick and easy-to-install, the product’s application on CoreHaus properties comes as the modular housing sector has been given a boost by national housing agency Homes England, which is accelerating the delivery of local authority housing schemes, encouraging greater use of MMC. ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL enables window and door gaps between 2 mm to 8 mm to be easily sealed from inside the property. Available in two widths to give the extra

ISO Chemie’s thermal insulating and load bearing bracket support system has been specified for a ground breaking modular house design that could impact on the new homes market and environment. thermal insulation equivalent to A Rated (40mm tape) or A+ and A++ windows (65 mm tape), the tape is able to accommodate the vast majority of UK window installations. Dan Selby, production manager at CoreHaus, said: “As a house designer, we look at new ways to deliver low carbon structures, which use sustainable technologies. ISO Chemie’s fit and forget products offer innovative solutions for effective window and door sealing, delivering measurable airtight, acoustic and thermal sealing benefits in the process.” Nick Thompson, ISO Chemie’s technical consultant, said modular housing is gaining increasing traction and WINFRAMER and WIN2WALL can add real value during the initial and post construction phases. He added: “Using WINFRAMER as a platform for the windows to be moved forward, allows a cavity wall to be created outside the existing one. This can then be filled with insulation to massively improve thermal efficiency. As it’s also very thermally efficient and airtight, WINFRAMER is proving to be an easy and cost-effective way to improve the quality of the modular properties.”

Th e composite WINFRAMER brackets can bear heavy windows loads, including bi-fold doors, to provide a reliable, strong and high-performance support f rame. Installation is quick with windows attached directly and secured mechanically using either standard fixing screws or fixing lugs in the usual manner. A hinged insulation core combines with the composite wood structural bracket to become an integral part of the overall wall structure, providing compliance with window energy saving regulations (EnEV) and the RAL quality assurance association. Among the key advantages of WIN2WALL are not only its thermal performance, but it is also weather tight to 600 Pa (Violent Storm Force 11) and has excellent acoustic insulation properties. Installing a window or door using WIN2WALL will give the window an equivalent or better thermal property than the window unit itself. Even the smaller 40mm size tape will give the joint between the window and wall a U-Value of 1.2, equivalent to an Energy A-rated window. For more information please click here

Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

Market Leading Design for Modern Living


Tailored To You Residence 7 windows and doors are finished to perfection, combining a modern flush appearance and unquestionable market leading design features and performance, all in a maintenance free material. Available as casement windows, shaped windows, bay and bow windows, orangeries, conservatories, single doors and French doors - R7 has all the choices for the perfect home.

Your Home, Your Way Create an individual design statement for any home with a range of luxury colour finishes and hardware options, all have been carefully created, allowing you to replace the current windows and doors with a more efficient, secure and attractive system.

Easy-clean rebate

‘Through Colour’ Extrusion

Lock & Hinge Retention

Double or Triple Glazing

Up to 44mm Glazing

7 Chamber Design

Maintenance Free

14 finishes to choose from

Energy Rating (WER) of A+ and a U-value of 0.8W/ (m2.K) Passivhaus standard


Redefining Windows & Doors

R7 is here to inspire you on your journey to create the dream home. Beautifully flush inside and out, available in a range of maintenance free finishes and a variety of styles, it is versatile without complication. R7 outperforms many other systems with a sophisticated 7 chamber design and intelligent features. It’s the ideal solution for a wide range of properties, from modern new builds to city apartments and country cottages to semi-detached houses, with everything in between. Designed and made in Britain, we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with our network of highly experienced fabricators and installers who are all ready to assist you in the decision making process. So what are you waiting for? Your R7 journey starts here...

Get in Touch T: 01452 300912 E:


7 7

32 Windows & Doors

REFLEX-ROL MAXI SYSTEMS ‘Blinds’ are out and ‘Solar Shading’ is in! With the advance of Solar Shading fabrics, we can now achieve g-values ( Total energy penetration degrees) of less than 20%, and that is almost, within a few % , on a par with external shading but without the maintenance issues. Solar shading has become highly technical and there really is no ‘off the shelf’ solution or a ‘one fits all’ scenario. opening headbox for rear ventilation on the window side. The headbox serves as a stop to limit the upper position of the blinds as well as protection when the blinds are not in use.


he Reflex-Rol MAXI solar shading system is ideally suited for buildings with overheating and glare issues such as: office environments, large glazed areas, hospitals, schools, private and public buildings. The clients we serve are architectural, interior design, construction planning, building management, health & safety professionals and residential. The principle which underpins our service policy is best professional practice. Best practice in solar control technology means supplying product and technical support of the highest standard and levels of professional competence.

Reflex-Rol MAXI systems, in combination with Mermet fabrics, provide a technically advance, elegant solution to solar heat and glare control. Ideal for virtually any application, indoor or outdoor, small or large blinds, due to the functionality of the systems and the extensive range of fabric textures and colours available. Horizontal, vertical, inclined, shaped, Reflex-Rol has a solution for any window. Available in a wide range of headbox sizes with a variety of side guides and bottom bars also available. Hardware available as standard in white or aluminium, or why note have it powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice? All blinds include an invisible

Mermet coated f ibreglass fabrics are suitable for solar shading, sound control and the provision of tensile structures such as canopies, stretched ceilings and wall panels. Ideal for both internal and external use, Mermet fabrics are ideal for digital printing; meaning pictures, corporate logos and such can be printed onto the fabric before it made into the final product this could be a blind, stretched ceiling or anything else your imagination suggests. Mermet fabrics also meet BS476, Part 6, Class O fire rating making them particularly suitable for use in schools, hospitals or other public areas and buildings. Reflex-Rol has been providing shading solutions to the UK market for nearly 40 years, since 1983. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

Anti-Slip GlASS RAnGE


10mm / 12mm DREAM BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 55

10mm DREAM CLEAR BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 19

10mm ELEGANCE BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 61

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 43


10mm SECRET BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 51

10mm TRUST BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 47


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 59

• Tested to UK and European Standards • Toughened and Laminated

• Multi Laminated with Vanceva Coloured Interlays • Can be processed, Shaped, Drilled as required CAN BE APPLIED TO ANY GLASS THICKNESS


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 61


To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Email:

34 Windows & Doors

These days, the word “sustainability” seems to crop up everywhere. But is it just another business buzzword, or are we genuinely making a shift in the way we think and act, to protect and preserve the world we live in for future generations? While “Green Issues” like recycling and sustainability were on the fringe 20 years ago, these days they’re right at the heart of business with sustainability having a huge influence on every aspect of industry, especially at Eurocell. What’s more, according to our research carried out in 2019, over half of consumers want their houses to be built with sustainable features. When asked about their preferred sustainability features, consumers identified double/triple glazing as the most appealing (58%), followed by solar panels (35%), energy efficient appliances (34%) and the use of recycled and sustainable building products (22%). One of the key drivers behind this trend is the implementation of sustainability features by developers, which are regularly being incorporated into housebuilding voluntarily rather than because of legislation. Explaining this trend, Steve Marshall, Architect Director and Head of Housing at BDP commented: “Some of our local authority clients like to be seen as leading the way and pushing standards when it comes to sustainability. They need to be seen to be doing the right thing and as such will go above and beyond minimum requirements. It might take time for this to impact the standards that others build to, but this may happen as buyers start to ask why the council is offering something that private developers are not.” Whilst housing developers are pushing this trend currently, a group of architects presented with these statistics believe that consumer and tenant demand

is likely to be a driver for sustainable development in the future. Despite this increased awareness it was highlighted by the architects that, for homes to become more sustainable, consumers need more education on what sustainability means in housing. James Roberts, Project Architect at SimpsonHaugh, said: “It comes down to what is tangible. People understand the concept of double glazing and smart meters, for example. However, if you look at the sustainability credentials of the materials used, or how airtight a home is, these are less tangible yet can have an equally significant impact on how sustainable a home is. As such, willingness to invest in some ‘sustainable design features’ is likely to increase as the public’s understanding of them does. Some they will already be investing in, without appreciating it.” Why use PVC-U PVC-U is a highly sustainable product, robust enough to be recycled and repurposed up to 10 times without its quality or performance deteriorating, giving it a lifespan in the construction industry of 350 years. At our recycling plants, we process up to 70,000 old PVC-U window frames per week, or around 39,000 tonnes per year. Once recycled, it is used to create a variety of new products, from thermal inserts to our revolutionary Modus window system. By doing this we can reuse

Windows & Doors 35 almost 100% of our production waste. Wherever possible, we offer a ‘closed loop’ service, reengineering the PVC-U taken from old frames to make new windows, doors and building products for the same supplier. The process uses less energy and gives customers a high performance, more efficient product. Working in commercial, refurbishment sectors and social housing, we have the capability to collect nationwide and reprocess old window frames that may otherwise go to landfill, converting them to reusable material which can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of new building products. Preventing post-consumer windows and doors going to landfill is not only environmentally beneficial but has a direct impact on project delivery and cost effectiveness. Under current government commitments landfill tax is set to continue. By adopting and implementing sustainable practices companies can manage resources, build their environmental reputation, and ultimately reduce costs. 8 Facts you may not know about PVC-U • PVC-U is made from 57% salt • The Circular economy is on trend – but we have been doing for over 10 years – we call it closed loop recycling • When we asked, 99% of people didn’t know that window frames could be recycled • 95% of A+ rated windows in the UK are PVC-U • PVC-U can be recycled up to 10 times • With a first lifespan of 35 years PVC-U windows and doors can have a total life of up to 350 years • PVC-U actually gets stronger when recycled • Our windows are made with 50% postconsumer recycled material. The recycling process makes PVC-U stronger Products manufactured from recycled PVC-U are actually stronger than those made with virgin plastic because of the chemical transformation of the polymers it contains when it goes through the recycling process. PVC-U is made up of millions of intertwined, spaghettilike strands, or ‘polymer-chains’ that give it rigidity and strength. When the plastic is heated to melting point during recycling, these strands loosen but, crucially,

they don’t break down as other polymers can in some other forms of plastic. That means, when the melted plastic is reformed into new window frames, the polymerchains can intertwine again. The first time PVC-U undergoes this process, it gets up to 6% stronger, then marginally stronger the next fourfive times it is recycled, meaning that PVC-U can be re-processed and used to make the same products it came from or for high-value, ‘upstream’ recycling. Eurocell Recycle At our consolidated operations in Ilkeston and Selby, Eurocell Recycle now offers the largest and most complete closed-loop process in the UK. Recycling plays a significant role in making industry sustainable. That’s why Eurocell is so heavily committed to recycling every single piece of UPVC waste we create. We aim to bring as many postconsumers window frames, doors, conservatories and building items as possible back into the production process, keeping tonnes of UPVC out of landfill. Despite 2020 resulting in several challenges - we still managed to recycle an impressive number of PVC-U frames. Like most businesses, Eurocell Recycle closed its doors for a few months in 2020 to keep its staff and customers safe and put in Covid-secure work processes. This being said, for the last 5 consecutive years, (2020 excluded) Eurocell Recycle has managed to beat its previous year’s total recycling number and we plan to make 2021 the biggest year yet, with a target of a record-breaking 3.5 million frames recycled. It’s all part of our contribution to the circular economy - a global shift towards reclaiming used raw materials and keeping them in the supply chain via reusing and recycling. It’s a methodology that’s not just good for the environment but for the global economy too, salvaging billions of pounds’ worth of raw material for re-use, where it had previously been simply thrown away and lost forever. However, impressive as all these achievements are, sustainability is about much more than recycling. And at Eurocell, we’re working harder than ever to achieve maximum sustainability in every aspect of our business. To find out more about our sustainability, or to arrange a collection of PVC-U frames visit:

36 Industry News

DOES YOUR DOOR HOLD A DIRTY SECRET? The need for deep cleaning to combat disease has never been more pertinent, especially within health and care sectors where efforts to limit contagion have been stepped-up to minimise contamination through contact. This includes doors – entrances to wards, operating theatres, laboratories, emergency rooms and other public areas. Naturally, there will be a focus on minimising contact transmission by cleaning handles, fingerplates and other door architecture that has frequent use, but what about those all-important fingerguards and drop seals? All door parts have a propensity to trap dirt or germs but can they take the impact of rigorous cleaning and remain effective? Strand Hardware is the exclusive UK distributor for Athmer finger protection which has undertaken rigorous testing of its products using a range of cleaning agents. The products were extensively tested using with the most common cleaning agents and disinfectants

from the RKI/VAH list. They were examined for possible reactions and resistance to: • • • • • • •

Bacillol AF Incidin + Trichlorol Optisept Milk of lime Terralin Helipur

The tests found little or no reaction to the 100% pure solutions, with only slight discolouration of fabric due to deposits caused by evaporation of the cleaning products. No negative impact was caused to the durability or function of the components. Finger protection is a vital safety measure in public buildings, particularly those where children or vulnerable people are present. A closing door will exert a massive amount of pressure on fingers or

hands trapped in the hinge gap and can cause injury. Catherine Franks, Managing Director of Strand Hardware, was keen to point out that not all fingerguards are made equal. “There are a great deal of cheap plastic finger protectors coming into the UK which may not have durability or resistance to cleaning products. As with heat, cold or aging, detergents can cause plastics to become brittle,” she said “Athmer finger guards offer a quality product range which is durable and reliable, preventing injuries by eliminating the danger of accidental finger entrapment between the closing edges of the door leaf and the door frame. Specifiers should choose products that have been tested to BS8613 as well as being tested with cleaning products.”

38 Industry News

Dellner Bubenzer Relaunches at AIST Dellner Brakes, owner of Pintsch Bubenzer, will relaunch as Dellner Bubenzer today (29 June, 2021) at the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) Conference and Exposition (Booth 2303), which is taking place 28 June to 1 July at Music City Center, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. A new website has also gone live at Dellner Brakes JHS, Dellner Brakes, Dellner Industrial, Pintsch Bubenzer and Rima are operating as one company with immediate effect.

Industry News 39 Germany; and Edgar Roca, vice president of Dellner Brakes, of Texas. Governale Group, of Houston, Texas, provided branding expertise, having emerged as the chosen partner from a three-strong, worldwide shortlist. The team started planning at the beginning of the year and was shooting for an April to July launch, which has been delivered on time. Cox said: “Our founding brakes [from Gerhard Bubenzer] were a shade of green many years before the famous red color, but the new look represents progression away from the legacy color to a bright, vibrant green that has been established and locked in; we plan to protect it for many years to come. Of course, to match, an interactive and easier-to-navigate website captures the new, global brand family. The [AIST] show will be the physical launch platform but the whole package will be rolled out around the world.” Additionally, new data sheets, catalogs, graphics, image libraries, etc. were overhauled, much of which is visible at Booth 2303 at the Music City Center. Sweden’s Dellner Group—Dellner Brakes was a subsidiary—acquired German industrial braking manufacturer Pintsch Bubenzer in January 2018, in a deal that has paved the way for the companies’ ongoing global expansion. Pintsch Bubenzer makes high performance disc and drum brakes for cranes and other severe duty applications, as well as complementary products, such as emergency and storm brakes. Four months earlier, Dellner Brakes had acquired U.S. brake and clutch company Gummi USA. Momentum was continued two years ago when Dellner Brakes, incorporating Italy’s Rima Srl, bought German brake specialist JHS Jungblut in a move that immediately strengthened the company’s offering in the wind energy market, and enabled further global expansion, notably in the Far East. Once competitors, this gamechanging acquisition put these braking powerhouses on the same team. Joel Cox, president at now Dellner

Bubenzer USA LLC, said: “Much of our community has followed the journey of the Pintsch Bubenzer brand—Pintsch Bamag and Bubenzer Bremsen are steeped in history and eventually became the Pintsch Bubenzer business that Dellner acquired. It’s really been a journey that started generations ago and has found its way to this landmark moment.” The new-look Dellner Bubenzer was unveiled on Day One of the AIST expo, where a fresh logo, brand colors and values are visible for the first time. The new, green-colored ‘DB’ logo is a tribute to the ‘D’ from Dellner and the previous branding, and the legacy ‘B’ from Bubenzer. They form together with a disc outline, since caliper brakes are core to the business. The logo has already been integrated into brake castings, as AIST delegates will see. Cox was part of a global leadership trio that executed the entire brand overhaul, including Friederike Imhäuser, marketing manager, of

The new-look Dellner Bubenzer will deliver a presentation to the AIST Crane Symposium, which takes place August 15-17 at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cox and Mike Astemborski, executive sales manager, will deliver a paper titled, ‘Lifting or lowering a load safely after failure or incident’, at 10:30 a.m. on August 16. The symposium, organized by AIST’s Cranes Technology Committee, delivers practical information and experiences from maintenance personnel, crane manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and engineering consultants with the sole intention of making electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes and their runways the safest, most reliable, durable machines in the steel industry.

For more information visit



TOUPRET SA - 24 rue du 14 juillet - 91813 CORBEIL ESSONNES Cedex - RCS Evry B 964 201 859 – Mise à jour Mars 2021

PURPOSE Quick drying powder filler. Great for shaping and form work on all types of wood, indoors and out. It has no depth limit and offers excellent adhesion. Can be stained or painted with any type of conventional paint, varnish or stain after 3 hours.

PACKAGING Box: 1kg and 2kg. RECOMMENDATIONS and care for use The times mentioned are indicative and depend on the substrate, coat thickness, and the ambient conditions. Do not apply at a temperature below 5°C or above 35°C nor at a relative humidity over 80%.

SUBSTRATES Wood Repair Filler can be applied to any type of wood, including common exotic species, chipboard and plywood. For optimal results, apply Wood Hardener beforehand. SUBSTRATES PREPARATION Substrates to be prepared as per the current trade practices. Substrates must be hard, cohesive, clean, sound and dry. OVERCOATING Wood Repair Filler can be overcoated by any type of conventional paints, varnishes and stains.

Physical and technical FEATURES • Wood Repair Filler: is a filler in powder form, for interior or exterior use, made of mineral extracts and selected binders. • Characterization (NFT 36-005): Family IV - class 4c. • Codification (NFT 30-608): G3E5S2V0W0A0C0. • Mixing rate: add 300ml water per 1kg powder (30%). • Application thickness: no depth limit. • Capacity: 1kg fills 1L when mixed. • Working time: 30 minutes. • Setting time: second coat as soon as the filler is hard and dry to the touch. • Overcoating: can be painted in 3 hours average time (after complete drying). • Color: natural wood. • Adhesion: filler/substrate (NF T 30 608): > 0.8 Mpa. USE AND STORAGE CONDITIONS  Application tools: filling knife, trowel or blade.  Tool cleaning: after use, product residue can be rubbed off tools when dry (water cleaning is not necessary).  Preservation: product guaranteed 6 months. Stored away from humidity. If found to be faulty within the guarantee period, we will arrange a replacement on proof of purchase.


NORMATIVE DOCUMENTS to be referred to  NFT 30-608: Coating fillers for interior works and/or exterior. HEALTH AND SAFETY It is recommended to wear gloves and glasses while applying Wood Repair Filler. Always wear a dust mask when sanding. Dispose of unused product and packaging responsibly at your local waste collection centre. Safety data sheet available at The data sheet information, especially the guidelines relevant to the application and final use of the product are provided in good faith and result from TOUPRET’s experience and knowledge of the products. The product should be used as per the trade practices rules book and in reference to our recommendations. The information provided is relevant to applications processed at a temperature of 20°C, a relative humidity of 50% and on average absorbency substrates. The times mentioned are only indicative and depend on the substrate, the coat thickness, and the ambient conditions.

* Information on the emission level of volatile substances into indoor air, presenting a risk of toxicity by inhalation, on a scale from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions).

42 Paints, Adhesives, Sealants

Toupret expands its one 28 coat offering with new interior surfaces Quick Fill


June 2021


its one coat offering with new interior surfaces Quick Fill

Toupret, the professional’s choice for quality wall fillers, has Toupret expands its one coat offering with new interior surfaces Qu today improved its Quick Fill collection with a new interior ssional’s choice for quality fillers, has improved Toupret, the today professional’s choice for quality wall fillers, has today surfaces product that is wall readyto-paint in just 30 minutes. its Quick Fill collection with a new interior surfaces product that

llection with a new interior surfaces product that is readyto-paint in just 30 minutes. 30 minutes.

Toupret’s professional interior and exterior Quick Fill products off

coat repair. All are lightweight, ready mixed and provide a qua Toupret’s professional interior and exterior Quick Fill products one professionals can rely on a from a brand with over 80 years of expertis ional offer interior and exterior Quick Fill products offer fast a fast one coat repair. All are lightweight, ready mixed and The new interior surfaces Quick Fill product from Toupret is fast-dryi All are lightweight, ready mixed a quality that provide a quality that professionals can rely on fromand a brandprovide to paint in just 30 minutes) and it can be filled to any depth with no rely with on over from a brand with over 80 years of expertise. or slumping. Quick Fill is also easy to sand and there is no need to s 80 years of expertise.

before painting over it as it will not flash or grin through the p Available as a tub in either 1L or 4L sizes. There is no limit on work ensuring a versatile solution for many types of job.

The new interior Fill surfacesproduct Quick Fill product fromToupret Toupret is is fast-drying (ready urfaces Quick from fast-drying (ready to paint in just 30 minutes) and 0 minutes) and it can be filled toit can anybe depth with no shrinkage filled to any depth with no shrinkage or slumping. Quick k Fill is also easy to sand and there Fill isis no need to spot prime also easy to sand and there is no need to spot prime before ver it as it will not flash or grin through the paintwork. painting over it as it will not flash or grin through the paintwork. in either 1L or 4L sizes. There is no limit on working time, Available as a tub in either 1L or 4L sizes. There is no limit on ile solution many types offor job. working time, for ensuring a versatile solution many types of job.

Also, part of the one coat family but for outside repairs, is the surfaces Quick Fill product. This ready mixed, lightweight, and rea filler can be applied to cement, concrete, and masonry as well as pl old painted surfaces. It can be painted over in just one hour. It o same high quality performance of no depth limit The Quick Fill Toupret launch isfinish part of and a major rebrand and shrinking or slumping. Plus, it’s rich in resin for extra strength product reorganisation for Toupret. The exterior really can quickly move from job to job with the reassurance of doin and doing it well. The exterior quick fill surfaces collection is now signified withisanavailable orange as a 1L and 4 applications both small and large.

colourway whilst the interior surfaces range is branded in red, offering a striking shelf point of difference.

With the goal of making a great quality filling job simpler and quicker for professionals, Toupret also wanted to make it much easier for tradespeople to choose the best product for any given task. As such, many of the products have been renamed to make their application as clear as possible. However, Toupret knows it has a loyal customer base and Also, part of the one coat family but for outside repairs, is e one thecoat family but for outside repairs, isoldthe so the productexterior names remain discreetly on exterior surfaces Quick Fill product. This ready mixed, the packaging to ensure ll product. This ready mixed, lightweight, and ready to familiarity use for all whilst lightweight, and ready to use filler can be applied to cement, introducing new simplifiedand product descriptions – lied to cement, concrete, and masonry as well as plaster concrete, and masonry as well as plaster and old painted for example ‘exterior surfaces Quick Fill will appear ces. surfaces. It canIt can bebe painted over in just one hour. It offers the painted over in just one hour. It offers the alongside the historical ‘Touprelex’ product name. Toupret finish and performance of no depth limit, and no same high quality Toupret finish and performance of no depth ping.limit, Plus, it’s or rich inPlus, resin for extra strength – so areyou and no shrinking slumping. it’s rich in resin for Both Quick Fill products available to purchase extra strength – so you quickly move job to job y move from job toreally jobcanwith the from reassurance of doing it nationwide. once from trade distributors the reassurance of doing it onceis and doing it well. The as a 1L and 4L tub for . The with exterior quick fill available fill is available as a 1L and 4L tub for applications smallexterior andquick large. both small and large.

44 Paints, Adhesives, Sealants

Safe in the knowledge


ffective performance is everything when it comes to fire safety products. However, without knowing it, many of us could be making compromises when it comes to our choice of fire foams and fire rated silicones. As a company that manufactures sealants, adhesives and other building chemicals, you might expect us to advocate increased awareness when it comes to choosing fire foams. But selfgain never has, and never will, be Bond It’s main motivation for urging greater consideration when it comes to these products. Instead we believe the building industry in the UK is affected by a serious issue with equally serious, and potentially lifethreatening, implications.With lives at stake, and against a backdrop where we are all increasingly accountable for our work and where they have been a number of high profile examples of poor building practices contributing to the spread of fire, we see it as our responsibility to share our knowledge. The problem stems from the existence of too many different but similar sounding classification systems. This has created a degree of confusion which has left many in the sector at risk of inadvertently using fire foams with levels of performance that fall woefully short of the mark.

Not all fire foams are created equal Years ago specifying a fire foam was a lot simpler and arguably safer than it is today. You had the choice of either a standard foam or a fire foam with both types available in either a gun or handheld form. To b e n e f i t f r o m i t s classification, fire foam had to comply with BS476 part 20. This meant it would act as a barrier to fire for 4 hours giving a building’s occupants vital time to escape. Then, with an influx of European foams into the UK came a proliferation of different standards. The most widespread was a German standard based on a sliding scale. This ranged from A1 (100% non-combustible) through to A2, B1, B2 and B3 with the latter offering the worst levels of performance. If the introduction of a whole new standard system and a large number of differing classifications didn’t serve to create enough confusion, the way of assessing the UK and European standards was also totally different. The UK standard meant a fire foam had to act as a barrier to prevent fire transferring from one room to another for a period of four hours. The German

standard meanwhile was based on someone trying to ignite the foam itself - not a very realistic scenario. Savings - but at what cost? One of the most widely seen classifications people now find on fire foams is B2 and it’s not hard to understand why. B2 strikes a fine balance between offering some fire resistance and at a cost that won’t hurt budgets – or margins. However, in our opinion, B2 ‘fire’ foam’s performance is totally inadequate and we don’t think it should be sold as fire foam at all. Yes, there are savings and profits to be made, but at the end of the day, what price do you put on property or even more poignantly, on someone’s life? As we near the 4th anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, we are hoping lessons have been learnt.

Paints, Adhesives, Sealants 45 Like most of our competitors, we react to market demand and do supply a B2 PU foam as part of our range. However, we are strict about this not being referred to as a “fire” foam and it is not marketing under this guise at all. We clearly state what the products performance characteristics are and what it is tested to. Silicone sealants also play a big part in ensuring the integrity of fire resistant seals and joints. These are used in reestablishing the fire-rated integrity of a wall or floor assembly compromised by the inclusion or exclusion of a penetrant. Flames and smoke can spread through the smallest of gaps causing extreme damage to buildings and even human lives. Applying an intumescent sealant to linear joints, around pipes and between cables to close all the gaps and add fire resistance. An intumescent seal slows down the burning process and does not contribute to spread of flames. Therefore, it can minimize the damage by protecting structures, giving fire fighters more time to arrive and take the fire under control

as well as fireproofing escape routes allowing for efficient evacuation. How does intumescent sealant work? Intumescent seals are known as means of passive fire protection, but what is an intumescent sealant in practice? Also known as expansion sealant, intumescent sealant expands when it becomes exposed to extreme heat and can swell up to 40 times its original volume. The sealant increases in volume but decreases in density forming a char layer. The expanded sealant does not actually catch fire, but the char burns eventually, still much more slowly than most building materials. Depending on the product formulation, application and backing material, an intumescent sealant can be resistant to fire for up to 4 hours. Buildings require different levels of fire resistance depending on their size and whether they have a residential purpose.

misclassification without proposing a solution. Thankfully, there is one - and it’s also fairly easy to implement. In its simplest terms, our advice would in every circumstance if you need fire protection from your foams nothing less than B1 is really acceptable as a bare minimum standard and for silicones we would recommend a fire tested sealant. Look for the standards EN1366-4, EN1366-3, EN ISO 10140-2 and EN135012 on packs - which are proof that the foams and sealants will do their job and you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve chosen a true fire foam or fire rated sealant that will leave people safe in their homes, offices and other buildings. For more information on Bond Its Fire Rated products contact our Sales Office on 01422 315300 or visit

Better safe than sorry Of course, it would be remiss of Bond It to highlight an issue as grave as current fire foam classification and

DECADES OF INNOVATION in the palm of your hand

Head Office: Unit G16, River Bank Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DN Tel: +44(0)1422 315300, Email:,


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OZ LIFTING EXPANDS STAINLESS STEEL RANGE OZ Lifting Products LLC has added to its ever-growing stainless steel range with a 0.5ton capacity manual chain hoist and trolley. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer already has 1-ton and 2-ton versions of both products, in addition to beam clamps in the same capacities, all of which are made from stainless steel. The manual hoist is the centerpiece of the stainless-steel range. Like other products in the line, the 0.5ton version is designed for lifting and pulling. The hoist is lightweight and minimal effort is required to lift loads, but it is durable enough for some of the most demanding marketplaces. The trolley, meanwhile, fits most common I-, S- and W-beams; end users have different types of beams depending on the construction requirements of the building or structure where the lifting equipment will be installed and employed. Steve Napieralski, president at OZ Lifting, said: “We’ve had increasing demand for lower capacity products, so I’m pleased to offer 0.5-ton versions of both the manual chain hoist and trolley. As always, we will continue to listen to our dealers and end users, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 0.25-ton, 3-ton and even 5-ton versions are put to market in the future.” The 3-ton and 5-ton capacity stainless steel hoist and trolley are already available as a special order. There is no specific application for this kind of manual hoist and trolley, beyond the fact that stainless steel

is used in corrosive environments, including wastewater treatment plants, saltwater, or wash-down applications. Napieralski pointed out other key features of both products. Minimum headroom for the chain hoist is 14.8 in. with a head weight of only 16 lbs., offering 1.5 lbs. per ft. of lift. Standard heights of lift are 10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., and 30 ft., although custom lengths are available upon request. Regardless, all products are rigged in the USA. The trolley, meanwhile, weighs 19 lbs. and fits on a 2.6 in. flange width. The products require a similar maintenance program as their steel counterparts, Napieralski explained. He also stressed the importance of adhering to maintenance and inspection programs, especially if the equipment is being operated in a highly corrosive environment. OZ Lifting outlines these requirements in an owner’s manual, included with every shipment, along with test certification. As the documentation states, the product meets a range of standards, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Both the 0.5-ton capacity manual chain hoist and trolley are in stock and ready to ship. For more information on OZ Lifting Products visit

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A revolutionary seismic isolation system—provided by Casper, Phillips & Associates Inc. (CPA)—has been installed on two quayside container cranes for the first time this year. The crane base anti-seismic isolation system (BASIS) is built on nonlinear time history analysis (NLTHA) and can protect the crane main structure from damage even in contingency level earthquakes. BASIS has been successfully installed and commissioned on two cranes that are in a major seismic zone in Turkey. The cranes, installed at Asyaport, have a 100 ft. (30.48m) gantry span, 223 ft. (68m) outreach, 66 ft. (20m) backreach, and 152 ft. (46.3m) lifting height above the gantry rail. CPA, which has been utilizing NLTHA for research and engineering projects since 1991, offers a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial services, including procurement, specification, design, manufacturing review, modification, and accident investigation. BASIS is installed between the sill beam and main equalizer beam, about 13 ft. (4m) to 16 ft. (5m) from ground level depending on the crane’s size. It includes two friction damper assemblies, two energy restoring device assemblies, a guiding device, and two friction damper locking devices. Mike Zhang, the head mechanical engineer at CPA, said: “The initial container crane isolation system that we developed included dampers in both gantry travel and trolley travel directions. [NLTHA] analysis revealed that the base shear in the gantry travel direction varied within only 5% between a crane with a seismic isolation system and a crane without it. However, in the trolley travel direction, the base shear is significantly reduced by incorporating our seismic isolation system. Therefore, to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of effectiveness, our final seismic isolation system is designed to operate only in the trolley travel direction.” Zhang, who has co-authored a white paper on the BASIS concept with Jeffery Hubbell, the head structural engineer at CPA, explained that ports located in seismic zones and crane

manufacturers are both taking note of the system. Typically, he said, the ports specify the seismic requirements, while the crane manufacturers propose the isolation system. The port then makes the final decision on the proposed purchase.

Aerospace proving ground This type of friction damper was used extensively at the Boeing commercial airplane factory in Everett, Washington, about 20 years ago. The same type of dampers were tested on a ship-toshore (STS) crane in 2020. STS cranes have historically been designed for 0.2 g’s static horizontal acceleration in major seismic areas. This is adequate for lighter Panamax or Post-Panamax container cranes with a gantry rail gauge less than 80 feet (24m). However, for Super PostPanamax size or larger cranes with 100 ft. (30m) or wider gantry rail gauge, the crane may be seriously damaged or even collapse in a major earthquake event. These cranes can be subjected to more than 0.6 g’s lateral acceleration in the trolley direction even during a moderate earthquake. The friction dampers are manufactured by the Canadian company, Quaketek,

the restoring device is based on a Conductix-Wampfler buffer, while the mounting base and system assembly are provided by the crane manufacturers. BASIS, which received a Chinese patent in 2018, can thusly be installed on new cranes or as part of a seismic upgrade of existing cranes. To verify the effectiveness of the system for different sizes of quayside cranes, CPA teamed up with Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co. Ltd. (DHHI) engineers. Zhang added: “There are alternative crane seismic systems on the market, but BASIS outperforms them. The friction damper does not slip under normal operations, so the structure maintains the same dynamic and static stiffness as a crane without the seismic device. During a hurricane, when the tie-downs are engaged, the seismic system can be locked to prevent the dampers from slipping. We have also developed a special stowage pin assembly that can accommodate the crane movement during an earthquake, even during a microburst or storm wind when there are no tiedowns engaged. Also, the same profile damper can be set at a different sliding force to accommodate various cranes and seismic zones.”



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