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New product design! SureCav25 Forms a 25mm residual cavity Space for additional insulation Helps to bring down U-Values 100% recycled polypropylene Option to increase floor space

We have just built this new build using SureCav25 and found it superb to use… enabling us to achieved a great energy performance result (EPC). We also found it very easy to use as it guaranteed a clear cavity throughout the build and it al us using a backing block for the stone façade, actually increasing the internal rooms sizes by 200mm. Overall, we found the SureCav a fantastic system - thanks SureCav! – Tonic Construction Ltd.

lso saved y at least

Why build the old way like this?

When you can accomplish THIS with SureCav25! SureCav25 (25mm cavity)

Stone Backing block 50mm Cavity 75mm Insulation


Stone, brick or other masonry


75mm Insulation


Internal leaf

Internal leaf Reduces the wall width by 125mm!

This feature of SureCav25, in maintaining a perfectly consistent, clean and moisture-free clear cavity, opens the way for a brick outer leaf to be specified. Ordinarily, it would not be possible to keep the cavity clean with just a 25mm gap. However, with SureCav25 the wall can be built with full confidence as SureCav25 is the only building product permitted by LABC and NHBC that allows a 25mm residual cavity - the perfect solution with a brick outer leaf! A reduction in wall thickness of 25mm will increase the ● Lowers U-Values by making room for more internal dimensions of the property by 50mm in each insulation in the cavity direction and result in an average of 1.25% increased floor space over two storeys. Already an additional 5% ● Protects against windfloor space will have been gained by removing the driven rain in any need for 100mm concrete backing blocks. This can rise exposure zone to upwards of 6% or more additional floor-space in ● Ensures clean cavities cases where random stone is that are permanently used in very severe weather zones. free from mortar contamination Now drive down U-Values! ● Maintains a moistureSureCav25 allows more room in the cavity for insulation, thus free environment, enhancing the thermal protecting the envelope SureCav25 performance of the wall! of the building SureCav50 ● Suitable for all masonry Consider this: finishes With just a 1.25% gain, this is equivalent to the ● 100% recycled material floor-space of 1 extra house on an 80 house site!


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Advertisement Feature


Jennifer Williams looks at how continuous flow hot water delivery systems are fast overtaking the old technology of heating and storing water ready use.

Reports from the market on hot water heating system delivery in the commercial sector are showing a transition away from older technologies, which commonly use large volumes of cylinder stored and reheated hot water, are reaching a ‘tipping point’ with continuous flow units vastly out-perform them in terms of capital costing, economy of fuel, plant room space and lifetime efficiency. Each family is said to use 80 litres of hot water daily and the older technologies employed by traditional means of stored hot water heating systems are increasingly unable to economically and sustainably meet these market demands. Stored types of systems feature an insulated cylinder or container that keeps large quantities of water heated by either a boiler or immersion heater, and reheated when temperatures drop below a useable temperature. Thus, when there is demand, stored water is released and used, and then the cylinder refilled and reheated to remain at optimum temperatures (above 60°C) until next use. The market today requires and expects instant access to hot water, and in most domestic and light commercial applications there is no need for an inefficient system that can have a significant lag in recovery time to fully reheated water reserves. The major claimed benefits of storage systems lie in large commercial applications, such as a gyms or hotels, which need very large volumes of water at peak times – however, this can be easily accommodated by using a cascade system of continuous flow units. According to an AECOM independent study (AECOM is the largest building services consultancy in the world) the life cycle costings of continuous flow systems in comparison to equivalent storage systems, on average a ‘continuous flow water heating system can be up to 7% more economical’. At 89% efficiency on average, a storage system will encounter heat loss and wasted energy - reheating at times when there is no demand, for example. A continuous flow unit will maintain an efficiency level of 96%, increasing the returns on investment; or in other words, major savings on ongoing costs. Continuous flow hot water delivery is disrupting the old ways with new ways of doing it better, faster and more economically. The continuous flow units and systems offer heating efficiency, reliability, space saving, Legionella prevention and environmentally conscious Low NoX outputs - plus a Limescale Check system which ensures optimum performance throughout the life of the unit by constant monitoring and alerts for any buildup of lime-scale residue. Limescale can build exponentially if left and ignored, where a 1.6mm depth of limescale on a heat exchanger means a drop in efficiency of at least 12% - and a cut in the efficiency of any system means higher running costs. ‘The payback investment over the 10 years-plus life of a single Rinnai unit can be measured and shown to out-perform cheaper and much less efficient water heaters in a matter of months’, adds Chris Goggin, Operations Director.

For more details on RINNAI products visit




Survey reveals flaws in fire door usage H

orbury Property Services, part of the Horbury Group, ran a survey to mark Fire Door Safety Week and found there may be need for concern regarding fire safety in many commercial and public buildings. The survey of 80 people found that 95% said they had seen a fire door propped open in their own workplace or a public building in the last three months. Thirty-six per cent said they had seen this almost every day and 32% had seen it at least once per week. Even more worrying, of those who live in a flat or apartment, 57% said they had not been given any fire safety information by the landlord. Thirty-three per cent had been given only basic information and only 14% would consider the information they were given on fire safety to be good. Despite this lack of information, fire safety knowledge was found to be improved over the 2017 Fire Door Safety Week survey – 68% of those surveyed knew that a fire door, according to BS 9999, the code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings, should be inspected every six months. Whereas in the same survey 12 months ago, only 40% of those surveyed answered correctly.

when questioned how long a standard CE marked fire door should withstand smoke and flame, with 81% answering correctly at 30 minutes.

Richard Sutton, general manager at Horbury Property Services, said: “We run this survey every year, with a number of different questions, yet we are always surprised at the results. This year, it was noticeable how much people actually know about fire safety and fire doors, compared with previous years. However, we are concerned how many fire doors were being used incorrectly, for example, by being propped open, which would make them ineffective in the event of a fire. This may have been due to bad habits during the warmer weather but is something that should not be done with any fire door.

“It was also interesting to find out people’s thoughts about what would make them feel safer in their buildings, with such high numbers mentioning Building Regulations, fire sprinklers and greater checks on fire doors. This was a very positive survey and showed just how much landlords, contractors and the general public do know about fire doors.”

When asked what would make them feel safer to prevent fires, the top answer (45%) was tighter Building Regulations on fire safety, the second Eighty-eight per cent of those most popular answer was fire surveyed knew that it is the sprinklers (36%) and thirdly, responsible person who more regular fire door checks needs to take care of fire (18%). Although the survey door assessments in public or commercial buildings. There was revealed some faults with how fire doors are used, those also a good level of knowledge

surveyed seemed to be fairly confident about the building they work or live in is fire safe. Eighteen per cent answered that they were very confident and 77% were reasonably confident about whether their building is safe, and they would have adequate time to escape in a fire. Fire doors are said to play an extremely important role in ensuring compartmentation of a building, enabling occupants to escape or be safe in the event of a fire. Regular inspections are vital to ensure the life-saving properties of a fire door are retained and smoke, toxic gases and fire are not able to enter the space within a given timeframe. The doors can only

do this effectively if they are fully maintained. Richard added: “The results of our survey lead us to believe that fire doors are not being utilised as they should be in many commercial and public buildings. This is why it is so important that the doors are checked as soon as possible by an experienced and competent fire door inspector. The trained and experienced team at Horbury Property Services use the latest technology to deliver in-depth reporting on each fire door, giving the customer complete visibility of the effectiveness of each door and what remedial work may need to be carried out.”



Heart of glass

Glasshouses have long been a sign of status and luxury. Traditionally glasshouses

rowing is still an important reason for owning a glasshouse, but style has become a key decision-making factor for customers wanting their glasshouse to be a stunning feature sitting in the heart of their garden. Of course, glasshouses still retain their traditional purpose for growing but for some customers, style is now just as important.


Glasshouses have become high-end, luxury items that people desire to have sitting proudly in the garden as a show piece feature. Linda Lane, MD of Griffin Glasshouses explains: “For a lot of our customers, a glasshouse is a real investment that they have dreamed of owning for years. They want it to be absolutely stunning and a big feature in the garden. We understand that a new glasshouse is usually a once in a lifetime purchase, so work with each client to make sure their glasshouse is the stylish, elegant vision they’ve always dreamt of.”


they were familiar with. They were a purely functional space for growing plants and providing a means were built to serve a purpose of protection and climate when used to home exotic control for plants to thrive. In plants and create climates time, this has evolved.

The shift from function to stylish has evolved as a result of many factors, popular tastes being one, but technology and design have also played their part. The first step in this in the manufacturing of the aluminium used to construct the glasshouse. This is coupled with hot dipped galvanized steel to maintain the appeal of a traditional wooden structure, but without any of the maintenance issues. There have also been significant advances for example with systems for heating, ventilation and irrigation which can be selected to manage the glasshouse without the need for human intervention whilst giving peace of mind that everything is under control and well cared for. Since its formation 50 years ago, Griffin Glasshouses has been sat at the forefront of embracing trends and harmonising this with traditional glasshouse design. This is demonstrated in its offering of a variety of colours to complement the different styles requested. Linda continues: “Customers

often ask us to match a particular colour and we can powder coat your glasshouse in any shade you like. So, whilst most people opt for the muted tones of pebble, ivory or moss, if you want us to make yours fiery red to match your chilli collection or magenta to set off your prized pelargoniums, we can certainly do that to make a real centrepiece at the heart of the garden!” Each Griffin glasshouse is distinctly different and, due to bespoke nature of each order, the type of glasshouses the company has built in its 50 year history ranges greatly, whilst always offering practical solutions for gardeners’ needs. From smaller, more traditional lean-tos to stunning, elaborate 5.5 metres by 19 metres which was a traditional ¾ span with three porches and a central raised octagonal porch. For more information about Griffin Glasshouses, please visit www.griffinglasshouses.com


Stack House by FreelandBuck is lodged into steep hillside in LA S architecture firm FreelandBuck has completed a multi-level Los Angeles home with off-kilter volumes, curved internal walls and a rentable guest house sandwiched in the middle. The Stack House is located in the Mount Washington neighbourhood in northeast LA. The speculative home, which is currently for sale, was built on a hillside that presented various challenges.


Rather than create a building that felt disconnected from the steep terrain, the architects conceived a four-storey dwelling that is carved into the sharp slope. “Working with difficult site constraints is central to the design of this house,” said FreelandBuck, a studio with offices in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. “Unlike conventional hillside homes that appear to have been placed atop the slope, this house is embedded into it, creating a much closer relationship to the landscape.” From the street, the 2,207-square-foot (205 square metres) residence has a highly dynamic appearance. Some volumes appear to jut outward at an angle, while others step back and form terraces. A stairway cuts across the front elevation and leads to the home’s main entrance on the third level. “This vertical house uses the subtle rotation of each room to create seamless indooroutdoor spaces at every floor, each with unique and unobstructed views to the San Gabriel Mountains,” the team said. Concrete was used for the base of the home, while upper levels are wrapped in custom-cut, board-and-batten siding. Two different patterns were used for the cladding – one comprises simple vertical strips, while the other has a picture-frame configuration. The mixed patterning generates a heightened sense of texture and depth, which is further accentuated by the two-toned colour treatment. “Painted in subtle gradations from white to grey, the striped shadows of the board

The ADU has a separate entrance and features a bedroom, a bathroom and a storage area. The unit is fronted by a Similar to the exterior, the interior of the compact, landscaped terrace that overlooks home avoids feeling static. Public spaces – a the street. Throughout the dwelling, the dining area, kitchen, living room and den team used a restrained palette of materials – were placed on the third level. The floor and colours. White walls and ceilings was divided into four distinct rooms that are paired with French oak flooring and each have curved walls, creating a sense of contemporary decor. fluidity. Folding glass doors enable interior spaces “The walls of each room curve at the centre to spill outdoors and provide “iconic views in a series of tangent arcs that blend the unique to Los Angeles hillside living”. individual spaces while carefully opening The residence has a number of sustainable views through the house,” said the team. features, including tankless water heaters The home’s bottom level encompasses a and a Nest control system. The team also two-car garage, which can also be used as installed a sprinkler system – a unique a workspace. feature in a single-family American home. The dwelling was developed by The top floor contains two bedrooms and FreelandBuck and Urbanite Homes, and is a master suite. In the rear, a patio and small listed at $1.4 million (£1 million). yard provide opportunities to enjoy the pleasant California climate. and battens shift throughout the day,” the architects said.

The second floor of the home was envisioned as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), which typically are small buildings constructed in backyards and used for accommodating guests, ageing family members or rent-paying tenants. “In this case the ADU is uniquely integrated into the massing of the house,” the team said.


d3 design & display are proud of our Yorkshire roots and of maintaining the great British tradition of manufacturing. Manufacturing out of a purpose built 80,000 sq. ft. factory in the beautiful Calder Valley, we have been supplying furniture and product displays for over 25 years and we are incredibly proud of our client list which includes Radley, O2 and Fortnum & Mason.


A contracts division was added to the business in 2016 and whilst retail remains at the heart of the business, the company has forged strong links with property developers and construction companies. As a result, d3 has supplied and fitted bedroom & bathroom furniture to a number of apartment hotels and luxury residential developments in London and the South East. Our purpose built, production facility operates on a 24 hour cycle ensuring


we deliver on time, every time. State of the art CNC machines, precision beam saw, edgebanders, thermoforming and laminating machinery mean we have everything on site to manufacture your project into a premium product. With an award winning, in-house design team we work with clients offering innovative design solutions which focus on their needs as well as taking the opportunity to provide quality and value. Investment in the latest 3D CAD software enables the design team to provide technical drawings for machining. The design team work closely with production

to create the most efficient, and therefore cost effective, methods for design and manufacture. Offering principal and main contractor services our experienced in-house contracts team guarantee outstanding service and incredible interiors. We can undertake a full fit-out installation from conception to completion incorporating joinery, building alterations, all aspects of flooring, partitions, ceiling, mechanical, electrical and decoration works up to a value of ÂŁ2m. We have considerable experience of both Retail and Commercial fit-outs covering petrol stations, hospitals and universities. We are ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certified, SafeContractor accredited and FSC Certified. Using our award winning design team, streamlined manufacturing, own warehousing and distribution, your project can be managed from concept to full install.

debbie.smyth@d3uk.com 01422 887 362 www.d3uk.com

design & display design develop deliver

Commercial & Retail Interiors

A recognised name in design, manufacture and installation of quality bespoke joinery.

w: d3uk.com t: 01422 378000 e: sales@d3uk.com

Lowfields Business Park Lowfields Way, Elland West Yorkshire, HX5 9DA


Discover Timeless Chic in Black and White with Posterlounge Whether it’s a subtle play of shadows or the bold contrast of black and white – there’s no need to argue that the popularity of monochrome designs remains unbroken. No matter if you’re looking for a dramatic eye-catcher or want to put together a harmonious gallery wall, Posterlounge is the place to find the timeless black-&-white chic you’re looking for. Wall art design in black and white seems to be unbothered by the ups and downs of interior décor trends, enjoying the status of being a timeless style that gives every home an air of elegance. Combining the simplistic with the nostalgic, monochrome prints and pictures possess a mesmerising quality of drawing the spectator away into a world of shadow play and make for eyecatchers of understated class even in a room full of colours.


Posterlounge offers a wide selection of black and white

prints that will have you spoilt for choice, from dramatic typographies to breath-taking photography and even x-ray art. Styled to perfection as readyto-hang posters in wooden frames or printed on wood for a raw, natural chic, black-andwhite posters by Posterlounge will turn any wall into a gallery of classiness. More than just black and white – discover the perfect finish for your favourite picture When it comes to setting yourself apart from mainstream wall decoration, choosing the perfect finish for your black-

and-white print will matter just as much as picking the right design. Classic poster print, of course, still makes for a great and yet affordable choice and can easily be staged perfectly and ready-to-hang with Posterlounge’s matching realwood frames in black or white. Acrylic glass in turn can be used to achieve the look of a decorative light box, especially in combination with custom-made frames, making the lighter shades of a motif seem to be almost glowing from within. Especially for typographies, wood can be an exciting choice, since the white part of an image will not be

printed but will instead show the natural wood grain beneath. With only the black letters printed on it, the result is that of a vintage, almost industrial look. Take a look inside with X-Ray Art Off the beaten track of vintagestyle photos and typographies, the mysterious world of x-ray images sure will make you see everything around you in a whole new way! Showing the world in the negative, these images provide a very different approach to monochrome wall art, revealing the hidden stories of the Within. Finally, following this and last year’s trend of greenery and foliage prints where ferns and palm leaves dominated the world of interior design, x-ray images depicting the inside of plants and flowers give this popular vogue a whole new twist, striking a more subtle, timeless note. Dive into the world of the monochrome and discover your favourite black-and-white-prints at the Posterlounge online shop. Enter the code BLACK&WHITE10 and save 10% on all prints and wall pictures at Posterlounge! Valid until 31/12/2018.


Glass Partition Joints - Choose G2G

Glass partitioning solutions are extremely popular in modern interior design. Architects can maximise light and space perception, creating a contemporary style. An ingenious and aesthetically pleasing range of glass to glass dry joints, G2G is manufactured by Reddiplex Ltd in the UK. G2G offers the ideal alternative to sealant when installing interior glass panels. An integral adhesive strip makes it clean and easy to use, resulting in less install time and less waste. A host of different profiles, able to complement glass thicknesses of 8mm to 16mm, are available for every application. G2G is long lasting and remains pristine for its life, ensuring a stylish finish for years to come.

The G2G range offers the ideal slimline dry joint for internal glass partitions. • High clarity • Suitable for a range of glass thicknesses • Excellent adhesion between glass and joint • Held in stock and available for immediate dispatch

For brochures, samples and more information go to:


[e] sales@reddiplex.com • [t] +44 [0]1905 795432



that there is no need to give up valuable space to install a cylinder. And there are no standing losses to account for as occur with traditional stored hot water systems. The Rinnai system produces useable hot water on demand, at the turn of a tap or the push of a shower button. The relatively compact footprint of the units also means they can be housed in tight spaces and still be easily accessible for maintenance and servicing. According to Rinnai’s Chris Goggin: “We believe our range represents the best value-for-money commercial hot water solution on the market today, and it can be delivered direct to site in one complete, easy to manage package. Its impressive energy performance ratings also make it a highly desirable development at a time when everybody is looking at decreasing energy bills and maximising energy efficiency.”

lumbing and heating engineers have reviewed and rated Rinnai continuous flow units and systems as a leader in a recent survey into hot water heating delivery systems and products, identifying the company as having ‘superior quality’ to competitor products.


The survey showed respondents - all Gas Safe registered engineers - answered questions regarding overall satisfaction, brand awareness and product quality. Rinnai came top on product quality - and technical service, in particular. Over 70% of those surveyed stated they were regular customers and identified ‘strongly’ that ‘quality of products’ and no ‘call backs to site’ as being the main reasons for their views. Over 65% of respondents said that the quality of Rinnai’s product offering is


‘superior’ to the claimed market leaders with a further 85% indicating that the brand, including all elements of product range, reliability, innovation and customer service, is a genuine market leader. Rinnai units and systems are now the number one choice for large buildings and businesses with a heavy demand for constant hot water or where high peaks of demand occur at certain times. The water handling capacity is infinite as units can be installed to ‘cascade’.

The condensing process delivers 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standard on-demand water heaters. Rinnai’s high efficiency condensing range of continuous flow water heaters, including the HDC1500 with its 96-97% gross efficiency, covers a vast number of requirements. Rinnai condensing continuous flow water heaters are low NoX, less than 50mg with gross efficiencies of 96-97% and recovery of 740 litres per hour at 50° Delta. All units are A rated on ErP.

The benefits for the end user are big savings on fuel over other forms of water heating solutions, with the added advantage

For more details on RINNAI products visit www.rinnaiuk.com


Trim Acoustics

has for more than twenty five years been at the forefront of building acoustics, supplying quality acoustic products from the UK’s major manufacturers to the building industry and domestic market. Providing technical advice, site surveys and specifications to architects and developers, Trim Acoustics can assist with projects ranging from house conversions and new build properties to bespoke designs for customers who have specific requirements. Trim Acoustics offers solutions for floors, ceilings and walls that can achieve Document E standard and with a wide range of quality acoustics products stocked at their Godmanchester warehouse they are able to offer a prompt delivery service direct to site. Distributing a wide range of quality product for the UK’s major manufactures puts Trim Acoustics in a unique position when it comes to specifications, making it very easy to choose the most suitable product to meet both performance and cost criteria

With a wealth of technical expertise and practical experience Trim Acoustics can offer a wide range of solutions via the telephone and on site. See www.trimacoustics.co.uk for more details or call 020-8443-0099. 12.5mm Fire rated plasterboard

Trim Resound board

Peel Back Self Adhesive Strip

Board Overlap Joint

Heavy Duty Resilient Bars

Resound 90 minute fire rated ceiling system is constructed of a 22mm thick board providing high performance airborne noise reduction in an easy to handle size. The board incorporates a unique self adhesive jointing system.

With more than twenty five years technical expertise and practical experience Trim Acoustics can offer a wide range of solutions

sales@trimacoustics.co.uk www.trimacoustics.co.uk

100mm 45kg/m3 mineral fibre

Tel: 020-8443-0099

Another area of Trim Acoustic expertise is the design of studios, from conversion of a garage or out building to full professional recording studios. Trim Acoustics can also advise on the upgrade of existing home studio or home cinemas.

Trim Acoustics

Resound Acoustic Board System


The domestic market has for many years been one of Trim Acoustic’s areas of expertise, providing acoustic solutions to people whose quality of life has been effected by noise problems. Offering a suitable solution in plain English often means that the noise problem can be identified and resolved on the telephone and within a few days the materials can be delivered to site.

Acoustic Board System

The addition of their new production and warehouse facility in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire which Trim Acoustics share with their sister company Coburn Sliding Systems has given them the ability to increase production and improve the quality of their range of acoustics products to satisfy increased demand.



INSTANT SUCCESS FOR DESIGNER CONTRACTS NEW RANGES Designer Contracts – the UK’s largest flooring contractor – has marked its two new curtain and blinds fabric collections as an instant success. he latest Elegance and Indulgence ranges incorporate up-to-theminute colours, textures and patterns to reflect the growing demand for interior design-led fabrics within the home.

collections reflect what the house buyer is looking for and they have both been an instant success. Customer service is at the forefront of our business, and alongside the extensive range of fabrics that are already available, our new Inspiration Guide offers a professional’s insight into interior design.”

Elegance features a choice of well-priced fabrics in a variety of popular muted shades such as duck egg, sage and mauve, with patterns including floral ‘Geo Viola’ and ‘Ripple Grape’. Luxurious Indulgence has been introduced with the most discerning house buyer in mind and includes a well-appointed selection of soft heather colours, including modern ‘Saffron Heather’ and ‘Tetris Lilac’. The collection also has a choice of charcoals and naturals as well as a fun selection of children’s prints, ideal for bedrooms and playrooms.

Designer Contracts operates across 15 UK regional facilities. As well as curtain and blind packs, the company provides furniture and lighting packs and operates a showhome design division. The company is also the UK’s largest provider of floorcoverings to the new build sector.


The fabrics are part of the company’s ‘Inspiration Guide’, a brochure style look-book, which has been curated alongside Designer Contracts’ interior design team. The designers have developed mood boards around the Elegance and Indulgence collections, demonstrating how the fabrics and accessories, such as curtain poles and venetian blinds can be mixed and matched to achieve a refined, professional finish. Said Designer Contracts md, Peter Kelsey: “The new


Follow us on Twitter: @ DesignerContrac or Facebook: Designer Contracts www.designercontracts.com

NEW Emission Free, Fire Retardant paint for walls, ceilings and wood.



01484 421036 l www.graft.co.uk l

/GraftSealants l

Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.


industry news

ariety, choice, multiple options - however you describe it the 2019 January Furniture Show (JFS) is a dream for buyers of furniture and interior furnishings. Taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from 20th - 23rd January 2019, over 500 exhibitors will launch thousands of new products in styles from easy-living rustic to high-end contemporary.


With a new bed zone and a new lighting sector the organisers are already enthusiastic about the forthcoming event and are expecting the 20,000 plus visitor numbers to increase. Event

JFS Has It All in 2019 Director Cleere Scamell said, “Although we are still planning the 2019 JFS, we are already charged with excitement about the new additions in furniture and accessories which will greatly enhance the choices for buyers. The feedback we get after each show is invaluable and we use it to progress the event to ensure that it is delivering the brands and products that buyers want to see. We were asked to get more bed companies, more lighting companies and more contemporary furniture companies – we’ve done just that. With these new additions we are anticipating an extra compliment of visitors eager to see what’s new and expect they will be delighted with what they find.”

It isn’t just the new areas and exhibitors that will keep buyers busy at JFS. Regular exhibitors have plenty to shout about, the consumer expenditure on furniture and furnishings in 2016 was over £16.7 billion. In 2017 the furniture, beds and furnishings manufacturing industry was worth over 17 billion and continues to rise and more and more houses are now being built. As JFS is largest furniture and furnishings event in the UK, it is the prime source of furniture and furnishing products for buyers from every sector of the market. Major and emerging UK and International brands will show alongside each other and the variety of furniture and furnishing styles on show is endless. Wellknown names including Parker Knoll, Westbridge, Silentnight, Ercol, Gallery Direct, Italia Living, Weimann and Searchlight are all exhibiting in 2019, together with newer brands including Spink & Edgar, Loma Living, The Great Chair Company and Mason & Pearl. For more information and to register for your free entry to JFS 2019 please go to www.januaryfurnitureshow.com


Source new products, discover fresh trends, and meet 100s of suppliers at the UK’s biggest furniture show. Make yourself at home at the industry event of the year.

Register now at januaryfurnitureshow.com


JIS Europe are proud to present the Sussex Range of Stainless Steel Towel Rails. We first introduced the Sussex Range to the market in 1998. At that time although there were ladder rails on the market we were unique in that the rails were manufactured from 100% Stainless Steel.


here we led others inevitably followed, however being the forerunners has given us the experience and ultimately control of quality over this exceptional material. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. It will not rust, flake or corrode. It is the ecological, durable choice and can be used in all systems including open. We offer 3 formats of rail throughout the range : Electric, dual fuel and central heating only. We are also able to offer both polished and satin finishes thereby giving you the ultimate flexibility within your heating as well as visual requirements. The cornerstones of our business are quality, stock holding and ultimately customer service. The three work hand in hand. We offer an extensive range of sizes and accessories, and constantly strive to bring new and interesting product to the market, whilst always marrying practicality and durability with design aesthete. We have always maintained a policy of stockholding and all orders are dispatched for next day delivery when ordered before midday. This added to


our extensive product range only goes to further improve the service we are able to offer. Our staff are firstly and foremost polite, friendly and efficient, furthermore they are knowledgeable and able to deal with your queries. We do not operate call waiting systems, there will always be a friendly and willing person on the other end of the line ready to assist you. We have a large selection of gallery shots, showing the visual diversity of our rails,

on our website www.sussexrange.co.uk. Comfortable in both a modern and contemporary bathroom as well as the traditional, we think you will be impressed by the diversity of the images shown. We are confident you will be happy with your purchase and are pleased to offer a 25 year guarantee. Should you wish any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01444 831200 or info@jiseurope.co.uk

The Sussex Range by JIS Europe Ltd

100% Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails Telephone +44 (0) 1825 722988 info@jiseurope.co.uk www.sussexrange.co.uk

Bathrooms INDUSTRY Essentials

INDUSTRY Essentials Black: industrial, stylish, metropolitan. The impact of a bathroom in which strong shades of black are used is unequalled; this latest interior trend is inspired by the robust industrial look of yesteryear. Black is a


powerful, elegant and luxurious colour. It enhances shapes and emphasises contrasts. Black also radiates energy and vitality.


OPERA: ART AND WATER Clean lines and a robust structure. An eye for detail in the finish and flowing

In the picture: Opera

movements when opening and closing. Beauty and technology meet in Opera, a shower door characterised by a nice finish and a clean design. Opera is ideal for styling a modern space thanks to the smart use of the contrast between glass, the black finish and the surroundings. The industrial style of the matte black Opera results in a chic and elegant look.

DISTINCTIVE CHARACTER If the interior is all about contrast, then this is highlighted by Zephyros. A clearly present frame of the shower door with a distinctive character: a gusty design. The matching matte black handgrips and details give it a tough look that fits in perfect with the latest interior trends.

In the picture: Zephyros

MINIMALISM AND CLEAN LINES Young 2.0 is versatile and adapts to endless situations. The shower walls make maximum use of the space thanks to the slender frame and the large proportion of glass. A tight division of the shower area with nice details for an immaculate and elegant feel. In the black version Young 2.0 can be easily combined with the natural beauty of Novosolid, a shower floor that fits in with the new interior philosophy of natural materials because of the stone texture.


In the picture: Young 2.0

Anodetothesteelframesofyesteryearthatarebackintoday’slatestinteriortrend. The Kuadra H walk-in shower with the new black line pattern, which is a wonderful look-a-like of the industrial, steel frame, makes each shower area a true work of art; a striking bathroom that reflects the personality of its resident.

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In the picture: Kuadra

INDUSTRY Essentials

INDUSTRY Essentials

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Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA

KUADRA H LOFT now in stock

MINIMALISM AND CLEAN LINES With a whole host of exciting product features, such as showering height of 2000mm, through to the minimal matt black, matt white of polished chrome profiling giving the enclosure a sleek and luxurious look. Coupled with the rise and fall door mechanism and the versatility to be installed on a shower tray or tiled floor, the Young collection gives you a multitude of showering options and fantastic value for money. Combine this with our Novosolid stone shower tray with its anti-slip stone texture, stain and UV resistant, hidden 90mm fast flow waste and can be cut down to size on site to fit difficult spaces.

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Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA

bathrooms Modern Bathroom

You’ll be spoilt for choice when trying to decide which bathroom suite will fit well in your new room. A contemporary Freestanding Bath tub will instantly give any bathroom the wow factor and if you’ve got enough space to place it under the window then give it a try. This will become the first thing friends will notice when they walk into your bathroom and the light coming in from the garden will be a natural back light.

Freestanding Taps

To complement your gorgeous bath tub why not combine it with it’s very own statement piece such as a freestanding bath and shower mixer tap. Not only do they look elegant, but they also give you the freedom to decide whether you have the tap at one end of the bath tub or perhaps in the middle. Having the two separate shower and bath heads are also great for practical reasons such as washing hair and cleaning the bath tub too.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas from Bathroom Takeaway.co.uk The key style tip to creating a modern bathroom is to keep your look simple and clean by choosing a matching white unit with perhaps a rectangular finish. You can always add a touch of colour through ceramic jugs, towels and even artwork. Adding a touch of greenery is a great trend and an easy addition to any bathroom. You could include a hanging plant or just a simple potted cactus which is easy to look after and also has relaxing qualities too. Adding a recess for holding candles and trinkets is also a modern trend that is easy to create just by adding a stud wall behind your bathroom suite.

LED Mirror

No modern bathroom would be complete without light, mirrors and storage. Your bathroom should be a place where you can retreat to after a long day in the office and the last thing you should be looking at is half used bottles of shampoo. If space is an issue then perhaps choosing a mirror that has light and storage would be the best idea such as the 800 x 600mm illuminated led mirror with demister shaver socket.

Toilet and Basin

When choosing a toilet and basin try to keep the same shape as the rest of your bathroom items. If you’ve chosen a gorgeous modern rectangular freestanding bath then a rectangular toilet and basin will finish the look perfectly.

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NEW BUILD OR REFURBISHMENT CHOOSE demista™ and Cosyfloor™ House builders, developers, the self build sector, and the public are looking forward to 2019 with a great deal of optimism. he property market appears to be well on the move, and one item is proving to be of great interest to those building or refurbishing houses and apartments. Added value at minimal cost to any new or refurbished bathroom must the be the inclusion of a demista™ heated mirror pad.


This pad is easy to install, and will ensure a steam free mirror at all times, no matter how steamed up the bathroom. The heated mirror pads are available in a variety of sizes, to suit most mirrors and in the case of a particularly large surface, they can be used in multiples. Running costs are minimal and ideally, once wired in to the lighting system, they will gently warm the mirror when the bathroom is in use. The pads can also be fitted in bathroom cabinets. The range of underfloor heating products, Cosyfloor™, Ecofloor and Ecomat are designed for specific areas of the home. Both Cosyfloor™ and Ecofloor can be used in every room in the house, including areas where the floor may get wet, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and conservatories. Ecomat can be used in hallways, bedrooms and living areas. Underfloor heating means no unsightly radiators, adding valuable space to smaller rooms, no hot surfaces for toddlers to touch especially in the nursery or playroom. The added space, especially wall space, enhances the aesthetic appearance of your reception and living areas. Whether under timber floors, tiles, slate, marble, vinyl or carpet, underfloor heating is safe, reliable, and offers gentle, comfort heating levels whenever and wherever it is needed. Temperature can be easily controlled via room thermostats to produce the most cost effective and efficient heating. The system is easy to install and maintenance free. Tel: 01932866600 Email:sales@demista.co.uk Web: www.demista.co.uk


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Internationally Approved • Low Energy Consumption 100% Efficient & Maintenance Free Various Sizes & Voltages • Bespoke To Order

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RINNAI’S EYE-CATCHING SPONSORSHIP - FOR ALL As one of the UK’s leading manufacturing suppliers of commercial hot water heating systems, Rinnai has solidified sponsorships with similarly industry competitive partners, including the Super League Club, the Widnes Vikings. Striking a more novel tone, Rinnai’s name appears on the backside of players shorts. “Rinnai is a worldwide brand name in its field and has taken some major global sponsorships – including the Queensland Reds, The World Club World Cup event held January this year in Tokyo, the World Ice Skating Championships and the US Nascar competition held in Daytona, Las Vegas and other major American venues. It is certainly different, but works incredibly well for us and Widnes Vikings”, says Rinnai Operations chief Chris Goggin. “The sponsorship takes the form of the Rinnai logo and brand name on the back of the playing shorts. This is the first time both parties have taken this unconventional but innovative style of sports sponsorship. “We are absolutely delighted to take a very active sponsorship with Widnes Vikings. We, as Rinnai, share a common belief in approach and values of excellence, innovation and responsibility to the wider community”, adds Chris Goggin. That belief translates directly into the economic and reliable solutions for installers, specifiers and end users’ installers or all domestic and commercial hot water heating and delivery needs in Rinnai’s comprehensive range. Maintaining A rated energy efficiencies, temperature accurate water supplies their electronically controlled continuous flow gas fired units and systems are the product off choice within the UK.


RUGBY LEAGUE THE RIGHT REASONS Committed to sustainability, both in business and environmental impact, the Rinnai range delivers energy saving performance and low greenhouse emissions through new low NOx burner technology. All units and systems can be installed stand-alone or manifolded to provide unlimited hot water for even the largest of commercial sites, without loss of pressure and heating at different delivery points. The newly updated Rinnai Infinity range also embodies our business model for innovation within the industry. The Infinity 16i, weighing just 18kg and measuring less than 675mm (H) x 139mm (W), has a delivery capacity of 15.2 litres per minute, at a temperature rise of 25°. Water temperature can be pre-set through easy-to-use built in digital controls, eliminating the risk of scalding and potentially eradicating the need for thermostatic mixing valves. Designed for use directly off the mains, with no need for large, inconvenient and energy inefficient storage vessels, this unit is the perfect domestic heating solution. The larger Rinnai 26i continuous flow water heater unit is one of the company’s best-selling internal water heaters worldwide and has a flow rate of 19.6 litres/ min, raised at 33°C. Rinnai Heavy Duty water heaters are high efficiency gas continuous flow water heaters with outputs up to 69kW. Compact and reliable, the Rinnai Heavy Duty HD50i operates between 1-10 bar pressure, which is suitable for mains and systems with boost pumps.

All models have full electronic ignition with no pilot light and operate on demand only, consuming no gas when not in use. All Rinnai internal HDC condensing continuous flow water heaters are room-sealed, power flue appliances while the external weatherproof models have forced exhaust which enables them to be compact, saving both floor and wall space. Rinnai’s unique condensing technology incorporates two heat exchangers to achieve optimum water heating generated from every cubic metre of Natural Gas or LPG. The condensing process delivers up to 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standard on-demand water heaters or conventional stored systems. Rinnai continuous flow hot water systems deliver on all levels in a cost effective and practical manner. Easy to install and operate the units provide a flexible and energy efficient solution for domestic applications and for all sectors of business and industry.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com

The HD50i Internal water heater is a wall hung, gas fired, continuous flow water heater capable of producing hot water at 756 litres per hour at a 50°C rise. Incoming water temperatures of up to 60°C are accepted, making the HD50i suitable for secondary return systems. With a 125mm concentric flue, which can be extended up to 15m, less 1m per 45° bend, water can be delivered at high volume with minimum gas consumption.



The Secret Ingredient for a Modern Kitchen Chef Jean Pierre Pastor specifies Neolith® for new cooking school ome children dream of being astronauts, explorers or artists. From a young age, Jean Pierre Pastor knew he wanted to be a chef. Inspired by his mother’s great cooking, he cultivated a passion for food early in life and ultimately realised his dream: opening his first restaurant in 2000, La Fata Bema.


Pastor opened his latest destination, Meltemi, in Northern Italy in early 2016. Named after and inspired by the northern winds of the Aegean Se, there he sets himself apart from the local competition by offering a menu comprised strictly of seafood dishes. A contrast to traditional cuisine of Parma, which is very meat and dairy heavy, his playfully unusual offering has been welcomed in the area. Pastor’s appetite for quality cuisine, however, is not restricted to cooking. Shortly after opening Meltemi, he expanded it to include a cooking school, to provide a creative space where the public can participate in his passion. Pastor describes: “The cooking school is for people who wish to learn. It’s not for professionals, but for people who want to have a good time cooking, trying out and discovering.”


A modern gem From the outside, Meltemi blends into its surroundings. It is a historic building in a very old city. Just across the road, the medieval Palazzo Tirelli boasts a fifteenthcentury brick façade. Pastor, however, opted for a more contemporary kitchen, in contrast with the surrounding architecture. Alongside the benefits of up-to-date appliances, Neolith worktops deliver a range of advantages for both experienced and beginner cooks. From slicing and dicing to plating and presenting, the Sintered Stone is at once chopping board, trivet and backdrop. Pastor explains: “We have chosen Neolith because the surface is easy to clean and very hygienic. It doesn’t stain, it doesn’t scratch and we can put hot pans on it. The product doesn’t change, so we know it will look as attractive no matter how many dishes are prepared on it.”

Dishes in the dark While the kitchen is typically the realm of chefs, this cookery school is for everyone. As a space that has new people constantly coming into it, including novices, a relaxing

Meltemi; Worktop in Neolith Basalt Black, 12mm

and attractive décor in which visitors feel comfortable to learn and make mistakes was crucial. While many professional kitchens opt for a mixture of the traditional steel and white, Pastor has cultivated a warm, dark atmosphere, achieving a more tranquil ambience. Neutral walls and deep grey cupboards are complemented by understated lighting while a metallic, illuminated extractor fan makes a dramatic statement, drawing attention to the large kitchen island in the centre of the room. To complement the existing décor, Pastor chose dusky Neolith Basalt Black for the cookery school’s substantial worktop. In line with the current trend for inkier tones, the fine-grained igneous pattern has an enduring appeal that will see the culinary space adapt seamlessly to changing fashions and tastes.

Meltemi; Worktop in Neolith Basalt Black, 12 mm Meltemi; Worktop in Neolith Basalt Black, 12mm


Successful Meal Preparation This Winter with De Dietrich Highly sophisticated in both their design and attention to detail, De Dietrich ovens exude elegance, largely down to the fact that they are created from the perfect combination of premium materials in glass, stainless steel, and copper. during the long winter evenings. With De Dietrich’s Chef inspired ovens, you can perfect any dish like a true professional - When others notice, don’t be surprised by the inevitable acclaim! De Dietrich ovens come in a variety of colours: Absolute Black, Iron Grey, Platinum and Pure White, made to suit any kitchen or style.


he Chef Inspired ovens not only look smart but have an unrivalled functionality, with exclusive technology that is patented by De Dietrich, a fully automatic cooking experience is made possible in the ‘Chef’ Mode. With this technology, only owned by De Dietrich, the humidity sensors equipped in the oven

allows all settings to be adjusted automatically for you while cooking; from the cooking mode to the ideal temperature and even the cooking time. De Dietrich ovens also offer a Culinary Guide with up to 50 pre-set recipes for high quality cooking. From roast beef to crème caramel, you can enjoy delicious dishes with little effort

By incorporating the same De Dietrich know-how with cooking methods worthy of great chefs, De Dietrich transforms the cooking experience into an art of precision and excellence. The new collection is available from KAL (kal.ie) or AB Distributors (abdistributors.co.uk) For all press enquiries please contact Caitriona Brennan Caitriona@revolve. ie, Revolve Marketing & PR



Rotpunkt Zerox Kitchen in New Blackline Terragrey finish [top left] and Zerox Kitchen in New Terragrey finish [top right]

‘More than just Kitchen Furniture’ with Rotpunkt


otpunkt, leaders in the design and manufacture of quality German K i t c h e n f u r n i t u re transcend the world of kitchen design with the launch of its universally styled furniture solutions that can inhabit more than one interior space: no longer just reserved for home gastronomy! The desire for open-plan interior design remains strong, in fact the 5th edition of the UK Domestic Kitchen & Bathroom Worktops Market Report 2018 to 2022 from AMA Research says “a key trend is the blurring of distinction between the kitchen and dining room, with less formality in the home and a move towards open plan living.” Consequently, the markets desire for freeform design has welcomed a need for kitchen furniture solutions which are nonspecific to a certain room, giving you the ability to seamlessly blend cooking, dining and social areas without conflict: who wants a high gloss kitchen unit next to a solid oak dresser?


Rotpunkt’s new Furniture Collections for 2018 will overcome any design hurdles you might encounter when working with an open-plan kitchen living scheme. Giving you the power to synchronise any Rotpunkt kitchen doors with the rest of your open-plan home, you could opt for a same-finish TV Entertainment Unit in the living area, tailor-made Display Cabinet for convenient dining or perhaps a banquet window seat to create an extra place to sit. Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations, Rotpunkt UK says “When furnishing an open plan home, try to select nonconflicting materials, colours and finishes, as this will provide a cohesive look that is able to transcend from room to room. A carefully considered mix of open and closed storage will also prove useful, allowing display shelving to remain independent, or as part of an overall kitchen scheme defining zones for cooking, cleaning, dining and socialising. This level of interconnection is an inherent feature of open plan living and I believe this is why the kitchen remains the cornerstone of any modern home.”

Whatever the room or solution, you can be confident that a Rotpunkt kitchen will create balance and unity, and choosing the right finish is one of the best ways to ensure a consistent look. Delivering both style and substance, laminate furniture solutions


New 2018 ‘all-inclusive’ Furniture Solutions by Rotpunkt include:

Delivering on design, lifestyle and green credentials, all of Rotpunkt kitchens are:

• City wood-effect finishes: Nature Oak & Grey Oak – look and feel of natural oak

• High quality furniture

• Class glass-effect finishes: Snow Gloss and Black Gloss available

• Up to 30% weight reduction

• Marble stone-effect finish: 10mm door, drawer and worktop options • Leather effect finish: Brown doors • Metal Line: Black & Grey - a realistic metallic effect furniture that imitates real metal

make it possible for you to design furniture in different open-plan spaces without clear identification. Distinct faux effects like metal, wood and glass can be used to create impact and Rotpunkt’s new Metal Line in Black and Grey, or new Class furniture will let you blur the boundaries between function, leisure and aesthetic without needing to define the room itself. Rotpunkt’s new City laminate furniture in Grey Oak and Nature Oak will also serve you well as the new laser-edged doors have been designed to accommodate a run of drawers. So, if you need to conceal a standard height built-in appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine, then now you can, as well as minimise noise pollution when operational and trying to watch TV!

• Black Line: Black finish – a fine black line edging to define fair colour doors / drawers • Fixed shelf lighting for display cabinets: LED • Interior fixtures and fittings in Carbon [medium grey] as standard • Drawer box in Carbon & Smoked Black Glass, as standard

• Cabinets made of environmentally friendly BioBoard • Easy to fit • Workable and easier to handle as traditional chip board • Manufactured by using natural, fast growing raw material • Clean and sustainable production • Environmentally friendly transport • 100% recyclable • Design features are not compromised Prices start from £15,000+vat. For further information on Rotpunkt UK, call 07415 113946, email matt.phillips@rotpunktuk.com or visit www.rotpunktuk.com

• Matt Black fixtures and fittings, as standards • Sink & Appliance internal drawer box solutions, e.g. shallow height, 1 or 2 bowl, etc. • Room Divider: independent easyaccess storage unit that is raised for extra utility, e.g. herb box, flower box, open ice bucket and more!

Rotpunkt Titanium Kitchen in New Metal Grey & Metal Black [left] and Zerox C-shelf in New Terragrey finish [right]



Acivico Architect At The Heart Of NEC’s Transformation At the heart of the NEC’s £4.5 million transformation has been an Acivico architect that supplied concept designs for the stunning and technically innovative pyramid formations, which will completely change the look and feel of Birmingham’s iconic premier international conference and leisure venue. rincipal Architect Alan McBeth developed three gigantic custom designed trapezoidal shapes, each the size of a three-story house, using the latest design software. When connected, these form a 3D wall of 37 units, reinventing and giving life to the flat facades on five of the halls, originally constructed in 1976. Using state-of-the-art membrane technology and a healthy dose of imagination, the vision was for the facade to be covered with stretched membranes combined with colourful vector graphics panels, positioned between the 3D trapezoidal shapes.


“The design required the use of the latest in tensile fabric innovation from within the UK and we found the print graphics specialist in Holland – the only company in the world that could print the polyester fabric which covers the trapezoids to the correct lifespan requirement,” said Alan McBeth. “The magnitude of this work has to be seen to be appreciated, but it is very scalable and there is no doubt this type of design treatment can be applied to give an economical facelift to other aging buildings, large or small, in need of some TLC,” he continued. The final colour changing boulder pattern was designed and supplied by international PR and advertising firm McCann whose programmable LED animated backlighting has created a dynamic and engaging environment for the 7 million annual visitors to the campus, but it’s at night that guests can really see the complex come to life. Acivico has used graphic visualisation technology to share the display. “We are delighted with the outcome of these concept designs by Acivico. The team understood the brief perfectly and came up with a unique concept using innovative technology which they brought to life using superb 3D visuals. The finished results are stunning,” commented Martin Clarke, NEC Marketing Director. The NEC’s ‘project facelift’ will be officially revealed with the launch of the Bear Grylls adventure world in October 2018.


Plans For A New Concert Arena In Bristol Scrapped


ristol City Council revealed that the plans to build a new 12,000-capacity concert arena in Bristol have been scrapped due to fears over rising costs and the huge sums of the money that would need to be borrowed in order to build the arena on Temple Island.

With the Arena plans now being shelved, the council has started exploring options for delivering a mixed-use development on the Temple Island site, which would include a bespoke conference centre and a four or five star hotel, commercial spaces with supporting retail and residential homes for city centre living, and affordable homes on the site next to Bristol Temple Meads. “It is the council’s duty to seek the best possible value for public money and the greatest economic benefit for Bristol and this has been central to the decision. We cannot ignore the evidence which shows that a mixed use scheme on Temple Island would bring an extra £500 million in economic benefit to our city and create three times the number of jobs for the people of Bristol,” said Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol. “We are committed to developing and sustaining a thriving city centre and the emerging options for the alternative scheme offer the lasting economic and social benefit we desperately need in Bristol. We now have the opportunity to deliver a development that raises the bar in terms of quality, sustainability and economic impact,” he continued. In 2016, Bouygues UK was tasked to build the project but failed to agree on terms with the local authority and walked away as costs rose to £90 million from the £80 million sum first agreed. A pre-construction services deal was then handed to Buckingham Group Contracting. However, the plans could not be delivered despite an increased budget of £123.5 million. In November last year, KPMG was commissioned to review the project and by January 2018, spending had topped £10 million including KPMG’s fees. Currently, work is underway to explore the alternative mixed use scheme with potential partners, Legal & General.


Eggborough gas-fired power station gains consent The Government has granted development consent to develop a 2.5GW gas-fired power station on the site of an existing coal-fired power station near Selby in North Yorkshire. he Eggborough coal-fired power station, which closed in March, will now be demolished to pave the way for construction to start as early as mid-2019, creating up to 1,200 construction jobs.


local economy and in the security of electricity supplies nationally.”

the power station to the UK’s natural gas transmission network.

In addition to three combined cycle gas turbine units, the new power station will include a gas-fired peaking plant of up to 299 MW, a new underground gas pipeline will be constructed to connect

There will also be an electrical connection to the existing substation located at the coal-fired power station site and water supply connections.

Central European energy group EPH is developing the new power station. James Crankshaw, head of engineering at its subsidiary EPUKI, said: “We are delighted with the Secretary of State’s decision to grant consent. “Eggborough has been a significant part of the UK energy landscape for over 40 years and this consent provides an opportunity for the site to continue to play a key role in both the

Keltbray concrete Jacobs to lead structures boss exits Edinburgh city centre Specialist contractor Keltbray has parted transformation plan company with Gordon Dunne, managing Dunne, the former boss of failed concrete contractor Dunne Group, joined Keltbray two years ago when the assets of his concrete firm were bought by Keltbray from the administrators.

Edinburgh City Council has appointed Jacobs Engineering Group to help develop the strategy, delivery plan and detailed business case to transform the city centre.

He was involved in setting up Keltbray Structures and is understood to have taken a 20% stake in the business at the time.

Jacobs’ partners for the ambitious project include Burohappold Engineering, City Mart, Space Syntax, Turley Heritage and WYG.

In the interim, Andy McClafferty, Keltbray Structures COO, will assume the role of MD.

The team will provide the delivery plan for the historic overhaul of the Scottish capital’s streets.

A Keltbray spokeswoman said: “We wish to announce that Keltbray has accepted the resignation of Gordon Dunne, MD of Keltbray Structures. Mr Dunne will now be on gardening leave until the expiry of his notice period. ”

Among the ideas up for consideration are pedestrianised streets, restrictions on ‘through’ traffic, bus and freight ‘hubs’, and widened pavements and improved public spaces to enhance the civic centre and improving air quality.

director of its concrete frame business.



Take three easy steps to keep warmer this Winter and save on your energy bills Three Great Products And A Warmer House In Three Easy Steps From Itdoesthejob.com • Ultrotherm For Walls


t’s amazing how much heat we lose through little areas that we don’t ever stop to think about. External walls, floorboards and even your letterbox produce draughts that bring the cold air in prompting you to turn up the thermostat to counteract the chill and resulting in a waste of energy and heavier heating bills. So before winter really gets a grip, why not focus on those neglected areas and take some simple steps to prevent heat loss and help you save money and energy. ItDoesTheJob.com specialists in sustainable and energy efficient living recommend three products to get you started that are easy to manage and totally DIY so non-professionals can get the job done quickly and efficiently. What’s more these products are installed at ItDoesTheJob.com HQ so we know they work.

Starting with WALLS: ULTROTHERM Heat loss through external walls can be considerable during winter months and that means your heating bills will be considerable too. Insulating your walls isn’t as daunting as you think. Based on the same principle as wallpapering, ULTROTHERM wall tiles provide compact, easy to install wall insulation that can help reduce your heat loss by up to 40%. And the great thing with ULTROTHERM is that the whole pasting process is totally DIY so you can get the job done yourself in just a couple of days. It’s also the perfect solution if you’ve got coving or any sort of period feature in your property, you can just work round it. And the same goes for exteriors, if you cannot put insulation on external walls because of special features or other conservation issues then use ULTROTHERM on the internal face and the job’s done. How does it work? ULTROTHERM wall tiles come in 12mm or 8mm packs and can be cut to size required to deal with wall brackets, awkward shapes etc. The 12mm tile (10 pack) is ideal for DIY on internal wall insulation and the 8mm reveal tile (5 pack) is designed especially for window and door reveals on internal walls:


• Stopgap For Floors Both offer these benefits: • Reduces heat bills as you need to pump less heat into the room • Can reduce heat loss by up to 40% • Only 12mm/8mm thick so you keep maximum space in your room • No need to alter the aesthetics of your room • Easy to install, as simple to put up as wallpaper • Plastered using traditional skill avoiding the hassle of other insulations • Can be cut to fit around windows, radiators, coving • Bends around awkward shapes • Class 0 fire rating PLUS: ULTROTHERM adhesive is specially designed for use with ULTROTHERM tiles. Available in a 15kg tub (covers up to 10m2 or 20 ULTROTHERM tiles.

• Ecoflap For Doors This neat but super-smart gadget is British engineered to the highest standards but totally DIY and easy to install. It’s designed to the following specifications: • Uses the force of the draught to shut the letterbox tighter • The harder the draught the tighter the letterbox remains shut • No crumpled post, no trapped fingers and no torn newspapers • Use on the inside in addition to your usual letterbox so you can keep all your aesthetics • It’s totally DIY • Available in white, brown or black

For more information click here.

Will EcoFlap fit?

Moving on to FLOORS: STOPGAP

If your letterbox ticks these boxes, the EcoFlap will be the right fit for you:

STOPGAP is a new type of draught seal that solves the problem of draughty floorboards. It can also stop dirt, dust, insects, smells, and noise. It’s also easy to use and won’t affect the look of your floors. • StopGap is made from flexible, springy plastic • Easy to fit so totally DIY • The seal sits invisibly in the shadow at the bottom of the gap, leaving the appearance of your floor unaffected. • There’s no adhesive and no mess • You can reuse • Colour options: neutral and brown. For more information click here.

And now for the DOORS: ECOFLAP We can’t get rid of our letterboxes but we can stop them letting in annoying draughts without crumpling or damaging letters. And more importantly, we want to stop heating loss wherever we can and reduce energy costs in the long term. The answer is simple but very clever – an ECOFLAP letterbox draught excluder which fits on the inside of your letterbox.

• Is your letterbox horizontal? • Is the hole smaller than 255mm x 40mm? • Is the outside of the hole at least 320mm x 100mm? • Are the securing nuts less than 285mm apart? For more information click here. All products installed at ItDoesTheJob.com HQ so we know they work. Plus all products are available for collection at HQ, just order over the phone on 020 8539 4707 Prices quoted correct at time of issue and may be subject to change Just some of the great ideas from ItDoesTheJob.com to help you towards a warmer winter, lower energy consumption and lower bills. For ideas, inspiration, products and information visit: www.itdoesthejob.com And here’s another easy and FREE step you can take to help start saving energy – sign up to the ItDoesTheJob.com monthly newsletter for help, interesting information, what’s new, ‘tell us about it’ pieces, top tips and ideas: http://eepurl.com/5ktNT


Create Transform Innovate

Vicaima EX71 model in Dark Taupe.

esigning doors is an art form which comes naturally at Vicaima. Blending on-trend colour tones and surface materials such as veneer, laminate and foil with lacquers and stains to elevate the simply to surprising. Capturing truly fresh ideas that have the ability to harmonize with an existing theme or completely transform their surroundings.


Among the many recent creations to make the leap from drawing board to reality are two new additions to Vicaima’s Exclusive range. The Ex20 collection blends the purity of white, acting like a canvas to off-set striking and modern grain patterns, forming a door which is almost abstract art. This collection presents no less than five models and offers a choice of grained tones, including Dark Ebony, Bleached Oak and Zebrano in both Golden and Rouge. For designers and specifiers looking for a more geometric style, the Ex70 collection displays multiple grain directions intersected by a commanding jet black and curved groove. These real Ash veneered doors come in four

Vicaima EX22 model in Zebrano Rouge.

models and are stained in a choice of contemporary tones, which include Warm Umber, Dark Taupe and Charcoal Brown; making them perfect for modern environments Of course innovation is not only confined to the appearance of a Vicaima door. The beauty of these products go far more than skin deep. With manufacturing expertise that has been honed for almost 60 years, Vicaima performance solutions in acoustics, security and of course fire

doors, are widely recognised in the industry as a benchmark to which many aspire. This and Vicaima’s suitability for multiple locations makes them an ideal choice for luxury living, hotels and commercial applications. If you would also like to know more about Vicaima’s latest collections or indeed any of the design and performance solutions provided, visit the website www.vicaima.com. Alternatively call 01793 532333 today.


doors & windows

If you still think of blinds just as blinds, chances are that you are somewhat left behind with your CPD’s. Should have tried harder ! The World has moved on; over the years when we thought of sunblinds it was simply a matter of fitting any old venetian or cloth in the window and we didn’t think any more of it, other than complaining it was still too bright, too dark or too hot in the rooms. This problem has become bigger over the years. Think about it ; floor to ceiling glass and lots of it. We let in natural daylight so we don’t have to switch on the lights, which of course is very ‘green’. We then conveniently forget we need to start cooling all that hot air and switch on the air conditioning, thereby consuming many more KiloWatts than a bit of lighting would have used. So, ‘blinds’ are out and ‘Solar Shading’ is in! The old wisdom that said internally fitted blinds was no good as the heat is already in has gone out of the windows with the advance of Solar Shading fabrics that can now achieve g-values ( Total energy penetration degrees) of less than 20%, and that is almost, within a few % , on a par with external shading but without the maintenance issues.


Solar shading has become highly technical and there really is no ‘off the shelf’ solution or a ‘one fits all’ scenario. We can go from light transmissions of 50% down to Blackout materials, albeit the most used ones these days are the 1,3,5 and 10% open fabrics, depending on whether we deal with private dwellings or office buildings. Solar Shading; there is a lot more to it than meets the eye and we will happily come to see you to explain and make your building an environmental success. Contact us at info@deleeuw-ltd.co.uk

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The ‘Ultimet’ Energy Saving Blind 3 Window Blinds in 1 Insulation improved – reducing heating costs Heat gain from the sun reduced – lowering cooling costs Lighting costs down – controlled levels of natural light

All in One Blind The Ultimetal fabric with the high levels of solar reflectance and low levels of emissivity afforded by its metallised coating provide industry leading levels of shading performance. The 50+ years’ experience of weaving glass-fibre based shading fabrics producing the highest levels of performance from the thinnest of materials. The Ultimetal fabric is less than one quarter of a millimetre thick, permitting a blind of over 3.0 metres in height to be stored in a cassette of less than 55mm square. Powder coated to match the window frames, the blinds become almost invisible.

Reflex-Rol supplying demonstrably scientific shading solutions. Contact us today 01989 750704 www.reflex-rol.co.uk

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Light transmission levels for the fabric in single figures can remove glare, improving workspaces and comfort zones alike. Solar reflectance (Rs) of over 70% can reduce heat gain through the glass by 25%, 40% to over 50% dependant on glass properties. The blinds also improve the insulation of the window by 15%, 20%, 30% or more, reducing temperature loss.

www.reflex-rol.co.uk • info@reflex-rol.co.uk • 01989-750704 • Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU


Ardmore lands £50m Greenwich Design District deal Ardmore has been appointed by Knight Dragon to deliver the new Design District at the Greenwich Peninsula in south London. he project to deliver a cluster of 16 artistically inspired commercial buildings is believed to be worth around £50m. The buildings have been devised by a collection of eight separate design practices offering 13,000m2 of workspace for creative industries and 6,000m2 of education facilities and retail space.


The buildings comprise a mix of structural and architectural finishes. The mix of external facades includes Terrazzo, Corten steel, polycarbonate and ETFE, in-situ concrete and corrugated aluminium cladding. Structurally the buildings have been designed as a mix of traditional reinforced concrete, structural steel and cross laminated timber. Ardmore’s work includes the completion of the shell and core and Cat A fit-out of each block, following the completion of the current substructure contract by VolkerFitzpatrick.

The project is expected to be completed in 2020. The win is Ardmore’s fifth major contract on the Peninsula since 2009 where they have delivered over 900 residential and student accommodation units on four plots. Knight Dragon Pre-Construction Director, Paul Symons, said: “Design District will provide a new creative destination for London on Greenwich Peninsula. A permanent new home for ideas, open to everyone. “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Ardmore, who have been integral to the bringing this project to site, and their significant experience in delivering complex projects will be invaluable over the next two years.” Patrick Byrne, Ardmore’s managing director added: “We are thrilled to have been awarded this key contract for Knight Dragon, which represents an exciting new phase of the Peninsula masterplan.”

Build-to-rent tower advance reaches Glasgow Detailed plans have been submitted for one of Scotland’s first major build-to-rent developments on the banks of the Clyde.


he high rise 500-flat Glasgow Waterfront project at Central Quay is being led by property manager PLATFORM_ and XLB Properties.

If consent is granted the firm hopes to start construction of the £90m apartments by the second quarter of 2019, with a scheduled completion date of summer 2021. The project arm of London-based XLB Properties will lead construction. Designed by architect Keppie, the development forms part of a wider masterplan at the Clydeside Central Quay area, which also includes 300,000 sq. ft. of office space and a 150 room hotel.


The developer has already built and operates several similar build-to-rent projects across the UK including schemes in Bedford, Bracknell, Crawley, Exeter, and Stevenage. PLATFORM_ is targeting the creation of 5,000 units within the next five years, including Glasgow and a similar development in Sheffield, and has a pipeline of 1,000 units currently in the planning stages. Matt Willcock, Development Director at PLATFORM_, said: “Build-to-rent is a rapidly growing concept around the UK and we’re proud to offer one of the first developments in Scotland. “It’s a form of accommodation we expect to continue to see across the UK, and

one which will play a significant role in helping Glasgow attract and retain talent to support its major economies. “The site will help further regenerate the Finnieston and Clydeside areas, providing award-winning building design and living space in the heart of a popular, wellconnected part of the city.”


Taxpayers to bail Plan in for 8m sq ft out Royal Liverpool Northampton rail hospital project freight interchange Developers Ashfield Land and Gazeley have submitted plans to build an 8m sq ft strategic rail freight interchange in the Northamptonshire countryside. ail Central would be built where the West Coast Main Line and Northampton Loop Line intersect, adjacent to the A43 and within 2 miles of Junction 15A of the M1. If approved, the earliest potential start of construction would be in late 2019. The scheme would be built out in phases in line with market demand, with the key rail infrastructure going in early within the overall build-out plans.


The Government is set to step in and take control of Carillion’s stalled Royal Liverpool hospital project. he trust responsible for the hospital is due to hold a board meeting later today where it will discuss plans to terminate the PFI contract under a break clause that can be actioned if the project is not handed over by the end of this month. A statement is expected from ministers to coincide with the decision. According to a Sky News report Matthew Hancock, the health and social care secretary, is understood to have ordered officials to end the impasse surrounding the construction of the hospital, which had been due to open last year.


Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals NHS Trust meeting papers reveal that the cost of rectifying serious structural faults and condemned cladding is holding up plans because nobody can quantify the cost of finishing the hospital. This has made existing PFI investors that have been trying to restart the project nervous about funding its completion. Laing O’Rourke has been involved in talks about restarting the hospital project since Carillion’s collapse at the start of the year. But progress was halted over costing in substantial risk on an open-ended project where guaranteeing existing work would be difficult.

The proposals include a traditional container handling ‘inter modal’ terminal connecting into the Northampton Loop Line and an ‘express terminal’ connecting directly into the West Coast Main Line. As well as key rail infrastructure, the plans include up to 7.4m sq ft of rail-connected and rail-served logistics and commercial buildings plus a new ‘grade separated’ roundabout junction with the A43 and key improvements to J15A of the M1. The project is defined as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project with the proposals therefore submitted to Planning Inspectorate. This follows three years of consultation and development with technical studies and assessments, plus feedback from a wide range of stakeholders. Andrew Fisher, Managing Director at Ashfield Land, said: “Rail Central occupies the best strategic location in the UK for this type of development – where two railway lines and two major roads come together right in the heart of England. “To meet the Government’s policy for shifting more freight from road to rail – and to meet customer demands for fast, reliable and sustainable logistics – Rail Central can be a major factor. We are pleased to have submitted the proposals and look forward to the next stage in this important planning process.”

The original cost of the project was set at £280m, although costs have soared to an estimated £350m. Although the project is at the fit-out stage the final completion bill could still be significantly higher after a survey by consultant Arup raised concerns about significant structural and cladding issues. One source close to the project said: “There has even been talk that it could be cheaper to pull it down and start again.”




RENOLIT ALKORPLAN - Waterproofing for all Residential Applications

Flexibility RENOLIT’s 40-year experience in providing allencompassing modern waterproofing solutions through their ALKORPLAN thermoplastic PVC-P roofing membrane range is renowned throughout the industry and recognised for consistent high quality, crisp and clean detailing, wide colour range and proven longevity. ALKORPLAN’s flexibility and aesthetic finish ensures the product is suitable for new build and refurbishment and provides waterproofing solutions for all residential applications. Suitability RENOLIT ALKORPLAN provides waterproofing on all properties from large apartment blocks to individual houses including complete roof systems, extensions, balconies, canopies, dormers, garages and porch ways; on modern design, traditional and period construction. ALKORPLAN is fully compatible with uPVC accessories such as rooflights, barge boards and cladding and is able to waterproof flat, pitched or curved roofs. The clean lightweight material is available in a variety of colours and involves no exposed flame for installation.


102 Perspective

Benefits and Advantages Cost Effective – one single 30 m2 roll replaces six bituminous rolls in a two-layer system, and its lightweight construction (20% to 40% lighter than traditional multi-layer systems) reduces weight and cost of support structure. Furthermore, ALKORPLAN has low maintenance costs, only requiring bi-annual visual inspections, gutter and outlet clearance. Physical Properties – one single waterproof layer which is vapour permeable, flexible, clean to install and incorporates static and dynamic perforation resistance. Thermal Properties – suitable for warm and cold roof details, compliant with current regulations, and compatible with all major insulation materials. Fire Resistant – certification to current European Standards. Installation – nationwide team of Approved Roofing Contractors. Durability – BBA (British Board of Agrément) confirmed life expectancy in excess of 40 years. Warranty and Guarantee – insurance backed product warranty of 10 to 20 years with an optional 20-year insurance backed guarantee covering materials, labour and access.

Colour Range – unrivalled colour choice plus specific RAL and Pantone options (for 500m2+). Appearance, Reflectivity and Efficiency RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN roof profile, enhances roof appearance and gives the impression of standing seam. RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT, brilliant white lacquered single-ply membrane providing cool roof technology through high reflectivity. Enhances PV and solar thermal efficiency. RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR, a unique approach to fixing photovoltaics to single ply membrane. The profile provides a light weight and non-penetrating solution without need for extra ballast. It may also be used as a carrier system on the roof for overcladding with a variety of decorative finishes. RENOLIT ALKORGREEN, a living green roof via an extensive sedum package, delivering visual and environmental benefits together with a reduced impact on the local drainage system. Contact For further information, please visit www.renolit.com/waterproofing-roofing/en/ For technical support or to request a brochure, please call: 01670 718283.

ew coffee table-style brochures showcasing Welsh Slate products for interior as well as exterior applications have been launched by the leading UK manufacturer.


Available through www.welshslate.com, the eight-page brochures dispel the myth once and for all that Welsh Slate, part of the Breedon Group, is just about roofing, with stunning photographs proving the product’s versatility for a wide range of uses. Both beautifully illustrated brochures talk briefly about the company’s quarries in North Wales, including Penrhyn at Bethesda and Cwt-y-Bugail in Llan Ffestiniog, being a focal point for the production of UK natural stone for the past 700 years - the slate’s 500 million-year-old pedigree is reflected in the fact it is still handcrafted.

Welsh Slate turns itself inside out

UK’s leading manufacturer launches brochures for interior and exterior uses.

The exteriors brochure features copings and sills, as used at the ME Hotel in London, walling and cladding as used at the National Waterfront Museum and many prestige private properties, paving, and roofing as used at York Racecourse and St Mary Abbots Church, London. The interiors brochure features flooring, as used at the British Museum, interior walling and cladding, worktops, and fire and hearth surrounds.

Although both show the range of colours (Penrhyn Heather Blue and Grey and Cwt-y-Bugail Dark Blue Grey) and finishes (riven, honed, No matter inside or out, the brochures reinforce Welsh flamed and machined) there the Slate’s suitability for a wide range of contemporary and heritage architectural JS1021ends. TSPCard_Layout 1 17/05/2018 12:11 Page similarity and interior design uses1 due to its aesthetics, durability and low maintenance.


Single ply waterproofing for the domestic sector. Unique products, different approach. To request our new brochure contact Sheila Bevan on 01670 718283 or e-mail sheila.bevan@renolit.com www.renolit.com/waterproofing-roofing/en/



Underpinning vs Cracks in walls close to doorways and windows, and sloping or sinking floors are often early indicators that a building has foundation problems that could be the result of subsidence. This can happen for many reasons, including neighbouring construction affecting a building’s integrity or when soil becomes too wet or too dry, which will affect the foundation structure. he process of underpinning is the most common method to fix subsidence as it strengthens a building’s foundations. The two most popular methods of resolving foundation issues are traditional concrete underpinning and modern resin injection. Both are proven methods, yet they involve very different procedures. Robbie Blanchfield from ground engineering expert, Mainmark, examines both solutions and explains the key differences.


Concrete underpinning. This traditional method has been used for over 100 years and has been the go-to solution for strengthening foundations affected by soil subsidence. The basic premise of concrete underpinning is to increase the depth of the structure’s foundation to extend it to stronger soil. For this, large holes are dug beneath the structure and concrete is poured into the spaces in accordance with the project specific plan. This process essentially creates new foundations underneath the original, to further stabilise the structure. However, the tried and test methods is slow, labour intensive and thus very expensive. Access is required to the underside of the original foundation, making it an invasive


solution that takes time and causes disruption for the building occupier as they are generally required to vacate their home while the work is being completed. A further consideration required for concrete underpinning is the strength of the soil below. Deeper soil is not necessarily stronger, combined with this the area of the concrete underpins is often less than the area of the original strip-footing which might support a longer wall for example, this means the underpinning is likely not as strong as the original foundations. Furthermore, in certain clay soils the use of traditional underpins can cause differential movement between the underpinned sections of the structure and the original foundations of the structure. Resin Injection Although resin injection is a relatively modern method, it is still a proven one, having been used globally for over 20 years. This method of underpinning is highly regarded in countries where ground issues can happen on a large scale, including New Zealand and Australia. This process involves injecting resin into the existing foundations through small incisions made in the ground, typically only 16mm in diameter from outside a home. The resin then flows into the soil

For more information regardin and expands. This compresses the surrounding soil whilst filling any voids and cracks. The injection process is controlled by technicians who monitor the injection and movement using laser levelling instruments; the resin components can be tailored to suit unique soil conditions and the type of performance sought. By eradicating the need to excavate, this process


Resin injection

ng injection resin, please visit www.mainmark.com/uk/technology/teretek is cleaner than concrete underpinning. As large excavations underneath the original foundation are not required, the project is usually completed within a day or two and occupants can often stay in the building. Modern resin injection solutions can be used to successfully remediate homes

affected by subsidence in significantly less time than it takes for traditional concrete underpinning. Mainmark’s proprietary Teretek® engineered resin injection solution is a proven, cost-effective and quick alternative to the more invasive traditional

methods. Using a process likened to keyhole surgery, the work can often be completed in one day. It is widely used to strengthen foundations, re-level buildings and remediate issues for residential, commercial, industrial, mining and infrastructure projects.




Historical School gets Modern Lift


In the late 1800`s George Cadbury of Cadbury Chocolate, had a vision of how to join the worlds of industry with that of social and home life. fter the Cadbury Chocolate factory moved to a rural area just outside Birmingham, he embarked on the development of Bournville Village. They constructed houses for the workers, shops, parks and schools, including Bournville junior school which was founded in 1906 and has been successfully educating the children of the area for the past century.


This year, the school wanted to provide disability access to a section of the school that had a flight of 9 steps. Invalifts were contacted and after consultation, they suggested a possible solution with their Inva Stair Riser, an inclined platform lift. The unit was specified with a 90 degree curved rail at the lower level to enable it to park without causing an obstruction. The 1000mm x 800mm platform lift offers entry and exit from the short side of the unit and has a 300Kg capacity. The school chose to have the unit and the stanchion posts finished in a black powder coating. The lift has a full external specification and stainless steel guide rails along with a protective cover for when not in use. Wireless upper and lower level call stations were provided as part of the installation, allowing them to be positioned in the most convenient locations. The installation of the unit only took 1 day and required minimal builders work, with just an electrical supply and 5 concrete pads for the lower stanchions that were mounted into the existing tarmac floor. If you would like to know more about the Inva Stair Riser or other platform lifts please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or alternatively send an email to sales@invalifts.com


tools & equipment

BAL strengthens sales and specification support team BAL – the market-leading manufacturer of full tiling solutions including adhesives, grouts and ancillary products – have bolstered their specification and sales team with two new hires James Purrett joins the team as Specification Manager covering the Midlands and Wales. He has extensive experience in the bathroom sector, joining BAL from Venesta – the washroom and cubicles company – where he worked for six years as Specification Manager. James’ previous roles include Design Engineer at Washroom Accessory Company and Product Designer at Venesta, Amwell & Bushboard. He is also a qualified CAD Technician and has worked on large scale projects including the M1 widening scheme. Also joining BAL is John Hunter who will work in Specification and Sales in Scotland. Edinburgh-based, John has more than 20 years-experience in the tiling sector including more than 16 years with Johnson Tiles. John has strong relationships with contractors, distributors, regional developers, and architects across Scotland and NE England and joins BAL from Capital Tile Supplies. James and John will work with architects, designers and specifiers supporting them on M40/M20 specifications, providing project support and delivering BAL’s suite of RIBA-approved CPDs. John will also work with BAL’s distribution network in Scotland to boost sales and support fixers and contractors working with the company’s products. David Lyman, Sales Director at BAL said: “We’re delighted to welcome James and John to the team as part of our continued development and investment in the specification and sales team to support all stakeholders in delivering long-lasting and high-quality tiling projects across the whole of the UK. “This investment confirms BAL’s position as a leading commercial projects brand, providing high quality tiling product and providing a host of support services for distributors, designers and architects to assist them from design to build.” BAL has several free tools available to architects and specifiers to assist them from project start to completion including the company’s industry-renowned free and dedicated Technical Advisory and Specification Service (TAS) for technical queries and Sample Testing Service to ensure the correct selection of tiles and fixing products during the specification process. Specifiers and architects can also take advantage of BAL’s comprehensive online tools and support including BIM library, fast track project advice, grout selector, industry news, technical tips and more. Simply visit www.bal-adhesives.com/specifiers BAL can provide a solution for any background, environment or tile material and is trusted throughout the industry for its quality and lasting performance.


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Cable Supp Skyhook GB

Wall Cable Support

The Multihook


Available in 7 colours

Extendable Tower Stand

Available in 7 colours

The Skyhook

Made in Britain

For more information, contact:


Skyhook-GB Ltd, Bryning, 181 Smallfield Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9LR.

Head Office: Carole James: Steve James: Greg Floyd:

Email: sales@skyhook-gb.com

Website: www.skyhook-gb.com

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