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Health & Safety Update | September 2018

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14 Striking a balance between security, aesthetics and budget Jacksons Fencing research highlights challenges facing architects when installing school fencing



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Sheffield hallam UniverSity


Polysafe safety ooring with acoustic properties was chosen for circulation areas on the basement level of the Charles Street Building at She eld Hallam University’s city centre campus. Designed by Bond Bryan Architects and constructed under main contractor Balfour Beatty plc, the

As the exclusive UK distributor of Moralt high performance door blanks, James Latham is delighted to announce that the Moralt Fire- Sound 59mm has been successfully acoustically tested as operational interconnecting doors to an acoustic value of dB68.

£25 million Charles Street Building houses the university’s Faculty of Development and Society as well as the She eld Institute ...



‘Wonderful but worthless’ risk assessments land activity centre in court The operator of an outdoor activity centre near Bath has been ordered to pay £33,000 after a member of the public suffered a fractured hip when the quad bike they were riding tipped over and landed on them. Following the accident on 24 May 2015, Bath & North East Somerset Council received a complaint about safety practices at the activity centre in Hunstrete, operated by Hamburger Hill. Council investigators discovered that staff had not received formal training in riding quad bikes and were not adhering to the risk assessments. Inadequate procedures were in place to ensure that staff were being appropriately supervised. On 8 June 2015 the local authority served an immediate prohibition notice against Hamburger Hill, citing the risk of serious personal injury posed by an all-terrain vehicle overturning “and/or impact caused by loss of control due to inadequate rider skills and knowledge, lack of supervision and information, instruction and training”. The company was fined £8000 plus £25,000 in costs as well as a victim surcharge of £170. In sentencing, District Judge Taylor said: “You can have the most wonderful risk assessments and policies in place but if they are not monitored and reviewed then they are worthless.”

Serious injuries on Shell platform after gas cylinder activated Oil company Shell has been fined £60,000 after a worker on one of its offshore platforms was struck by a cylinder containing compressed air, part of a system that had been installed to extinguish fires. During work to replace compressed air cylinders on the now-decommissioned Brent Delta platform, a colleague was rolling what he believed to be empty cylinder along the floor, then removed the cap protecting the valve on the cylinder. However, he realised that it was in fact fully charged. The trigger mechanism activated, causing a loud bang and the instantaneous release of the compressed air. The force of the release caused the technician to drop the cylinder on the floor, shearing the valve off the cylinder. This resulted in the both the cylinder and the valve becoming projectiles which stuck the second technician. According the HSE’s enforcement database, the notice said: “You do not have a safe system of work, including the provision of appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision informed by a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and procedure, for the handling and use of these cylinders.” On 3 August Shell UK, of the Shell Centre, London, pleaded guilty to breaching Section 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act and was fined £60,000. HSE inspector David Josiah said: “This incident could so easily have been avoided by simply carrying out correct control measures and safe working practices.” Duncan Manning, Brent asset manager at Shell, said: “Shell deeply regrets the accident and the injuries sustained by the individuals involved. We subsequently made a number of safety improvements on the platform and more widely across our upstream business.”

Housebuilder fined £76,000 for ‘widespread’ safety failings A construction company that specialises in new-build residential development across northwest England has been fined £76,000 for multiple breaches of the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations, following an HSE investigation that revealed widespread safety failings at two sites. Sherwood Homes had appointed several principal contractors to build new homes at the sites, one in Preston in Lancashire and the other at Tarporley in Cheshire. In the course of what it describes as “proactive” inspections of both sites, the HSE found that workers were exposed to risks including falling from height, electrocution, inhalation of silica dust and being struck by construction plant. Enforcement action was taken against Sherwood Homes and its principal contractors for breaches of the CDM Regulations. The F10 notice informing the HSE of construction work was not on display and there were insufficient welfare facilities at the Tarporley site, while the HSE had not been notified in writing before the construction phase began at Preston. Since early 2014, the HSE had conducted nine inspections of four separate sites developed on behalf of Sherwood Homes. As a result, 16 enforcement notices and nine notifications of contraventions were served. Appearing at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court, Sherwood Homes of Houldsworth Street, Stockport, was found guilty of breaching Regulation 6 (2) of the CDM Regulations, requiring written notice to be given to the HSE before construction begins. It was also found guilty of breaching Regulation 6 (3), which requires this notice to be clearly displayed in the construction site office. Sherwood Homes was also found guilty of two breaches of Regulation 4, which requires the client to make suitable arrangements for managing a project. The company was fined £76,000 and ordered to pay costs of £14,651.



ONS points to rise in presenteeism after lowest ever sickness absence stats

Employees in the UK took an average of 4.1 sickness absence days in 2017, according to data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). This was down from 4.3 days the year before, continuing a trend that has seen the average fall each year since 1999 when the figure stood at 6.8. The sickness absence rate, or the proportion of working hours lost due to sickness absence, stood at 1.9% in 2017, having fallen from 2.4% since the economic downturn of 2008. According to the ONS, this fall could be due to an improvement in healthy life expectancy, but it could also be due to an increase in “presenteeism”, where employees go to work despite being ill. Workers in public administration, education and health, including some in the private sector, had the highest sickness absence rate across all industries, standing at 2.5%. The ONS says that the exposure of health workers to infectious diseases may contribute to their higher sickness absence rate. Most days lost through sickness absence in 2017 were attributed to minor illnesses, such as coughs and colds, accounting for 34.3 million or 26.2% of the total of 131.2 million days lost.

in 2017 were recorded by those working in catering, leisure and other service occupations (2.8%). This was followed by: elementary occupations (2.6%); process, plant and machine operatives (2.2%); and sales and customer service occupations (2.2%). The sickness absence rate for full-time workers was 1.8%, compared to 2.5% for part-time workers.



The next highest category was musculoskeletal problems, including back pain, neck and upper limb problems, which were responsible for 28.2 million days lost. Stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 14.3 million days lost through sickness absence in 2017, the fourth-largest category behind “other”.

Women recorded more minor illnesses, with 38.5% citing this reason for taking time off work compared to 32.7% of men.


Meanwhile, 28% of men attributed their sickness absence to musculoskeletal conditions, compared to 18.4% of women.

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The ONS notes an increase in the proportion of workers aged 25 to 34 attributing their sickness absence to mental health conditions, up from 7.2% in 2009 to 9.6% in 2017. Mental health conditions were cited as the reason for sickness absence by 8.1% of women, compared with 5.7% of men.

By occupation group, the highest sickness absence rates

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dŚĞ ŚĂƌƚĞƌ ƵŝůĚŝŶŐ͕ ŚĂƌƚĞƌ WůĂĐĞ͕ hdžďƌŝĚŐĞ h ϴ ϭ:'



Unplanned demolition leads to building collapse and eight months in jail

A developer has been jailed after the roof and part of the rear wall of a property in Oldham, Greater Manchester, collapsed during unplanned demolition work undertaken by inexperienced workers. A developer has been jailed after the roof and part of the rear wall of a property in Oldham, Greater Manchester, collapsed during unplanned demolition work undertaken by inexperienced workers.

employed unskilled workers, and neglected the risk posed by working at height and the stability of the building. He also failed to provide them with basic welfare facilities and did not consider several health hazards, according to the HSE.

After being notified by the building control department at Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (OMBC), an HSE inspector visited the site on 11 August 2017 and found almost all the internal walls and roof supports had been taken out.

Riaz Ahmad, of Dickenson Road, Manchester, was found guilty of breaching Section 2(1) and Section 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act and Regulation 19 (1) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

A prohibition notice was served preventing any further work and a major road running past the building was closed.

Regulation 19(1) says that all practicable steps must be taken to ensure that a structure does not collapse if it becomes unstable during construction work.

The following day, it was agreed that there was no safe way of accessing the building and OMBC obtained an order to demolish it. However, the roof and rear wall collapsed soon after this, triggering an emergency response which saw neighbouring properties evacuated and the area cordoned off. Arranged by OMBC, emergency demolition of the rest of the property took place later that day. Local businesses faced significant disruption as the site was made safe. The HSE investigation found that the collapse could have been prevented had a principal contractor been appointed and a suitable risk assessment carried out, to ensure the stability of the building during demolition with regard to temporary works and control measures such as scaffolding. In addition, work was not suitably planned as the developer

He was sentenced to eight months in prison for each offence, running concurrently, and was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £65,000. In sentencing Ahmad at Manchester Crown Court the judge said: “This was a very serious case indeed. It was nothing short of a miracle that only one person was injured. “A clear statement has to be made to those who undertake significant projects such as this, namely that health and safety legislation has to be adhered to for good reason, and those who ignore its basic tenets will receive punishment.” HSE inspector David Argument added: “The incident could so easily have been avoided by simply carrying out correct control measures and safe working practices.”



Welsh dairy fined £200k as HSE highlights farm sectors’ fatality record A dairy firm based in Wrexham, north Wales has been fined £200,000 after its “informal risk control systems” led to a worker suffering severe burns when he was covered in caustic liquid and steam. The worker, an employee of Tomlinson’s Dairies in Wrexham, received burns to 27% of his body, requiring a four-week stay in hospital. The case was prosecuted as the HSE highlighted the agriculture sector’s poor safety record, where – according to the HSE statistics – workers are 18 times more likely to die than the national average rate.

compares to 0.45 per 100,000 across all industries. Wrexham Magistrates’ Court heard how, on 3 May 2017, pipework at the company’s plant on the Five Crosses Industrial Estate, Minera, Wrexham, was being modified. However, a pneumatic valve opened, covering him in hot caustic liquid and steam, causing serious burns. The HSE found the company had failed to ensure the safe isolation of plant and pipework before work commenced.

There were 33 deaths in the sector in Great Britain in 2017/18, the HSE reports: 29 workers, and four members of the public, including two children.

It also relied on informal risk control systems and arrangements which were no longer sufficient for a business of its size. According to its website, the dairy supplies 300 outlets in north Wales.

The average rate of fatal injury in agriculture is 8.44 deaths per 100,000 workers, the highest of any sector, which

On 25 May 2017 the HSE served an immediate prohibition notice, which noted that workers were entering

confined spaces without “a system of work which renders the specified risks safe”, and without suitable and sufficient rescue arrangements, contrary to the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. At Wrexham Magistrates’ Court, Tomlinson’s Dairies pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and fined £200,000. It was also ordered to pay costs of £4,267.20. HSE inspector Gary Martin said: “Those in control of work have a responsibility to devise safe methods of work and to provide the necessary information, instruction and training to their workers in the safe system of working. “If a suitable safe system of work had been in place prior to the incident, the life-changing injuries sustained by the employee could have been prevented.”

Tradespeople say heat is forcing them to down tools, and call for on-site water stations Apart from the recent thunder storms, Britain’s summer has so far proven to be a very un-British scorcher. With temperatures hitting sweltering highs, spare a thought for the bricklayers, carpenters and other tradespeople that have to work outside, and who have already had to endure the bitter Beasts from the East earlier this year. To find out how people on the country’s construction sites are handling the heat, the UK’s largest online supplier of ironmongery, IronmongeryDirect, has carried out a poll among its customers – mainly sole traders and small businesses. The research reveals that almost 40% of respondents have been prevented from completing a job because of the hot weather. As many are self-employed, they are likely to be feeling the impact of any heat-induced pauses in work through loss of income. Their professional reputation can also take a battering despite making decisions to leave the site for safety reasons. A Met Office spokesperson added: “We would urge highrisk groups including tradespeople to follow the Public Health England advice to take care in the sun, especially

when temperatures are potentially reaching 30 degrees or more throughout this week - either stay out of the sun or be sensible and don’t go out in the strongest sunshine hours which are 11am to 3pm.” In addition, half of the survey respondents felt that water stations should be introduced on-site to help them keep cool at work. Wayne Lysaght-Mason, Managing Director of IronmongeryDirect, has questioned whether more should be done to protect tradespeople in extraordinary weather conditions: “This heatwave has been more prolonged and relentless than anything I can remember. With it not beyond the realms of possibility for this type of weather to become more frequent, I think it’s vitally important for tradespeople to receive more protection.” The heatwave is not all bad news. It has resulted in more work for builders - 25% of poll participants said they are being asked to install more swimming pools and 1 in 2 have noticed a higher demand for outdoor decking.


Providing Equipment to Reduce Back Pain Critical for Health and Safety and Business Prosperity, Says Midland Pallet Trucks

Investing in efficient equipment that allows employees to more easily move heavy, bulky, or awkward loads shouldn’t just be considered a health and safety exercise but one that can improve business prosperity too, says Midland Pallet Trucks. With back pain one of the most common health complaints for Brits and one that’s often exasperated through manual work, Midland Pallet Trucks is arguing it’s time to look at the bigger picture and see what impact it’s having on business productivity. The Office of National Statistics found that musculoskeletal problems, including back pain, neck, and upper limb problems, led to 30.8 million working days being lost in 2016. Accounting for over a fifth of all lost working days, musculoskeletal

issues were only beaten by minor illnesses, such as coughs and colds. Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “While the findings demonstrate why reducing the risk of back pain is a health and safety concern, it also proves why investment in equipment can be just as positive for overall business prosperity. Despite the evidence being clear, it’s often an area that businesses fail to link up. By taking the time to deliver effective health and safety procedures, they’ll have a far more

productive workforce, both in terms of reduced absences and how quickly tasks can be completed. “When investing in equipment to move items through a warehouse or on to vehicles, weighing up both sides of the gains can help businesses make the right choice for them.” Midland Pallet Trucks is the leading supplier of pallet trucks to businesses across the UK, delivering a diverse range of models to suit varying business needs. With features that are designed to ease the among of pressure moving heavy items applies to joints, the business’ product range can help firms comply with health and safety regulations and boost the productivity of overall operations. To find out more visit


Building Partnersh

Premier Modular puts great value on forming st They have developed formidable longstanding client partnerships through their exceptional customer service, forward thinking attitude, their striving for constant improvement and innovation and the use of open and transparent working practice where all ideas are welcome.

incorporating 5 modules with a large glazed front to provide the necessary additional space. This was installed and completed during the summer holidays to eliminate disruption. As we move through 2018 the partnership is currently delivering another six schools for Manchester.

In Manchester one of these partnerships has been used to great effect. Premier worked with ISG Construction and their design team partners from the outset to bid for the Manchester Schools Framework through the Northwest Construction Hub Medium Value Framework.

The largest is Beaver Road a full 2FE primary school, with the remaining five a combination of teaching space & small halls. All are to be completed for the new school year.

ISG were successful with the ÂŁ25m school deal which would see them work on nine new build and refurbishment projects across Greater Manchester through 2017 & 2018

The benefit of a partnership is the understanding that comes from working together and the lessons learnt. This has led to a standardisation of components giving increased efficiency through the design, manufacturing and installation process.

In Phase 1 Premier worked on two schools; Firstly providing a new permanent classroom block to accommodate an additional form of entry for St Margaret’s C of E Primary School. Creating approximately 775m2 of accommodation for their nursery and foundation stage classes. The building was clad in modern coloured panels fitted off site and finished with canopies to form large outdoor play areas. As the building sat in the existing school playground, offsite construction was considered the best solution to minimise disruption and finish the building before the new school year. The successful partnership then continued with the provision of a dining hall extension at St Matthews RC High School,

Benefits are also realised through aligning working practices and improved communication. This has meant the use of a partnership has led to commercial and programme savings as well as improved quality and minimised defectsSo in a market where the key priority is educational excellence, sustainability is of


hips for Learning

trong, mutually beneficial client relationships.

growing importance and facilities need to be flexible, functional and beautiful. The way forward has to be collaborative, engaged and open partnering agreements. 0800 3160888



Sheffield Hallam University

University of Salford Dementia Hub

Polysafe safety flooring with acoustic properties was chosen for circulation areas on the basement level of the Charles Street Building at Sheffield Hallam University’s city centre campus.

Polysafe safety flooring was donated by Polyflor to the new Salford Institute for Dementia Hub at the University of Salford.

Designed by Bond Bryan Architects and constructed under main contractor Balfour Beatty plc, the £25 million Charles Street Building houses the university’s Faculty of Development and Society as well as the Sheffield Institute of Education.

foam backing, exceeding UK Building Regulation Part E requirements of a minimum 17dB. This product is also a safety floor, incorporating virtually invisible safety aggregates within the wear layer to create sustainable wet slip resistance.

Approximately 1000m² of Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix PUR safety flooring in Silver Oak was installed by Phoenix Flooring to stairwells, landings and corridors on the building’s basement level.

The sustainability credentials of Polyflor’s flooring are supported with the award of BES 6001 and certificated BRE Global A+ ratings for many ranges, which helped contribute to the BREEAM credits earned during development of the Charles Street Building, resulting in an overall Very Good rating for the project.

Suitable for demanding, high traffic commercial environments, Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix provides an impact sound reduction level of 19dB thanks to its integrated

Project: Sheffield Hallam University, Charles Street Building Location: Sheffield, UK Flooring contractor: Phoenix Flooring Main contractor: Balfour Beatty plc Products used: Polysafe Wood FX Acoustix PUR

Polyflor donated approximately 90m² of Polysafe Wood fx PUR safety flooring in the Oiled Oak shade which was installed by Flooring Supply Centre, Liverpool. The £300,000 dementia hub, which was designed by Day Architectural, aims to be an outreach centre for the public to access the latest research and ideas about living with dementia, as well as being a working base for the University’s dementia associates and researchers. The centre was designed with help from people living with dementia and features a dementia friendly garden, a visitors’ centre and a special kitchen built to demonstrate the latest dementia friendly designs. The new dementia hub was opened in May 2017 by Salford-born actor Christopher Ecclestone who discussed his own experiences of his late

father’s dementia at the opening event. Professor Anthea Innes, Director of the Salford Institute for Dementia commented, “The finished hub looks fantastic and we want to say a big thank you to Polyflor for kindly donating this flooring to our project. This slip resistant wood effect design is ideal for use in dementia-friendly environments. We hope to continue our relationship with Polyflor in future and raise awareness in the industry about how to make spaces more dementia-friendly through flooring and interior design choices.” Featured Products:

Oiled Oak

Project: Salford Institute for Dementia Hub Location: Salford Flooring contractor: Flooring Supply Centre, Liverpool Products used: Polysafe Wood FX PUR

Call 0800 408 4330 or visit



^ Jacksons Euroguard ® Flatform



Striking a balance between security, aesthetics and budget Jacksons Fencing Research Highlights Challenges Facing Architects When Installing School Fencing • A third of architects say that schools have weak points in their perimeters and entrances • Multiple entry points are the biggest access control challenge affecting schools (90%) • Nearly all architects are familiar with Secured by Design standards (95%) • 71% of refurbishment specifications are identical to the original ones Jacksons Fencing, the UK perimeter security solution provider, recently released insights into architects’ views on school safety from its research report ‘Protecting the Future’. Taken alongside teachers’ perspectives, the report highlights significant differences between the views of architects and school management as well as some reassuring common ground. On average, almost two thirds of architects know of schools being affected by fencing and gate issues (60%). While a similar amount of head teachers have



commissioned new access solutions at least once (63%) and over three quarters have had their perimeter inspected within the past five years (80%), these problems are clearly not being resolved. The majority of architects (71%) find that school security refurbishments use the original specifications with some value engineering while a significant number know of schools down specifying to save cost (17%). This is despite head teachers’ greatest concerns being unauthorised exits and entrances (30% and 25%), both of which can be prevented with well-designed and appropriately specified fencing and gates. Specification evasion Architects identify budget as the greatest challenge when installing school fencing (84%), followed by restricted installation times (48%) and working where children are present (39%). The high number of schools keeping the same specifications or down specifying may be a reflection of this concern for cost and minimum disruption. A perimeter’s price tag is not the most significant concern for schools, however. Performance is the highest priority (73%) for teachers, followed closely by security ratings and accredited products (68%). These come ahead of both lifetime and initial costs (64% and 59% respectively). Setting the standards Recent bomb threats sent to schools across the UK reinforced the crucial role that school staff play in protecting pupils from harm. Head teachers identify that creating a positive learning environment (86%) and keeping the school community safe (82%) as the most important parts of their positions. Ensuring their security solutions meet industry standards is one way of fulfilling both these aims. A third of architects are seeing Secured by Design (SBD) and LPS 1175 standards increasingly specified (31%). This is complemented with 95% being familiar with SBD. While change

is on the horizon, there is work to be done. Currently under half of architects know about LPS 1175 (47%). While head teachers are concerned about the safety of their pupils, 39% don’t know where to go to find out more about school security and access control. They do, however, have some awareness of safety guidelines, with half being familiar with the recommended height for school fences. A similar number know of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) guidelines, which apply primarily to playgrounds. An inside perspective Overall, architects’ views on school security are in line with teachers, with 32% and 29% respectively acknowledge weak points in the perimeter. There is also agreement between both parties about which safety issues are afflicting schools the most: multiple entrances, having difficult to see areas and having more than one building. Architects, however, are more aware of these problems than teachers, with a 40% average difference between their responses. This disparity was especially marked where 72% of architects said that aging fencing is an issue, compared to 16% of teachers.

“While there is a healthy level of agreement between architects and teachers on what the key school security issues are, our research reveals some concerning differences.” ^ Jacksons Baribican ® Imperial Double Leaf Gates and Fencing



^ Jacksons Euroguard ® Flatform Double Leaf Gates and Fencing

Security Consultant at Jacksons Fencing Cris Francis comments: “While there is a healthy level of agreement between architects and teachers on what the key school security issues are, our research reveals some concerning differences. Despite schools prioritising the performance of their fencing and gates, architects are up against stringent budgets that lead to maintaining outdated solutions or down specifying. Schools need to find a way of balancing cost with adequately ensuring children’s safety. Part of the problem might be that without a professional understanding of design and security, school staff can’t appreciate the impact of perimeter issues to the same extent as architects. “Architects also have a greater awareness of safety standards and LPS 1175 certified products. By using their expertise to help schools choose the most appropriate solution for their specific risks and needs, they can help safeguard staff and students alike from future harm.”



The report, ‘Protecting the Future’, is available on Jacksons Fencing’s website:



^ Jacksons Barbican® Double Leaf Gate


Extreme cleaning specialist steps in to tackle £0.5 billion slips and trips bill • CleanSafe Services acquires floor product application business from Bonasystems Europe • Promotion campaign will highlight safety and cost reduction benefits of anti-slip coating • Slip and trip incidents cost UK employers £0.5billion a year • High-risk businesses warned of much higher fines for failing to protect against slip and trip falls A campaign is being launched to remind businesses across key sectors - including wet leisure, hospitality, retail, public transport, and healthcare - of the urgent need to safeguard staff and customers by applying an anti-slip coating to high-risk floors. It follows the acquisition by extreme cleaning specialist CleanSafe Services (UK) Ltd of the floor treatment arm of Bonasystems Europe, the UK’s leading manufacturer and provider of floor care chemical products. The deal gives CleanSafe Services exclusive rights in mainland UK to apply Bonasystems Grip, the marketleading anti-slip treatment for tiles, stone, and other cementitious surfaces. CleanSafe Services Managing Director Steve Broughton said the company will spend £250,000 over the next two years to develop the floor product application service and promote the safety benefits of Bonasystems Grip.

Steve Broughton said: “New sentencing guidelines have greatly increased potential fines for slip and trip incidents. This makes it more vital than ever before for businesses to reduce these risks and the associated costs. “Bonasystems Grip is the go-to product for supporting workforce and customer safety, demonstrating due diligence, and reducing the risk of the potentially huge management and legal costs associated with slip and trip incidents.” Bonasystems Grip reduces the risk of slips and trips in a variety of high-risk environments, including swimming pools and spas, hotels, transport hubs, shopping centres, schools, and care homes. Customers include Network Rail, Mitchells and Butlers, Sainsbury’s, and Hilton Worldwide. CleanSafe Services, which specialises in emergency and specialist cleaning, will also provide a contract service for Bonasystems’ other industry-leading surface treatment products for cleaning, maintaining, and sealing floors. Bonasystems Managing Director Steven Phillips said the deal is a perfect fit for both businesses, and for customers, and is a key element of their business growth strategy. He added: “We wanted to work with a national product application partner that shares our belief in expertise, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

There are more than 20,000 RIDDOR reported slip and “By having CleanSafe Services working with trip incidents every year in the UK, costing employers us as our authorised application contractor, an estimated £0.5billion a year in management costs, we can focus our energies on developing our legal bills, compensation, and fines. innovative products, and marketing them to


our growing number of end-use clients. “It means customers will continue to enjoy the same seamless service when they choose Bonasystems Grip to protect their workforce and customers, as well as their financial health, and brand reputation.”

CleanSafe MD Steve Broughton

As one of the UK’s leading emergency cleaning companies, CleanSafe Services, based in Coulsdon, South London, already sets the highest operational standards and is experienced in the application of sophisticated chemical products. Steve Broughton said: “We see huge potential in widening the use of Bonasystems Grip in particular. We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Bonasystems to deliver their range of highly-effective floor treatment products on behalf of customers. “This acquisition represents a natural extension of our service offer, and will allow us to market Bonasystems products, like Bonasystems Grip, to our extensive customer base, adding significant value to their operations.”

Steven Phillips Bonasystems MD



Polyflor launches Polysafe Quattro PUR Polyflor, the UK’s commercial and residential vinyl flooring specialist, has just announced the launch of their new Polysafe Quattro PUR collection. This innovative safety flooring range offers barefoot and shod sustainable wet slip resistance with a stud-free finish for enhanced comfort underfoot.

Polysafe Quattro has been specifically designed to provide a high degree of slip resistance in continually wet areas within the healthcare, residential care, housing and leisure sectors. This includes areas such as changing rooms, walk-in showers, wet rooms, adapted bathrooms, spas and pool surrounds. As the potential for slips is higher in wet environments, it is important to choose a HSE compliant safety flooring such as Polysafe Quattro which offers sustainable slip resistance, assured throughout the product’s guaranteed life. Polysafe Quattro has been engineered to offer enhanced slip resistance for bare feet and footwear, achieving 50+ on the Pendulum Test (Slider 96) plus Class B to DIN 51097 for barefoot use and also conforming to the EN 13845 European safety flooring standard, with successful completion of the 50,000 cycles abrasion test. Polysafe Quattro is available as a 2mm gauge flexible sheet which allows it to be thermally welded, coved up walls and easily installed around drains and awkward corners for a hygienic and

watertight wall to floor finish. Polysafe Quattro is available in a carefully developed colour palette of 12 shades, including warm neutrals, fresh blues and soothing greys that will complement any interior design scheme in a commercial or residential setting.

A comprehensive brochure, shadecard and presenter are now available for the Polysafe Quattro range. Sampling can be ordered free of charge from the Polyflor website or by calling the Polyflor Samples Direct Hotline on 0161 767 2551.

Six shades feature a subtle tonal chip design, whilst the other six are a solid colour with colour complementary aggregate.

Manufactured in the UK, Polysafe Quattro is 100% recyclable through the Recofloor vinyl take back scheme and contains recycled material.

Ideal for creating a calming ambience, these designs have been specifically developed for use in dementia friendly environments, generating a harmonious feel whether in a residential care setting or within a person’s home.

The collection has also achieved a generic BRE A+ rating (ENP 415) in major use areas, helping to contribute points within a BREEAM Assessment for a building.

Tom Rollo, Polyflor’s Marketing Manager, comments, “Polysafe Quattro has been designed to enhance both commercial and residential interiors and encourage a sense of wellbeing. This range is an exciting addition to our safety flooring portfolio offering an aesthetically pleasing yet practical solution for areas where there is a high slip risk, so users can feel comfortable and safe.”

Polyflor is the first floor covering manufacturer to be awarded BES 6001 certification for Responsible Sourcing, notably achieving an ‘Excellent’ rating. The Polysafe safety flooring brand includes two other specialist collections which offer sustainable slip resistance in continually wet areas – Polysafe Hydro and Polysafe Hydro Evolve.



What is the safest and easiest method to install skirting, capping & coving? Here at UZIN we understand not only the time restraints installers sometimes find themselves up against, but the health & safety risks they can also be exposed to when doing such jobs as installing skirting, capping & coving. The majority of the trade currently still use solvent based adhesives. This is understandable because the adhesives perform well providing a quick and secure bond. However, due to the ever changing health and safety rules and more call for certified environmentally friendly adhesives is there a better alternative? The safest and easiest method to install skirting, capping & coving is with skirting tapes such as UZIN U-Tack, a superior multi-purpose contact tape that can be used to install a huge range of lino, vinyl and PVC products. UZIN U-Tack skirting tape does not become brittle, providing a secure and extremely durable bond. The installation is also quicker, cleaner and most importantly solvent free. The product therefore does not require any special PPE (personal protective equipment) or work protection measures. With solvent based adhesives you would need to protect your skin and airways to exposure of the adhesive and its fumes. Many solvent based contact adhesives are also highly flammable whereas with skirting tapes there are no explosion risks for the installer during application. Due to the health and safety risks for both installers and clients the use of solvent based contact adhesives are now becoming banned from hospitals and other sensitive environments. We see this trend becoming more mainstream as legislations increasingly aim to improve the safety of products and create a healthy work environment. Some skirting tapes such as UZIN U-Tack have been awarded EC1 PlusÂŽ certification providing the highest possible protection

against emissions and guarantees excellent indoor air quality. Certified products are guaranteed to contain no solvents, resins or softeners and meet the guidelines of sustainable building initiatives such as LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] and BREEAM [Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method]. From a time saving point of view, on average using a skirting tape to install skirting, capping and coving can be up to 3-4 times faster compared to your average solvent based contact adhesive. Skirting tapes are also very easy to use and can be simply rolled onto walls. Skirting tapes are also very clean and unlike solvent based adhesives do not leave messy residues on the floor or wall when installing.

To summarise skirting tapes are the safest and easiest method of installing skirting, capping & coving. Certain skirting tapes can be used to install textile vinyl or linoleum floor covering strips, flexible vinyl skirting and cove formers. Skirting tapes such as UZIN U-Tack are the perfect solvent free solution for the installation of skirting, coving and capping. For more information please visit or e-mail

The installation is also quicker, cleaner and most importantly solvent free.



DR SCHUTZ PU SEALER – MAKING LONGER LASTING FLOORING Dr. Schutz, the German floor care company, offers PU Sealer, an innovative solution that quickly and easily transforms tired, damaged or old floors, at a fraction of the time and cost of an entire floor replacement. As well as renovating any floor with a fresh and lasting finish, PU Sealer offers added protection for flooring areas prone to high traffic, including sports halls, offices, hospitals, shopping centres and schools. Such areas with a heavily foot volume tend to wear very quickly when they don’t have a hard wearing product applied. Not only can this cost money, but it can be a time consuming issue to fix. By applying the PU-Sealer, flooring can be kept in a great condition for many years. Due to the short drying time, there is a fast return to operational use. Unlike other floor refurbishment services, the process does not produce any noise or dirt. A standard renovation can be completed in a weekend, providing no disruption to the day to day running of the practice. Lothar Schutz, Managing Director of Dr. Schutz comments, “PU Sealer can be applied quickly over a weekend, avoiding the need to close the doors for many commercial buildings. Refurbishing a floor using PU Sealer provides cost savings of up to 50 % in comparison to laying a brand new floor and will prolong the longevity of the floor for many years to come.”

The water based, ecofriendly PU-Sealer can be applied to most types of flooring, including vinyl, tiled and epoxy resin. Adding 40 microns of protective thickness to floors, PU Sealer extends the lifespan by up to six times and provides a lasting clear matt finish. Thanks to the permanent sealing, it protects against friction and discolouration from chemical spillages.

Thanks to the products special water-based substance, the PU Sealer also reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance. The Dr. Schutz PU Sealer range also includes PU Antislip and PU Anticolor. For more information phone 01296 437827 for details on products and UK stockists, or go to

TRACTION ENHANCING NANOTECHNOLOGY A POSITIVE STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION In the face of some 50,000 injuries treated in NHS Accident and Emergency departments each year - all caused by slips, trips and falls, a company specialising in accident prevention methods has introduced an innovative new product which dramatically increases the traction on most flooring surfaces and is equally effective when applied to the soles of footwear.

Using an entirely new and patented nanotechnology formula within an environmentallyfriendly solution consisting of 96.8% water, millions of invisible ‘nanospikes’ per square inch are formed which give up to 200% increased traction on dry surfaces and 500% on wet, including areas where no shoes are worn such as pool sides, showers and other slippery surfaces.

Called ‘TREADSURE™’ the product can be applied quickly and easily to all solid surface areas with a minimum of interference to usual foot traffic or work environment. All types of footwear can be treated from high-heels, office and sports shoes to work-boots to increase traction and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Commenting on the introduction of his company’s new product to the UK,

Michael Burgess, joint MD of Nottingham based Arkad Health and Safety Limited said :- “Our company’s overall policy is to help prevent injury and save lives and we believe that with TREADSURE™ we will be doing just that. Besides the obvious practical safety benefits for the individual, every business has a duty to protect employees, visitors or customers and has to meet the requirements of public liability insurance in respect of slip, trip and fall hazards. Households are also at risk from claims due to accidental injury. The use of this revolutionary traction enhancing solution will therefore do much to avoid the possibility of litigation and prevent possible life-shattering accidents.”

home and they slip and fall you could also be legally at risk. TREADSURE™ Traction Enhancement treatment decreases the risk of slips and falls by increasing the traction of surfaces WITHOUT changing the physical properties of the treated surface. The unique nanotechnology allows the treatment of indoor and outdoor surfaces where a slip and fall hazard is present. This can be completed in a short period of time with little interruption to the usual foot traffic, minimising downtime and loss of production.

The TREADSURE™ product is currently available direct from Arkad Health & Safety Limited in 500ml bottles at £29.99 RRP (inc.VAT) to treat up to 4 pairs of shoes, and 1 or 5 litre containers with 1 litre covering up to 130sq. ft. (POA). Slip and fall hazards are an ever present danger in our lives. They can be disruptive to our health, families, businesses and profits. They can even be fatal. Whether you are at work or enjoying a leisure activity the risk of slipping and falling is almost always present.

Statistics show that ‘Slip and Fall’ accidents are the most common, damaging to human health, and expensive to business. It is so important to protect against slips and falls that laws are in place to ensure that every business that employs staff or has visitors to their premises protects them against slipping and falling. If you invite someone to your


Some facts to consider: • During 2015/16 there were an estimated 20,000 slips trips and falls in the United Kingdom workplace • This resulted in an average of 7.8 days off work or nearly 1 million lost days • The cost to our society is over £800 million per year • There are over 50,000 victims of slips (same level falls) admitted to Accident and Emergency each year • Every business has a DUTY to protect their

employees, visitors or customers and MUST meet the requirements of public liability insurance in respect of slip and trip hazards Injuries create problems for injured persons and have a devastating impact on quality of life for many families. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) created the ‘Shattered Lives‘ campaign to help reduce slip and fall incidents

TREADSURE TM • Is inexpensive to treat large areas • Can be applied in high traffic areas with minimal inconvenience • Does not change or damage the physical properties of the treated surface • Is the only product available for the direct treatment of footwear to increase traction. • Has almost no scent and does not change the appearance of the treated surface. • Cannot create ‘trip hazards’ like some other anti-slip solutions • Is easy to apply For more information and to discuss trade distribution opportunities, visit: email: or call Ian Baker or Michael Burgess on 0330 333 7426

“Increasing Safety With Every Step”




Protection for National Rail College A key driver in the successful delivery of the UK’s £42.6 billion HS2 project, the new National College for High Speed Rail, is now protected by industry-leading fire panels from Advanced. Located in Doncaster, a town historically known for its prominent role in rail engineering and maintenance, the college occupies 76,000 sq ft of teaching and workshop space, with specialist training installations, including 150 metres of external track and catenary. It will train thousands of engineers to meet HS2’s future needs, as well as those of the wider rail sector. With 2,000 apprenticeship opportunities set to be created by HS2, and 25,000 people employed during construction, there has been, and continues to be high demand for appropriately skilled workers. The Advanced MxPro panels were specified by the team at GBE Fire and Security, who were appointed by main contractor Briggs and Forrester to specify, install and commission the fire system at the site. GBE’s Business Development Manager, Andy Westgarth, commented: “The college will create many opportunities for young people and make a major contribution to the Northern Powerhouse. With sensitive installations, including electrical catenary, a high-quality fire system is essential and, as a longstanding Advanced partner, we feel that MxPro panels are the ideal solution.”

MxPro is the fire industry’s leading multiprotocol fire system solution. It offers customers a choice of two panel ranges, four detector protocols and a completely open installer network, backed up by free training and support. MxPro panels can be used in single loop, single panel format or easily configured into high speed, multi-loop panels in 200 node networks covering huge areas. MxPro’s legendary ease of installation and configuration and wide peripheral range make it customisable to almost any application. Neil Parkin, Advanced Sales Manager for the North, commented: “This is the latest in a series of highprofile rail sector installations for Advanced panels. We have worked with GBE on many projects and it’s great to be working with them on such a positive project. MxPro ticks all the boxes for the National College for High Speed Rail, combining proven reliability with innovation and ease-of-use.”

More details can be found on the website at





• Water based - Does not leach • Allows wood to breathe naturally • Internal and External application • Colourless - Odourless • EN 13501 - 1 • Non Toxic - No Solvents • BS 476 part 6 & BS 476 part 7 • Euro-class B-s1-d0 and C-s1-d0 • BM TRADA ISO 9001 Certificate •Meet’s the highest EU standards



No HR Prof

With HR Prof






you ely?

world’s chairs.

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Enquiry No.207





w or


T: +44 (0)1825 764737 E: FIRE PROTECTION COATINGS Protecting the irreplaceable

Applications Engineering Ltd, 16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG Protected timber

Unprotected timber

Dual port Fire Sprinkler ValVe Set • Dual ports that enable the flow switch to be mounted on either side.

• Available with optional CPVC mating sockets. PROTECT YOUR TIMBER SUBSTRATES • 100% pressure tested. • 1” and 1 ¼” full bore test valve Call:• 01304 842 555 Email: Easy access for servicing Enquiry No.208




Don’t play with fire We all await the inevitable changes to legislation and good practice, following Dame Judith Hackitt’s independent review of risk critical building products such as fire doors and fire door assemblies and how this will shape future product specification. Understandably anticipation has resulted in concern amongst specifiers and stake holders as they try to evaluate their current practices and identify potential weaknesses. After all the specification of fire doors is a very serious matter and as we all know can have far reaching consequences if wrong decisions are made. It is little wonder therefore, that for specifiers using Vicaima products, any feeling of anxiety and apprehension regarding past, current and future use of fire doors is not an issue; providing of course that they have been correctly installed. In addition to doors, Vicaima also manufacture a range of door kit solutions via our Easi-Fit and Portaro brands. These products include a full scope of performance characteristics for current and future industry specifications, namely:

• • • • • • • •

Fire Tested to BS 476 Part 22 and BS EN 1634-1:2014 Secure by Design approved products Acoustic performance, both inherent and additional as required FD30 to FD90 rated, with fire and smoke solutions Durability with DD171 and EN 1192 severe duty rating Mobility provision via glazing and dimensional flexibility Environmentally sound (all products are FSC Certified) Long life with a 10 Year Guarantee

As specialist fire door manufacturers Vicaima go beyond simple compliance to provide ultimate peace of mind. Vicaima uses fully solid cores and a traditional stile and rail perimeter to enable reliable fixing of ironmongery. After all sometimes it is what you cannot see that makes the difference.

One of the recommendations outlined within the Independent Review, is the need for third party accreditation. Here Vicaima adhere to not one but two nationally recognised bodies to verify the performance of products, namely BWF-Certifire and BM TRADA Q-Mark. In each case traceability is assured with the use of tamper evident labels and plastic plugs to provide clear understanding of fire rating and of course origin of manufacture. You or indeed future custodians of fitted fire doors will be left in no doubt simply by looking at the top edge of any Vicaima fire door, where clear identification including a detailed inkjet stamp enables Vicaima to establish complete control of our products throughout their lifecycle. For more information regarding Vicaima performance solutions visit



SOUND INVESTMENT As the exclusive UK distributor of Moralt high performance door blanks, James Latham is delighted to announce that the Moralt FireSound 59mm has been successfully acoustically tested as operational interconnecting doors to an acoustic value of dB68. Interconnecting doors are now extremely popular within the specification market for all kinds of applications. For example; between hotel bedrooms, in night clubs or music studios where sound needs to be blocked out or in commercial offices and administration buildings which have meeting rooms where greater confidentiality is required. Steven Dennard, Group Door Manager for James Latham commented, “This high-acoustic performance from a timber-based door product highlights the superior quality of the Moralt FireSound 59mm door blank, UK stocked up to sizes 3050 x 1220mm which also boasts a fire rating of up to FD90 under BS476 Pt.22.” Mr Dennard added, “The technical features and benefits of the Moralt FireSound 59mm, coupled with its environmental credentials – the door blank is FSC accredited - make it a really attractive option for specifiers and it is generating plenty of interest in the market.” A single leaf Moralt FireSound 59mm door on a pivot hinge with a floor spring and available exclusively through James Latham in the UK, has also been successfully tested to dB42. Again, these doors which work in both swing directions, allowing it to revolve up to 180 ˚are proving to be extremely popular among architects and designers as they can create a true design statement.

ncentrate to 5 parts water. The ouring system has been devel the world leader in timber preservation technology r R&D department offering lo our life. A wide range of colo ailable to meet every custome




the proven humidity resistant fire protection treatment for timber and wood based panels enhanced performance for interior timber

tnut, Brown, Bronze, Mahogany & Moss Gr Approved Product Ref: 1327


Call: +44 (0)1628 486644 Fax: +44 (0)1628 476757

Protim Solignum Limited, Fieldhouse Lane Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 1LS

*Registered Trademarks of Koppers Performance Chemicals Inc. Protim Solignum Limited is a Koppers company trades as Koppers Performance Chemicals. Koppers is a registered Trademark of Koppers Delware, Inc. All products are produced by independently owned and operated wood processing facilities. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Registered England - Reg. 3037845

by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers Of Wood Preservatives Protim Solignum Ltd Marlow, Buckinghamshire



Easi-Dec Access System


When it comes to falls from height, falls through fragile roofs continue to make up frightening percentage of the overall statistics.


ccording to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height remain one of the most common causes of fatality and major injury in the UK, and falls through fragile surfaces account for 22% of all those accidents from height in the construction industry. The 2016/2017 provisional figures report that there were 25 fatalities as a result of falls from height

at work in total. Fragile roofs are defined as anywhere there is a risk of fall through the roof, such as where there are skylights, rooflights or fibre-cement panels.


The Work at Height Regulations, as amended by the Work at Height Amendment Regulations 2007, state that a legal responsibility for ensuring the safety of workers lies with anyone who contracts others to carry out work at

In November 2017, a contractor based in Dudley was fined and sentenced to 180 hours community service and was given a six-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months, after a 30-yearold labourer suffered

Breaching these regulations by not meeting your responsibilities can lead to either a fine or imprisonment.

numerous fractures to his spine, pelvis and shoulder due to a six-metre fall through a fragile roof. The HSE investigation found that the contractor failed to address the risk of working at height and on fragile surfaces before undertaking this roofing work. He also failed to ensure that fellow workers had the adequate support to complete this work and this resulted in it being carried out in an unsafe manner.Selecting the right equipment is key to reducing the risk of accidents and falls from height. The chosen solution needs to be secure, easy to access and meet required regulations, ensuring the work can be carried out as safely as possible. At Easi-Dec we offer the Board-Walk system, a lightweight aluminium walkway which allows access from eaves to ridge, either horizontally or vertically, whilst spreading the load on support battens, providing the user with a safer working position. The Board-Walk system is a perfect temporary solution to the problem of fragile skylights and roofs, keeping workers safe without slowing work down. For more information on the Board-Walk system, call Easi-Dec Access Systems on 01767 691812 or email



ALTO PODIUM LEADS THE FIELD The Alto BS 8620 podium has been shortlisted for two awards this year – The London Construction Awards Health and Safety Solution of the Year and the HAE Construction Product of the Year. When you look at the product, you can see why. When the BS 8620 standard was released, significantly upping the game for podium safety, Alto took their usual thorough approach to the project and redesigned their podium from the ground up to ensure that the new product really was a step in the right direction. They then went the extra mile and had the podium tested by an external laboratory to confirm that it really did meet all of the standard’s requirements. The result is a product with an impressive array of beneficial real improvements for the safety conscious site operator. • This is the first podium ever to be externally tested and certified to a recognised standard. A huge increase in strength and stability is required to pass the enhanced tests. • No wheels are in contact with ground when the unit is deployed – high friction rubber feet only. The podium cannot be “surfed” or “bunny hopped”. Its anti-slide capability was tested on mirror glass. • The stabilisers are permanently attached with preset deployment positions – they cannot be lost or omitted and a simple visual check shows whether they are correctly deployed or not. • There are no spring “saloon” gates to trap fingers/ clothing/tool belts. • The top tread on all configurations is a wide step – not a rung, to minimise risk of missing footing. • There are no horizontal bars on side protection that operatives can stand on. When you add the operational benefits of the unique booster system, the legendary Alto durability and fold flat storage with all components stowed, this starts to look like a quantum leap in low level access safety. It’s easy to see why a number of major construction companies are looking at standardising on the Alto Podium when falls are so prevalent in construction and so costly to deal with.


The new Alto Podium is fully compliant with and certified to BS 8620 by a leading UK test laboratory. The Alto podium provides the ultimate in one man low level work platforms. The platforms and step treads stow in dedicated storage locations on the podium. Integrated stabilisers lock into position for maximum stability and safety.

• Setting new standards for safety and performance.

• Integral stabilisers have a unique alignment system for maximum safety.

• Completely redesigned to meet new standards and improve hire income.

• All stainless steel braces are permanently attached - no more lost or broken braces.

• Ultimate flexibility - with its unique booster system, the Alto Podium covers platform heights from 0.5m to 2.25m maximising utilisation and minimising cost.

• One piece aluminium toe board set for speed, convenience and security.

• Legendary Alto durability and performance for maximum product life and minimum repairs. • The podium is completely self contained all parts are stowed on the podium - no more lost parts.

Available to buy or rent throughout the UK. For details call us on 01527 500 577 Or email Lakeside Industries Ltd Unit 19, Howard Road, Park Farm Industrial Estate Redditch, Worcestershire B98 7SE

• Aluminium platform set available for high fire risk environments. • High friction, hard wearing rubber feet for secure, safe deployment. • Robust puncture proof offset wheels allow easy relocation with minimum effort.



Snickers Will Stretch Your Visibility. A Superior Range of Hi Vis Working Clothes – for all kinds of light conditions. Snickers Workwear takes personal protection very seriously. That’s why this new range of cool and functional Hi-Vis summer clothing is streets ahead of anything else. With an extensive range of Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Toolvests, Shirts and Fleeces from Snickers’ LITEWork, FLEXIWork and ALLROUNDWORK families, there’s a host of different garments in the range to satisfy the specific requirements of Classes 1, 2 and 3 protection levels. These ‘outstanding’ products combine Snickers’ unrivalled hallmarks of functionality and comfort with the requirements of the EN471 standard for high visibility warning clothes. With advanced designs and high-tech fabrics, all the garments haver durable, colour-fast protection that will last for wash after wash, retaining shape and comfort throughout the life of the garments. Added to which, all Snickers Hi Vis garments can be custom-profiled to ensure ‘stand out’ coverage for your corporate brand.

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear range of Hi Vis Workwear is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue; or you can email


STRETCHED TO THE X-TREME X-treme cool-stretch trousers and all Engel workwear available from and For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197




Experts in Textile Solutions For more than 85 years, workwear from F. Engel™ has been selected by customers from all over Europe as the first choice for all-round protection and maximum comfort no matter what a work situation may demand.

Founded in 1927 by Carl J. Engel Senior and now 4th generation family-owned, the company has 850 employees based at its Headquarters in Norgesvej, Denmark and 2 factories in Lithuania. Since it first began, with the importing of denim from the U.S. as a hard wearing fabric, the company’s aims have always been the same – to provide superior quality, value for money workwear designed for a perfect, flexible fit and to give long lasting, reliable service. The original fabric was called Bull Denim which was made from 100% cotton. Over the years the materials and manufacturing processes have been continually developed to incorporate many new practical and beneficial design details with the versatility of the fabric improved by adding the yarn combination of polyester and cotton. New colours have been introduced and many businesses are now recognized by the specific colour combination and design of their Engel corporate workwear where not only is it valued for its practical uses but also as a significant part of a company’s professional statement. Development is an ongoing process as new smart colour combinations and materials are continuously created and tested, with a constant emphasis on product quality, innovation, flexibility and environmental awareness.

The company has an impressive seven collections (along with a large range of accessories), all of which are ‘tailor-made’ for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, offshore, building & construction and the commercial sector. Each item of clothing is designed to be a perfect, comfortable fit whilst giving maximum freedom of movement and reliability. As an example, one of the main names under the F. Engel banner is ‘Combat’; geared to cope with any season and designed for action, this durable and stylish, uni-coloured collection has contrasting and reflective piping for greater visibility on jackets and trousers, many of which are made from 100% cotton. Almost all the trousers in the range feature such useful detail as ruler-pockets, hammer straps and mobile phone pockets, whilst the leg-length can be extended an extra 4-6cm if required. Other names to look out for, each with their own unique benefits, include ‘Cargo’, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Work Zone’ and the ‘Light’ range for warmer weather. All Engel garments are available from The Workwear Trade Centre, Milton Keynes; Telephone: 01908 561569; email: and Anchor Safety, Ipswich; Telephone: 0800 328 5028; email: For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197



combining expertise to improve safety 3M Scott Safety to provide a complete safety solution for confined spaces by combining expert industry knowledge

Now trading ‘As One’, 3M and Scott Safety’s combined expertise and extensive product knowledge has enabled their safety experts to offer customers an enhanced solution for operating in confined spaces, ensuring individuals are completely protected and achieve a higher standard of safety. With Scott Safety and 3M joining forces, the premier manufacturers of innovative protective equipment can now offer a complete safety solution. As part of that solution is

an increased personal protective equipment offering including fall protection, head and eye protection, portable gas detection and escape and breathing apparatus. The increase in specialist equipment and combined industry experience, will help reduce the risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries in confined spaces.

Ensuring workers operating in confined spaces are protected from hazards, they should be equipped with the most appropriate safety equipment and understand the risks associated with exposure to toxic gases that could lead to debilitating respiratory diseases, now and even years after working.

Hazardous environments such as confined spaces can be life-threatening and a high number of workers are killed or seriously injured each year in the UK.[1] These environments are defined as being substantially enclosed and high-risk due to the presence of hazardous substances and conditions, such as a lack of oxygen and possible exposure to toxic gases.

The collaboration of 3M Scott Safety, now means it’s a one stop shop for all protective equipment including respiratory, positioning the company as a major organisation in the health and safety industry. For more information about complete solutions now available, please visit

Anti-Slip GlASS RAnGE


10mm DREAM BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 55

10mm DREAM CLEAR BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 19


10mm ELEGANCE BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 61

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 43

10mm ELEGANCE CLEAR BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 61

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 34

• Tested To UK and European Standards • Toughened and Laminated

• Multi Laminated with Vanceva Coloured Interlays 10mm SECRET BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 51

• Can be processed, Shaped, Drilled as required

10mm TRUST BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 47


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 44






10mm TRAIL BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 65

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 52


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 68

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 59


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 61



BS 7976-2 Av.WET 61

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: