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Zenith solid-core laminate, 100% Waterproof, no templating required. Shown here with undermount sink and drainer grooves – all produced on site! See pages 12 & 13

Esh Group launches group-wide brand refresh to mark 20th anniversary - p8

Lift-Off With A Stiltz Homelift at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show - p22

Centor® looks to expand its UK operation - p31

Let the Experts Take Care of your Let the Experts TakeProblems Care of your Domestic Domestic Waste Water Waste Water Problems

When it comes to off mains sewage many people can be blown away by all the information and differing products internet, Google “domestic sewage plant” andthe the consumer regulations?? Whatisabout the When it available comes toon offthe mains sewage many people can betreatment blown away Environment agency?? Etc. but be bombarded by plants of all shapes and sizes . by all the information and differing products available on the internet,

assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you Google “domestic sewage treatment plant” the consumer is products on the This is why dealing with a specialist What can go into and the plant? backed up by proper havemarket the right solution designed manufacturer, installer servicerof of all shapes What happens to the good old- fashioned customer service - (dial bombarded byand plants and sizes . waste? around your requirements. You straight through speak ourmanufacturer, specialists, no treatment plants like We Build It Ltd can give Do I need planning permission? dealand direct withtothe the consumer piece of mind and Do I need to inform the or architect wants to knowautomated service or queuing buying a with over 25 yearssystem) waste water his is why dealing with a confidence soak away has failed. is that they arespecialist getting the right information, the Environment agency? the product will work withsewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, experience, 24-7-365 days of the manufacturer, the right solution and the right system. long will it last? plant isyear best for my situation?? What are installer and servicer of We often getHow asked; minimum effort from themwhich during DOES IT SMELL!!!!!????? the life of the plant. the regulations?? What about the Environment treatment plants like We Build It We It Ltdthe areconsumer based in the heart ofHow somedoes it work? What does it agency?? Etc.For butthe beself-builder assured we the will right be with LtdBuild can give piece of most outstanding All of these questions can We be answered We straight you every step of the way, making suretoyou treatment plant is simple install of Shropshire’s mind and confidence they arecountryside. cost? Build It Ltdbyoffer As one ofthe theright UK’s largest manufacturersDoes of it use electric? Build It experts who knowforward, their products havefor the rightproviding solution they designed have around taken the getting information, easy toinside follow advice domestic plants, we And focushow much? out; ask a middle man withyour no knowledge of your requirements. You dealadvice, direct with the manufacturers be aware the right sewage solutiontreatment and the right sewage treatment needs. on high quality, affordable products. All of the industry, product or process these questions manufacturer,some withplants over 25 years waste water need complete system. Do I have to maintain it? All of our sewage treatment our sewage treatment plants are based How on do I install andit? the customer is often plants baffledcome by terms experience, 24-7-365 of the yearcan add concretedays backfill which with easy to follow the extended aeration do they really need manuals, as to install costs, a well-constructed We successful Build It Ltdand are simple based in the How big is it?such as BOD, COD, NH4, but installation and service method. We can manufacture, knowit? this? All the homeowner, builder or For the self-builder the right plant plant such as thetreatment BioPure can beis heart of some ofdesign, Shropshire’s most install Do I need to to empty well as free telephone assistance to install providing taken the and service sewage treatment plant singlecan goarchitect that the product backfilled withthey peahave gravel. into the wants plant?to know isby specialist installers. We simple can also outstanding countryside. As one of forWhat manufacturers advice, be aware some plants houses, developments, rural willto work the minimum effort from them installations the UK’ssmall largest manufacturers of industrial What happens the with waste? offer full or assisted units, campsites, hotels,plants, offices, barn during the life of the very competitive rates. We need complete concrete backfill whichnot can add Consider whole life costs, domestic sewagepubs, treatment Do I need planning permission? conversions applications. install costs, a well-constructed plant such as just the cost of the treatment we focus on and highcommercial quality, affordable Do Our I need to inform the pride ourselves on offeringtothe We Build It Ltd offer straight forward, easy to the BioPure can be factor backfilled with costs, pea gravel. products besewage used after an existing plant, in install products.can All also of our Environment agency? best GRP products on the market follow advice for your sewage treatment needs. septic tankplants to enable the effluent power consumption, servicing, treatment are based on theto be How long will it last? backed up by proper good oldConsider whole life costs, not just the cost discharged directly to aextended water causeway,DOES if your consumable spare parts, product successful and simple IT SMELL!!!!!????? fashioned customer service - (dial All of our sewage treatment plants come of the treatment plant, factor in install costs, existing soak away has failed. life cycle (guarantee) and emptying aeration method. We can design, straight to our with easy to follow installation andthrough service and speakpower consumption, servicing, consumable charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 manufacture, install and service All of these questions can be as free telephone specialists, no automated service manuals, as well assistance spare parts, product life cycle (guarantee) and We often get asked; year guarantee on the treatment sewage treatment plant for single answered by by Wespecialist Build It experts or queuing system) buying a installers. We can also offer full or emptying charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 year plant and 2 Years on the air pump. houses, small developments, products inside at very sewage treatment plant can be How does it work? What doesrural it cost? who know their assisted installations competitive rates. guarantee on the treatment plant and 2 Years on industrial campsites, pubs, out; ask a middle man with no quite daunting, which plant is Does it useunits, electric? We pride ourselves on offering the best GRP the air pump. hotels, offices, barn conversions knowledge of the industry, product best for my situation?? What are And how much? and commercial applications. Our or process these questions and Do I have to maintain it? We can design, install and service sewage treatment plant for products can also the customer is often baffled by manufacture, How do I install it?be used after an We can design, manufacture, install and service sewage single houses, small developments, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, existing septic tank to enable the terms such as BOD, COD, NH4, How big is it? treatment plant for single houses, small developments, effluent toto beempty discharged need tobarn knowconversions and commercial applications. Do I need it? directly to but do they reallyoffices, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, a water causeway, if your existing this? All the homeowner, builder


barn conversions and commercial applications.

The solution sewage system The Bio-Pure Bio-PureSimple Simple solution sewage system Any plant up to 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to Any plant upthis to gives 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to EN12566-3, the consumer confidence they are getting the right EN12566-3,plant this for gives theapplication, consumer confidence getting the right treatment their but always they ask toare see the certificate treatment plantas forthese theircan application, but always see the and test results be manipulated andask nottoshow the certificate true and test results these can be manipulated and not show the true outcome of the as test. outcome of the test. Model

Bio-Pure 1

Bio-Pure 2

Bio-Pure 3

Sizing the plant for a single house is simple its number of bedrooms plus Sizing plantbedroom for a single house number of bedrooms plus two, sothe a three house is ais5simple personitstreatment plant, for multiple two, so a three is a 5 plant person treatment for multiple dwellings usingbedroom the samehouse treatment speak to the plant, manufacturer for dwellings the same plantrange speakare to in theincrements manufacturer the correctusing size unit, mosttreatment manufactures 1-5, for 1-7, the unit, most (See manufactures areRight). in increments 1-5, 1-7, 5-13correct etc. upsize to 50 person. Our Rangerange To The 5-13 etc. up to 50 person. (See Our Range To The Right).

Bio-Pure 4

Bio-Pure 5

Bio-Pure 6

Bio-Pure 7

Bio-Pure 8

Bio-Pure 9

Bio-Pure 10




No. of persons

1 to 5

1 to 7

5 to 13

10 to 16

14 to 22

20 to 27

25 to 32

30 to 36

35 to 42

40 to 55

Max. average daily flow

750 ltr

1050 ltr

1800 ltr

2400 ltr

3300 ltr

4050 ltr

4800 ltr

5400 ltr

6000 ltr

8250 ltr

Max. BOD/day

300 g

420 g

780 g

960 g

1320 g

1620 g

1820 g

2160 g

2520 g

3300 g

In ground depth

2.25 m

2.25 m

2.44 m

2.74 m

2.74 m

2.98 m

2.98 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.98

Outside Diameter

1.85 m

1.85 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.55 m


2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.53

Inlet invert

570 mm

570 mm

700 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

820 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

Outlet invert

670 mm

670 mm

800 mm

800 mm

800 mm

920 mm

920 mm

900 mm

900 mm

1020 mm

Weight empty

125 kgs

125 kgs

200 kgs

230 kgs

230 kgs

350 kgs

350 kgs

460 kgs

460 kgs

800 kgs

Total Capacity

2270 ltr

2270 ltr

3000 ltr

3975 ltr

3975 ltr

5610 ltr

6000 ltr

7950 ltr

7950 ltr

11220 ltr

E Range

27 w

42 w

65 w

84 w

130 w

130 w

210 w

230 w

280 w

280 w

The treatment plant you choose should be around 95% efficient thus allowing long intervals before de-sludge is required. The waste water must be cleaned to a standard meeting the usual discharge level requirement. You must apply for either an exemption certificate or permit before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, watercourse or soakaway. Thethe treatment plant you choose As system breaks down and aerates the solids, the should be around 95% efficient items such as wipes, sanitary introduction of non-degradable thus allowing long intervals products etc. should be avoided at all times in any treatment beforeThis de-sludge required. The and increase the need to plant. will clogisup the system waste water must be cleaned to empty the unit, follow this instruction and typical emptying will a standard meeting be around 3-5 years,the it isusual also recommended no medicines, or discharge level requirement, you harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and must apply for either an exemption stagger washing throughout the week. certificate or permit, before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, Simple solution sewage watercourse or soakaway.

The FlowPath

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant

A BioPure Treatment Plant


We Build it hasbreaks developed range of package As the system downitsand sewage treatment plants utilising proven SAF aerates the solids, the introduction (submerged aerateditems filter)such technology for of non-degradable maximum performance andetc. reliability, need using to theempty the unit, follow this as wipes, sanitary products most reliable energy blowers should be avoided atefficient all timesaeration in instruction and typical emptying with a prolonged integral FlowPath to around 3-5 years, it is also any treatment plant, this will clog system will be maximise effluent up the system andquality. increase the recommended no medicines, or

harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and stagger washing throughout the week.

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant ABOVE A BioPure Treatment Plant LEFT

All our Flowpath treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British Simple Water Code of solution sewage system Practice for flows and loads, this range can be designed to meet your population and We Buildrequirements, it has developed consent our standard range its range of package can accommodate upsewage to 300 pe. This range treatment utilising of productsplants can be designed for larger scale proven SAF (submerged commercial applications aerated such as camping sites, filter) technology for maximum ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT FlowPath System • One service visit where all necessary leisure facilities, schools, hotels, offices and performance and reliability, using checks are carried out. This includes industrial applications. the most reliable energy efficient assessing the aeration pattern, sludge • The service agreement lasts for 12 aeration blowers with And a prolonged Maintenance, Spares Servicing levels and effluent quality. months and will also help you meet integral FlowPath system to your Environment Agency obligations maximise effluent quality. The consumer needs easy to follow advice for • All labour expenses for servicing and call regarding your Consent to Discharge. All our Flowpath treatment plants their sewage treatment needs especially when outs are covered so there are no hidden This includes keeping records of service, are designed in accordance servicing their plant, maintaining any sewage costs. de-sludging and maintenance work for a ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT with the British Code of A simple Schematic of a BioPure • Emergency breakdown coverminimum treatment plant,Water is a very important partneeds of especially when servicing of 5 years. Treatment Plant Practice for flows and loads, this • The cost of all serviceable parts will be free their plant, maintaining any for 12 months. If you have any ensuring the efficiency of the system and that BOTTOM LEFT A simple Schematic of a BioPure range can be to meet charge. rebuilding theyour air unit,Our sewage treatmentof plant, is a This very includesproblem with call Other us you adhere todesigned any operating and maintenance Treatment Plant Products include Mini SAF’s (for your population andservicing. consent pump, replacing the diaphragms alsoout and important part of ensuring the and we willand come fix it manual and annual offices and outbuildings up to 4 persons) requirements, our standard range the airand filters. efficiency of the system that free of charge. meet your Pump Stations you (standard and Environment bespoke) Septic canstrongly accommodate to 300 the pe. systemyou We advise up servicing on adhere to any operating and • One service visit where Tank all Conversion Agency regarding Units obligations (used as secondary Sludge out as required. This rangebasis of products an annual and thiscan will take on average maintenance• manual and return annualis carriednecessary checks are carried your Consent to Discharge. treatment for underperforming septic tanks) This is the removal of settled sludge fromassessing the be designed for larger scale It will also less than an hour to complete. help servicing. out. This includes This includes keeping records the outer scum ring back into the centre sludgeFor commercial such as you to meet applications your legal requirements with the aeration pattern, levels a full rangeof ofservice, our products and servicing de-sludging and be re digested treated camping sites,Agency. leisure facilities, Environment We strongly advisechamber servicingtothe andand effluent quality. visit maintenance work for a again. This helps to keep emptying schools, hotels, offices and system on an annual basis and • Allthe labour expenses for servicing or5 years. minimum of We Build Itapplications. Ltd Service Contracts periodless low. industrial this will take on average and call outs are covered so(01746 781782). call than an hour to complete. It will there are no hidden costs. Our Other Products include Emergency breakdown cover for 12 months. If you• to meet Emptying is NOT included theof all serviceable parts Maintanance, Spares And also help your legal • Theincost Mini SAF’s (for offices and you have any problem with your unit, call us and agreement as the Bio-Pure does not Servicing requirements with the Environment will be free of charge. This we will come out and fix it free of charge. require emptying for 3-5 years. rebuilding the air pump, outbuildings up to 4 persons) Agency. includes Pump Stations (standard and The consumer needs easy to follow replacing the diaphragms and advice for their sewage treatment bespoke) We Build It Ltd Service Contracts also the air filters. • Sludge return is carried out as Septic Tank Units Visit usConversion at required. This is the removal of (used as secondary treatment settled sludge from the outer for underperforming septic scum ring back into the centre tanks) chamber to be re digested and For a full range of our treated again. This helps to keep products and servicing visit the emptying period low. Stand Number atinthe NEC, Birmingham • Emptying is NOT included E217 the agreement as the Bio-Pure 28 - 31 MARCH 2019. does not require emptying for or call (01746 781782). 3-5 years. Stand Number - E217 • The service agreement lasts for 12 months and will also help

The FlowPath

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04 Industry News

Tolent to build first homes at £400m Leeds scheme Tolent has won the job to build the first prototype houses at Kirkstall Forge in Leeds, paving the way for the initial 112-homes at the £400m site. Led by CEG, Kirkstall Forge will see over 1,000 new homes and 400,000 sq ft of offices, retail, leisure and community spaces being developed.

Designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, the compact homes will be unusually spacious, with 3.6m high ceilings in living spaces.

The two prototype houses will be completed this summer and, once finished, members of CEG’s design team will move into the three and five-bed homes and test out the living experience.

The designs boast car parking below garden squares with pedestrianfriendly, tree-lined streets. Regional director for Tolent, John Currie, said: “With such a significant

and visionary project that is already winning awards, we’re looking forward to being a part of this legacy for Leeds as well as the innovative prototype housing which is something new for us.” James Shimwell, head of residential development at Kirkstall Forge, said: “This innovative way of delivering prototype housing follows the attention to detail we have paid to everything we are delivering at Kirkstall Forge.”

Hunt for £6bn Meridian Water phase 2 developer Enfield Council is seeking a development partner for the second housing phase of the £6bn Meridian Water project in North London. prioritising the benefits for local people in the Lee Valley. The council is procuring Meridian Two using the Greater London Authority’s Development Panel 2. In a matter of weeks, the council is expected to reveal the winning developer to deliver Meridian One – a 725 home scheme around the new station. The council took control of the 10,000-home scheme when Barratt pulled out of its development partnership over a year ago. Meridian Water will regenerate 85 hectares of land creating a new district in London with schools, health facilities, rail infrastructure and new open spaces. The next Meridian Two phase will see 200-250 affordable homes and workspace completed by 2022/23,

Galliford Try, L&Q, Peabody and Redrow are shortlisted to build the first homes at Willoughby Lane, alongside new public squares, shops and leisure facilities Enfield Council’s Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “Enfield Council has taken control of the Meridian Water development and the delivery of Meridian Two supports our vision of creating a truly mixed-use community for the capital.

“This latest announcement showcases the public sector at its pioneering best, we are speeding up the delivery of new homes and jobs at Meridian Water and we continuing to make good progress towards delivering this major £6bn, 20-year regeneration programme which will deliver thousands of homes and jobs to Enfield. “We want a development partner who shares our passion and who wants to help us deliver this world-class development.” The Meridian Two site is bounded by Leeside Road to the south, Ikea to the north, 1.5 miles north of Tottenham Hale and 4.2 miles to the south east of Enfield town centre. Meridian One, the first phase of Meridian Water, and the new Meridian Water station are located approximately 0.2 miles away.

Industry News 05

‘The World’s Most Sustainable Shed’ Office buildings have undergone a wellbeing revolution but the industrial sector has been slow to catch up. Baytree hopes to be ahead of the curve with its innovative new warehouse. Investing in all this is hoped to yield two results: talent retention and productivity. A happier, healthier workforce that enjoys the working environment will stay in their jobs longer and work better. Until now, workplace wellness had not crossed over into the industrial and logistics sector. But that could be set to change. A new speculatively built warehouse in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, includes a range of health-boosting amenities and is, its developer claims, the most sustainable shed in the world. The building has been developed by Baytree, a logistics and industrial development company launched by AXA Investment Managers’ Real Assets division in 2015, which focuses on the UK, French and German industrial markets. The land was owned by Central Bedfordshire Council, and Baytree agreed a deal to buy it at the end of 2017.

5,000 New Homes Delivered By Grosvenor Essex is due to see the arrival of 5,000 new homes delivered by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland. The property group announced plans to deliver a new distinctive community on a 1,160 acre site east of the city after securing a new partnership with landowner Hammonds Estates LLP. “This new partnership exemplifies our target model for our Strategic Land business. Working with Hammonds Estates LLP – as with our existing partners on our other schemes – we will focus both on delivering new homes at pace, and creating exceptional communities that create a positive legacy for residents and landowners alike,” commented Alex Robinson, Director of Development, Strategic Land, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland. “This requires a considered approach and a long-term view. “It means deploying capital patiently to unlock development through up-front investment in infrastructure and placemaking, as well as maintaining careful stewardship over the design and management of new communities as they grow,” he added.

The scheme will feature a mix of residential tenures set within a high-quality environment supported by amenities and community facilities such as education, leisure and health spaces. The masterplan seeks to enable social mobility and better life outcomes through high quality design, placemaking innovations and longterm stewardship. “Our vision is to establish a different model for development. Working with Grosvenor, we want to challenge and innovate – shaping a sustainable and inclusive new community which goes beyond just delivering new homes, but which offers inspiration and opportunities not available elsewhere for all sections of the community that live and work there,” said Matthew Lynwood, Development Manager at Hammonds Estates LLP.

06 Industry News

WAKEMANS COMPLETES £2.4MILLION TRAVELODGE SUPERROOMS UPGRADE National property and construction consultancy Wakemans has completed a £2.4million SuperRoom roll out programme for Travelodge, one of the UK’s largest budget hotel chains.

The Travelodge SuperRoom is the UK’s first premium economy room concept within the budget hotel sector. It is designed around the ‘premium economy’ concept familiar to airline users. It dials up the comfort factor for business and leisure customers who want the extra choice of a more premium room. Wakemans acted as project manager on the trial rooms, with responsibility for the procurement of the new amenities as well as fit-out, before overseeing the roll-out of SuperRooms in 48 Travelodge hotels around the UK. Nigel Himpson, Senior Associate Director at Wakemans, said: “SuperRooms are now available in some of the top locations around the country and offer an extra level of comfort to guests who opt for longer stays as well as those who choose to spend more time in the room.” A total of 296 SuperRooms have been incorporated into Travelodge’s existing city centre hotels.

Scott Rutherford, Travelodge, Technical Services Director said: “At Travelodge we are all about bringing great value and choice to the budget traveller. More and more business travellers are opting for a budget hotel and last year we generated more sales from business customers than those on holiday. Our new SuperRoom adds an extra choice for customers who are spending more time working in the room, are staying longer or who just value that little bit more comfort. Alongside our recently upgraded classic room, this is another important milestone on our journey to become the favourite hotel for value.” The stylish SuperRoom has everything that you would expect from Travelodge but with lots of new additional creature comforts. It has been styled in a modern residential décor scheme, creating a home from home feel. It features a new dream-light colour scheme which includes tones of calming blue, warm beige and tranquil taupe, as well as blackout curtains, creating a relaxing atmosphere for a restful night’s sleep.

The signature creature comforts in the SuperRoom include: • Lavazza ‘A Modo Mio’ fresh capsule coffee machine to kickstart your day • Hansgrohe Raindance 3-jet adjustable shower to leave you fully refreshed • Multiple power and USB charging points at arm’s length throughout • Relaxing ambient LED mood lighting • Comfy armchair to relax in • Larger desk area with a comfortable swivel chair • Luxurious king-size Travelodge Dreamer™ bed • Choice of firm and soft hypoallergenic pillows • Dressing stand with a powerful hairdryer • In-room iron and ironing board • Powerful hairdryer and full length mirror • Samsung Slimline wall-mounted flat screen TV • Hot chocolate and a KitKat for that extra treat when you need it

Industry News 07

11,500 Homes Will Arrive At Thamesmead Waterfront The Preferred Bidder to develop 11,500 homes at Thamesmead Waterfront in London is Lendlease.

The firm was selected by housing charity Peabody and it is subject to contracts being finalised. Lendlease will work alongside Peabody in a corporate joint venture to masterplan and deliver the mammoth scheme over the next 30 years. The details of the new Joint Venture (JV) vehicle will be finalised by Summer 2019. “As one of London’s largest areas of opportunity to develop new housing and to support business and employment

growth, Thamesmead can offer a fresh approach to living in London. Surrounded by water and outstanding wildlife, but within reach of the heart of the capital, we are excited at the opportunity to collaborate with Peabody, the local community and businesses, to bring new high-quality homes and workspaces to this exciting part of south-east London,” commented Dan Labbad, CEO at Lendlease, Europe. The 250-acre site is currently undeveloped and underpopulated, benefiting from 2.5 km of undeveloped river frontage, with an abundance of green space, open grassed and wooded areas, canals, two major lakes and an existing town centre. To transform the area, the scheme includes a new waterfront district of 11,500 new

homes, focused around a proposed new DLR station in the heart of the development. Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan instructed TfL in 2017 to carry out detailed work on a DLR crossing connecting east and south-east London. “We are pleased to have selected Lendlease as a development partner for Thamesmead Waterfront. Our shared vision is to create thousands of new homes by the Thames and drive the local economy through new jobs and commercial spaces. With a new DLR river connection complementing the Elizabeth Line on the other side of town, Thamesmead would be more connected to the city than ever before. This would unlock enormous potential and could be a real game-changer for this part of London,” added Peabody Chief Executive Brendan Sarsfield.

Schiedel expands its nationwide team Schiedel Chimney Systems is pleased to introduce its new Sales Manager for the South West and South Wales, Andrew Martin. With over 30 years’ experience in the plumbing and heating sector, most recently at Wilo, Andrew is a valuable addition to Schiedel’s growing team.

Andrew is responsible for sales and technical support for installers, distributors and retailers in both the commercial and domestic sectors, specialising in the residential market. He joins Colin Wood, recently employed to look after customers in the North, focusing on the newest addition to Schiedel’s commercial range, Ontop Metaloterm. Phil Lowe, Sales Director for Schiedel, said: “The Schiedel range has expanded this year thanks to our dual brand strategy with Ontop, allowing us to broaden our offering across domestic and commercial markets. To deliver the enhanced variety of products and look after an increasing customer base we need more reps nationwide. Andrew and Colin come with a wealth of experience, both great additions to the Schiedel team.”

Esh Group launches group-wide brand refresh to mark 20th anniversary Esh Group has unveiled a modernised logo and brand refresh to mark its 20th birthday. The modernisation of Esh’s brand is one part of a group-wide improvement programme which includes investment in new technology and a redesigned digital platform. This marks a key milestone for the construction leader, who provides contracting services to a wide range of private and public sector clients, as it continues to reinforce its market position in the North East and expand its operations in Yorkshire and The Humber.

shareholders, it was important we retained our heritage while creating a fresh new image that personifies our forward thinking, modern and dynamic Group.” Andy Radcliffe, Esh Group’s CEO, said: “We continue to enjoy a healthy financial position and have a clear vision for the future. This signals our desire to simplify our business and make it more understandable, allowing us to better connect with our clients, local supply chains and communities as we grow.”

This is the first time Esh has undergone a wholesale brand refresh, in which the Group has ‘rationalised its business brands’, ‘showcased its full range of construction services’ and ‘reinforced its strong social values’.

While simplifying the Group’s structure, Esh Construction’s Property Services division has been renamed ‘Esh Living’ aligning with Esh Civils, Build and Facilities brands. These plans will be rolled out gradually across Esh’s sites, livery and content during 2019.

Darush Dodds, Esh Group’s Head of Corporate Affairs, said: “As custodians of a family business with over 150 staff

You can find out more about Esh Group and its construction operations at


1st Folding Sliding Doors, a GGF registered bespoke glazing company, based in West London. We offer a full service from sliding doors, bi-fold doors, front doors, windows & frameless glazing.

LONDON SHOWROOMS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

10 Editor’s Choice Sand & Birch Luxury Design is an Italian design studio specialised in luxury design. Other than providing design service, we also have our own collection of luxury furniture, wine cellars and accessories. We care for not only the quality and functionality, but also the aesthetic value, which is the core of our every design. One of our most well-known designs, Velvet Sofa, is a good demonstration of the above statement. The story of Velvet Sofa is like this: There is a velvet ribbon, soft and delicate. It winds up elegantly into a coil, and slowly…slowly…it decided to settle on the ground, steadily, turn into the beautiful Velvet Sofa. Other than furniture, Sand & Birch also transform their luxury wine cellars into an art piece. Every cellar is unique and has its own ‘personality’. It is designated to give wine lovers a luxury enjoyment as an art piece, as a cellar. x

Opale Perhaps it is more like a piece of jewellery to the place it is settled in than what it is defined for its high practical performance as climatized wine cellar. As there is a precious black stone carefully crafted into an ellipse by artisans, yet audaciously set in a white and smooth base, standing on its foothold elegantly with a quite magnificence it is hard to hide. Such aesthetic revel from Opale is indeed justifiable to explain why it is occasionally forgotten for what its function is. The practical performance of Opale also tells an unexpected story: the touch/remote control autodoor of Opale is exclusively built in insulating glass, which ensures different levels of thermal and light insulation. The technological advancement behind the door is a fully self-operated regulation function of Opale, which manages both the temperature and humidity specifically for red, white and sparkling wines, guarantees the preservations with different requirements. Regency Regency distinguishes itself for its sober and rigorous style, still, like the other wine cellars in the Luxury Wine Cellars Collection by Sand & Birch Luxury Design, it gives a great aesthetic impact with its mighty personality. Regency can store up to 120 bottles and is manufactured with high-quality materials—maple, solid oak, stainless steel—to serve as a high performing climatized wine cellar to ensure the preservation of the stored wines. Sand & Birch will continue to create genuine luxury objects, as the art of life.






Building in Style with Solid-Core Worktops Housebuilders are increasingly specifying solid-core laminate kitchen worktops to provide the statement looks and performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional solid surfaces like marbles, granites and timbers Nick Jones, Head of UK Sales, for leading worktop manufacturer Wilsonart UK says, “Zenith has pioneered thin solid-core laminates in the UK. Launched back in 2016 the brand growth has been exponential with growth now starting to come through housebuilders, kitchen furniture manufacturers and OEM worktop providers identifying with the genuine USPs the product offers.” Wilsonart UK is expert in the business of surfaces, as a wholly owned UK division, of Wilsonart USA, this allows the company to supply worktops in a variety of ways including enabling housebuilders that want to create their own product range. Alternatively, Wilsonart works with component distributors nationwide, many of which are specifically geared to provide the stock and delivery service that building, and first-fix trades require.

Creating an Own Brand Wilsonart offers a comprehensive worktop service with valuable insight, experience, innovation and manufacturing breadth from multiple sites in the UK. “Zenith is the result of decades of experience and listening,” explains Nick. “We have an immense back catalogue of experience in all sectors, we invest heavily in research and design, market trend predictions and enjoy a unique global viewpoint that allows us to forecast and invest in a timely and inventive way. We understand the stock management and call -off services that multi-site housebuilders demand to ensure their fitting teams are working efficiently.”

Zenith by Any Other Name Zenith is 100% solid laminate, that means there is no wood in the core; it is 100% waterproof. It’s adaptable and easy to handle on site so can be cut as required for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and WCs with no need for off-site templating.


Available in three realistic textures mirroring either concrete, granite or wood, Wilsonart Zenith offers a compelling range of eleven decor options. Curves, thick-and-thin surface combinations and co-ordinating splashbacks are easy to create and can be installed at the same time as kitchen or bathroom units. Zenith has its décor on both sides, perfect for creating slab ends and co-ordinated bespoke open shelves. In a kitchen, an under-mount sink with drainer grooves that reveal the stunning black core are practical and easy to create. Zenith can be installed with standard tooling and is available in a choice of 3-metre lengths of worktops, breakfast bars, upstands, and splashbacks as well as a 950mm curved module. It is also squared edged, self-supporting and requires no edging.

A Complete Worktop Service

well as upstands and matching shelving. Nick explains “Décor and texture finishes are objective and differ from county to county. What is cutting edge and highly sought after in London, is often completely different in Edinburgh. Equally, depending on types of dwelling or renovations individual decors can differ from plot to plot. Flexibility, adaptability and attention to detail are vital to our customer care promise.” Comprehensive training is available online and onsite in County Durham and via a new video at Wilsonart Zenith Installation Training. Wilsonart also welcomes enquiries, questions and technical suggestions via Twitter #wilsonartquestionhour every Thursday at 3.00pm, when a specialist customer service team is on hand to answer every query immediately.

Wilsonart can offer a complete service from designs and manufacture, guidance on contemporary decors, and advice for the planning of slab ends, contrasting splashbacks, as


Preparing your garden for Spring As the winter weather starts to subside, it is time to get your garden ready for the start of the new season. Spring is the best time of year to get your garden ready for the summer months, and garden specialists have put together some handy tips to help you get the most out of your garden this spring.

General Garden Maintenance General garden maintenance is one of the first tasks you should tackle during the spring; this includes tidying up, weeding and cleaning. During the winter months debris such as fallen leaves and braches are common place, and clearing this can make a huge difference to neaten up the look of your garden and give you a clean base to work with moving forward. Weeds can become a nuisance, especially during late winter and early spring, and it is important that you remove them quickly so that they do not steal nutrients and space from your plants, especially ones that are not established yet. Pull the weeds out from the roots to ensure that they don’t grow back.

Cleaning patios and decking is a great way of brightening up your garden while preventing moss and algae build which can make surfaces slippery. You can usually clean your patio and decking areas with warm soapy water and a hard bristle brush, but for those stubborn stains you may want to use a patio cleaner and a pressure washer for best results.

15 Cleaning doesn’t stop at your patio and decking areas though. Cleaning garden fixtures and fittings such as fences, sheds and garden furniture all add up to create a stunning garden. This is also the time to fix any issues such as broken slats or rotten wood and to stain or paint them for protection and so that you can enjoy them straight area when the warmer weather comes.

Picking Your Plants Most gardeners have different preferences when it comes to the plants and flowers they like, but the main factor to consider is what types of plants are best for the type of soil you have, the climate and available sunlight. Choosing native plants will ensure that they grow easily and will complement you landscape better. Some popular plants and flowers include lavender, which produces vibrant purple flowers and is a great source of nectar for bees and butterflies, Pansy’s which are ideal for hanging baskets and daffodils, which are the quintessential symbol of spring. Spring is also a good time to rejuvenate your soil by applying some mulch to feed the soil.

Looking after the lawn After the winter months, the lawn can be fragile so care must be taken to keep it healthy. Make sure that your lawn mower is well maintained and the blades are sharp; this will make sure that the cut is clean and ensures less bruising to the grass making it look better. Cut the grass on a higher setting than usual for the first couple of times to help strengthen the grass before lowering it to your preferred height.

Don’t forget about your vegetables With everything else going on in the garden, it can be easy to overlook your vegetables, but this is one of the most important times of the year for vegetable growers. Peas, onions, garlic and tomatoes can all be sown during spring, and if the weather is good enough you can sow salad leaves and radishes to produce an array of tasty vegetables through the summer. The cooler, wetter weather of spring is also the perfect time to grow lettuce, and there are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from. They may need some protection if planted in early spring, but many varieties can be harvested more than once during the season.

01 Section Name

Signbox, the award-winning signage pioneer, has transformed a complex neon bar code wall art concept into a show-stopping LED illumination installation at One Bartholomew, an iconic new Grade A office building in Barts Square in the City of London. Commissioned to deliver a CAT A signage project by architect, Sheppard Robson, on behalf of contractor, Mace Group, Signbox went on to devise a compelling solution for the architect’s ambitious bar code scheme that would create an exhilarating visual impact within the building’s vast, doubleheight reception space.

owned by property investor, Helical plc. Its ground floor is now dominated by the remarkable installation that spells out the building’s name in bar code and the commanding presence of its unique neon composition has led to a remarkable transformation for users and visitors of this cutting-edge space.

One Bartholomew is a 12-storey, 221,000 sq.ft office building with stunning views over Barts Square, St Pauls and the City skyline and is

This was, however, to prove a demanding project, as Greg Bailey, Senior Project Manager at Signbox, revealed.

‘Creating a solution that would articulate the architect’s vision was not without its difficulties,’ he explained. ‘The complex cabling and environmental factors had initially seemed insurmountable but, after much collaboration and feasibility research, our team devised a solution that would enable us to interpret and execute the scheme to achieve the desired impact. ‘The project was not without its physical challenges either – the installation was huge, weighing in at almost a metric tonne and measuring 15,000 x 3,000mm overall. Maintaining the physical integrity of the unit along with the elaborate lighting and cable systems that would support it, meant we had to come up with a highly imaginative approach to both the manufacture and delivery of this project.’

Section Name 01

Signbox raises the bar code with a show-stopping LED illumination installation at One Bartholomew The installation is suspended in front of a mechanically fixed stone wall cladding system and recessed lighting troughs were required to render the intricate LED cabling invisible. The lighting raft was also a substantial size – it was manufactured in aluminium in five, three-metre sections so it could be transported to the new building ready for assembly on site. The face elements of the bar code were fabricated from a specialist Perspex

that would optimise the installation’s colour performance and impede any potential LED hotspots, while 3M translucent vinyls ensured the precise colour gradients could be achieved and present this ingeniously branded signage exercise to best effect. Indeed, such has been the impact of the installation on this City space, it has fast-become a referenced landmark for visitors to One

Bartholomew, and also to those in its immediate vicinity where the illuminated bar code is projected across the interior space – and out onto the streets outside.

For more information about this project, please read the case study.

01 Section Name

Section Name 01

Finding Land in the Midlands: Discover How to Snap it Up at the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show 28-31 March 2019, The NEC, Birmingham Recent reports from Plotfinder, the UK’s land and renovation finding service, reveal a 31 per cent year on year increase in the number of people looking for a plot in the Midlands. At this year’s National Homebuilding & Renovating Show, returning to the NEC, Birmingham from 28-31 March 2019, people interested in finding, assessing and buying the right plot for their project will be assisted for the first time by masterclasses from the Land Hub, a new self-build stage in association with Plotfinder and Potton’s Self Build Academy.

Homebuilding & Renovating Show Preview 21 The show, sponsored by Hörmann, a leading manufacturer of garage doors, and Spectrum, Europe’s market leader in premium glazing, will also welcome for the first time Sian Astley, lady builder and project manager for BBC2’s ‘Your Home Made Perfect.’ She will tackle topics ranging from fresh design ideas, cost-effective styling, and mixing traditional style with a contemporary edge, to underfloor heating and insulation, based on her vast knowledge garnered over 22 years. Providing a wealth of industry knowledge from more than 500 exhibitors and 16 free daily seminars and masterclasses, the event is a premium showcase of cutting-edge products and services by specialist companies from a wide variety of industries including kitchens; bathrooms; doors and windows; extensions and conversions; eco and heating; architecture; design; financial services; planning permissions and many more. People can also interact with real case studies to find out the most common obstacles they might face during their self-build and renovation process. The Advice Centre, a drop-in clinic for personalised, impartial guidance, is open to people who are keen to run ideas past industry leading specialists with years of experience in their fields. This section will see the return of the Ask the Builder area, where members of the Federation of Master Builders will offer tips to visitors on hiring accredited, highly skilled construction workers. Visitors interested in finding out more about the design, planning and construction process are encouraged to visit the Ask the Architect area, where chartered specialists from RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) will provide tailored advice via one-on-one sessions. For personalised tips on all aspects of self-build and renovation, the Ask the Expert zone will offer 15-minute consultations via interactive sessions with the UK’s leading property experts. Visitors will be able to discuss their ideas, plans or problems with property experts Michael Holmes and Jason Orme; construction expert Peter Richardson and Mike Cruickshank; finance expert Tom McSherry; building experts David Hilton and Bob Branscombe; builder Andy Stevens; home renovator Jo Dyson and planning expert Sally Tagg. To assist visitors in the pre-construction phase, Oakwrights Design Consultation and The Potton Lounge will be offering bespoke consultations with members of their skilled design teams across the four days. Attendees who are interested in these sessions can pre-book their entry in advance via the event’s website. All attendees can navigate their way on site with the help of the show app, available on iPhone and Android. They will be able to schedule and receive alerts for key seminars and masterclasses, browse through the list of professionals available at the Advice Centre, and access the latest offers and information.

Standard tickets are £12 in advance or £18 on the door (children under 16 go free). For further information visit or call the ticket hotline on 0844 854 0503 (calls cost 7p per minute plus network extras).

22 Homebuilding & Renovating Show Preview Visitors attending the Homebuilding & Renovating Show will get the opportunity to see one of the newest innovations to hit the home improvement market in years.

Lift-Off with a Stiltz Homelift at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show Domestic lifts specialist Stiltz Homelifts will be exhibiting its new range of elegant and contemporary through-the-floor homelifts at the event which is being held at the NEC in Birmingham from March 28-31. The Homebuilding & Renovating Show is the ‘go-to’ event for more than 25,000 visitors interested in self-build, renovation and home extensions. The annual event will host masterclasses on everything from finding the perfect selfbuild plot to achieving planning permission and adding value to your home as well as featuring hundreds of exhibitors providing inspiration and advice on every aspect of building and renovating homes. Visitors considering adding a homelift to their house project will have the chance to get up close and personal with a Stiltz Homelift by ‘riding’ the lift themselves. The Stiltz is a unique domestic lift which has been designed specifically for the home. It provides a versatile, contemporary and cost-effective solution to moving between the floors of their home.

These compact homelifts take up very little space and can often be installed in a single day. They are surprisingly affordable and are an elegant alternative to an old-fashioned stairlift. The Stiltz is available in a range of sizes to suit any home or lifestyle. The lifts are quiet, safe, easyto-use and plug directly into a domestic socket with no load bearing walls or hydraulics required. The Stiltz Homelift travels on self-supporting vertical rails and uses less power than it takes to boil a kettle. Yola Mealing, Head of Marketing at Stiltz Homelifts, said: “We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show as it gives visitors a great opportunity

Home Building & Renovating Show Preview 23

to step inside the Stiltz Homelift and go up and down in it and, feel the difference it could make to their lives. “Our range of lifts offer unrivalled flexibility in terms of placement in the home and can installed in a corner space, within the space of a cupboard, in the turn of a staircase, or take centre stage in the room. The options are almost limitless. “This means the Stiltz can be easily inserted into any self-build, renovation or home extension project if plans are already underway or the homelift can become the focal point that the building work revolves around. “The Stiltz Homelift is a fantastic alternative to the boxy through-floor lifts of old as well as old-fashioned stairlifts. We’re all also finding that

some of our customers are deciding to add a homelift to future-proof their home against any eventuality later on life. Others are choosing a Stiltz as a liftstyle option which provides them with a stylish way of moving between floors. “Stiltz Homelifts are the fastest homelift brand in the industry and that is because more and more people are discovering how a Stiltz can give them the freedom, flexibility and independence they deserve.” The company will be exhibiting both the two-person Stiltz Duo+ Homelift and wheelchair-accessible Stiltz Trio+ Homelift on Stand K120.


Advanced Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Installation of its 100th Panel on London The 100th fire alarm control panel, from global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of intelligent fire systems, Advanced, has been installed on the London Underground. The UK-based manufacturer is celebrating its 20th year in business with more than 60 Tube stations now protected by its industry-leading fire systems. First beginning operation in 1863, the London Underground transports five million commuters to 270 stations across the capital each day, serving over a billion passengers a year. The most complex installations are on the Jubilee line, where Stratford has six networked MxPro panels and Waterloo Tube station has five, while the deepest installation is at Hampstead, over 30 metres below ground level.

The complexity of the systems differs from station to station, but all are fully integrated with sprinkler systems and have a device to monitor the escalators, a location of particular importance in terms of fire safety. Many also have a repeater panel, which allows the fire system to be controlled and monitored from multiple locations within the station. Approved to EN54 parts 2, 4 and 13, MxPro 5 panels can be used in single loop, single panel format or easily configured into high speed, 200 panel networks covering huge areas and tens of thousands of field devices. Advanced’s legendary ease of installation and configuration and wide peripheral range mean that MxPro is customisable to almost any


application and it can be found in challenging and prestigious sites around the world.

With Underground

Amanda Hope, UK Business Development Manager for Advanced, commented: “We have worked closely with the London Underground team to specify the optimum installation for each station. The training and ongoing support that we provide means it is simpler to train staff on each system, and any technical queries can be dealt with rapidly by our remote team.” As Advanced moves into its 20th year the fire systems manufacturer has established itself in its new, state-of-the-art, 48,000 sq ft base in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The move is essential to satisfy increasing UK and international demand from customers for its life safety products - with turnover increasing past the £20million mark in 2018.

Advanced’s MxPro fire systems support two new technologies, the TouchControl touchscreen repeater and AlarmCalm complete false alarm management system. TouchControl is a 10” HD touchscreen that offers dynamic reporting and control via a unique interface that includes Active Maps and zone plans. AlarmCalm uses Advanced’s fast hardware, updated config software and optional loop verification devices to deliver a system that allows the false alarm strategy for any building to be quickly and easily programmed and managed, increasing safety and reducing false alarms. Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. The legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use of its products sees Advanced specified in locations all over the world, from single panel installations to large multisite networks. Advanced’s products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control, fire paging and false alarm management systems. More details can be found on the website at


Retirement everything Profile 22’s Optima windows were chosen for the refurbishment of two tower blocks and the construction of a new low rise apartment block to create 224 one- and two-bedroom independent living apartments in Nottingham. Longstanding Profile 22 Approved Window Contractor Select Windows is an awardwinning family-owned company based in Walsall in the West Midlands. As a Category A subcontractor with Willmott Dixon the company was invited to tender for a contract to fabricate and install windows and doors as part of an £11m project commissioned by Nottingham City Homes. The contract required the fabrication of windows and doors for 224 one- and two-bedroom independent living apartments. The installation work consisted of two elements. The first was the replacement of windows on two tower blocks – Winchester Court and Woodthorpe Court – that have been part of the Nottingham skyline for decades as part of a wider refurbishment project that also included full external wall rendering and internal upgrades to the heating system. The second was the installation of new windows and doors on a low rise apartment building being constructed on the same site as the tower blocks as part of the project. Select Windows won the tender. Work commenced in January 2018 and was completed in July 2018.

Optima windows deliver the results needed The project was part of Nottingham City Homes’ Building a Better Nottingham programme, which is designed to transform people’s lives across the city by providing energy efficient homes that can dramatically reduce fuel bills for residents. As such, Profile 22’s Optima system fitted the bill perfectly. It is an awardwinning 70mm system that delivers cost-effective thermal efficiency thanks to features such as a 6-chambered outerframe and 5-chambered sash and unique innovations such as additional centre seals.

Doors, Windows & Architural Hardware 27

village benefits from Optima has to offer Alongside Optima windows, Select Windows also used PatioMaster sliding patio doors, another product from the Epwin Group’s portfolio, on Winchester Court and Woodthorpe Court.

A complex installation to a tight budget and timescale The project was a demanding one in terms of complexity and timescale, which meant exceptional project management and all the expertise of Select Windows and main contractor Willmott Dixon was required. Gary explained: “The tight timescale meant we were swiftly mobilised and needed to work hand-in-hand with Willmott Dixon to ensure everything ran smoothly. All the flats were fitted from mast climbers and because the apertures were full height we had to follow an extremely strict safety protocol which was designed and implemented by Willmott Dixon.”

The result Gary is delighted with the results of the work and says the feedback has been extremely positive too: “We have been told there have been some exceedingly positive tenant responses and our personnel received numerous compliments about their professionalism and consideration. Our thanks must also go to Willmott Dixon because our element of this contract could not have been completed so successfully without their excellent management and support.” The end result has transformed the Nottingham skyline and created high quality independent living apartments. Nick Murphy, chief executive of Nottingham City Homes, said: “The transformation of the tower blocks in Sherwood will offer huge benefits to our existing tenants and to many more older residents in the future.”1 For more information on the Profile 22 Optima Range, please visit or call 01952 290910.


28 Doors, Windows & Architural Hardware

Nether Cowieswells by HYVE Architects announced as the Winner of the 2018 VELUX Roof Window Award Nether Cowieswells in Crawton, Aberdeenshire – designed by HYVE Architects – has been named the winner of the 2018 VELUX Roof Window Award. Judged by a panel of some of the UK’s leading architects, this exciting competition sought to reward inventive and modern designs that use VELUX roof window products. HYVE Architects will receive £2,000 in prize money and a VELUX curved glass rooflight to use in their next project. HYVE Architects’ beautiful bothy conversion in Crawton was the unanimous favourite of this year’s judging panel. Using VELUX roof windows in the original structure’s gable, HYVE Architects were able to achieve maximum light deep into the converted space.         

Jane Duncan, former president of the RIBA, said Nether Cowieswells is the, “Most simple and elegant of remodeling projects which subtly introduces the wonderful local light through VELUX roof windows to enhance the clarity of the spaces.” In addition, we would also like to make special mention of three other exceptional entries that really stood out in an impressive field of 130 entries: Spring Cottage by Covell Mathews Architects was singled out by Nick Moss, president of the Manchester Society of Architects. He said, “Set into the landscape, the mono-pitched house utilises VELUX roof windows as its defining feature to create a fabulous double height space that maximises views over the panoramic landscape and sea beyond.” The Steading, another entry by winners HYVE architects,

prompted Jane Duncan to say, “This is a very slick and crisp space, which uses light from VELUX roof windows to give depth and texture to create a wonderful and playful family space.” While Phil O’Dwyer, co-founder of OMI Architects, gave special mention to 48 Milverton Road by T2 Architects. He described it as, “A great use of innovation and an example of how VELUX roof windows can change the dynamic of a room and bring light into a space where it is most needed.” The 2018 VELUX Roof Window Award attracted entries from across the length and breadth of UK and Ireland. It has demonstrated a real drive by architecture and design firms to create better living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into people’s homes. At VELUX, we are very proud to have been a part of them all.

For more information on the 2018 VELUX Roof Window Awards, please visit

Doors, Windows & Architural Hardware 29

Create Transform Innovate

Vicaima EX71 model in Dark Taupe. Vicaima EX22 model in Zebrano Rouge.

Designing doors is an art form which comes naturally at Vicaima. Blending on-trend colour tones and surface materials such as veneer, laminate and foil with lacquers and stains to elevate the simple to surprising. Capturing truly fresh ideas that have the ability to harmonize with an existing theme or completely transform their surroundings. Of course innovation is not only confined to the appearance of a Vicaima door. The beauty of these products go far more than skin deep. With manufacturing expertise that has been honed for almost 60 years, Vicaima performance solutions in acoustics, security and of course fire doors, are widely recognised in the industry as a benchmark to which many aspire. If you would also like to know more about Vicaima’s latest collections or indeed any of the design and performance solutions provided, visit the website Alternatively call 01793 532333 today.

30 Doors, Windows & Architural Hardware

P C Henderson’s Flagship Product Specified for Modern Home Renovation in Belgium Meca Welding, a small family run Blacksmith company based in Belgium, has recently specified P C Henderson’s Securefold folding door hardware for the renovation of a pool house at a residential property in Shilde, Belgium. Specialising in the creation of wrought iron windows and doors - Meca Welding worked with the owners of the property to specify an exterior folding door solution for the property. The project brief required a system which could be fully opened during the warmer months and securely closed off during the winter whilst also considering the architectural style and design aesthetics of the building. Vincent Campforts, General Manager at Meca Welding, commented “We opted for glazed doors with a black wrought iron frame in order to match the homes modern interior. Due to the slim profile and minimalistic design of the doors, it was important that the hardware used to create the folding mechanism would complement the doors exactly.” P C Henderson’s Securefold 100 exterior folding door hardware was identified as the best solution for the project.

“After carrying out some online research, we came across P C Henderson. We contacted the companies Holland office and arranged a visit to their showroom where we could view some of the systems first hand. After viewing Securefold we knew it was the perfect system for our project – it was secure, versatile, sleek in design and readily available in the matt

black finish we were looking for”, continued Vincent. Due to Securefold’s multiple configuration options and high levels of flexibility, Meca Welding was able to provide its customer with a system that met their exact requirements – 6 panels folding inwards to one side – providing a completely clear opening for those warm summer months. Rene van den Biggellaar, Business Unit Manager at P C Henderson commented “Securefold is an all-encompassing system – its high levels of flexibility means that it can be used for almost any exterior folding door solution. We were delighted to be able to work with Meca Building on this project and see our hardware combined with the wrought iron doors

they created – it created an impressive contemporary style and it was great to see our Securefold system used in this way”. P C Henderson’s Securefold folding door hardware is available in four different hinge options (standard, mortice radius, mortice squared and non-mortice), four stunning finishes (black, gold, satin and chrome), top hung and bottom rolling variants and a range of door configurations to suit both inward and outward opening. The system is manufactured using marine grade 316 stainless steel making it ideal for exterior and coastal use. For more information visit securefold-folding-doorhardware.

Doors, Windows & Architural Hardware 31

Centor® looks to expand its UK operation

Appointment of new Sales Manager and increase in dealerships pivotal to expansion plans Luxury door, window, screening systems and hardware manufacturer, Centor, has appointed a new Sales and Operations Manager, Mike Sullivan, to oversee the growth and expansion of its UK business. The respected brand is looking to expand its network of professional dealer partners in the UK and Ireland, for its award-winning Integrated Doors and Windows, as well as for its range of bifold doors and stand-alone screening systems. In addition, Centor is looking grow its architectural joinery hardware business. Founded in Brisbane, Australia in 1951, Centor has since expanded across the globe with operations on four continents. In the 15 years it has been trading in the UK, it has established a reputation among joiners, fabricators and OEMs for its high-quality hardware systems. In 2013 Centor launched the world’s first Integrated Folding Door, which has gone on to win numerous awards including a prestigious German Design Award in 2017. It has since expanded the range to include sliding doors and complementary windows. Stand-alone screening solutions were added to the range in 2018 to enable homeowners to control insects, sunlight and privacy without changing their existing doors. As the range has developed, so too has the need for a more geographically spread

dealership representation, especially in areas like Scotland, Ireland and the South West. Regional Director Peter Watkins says: “Mike brings impressive sales development and relationship building skills with him. His brief is to further develop our dealer network, to grow our architectural hardware sales and to explore wider market opportunities for our screening systems.” Mike joins Centor from Rationel Windows (part of the DOVISTA Group), where he focused on building its network of distributors. More than 25 years of Mike’s career have been spent in sales and customer development, but his working career began in bench hand joinery, which has enabled him to appreciate the supreme quality of workmanship of Centor’s products.

luxury housebuilders, specifiers, architects and designers,” says Mike. Dealers, fabricators and installers interested in learning more about Centor products can see them at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show (March 28-31, NEC Birmingham, stand G191) and Grand Designs Live (May 4-11, Excel London, stand B260). Dealers interested in supplying Centor systems can contact Mike for an initial discussion at or call him on 0121 701 2500. For more information, visit

“I’m very excited and proud to be working with Centor, not least for its place in door manufacturing history. In 1998, its patented hardware enabled folding doors to be used on exterior openings for the first time, and it continues to lead and innovate with Integrated Doors and screens unlike anything else available on the market today.” “My plan is to increase the distribution channels for Centor products and take them to a much wider audience. I want to work closely with our dealer partners to engage not just homeowners but also

Market Leading Design for Modern Living


Tailored To You Residence 7 windows and doors are finished to perfection, combining a modern flush appearance and unquestionable market leading design features and performance, all in a maintenance free material. Available as casement windows, shaped windows, bay and bow windows, orangeries, conservatories, single doors and French doors - R7 has all the choices for the perfect home.

Your Home, Your Way Create an individual design statement for any home with a range of luxury colour finishes and hardware options, all have been carefully created, allowing you to replace the current windows and doors with a more efficient, secure and attractive system.

Easy-clean rebate

‘Through Colour’ Extrusion

Lock & Hinge Retention

Double or Triple Glazing

Up to 44mm Glazing

7 Chamber Design

Maintenance Free

14 finishes to choose from

Energy Rating (WER) of A+ and a U-value of 0.8W/ (m2.K) Passivhaus standard


Redefining Windows & Doors

R7 is here to inspire you on your journey to create the dream home. Beautifully flush inside and out, available in a range of maintenance free finishes and a variety of styles, it is versatile without complication. R7 outperforms many other systems with a sophisticated 7 chamber design and intelligent features. It’s the ideal solution for a wide range of properties, from modern new builds to city apartments and country cottages to semi-detached houses, with everything in between. Designed and made in Britain, we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with our network of highly experienced fabricators and installers who are all ready to assist you in the decision making process. So what are you waiting for? Your R7 journey starts here...

Get in Touch T: 01452 300912 E:


7 7


Why saving a few extra pounds on emergency lighting can be dangerous When it comes to designing emergency lighting, there are many factors to consider. Peter Adams, Mackwell’s Central Service & Training Manager explains more. Not only must the emergency lighting system be fit for purpose, but it must also meet stringent safety and compliance standards. Meeting these standards can impact financially, both in terms of the design and specification, through to the installation, and the on-going maintenance of the system. Often portrayed as a necessary but unattractive part of the lighting scheme, emergency lighting is in fact, a safety critical system and is a legal requirement within commercial premises. It is provided to help facilitate the immediate and safe evacuation of occupants from the premises in times of emergency and as such, must be afforded the same importance and diligence of other such systems. Short cuts and corner cutting such as the specification of sub-standard components and ineffective maintenance schedules, brought about by budgetary constraints can all result in non-compliances, compromising the safety of the building occupants.

One of the most fundamental aspects of building safety, the provision of an adequate emergency lighting system, can often be overlooked. Its importance, however, is critical in ensuring the safety of employees and members of the public. Emergency lighting provides guidance and illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely at times of emergency. The consequences of a non-compliant emergency lighting system can impact severely on the health and safety of occupants, resulting in prosecutions such as fines and custodial sentences depending on the level of non-compliance.

British Standards With the extensive revision of BS 5266 - 1: Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises (released May 2016 and brought into force in June 2017), the way designers approach emergency lighting has fundamentally changed. Despite better defined responsibilities and more detail on emergency safety lighting and standby lighting requirements, the area is now more complex with greater scope for confusion between parties responsible for the design, installation, testing/commissioning and ongoing performance of the emergency lighting system. As with most aspects of health and safety, there are many national and international standards in place to ensure that such systems can perform the tasks demanded of them. It is therefore imperative that the constituent components of the emergency lighting system are selected, designed and installed to the specific criteria within these standards, ensuring compliance and performance of both the components and the system as a whole. The Code of practice, BS 5266 :1999 – 2016, is an essential point of reference. Its accompanying standard; BS 5266 Part 7 - EN 1838: 2013, defines the minimum lux levels and photometric requirements when designing the emergency

35 Compliance

lighting scheme. Also, in place is the standard; BS EN 60598-2-22: 2014, for luminaires used in emergency lighting and ensures that they achieve the performance required whilst remaining electrically and mechanically safe. In addition, the European Application Standard with improved testing regimes, EN 50172: 2004, is a vital supporting part of the BS 5266 series. The design objective for any emergency lighting system is established by BS 5266 Section 5.2.1 which says that, when the supply to the normal lighting fails, emergency lighting is required to: • indicate clearly the escape routes • provide illumination along such routes to allow safe movement through the exits • ensure that fire-alarm and fire-fighting equipment can be readily located British and European Standards provide guidance on the implementation of requirements and solutions, on sustainability and energy use, guidance on required equipment, lighting for specific specialist areas as well as guidance on the installation process, testing and commissioning – all of which need to be considered at the start of the design process. It is also important for the manufacturer to understand the intended environment for the luminaire in order to specify the correct safety components. Although there is currently no legislation covering the use of LS ZH (low smoke, zero halogen) components, it is recommended that LSZH be used in fittings specified for use in large public areas where there is a risk of fire. This will minimize the risk from the after effects of an electrical fire, such as gas and smoke inhalation. For example, after the Kings Cross fire in 1987, LSZH sheathing became mandatory for all electrical wiring in London Underground Stations.

In order for the emergency lighting system to remain compliant throughout its lifetime, structured and effective maintenance is essential. The system requires testing in line with the requirements specified in BS EN 50172, together with any remedial action which is identified by these tests. Routine visual inspection of the system is also fundamental to check for any changes to décor, colour schemes, fabric and structure together with any reparations which may impact the designed scheme. Unlike a fire alarm system which is generally subjected to a simple, periodic audible test for functionality, (albeit in line with an annual sub-contracted service contract), the maintenance of the emergency lighting system is more time consuming if being undertaken manually, without the aid of an automatic test facility, The annual full discharge test of up to three hours duration may need to be staggered across different storeys and areas within the building and this may be perceived as a costly and labour intensive overhead. What value can be put on the health and safety of occupants though? The effect of the emergency lighting is seldom seen until required, and it is during these times, where the safe and immediate evacuation of the building is paramount, that we come to appreciate the true value of this safety critical system.

Luminaires The cumulative operating costs of emergency lighting can be considerable, and the choice of fitting should be considered in terms of its installation cost, long-term energy consumption and maintenance or replacement costs. LED’s consume about 25% of the power of traditional lamps and offer excellent lumen maintenance as the light output remains constant throughout its design life. The greatest cost benefit, however, relates to lamp replacement. LED lamps typically have a 50,000h rated life, ten times that of a typical fluorescent tube. Using LED emergency luminaires will greatly reduce the maintenance costs of an emergency lighting system and they have a longer expected life and lower running costs than standard luminaires.

Batteries Batteries also have an impact on the cost of luminaires intended for emergency lighting, with Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries the preferred choice for self-contained luminaires despite the fact that they utilise a toxic metal. However, Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries offer a viable alternative with significant benefits over the

36 cadmium battery. The NiMH battery offers an energy density two to three times that of the NiCd battery, meaning it can be a third of the size of the NiCd equivalent. Combined with a LED light source and appropriate charger, this can result in a very compact package.  Another significant benefit is the charging regime. NiCd batteries require a constant current charge, NiMH batteries however, have an excellent rapid-charge capability meaning they can be given a boost charge followed by a trickle charge. This results in long term energy savings, reducing ongoing costs.

Maintenance Traditionally industry practice has been to replace the whole emergency fitting if it fails the annual test as it was believed that this was more economical than isolating the circuit to replace the faulty component, usually the battery. This often results in emergency fittings being replaced every 3 to 4 years, but by choosing a fitting that allows for easy removal for repair and upgrade and an accessible battery drawer, the life span of the unit can be considerably increased, reducing long-term maintenance and replacement costs. Keeping emergency lighting luminaires clean is vital to lighting efficiency. Over time dirt, grease and the buildup of insects inside the light fitting can reduce the light levels and can reduce the illumination by up to 30%, potentially falling below minimum lighting levels. This could mean a test failure and result in a non-compliance.

Monitoring Solutions There are systems available which will make the testing process easier and less expensive, the upfront costs are similar to installing a standard emergency lighting system, but the payback is the long-term maintenance and testing cost savings.

Testing Statistical evidence indicates that regular testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems is not routinely carried out by many organisations as it is laborious and time consuming, and therefore expensive. However, the fines for noncompliance are more so and eventually puts lives at risk. Testing of the emergency lighting system should be carried out at regular intervals by a qualified person. The tests must be carried out in line with the schedules outlined in BS EN 50172 as below: • Daily – visual check that all charge indicators are lit on and check lamps on all maintained luminaires are working. • Monthly - a monthly functional test is designed to simulate a failure of normal lighting for sufficient time to allow all emergency luminaires to be checked for correct operation and signs of damage or deterioration and the results recorded in a log book. • Annually – a test simulating the failure of the normal lighting supply for the full emergency duration (typically 3 hours) to ensure that the emergency luminaires can function for the full duration whilst maintaining their declared emergency output or ballast lumen factor figures. During this test, the batteries will be discharged, and the luminaires will not be fully operational until they have had time to recharge. Therefore, this test is normally carried out whilst the building is unoccupied and at periods of low risk.

• Self-test Emergency luminaires provide simple ‘stand-alone’ automatic testing and the result of the test is indicated through a bi-colour LED on the luminaire. Monthly checks will still need to be carried out by the responsible person and the test results recorded and entered into the log book. However, the benefit of this type of system is that the person recording the information is not required to be qualified as they will not be testing the system manually. • Automatic Test Systems connect the emergency luminaires to a remote-control panel that collects the results centrally. These systems provide 24/7 monitoring, self-testing and reporting, including   remote access to the status of every fitting, automatic record keeping and fault notification.  These systems use a low voltage communication signal via an interface such as DALI and can be easily retro-fitted, providing regulatory compliance with minimal effort.

37 Specification Compromising on the specification of a fitting at installation can lead to long term maintenance issues, impacting on health and safety. It is a requirement that luminaires chosen for self-contained emergency lighting include a local indicator which is visible in normal operation. These indicators are a valuable aid to maintenance in the first instance, as they provide an immediate indication of the health of the emergency luminaire and that the battery is being charged. If the indicator is green, the luminaire is healthy. They do not, however, negate the requirement for regular safety checks. Emergency lighting systems should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they are fully functional, the batteries are fully charged and that their light sources remain operational. These checks should be carried out by a suitably qualified responsible person as determined in the fire safety order and the fire safety log book should be updated subsequently to each test. This will ensure that all fire safety legislation is adhered to and that the emergency lighting system remains fully operational, meeting fire safety requirements.

The law is drafted to place ultimate responsibility squarely with the owner of the property, but it also names in the act a “responsible person”, who the owner of the property can appoint and delegate that responsibility to. That person is then required to make the necessary provision for emergency lighting, including undertaking risk assessments and having a proper fire safety schedule mapped out. Even if the owner delegates the responsibility, they are still responsible for ensuring that the “responsible person” has been properly trained. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the installation of emergency and safety lighting and Article 12 of the regulation stipulates that: “Emergency routes and exits must be indicated by signs, and emergency routes and exits requiring illumination, must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of their normal lighting.” Any breaches of the Order are likely to result in the person responsible facing fines or imprisonment. For too long, emergency lighting has been viewed as the poorer cousin to the main lighting scheme. Necessary as a legal requirement but ultimately detracting from the general ambience, and interfering with the aesthetics of the design whilst incurring extra expense. It needn’t be like this, however. In an era of discrete LED light sources together with slim-line control gear fixtures, architectural designs, and effective spacing tables, the emergency lighting luminaires, if used sympathetically, often end up complimenting the designed scheme whilst bringing comfort and reassurance to building operators. To compromise the emergency lighting is to compromise the health and safety at work act, the Fire Safety Order and ultimately, the individual.

Legal Imperative Since the introduction of the Fire Regulation Reform Order in 2005, the legal imperative for installing emergency lighting systems is the same as for the fire-alarm systems. Failure to comply with the correct installation of emergency lighting and to maintain the system could cost a business dearly. If fire authorities discover that the emergency lighting system is not fit for purpose or non-compliant, and that the system has not been properly maintained, the company could receive a hefty fine, often in the tens of thousands of pounds. If neglect is proven in terms of the standard of the installation or maintenance of emergency lighting, and leads to injury or worse, the ‘responsible person’ could face a custodial sentence.

Yes, there is a financial impact, but what price can be attached to a human life? Unless we change our attitude to this safety critical system, and give it the respect that it deserves, all too familiar, tragic events associated with non-compliant commercial premises will continue to occur. As a world leader in the design and manufacture of reliable, innovative electrical components, Mackwell’s emergency lighting products offer some of the best in quality and performance on the market today. Offering an unsurpassed breadth of products such as highperformance luminaires, super-discrete integrated emergency products and architectural exit signs. Emergency lighting is a legal obligation that should never be compromised – safety by choice, not by chance. Further information is available from Mackwell on 01922 742145 by email or by visiting the company’s website at

38 Bathrooms & Washrooms

ALL GOING TO THE ZOO To plagiarise the song, we are ALL going to the zoo….. or at least Newquay Zoo, with its investment in fully accessible facilities.

Bathrooms & Washrooms 39

The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, which operates the Zoo, has opened its first Changing Places assisted accessible toilet, at the venue as part of a programme of alterations to enhance accessibility. Supplied and installed by Closomat, the leader in Changing Places toilets, the new facility forms part of a new accessible toilet block, and includes an adult-sized changing bench, ceiling track hoist and privacy screen alongside the conventional equipment found in a wheelchair-accessible WC. It means anyone, regardless of disability, can now visit the Zoo knowing there are appropriate toilet facilities for them. Explained Mike Finnegan, Newquay Zoo operations manager, “We have brought in mobile accessible facilities a few times in the past. The number of people responding positively each time reinforced our belief that the right thing to do was to build something permanent. It allows greater

accessibility for more people, and breaks down barriers.” Added Claire Haymes, Closomat away from home co-ordinator, “Without Changing Places toilets, people who need the extra space and specialist equipment cannot go to the loo when away from home. By providing such facilities, Newquay Zoo is enabling everyone to go to the Zoo, regardless of their needs for intimate hygiene.” In addition to the Changing Places facility, the Zoo is looking at improving accessibility across the site. It has already improved viewing areas at the fishing cat enclosure, added wheelchair-friendly picnic benches, improved surfaces to facilitate wheelchair movement, and lowered kerbs. Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, which owns Newquay Zoo, is planning to install more Changing Places across its sites in the future. Under Building Regulations and British Standards (BS8300:2018), a

Changing Places should be provided in any facilities to which numbers of the public have access, and/or spend a length of time. Closomat has become the ‘go to’ company for Changing Places. It was the original sponsor of the Changing Places campaign a decade ago; its website is an exemplar resource for campaigners, providers and specifiers alike, with a raft of support information including white papers, calling cards, CAD blocks, video and case studies. Uniquely, the company can provide an in-house, ‘one- stop-shop’ complete package for ‘away from home’ assisted accessible toilet facilities, including Changing Places and Space to Change, from design and commissioning, through to project management, supply and installation. It is also unique in being able to additionally provide subsequent maintenance and repair.

40 Bathrooms & Washrooms Throughout the world Novellini creates inspiring bathrooms that appeal to individuals at home, via our merchant partners. Working alongside architects and designers, we create beautiful and functional bathrooms that complement the home, helping to create tranquil spaces promoting Well-being within the living environment. Based in the beautiful market town of St Albans, Hertfordshire, we have a small but well stocked Showroom with multiple displays of enclosures, trays, baths and steam cabins. In order not to be disappointed please book in advance of your visit making sure we have the product your require on display. Supported by vast stocks at our warehouse in Birmingham and serviced by experienced staff ready to support your needs. All our products are maintained by our qualified service engineers and supported by parts readily available from stock. Our products are available nationwide through our merchant partners and retailers. Please use our dealer locator link to find your nearest dealer or call us directly for more information on 01 727 229 922

Respect for environmental safety and quality Each of our products is designed and manufactured to meet the latest European standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental friendliness. The adoption of low environmental impact production processes, the total control on toxic substances and significant energy savings, are the answers to the problems of a world in a constant evolution.

Antibacterial Coatings Novellini has chosen to enrich the paintings with silver - and zeolite - based additives, in order to prevent proliferation of bacteria, moulds and fungi on the surfaces. Our paints are laboratory-tested according with the JIS Z 2801:2000 method. Compared with traditional paints grant more than 99% reduction of the most common bacterial organisms (Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Escherichia coli).

Glass - Crystal Clear Treatment Crystal clear is a innovative glass treatment which is applied in laboratory conditions at our factory using state of the art machinery. First the glass is cleaned then evenly sprayed with the Crystal Clear treatment, finally thermally baking onto the glass surface. Thanks to the unique chemical reaction within one single application the glass surface has been modified absorbing the treatment, thus giving you a longer lasting protection. Hygienic , biological tests have proven that the Novellini glass has 98% less bacteria than non treated glass. Low maintenance, The water will run off the glass leaving less residue on the surface, no need to use heavy cleaning chemicals, great for the environment , with less maintenance , more resistant to every day use staying new for longer. After care , After showering Novellini recommends that you wipe down the glass using a soft cloth or squeegee, only clean Novellini products using our specially formulated cleaner “Clean it� which can be purchased through our dealers and directly with Novellini UK. We hope you enjoy your Novellini product for many years to come, please visit for more information and other exciting products.


MINIMALISM AND CLEAN LINES With a whole host of exciting product features, such as showering height of 2000mm, through to the minimal matt black, matt white of polished chrome profiling giving the enclosure a sleek and luxurious look. Coupled with the rise and fall door mechanism and the versatility to be installed on a shower tray or tiled floor, the Young collection gives you a multitude of showering options and fantastic value for money. Combine this with our Novosolid stone shower tray andfast flow with its anti-slip stone texture, stain and UV resistant, hiddenDesigned 90mm manufactured waste and can be cut down to size on site to fit difficult spaces. in MANTOVA

Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA



Kalvebod Fælled School

State school, Copenhagen, Denmark Architects: Lundgaard & Traneberg Arkitekter A/S

Perforated facade decorates innovative school building When constructing Kalvebod Fælled School, the objective was to create a balanced atmosphere of school and leisure time for both children and adults, with the focus on learning and activities. This ambition has been achieved by a stunning circular construction with a gymnasium at the heart of the building. The glistening facade encapsulating the building is made from 1200 m2 of perforated sheets from RMIG. The perforation gives a flow of light and shadow, providing protection from the sun, yet still ensuring a view of the beautiful surrounding areas.

Technical characteristics Raw material: Aluminium 5754 Pattern: R1.5T3 Thickness: 2.0 mm Finishing operations: Bending

01925 839610

RMIG’s ‘City Emotion’ philosophy exists to capture the passion for creative and exciting urban design by offering innovative technologies and materials. We can help realise the most ambitious architectural projects. The projects that will give the city innovative visual statement and emotional appeal. As the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal, with manufacturing units throughout Europe, we have over 100 years of industry experience with a wealth of tooling and engineering expertise to help make your ideas come to life. If you are interested in booking a CPD presentation or require further information please contact

RMIG City Emotion

we make ideas come to life


Inspiration you can build on A CITY IS MORE THAN A RANDOM COLLECTION OF FUNCTIONAL BUILDINGS. IT IS A PLACE OF EMOTION, ATMOSPHERE AND CREATIVITY, AND WE ARE COMMITTED TO UNLEASH ITS AESTHETIC POTENTIAL. RMIG City Emotion captures the true passion for creative urban design. We offer you the most innovative technologies and materials in order to promote new solutions to a wide variety of challenges when it comes to design and architecture. We invite you to use RMIG City Emotion as an intelligent way to realize your visions and shape the cityscape of tomorrow. There are virtually no limits to your possibilities and creative freedom. Consult RMIG early in the process and let us advise you in the use of perforated and expanded metal. For a head start in the world of RMIG City Emotion, visit for inspiration and case studies.

RMIG Ltd | 1-7 Adlington Court | Risley Road | Warrington | WA3 6PL | Tel: +44 1925 839610 | |


New Arrival Baby Hampers by InterGift Could there be anything more special and wonderful than the arrival of a new baby? To mark the occasion Intergift ( have created the most beautiful gift hampers for Mother and Baby. What could be a better way to say welcome to the world? Big Brother Gift Box, £15.99

It’s a Boy Baby Hamper, £44.99

Make the arrival of a new sibling an exciting and memorable time for the big brother-to-be with this thoughtful gift duo. Featuring a countdown plaque and a loveable super hero toy he will feel very involved in the lead up to the birth of his new baby brother or sister.

A gorgeous new Baby Boy has arrived and what better way to say ‘Welcome to the World’ than with a wonderful hamper overflowing with beautiful gifts? All gifts are safely packaged in a white washed hamper basket with front handle and white leather style straps with silver buckle fasteners. Parents will love this just as much as Baby loves the contents! Ideal for nursery decoration and storage or use as a keepsake box.

Little boys will be excited to hang this wooden countdown plaque in their bedroom. It’s decorated with a sleepy star and moon, fluffy clouds and shooting stars. There’s a piece of white chalk safely held in a ribbon loop at the bottom for writing in the chalkboard star. Every day he can complete the text …sleeps until I’m a big brother.To remind him just what a super star big brother he is going to be, there’s Dynamo Dog! The grey long-limbed character is dressed with a satin-like eye mask and long cape. His chest features an embroidered star which is also printed on the corner of his cape. Guaranteed to deliver powerful hugs!Plaque: 10cm H x 20cm W x 0.5cm DDynamo Dog Super Hero: From birth upwards, hand wash only, air dry only; 40cm Long

There’s a box of 28 Baby Milestone Cards each with a different significant milestone printed on along with charming images. With a camera to hand, parents will love to capture their Baby’s firsts with these cards. Each card includes space to write the date and makes a wonderful keepsake for Baby’s first year. Sleepy light grey turtle Shelldon has adorable silver glitter over-sized eyes and a grey and white stripy nightcap finished with a velvety soft pom-pom. His white shell has embroidered moon and star detail and gently glows in the dark! Swamp Hippo is a super tactile squidgy animal with the comforting texture of a flannel or towel. He has velvety

soft inner ears and stitched facial details and is perfectly sized to fit into small hands. As he is bean-filled you can squish and squash him and he’ll still be your best friend! There’s a happy little soft grey and white teddy bear with embroidered eyes, nose and mouth that Baby will love. Save Baby’s pennies with this baby blue ceramic piggy bank decorated with colourful aeroplanes. There is a money slot in the top and a plastic bung underneath and it comes with an illustrated gift box. A baby blue soft touch 100% cotton blanket and a large baby blue muslin square completes this beautiful collection. Baby Milestone Cards: each card: 14.8cm H x 10cm W, Starlight Shelldon Turtle: from birth upwards, hand wash only, air dry only; 23cm total length, Swampy Hippo: from birth upwards, hand wash only, air dry only; 16.5cm total length, Grey Baby Bundles Bear: from birth upwards, hand wash only, air dry only; 15cm sitting height, Aeroplane Piggy Bank: 7.6cm H x 9.5cm L x 7cm W; Gift Box: 8cm H x 10cm W x 8cm D, Baby Blue Soft Touch Cotton Blanket: machine washable, 100% cotton; 70cm x 90cm, Baby Blue Large Muslin Square: machine washable, 100% cotton; 71cm x 71cm

Big Sister Gift Box, £15.99

big sister. To remind her just what a super star big sister she is going to be, there’s Magnifico Mouse! The white long-limbed character is dressed with a satin-like eye mask and long cape. Her chest features an embroidered star which is also printed on the corner of her cape. Guaranteed to deliver powerful hugs! Plaque: 10cm H x 20cm W x 0.5cm D Magnifico Mouse Super Hero: From birth upwards, hand wash only, air dry only; 40cm long

It’s a Girl Baby Hamper, £44.99 Make the arrival of a new sibling an exciting and memorable time for the big sister-to-be with this thoughtful gift duo. Featuring a countdown plaque and a loveable super hero toy she will feel very involved in the lead up to the birth of her new baby brother or sister.

A gorgeous new Baby Girl has arrived and what better way to say ‘Welcome to the World’ than with a wonderful


hamper overflowing with beautiful gifts? All gifts are safely packaged in a white washed hamper basket with front handle and white leather style straps with silver buckle fasteners. Parents will love this just as much as Baby loves the contents! Ideal for nursery decoration and storage or use as a keepsake box. There’s a box of 28 Baby Milestone Cards each with a different significant milestone printed on along with charming images. With a camera to hand, parents will love to capture their Baby’s firsts with these cards. Each card includes space to write the date and makes a wonderful

Little girls will be excited to hang this pretty pink wooden plaque in their bedroom. It’s decorated with a sleepy star and moon, fluffy clouds and shooting stars. There’s a piece of white chalk safely held in a ribbon loop at the bottom for writing in the chalkboard star. Every day she can complete the text …sleeps until I’m a

Mum to be Gift Box, £46.49

Whether it’s her first baby or she’s a pro at this, the mum-to-be will really appreciate this gift box of goodies just for her. With her feet up and mug of tea in hand she can have a chuckle at the ‘Baby Tips for Mums’ book. There’s a cute countdown plaque, baby scan photo frame, gorgeous

smelling candle and some salonquality treats to help her unwind and feel truly pampered…before Baby arrives! Baby Tips for Mum is a funny little hard-backed book sure to raise some smiles (or worries!) from mum-to-be. Once the baby arrives it might be a while until she enjoys a hot cuppa. Let her savour these last moments of hot tea heaven with this white ceramic mug decorated with pink and glittered lilac text saying: Yummy Mummy To Be.Let the countdown begin! Mum can keep track of how many weeks until Baby arrives with this star countdown plaque. There’s a silver, free-standing photo frame to display the baby scan photo. It’s decorated with mini stars and the text: Baby’s Scan.To help her enjoy her last few chances of ‘me time’ she can create her own spa experience in the comfort of her own home. The

‘Mummy To Be’ fragranced candle will provide a wonderful calming scent. The face mask will make her skin moist and happy, the foot moisture pack will put a spring in her step and the under eye patches will perk up her peepers! Baby Tips for Mum Book: 15.8cm H x 12cm W x 1.3cm D Yummy Mummy To Be Mug: 9cm H x 9cm top Dia ,Baby Arrival Countdown Plaque: 10cm H x 20cm W x 0.5cm D,Baby’s Scan Photo Frame: 13cm H x 17cm W x 1cm D, Kocostar Camellia Happy Mask Sachet: 23ml, 0.78 fl. oz; 20cm H x 13cm W,Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack Sachet: 14ml, 0.47 fl. oz; 18cm H x 13cm W, Kocostar Princess Eye Patches: 0.10 oz, Mum To Be Candle by Wax & Wild: Vegan, GMO free & Palm Oil free

(Big Brother/Big Sister Gift Boxes £15.99, the Mum to be Gift Box, £46.49, It’s a Girl Baby Hamper £44.99 and It’s a Boy Baby Hamper £44.99)


New build home gets a


Ability Lifts were recently contacted by the owner of a 3 storey, new house build in Pershore near Worcester, who was looking to future proof the house and ensure the occupants can easily access all three floors without using the stairs. From the architect drawings provided, Ability Lifts suggested that their Optimum 500 home lift would be an ideal solution. It has very compact shaft dimensions of just 1150mm x 950mm, enabling it to fit discreetly within a home environment. The client wanted the lift to blend into the colour scheme of their home, so the Anthracite Grey finish was chosen for the shaft colour, along with glazed panels down one side of the shaft to maximise light coming into the building. To give a clean look to the doors, a hidden closer was used. Alongside this, a stainless steel handle was fitted to the lift doors, to match with the fittings in the home. The lift was installed over a 3 day period with very little building works by the client, as the lift is self supporting and a structural wall is not required. The lift requires just a 60mm pit, allowing level access into the lift at the lowest level. Due to the efficient 0.55KW motor of the lift, future energy bills will not be heavily affected. A service contract was included with the lift, providing two service visits every year to ensure it runs smoothly, and to maintain the exceptional warranty on major parts. The home owners are thrilled with the lift, and they can look forward to trouble-free lift service for many years to come. Please contact the Ability Lifts team on 0845 006 8803 or email for further information on the Optimum 500 and the other products in the Optimum range of lifts.

Platform Lifts Here at Ability Lifts, we offer solutions for many different access requirements, from platform lifts and stair platform lifts, to external lifts, access lifts and much more. We aim to offer top quality service and highly competitive prices. All of our access lifts are in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42/EC, EN8141 and Part M, and we’re happy to advise you with any questions you may have about access requirements. The Optimum 100 - The self supporting enclosed Platform Lift Ã

Glazing to all four sides if required


Special colours available


Uses 75% less energy than other types


Footprint - 1250mm x 1560mm


Platform size - 1120mm x 1480mm


EN81-41 and Machinery Directive compliant


Market leading warranty period

Please call us for a chat, we have a range of platform lifts to suit your requirements.

Tel: 0845 006 8803 Email: Web:




Advantage Home Construction Insurance Advantage Home Construction Insurance (AHCI) provides structural defects warranty – operating nationally with offices in Warrington, London and Birmingham – offering development-related insurances and a service designed to give customers peace of mind.

Property Developers

Builders & Homeowners

Housing Associations

Structural Defects Warranty Products We pride ourselves on delivering gold standard structural products providing our customers with the protection they need. Talk to your relationship manager today to find out how we can help you with your structural defects warranty needs.

Structual Defects Warranty

Self-Build Insurance

Road Bonds Insurance

Barn Conversions


Retrospective Insurance

Contact us: tel: 01827 213407 07873605516 Quote: SL Email:




Anova House Wickhurst Lane Broadbridge Heath RH12 3LZ

Advantage House 4B Birchwood One Warrington WA3 7GB

Pacific House Relay Point Tamworth B77 5PA


Panasonic and Systemair Partner to Develop Integrated HVAC&R Solutions

• Focus on integrated and sustainable HVAC&R solutions for both commercial and residential sectors • Partnership to occur in several phases starting with the launch of a new Heat Pump Chiller series • Combined solutions will benefit from both parties’ existing technologies

Panasonic Corporation, the worldwide leader in the development of HVAC&R along with Systemair, the global specialist in ventilation and applied air conditioning technology, today announce a strategic partnership to develop integrated and sustainable solutions for the commercial and residential sectors. The Panasonic/Systemair collaboration will leverage existing technology and expertise from both parties, setting new trends within the European HVAC&R market. In the first phase, Panasonic will introduce a highly efficient and environmentally friendly new Heat Pump Chiller series, featuring Systemair’s innovative air source reversible chiller technology. These new integrated solutions are fully customisable and can be made-toorder to create bespoke solutions for specific projects (including the light commercial sector) to fully meet customer demands and requirements.

Systemair and Panasonic are also collaborating closely to develop technologies and features to be incorporated into the applied chilled water technology. The aim is to create even more highly efficient, environmentally friendly chiller/ heat pumps at the forefront of the European market. This will be additionally enriched by utilising the companies’ Smart Cloud interface, for convenient remote control and maintenance at one’s fingertips. Furthermore, both parties will seamlessly integrate Systemair’s cutting-edge specialist Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-led ventilation with Panasonic’s advanced residential and commercial heat pumps, control technology and connectivity. By adopting a comprehensive and collaborative approach, the two companies will create a new and strong value proposition to satisfy customers growing HVAC&R requirements in both residential and commercial sectors.

“We see this as a great synergistic opportunity to develop, deliver and meet the higher level of environmental demands of our customers, in addition to providing long-term business prospects across an evolving European market. Systemair’s outstanding product range and wealth of experience within the HVAC&R and ventilation industry, aligns well with our commitment to offering customers exceptional value, features and product quality.” said Toshiyuki Takagi, Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation and President of Panasonic Air-Conditioner. “We are very excited for this partnership and the new opportunity that this will create for new innovative and seamless solutions. Together, we aim to enhance building operations, optimise energy efficiency, lower their carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. Through this partnership, we will be able to provide enhanced solutions that will play a leading role in the development of buildings of the future,” said Roland Kasper, CEO of Systemair. To learn more, visit or


Rinnai delivers hot water on demand at Ty Coryton site for Orbis Education & Care in South Wales Rinnai continuous flow water heaters have been installed on site at the Ty Coryton site of Orbis Education & Care, an organisation dedicated to providing specialist care for children, young people and adults. Orbis offers specialist schools, community homes, respite care and community-based work-skills services. This application of the Rinnai continuous flow hot water heating products and systems was at an accommodation/care home facility containing 27 rooms with an extraordinary demand of hot water, primarily due to the frequency, timing and longevity of the use of showers, baths and basins. As such Rinnai provided five HDC 1500i continuous flow water heaters, powered by Natural Gas, which at peak can provide in excess of 5,000 l/hr. The installed system included concentric flues and a secondary return complete with expansion vessels and valves to ensure G3 compliance. The system has now been operational for almost 9 months and the feedback has stated that the system is ‘exceptional’. Ty Coryton is set in extensive parkland on the outskirts of Cardiff just off junction 32 of the M4. It is just a few miles from Cardiff City centre in the friendly village of Whitchurch with its cafes, restaurants, parks and travel connections. Ty Coryton offers a broad range of on and offsite activities, encouraging the students to contribute to and enjoy a sense of community. Whilst the school offers an engaging and flexible curriculum tailored to the learning needs of the individual, the residential building is divided into separate communal flats, each with separate bedrooms, and with kitchen and lounge areas.

Orbis is an award-winning organisation providing a blend of education and care with therapies available including: speech and language; occupational therapy; clinical psychology; positive behavioural support; music therapy; psychiatry; dietetics and complementary therapies.

Rinnai’s Infinity 1500i, which has been installed at Ty Coryton offers greater benefits when compared to an older style water heating system.There is a focus on energy conservation at Orbis and the 1500i delivers with its 105% net efficiency and market leading range of modulation (58kW – 2.4kW). This increase in energy efficiency also translates into economic savings, helping Each resident is encouraged to take an active Orbis manage the energy costs, especially in water and electricity, two role in personalising their own bedrooms essential components needed for a water heating system to operate. as well as their collective communal spaces. With education, care and in-house therapy The peak need for useable hot water at Ty Coryton means that it needs a teams linking closely together, Ty Coryton system that can meet and provide continuous hot water, effortlessly, whilst offers a 24-hour waking curriculum of controlling overall costs. learning, life skills and leisure. The Rinnai Infinity HDC1500 range is smaller, more compact in its design, The highly qualified and experienced team and can be fitted either internally, or externally. If the Infinity 1500e is fitted supports children and young people with externally, it comes with appropriate weather proofing which provides the autism and complex needs to develop key life required protection to ensure consistent, long life working efficiency. skills in line with their individual Behavioural For more details on RINNAI products visit Support Plan.

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Refurb & Developer Update - April 2019  

Refurb & Developer Update - April 2019  

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