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04 Industry News 90% of Manufacturers to have BIM content by 2016 90% of manufacturers to have BIM content by 2016, report finds A report by BIM4M2 has revealed that 90% of the manufacturers surveyed will have BIM content by the end of 2015, with almost half of those that have already invested stating it has helped them secure new business. The 53 page report from BIM4M2 – the BIM4 working group representing manufacturers – found that the most popular reason for investing in BIM is to gain commercial advantage, with nearly 80% of manufacturers with a current BIM offering strongly agreeing that it is an important differentiator. Of those that completed the survey, 10.1% had no plans to introduce BIM, 49.7% plan to before 2016 and 40.2% already offer BIM.

UK Construction Output Figures revised down UK construction output fell in the last three months of 2014 after the first slowdown in the number of new homes being built in almost two years, according official data released today. Total construction output sank by 2.1% compared with the previous quarter, a bigger decline than the 1.8% fall previously predicted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The volume of new home construction dropped by 0.2% after growing 6.1% in the third quarter of 2014, the first fall since the first three months of 2013.

While challenges such as the resources required and understanding software options were identified, the overwhelming response has been that manufacturers see it as a worthwhile and important investment for the year ahead.

However, following falls in October and November 2014, output in the construction industry was estimated to have increased by 0.4% in December 2014 compared with November 2014.

The survey of 188 UK organisations was conducted between July and October 2014 and included a wide spread of companies, ranging from those with less than 60 employees to those with more than 1200. The aim was to gauge the readiness of UK manufacturers for the new compulsory BIM legislation on government-funded projects, which comes into effect in 2016 – in order to better target the group’s support and advice to the industry.

The ONS said on the year, the picture was one of continued growth, with output in the construction industry increasing by 5.5% in December 2014 compared with December 2013. This was the nineteenth consecutive period of year-on-year monthly growth.

Chris Ashworth, chair of the BIM4M2 Promotions Working Group, commented: “The BIM4M2 working group commissioned this research so that it had quantitative information to inform priorities and decision making. .”

All work types recorded increases except infrastructure, public other new work and private commercial work. The largest increase was reported by total new housing, increasing by 23.0% in 2014 compared with 2013.

The report looks in depth at manufacturers’ decisions around BIM including their reasons to invest, timescales for those investments, processes for developing BIM content and routes to market and can be viewed here.

This downward revision to construction output of 0.3% has no impact to one decimal place on GDP growth, added the ONS.

First commercially available straw homes go on sale in Bristol The first straw houses in the UK to be commercially available have gone on sale in Bristol. The row of seven homes are the result of an engineering research project by the University of Bath and architectural firm Modcell. The houses were built using prefabricated panels consisting of a wooden structural frame infilled with straw bales or hemp and rendered with either a breathable lime-based system or ventilated timber or brick cladding. The researchers said the insulated straw walls provide three times’ greater insulation than required by current UK building regulations and predicted that fuel bills could fall by up to 90%. The factory-built straw panel design

has received BM Trada’s Q mark certification, meaning developers and house buyers can now secure mortgages against homes, schools and offices built using this construction method. Craig White, ModCell said: “The Q Mark industry certification means that straw is now a viable, affordable means of tackling the housing crisis in the UK. Using a ‘fabric first’ approach is ideal for private homes, social housing, and new, innovative projects such as custom-build. Straw now offers a simple and effective home-grown solution to the UK’s housing needs.” To receive certification the University tested the ModCell straw panel’s energy efficiency, fire safety, durability and weather-resilience, including exposing the panels to heavy rain and

extreme temperatures ranging from -20 degrees centigrade to 50 degrees centigrade. The university said that due to its high insulating properties, houses made of straw bales need almost no conventional heating. Professor Pete Walker, head of the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath said: “The construction sector must reduce its energy consumption by 50% and its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, so radical changes are needed to the way we approach house building.

London’s Landmark Centre Point: revival begins London’s landmark Centre Point begins its revival on Monday at the east end of Oxford Street. Property development and investment company, Almacantar, will create 82 exclusive residential apartments and a new destination for London, complete with innovative retail and restaurant space and centred on a new public piazza with an open air terrace overlooking the piazza During construction, the Grade II listed and New Oxford Street. building will be wrapped in prints inspired Developed by property tycoon by Centre Point and designed by Eley Harry Hyams in 1966, Centre Kishimoto. Eley Kishimoto’s designs, Point has been a focal point which have featured on some of the for London since. The Richard world’s most famous catwalks for the likes Seifert–designed landmark can of Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen, be seen from all corners of the will encapsulate Centre Point’s 1960s capital and is one of London’s design and architectural flare. The eyeoriginal skyscrapers, standing catching creation, will take six months amid the city’s most historic and to erect and a further six months to take dynamic neighbourhoods. down.

Network Rail HQ reconfiguration AHR has completed the refurbishment of Network Rail’s new Glasgow headquarters. The £1.8 million project at 151-155 St Vincent Street involved the reconfiguration and fit-out of a 1980s office block in central Glasgow. AHR’s Glasgow team fitted out six floors of the eight-storey building, totalling 3960 sq m of high spec office accommodation. Large open plan offices, staff meeting rooms and break-out spaces deliver a high degree of workplace flexibility. A deli bar and meeting room suite on the sixth floor benefit from views across the city. AHR took particular care to specify products with strong environmental credentials. Recycled timber is used throughout the headquarters to striking effect and the carpet is made from 100% recycled solution dyednylon. The refurbishment of the headquarters was a fast track project, completed in less than 12 months during 2014. The first phase was completed in November 2014, allowing phased occupation. It ran alongside Network Rail’s refurbishment of their offices at

George House and AHR collaborated with the in-house architect to agree a similar palette of materials across two unique designs. Lynn Amabile, Architect at AHR who led the project, said: “The strong design concept created for the project, ‘Earth Strata’, has allowed for a unique yet harmonious design to each floor, aiding the orientation of users throughout the building, while creating a contemporary workplace with a number of feature breakout areas. These areas, along with the office as a whole, have been very well received by the staff at Network Rail, who settled into their new space effortlessly.”

Industry News 05

Visible Geometry

Bogle Architects has transformed a corner site building at the junction of Fenchurch St and Cullum St, in the heart of the City of London. The client, aik, required a distinctive intervention that would announce the building and increase its visibility from Fenchurch St, as well as the rationalisation and full refurbishment of the 1st, 2nd and 6th floors, to create 11.700 sq ft of class ‘A’ office space. The project’s ‘signature’ element is the dramatic, multi- faceted ‘feature’ wall. Precision engineered, the refined geometry of the new wall is achieved using interlinked highly polished stainless steel convex panels, extending from the lobby interior through the glazed facade to wrap around the building’s street façade. The wall’s finely detailed design was custom made by Marzorati Ronchetti, leading Italian manufacturers of specialist metalwork, whose international portfolio includes Louis Vuitton’s Milan showroom, the lobby area for 30 St Mary Axe in London and a spectacular exhibition installation at MoMA in New York. The reconfiguration of the entrance and lobby area involved the realignment of the lobby façade with the main building envelope, using frameless glazing to create a seamless connection between the reception area and the street beyond. The wider brief also involved stripping out three floors of office space, introducing a simpler and more rational ceiling grid, together with new lighting, updated servicing and redesigned lifts and WCs.

06 Industry News RIBA calls for 300,000 homes target in 2015 election manifesto The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has launched its 2015 General Election campaign, #BuildaBetterBritain. The body has called upon all parliamentary candidates to focus on the most important built environment issues: building more good quality homes, ensuring effective planning, developing flood-proof communities, delivering energy efficient buildings and retrofitting those that are not, providing a good quality built environment to accommodate the ageing population and encourage a healthier population and addressing the dilapidation of school buildings.

The #BuildaBetterBritain campaign calls for: • A target for 300,000 homes to be built per annum • More inclusive and visionary planning process • Creation of homes suitable for the ageing population • Better value school buildings capable of coping with the population boom • A focus on upgrading UK building stock to create “smarter, greener buildings” • Local Authorities to have more power to block developments in areas vulnerable to flooding RIBA has created a campaign website at enabling architects and constituents to find and make contact with their candidates. The #BuildaBetterBritain campaign is based on RIBA’s report and recommendations: Building a Better Britain: A vision for the next Government. RIBA President Stephen Hodder said: ’The built environment is vital to the financial and social success of our communities and country and the health and wellbeing of its inhabitants. RIBA’s clear priorities for the next Government, set out in the Building a Better Britain report, is the basis for this campaign. Now is the time to talk about what that means locally and how every prospective MP can champion the built environment in their area.”

Imported Chinese rebar to face investigations The UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels will investigate Chinese rebar sold in the UK after it was found to contain quantities of boron. Trade association UK Steel said that imported Chinese rebar could contain other elements, meaning it can be classed as an ‘alloy’ and qualify for an export tax rebate. UK Steel said a “significant” proportion of the Chinese rebar sold in the UK contains boron in excess of 8 parts per million (ppm). Some samples have been tested with boron at 30 ppm. The Welding Institute has now issued guidance that rebar containing boron

in excess of 5 ppm requires changes from the normal welding techniques used. Ian Rodgers, director, UK Steel said: “Our advice to any fabricator with stocks Chinese rebar is that they should urgently identify any bars containing more than 5 ppm of boron and segregate them. These bars should not be used in structures requiring welding until staff have been trained in the specific welding techniques required. “Coming on top of the quality problems affecting some Chinese bars last year, this latest development does raise questions about the cost effectiveness and safety of sourcing outside of Europe.”

Green Deal vouchers extended until end of March

The Government has announced the extension of vouchers from the first release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) until Tuesday 31 March. Around £120m of vouchers, offering up to £7,600 off energy-saving measures such as insulation, were taken up by householders when the GDHIF first opened in July last year, forcing the scheme’s closure after just a few weeks. A subsequent release of £24m worth of additional vouchers in December ran out in two days. According to the government, around 3,900 vouchers from the first release have not yet been redeemed, some of which have now expired. The one-off voucher extension applies to GDHIF vouchers that have an expiry date before 31 March and have not yet been redeemed, including vouchers that have already expired. Vouchers from the second release remain unaffected by the changes. Ed Davey, secretary of state for energy and climate change said: “The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has been going like hotcakes – winter can be a difficult time to get installations done so by giving more time to voucher holders they can join over one million homes already benefitting from a warmer, cheaper winter thanks to our energy efficiency schemes.” Up to the end of December 2014, 11,061 vouchers have been paid and 13,613 measures installed through GDHIF, with £54.3m claimed. Amber Rudd, energy and climate change minister said: “We know the best way to lower bills – permanently is to make homes warmer and greener. “We’ve helped one million homes install measures like insulation and boilers so it makes sense to extend Green Deal Home Improvement Fund vouchers for even more families to reap the benefits.”

Learning lessons in design for education From British Columbia to Angola, Stantec and Perkins+Will discuss the topic with WAN The answer to the question ‘what makes a positive learning environment where students and teachers thrive?’ will vary considerably depending on whereabouts on the planet you’re standing. In Denmark, for example, there’s a big move toward more play and learning assisted environments. Sweden continues to do battle with that ageold Scandinavian chestnut – lack of daylight – with one secondary school in the north of the country trying out ‘full-spectrum’ electric light to see if it will help raise students’ energy and attention levels in the dark of winter. Switch to less developed countries, particularly those in the tropics, and the priority is inclusivity. And if you can get the students into school to begin with, it goes without saying that incorporating good ventilation in hot, humid classrooms is a must. However, as the way we communicate and share information has morphed out of all recognition over the past decade or two, and the world seems a smaller place for it, we wondered if the world’s classrooms in general were reflecting this too? We spoke to global operators, Stantec Architecture and Perkins+Will

Industry News 07

(Chicago Office) – both previously shortlisted in the World Architecture News 2013 Education category – to find out their views. Firstly to Ralph Johnson, Perkins+Will’s Global Design Director based in its Chicago office, who opens: “It is essential to understand and remember that education is a fluid, changing process. In 21st Century learning, collaboration is key, with our learning environments promoting teamwork, compromise, and communication: skills valued in today’s society and workplace. “To create and foster a positive learning environment, there needs to be a balance between the types of spaces used for learning and teaching, and an understanding that their long-term role or roles will inevitably change over time. How these spaces are utilized, and how they factor into the educational project or curriculum, needs to be understood, and questioning their role in future will help create more flexible environments.” Stantec’s Education Sector Lead British Columbia, Ray Wolfe, echoes this stress on adaptability: “We are seeing so many more 21st Century learning environments where a larger portion of the collaboration and learning takes place in non-classroom

spaces. Smaller to medium-sized student spaces are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing a more flexible environment for educators.” Ray also feels some things are, quite simply, essential: “The basics matter too: daylight, great indoor air quality and visual transparency are necessary for great learning environments.” When asked what some of the biggest mistakes in design for education have been, Ray speaks specifically about Canada: “Designing buildings for dedicated faculties or programs is still the norm in most Canadian postsecondary facilities. As such, one of the most common mistakes is designing purely purpose-built spaces. This solution does not allow the flexibility that such an institution requires in order to be adaptable over the longterm.”

London’s Unchartered Territory The London Underline – Gensler’s vision for disused London metro lines wins London Planning Award Global design and planning firm, Gensler have won the award for Best Conceptual Project at the London Planning Awards, hosted by London Mayor, Boris Johnson, for its innovative and ambitious idea of creating the first city-wide alternative transport network in derelict underground tunnels. Gensler’s vison will see London’s disused underground lines turned into a dynamic network of pedestrian walkways, cycle lanes and cultural and retail spaces, all run using kinetic energy technology. Ian Mulcahey, co-director of Gensler London, says: “Now London has reached the highest level of population in its history we need to think creatively about how to maximise the potential of our infrastructure. The

adaptation of surplus and underutilised tube and rail tunnels could provide a quick and simple addition to our infrastructure network.” Currently, with its ever growing population, London is struggling to cope with its expanding transport needs for pedestrians, cyclists and tube travellers, and is also in need of new types of public and community space, as well as affordable retail, commerce and entertainment spaces. The disused subterranean spaces present an excellent option for new uses. Gensler designer Trevor To explains: “Gensler’s proposal brings back an ignored part of the city through the collective efforts of its citizens. By harnessing kinetic energy of everyone’s footsteps, a whole new urban space is unlocked underneath the city. This self-sustaining approach to urban infrastructure is key to a carbon-

neutral community, and London could lead the world once again in merging tradition with innovation to create a better future.” The electrical supply from human footfall would support the underground cycle ‘superhighway’ and would feed London’s appetite for alternative transport and their insatiable urban curiosity.

08 Heating



f you are worried about your heating bills this winter carry on reading. We all know conventional heating is expensive however hard you try to keep the costs down. Have you considered replacing it with new generation electric radiators, specifically designed for efficiency and low cost operation. From only a few pence per hour to operate, you can stay warm all winter without the worry. Simple installation with no disruption to floors no future maintenance or plumbing. The precise thermostat will ensure you maintain your desired temperature. These radiators will plug into a 13 amp socket, and you will notice the savings immediately.

SAVE ENERGY Heat Genie can supply a number of electric radiators, towel rails, conservatory heaters all suitable for both the domestic and commercial application. We all have a responsibility to save energy and in doing so we save money. Our radiators range from 350w to 1800w we will calculate what size you need depending on the size of your room. They are controlled individually with seven day timers or can be used manually, perfect for replacing those old tired

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inefficient storage heaters or a simple solution to that extension. The idea is heating where you want when you want at affordable prices.

LOCAL HEATING SOLUTION We are a local company looking after local people, there are no hidden costs as our quotation includes VAT and delivery usually the next day. Full detailed information can be found on our website www.heat- or just call our sales team on 01789 459455 for further details. Landlords, property developers, home improvements, schools, college’s, doctors , dentists, electricians and builders are all among our client lists. Take advantage of these fantastic new generation radiators this winter and don’t leave it until it’s too late. Once that bill arrives you will wish you had called us. E mail or telephone 01789 459455 and one of our sales team will call you. We promise we are not the traditional hard sales and we don’t even need to make a visit unless invited to do so.

Heat Genie your solution to those horrible energy bills...

10 Heating

£7 million Boost for heat industry

low-carbon innovation Heat recovered from industrial waste, super insulated pipes and advanced algorithms are among the winning ideas in a million pound Government-run competition to drive down energy bills and boost low carbon heat supplies in the UK.

Heat recovered from industrial waste, super insulated pipes and advanced algorithms are among the winning ideas in a million pound Governmentrun competition to drive down energy bills and boost low carbon heat supplies in the UK. Energy Secretary Ed Davey is set to officially unveil the 17 winning entries at the Association for Decentralised Energy Parliamentary Reception today. The winners are spread across the country, from a project combining solar and heat pump technology in Exeter, to a scheme trialling super insulated pipes in West Cumbria. The projects will share a prize pool of £1 million to carry out feasibility studies, before up to 10 of the best projects bid for a share of £6 million to fully implement their plans. The competition will help to stimulate innovation in heat network technologies and bring the UK a step closer to generating 14% of heat demand through heat networks by 2030, while reducing carbon emissions and cutting bills for consumers.

A total of 57 applications were received from 39 organisations and were reviewed by a panel of engineering, and commercial experts with significant experience in heat networks development. Bids were assessed against a range of criteria Energy Secretary Ed Davey said: “This including technical feasibility, competition is all about supporting commercial viability, future carbon innovation and progress in the heat saving and social benefits. industry so we can heat more homes across the UK for less, while at the same The successful bidders announced time improve energy efficiency and cut today were the London Borough of Islington, Greenfield Energy the UK’s carbon emissions. Ltd, Guru Systems Ltd, Sustain Ltd, “More support for local heating projects PassivSystems Ltd, Zero Carbon will also give jobs in the sector a huge Future, Clean Energy Prospector Ltd, boost, with the value of the district and Barden Energy, BRE, Geothermal heat network market expected to rise to Engineering Ltd, University of around £530 million this year.” Warwick, Cofely Energy Services, Sycous Ltd, Cambridge Heat Transfer In addition to this competition, over the Company, C-Tech Innovation Ltd and past year, through the Heat Network Eon Energy Solutions Ltd. Delivery Unit funding scheme, the Government has also awarded almost A recent report by the Committee £7 million to local authorities across on Climate Change agreed with the country to help develop local heat DECC that heat networks can play networks. an important part of the overall plan for lower carbon heating in the As a result, there are now around 2,000 decades ahead. There are currently heat networks in the UK, supplying local, approximately 2,000 heat networks renewable heat to 210,000 homes and in the UK, supplying heat to 210,000 1,700 commercial and public buildings. dwellings and 1,700 commercial A further 150 schemes are known to be and public buildings. A further 150 under development by local authorities schemes are known to be under across the UK. Successful bidders for development by local authorities the fourth round of this scheme will be across the UK. announced in March. The Government says it is also an opportunity to create jobs and growth in the sector, with the industry expected to see up to £800 million worth of new capital investment over the next ten years.

Heating 11

Dekfloor 30 A5 ad_Dft1_Iss2:Layout 1 11/02/2015 17:52 Page 1

Isoedge 6/75


Unique System Features:

Isosonic Dek 30

ISORUBBER acoustic isolation layer is a tough, durable and dense material (over 900Kg/m3) with excellent impact and airborne sound properties. ISOEDGE perimeter acoustic seal and expansion joint reduces flanking sound transission.

Isosonic Ceiling Strip

ISOSONIC BRACKET absorbs kinetic (acoustic) energy, decoupling the ceiling from the structural floor.


Isorubber is a dense (900Kg/m3) material that does not compress under normal domestic design loading.

Cellular polymer

ISORUBBER forms the main acoustic element in 6 Robust Details compliant floor constructions.

Perimeter channel

Isosonic Ceiling Bracket

100mm Mineral Wool

MF Ceiling channel

15mm Soundbloc Board 12.5mm Plasterboard

ISO 14001 Environmental

To choose the right product for your project call Thermal Economics Technical Dept. on 01582 544255 For all our Acoustic & Thermal insulation products visit:


A ­ ­simple,­low­cost­solution­for­acoustic, vibration­and­shock­absorption­problems Robust,­high­density­mat­with­low compressibility­made­from­reclaimed­rubber. Ideal for: Improving the sound insulation of floors Vibration isolation of machinery and domestic appliances Providing shock absorbing surfaces for play and sports areas Floor surface finishes: Isosonic Mats can be used as a direct underlay for Hardwood & Laminate flooring. Isosonic Mat size - 8 x 800 x 1000mm Building Regulations Building regulations level sound insulation can be achieved on concrete and timber floors when used in combination with a decoupled ceiling (see Isosonic Ceiling Fixings brochure)

ISO 14001 Environmental

T: 01582 450814 F: 01582 429305 E: W:

For help choosing the right product please call Thermal Economics Technical Department on 01582 544255 For all our Acoustic & Thermal insulation products visit:

12 Heating

UK’s Oil Capital Taps Into The Low-Carbon District Heating Revolution A city heating network has been awarded £1 million to help cut energy bills and provide cheap power to thousands of homes across the UK’s oil and gas capital, Aberdeen. Aberdeen Heat & Power Ltd will expand the network to nondomestic properties with commercial heat sales revenues ring fenced to heat households in the city. The system already supplies around 2,000 council flats in 26 multi storey blocks, low rise sheltered housing complexes as well as 13 public buildings.

The combined heat and power scheme captures heat when electricity is created. Once channelled through underground hot water pipes and pumps, heating and hot water is pumped out to homes. The funding comes from the Scottish Government’s District Heating Loan Fund, which has awarded a total of £2.7 million to 12 projects across Scotland.

Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil said:

“We are delighted to be able to accept this loan from the District Heating Loan Fund.

“It will help our drive to increase the capacity of the district “This significant funding will help Aberdeen Heat and Power heat network to deliver affordable heat to domestic and nonin its drive to deliver reduced bills across the city, at a time domestic properties, and to continue to alleviate fuel poverty when many people are struggling due to rising energy prices. and reduce the carbon footprint of the city. Aberdeen City Council’s Communities, Housing & Infrastructure “Tenants have reported that their typical fuel costs have convener, Councillor Neil Cooney, said: “Our combined heat and been reduced by up to 50 per cent over the previous heating power scheme is a real success story, with many residents who system. Carbon emissions from these buildings have also once had old and inefficient heating systems now enjoying lower been reduced by 45 per cent. bills and warmer homes. “The heating system is delivering reduced levels of fuel “As the network grows, so do the benefits it provides. Significant poverty and eliminating damp conditions, which creates savings are being realised on heating costs for several public improved health conditions and homes that people now want buildings and the city’s carbon footprint is being cut. to live in. “AH&P has won national acclaim and awards for its pioneering “Last year, the District Heating Loan Fund was increased to work to reduce fuel poverty. £8 million and I would encourage organisations with district heat projects, at all scales, to apply for funding.” “The creation of a subsidiary company to work with the private sector will generate additional monies, which will be used to Ian Booth, General Manager, Aberdeen Heat and Power said: increase the reach of district heating across Aberdeen and befit even more of our citizens.”

14 Heating

Holiday Lodges benefit from some Flex love….. Dalby Holiday Lodges called on pipe specialists Flexenergy to take charge of the distribution system for domestic hot water and central heating at their holiday cottage complex in East Yorkshire, using their eco-friendly Flexalen 600 material. The all year round complex comprises a main house and four lodges equipped with central heating, double glazing and all furnished to a high standard. The site owner, chartered environmentalist Andrew Cowley, was looking to replace the individual LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) heating systems within each cottage and in the main house with technology that would not only be less expensive to run, but also eco-friendly. So he opted to change to a central wood-burning Biomass Boiler, with heat exchangers in each cottage and in the main house, with the help of Flexenergy.

The Flexalen 600 pre-insulated pipe system installed was the ideal technology for this situation being lightweight, highly flexible and easy to bend around corners even at low temperatures. It also has a water tight bond between the corrugated outer pipe and the polyolefine insulation, and satisfies the requirements for sustainable construction. As a result of the new system, the holiday site is delivering savings of over £3,000 per year in heating costs, with each of the lodges now supplied with 40 kilowatts of eco-friendly power in place of the individual 28 kilowatt LPG boilers.

Andrew is very pleased with the performance of his biomass heating scheme – and particularly with the minimal heat loss being achieved as a result of the Flexalen pipe network. He said: “I chose Flexenergy for the quality of their product and the flexibility of their design service and I am delighted with the results. In addition to the cost savings, we are now able to control centrally the temperature in each cottage and there is the added safety aspect of just running one wood-burning boiler instead of individual LPG boilers within the cottages.”

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16 Heating


The innovative, creative and easy to use pellet store application by Windhager has been launched. The pellet store application gives its users a quick and easy method in designing their pellet storage room.   This creative app programme is designed as a calculator that not only includes all required values for each storage space, such as maximum pellet capacity and inclined floor measurements, but also recommends a specific suction probe system for the transfer of pellets from the store to the Windhager boiler. The end result is a bespoke design with a 3D view that can be converted to a PDF to use for any project.                                   “As biomass is taking the industry by storm, we wanted to create a simple and handy solution to help our customers design their own fuel store. The application is a very handy tool and we have had great feedback from those who have already used it. We want to provide as much support to our customers and this application is definitely enabling us to achieving that” commented Oliver Duckworth, Commercial Director. Converting from traditional oil, gas or electric fuelled

boilers to a pellet heating system is a very quick, hassle-free process that rarely requires structural changes and existing radiators and under-floor heating can still be used. Wood pellets are required to be stored in a dry and sufficiently sized room known as a pellet store to allow for up to a year’s supply of pellets and ideally the pellet store is located on an exterior wall with no exposure to cables or pipes. Windhager’s patented maintenance free pellet suction system provides many advantages especially where a pellet store is restricted by space and is unable to be located next to the boiler room. Windhager’s suction feed system is able to transport wood pellets safely and dustfree to the boiler from distances up to 25m.                                                 This innovative system is available in a single, triple or eight probe solution and is a fully automatic model that can be individually tailored to meet the requirements for any property.  Visit to download the free application, which is available on iPhone or Android smart phones.

Heating 17

The Radiator & Bathroom Gallery

The Radiator & Bathroom Gallery showroom in South Woodford and Wandsworth, are pleased to present the new Hotech range of designer radiators. Their new range is the talking point of the heating industry. The Bernini G@ut radiator designed by Luca Bolognese is shown in a gold leaf finish adding a contemporary look to any modern and stylish home. This is a sure to be a favourite with designers and developers wanting to create the “must have” appeal to their project. The Radiator & Bathroom Gallery are constantly introducing new designs to its display to suit all styles and budgets. The showrooms are worth a visit to see how you can enhance the home. There you will find a wide selection of Radiators and Towel Rails along with their Bathroom Suites and Wet Room solutions and also a range of minimalist stone trays which are on display at both showrooms.

With a vast range of traditional styles both Cast Iron and Steel Column style radiators as well as the contemporary designs including bespoke radiators to suit all their client’s needs. They offer excellent customer technical support along with sound advice when choosing your radiators. They also have a fantastic range of stylish towel rails and bathroom radiators including electric or dual fuel in their collections. The showrooms are the largest in the South East offering solutions to suit all budgets and requirements whilst adding style, warmth and value to your home. Visit the showrooms at 140 Hermon Hill, South Woodford , London, E18 1QH (5 minute walk from South Woodford Central Line station) or 621 Garratt Lane, Wandworth, London, SW18 4SX (5 minute walk from Earlsfield station). Or give them a call on 0208 530 7555 or e-mail

Bernini G@ut Radiator

Eastside revival continu Birmingham City Univer canal side development

ues with rsity

19 Work is set to begin on a major new Eastside development which will complete the transformation of the area into an all-encompassing campus for students at Birmingham City University. The No1 City Locks development will see student accommodation and retail facilities integrated with a rejuvenated section of Birmingham’s canal network, providing amenities to support the University’s expanding city centre presence.   The project, developed by specialist student housing company Alumno Developments, is now underway and the city centre accommodation, which will house 659 students, is scheduled to conclude by August 2016. The development forms part of a major regeneration of Birmingham’s Eastside district, located close to the Bullring shopping centre and Birmingham’s key transport hubs. The previously derelict site runs alongside the Digbeth Branch Canal and forms part of the City Council’s Eastside Regeneration project   Birmingham City University’s campus already includes The Parkside Building, opened in 2013, The Curzon Building, opening this year, and a sizable presence in Millennium Point. Plans have also been submitted for a new Conservatoire, set to open to students and the public in 2017.   Plans for the No1 City Locks development, designed by architects Glenn Howell Architects, includes a ground floor featuring retail space and dedicated business enterprise units, serving student residents and offering affordable office facilities for graduates and the local community.  

Commenting on the development, Birmingham City University Vice Chancellor Professor Cliff Allan said: “This project with Alumno Developments is the next stage in the continuing transformation of both our campus and the Eastside of the UK’s second city. “The experience our students have while at the University is of paramount importance and this No1 City Locks development will offer them city centre living and great amenities right next door to where they study.   “With the new Curzon Building set to open this year and plans advancing for a superb new Conservatoire, this is a thoroughly exciting time to be part of Birmingham City University.”   Alumno’s managing director, David Campbell said: “We are creating a vibrant new public realm through the opening up of the largely redundant canal side. This follows Birmingham City Council’s Eastside Locks master plan which focuses on generating further investment in the city. No1 City Locks provides the perfect opportunity to turn a part of that vision into a reality, and we are delighted to be partnering with Birmingham City University to deliver a significant development which supports the University’s growth agenda.”   The main contractor for the project is John Sisk and Son Ltd and DBK Ltd is providing project management, employers agent and CDMC services.   Property consultancy GVA advised Birmingham City University on the deal, while Mills and Reeve provided legal services.


The project was an existing residential apartment development made up of three separate blocks, situated in West Bay, Dorset. The initial enquiry was made to Q-railing by Morgan Sindall, appointed by Zurich insurance to provide a specification to replace all of the existing badly corroded Mild steel powder coated balustrades. Q-railing worked closely with the BSSA and the Aluminium federation to develop and present a solution to this potentially troublesome specification.

toughened laminated glass, with 316 grade mirror polished flashings. Q-railing worked closely with the residents providing them with sample products. Written statements from material professionals were also obtained to satisfy the insurance company of the high quality and suitability of Q-railing products. The glass specification was also upgraded from 15mm Monolithic toughened glass up to 19mm Monolithic toughened glass and the handrail tied back to the structural columns to ensure maximum safety when hit with extreme winter storms.

The client wanted a guarantee that Q-railing products and more specifically the materials they are made from would withstand the extreme coastal environment they would be subjected to.

Q-railing recommended installer WM Ironwork, worked in partnership with Morgan Sindall to co-ordinate the removal of the existing balustrades with the reinstatement of the new Q-railing systems. keeping potential disruption for the residents to an absolute minimum.

The apartment balconies consisted of Easy GlassÂŽ Slim top mount, MOD 6904 glass clamps with rubber set for 19mm toughened monolithic glass. The Channel was clad both sides using 316 grade mirror polished flashings.

On successful completion of the project, Q-railing Recommended Installer WM Ironwork received a considerate contractor award from the scheme.

The balustrade surrounding the rooftop is the Q-line system, formed in 42.4mm diameter mirror polished tube with MOD 0710 saddles fixing a horizontal rail. 10mm Monolithic toughened glass panels held in place using MOD 22 Glass clamps. For the ground floor Eclipse CafĂŠ, Easy GlassÂŽ 3KN base shoe, top mounted with rubber set for 21.52mm,

West Bay Apartments Dorset

Residential Property, Hamburg, Germany.

EASY GLASS速 SLIM. Q-railing designs and develops innovative, highquality designer stainless steel railing systems and glass balustrades, for maximum transparency coupled with excellent fall protection.

A total of 800 metres of Easy Glass速 Slim were used for the balconies of this luxury apartment building. This frameless system gives unobstructed views of the city of Hamburg.

Pictured is part of a private residential development in Hamburg, Germany.

Q-railing offers a comprehensive range of modular balustrade systems to suit the widest range of aesthetic and loading requirements.

For further information on Easy Glass速 products and to order your new 2014/15 product catalogue call: 01782 711 676 / 0800 781 4245 or email:

22 Stairs, Lifts & Balustrades

BRITISH SPIRALS & CASTINGS MAKES ITS MARK A family run producer of bespoke staircases, balconies and railings is flying the flag for British quality-compliance, by becoming one of the first spiral stair manufacturers to achieve the CE Mark for its products. In achieving the CE (or Conformité Européenne) Mark, Derbyshire based British Spirals & Castings (BS&C) has put itself on the top rung, providing assurance that its manufacturing process meets the highest European standards. The accreditation is a declaration by a manufacturer that its product meets EU safety, environmental and health protection requirements; and it enables the free movement of products within the European market where the harmonised standards apply across all member states. Initially conceived as a voluntary

system under the 1989 Construction Products Directive, CE marking for all construction products became mandatory on 1 July 2013. Marking for fabricated structural steelwork became mandatory under a harmonised European standard (BS EN 1090: Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures) a year later, on 1 July 2014. There are more than 20 EU directives setting out the product categories requiring CE marking. In order to display the Mark a manufacturer has to satisfy itself that its product is in full compliance with the technical requirements of the relevant directive. The company then has a “presumption of conformity”. Each directive specifies whether an authorised third party, a Notified Body, needs to be involved in the assessment procedure - and for BS EN 1090, this is a requirement. The CE mandate represents a major development for manufacturers, who have sole responsibility to ensure

that their products comply with the relevant safety stipulations; so it is surprising that some manufacturers have been ‘slow off the mark’ and seem still to be unaware of the requirement. British Spirals & Castings’ architectural products were independently assessed for conformity by the Steel Construction Certification Scheme, an approved Notified Body for structural steel companies. As the largest manufacturer of bespoke cast balconies and spiral and straight stairs in Europe, BS&C’s success means that, with the assurance of the CE Mark behind it, the company can forge ahead with its European business. For further information please contact: Tel: +44 (0) 1663 750 716 email: Website:



British Spirals & Castings Peak Building, Eccles Road Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak Derbyshire SK23 9RQ T 01663 750716 E

Stannah Xtralifts bring XTraAccess in a va-va-voom car park A pair of Stannah Xtralifts 2.0 has brought bumper access to people of all mobility levels in an exciting new multi-storey car park servicing Chequers Court retail centre in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Part of an ongoing £5m investment in the redevelopment of Huntingdon Town Centre, the 400-space car park, located opposite a supermarket, is a dynamic timber-clad, glassand-concrete structure, with floor slabs, high ceilings, and few cross beams. The duplex pair of 21- person, stretcher passenger lifts are wall mounted within concrete lift shafts in a dedicated scenic glass structure. Traction-driven, the lifts operate at a speed of 1.0m/s between four floors over a distance of 10650mm. Located opposite the stairs, each 21-person passenger lift complements the light, spacious design aesthetic whilst addressing the demanding environment.

The Xtralifts’ oil- and vibrationfree, high-performance, gearless traction drive ensures a smooth ride. The low noise, energy use and running costs are ideal for increased usage and higher travels. Importantly, there is no need for a machine room, as all the necessaries are contained in a small cabinet. Stannah worked with both the customer and project requirements, providing the supply and test of lifting beams and full depth landing architraves for additional robustness to the large passenger lifts. Installing, owning and operating a Stannah Xtralift helps to meet all building standards and regulations, including the

requirements of the Equality Act 2010 – all with the reassurance of 24/7 emergency lift callout and continued lift maintenance by the local East Anglia branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.

24 Stairs, Lifts & Balustrades

Building Homes for Life

The Lifestyle Home Lift has been designed to help people adapt their homes to suit their needs, addressing one of the changing demands in the housing market. The housing market is changing. Empty nesters are staying for longer in their family homes, delaying or even eliminating that ‘final move’ to a bungalow or possibly a retirement village. More and more retirees are choosing to stay where they are rather than relocate. Most of the houses that exist today were not designed with this in mind, and are not equipped to cope with the changing needs of their long-term residents. Narrow hallways and staircases make life difficult for those who develop mobility problems later in life, and this fact is now recognised among architects and developers when building new homes. As a result, we have seen more emphasis placed on building homes for life, with design criteria such as ‘Lifetime Homes’ growing in importance. One of the Lifetime Homes design criteria states that provision should be made in new houses for the

installation of a stair lift or through-floor lift. Terry Lifts’ Lifestyle home lift has been engineered with all of this in mind. Designed especially for the home, it will travel safely and quietly between two floors, enabling people to remain in their homes for longer if the stairs become too much.

Key features • Space-saving & compact • An attractive & less obtrusive alternative to a stair lift • Self-supporting structure meaning no lift shaft & minimal building work • Simple & safe to operate • Can be fitted in almost any home • Meets all the requirements of BS5900:2012 where applicable, including the very important fire protection between floors. For more information, call Terry Lifts on 0800 247 1229, e-mail sales@lifestylelifts. or visit the website at:

Terry Lifts are No.1 Terry Lifts are the only company

independently certificated to the British Standard 5900:2012 and the EU Machinery Directive for a lift travel above 3 metres covering ‘Through the floor fully enclosed Home Lifts’

3 A space-saving lift with a remarkably small footprint for a lift that can carry 2 people with a 250kg capacity

3 Practical & affordable alternative to moving house if the stairs become too much

3 Stylish & elegant with

customisable features and finishes to suit your needs

3 Can be fitted neatly into a corner or against the wall

3 No lift shaft required, so installation is easy with minimal building work

3 30-minute fire protection between

floors whether the lift is in the up or down position - an essential safety feature for a through floor lift

3 Manufactured in Knutsford, Cheshire, meaning short lead times and reliable national service and spares support

To find out more and request a brochure contact us:

0800 247 1811 email: web: tel:

Terry Group Ltd., Longridge Trading Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8PR

26 Project Case Study

BEHIND THE SCENES: A Unique Kitchen for Top Lond

We are thrilled to share with you some images from a recently completed kitchen in a Lon with subtle detailing and highlights of functional sculpture, in what was a very challenging We started by studying the lines of sight through the building to ensure the best possible connection between the kitchen, dining table and living area whilst maintaining views out across the mature garden. This was ultimately achieved by ingeniously protruding the kitchen out into the living area on a plinth, which we curved to soften its impact on the space. On the back of this curved section we purposefully placed a raised breakfast bar so as to bring some informal seating to the fringes of the working area and blur the boundaries of the zones. This effect is reinforced by the stepped levels of the counter, which fall away from the centre in terraces down towards the living area, going with the natural flow of the space.

Having set up the geometry of a curve at one end, it was then continued through the rest of the kitchen which breaks up the rectangular room and provides the benefit of additional space at the far end to conceal a much needed walk-in broom cupboard. In a continued effort to avoid long, straight runs, we offset the high level cabinetry around the cooking so that it fans out from the centre point of the curved cabinetry. As well as its aesthetic benefits, this arrangement allows for shallower depth of cabinets overhead when cooking but gives the greater depth required for a larder and wine cooler at the ends.

don Restaurateur

ndon townhouse. It was an ambitious project that commanded masterful space planning, g space set over two levels. Splinter Works are always very keen to incorporate some sculptural element to the kitchen and the island is usually a good place to do this. It can be integrated into the functionality of the space without having to conform to the aesthetics; allowing for a backdrop of more conventional cabinetry. This project was no exception, but the room was always an awkward width; too narrow for a conventional island, yet too wide to be left open. With the clients’ interest in cooking, we wanted to include a permanent, generous-sized preparation area with a large chopping board and so, over a series of conversations, the idea of a chopping board that was a sculpture in its own right took hold. In this case, the staves of wood that make up the chopping surface continue down towards the floor, some making it all the way, morphing into legs.

The clients’ desire was always to be very modern but with an inviting homeliness that is lacking in many minimal designs. This was achieved by using a reduced palette of materials that balances the warm texture of oak with crisp white Corian, and the soft tone of grey quartz stone with the harder glint of stainless steel. The palette was layered to allow the Oak interiors to punctuate the predominately white fascia of Corian at the plinths, and in the handles where, to reduce the number of door handles, we peeled the Corian back to reveal the oak laminates of the door. The mood was further lifted with the restrained use of a bright red accent in the lighting and seat covers.


THE UK’S LEADING CONTEMPORARY HOME SHOW, GRAND DESIGNS LIVE, RETURNS TO LONDON’S EXCEL THIS MAY Grand Designs Live, London Excel, 2 – 10 May 2015 The UK’s leading contemporary home show, Grand Designs Live, sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements, returns to the London ExCeL by popular demand for its 11th year running from the 2nd – 10th May 2015. As the ultimate destination for home owners and self-builders, e x h i b i t o r s will showcase industry’s most innovative ideas and products across the nine day show, offering visitors the chance to plan, buy, build and furnish a house all under one roof. The following show sections have been confirmed for Grand Designs Live London 2015: Grand Build, Grand Interiors, Grand Kitchens, Grand Bathrooms, Grand Village, Grand Technology and Grand Gardens In addition, Grand Designs Live London can reveal the following show highlights: •

Ask An Expert, sponsored by Express Bi-folding Doors, promises to offer aspiring developers, and those undertaking a home improvement, build or renovation venture, specialist advice to assist with getting their own Grand Designs project underway

For the eco-conscious visitor, Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes will showcase show ambassador Kevin McCloud’s hand-picked selection of the most impressive eco-innovations and technologies; aiming to improve housing and our way of living

‘The Green House’ – Grand Technology, new for 2015, the Green House is an interactive walk through experience, showing the latest innovative gadgets and eco technology, as well as lighting designs and systems for the home

The Grand Designs Eco Trail will feature highlights of those exhibitors that have eco or sustainable build products, making it easier for visitors with an interest in eco-friendly innovations to seamlessly navigate through the show to discover the products that matter to them

The Grand Kitchens feature, sponsored by Miele, will boast a unique interactive cookery demonstration stage, a kitchen design seminar stage, a private consultation area for visitors to receive expert advice on their kitchen

projects as well as a display of the winning kitchen design finalists. Visitor are also given the opportunity to see celebrity guests take on the ‘Celebrity Cook Along’ •

A new Grand Kitchens feature this year is the Miele Live Kitchen Seminar Stage, which will host a busy schedule of kitchen design talks. These are set to include kitchen design, technology in the kitchen, trends and materials, colour and much more

The Garden Design Competition – is set to run at the London show for the third time in the Grand Gardens section, sponsored by Hydropool. The competition will see entrants submit a garden design based on ‘Encouraging Wildlife in your garden’. The competition gives an opportunity for garden designers and landscapers who are interested in boosting their profile to showcase their skills and their designs at the show

The Grand Village promises to showcase best-in-class innovation as seen on Channel 4: ‘Grand Designs’, featuring eco homes by Natural Building Live and Easy Domes, each demonstrating unique sustainable building techniques, and offering hands-on activities for visitors

The Grand Theatre, sponsored by Airflow, will host a ‘Meet the Grand Designer’ seminar each day of the show, featuring a celebrity host alongside a couple or family from the recent Grand Designs series, talking through the challenges of their build project. The Theatre will also feature topical debates and talks as well as addressing local planning and building issues with a range of experts and guest speakers including: Kevin McCloud, George Clarke, Wayne Hemingway, Dan Hopwood, Sophie Robinson, Charlie Luxton, Lucy Hedges, Jo Hamilton and James Alexander Sinclair

This year Grand Interiors will feature the Grand Designs Live Interiors Theatre, which will host a series of talks regarding home decorating, and interiors roomsets, for home inspiration

Bathrooms & Washrooms 29

Lakes Bathrooms launches new site for mobile web November 2014 - Shower specialist Lakes Bathrooms has launched a brand new website with a fully responsive design to adapt to mobile and small screen formats.

According to Lakes Bathrooms, its investment in a new website is intended to improve accessibility for portable and wireless device visitors. Last year saw the landmark switch when internet access via mobile outweighed traditional access via fixed line services on laptops and desktop computers (at certain times of the day). This change in traffic routing meant that Lakes Bathrooms reviewed the usability of its site and chose to adopt a fully responsive design.

Introducing the new site, sales and marketing director, Clive Organ, commented, “Our statistical data gives us a clear indication on the browsing preferences of visitors and we’ve used this insight to completely redevelop our web presence. The site not only serves our UK customers, but also offers a gateway to our new US retail business and our international wholesale division. It’s designed to provide the best possible experience for customers browsing for products, plus it offers an immediate route for our trade customers to access a wide range of support.” Whilst Lakes Bathrooms is understandably enthusiastic about its new site, it also explains that the site will be continually evolving and there’s a plan to further develop various aspects. New features include social media sharing via its news page, whilst favoured options such as the stockist locator have been retained. Summarising the appeal of its new site, Clive Organ concluded, “The new site has been designed to be responsive, flexible and effortless to use, whatever the platform that visitors choose to access from. We believe that it will play an important part in introducing consumers to our products and this design refresh is focused entirely on improving the user’s journey.”

A New Collection of

Thermostatic Mixer


■ Stylish looks and attractively priced ■ High performance TMV2 approvals where applicable ■ Up to 5 year guaranteed products The MX Group* Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JF. Tel: 01684 293311

Atmos Options

*Marleton Cross Limited Trading as The MX Group

The new site not only responds to the viewing screen, but is said to offer much wider choice for product selection, categorised not only by Collection, but also allowing visitors to browse based on space available and shape or type preference.


Bathrooms & Washrooms


Saracen Interiors has completed refurbishment work for global leader in the design and manufacture of metal detection, checkweighing and X-ray inspection systems, Loma Systems at its UK headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire. The national workplace consultant is expected to manage any further maintenance work for Loma using its knowledge of the building, derived from the work it has carried out to-date. The refurbishment project covered the installation of new toilets on all floors, including disabled facilities, two shower cubicles, new lighting and security systems and work to the exterior of the building comprising of the installation of new safety barriers, signage, lamp posts and CCTV.     Derek Sale, european service director for Loma Systems comments: “The team at Saracen impressed us with its thorough and professional approach during the refurbishment project and we are looking forward to continuing to work with the group as maintenance issues arise going forward. We have worked with them in this capacity previously and they have proven to be most reliable. It’s good to be able to work with a company that has a working knowledge of the building and its facilities and that operates with the satisfaction of the end user in mind.”   Joint managing director of Saracen Interiors, Michael Page is delighted to continue the working relationship

with Loma: “We sell ourselves on our broad understanding of workplaces, from building design to housekeeping, and we are now taking on a bigger, all encompassing role with the majority of our clients as they recognise the validity in using us to both support and supplement the job of the facilities manager, taking responsibility for the care and upkeep of any given building. “As our knowledge ranges from the design and functionality of the building to the mechanical and electrical services, we can take a hands on approach, providing a reliable service both inside and outside of established office hours.” Saracen tailors its facilities management packages, through its dedicated FM division, to suit each individual customer. Its extensive care and management services cover air conditioning, ventilation, heating, fire safety, maintenance, repair, plumbing, security and cleaning.   Recent clients include Yum Restaurants International, Paragon Community Housing Group, TE Connectivity, Aspect Property Group, Flight Safety, CH2M Hill, Countrywide PLC, Knight Frank, Mitie Engineering, Pizza Hut, Redrow, Soccer World, Thames Water, Toshiba, Trident Trust, Viatel, BAE Systems, Sue Ryder Care, Sandhurst School, North Surrey Primary Care Trust, Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospital NHS Trust.   For further information on Saracen Interiors log on to

A Touch of Morocco Tadelakt Polished Plaster

Wet Rooms




Feature Walls

A beautiful, tactile and waterproof alternative to tiles. Tadelakt lime plasters are available naturally in white, or can be supplied in an full range of traditional colours. Contact Mike Wye & Associates Ltd for guidance on application (including a new DVD for 2015), practical courses and sales.

01409 281644

32 Security & Fire Protection

The NEW Externally Mounted Fire Suppression Control System Firebreaker is the ONLY externally mounted fire suppression control system available on the market. This truly innovative product is mains fed and can be attached onto a property or industrial unit, both for new build and retrospective fitting. Extremely cost effective, Firebreaker is easily installed, removes the need for unsightly and expensive tanks and water storage units and can be boosted if required. Firebreaker removes the need for the sprinkler control system to be installed inside a property, offering easy access for fire crews and regular maintenance. Due to a change in legislation in Wales, the Welsh Assembly states that it is compulsory to install sprinkler systems into new homes. This legislation is sure to spread across the UK. Therefore the Welsh Assembly, Regional and Local Government as well as Fire Services and housing stock holders are all seeking cost effective and accessible means of adding safety to home designs in a cost effective manner. Developed with water industry approved components, Firebreaker is compliant with Water and Building Regulations and the

Memorandum of Understanding between Water UK and the Fire / Rescue Services (December 2013). Firebreaker Systems is a member of BAFSA. T: 01449 673 451 E: W:

Security & Fire Protection 33

SIX SIMPLE STEPS TO SMOKE ALARM SPECIFICATION Aico is pleased to announce the launch of its next generation Smoke Alarm Specification Selector for producing a robust pre-written specification of its market leading Smoke, Heat and Multi-Sensor alarms. Located in the ‘Specifier & Architects’ section of Aico’s website (, the new Smoke Alarm Specification Selector is easier than ever to use and now comes with many added features for improved specification. A redesigned, modern interface with clear, easy to understand graphics is one of the first things visitors to the new Smoke Alarm Specification Selector will notice. The new graphics display a cross-section view of typical property layouts, including the various alarm and system options within the property as selected during the steps in the Selector. If the user wants more information on the choices within a step they can click on the information symbol for a brief description of that choice. The Smoke Alarm Specification Selector has six easy to follow stages, guiding the user through property type and number of storeys, levels of fire protection, choice of alarm power and back up supply, alarm sensor types (including Aico’s unique Multi-Sensor) and the choice of hard-wired or RadioLINK wireless alarm interconnection. The latter step includes a short information video explaining the benefits of RadioLINK RF technology for those unfamiliar with it. In this latest version of the Specification Selector, a further step has been added to the process to allow for accessories to be incorporated into the system; unique to Aico, these include an Alarm Controller to test and control alarms, a Relay to trigger Warden Call, A Sprinkler Trigger Input Module, as well as an Alarm for the Hearing Impaired.

Aico Ltd

tel: 01691 664 100 email: web:

At each stage the property graphic changes to reflect the choices made, showing the areas of the property that will be covered with alarms, the alarm types that will be fitted in each of the areas and where accessories will be installed. Content has also been expanded within the new Smoke Alarm Specification Selector to incorporate all new Aico products and to allow for a wider range of property layouts, such as open plan designs and loft conversions. The Specification Selector allows the user to make informed decisions throughout the process, with a professional pre-written specification in Word format available to download at the end of the process.

34 Security & Fire Protection

NEW FIRST RESPONDER STATIONS ENHANCES SITE HEALTH & SAFETY Bull Products, the leaders in site safety products, has launched a ground-breaking new range of First Responder Stations to improve health and safety provision at construction sites, factories and warehouses. There are three First Responder Stations available: a Fire Point Centre, a Spill Control Centre and a First Aid Centre, all of which are trolley based mobile units. The new products have evolved from Bull Products’ proven range of fire points and safety display stands and feature attractively designed and functional sealed cabinets. Moulded from tough rota-moulded plastic with brightly coloured doors, these cabinets house the fire extinguishers in the Fire Point Centre, the spill absorbents in the Spill Control Centre and the first aid kit in the First Aid Centre. All cabinets protect the contents from the weather, have clear windows for visual inspection of contents and also have anti-tamper pins for the cabinet latches to prevent misuse. Bull Products’ Marketing Director, Brad Markham commented, “We were pleased to work with our customers on the development of these First Responder Stations. As well as fulfilling their intended purpose efficiently, the new stations contain everything needed in a compact and attractive package, instantly improving the users’ health and safety image on-site. Corporate branding is available to enhance this further.” Finished in red, the Fire Point Centre features a CE approved fire alarm for complete site-wide evacuation, a fire plan showing routes to assembly area and fire extinguishers housed in the cabinet below. The first aid alert bleeps intermittently every 8 seconds and is easily distinguished from the fire alarm. The emergency Spill Control Centre, for the first time formalises the availability of spill products on-site - until now many spill products would be located near or under equipment and not visible in an emergency. In its bright yellow livery, the Spill Control Centre is highly conspicuous to all in an emergency. The centre carries a panel giving spill advice and a list of the complete contents contained in the spill kit cabinet. Identified in green, the First Aid Centre is a comprehensive stand-alone unit carrying at its base a sealed first aid kit cabinet which can also store an automated external defibrillator. Above this is an easily accessible eye-wash station for fast response plus a first aid alert alarm which connects to Bull Products’ Cygnus wireless alarm system and notifies first aiders immediately of an accident. The Cygnus alarm panel will record any activation of first aid alert and has a downloadable history log for monitoring site accidents. A separate panel is provided to clearly show the names of the first aiders on site. All of the First Responder Stations are fully customisable to customer requirements by Bull Products as a free of charge service. Customers can for example, choose individual signage, emergency plans, branding, types of extinguishers, alarm types, and cabinet types. Bull Products will then provide a full specification and a mock-up sample unit of the customer’s bespoke First Responder Station. Further information on the First Responder Stations is available from Bull Products on 0844 669 1111, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at Bull Products is supported by Vantage PR

Secuirty & Fire Protection 35

Scantronic and Menvier Wireless Security Eaton’s Security business is now firmly positioned as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security equipment for all types of commercial and residential premises. The company’s Scantronic and Menvier ranges of multi-zone hardwired, wireless and hybrid intruder systems, digital and voice communicators, access control and detectors have been synonymous with quality since the 1970s and are firm favourites of architects, installers and end users alike. The Scantronic i-on and Menvier ranges have taken wireless systems to a whole new level with incredible reliability, long battery life and transmission and reception ranges in excess of 4km. Operating to ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental standards, Eaton’s Security business is committed to excellence in every aspect of its operation. This is exemplified in its exhaustive in-house testing procedures, which ensure that any product carries out the function it was designed for according to the parameters stated in UK and European standards for alarm systems, such as EN 50131, PD 6662:2010 and BS 8243:2010. The company is also unique in its commitment to having its products independently tested, verified and approved by some of Europe’s most stringent third-party testing laboratories. This ensures that the product’s claims are substantiated – offering customers unrivalled peace of mind. Its other credentials include approval by the British Standards Institute (BSI) as a manufacturer of security equipment and membership of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

For further information, please email Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges. Eaton is a power management company with 2013 sales of $22.0 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 103,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit

36 Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Kawneer systems set to star on university centrepiece Glazing systems by Kawneer will feature in De Montfort University’s new Fletcher Complex.

Teleflex operated, and series 190 heavy-duty commercial entrance doors throughout the tower refurbishment and extensive new-build elements which will replace the Fletcher low-rise buildings.

Leading architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer has been awarded one of its largest contracts to date - a state of the art new complex at the heart of De Montfort University’s (DMU) Leicester campus.

The latter include a “sunwah”, a facetted on plan, outward-sloping “pod” which protrudes from the main building. Incorporated within the curtain walling on this are automated parallel opening windows and bottom-hung open-in ventilators.

The new Fletcher Complex will be an impressive base for the internationally-renowned schools of Fashion and Textiles, Art, Design and Architecture, with sector-leading teaching facilities that will help DMU to be one of the foremost providers of creative higher education in the UK.

The Kawneer elements will be installed by approved specialist sub-contractor APiC UK for main contractor Balfour Beatty, with full completion due in the summer of 2016.

The extensive plans by CPMG Architects will add extra break-out areas for students, utilise the university’s proximity to the River Soar, and significantly improve the existing centrepiece Fletcher Tower, a city landmark dating back to the 1960s when it was described as “truly revolutionary”. Kawneer’s AA®100 zone-drained curtain walling will be complemented by AA®720 tophung casement windows, a large amount being

The proposals form a critical phase in DMU’s long-term plan, built around an ambitious £136million vision to re-connect the city centre to the waterfront by creating a series of linked public open spaces through the De Montfort campus. The design focuses on visual vibrancy and creating a refreshing and dynamic environment. Features will include atrium spaces with open galleries to maximise views between floors and departmental areas, along with sculpture podiums and catwalks as an external forum for exhibition.

Floors, Walls, & Ceilings 37

The Underfloor Heating Store If you’re planning a new build, extension or major refurbishment on your property it may be the perfect time to seriously consider underfloor heating as an efficient way to heat your home. Underfloor heating is not a new concept, it’s been around since the Roman times. In Scandinavia 80% of homes are already heated by underfloor heating and the UK market is catching up fast. It’s no surprise that underfloor heating is growing in popularity. It’s relatively cheap to install, economical to run and with little maintenance required. It also frees up wall space, normally dedicated to radiators, and can now be installed under virtually any type of floor. It’s generally considered to be a more eco-friendly option than radiators too, because of the way it heats the space.

efficient even heat distribution The radiant form of underfloor heating with even heat distribution is far more comfortable and efficient than the convected heat provided by radiators, which draws cold air across the floor, heating it and then convecting it upwards towards the ceiling. We are the country’s leading online supplier of underfloor heating, wet rooms, solar PV systems and air source heat pumps. Our qualified technical team have the expertise to design and quote a system directly from your drawings. As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of underfloor heating we are proud to offer the best brands, at the lowest prices. Our client base ranges from architects, large scale builders and developers to local tile companies, individual tradesmen and self builders. We have supplied and installed 1000’s of systems nationwide, have worked with a variety of well known architects and property developers and have experienced coverage in the national press as well as appearing on Channel 4’s “The Home Show” and BBC’s “DIY SOS”. Our fully functioning showroom offers buyers the opportunity to examine each type of heating system in a realistic environment. We have cut-away examples of every type of underfloor heating system to illustrate the easy installation methods.

We have a wide range of thermostats and controls on display including fully networked systems that can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet. If you would like to have a look at our range of underfloor heating products, installed under various floor coverings, pop down, you’ll find us more than happy to help. A technical advisor is always available to talk, so feel free to stop by for a coffee. We’re based near London within easy access to the M25 - well worth a visit! All our products are in stock and are sent direct from our purpose-built 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Essex which ensures our free next day delivery policy. Our sales team are fully qualified electricians and plumbers and are able to provide full detailed quotations within 24 hours from your supplied drawings or plans. Our in-depth knowledge of structural sub floors, floor coverings and different installation methods makes us the industry’s leading experts in both water and electric underfloor heating systems.

who we work with Architects We understand that detail is important, which is why you can expect one of our experienced and dedicated Technical Account Managers to develop ideas and work things through with you at all times, from initial planning through to final installation. Housebuilders & Contractors Having worked with many prestigious housebuilders and contractors nationwide, we understand the need for reliable underfloor heating and the expectation of successful installations to be delivered on time and within budget. Installers We’ve been supplying trade installers direct to site with competitively priced and fully designed underfloor heating systems for years. Our innovative, tried and tested product range and system design experience will ensure we deliver the right solutions for all your projects, every time.


The existing building had originally been mostly clad in an aluminium curtain walling system which was very tired and required replacement. Only the concrete structure could be retained, with the existing floor to ceiling heights and structural elements providing challenges to the design team.


urtain walling and doors by leading aluminium systems supplier Kawneer were specified for a refurbished landmark building for their quality, architectural detailing and technical support. Kawneer’s AA®100 zone-drained curtain walling and series 190 heavyduty commercial entrance doors were selected by Stride Treglown Architects for Eastleigh House, the £8.3million new offices for 350 members of staff of Eastleigh Borough Council in Hampshire.

Kawneer Helps Transform Council Offices Glazing by Kawneer features on refurbished offices for a local authority.

Kawneer’s glazing features on a new bright and naturally-lit double-height “glass box” at the front of the building for the ground-floor customer service centre and café for informal meetings between council staff and the public, and breakout space and meeting rooms at the upper floors. It was installed over nine months by approved specialist sub-contractor Aluminium Sashes for main contractor Balfour Beatty. The council’s former offices in Leigh Road were in urgent need of repair, too large for the number of staff and not as accessible as the new ones in a 5,100m2 1970s office building on Upper Market Street in the town centre where the ground floor of five floors provided vehicular access and undercroft parking.

The undercroft has been filled in to create much-needed additional floor space for the new customer service centre and café. Surrounding public space has also been improved and enhances the overall appearance of its key city centre location. Stride Treglown senior associate architect Cora Kwiatkowski said: “The transformation of the building is astonishing. “Eastleigh Borough Council was looking for an innovative, creative and sustainable design and using passive environmental principles such as PV panels, energy-efficient lighting and much improved insulation and air tightness, the building offers simple, well-designed, low-energy workspace, a high level of sustainability and already achieved a BREEAM “Excellent” rating at design stage. “We specified the Kawneer products for their good quality materials, architectural details and helpful technical support. All of our criteria for the curtain walling was met. It interfaces very well with the other materials – render and coloured glass panels as well as the protruding aluminium panels used as part of the curtain walling.” Stride Treglown regularly specify Kawneer systems on a variety of projects in the commercial, education and healthcare sectors. Cora said: “As Kawneer is a leading supplier of architectural systems and curtain walling we regularly approach them for advice.” Council leader Keith House added: “Staff are delighted by their new surroundings and it will also be a much more welcoming environment for our residents, businesses and visitors alike.”

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GREAT SUCCESS OF NEW ARRAY CARPET COLOURS! The trend towards colourful carpet and research showing how certain colours motivate and inspire the workforce has contributed towards a huge increase in demand for the exciting new colours to the Array range from Heckmondwike FB. The leading commercial fibre bonded carpet manufacturer added six exciting new colours to its Array carpet tile range six months ago and has seen particularly strong demand for its Emerald and Violet colourways for public and private sector office refurbishments. Heckmondwike FB’s Marketing Manager, Abby Chandler, explains: “The Array range has had a tremendous response since we launched the new colours this spring. Designers have been able to create some truly inspirational commercial interiors with the wide range of colours available and it is fantastic to see workplaces being totally transformed and reinvigorated. Research has shown how colour in the workplace can have an impact on productivity and these stunning new colours are taking design in carpet tiles to a whole new level.” The six latest additions to the Array range included Copper, Marble, Peacock, Violet, Emerald and Fuchsia, which brought the number of options within the Array range to 12.

These colourways were chosen to reflect current trends in furniture design and seating, which has enhanced the appeal of Array for even more public and private sector commercial projects. Heckmondwike FB’s heavy contract Array carpet tiles feature a mid-width rib design, with a charcoal background enhanced with a subtle linear pattern. This stylish design co-ordinates perfectly with the company’s Broadrib carpet tiles in a complementary solid shade to provide a stunning effect and endless creative design possibilities. As part of Heckmondwike FB’s Creative Flooring range, Array represents the perfect opportunity for specifiers, designers and flooring contractors to create individual designs for a wide variety of commercial flooring applications. Being able to add this element of high design creates a fusion between the floor and furniture. Like all Heckmondwike’s products, Array carpet tiles can be cut on-site without the risk of fraying and this allows individual flooring designs to be created and installed with ease. Array carpet tiles are British-made and provide outstanding performance, as well as being backed by a 10 year limited wear warranty, which means they can be specified in complete confidence. In common with the rest of Heckmondwike FB’s collection, Array carpet tiles offer antistatic and anti-slip performance, excellent acoustic properties to help reduce noise levels, as well as offering excellent thermal performance. Sample cards for Array and Broadrib are available on request by calling +44 [0] 1924 406161 or visiting the website

40 Lighting & Electrical Appliances

HIGH-END OFFICES EQUIPPED WITH LUXONIC’S ADVANCED CHILLED BEAM LUMINAIRES The development of a high-end building in London has been installed with 900 of Luxonic Lighting’s chilled beam luminaires. One Pancras Square is a part of the King’s Cross development and accommodates offices over eight floors, including the new head office for French Fashion designers Louis Vuitton. The Grade A office building has been rated BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ and is installed with the latest technology to minimise environmental impact and reduce running costs for its occupiers. Widely regarded as the most space and energy efficient method of heating and cooling a building, the chilled beam systems increase the design and sustainable potential of projects. Luxonic’s Airlux is a range of satin lensed small nose cone luminaires that have been specifically developed for seamless integration into chilled beam structures to provide controllable light outputs that achieve the optimum lit environment. The Airlux range has been adopted for passive and active multi-service chilled beam systems (MSCBs) across a variety of projects but most notably in commercial office developments. Supplied as a standard with DALI dimmable control gear, the satin lens provide asymmetric upward and downward light to large open offices areas while eliminating uncomfortable glare. Available with square edged and bullnose lens versions, the Airlux is versatile to accommodate the specific requirements for design led projects. The Airlux luminaires have been used on MSCBs in fit outs of many commercial

office developments which benefit extensively from the integration of low energy lighting with the air conditioning and heating services of the chilled beams. The innovative technologies used to create the various chilled beams aim to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort for the occupants by lowering the potential for draughts and cutting out the intrusive noise and using Luxonic’s efficient Airlux luminaires adds to the savings. The Airlux luminaires have been a popular choice for MSCB installations in commercial office projects such as One Pancras Square, primarily for its efficient lighting distribution as well as sustainability. The advanced technology of the Airlux is well matched to the environmental credentials of the building development. As a part of a two million sq ft cluster of office buildings, One Pancras Square is on the doorstep of Kings Cross and St Pancras train stations as well as having great accessibility to the London Underground, with an entrance situated within the building itself. Pancras Square has an immense range of cafes and shops as well as a public leisure centre and library making it the perfect place for office workers to have lunch, socialise and relax. Further information is available from Luxonic Lighting on 01256 363090, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at Luxonic Lighting is supported by Vantage PR

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Outdoor LED lighting with a designer edge LED lighting should now be the norm, there’s no excuse for fitting energy-guzzling CFL, halogen and even incandescent bulbs in our schools, offices, public buildings or homes. All the options you need should be readily available from your favourite local wholesaler. One of the names you are most likely to hear when you enquire at the wholesalers about LED outdoor lighting with LEDs, is NIGHTeye from Timeguard, the firm that has consistently led the way with its combinations of innovative design, superior quality and fast-fix convenience.

Design The original ultra-compact pan-and-tilt Timeguard LED NIGHTeyes broke the mould and were a completely new concept in outdoor lighting design. Small and yet remarkably powerful, these floodlights are compact and stylish enough to be used anywhere. A range of more business-like looking LED floodlights followed, with precision- designed lenses and reflector plates to ensure that the light that is emitted is not only diffused and more pleasing to the eye, but also give more comprehensive coverage for security. The polycarbonate casing and easy wiring, make these lights an installers’ favourite. However, successful as the first NIGHTeyes were, the market soon let it be known that nothing is ever going to displace the original, traditional bulkhead design altogether. So then Timeguard designed new LED bulkhead lights that are compact, strong and attractive. The latest addition sees the addition of New super slim options to the range. Made from solid die-cast metal with polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance, they are tough enough for industrial and commercial installations and benefit from the even light pattern as do other models in the NIGHTeye range, thanks to the layout of the individual diodes behind the frosted light-diffusing lenses.

Quality and reliability The quality of light emitted by LEDs can vary between the stark glare of a light which is no more than an array of LED ‘dots’ and the pleasing output from units with lenses designed to create a more gentle, diffused light, as with the NIGHTeye range. Of course an LED lamp requires a lot more than the diodes – there is also a driver which needs to be suitable to last the intended life of the product and a heat sink to dissipate the heat produced and the all-important PIR detectors. The quality of these components is as important as that of the diode in building a long-lasting product. For instance, relatively few of the PIRs on the market are actually rated to switch LEDs which, despite their low rating, do generate a significant spike in switching – be sure to check these ratings. All the information you need should be on the box. . Some LED lamps do not even have proper cooling fins. Very cheap is rarely very cheerful. The most economical lighting of all is the lighting made from quality components which can be fitted and forgotten, and that usually means a trusted brand name like Timeguard. Check out the whole range at

42 Project Case Study

Banbury & Bicester College Activate Learning, an educational organisation based in Oxford, comprising three FE colleges, two technical colleges and a marketing consulting company, has refurbished its Banbury and Bicester College campus, utilising LED lighting supplied by Zeta Specialist Lighting. The Challenge As part of an ongoing refurbishment project, Activate Learning commenced a competitive tender process for the supply and installation of new lighting for three key areas within Banbury and Bicester College. The college wished to smarten up the main corridor linking the main reception area with the classrooms; a ‘gaming’ area for students, as well as the IT learning room. The brief to potential suppliers included a requirement for energy-efficient lighting solutions that would reduce the college’s energy bills, and one that would lessen the workload of the college’s maintenance team - it was key that the recommended products were

long lasting and required little or minimal ongoing maintenance. The Solution Zeta Specialist Lighting was selected as the preferred supplier on the basis that their proposal met the brief. “Zeta’s recommended solution was both competitive and cost-effective,” said Facilities Manager Bridget Richardson. “We especially wanted a product that would save on maintenance and as Zeta’s LEDs have a long life, we were happy that our maintenance team wouldn’t be continually up and down ladders changing them.” In the main corridor Zeta supplied and installed seventeen Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels which provide high performance, attractive LED lighting. These were supplied with eight Zeta Emergency Kits - providing emergency back-up and supplying over three hours of emergency mode lighting, at an ultra-low 5W. A further twelve Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels were surface mounted in the gaming area again providing superior light at a fraction of the cost of the legacy lighting. The

Project Case Study 43

third area to be revitalised was the IT learning room and here Zeta supplied eight surface mounted Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels. Key benefits With a thickness of only 7mm, the ultra slim design allows for easy installation and offers an enhanced aesthetic appearance once in-situ. Plus Zeta’s Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels are available in bespoke sizes and either as surface mounted or recessed luminaries. For the college, this meant that the panels were created in a variety of sizes suited to each individual area; so for example within the main corridor each of the panels was 600x600mm in size and the IT room was fitted with eight 1200x300mm surface mounted ultra slim panels. The Ultra Slim Ceiling Panels also give off more light and use significantly less power than florescent tubes. A standard florescent tube has an average rated life of 15,000 hrs while Zeta’s LED ultra slim panels last for 50,000 hours (average rated life). This means that the college will benefit from reduced energy bills, something that was integral to their requirements and it’s estimated that they will achieve an annual cost saving of around 50%.

“Zeta provided us with a first class service. The pre-sales consultation, speed of installation and attention to detail was fantastic. The new lighting has transformed the college and we were delighted with the fact the solution exactly met our brief. We have reduced the burden on the maintenance burden as well as benefitted from lower energy bills.” Bridget Richardson, Facilities Manager

44 Drainage

Durable, Economical and Ecological The new SL Aluminium Rainwater System from Yeoman Rainguard.

Yeoman Rainguard have added to their wide choice of rainwater systems the new SL Aluminium range. Aimed at house builders and developers the SL Range has been designed with economics in mind being priced competitively enough to be considered as an alternative to a less substantial PVC rainwater system. Manufactured from 2mm thick aluminium finished in a polyester powder coating means that SL’s gutters and downpipes will not be affected by the bleaching effect of the sun guaranteeing colour fastness ensuring the SL Aluminium rainwater system will stay looking pristine for longer and will require no painting, replacement or maintenance for the foreseeable future. “We want our clients to be able to offer their home buyers added value to their properties.” Explained Yeoman Rainguard Director, Phil Christopher. “Purchasing a house that has a Yeoman Rainguard SL Aluminium system in place assures that the homeowner will not have to be bothered with the up keep, repair or maintenance of the gutters and downpipes for many years with an important additional benefit of a stylish, quality finish to the exterior of their home.” The developer can also be on the winning end of the new Yeoman Rainguard SL Aluminium rainwater system. Due to its easy jointing method significant time can be saved on the fixing procedure.

“The SL Aluminium guttering is jointed together using a push fix method requiring no mechanical fixings at all. We feel that for a housing developer this will offer great advantages in the speed of installation on multiple house sites.” Said Phil Christopher. The new SL Aluminium system is also ecologically sound having very low impact on the environment due to being up to 95% recyclable with its robust and long life properties minimising the need for replacement. For further details visit call 0113 2795854 or email

Add value to your new build A prestige product that will enhance any building, corrosion resistant and very, very low maintenance.

NEaW nge SL R

Gutter 2.0mm Aluminium  Polyester Powder Coated 

Full range of components

Stainless Steel Fixings  Compatible with all below ground drainage 

When you’ve specified quality material throughout your project, why stop at your rainwater system? The NEW SL range, gives you all the quality of aluminium with it’s lightweight, corrosion resistant and low maintenance properties without blowing the budget.

And of course it’s 100% recyclable!

Easy Fix. Available in 100mm & 75mm Dia. Pipe and 125 x 100mm MOG or 125 x 75mm HR gutters.

For more information call 0113 279 5854 or email

46 Editor’s Choice

New Drain and Pipe Clearing

Service Software Website Today Marks the Official Launch of JobLogic’s Drain and Pipe Clearing Service Software Drain and pipe cleaning services are often the unseen service that many people overlook. JobLogic have chosen the 150th anniversary year of Britain’s first sewer system to announce the launch of http://www., a website dedicated to drainage companies working in both industrial and residential environments. Key to the success of drainage companies is their ability to react quickly to emergencies. With JobLogic’s service management diary, it’s easy for companies to see at a glance the availability of their field workers. With JobLogic’s tools, the service manager can add jobs to the engineer’s diary and deploy them, at which point the engineer will be notified and can accept the job complete with any notes or attachments they need to see before they start work. Notifications include complete job sheets which without JobLogic service tracking software, would require the engineer to return to the office; wasting valuable time.

Once the job has been completed, the engineer can attach photographs of the job and any documentation completed on site will also be attached to the job. All of these documents can be made instantly available to your back office staff. The updated job sheet becomes available in the back office complete with a timesheet for the engineer which was captured electronically as he moved through the process. Because there is also the facility to raise invoices using JobLogic and the ability to create exports to your financial package, your service manager can send invoices on the same day. With its commitment to the entire service industry in the UK, JobLogic have made sure that they did not overlook the drainage industry and have signposted this commitment by launching a website dedicated to the industry. With an integrated system from logging to invoicing now being actively marketed to the industry, it won’t be long before the profitability of drain and pipe cleaners is increased dramatically.

Drainage 47

Sustainable Drainage Infrastructure for Cambridge Homes Expansion Building a sustainable drainage infrastructure for a development providing 1000s of new homes to serve the expanding Cambridge conurbation has delivered important lessons for housebuilders as they prepare for new regulations for SuDS in England and Wales – whilst demonstrating that the solution for every site must be individual. Following an £8 million infrastructure investment by Countryside Properties on the former farmland, over half of the development remains open space with a generous green corridor running through the site. Four large SuDS ponds form part of the open space, each providing a different type of amenity and ecology as part of a strategic drainage plan. Known as Great Kneighton, the development will provide 2,536 homes together with a 120 acre country park and a community square that will host essential facilities and services including a new community / health centre, library, shops, offices, new primary and secondary schools and a transport hub. From the earliest stages of planning, minimising environmental impact and providing public amenity value was a priority for the former Green Belt land and the resulting site will have extensive mature tree planting, playing fields and community allotments. Consulting Engineers URS developed the drainage strategy and URS’ Tracey Neal is keen to stress that ground conditions and topography meant the drainage solution developed was very unique to the needs of the site: “Every site is individual and that puts different characteristics and demands on the surface water strategy, “ says Neal. “Like much of Cambridgeshire, the site is extremely flat. It has a very high water table and a band of clay with some sands running under much of the site just a metre below ground level. “Consequently, an assumption of 60% impermeable area for the development parcels was used. The drainage strategy therefore had little opportunity to use infiltration as part of the solution and there was no option but to discharge the majority of the surface water offsite.” “Developing a drainage solution was quite a challenge as it is so flat in all directions and the water falls in a very flat gradation,” adds Nigel Borrell, Senior Technical Manager for Countryside Properties. “We therefore ended up dividing the site into 4 separate stormwater drainage catchments. The Hobson’s Brook runs through each of the four catchments, with the development all built on one side and green open space on the other with surface water drainage centred on four attenuation ponds, each with its own distinct ecology. “In these ponds, the area of permanent water covers 1.9 ha. The largest pond is a public amenity and wetland, one is a dry detention basin, and the others are relatively large with permanent water and shallow margins for controlled flooding.”

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