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Time to look at renewable heating Will the combination of the Green Homes Grant and the RHI herald a heating revolution? By Max Halliwell - Communications Manager for Heating and Ventilation, Mitsubishi Electric. With the announcement of the £2bn Green Homes Grant, which opened for applications at the start of October, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak has enabled homeowners and both social and private landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their home or housing stock. Landlords, including local authorities and housing associations in England, can apply for vouchers worth up to £5,000 to make their properties more energy efficient. The vouchers cover up to two-thirds of the cost of the improvements, up to a maximum of £5,000 a property and can be spent on insulation, new windows, renewable heating, solar power and other measures that improve the overall efficiency of the property. However, the work must be completed by the end of March 2022, which must surely limit the number of properties that can be tackled over the coldest part of the year. It is also not possible to get the Green Homes Grant for newly built homes which haven’t yet been occupied, so social housing landlords will need to focus on empty properties or find temporary accommodation for any tenants that won’t be able to stay in the home whilst the work is underway.

Look at the fabric As a representative of a heat pump manufacturer, you might expect me to focus on the significant benefits to both tenants and landlords of renewable heating and in particular, air source heat pumps. However, we would always advocate making sure that the fabric of the building is as energy efficient as possible first, so that the heating technology can work as efficiently as possible. It’s what we call a ‘Lean, Mean, Green’ approach and by this, we mean be ‘Lean’ and reduce the need for overall energy consumption first. Look at the fabric of the building by stopping heat loss and leaks, and improving the overall insulation. Next we propose a ‘Mean’ approach, where any energy used in the property is used as efficiently as possible. Low energy lightbulbs are an easy example but any electrical appliance should be looked at to ensure that it is as efficient as possible.

The same applies to the heating system but this is where the ‘Green’ approach kicks in. It is still easy to just replace an existing oil or gas boiler and a modern boiler will increase the efficiency of the heating system over an antiquated boiler. However, this is simply not sustainable into the future and does nothing to decrease the carbon footprint of either the home, or the housing association.

UK investment And this is where air source heat pumps really come into their own as they are now a reliable, proven technology and, in the case of our own Ecodan for example, are built in the UK and designed specifically for UK conditions. Over the last decade and more, we’ve fitted tens of thousands of heat pumps from the Isle of Wight to the Isle of Skye. In modern, upgraded homes and in ancient, listed buildings, and in both single properties and whole apartment blocks. At our Scottish factory, we have invested heavily in R&D actually going as far as building two comparable houses in the car park. One has a modern gas boiler and the other has an Ecodan heat pump and both homes are tested and tested on their performance. Whichever renewable heating system you choose, it is worth looking at performance, reliability and operating noise levels as these will have a real impact on acceptance with tenants, keeping them warm and happy throughout the winter. At Mitsubishi Electric, we always stress the need to look at Seasonal Efficiency rather than the standard performance levels written in the sales blurb.

These provide reliable, renewable heating and hot water production for a wide range of installations. The system is available in 8.5kW and 11.2kW sizes with market-leading sound levels that are three times quieter than previous models making passing permitted development requirements much easier.

Listen at your leisure

Ecodan Ambassador, architect and TV Presenter, George Clarke For us, this is a bit like miles per gallon (mpg) with a car. We all know that the car manufactures show off the highest mpg possible, but this is always from a laboratory test, in optimum conditions. Once you get your car on the road, at all speeds and in all weathers, that is where you really see what the performance is. The same is true of any heating system so always ask about the seasonal efficiency won’t you?

Shh, people are sleeping Another key area that will affect adoption of renewable, energy-saving air source heat pumps is noise, to ensure tenants and their neighbours aren’t disturbed, which is why permitted development exists. In the residential environment, sound is important because low sound increases the flexibility of where a heat pump can be positioned. As heat pumps are adopted in more homes, noise will become an increasingly important factor and many are sited close to windows, where the unit’s apparent low noise during the day, can become a different matter in the quiet of the night. Permitted development requires sound levels to meet certain limitations, with the sound pressure level not exceeding 42 decibels, dB(A) when measured at a point one metre away from the neighbour’s nearest door or window. That is exactly why we as a manufacturer have looked beyond performance and focused heavily on developing some of the quietest units ever available, which we have appropriately named ‘Ultra Quiet’.

Rob Hicks, Innovation Manager at Sovereign Housing Association

To help people understand the full benefits of air source heat pumps, we’ve created a series of podcasts all about renewable heating with our Ecodan Ambassador, architect and TV Presenter, George Clarke and in one of the latest, we look specifically at the social housing sector. George and I talk about social housing in the UK, ‘affordable warmth’, and the need to educate the entire sector, from government, developers, housing associations, and residents about heat pump technology. We also consider the case for new-build developments versus retrofitting the UK’s existing social housing stock to be more sustainable and energy-efficient. In another, more recent podcast, I talk with Rob Hicks, Innovation Manager at Sovereign Housing Association and we discussed Sovereign’s decision to invest in sustainable heating technology to meet their long-term, ‘affordable warmth’ objectives for residents. In the podcast, Rob reflects on the housing association’s tenyear relationship with Ecodan, and the educational challenges they overcame when introducing new technology. With the government recognising how important air source heat pumps will be for the future of low carbon heating in the UK and forecasting one million sales a year by 2030, the time could not be better to look at improving the heating future for tenants. Not only could you benefit from £5,000 per property, if the work is completed before the end of March 2022, the property is also be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive, earning quarterly payments for the next seven years.

To listen to any of the podcasts, visit If you want further information, give us a call or visit

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04 Industry News

B&K wins £82m Manchester Met science block

Manchester Metropolitan University has awarded Bowmer & Kirkland an £82m contract to deliver its planned science and engineering building.

Initially, the complex refurbishment and new build project had been forecast to cost around £45m. The project, which BAM and Vinci had also targeted, will see the existing John Dalton West building demolished and a seven-storey academic building constructed in its place at the All Saints campus. The development would provide for the Faculty of Science and Engineering new teaching spaces, cutting-edge laboratories, academic offices and a new energy centre, as well as extensive public realm works. The current John Dalton Tower will be refurbished and connected to the new development. It is envisaged the construction of the new build will begin by April next year with the new facility being operational by no later than 16 March 2023.

Refurbishment and remodelling of the existing buildings will begin by January 2022 and be completed by no later than 11 August 2023. Professor Andrew Gibson, Pro-ViceChancellor of the Faculty of Science

and Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan, said: “The new building represents our ambition as a faculty and will help us to drive new scientific discovery that will benefit our students, the region and the economy.”

Industry News 05

As the sun sets rises in 2021, we can reflect on some of the positive changes that the previous year has brought to our lives, one of which is an appreciation of the local independent business, within our community, that has always been there, but we haven’t always supported. However, we have now realised that they are competitively priced, friendly, and informative and often more flexible than their larger competitors willing to adopt new ways to transact and communicate with existing and new customers. Many local independent shops whether it is the butcher in your village, greengrocer or the local pub have embraced additional business channels allowing customers to order, click and collect or have a home delivery. Thus, ensuring they continue to operate and are profitable during a challenging business year. Restrictions have brought a new audience to online shopping and ecommerce, an audience who have previously not adopted to the digital age. On a practical level, this has meant that organisations have had to make sure their website content is simple and easy to use. In these changing and uncertain times, it has never been more important to understand your customers and your market. Here at the IPG, we have been impressed with how several of our members have responded to the changing competitive landscape and have adopted the new modern selling channels, making their businesses available 24/7 which will help them in their determination to continue to grow their business in 2021 and beyond.

Our experienced IT Team have supported members throughout the last 12 months with website development and ecommerce solutions. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Mike at one of our members, Croxley Plumbing Supplies said: “From my initial consultation with The IPG to my weekly emails and phone calls, getting onboard with e-commerce has been a big success. Sales have increased since going live, but what is also improved is my profile in the local area. The number of visitors to my website has grown significantly. Never as much as now has our relationship with The IPG felt so much like a team.” Unlike 12 months ago some of our IPG members are now offering a click and collect service and their businesses are open 24/7 with their new effective online platforms. This has meant they have reached brand new customers online and have experienced increased footfall to their locations. After so much negative news about retail in the last month it is reassuring that the independent merchants are adapting and expanding their service and delivery channels making sure they remain in our community for the foreseeable future.

New Year…. A new dawn.

06 Industry News

BCEGI to deliver £130m Wigan town centre revamp A joint venture partnership between north west developer Cityheart and Beijing Construction Engineering Group International has been appointed for the £130m redevelopment of the Galleries Shopping Centre in Wigan. Wigan Council will work with its strategic development partners to agree the final details of the Galleries25 project development with construction expected to start in early 2022. The proposed scheme will see the existing 440,000 sq ft shopping centre transformed into a multi-media centre for the town by 2025.

This will provide a six-screen cinema, music and E-sports venue, 10 lane bowling alley and indoor mini golf course. The scheme will also include restaurants, a new hotel, 464 flats, new market hall, including a contemporary food hall, co-working space and small offices.

Under the deal, BCEGI will lead the construction programme for the new scheme. The Leader of Wigan Council, Councillor David Molyneux, said: “These proposals very much reflect the feedback we got from residents about the importance of vibrant town centres during the Big Listening Project in 2018 and the more recent consultation held earlier this year.” He said Galleries25 would create 475 construction jobs and a further 190 jobs when the scheme opens. Dongwen Yu, Lead Director of BCEGI, said: “We are delighted to be selected as Wigan Council’s preferred Strategic Development Partner alongside our partner, Cityheart. “The Galleries project is an extremely important and exciting opportunity to transform the town centre and we are looking forward to working closely with the council, local businesses and the wider community to develop our joint vision. “The development cements BCEGI’s long term future in the region, a future that we believe will benefit the council and the people of the borough for years to come.”

PVC-free scaffold wrap makes debut on London site A PVC-free scaffold wrap has been installed at Grosvenor Estate’s Newson’s Yard retail and residential scheme in London’s Belgravia. Specialist supplier Embrace Building Wraps said it is the UK’s first non-PVC digitally printed scaffold wrap.

Greg Forster, MD at Embrace, said: “Together our two organisations respect the environment and are always on the lookout for fresh innovative solutions.

The site will have a steel façade retention system and access scaffold in place for the duration of the project with one of two planned scaffold wraps now in place.

“The distinctive design on the wrap is pixel-perfect, masking the scaffold whilst maintaining a delightful streetscape for the community during the build.”

Embrace has worked with specialist printer CMYUK using its Kavalan Sunlight eco-friendly material which is 56% polyester scrim and a 44% PA water-based coating.

The wrap measures 26m wide by 4.5m high and carries high-resolution photography of a Rabanna print on cotton supplied by Fermoie – creators of original fabrics with a local store on the Pimlico Road.

To ensure the structural integrity of the material Embrace have conduced pull tests showing the PVC-free banners can withstand up to 774 kg on average. After use Embrace will still send the material to be repurposed and then – even when the second life of the wrap is over – the material can be sent for energy-from-waste disposal.

Industry News 07

Wickes Launches New Installations Apprenticeship for 2021 Responding to the skills gap and demand for trade, retailer announces apprenticeship programme to help build pipeline of small UK businesses Home improvement retailer Wickes, has officially launched its first Installation apprenticeship scheme following a successful pilot, supporting trade and investing in the local job market.

People investment The Installation apprenticeship taps into life and trade skills, together with mentoring support. Partnering with its Approved Installer Network for kitchens, small trade businesses have voluntarily opened up their operation to an apprentice. There are 48 apprenticeship places available with funded salaries from Wickes, the programme will be split into cohorts of eight, the first of which goes live on 25th January 2021; applications remain open for further groups that will launch throughout 2021. In addition to the creation of 48 apprentices, Wickes will recruit for new team leaders’ roles to manage each cohort’s learning and development.

New careers in the trade sector With a recent rise in unemployment, together with people taking stock of how they want to develop their careers, this new programme is not just directed at young adults but provides an opportunity for those looking to explore the trade sector. With recent research from Wickes identifying that 77%1[1] of tradespeople have more or the same amount of work as they did before COVID, it is clear the job pipeline and sector remains healthy. Created to invest in the industry, supporting an ageing trade population and changes to EU legislation that may impact availability of tradespeople; the Installation programme is a clear indication of the retailer’s commitment to the future, and the development and nurture of local talent.

Lessons learnt with Wickes Apprentices will embark on an 18-month programme; 80% of time spent will be on site with their installer, with 20% in formal training. The formal training spans across seven block weeks with Nottingham based WEBS Training Ltd, focusing on the technical aspects of fitting a kitchen, behaviour, customer services and setting up your own business. On top of this Wickes will work with its suppliers and industry regulators to provide in-depth product knowledge in relation to all aspects



Wickes Internal Research, Mood of the Nation, October 2020. XXX Trade reciptiants

that make up a kitchen, together with the importance of waste disposal as a responsible tradesperson. The longer term view of the programme is to have provided tools for the apprentice to look to set up their own business within fitted furniture (carpentry). Whilst understanding how it connects to other trades within the construction in order to provide a well-rounded and compelling local installation proposition for customers. Tony Brown, Installations Director, at Wickes, said: “We’re giving back and supporting the industry we know well through our Approved Installer Network. Installation of kitchens is a very skilled job and we want to invest in people to help close any skills gap. There are many great careers to be had in this industry and opportunities for people in a sector that can be flexible around them or give them the opportunity to create a small business. I am really proud that we’re able to offer such a unique programme like this, we know the industry needs more skilled tradespeople and we hope this is just the beginning of a very successful and long running programme.” Michael Hales, Installation Apprentice (Pilot Cohort), at Wickes commented: “I’m currently halfway through the scheme, and I can say that this apprenticeship is truly one of a kind. It’s allowed me to gain new skills and confidence for my future career. I feel privileged to be part of this scheme, it has given me an opportunity of a lifetime to be hands on. Everything from the course, including the onsite WEBS training centre is outstanding, I had never heard of an apprenticeship like this before, even my friends are jealous of what I am doing and how supported I am through the programme. I feel excited to see what the future brings as I can see myself with my own van, tools and apprentice - carrying on kitchen fitting for the rest of my career. I really appreciate the opportunity that’s been given to me by Wickes.” For more information on the Wickes Apprenticeship Scheme and for applications forms, visit

08 Industry News Design studio Davidson Rafailidis has completed the renovation and addition of a century-old, two-story brick building in Buffalo, NY. Built in approximately 1900 with a 1940s extension, the historic structure has operated as a grocery store, strip club, attorney’s office, and hair salon, among other businesses, in its past.

Together Apart Davidson Rafailidis received a brief to transform the space into a cat café for a local entrepreneur, Buckminster’s Cat Café. Cat cafés offer a unique typology, given health regulations that demand air-tight separation between animals and food preparation—in this case, cats and coffee. This requirement allowed Davidson Rafailidis to expand on the studio’s interest in designing partitioned spaces that support programmatic flexibility but still imply and encourage togetherness and community. The project, which the studio has called Together Apart, is the first phase of a continual construction scheme on the overarching lot, which responds to new city zoning that encourages high density construction and furthers Davidson Rafailidis’ efforts to design heterogenous, mixeduse spaces that service a wide range of users. While Davidson Rafailidis’ design currently resolves as a cat café, it could easily accommodate other dualistic scenarios where division is necessary but not absolute, such as spaces for laptop/non laptop use, music/quiet, smoking/non smoking, and the timely situation of COVID antibody carriers and non-antibody carriers. “We are interested in connecting activities that are otherwise problematic to come together,” says Stephanie Davidson, co-principal of Davidson Rafailidis. Davidson Rafailidis emphasized the ethos of Together Apart with a layout and design scheme characterized by a combination of separations, slices, and overlaps. “While there is a physical separation satisfying the health code, it is just one of many sliced, mismatched, misaligned, and mirrored elements in the space,” says Davidson. The building can be accessed from either end, allowing an independent functioning of both halves while still being physically and visually connected. The street-facing entrance, through the brick facade, leads directly to the café and kitchen, where coffee and pastries are served and prepared. The back entrance, which is accessible from the cat patio

(affectionately dubbed the “catio”), opens into the rear environment where the cats live and interact with guests and potential adopters. These heterogeneous zones meet in the middle at a series of transparent, zig-zagged partitions. The kitchen counter is sliced by a glass wall allowing for unexpected visual encounters of cats from the café. Similarly, long terrazzo benches and a continuous light strip are bifurcated by the separation wall but extend into both zones, creating further visual continuity and connection. The spatial adaptability of Together Apart is reflected in Davidson Rafailidis’ long-term vision for the overarching lot, which measures 27 feet wide by 132 feet long. In collaboration with the owner, the studio sees this renovation as the first in a series of new, mixed-use structures which will fill the entire lot overtime, a process referred to as “continual construction.” These can be built as funds are available and catered to the specific needs of the owner and surrounding community. “The so-far realized form is a part of a future whole,” says Davidson. “We asked: Could a project—a building—be thought of as a continual construction instead of a single expense incurred all at once?”

Closer to home


Most homes are five years away from being finished

Post Office Money claims that UK homeowners have collectively spent £295 billion renovating their homes since 2015. But a study by Independent Network powered by VEKA found that, on average, our homes are five years away from being considered finished. Nick Cowley, managing director at windows and doors manufacturer Euramax, looks at why the UK’s homes seem to be lacking their finishing touches. In VEKA’s survey of 2,000 homeowners, 71 per cent admitted their homes are more important to them than ever before, with painting, revamping the garden and decorating the living room top of the nation’s ‘to-do’ lists. The research also found that 85 per cent say there are more jobs to be done

in their homes in 2020. Despite this apparent completion, 39 per cent think their homes will never be truly finished.

Constantly evolving The 1980s and 90s saw fringed sofas and patterned carpets as the ‘must have’ styles in UK homes. Fast forward to today, and it’s a rarity to find such décor in any home. Trends have constantly influenced how our homes look — such as colours, gadgets and material choices. Because of this, we find ourselves in a constant cycle of redecorating our homes to meet new trends and preferences. Just as design trends influence our style of home, societal changes have also encouraged the shift in why

more people carry out home improvements. The increased time spent at home and in our gardens has caused homeowners to be more conscious of their home’s appearance. On average, areas of our home are updated around every five years, potentially costing thousands of pounds overall. So, how can homeowners make significant and lasting changes to their home, without the need for regular redecorating?

Landscaping With so many people confined to their homes in 2020, gardens have provided a haven to escape and relax.


This increased use has opened up opportunities to tidy, refurbish and redecorate. Like our homes, gardens are usually updated every five years, but homeowners could consider making a more lasting impact. Landscaping the garden to create a new layout is one way to avoid constantly changing your outdoor area. Using a mix of materials to create paths, walls and raised beds will add structure and personality to an outdoor space, while providing functionality. To create a space for relaxation as well as practicality, installing structural features such as pergolas is also becoming a rising trend. Traditionally, pergolas were purposefully designed with framework that encouraged plants to grow and climb around their

beams. Today their minimalist structure matches the aesthetics of the modern gardener, and the desire for simple and clean structures has eliminated the idea of plants growing freely across pergola roofs. Instead, contemporary pergolas can be fitted with sleek garden canopies to offer privacy and shelter.

While material choice has favoured standard white PVCu over the years, choosing a colour that will compliment your interior and exterior décor can make a huge impact to your home. Euramax offers a range of window and door styles in six colours: Anthracite grey, golden oak, white, Chartwell green, red and black.

Windows and doors

The average windows are replaced every eight years, however Euramax’s products come with a tenyear guarantee to ensure upgrades last for longer.

The design potential that windows and doors can offer is highly underrated. Many of us will settle for the windows and doors already in our property and never seek to change their style or colour. Windows and doors are necessary features, so it’s important to consider their style and quality. Upgrading these assets is also an easy way to enhance both the interior and exterior of a home.

With trends constantly influencing our home décor choices, it’s no surprise that many feel their home is five years from completion. Opting for longer lasting investments such as landscaping and replacing windows and doors could get you closer to your finished home.


Four smart home improvements to keep your home insulated It’s starting to look like we will all be spending a little more time at home again over the next few months and with the colder weather approaching, it could be a costly time for home owners. With more people working from home once again and curfews being introduced, it’s an opportune time to invest in insulating your home - not just to keep it cosy - but also efficient in terms of heat retention and cost savings. John Evans of home improvement specialists Stormclad, said: “Over the last six months we have all spent more time at home than usual, and our homes now more than ever play a vital role in keeping us safe and secure as well as being the backdrop to home working, home learning and everything in between. “To ensure the home remains a pleasant place to be for all the family, temperature plays an key role and as it begins to get colder outside, it could be the perfect time to make home improvements to increase the homes thermal efficiency. “There are a number of simple modifications you can make to your home to reduce heat which can be installed in a matter of hours, days or weeks.” Draught-proofing There are countless gaps in our homes that we usually never even think about. However, these are letting out the warmth from, and letting the cold inside. Often you can fill all the gaps and holes yourself with some simple DIY. Internal doors are a good place to start when trying to cover drafts. You can buy removable draft excluders such as the classic sausage dog, or have a draught excluding door seal fitted underneath the door. Ensure you keep these shut as often as possible to retain the heat in each room, and to stop draughts coming through. Replace windows with modern double glazing Windows are one of the most prone areas to heatloss in the home. An old single paned window will emit around 84% of a room’s heat into the cold air outside so it is definitely worth the investment. Installing double glazed windows will retain the heat in your home by trapping a layer of air between two panes of glass which stops the air from circulating, resulting in a decrease of heat loss across the window. With modern double glazed windows, the space between the panes

is often filled with denser argon gas which will slow down heat loss even further. Older windows can look outdated and deteriorate quickly, so replacing them a with durable frame such as aluminium will transform the look of your home outside and in. External door replacements Older doors are prone to holes and gaps which allows draughts to enter the home. Doors can often become warped and unsettled in their existing frame, which means its time for an upgrade. Solid wood doors are a popular choice as timber is a natural insulator, absorbing and retaining heat, as well as composite doors, which are a thick door made of a combination of timber and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) - a robust thermo-plastic door skin. Top top: Ensure your door is fitted with a quality letterbox flap or brush, to reduce the amount of heat loss from the letterbox. Conservatory refurbishments Do you avoid this room in the winter because it’s too cold? Could this be your new home office? Making changes to your old conservatory can vastly reduce the amount of heat lost and make the space welcoming and usable all year round. Older conservatories are often made with plastic polycarbonate roofs which have very little thermal insulation. Replacing the roof with high performance glass, a solid roof or a combination of the two, is one of the most effective improvements you can make to increase a conservatory’s thermal efficiency, which not just affects the conservatory but the whole home’s thermal efficiency.

SLIDING DOOR HARDWARE t: +44 191 377 7345 e: w:

Market Leading Design for Modern Living


Tailored To You Residence 7 windows and doors are finished to perfection, combining a modern flush appearance and unquestionable market leading design features and performance, all in a maintenance free material. Available as casement windows, shaped windows, bay and bow windows, orangeries, conservatories, single doors and French doors - R7 has all the choices for the perfect home.

Your Home, Your Way Create an individual design statement for any home with a range of luxury colour finishes and hardware options, all have been carefully created, allowing you to replace the current windows and doors with a more efficient, secure and attractive system.

Easy-clean rebate

‘Through Colour’ Extrusion

Lock & Hinge Retention

Double or Triple Glazing

Up to 44mm Glazing

7 Chamber Design

Maintenance Free

14 finishes to choose from

Energy Rating (WER) of A+ and a U-value of 0.8W/ (m2.K) Passivhaus standard


Redefining Windows & Doors

R7 is here to inspire you on your journey to create the dream home. Beautifully flush inside and out, available in a range of maintenance free finishes and a variety of styles, it is versatile without complication. R7 outperforms many other systems with a sophisticated 7 chamber design and intelligent features. It’s the ideal solution for a wide range of properties, from modern new builds to city apartments and country cottages to semi-detached houses, with everything in between. Designed and made in Britain, we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with our network of highly experienced fabricators and installers who are all ready to assist you in the decision making process. So what are you waiting for? Your R7 journey starts here...

Get in Touch T: 01452 300912 E:


7 7


Online tool launched for homeowners, self-builders and small developers. Build Build Build is an all-new e-learning solution for people looking to extend or convert their homes or who are starting on a self-build, small developer journey.

17 Build Build Build is an online, educational concept developed specifically for homeowners and small developers who want to undertake their own building project; an extension to their home, a garden office, develop a part of their land or a plot they want to buy. Delivered via a series of online modules, each lesson will help people navigate their way through the entire build process. From the planning and design stage, through to building and sign-off. The twelve easy to understand modules are delivered online via video tutorials and can be purchased as a complete course, module packs or individual modules. Students can also sign up via an annual subscription method. There is professional advice on each subject in easy-to-understand, manageable portions. Each module is written by established industry professionals, who are true experts in their fields. Founder, Duncan Gunn, Gunn Associates said: “Build Build Build has been developed to help anyone

who wants to learn about housing development; whether it be for their own house, in their garden, or on another piece of land. It allows you to ‘own’ your project, improve your lifestyle and create a legacy. The modules will cover the ever-shifting policies and laws around construction and save you hundreds of Google searches! Perfect for the novice developer to help them make the right decisions about their build project. The modules signpost you to speak with the right people at the right time, and help you get the best out of your team. Whether you are talking to a builder or an architect, it will help you understand how the whole build process works.” Build Build Build has partnered with a number of industry professionals who have contributed to the modules. In addition to the online course modules and packs, purchasers and subscribers will be given access to a closed Facebook community group, bonus ‘masterclasses’ and a various supporting course content documents. |

18 Heating & Ventilation

Rinnai to Create Hydrogen Information Hub For Consultants, Specifiers, End-Users Rinnai, manufacturers of hot water heating units and delivery systems for all commercial sites, is to create a comprehensive information hub dedicated to the subject of Hydrogen as a low-carbon energy for the future.

Heating & Ventilation 19 The Rinnai Hydrogen Information Hub will be aimed at building services consultants, engineers, specifiers and end-users. It will be online and include webinars plus all requested digital or onsite meetings. “Rinnai welcomes the UK government’s recent ‘Ten Point Plan’, in particular the drive to decarbonisation through the use of Hydrogen. Heating emissions are a huge issue and Hydrogen is one answer to the Energy Trilemma, as we have stated several times,” says Rinnai’s Chris Goggin who is also a board member of the ICOM Energy Association. Hydrogen in the domestic setting is seeing up to £500 million government funding on trials for homes using hydrogen, starting with a Hydrogen Neighbourhood in 2023, moving to a Hydrogen Village by 2025, with an aim for a Hydrogen Town – equivalent to tens of thousands of homes – before the end of the decade. Of this funding, £240 million will be for hydrogen production facilities.

Rinnai has made data and information contributions and had close consultations with the lead research agency primed with advising the UK Government. The UK, along with many other countries, faces an Energy Trilemma - the pressing need for de-carbonisation, which means a shift in energy pathways; security and longevity of supply; long term affordability to the industrial and end-consumer. This country’s housing stock is over 24 million units and the UK had a total energy consumption increase by 1.1 per cent in 2018 to reach 143 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe), the highest level since 2013. Says Chris Goggin for Rinnai, “All questions and queries on the growing consensus on the suitability of Hydrogen as the replacement for all fossil-fuels will be answered by the Hub. Zero Carbon cannot be achieved via Zero Information on the strategies needed to achieve the goal”. “Hydrogen can make a major contribution to decarbonising the UK energy grid, whilst also providing a sustainable answer to the political and societal questions of the Energy Trilemma,” says Chris Goggin. The distribution of Hydrogen creates a resolution to the Trilemma questions and the very necessary decarbonisation of the UK energy grid. Hydrogen can be potentially combusted through existing ‘in situ’ appliances, complete with smart controls and cost-effective hardware & software upgrades as demonstrated by proprietary technology in hot water heating units.

Many countries in Europe and Asia are using the postpandemic economic regeneration plans to instigate plans to switch to hydrogen as the main fuel source for housing, industry and transport. France has recently announced a €7 billion package to build a carbon-free hydrogen industry and Germany has allocated €9 billion. In the summer the European Commission stated it wanted to increase its production capacity of electrolysers from 250MW today to 40GW in 2030. Similar strategies have been released by the UK, Australia, and Asian countries. These moves are clear trends to massive public investments in the sector. Hydrogen is already ‘cost competitive’ in niche applications, according to recent research, with the forecast that it is likely to at least price-match industrial-scale alternatives in less than a decade. Rinnai is a true global player in the manufacture of domestic and commercial appliances and operates in almost 50 countries. Rinnai is the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous flow hot water systems - it makes and sells 2 million units each year. The range of units can be manifolded to supply, limitless hot water to any site of any size. This means fast, efficient, temperature-controlled water on demand at the point of delivery – kitchens, showers, accommodation blocks, bathrooms, washrooms - and less space spent on plant rooms with no or little maintenance as all units are proven to be robust with a long, long working life. Call 01928 531 870 or email or alternatively use the smart online contact points “Help Me Choose” or “Ask Us a Question”, all held on the website homepage at

20 Heating & Ventilation

PANASONIC WELCOMES THE EXTENSION TO THE GREEN HOMES GRANT TO 2022 In a surprise announcement this week, the UK government has announced an extension to the Green Homes Grant. The grant will now run until March 2022, this bridges the gap to the Clean Heat Grant and aligns with the end of the RHI timeframes. The move was welcomed by Panasonic as Tony Lathey, UK Pre Sales Manager for Heat Pumps at Panasonic said: “We are delighted that the government is showing commitment to the green agenda, offering homeowners very real incentives to switch to renewable energy technologies. We are fully behind the new green 10-point plans for the Prime Minister’s ‘Green Industrial Revolution’. We have seen strong interest in our air source heat pumps for heating and hot water provision but extending the grant programme will ensure that more homeowners can access funding for their home energy improvement schemes and we anticipate this will greatly assist the market.” The extension to the Green Homes Grant to March 2022 is most welcome and will bridge the gap to the Clean Heat Grant and aligns with the end of the RHI timeframes. The extension is in addition to a range of measures being taken. As well as helping to reduce carbon emissions, this will help safeguard and create many new jobs and career opportunities in the sector to further boost the economy and at the same time help achieve the net zero targets for a more sustainable future. Throughout this time, Panasonic is running a Cashback promotion to incentivise both installers and homeowners by offering cashback of up to £600* to homeowners and £800* to installers on their Aquarea heat pumps installations (*terms and conditions apply).

manufacturers, such as Panasonic, stepping up and increasing available training. This additional financial support will enable more homeowners to take advantage of the scheme to March 2022.

To help accelerate the plan, the government also announced that the potential ban on gas boilers in new homes has been brought forward to 2023[1], two years earlier than originally planned. Furthermore, the new 10-point Green Plan aims to deploy 600,000 energy efficient heat pumps to be installed in UK homes by 2028. Further investment has been pledged to encourage energy efficiency and cost savings for hospitals and schools by 2030 and stepped up thereafter to help meet the net zero targets of 2050 and further job creation.

Homeowners are able to apply for the Green Homes vouchers for installations from September 2020 with the work carried out via installers being a ‘TrustMark’[3] Registered Business and having MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme)[4] Accreditation covering the technology being installed, which will give households more confidence in their home improvement investments.

Speaking on 17 November, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Although this year has taken a very different path to the one we expected, I haven’t lost sight of our ambitious plans to level up across the country. My Ten Point Plan will create, support and protect hundreds of thousands of green jobs, whilst making strides towards net zero by 2050.” Green Homes Grant The Green Homes Grant came into effect in September 2020 and was due to end on 31 March 2021. It has come under much scrutiny from those within the industry, as it soon became evident that there is a need for more qualified accredited installers to carry out heat pump installations for UK homeowners. This is despite

The Green Homes Grant scheme allows UK residents to be able to claim two-thirds of the cost of energy efficient home improvements up to a maximum value of £5,000 in the form of a voucher (with those on a low income who are owner occupiers and in receipt of income-based or disability benefits, getting 100% subsidy up to a maximum government contribution of £10,000)[2]. This grant includes the installation of domestic air source heat pumps as well as other energy-saving technologies.

Looking to the future, as the road to recovery begins, manufacturers, such as Panasonic, are stepping up to the challenge to meet the net zero emission targets by 2050. For example, Panasonic is increasing its offering of sustainable energy solutions as well as increasing online training availability for installers by offering specific and accredited training courses to help installers become more efficient and knowledgeable in correctly installing air-towater heat pumps. Panasonic’s Aquarea range of air-to-water heat pumps is among the widest on the market, with systems available to suit all sizes of property and capacity requirements. For more information on Panasonic Air Source heat pumps or current training, please visit

No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by our DSR Smart Technology which enables you to select different Heaters and mix and match them as a Hybrid Heating System for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours.

Hybrid Heating for the modern home Available for Android & Apple devices

Free APP

Control your heating anywhere and anytime

Adjust each room temperature separately

Geolocation Feature

Monitor electricity consumption.

Call us on

01698 820533


Ultimate Luxury Within Listed Buildings The Bruno Court Project By Havwoods

When this beautiful Bauhausdesigned listed building was in need of a wood floor solution that would enhance its original features and contemporary décor - the Neutro Block from Havwoods’ Italian Collection was specified to provide the perfect fit. The stunning 2-bedroom flat required a complete redesign with complex layout changes and brand new flooring throughout, with a design brief to create a stylish and welcoming home, and a wood floor that would complement the clean lines and modern fixtures. Parquet floor was specified for almost all areas of the flat, to meet the client’s needs for a hardwearing, long-lasting floor with a strong, timeless appeal. Furthermore, the floor also needed


to be low maintenance and highly durable in order to accommodate the homeowners’ dog. As the client was specifically looking for herringbone blocks in long planks, Havwoods’ Neutro Block from the Italian Collection was the ideal solution. Not only highly durable, the warm oak tone of the wood works perfectly as a backdrop for the contemporary art and furnishings owned by the client. With the help of Havwoods - the end result is an elegant, modern flat with stunning details throughout to match the building’s luxury listed status. +44(0)1524 737000

24 Bathrooms & Washrooms

Voyage by VitrA leads the way in the bathroom transformation Bathroom design is evolving, and VitrA’s expansive Voyage collection points us towards the look and feel of tomorrow. Gone are the days when the bathroom was a practical affair, a room only to dash in and out of. In recent years the space’s functionality has melded with tactile materials, sensuous shapes and considered use of colour as it moves further and further from existing purely for cleanliness, to somewhere to enjoy, retreat to, and luxuriate in. The design of the bathroom and the objects within it have adapted accordingly, in a trend that first saw freestanding baths take on ever more experimental shapes, and slowly trickled through into furniture, brassware and ceramics. As things get increasingly progressive, leading the way is Voyage by VitrA, a 130-piece range by renown Israeli creative Arik Levy, characterised by flowing, sculptural sanitaryware and adaptable wooden storage. ‘VitrA’s Voyage collection breaks bathroom boundaries with its unique interpretation of ceramicware, and forward-thinking approach to space

saving and flexibility’ says Graeme Borchard, Managing Director at ‘The range is a glimpse into the future, showing us that contemporary spaces will be imaginative, impactful and approached differently to today.’

Serene ceramics The collection clearly plays into the bathroom’s new role as a room for relaxation. Sanitaryware is modern and elegant, circular or oval basins merged with roundcornered rectangular trays, which invoke a deeply calming feel, thanks to the smoothness of the shapes and the clear craft involved in combining the forms. These pieces speak of poetry, artistry and a soothing softness.

Wet or dry? In a further challenge to the bathroom norm, Voyage basins blur the

boundaries of the wet and the dry, with the tray surrounding the bowl creating a mid-point between the two and initiating a new dialogue between countertop and bowl. Will this extra area be used for product storage, to catch water, or in ways we are yet to discover?

Total flexibility Voyage is entirely wall hung, an innovation which makes it incredibly versatile and entirely customisable to specific spaces and needs. Storage focuses on simple timber boxes – inspired by the time designer Arik Levy spent living in Japan – units and wall panels that can be placed horizontally or vertically, in five natural tones including light and dark oak as well as white, grey and forest green. Signalling a change in bathroom design, Voyage works in rooms big and small, crucially embracing individual needs and preferences, and inviting the user on a journey to build their own personal space to unwind in.

Geberit grows its offering with two newly-named Collections - Select and Aspire Geberit has extended its offering to housebuilders and developers following the launch of two newly named bathroom collections. The announcement marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Geberit in the UK. The new Geberit Select Collection offers developers more choice across the mid-market and, with 11 ranges, the new collection embodies the very essence of Geberit - opening up a host of functional, affordable and on-trend design solutions including slim-rim basins, new furniture options, space-saving concealed cisterns and wall-hung technology. The collection includes several ranges that were formerly branded as Twyford, including the popular Twyford E100 and E200, which will be rebranding as the Selnova bathroom series and will now incorporate a variety of different designs including Selnova Square S for a modern bathroom aesthetic. Geberit has also introduced the Renova Plan washbasin and furniture range to the collection, which is available in a wide range of finishes and a handleless design. Alongside the Select Collection, the Aspire Collection is now the new

name for Geberit’s premium offering, formerly known as the Geberit Bathroom Collection. This exclusive collection includes well-known ranges such as Smyle Square, Acanto and iCon – as well as additional ones such as the innovative Geberit One range, which integrates behind-the-wall sanitary technology with stylish ceramics to maximise space and create additional storage. In addition to the new bathroom collections, Geberit will now focus its Twyford brand in the commercial sector, as it aims to build the brand with new range extensions in the affordable housing, health and education sectors. Mark Larden, Managing Director of Geberit, said: “Everything is changing at Geberit. Whether you’re new to the Geberit brand or an existing partner, we’re continuing to optimise and evolve our products and services. That’s

because we understand the importance of meeting the ever-changing business requirements across our sectors. “With the introduction of these new collections, we’re opening up a wider range of choice for housebuilders and developers across the mid-premium and basic-mid bathroom segments. These exciting changes mean that they can optimise their offering and help sustain buyer demand with a host of added-value specification packages and upgrades. “With all of this said, in many ways, nothing is changing. Our Twyford Alcona and Option ranges are here to stay as we continue to build the Twyford brand across the commercial sector. We also remain dedicated to working with developers to provide the same great service they have come to expect from Geberit, including planning and design, logistics and availability as well as end-customer and technical support.” Mark added: “From wellbeing and design to technology, hygiene and sustainability, we’re setting the standards in a new era of bathroom design.” For more information visit

26 Bathrooms & Washrooms

Mirrored Cabinets from KEUCO Don’t be left in the dark – let the Royal Modular 2.0 light the way Introducing the Royal Modular 2.0 from KEUCO; a stylish modern cabinet that combines state-ofthe-art technology, such as intelligent LED lighting with adaptable storage and modern design elements. SIZE DOES MATTER There’s a saying ‘one size fits all’ but in the case of the Royal Modular 2.0 it’s one cabinet to fit all sizes. With widths of 500mm now through to 2100mm, options of two heights and two depths, recessed or wall mounted and the option to be with or without illumination this cabinet can be designed to fit any bathroom wall and match any size of washbasin. SUBSTANCE MEETS STYLE Because the Royal Modular 2.0 is available in so many versions it does not mean it falls behind in any aspect of design or technology. Intelligent LED lighting is integrated horizontally at the top and bottom of each cabinet. The lights are easily adjusted to provide a brighter daylight white light when needed, for example when shaving or applying make-up. A softer gentle warm yellow shade is available for other times of the day; whatever

time and which ever shade of white is selected the lighting produced is both shadow and glare free. The cabinet has mirrors on both sides of the doors, the shelves within the interior of the cabinet are made with tinted glass, whilst the rear of the cabinet is white glass. This makes it easy to see the contents and clean the inside.

Personalisation is one of the key elements of the Royal Modular 2.0. It easy to alter to suit a persons needs as the interior shelves can be easily adjusted to cater for the heights of different bottles and jars. In addition the soft close doors can be adapted to close as slowly or as quickly as needed. ITS ALL IN THE DETAIL Specific practical design elements which have been added to the Royal Modular 2.0 cabinets. A magnifying cosmetic mirror has been added, this can be attached to the interior shelves, the doors or an external surface. Magnetic strips on the interior ensure that smaller beauty items are stored safely and are easy to find. Secure power sockets and usb ports are safely hidden within the body of the cabinet, enablling you to charge your mobile even in the bathroom Full details on the Royal Modular 2.0 from KEUCO are available on their website:

Bathrooms & Washrooms 27

Atlantis is a fully waterproof shower wall surface and core, produced from high pressure laminates and a proven waterproof core. The uniform structure of the core, the smooth surface and the new gluing system make Atlantis the ultimate panelling system for showers, bathrooms and wet room applications. Atlantis wet wall panels are available in a range of 14 decors. All panels are manufactured and stocked in the UK.


A Façade Fit for a Warrior Neolith® brings its A game to Chase Center A well-planned arena offers so much to a community beyond access to sporting events

It also serves as a music venue, supports local vendors and artists, creates jobs, provides social spaces and draws in tourists in turn supporting local businesses. So, when the Golden State Warriors looked to move to San Francisco from their previous home venue in Oakland, ensuring smooth integration within the Mission Bay locale was a top priority. While the team was based in San Francisco for a brief stint in the

1960s, the city they were returning to was much changed. Mission Bay is a modern neighborhood, characterized by large, hard-edged buildings the size of city blocks, creating a dense urban environment.

deep orange tones with plenty of embodied personality. To suit the project’s specific needs, Neolith customized the pattern, providing three variants in addition to the standard slab.

When David Manica, lead designer and architect at Manica Architecture, was brought on the project, the brief from the city and the Warriors was clear: the building needed to be sympathetic to and in contrast with the area. It had to be simultaneously futuristic and timeless in its aesthetic. Crucially, the client also wanted a 360° design with no back entrance or rear façade. This way, the arena would feel inviting from every angle.

He explained, “I’m very happy with our decision. It looks wonderful from different distances. From far away, you catch the warmth and texture of the stone panels, then, as you approach them, it gets even more interesting as you see more detail and how crisp the joints are.”

Material world

David continued, “When we went to the factory, I was so impressed with the material’s durability. If it’s spraypainted, it’s easily cleaned. If you take a screwdriver to it, it’s virtually impossible to damage or scratch. It was everything I wanted it to be, with the added benefit of being really beautiful to look at.”

The base of the building would be especially visible to the public, so it was important for it to be not only warm and pleasing to the eye, but also able to withstand impact and potential vandalism. The client was adamantly against using concrete, so David went in search of a different material and found Neolith®. With the help of distributing partner, Evolv Surfaces, patinated Iron Corten was specified around much of the Chase Center’s base, boasting bold,

David visited the Neolith factory in Castellón to find out more about its qualities and how it’s manufactured.

Along with the use of PURETi, a special, photocatalytic treatment, the Neolith slabs break down greenhouse gases into harmless substances which can be easily and safely removed, contributing to the building’s overall


sustainability credentials. The façade is cladded in 15,500 square feet of Neolith. With the special finish, this is equivalent to taking over 1,400 fossil fueled cars off the road, or planting 360 trees. Alongside these client’s requirements, David wanted the new venue to be appropriate for its waterfront situation. This is what drove his search for particular materials which would reflect the nautical history of the bay. A good example of this is to be found in the arena’s white metal cladding, reminiscent of the clean, modern lines of sails. With an all-encompassing design, it’s as if the building is spiraling in the same wind that powers boats on the water. In contrast, the building’s interiors are specified in a much warmer palette. By incorporating Neolith Iron Corten, David was able to hint at what lies within, creating the illusion of the white exterior peeling away in places by including soffits and cladding in darker colors. What goes around While materials were selected to be sympathetic to the area’s architecture, it was also important for the design to provide some

contrast to Mission Bay’s linear, blocky aesthetic. David and his team opted for a round building, as opposed to the predominantly cuboid nature of the neighborhood’s buildings. By employing seamless curves throughout the large venue, they were able to soften some of the locality’s rigid aesthetic. Complementing this, Manica Architecture worked carefully with the city and the Warriors to ensure the surrounding space was subtle and inviting as well. Public walkways and plazas around the arena are open all year round, an asset for the local community. For such a large project, David found working with city planners a valuable resource. Weekly meetings with city officials and the site owners provided insight into everyone’s desires for the end product simultaneously. By finding common ground between them, David was able to push the project forward successfully. He commented, “The real highlight is seeing the client happy on opening day or at the first game, hearing the crowd roar, getting excited about the building as a whole. It’s really why I do what I do, being part of history in the making.”

Speaking on both the work carried out by Manica Architecture and Evolv’s involvement, James Amendola, Neolith’s VP of North America, said, “We are thrilled to have been selected for what can only really be described as a landmark project, and to have worked with such a talented and much sought-after design firm. We also continue to be impressed by our distributing partner, Evolv, without whom Neolith’s inclusion in this project would not have been possible. They truly went above and beyond to provide all the necessary material and ensure the process was a smooth one, and we are thankful for their assistance throughout.” Mar Esteve Cortes, Chief Marketing Officer at Neolith, added, “As soon as the stadium re-opens, we know that the Golden State Warriors and all of its fans will have their time to shine and celebrate many victories in this beautiful arena. Chase Center serves as a symbol of perseverance, happiness and comradery, and we are both honoured and proud to have been a part of its rebirth.” Evolv Surfaces, previously located in San Francisco, opened its new showroom on Berk 825 Potter St., Berkeley, CA 94710 this month.


Alongside Eco Green Roofs’ green roof offering we also design, supply, install and maintain:

Blue roof system solutions that can attenuate and store rainwater for environmental needs.

S a g g

Solar panel to utilise available roof space to generate electricity and support green initiatives.

GREY TO GREEN Green roofs are an important part of a sustainable future helping address environmental pressures. Eco Green Roofs Ltd helps clients across the UK make an impact with the provision of a bespoke sustainable solution. Providing a complete end-to-end service; from design and supply to installation, maintenance and after care. Optimising the roofs on buildings as opportunities, Eco Green Roofs create sustainable ecological environments whilst delivering the benefits of a sustainable green roof across the commercial, education, healthcare and housing sectors. Major development proposals should contribute to the greening of London by including urban greening as a fundamental element of site and building design, and by incorporating... green roofs and nature based sustainable drainage. - London Plan Draft 2019 Included within the design service, the following can be incorporated: •

Ecology Reports

Landscape Design

Rainwater Harvesting

Permanent and Temporary Irrigation Systems

Biodiversity Net Gain Calculations

Biodiversity Net Gain Monitoring

Contact us: T: 01277 355705 E: W:

32 Roofing & Cladding

Trade makes the bond with new illbruck SP045 launch Tradespeople can access the renowned benefits of illbruck adhesives with the launch of SP045, which offers the industry a versatile product with value in mind. Balancing cost and quality factors, SP045 multi adhesive is suitable for everyday interiors, across short or long-term installations, where a quick and strong bond is required. SP045 can also be used as an assembly aid for heavyweight fixing. Combining strength and flexibility, in an easy and controlled application, users are left with an immediate, positive first impression, with the product offering a good initial tack, while the adhesive is curing. This secure initial fix reduces the need for mechanical fixing or additional support during the curing process. A full bond then quickly occurs, with adhesive strength maintained after curing. With a primer-less adhesion on a broad range of construction materials, typical applications include the fixing and mounting of interior wall panels and coverings, skirting board, decorative edge, picture rails, door and floor trim, ceramic tiles and carpet grippers. Alistair Inglis, Sales Director for Construction Products Group (CPG) UK’s Sealing, Bonding &

Insulation division – which includes the illbruck brand - said: “SP045 represents an exciting development in our product range, offering the trade a fast and clean adhesive, which represents great value. “Sustainability is also assured, with SP045 supplied in a foil pack, meaning no empty tubes to landfill – while the low VOC, low odour formulation, free of isocyanate and solvent, improves safety in application and reduces health risks.” Offering sealing and bonding products for windows, façades, interiors and exteriors, llbruck is one of CPG’s portfolio of leading construction product brands, which also include Tremco, Flowcrete, Vandex and Dryvit, as well as Nullifire. These high-performance building materials - including roofing and waterproofing solutions, as well as sealing, bonding, insulation, flooring and fire protection systems – together offer a single source for specifiers and contractors. And it’s not just about products. All CPG customers have access to enhanced resources, including technical support from industry experts, new product development opportunities and access to pioneering technologies. Full training, including CPDs, application training (both practical and theory) and on-site support such as surveys, complete the service package. More details at product/sp045-multi-adhesive-3/


Flooded vets need lift replacement Valley Vets, based in Gwaelod y Garth in South Wales is a state-of-the-art, hightech facility providing animal care with ten consulting rooms and six operating theatres, plus hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and two x-ray suites.

They already had an existing platform lift, but during the recent heavy rainfall, unfortunately the building flooded, leaving the lift unit under 3 feet of water. After a visit from the insurers, the loss adjusters agreed to have the existing platform lift removed and replaced with the Optimum 100s from Ability Lifts. Travelling between two floors, and with a lifting capacity of 410 kilogrammes, the Optimum 100s was a perfect fit. As well as a compact footprint, and being self contained, the lift has a one touch call button on each landing and a generous standard platform size of 1100mm wide x 1480mm deep. The removal and disposal of the old lift was completed on Monday, whilst installation of the new lift was completed within just one and half days and handed over fully completed on Thursday of the same week to a very happy client. Please contact the Ability Lifts team on 0845 006 8803 or email for further information on the Optimum 100s and the other products in the Optimum range of lifts.

Platform Lifts Here at Ability Lifts, we offer solutions for many different access requirements, from platform lifts and stair platform lifts, to external lifts, access lifts and much more. We aim to offer top quality service and highly competitive prices. All of our access lifts are in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42/EC, EN8141 and Part M, and we’re happy to advise you with any questions you may have about access requirements. The Optimum 100s - Our best selling enclosed Platform Lift ◌

410kg / 5 persons capacity

Standard platform size of 1100mm wide X 1480mm long

Landing doors 900mm wide X 2000mm high (Alternative special size are available)

Hidden door closers

One touch call button on each landing

Please call us for a chat, we have a range of platform lifts to suit your requirements.

Tel: 0845 006 8803 Email: Web:

36 External Works & Landscaping

Learn about Living Walls for interior and exterior specification in our Living Wall CPD, delivered by Webinar Do you want to inject the power of plants into your projects? Book in a living wall CPD for your team with Scotscape Smartscape to learn about the Fytotextile living wall system covering specification, design, installation and maintenance of vertical gardens. Perfect for both interior and exterior projects, living walls bring proven benefits to the environment, supporting biodiversity action plans, biophilic design principles and health and well-being in the urban landscape and working environment. Delivered by Webinar Live to multiple locations this is the perfect CPD to continue your professional development. Fytotextile Living Wall can be specified on the NBS BIM Platform Find Fytotextile Living Wall on the NBS BIM Platform for quick and easy digital specification as you design projects. To book your Living Walls CPD for your team email cpd.

External Works & Landscaping 37


Changing the face of facades: Millboard launches ground-breaking cladding collection A major new range from the award-winning company This week, Millboard has launched a suite of cutting-edge cladding materials that will cement the company’s reputation as one of Britain’s leading home and garden material manufacturers. In its thirteen-year history, Millboard has continually broken new ground, notably for its flagship UV, split, rot and slip-resistant decking product that has been used in builds as prestigious as the Burj Al Arab, Kew Gardens and Wimbledon. The new range of cladding takes its cue from the first-rate attributes of the decking range. Available in two styles (‘V Groove’ and ‘Board and Batten’) and a wide range of colours, it provides the same assurance of UV resistance and eliminates the risk of warping, twisting or rotting. And just like the decking range, the cladding has been hand-moulded from carefully selected natural timbers, to provide an unmistakably organic look. From the smooth finish of the V Groove to the pleasing grain variance

of the Board and Batten style, there’s a Millboard cladding style for every property type. A year in development, this product is perfectly designed to stand the test of time and to require minimal maintenance. In fact, the distinctive chamfered cut of the profiles enables the rain to wash the boards, dramatically reducing the need for manual cleaning. The boards are made from a polyurethane-mineral composite that boasts greater eco credentials than rainforest-depleting timber. The unique properties of this enduring material mean that you’ll never suffer from streak marks around window seals, be disappointed by dramatic colour changes, or have to maintain it with expensive and time-consuming treatments. The extra-wide sizing of the boards means that the cladding can be mounted quickly, providing a lightning-fast renovation of the exterior of a property, and the boards can also be used internally, for feature walls and dividers. Additionally, the

cladding can be mounted vertically or horizontally to suit the tastes of the architect or homeowner. As well as providing an instant refresh to a property, the boards can also help homeowners to achieve a better energy rating. As it is made from polyurethane foam, Millboard cladding has good insulation properties and protects against extreme heat or extreme cold. With a growing domestic focus on thermal efficiency, cladding can help to sell your property, or to achieve the energy rating you need to rent it out. Some homeowners have struggled with building regulations for putting bigger windows in, but with the insulation provided by cladding, it can often be possible to design bigger apertures into the building. The team at Millboard are excited about their latest development, and the launch of the new cladding range represents a significant milestone for the company. The new cladding collection marks Millboard’s expansion into a broader range of high-calibre home and garden products. Millboard Cladding was officially launched November 2020. For more information about the product range, visit Millboard’s website or contact the team today on 02476439943 or

40 InsideOut and Gold Property Developments win Best Sustainable Development at this year’s WhatHouse Awards Hello Sam, hope you are safe and well please see our Press Release below about our latest win for our Passivhaus scheme that’s currently on site. Let me know if you would like to talk this over. InsideOut and Gold Property Developments won a gold award for Best Sustainable Development at the 2020 WhatHouse Awards, for its Fairbrook Grove – A Passivhaus Woodland Community, a 14 unit Passivhaus Scheme in Kent. The landscape-led Passivhaus development which is due for completion in early 2021, was praised by the judges for its commitment to creating outstanding, sustainable dwellings “This development by Gold Property Developments is exemplary for a number of reasons. The developer and its architect, InsideOut has put in the effort where it matters most, the basic fabric of the building, which, when completed, will meet the exemplary Passivhaus standard. In addition, the design of the homes is of the highest quality, and a lot of consideration has gone into the typologies to ensure that they are appealing to customers, without having a large negative impact on the planet.”


A development with landscape and community at its core, InsideOut designed Fairbrook Grove in such a way that all properties open up into a communal central woodland - a place for children to play and a community to thrive. Speaking about the award, Gold Property Developments Managing Director, Philip Todd said “Winning Gold for THE BEST SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT category in the What House Award’s is an enormous achievement that we are extremely proud of.

“Especially as the future of sustainable housing is something that we are all very passionate about! It has been a privilege to be involved with Inside Out Architects and their incredible design for the 14 Passivhaus’ at Faversham. The homes are built with natural materials, are incredibly energy efficient, south facing and are perfect for those families yearning to be in touch with nature. It has been a pleasure to work alongside our main contractors

Southmill Ltd who have used highquality craftsmanship to transform this landscape led, sustainably designed development into a reality. – A peaceful and safe environment for family life. After the enormous amount of hard work put in by both Gold Property Developments and the wider project team we are honoured to have received such a prestigious accolade and would like to thank What House for their recognition of our scheme.”

Putting the correct HSE measures in place to protect workers from harmful silica dust and airborne viruses By James Miller, Director at Dustcontrol UK

Inspectors have also been checking businesses are doing all they can to protect workers from the risk of Coronavirus by making workplaces Covid-19 secure. According to the HSE, there are approximately 500 silica dust-related deaths every year1, with construction workers having a two to three times greater chance of contracting chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema. It is not just strenuous on-site activities such as chipping, cutting, drilling or grinding that can cause fine dusts to become airborne either, as simple tasks involving sweeping or the pouring of powders can send Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) particles into the air and subsequently into the airways and lungs of workers. The HSE provides advice2 on how to manage the problem of RCS on-site.

With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) having launched a month-long inspection on construction throughout October 2020, contractors up and down the country have been urged to have the correct measures in place to protect workers from harmful silica dust and asbestos. An example of this is CIS693, which outlines how to limit and capture dusts via on-tool dust extraction. This is effectively a ‘local exhaust ventilation system’, or ‘LEV’, that is fitted directly on to the tool, comprising a captor hood (also known as a shroud or suction casing), fitted hose and a vacuum extraction unit. Source extraction is the most efficient method of dust prevention. The 3 main classes of industrial extraction units are L, M and H but the HSE recommends using M (Medium) as the minimum class or H (High) Class when working with construction dusts, particularly to tackle silica and wood dusts. H Class extraction filters dust to a higher degree with a filter leakage of less than 0.005%, which makes it more effective at targeting respirable dusts with carcinogenic properties. What’s more, H Class machines that are specifically developed for the construction market help prevent tools from clogging up and therefore provide power tools with greater longevity and work efficiency. Due to

the high specification of containment on such machines, accidental dust leakage from internal filter bags is also significantly reduced. As well as using on-tool extraction, background air cleaners can be used as a complimentary method to combat ambient dust issues. Standalone units with HEPA-13 filters, for instance, can circulate clean air back into a room used for dustcreating activities, providing even greater extraction efficiency. Air cleaners can also be used to combat airborne viruses such as Covid-19, which can be transmitted through droplets when a person coughs, sneezes or even talks, thanks to breathing in air that contains coronavirus particles. Scientists have also found that particles can live in the atmosphere for up to three hours, being easily inhaled into the lungs by those in proximity to someone infected. It is important, therefore, that the air on construction sites is clean and free of any airborne particles

to help limit the spread of infection. Our powerful HEPA-13 filtered air cleaners have been tested to capture at least 99.95% between 0.15 to 0.3 micrometres. The industrial-strength DC AirCube range comprises of mobile, quiet-running, single-phase, continuous rated motors that have been specifically built to reduce the risk of respiratory problems by filtering air of harmful particles. Furthermore, to relieve the HEPA-13 filter, the AirCubes are also equipped with a simpler pre-filter (class G3) to capture larger particles. By creating a negative pressure environment onsite, where in a well-sealed, segregated room used for dust creating activities, for example, air is HEPA-13 filtered, then exhausted outside by using a portable HEPA-13 filtered air cleaner. This process significantly limits the spread of particles back into other areas of the building. At Dustcontrol UK Ltd we strive for best practice and higher than minimum standards but it is important that hire companies do not feel that dust prevention and virus limitation are minefields. We offer free advice on how to manage dust in construction environments on our website4, as well as providing access to information on how to create Covid-19 secure environments5, such

as the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s Technical Report March 2020. Whether or not companies engage with us for guidance, the important thing is that for the sake of workers’ long-term health, steps are taken to create safe and healthy working environments. The severity of the potential consequences of not doing so, cannot be understated.

James Miller is the Director of Dustcontrol UK Ltd. He has a wealth of experience in helping businesses control and prevent the spread of dust in the manufacturing, engineering, food processing, construction and demolition industries, through providing dust extraction solutions and centralised vacuum systems to fit client requirements.

References 1 2 3 4 5 of-SARS_CoV_2-virus-Options-for-cleaning2020-03-26_0.pdf

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The NEW FlexiWork Neon Jackets and Fleeces NEW Neon Jackets and Fleeces from Snickers Workwear for the flexible working environment - delivering visibly superior comfort and freedom of movement.

While Fabric, Functionality and Fit are hallmarks of Snickers Workwear, it’s the innovation and fabric technology in the design of the new FlexiWork Neon Fleece Hoodie, Jacket and Gilet that really set these new garments apart. They’re great for working outdoors in the colder months. Delivering superior flexibility and comfort, these lightweight 4-way stretch garments come in a bodymapping design and are made from an Elastane/Polyester fabric with a water-and windrepellent finish for comfort and durability when you need it most. As well as being street-smart and visibly striking with Neon panels and reflective details for enhanced visibility they’re designed for the fast-paced professional who’s always on the go and delivering top class work on site. For professionals who rely on their gear in demanding environments, they’re a must for those who want to be visibly ahead of the rest on site this winter. For more information on Snickers Workwear call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788, email, or checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at

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Siemens scores £100,000 saving through Speedy digital hire service

Construction equipment hire and services provider Speedy, has partnered with Siemens to slash the leading engineering company’s hire costs with the help of a new app. The MySpeedy digital service has saved the business £100,000 since it was launched in November 2018. The programme allows the company’s employees to manage on-hire equipment individually, while enabling them to off-hire products - the process of returning assets back to a provider – at the click of a button. This removes the need for Siemens employees to call Speedy to arrange collection of equipment and eliminates the risk of products being held beyond their hire-period, enabling the company - which typically has 2,000 items on hire at any one time in the UK - to make significant savings. Its average hire days have reduced from an average of 175 days down to 30 days since it began using the app. The new digital service is used by more than 80 users at Siemens nationwide, including buyers, site managers and other site personnel from across its Mobility, Power and Gas and Wind Power divisions.

The savings come as research conducted by Speedy found that nine in ten people working in construction agree that app-based technologies will become more commonplace for solving businesses’ hiring needs as younger generations enter the workforce. The hire provider is the core supplier of plant, tools and generators to Siemens across the UK. Gordon Foster, Account Director at Speedy said: “Our customers sit at the heart of everything we do and we’re continually looking at new ways to ensure they can access the right equipment to successfully deliver their projects. “We’re seeing our MySpeedy app make a real difference for Siemens by giving their employees a quick and simple service to on and off-hire products, but also to maintain compliance by providing them access to product certifications and transactions in one place through their mobile device.

“We look forward to working with other areas of the business to help more Siemens employees feel the benefits of using a fully digital hire service.” Paul Duncombe Commodity Manager at Siemens, said: “Speedy has been our hire partner for five years and the business has always focused on introducing new services, which have transformed how we can hire the products and equipment we need. The new app has added significant value for us, giving our people a simpler and more flexible solution and helping us deliver new efficiencies.” Speedy provides construction products including power generators, lifting equipment, lighting, tools and more. The hire company recently rolled out a four-hour delivery promise, Capital Commitment, to its customers UK wide. For more information on the MySpeedy app, visit: about-myspeedy




High performance safety eyewear always on hand

EVO®VISTA™ is a next generation feature-rich safety helmet based on JSP’s proven Evolution® head protection technology. The helmet incorporates a fully retractable optical class 1 faceshield or overspec. Easy to deploy, adjust and maintain, ensuring protection is on hand whenever it is required.

Individual wearers prescription eyewear compatible Safety cell protects wearer from ricocheting debris SAFETY CELL

The safety cell concept prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and impacting the scalp.

Conforms to EN397 & EN166




UV 2C-1.2





EN50365 ELECTRICAL INSULATION AC 1000V or DC 1500V Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050

KM 579403 BS EN 397

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50 Year old product makes dramatic comeback to help beat the virus When the Melaphone Speech Unit was

the UK have had these screens installed with

at British Rail stations, nobody could have

screens are individually made and every

predicted that half a century later it would

component is of the highest quality, giving a

suddenly be in such high demand.

clean, sleek and professional appearance in any

considerable success and approval. The

health-care environment. The current Corona Virus Pandemic had created an urgent need for all protective

The Melaphone is still available as a stand-

equipment – both for personal use and in the

alone unit for installation into walls, glass or

working environment. This is the reason the

plastic screens, windows or doors. I can easily

Melaphone has come into its own again. Its unique design, with its resonating membrane

requires no special skill to install. The range

and air-sealed constructions, make it the

has been expanded to meet the growing

ideal device to install in any situation where

demand for the units. In addition to the original

face-to-face communication occurs. It not only

brushed aluminium model there is a stainless

offers protection from air-borne viruses and

steel model, a white powder-coated aluminium model and the newest and highly successful Himacs acrylic-resin model, which is at a very

through a screen. Its protective credentials

popular price. is very easy to keep clean and safe with an antiseptic wipe.

All of these models are available from stock and can be purchased from Melaphone VisAudio.

and designers for use in hospitals, laboratories and cleanrooms or anywhere hygiene is of

The Melaphone has now been built into the

paramount importance. It is a simple but

new Defender Virus Screens produced by the

Even after 50 years, we’re proud to still be

really ingenious invention which requires no

company and numerous doctors’ surgeries,

able to say ‘MADE IN THE UK’ at our London

servicing, wiring or electrical supply. And it

medical centres, clinics and pharmacies in

production facility.




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