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March 2019

Labcal Pro High Precision Thermometer The Labcal pro is a highly accurate, portable digital thermometer / logger for metrology and other exacting laboratory and industrial applications.

Also featured this issue:

MHEA launches BULKEX 2019 and issues a call for papers The Materials Handling Engineers Association has launched BULKEX 2019. The annual conference and exhibition takes place between 16 -17 October at the Eastwood Hall Hotel, Nottingham, and is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the bulk materials handling industry or affected by it. The two-day event features a full speaker programme and industry awards dinner on the evening of 16 October.


he MHEA has issued a Call for Papers for BULKEX 2019 and is inviting anyone who has an interest in the materials handling industry to submit a paper to be included at the Conference by 19 March. The first speaker announced is Mike Brinkley Head of Strategy for Supply Chain Operations, Network Rail, with more to follow Papers presented at the conference will be determined by the contributions received but are likely to include: developments in materials handling; drives and transmissions; loading, unloading, storage and reclaim; crushing, screening and washing; control of impact, abrasion and erosion; spillage and dust control; storage and reclaim; biomass handling; waste and recycling; control, meeting and management systems; energy efficiency; operation and maintenance; regulatory compliance; HSEQ; feature a case study, or provide insight into industry developments or the economic outlook. Submissions relating to technical innovation or process improvements will be given preference, particularly those relating to heavy materials, such as minerals processing and cement, metal manufacture, power, port operations, mining, waste processing, transport and recycling, and should be sent by email to the During BULKEX, the MHEA will also be hosting its Industry Excellence Awards Dinner, a celebration of the

industry’s finest achievements. Entries for the Excellence Awards will open in March with full details available on the website. There are an exciting range of sponsorship packages available for the event. The headline sponsor has already been taken and the awards dinner sponsor is no longer available. With a host of flexible packages available for the awards dinner, awards categories and other opportunities during BULKEX, businesses should enquire as soon as possible if they are interested. Exhibition stands are £495.00 for members and £595.00 for non-members. Exhibitors are advised to contact Teresa at the MHEA early to ensure they obtain their preferred location. Availability is changing daily, as stands are already starting to sell due to high demand. John Connolly, President of the MHEA, said: “BULKEX is our must-attend flagship event, attracting industry leaders and influencers to exhibit. It’s an excellent forum to meet colleagues and peers; to listen and share the latest news, innovative ideas and good practice; as well as hear from leading industry experts. As we call for papers, we anticipate another high calibre programme that will make BULKEX unmissable this year.” For more information about exhibiting or attending BULKEX 2019 please go to or contact Teresa Glen by emailing or call the MHEA on 01787 226995.

Tomorrow’s World Exhibition • Technical Conference • Awards Dinner Nottingham, 16-17 October 2019

High profile speaker programme

• Raise your profile and take advantage of exhibition space and a range of sponsorship opportunities • Presentations and insights with a technical focus on topical issues and key infrastructure projects • Celebrate the achievements in materials handling at the evening awards ceremony and network with industry colleagues

To exhibit or sponsor 01787 226995 Register free at AF





Man vs Machine Product Design & Manufacturing Showcase



With the future of the product design and manufacturing industries uncertain, now is the perfect time to ensure you are fully prepared to embrace technology to ensure your efficiency is maximised. This free event at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens on the 1st May 2019 will showcase the latest features and tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. We will be looking at the newly released 2020 products and focusing on making the most out of the raft of products now included into your subscription. The event is focused on helping you become more efficient in Designing, Testing and Manufacturing.


If you’re interested in the event or would like to book your place, please contact us on 01844 263700 or email

March 2019


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March 2019 At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers.

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March 2019

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Labcal Pro High Precision Thermometer The Labcal pro is a highly accurate, portable digital thermometer / logger for metrology and other exacting laboratory and industrial applications.

Also featured this issue:

March 2019

Retrofit Filtration System Benefits Coatings Manufacturers Amazon Filters reports that coatings manufacturers are installing their SupaClean contained filtration system prior to filling lines to remove impurities such as skins, coagulants and undispersed pigments from their final product. Faced with declining support and patchy availability of a discontinued enclosed filtration systems from an alternative supplier, the SupaClean system is widely reported to produce better-quality product with a reduction in filter / labour costs for both solvent and aqueous based coatings production processes. Sharing the same dimensions as the discontinued filtration system the SupaClean system also provides the benefit of being a direct retrofit. The SupaClean contained filtration system consists of highperformance filter cartridges from Amazon Filters enclosed inside two sealed plastic bags. This proprietary design results in the filters and any process fluids being contained inside a secure assembly, providing isolation of the product and filters.


Changing out filters using SupaClean assemblies is quick and simple reducing the traditional high operational costs associated with cleaning and changing production filters. Each filter assembly can be simply and quickly lifted out of the housing and replaced by a new unit. As each SupaClean filter unit is supplied already assembled this eliminates the risk of operators not installing filters correctly

and the risk filter by-pass occurring. As a consequence, the SupaClean system is ideally suited to the batch production filtration of top-quality coatings. For further information on SupaClean contained filtration systems please click here, or contact Amazon Filters on +44-(0)1276-670600 /



5 Comm ports inc. ethernet | Easy PID | Free no-limit programming | Hot-swappable I/O Built-in data logging | Integrated web-server | Motion made easy

Quality products, expert advice

020 3026 2670

March 2019

Efficient Removal of Wine Spoilage Microorganisms Amazon Filters offers a range of high performance SupaPore VPW sterile filters designed to efficiently remove all spoilage microorganisms from wine. Due to its high levels of alcohol and acidity, the only microorganisms that can survive in wine are yeasts, lactic bacteria and acetic bacteria. In addition, wine can also suffer from taints brought on by moulds on poorly-cleaned winery surfaces, particularly the insides of barrels. One of most effective tools for eliminating contamination with these spoilage organisms is filtration using membranes with a pore size smaller than 0.45 µm. In wine production it is important that the wine is microbiologically stabilised for prolonged shelf life. This needs to be achieved without affecting the nature of the product and in a cost-effective manner. In response to this industry need, Amazon Filters developed the SupaPore VPW filter range which contains an advanced single layer PES membrane that offers the highest flow rates whilst effectively removing all spoilage microorganisms. The SupaPore VPW filter is the first choice for most applications in red and white wine applications. However, where the wine presents challenges from a life perspective then the SupaPore VPWA is used, because of its integral prefilter layer that significantly extends product shelf life. Both these highperformance filters provide excellent flow rates and superior throughputs, without affecting taste, aroma or colour. All materials of construction are fully compliant with European and US food contact legislation. To download a case study describing removal of Brettanomyces bruxellensis microorganism from wine please click here. For further information on the SupaPore VPW filter range please click here. Or contact Amazon Filters on +44-(0)1276670600 /


ww Leaders in temperature measurement

EWHC th w. CW A e W l lSa ti ApOU 10





tab c MEB ril R nfda 20 Ncoi anS orIT 19 .l5i t0y E


Thermocouple Cables

In Stock For Immediate Worldwide Despatch Heading 3

PVC, PFA, PTFE Glass fibre & PRT cable Flat pair or Twin twisted pair in various calibration types Available in 10m, 25m, 50m, 100m & 200m lengths Available in IEC or ANSI colours

IEC PVC Insulated Flat Pair Thermocouple Cable

IEC Glassfibre Insulated Flat Pair with Stainless Steel Overbraid

IEC PTFE Insulated Flat Pair Thermocouple Cable

ANSI PFA Insulated, Twin Twisted Pair Thermocouple Cable

IEC PVC Insulated Flat Pair Thermocouple Cable

ANSI PVC Insulated Mylar Screened Thermocouple Cable

PVC Insulated, Tin Plated Copper Screen, PRT Sensor Cable Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446


March 2019

Ypsomed and HARTING collaborate on development of Industry 4.0 digital control systems for retrofitting to plastic injection moulding machines Ypsomed Group, an international medical technology company specialising in the development and manufacture of injection and infusion systems for the self-injection of liquid medicines, has selected HARTING as a collaborative partner in a development project to retrofit legacy protocol plastic injection moulding machines with an integrated Industry 4.0 digital control system that is also linked with a factory-wide MES/ERP system. This approach offers simple and minimal physical integration with an existing production line for a reasonably low level of investment, with long-term benefits including improved productivity, cost savings and extended machine lifetimes. Introduction An important element of Industry 4.0 is the ability to apply digitisation to the production environment by adding more intelligence into existing processes. Initially manufacturers have been wary of Industry 4.0, on the assumption that effective implementation would require major (and expensive) changes to production lines. However, through a digital retrofit approach, it is possible to “smarten” up existing processes for minimal cost over a short period of time, resulting in a fast return on investment and immediate productivity gains. Digital retrofit provides four different ways to improve production processes, increase cost savings and extend the lifetime of different types of machinery: • Legacy machine protocol conversion • Condition monitoring (including energy measurement) • Asset management • Predictive maintenance. Legacy machine protocol conversion Central machine monitoring and process optimisation offer the best way to ensure that production lines and their associated constituent parts operate more effectively and economically. Many machines in


well-established production lines, which may be between 15 and 30 years old, can still perform their main functional tasks successfully. However, they do so much less efficiently than their modernday counterparts. For example, they do not have the same level of computing power, enough memory capacity to record and store relevant data, or the ability to communicate with their modern equivalents. In many cases, these machines also use data formats and communications protocols from the 1980s and 1990s, which are no longer used by today’s PLCs and industrial PCs. A prime example of a production environment that accommodates mixed protocol legacy machines is a plastics injection moulding machine (PIMM) line. Such machines, when well maintained, can attain as much as a 30-year operational life. However, some of the older software protocol operating languages (e.g. EUROMAP 15) cannot be directly connected to a modern factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) without expensive annual custom software licensing charges. In many factories these machines still require individual programming by an operator, which can be very time-consuming in larger installations - potentially requiring input from multiple personnel.

An innovative solution to these challenges is offered by HARTING’s MICA (Modular Industrial Computing Architecture): an edge computing device in the form of a digitally retrofittable IP67 package with Linux-based open-source software. This modular software and hardware architectural design platform permits the user to choose the programming language and development environment they are most familiar with. MICA is rugged, compact and maintenance-free, and so is suitable for use in the harshest industrial environments. For the plastic moulding manufacturing environment, HARTING has developed the MICA EUROMAP 15 and MICA EUROMAP 63 Gateway variants, which convert the legacy EUROMAP 15/63 TCP/IP machine operating communications protocol into OPC UA, for example, via an intermediate… Read More

Distributor of Mean Well Power Supplies

Din Rail Power Supplies

Ecopac Power LTD l Sales: 01844 20 44 20 l Technical: 01844 20 44 30

March 2019

Protecting Industrial Engines & Equipment From the “Start” In today’s economy, the skyrocketing costs of industrial equipment purchase, maintenance and repair makes the case for maximizing the life of capital machinery investment. Couple high cost with the stresses of continuous-duty industry and the importance of equipment performance is paramount when time is money and money is time!

Protecting your engine from the “start” is key. Because serious damage can occur prior to cranking of an engine at “dry start” and at start up; industrial prelube and starting systems are the first and most important aspects to effective preventative maintenance helping to ensure the life of your investment. All large engines can benefit from engine oil prelube. Adding a prelube system to an industrial engine can prevent engine failure and critical wear by moving oil from the sump up into the bearing lubrication channels before the engine turns at startup; ensuring the bearings never see movement without critical oil protection. It has been scientifically proven that 90% of the wear an engine sees during its lifetime is between the time the engine begins to turn at startup and the time when fresh oil from the sump reaches moving parts. Before the critical parts of an engine begin to move, a prelube pump puts the oil where it is needed reducing this highwear period!


At start up, a quality starter can increase engine performance and provide the allimportant peace of mind relying on the engine turning over the first crank! It’s important to have a starter that is preengaged, gas sealed with vanes made of high-tech material reducing wear and allowing operation with or without lubrication, built with non-ferrous cylinders that will not corrode and freeze up like cast iron, have separate drive inserts, are easy to maintain/ repair and are designed for maximum mounting flexibility. + ESE bv, a Quality First industrial distributor, who has been in the European market since 1975 offers an extensive background in fluid and gas products. As the distriibutor for Varna prelube /control systems and POW R Quik heavy duty engine starters they are ready to discuss an application and quotation of a prelube and/or starting system contact ESE today at

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email:

Monitoring the world

March 2019

Introducing the Two Pole Surface Mount Connector for Static Protection The problem of static electricity in hazardous atmospheres is ever present in many sectors of the processing industries. Effective grounding and bonding procedures are always the first step in controlling static, with special techniques being called for to suit individual applications. The Two Pole Surface Mount Connector (SMC) from Newson Gale provides a simple and reliable means of making a monitored earth connection onto an item of conductive plant. The SMC is manufactured from stainless steel and can provide an IP66 connection onto the item of plant. The conical shape design prevents powder deposit build up over time and aids in clean down operations. The ‘plug and play’ connector can interface with all Newson Gale 2 core systems to earth monitoring capability on a wide range of mobile processes, such as pump carts, sieves and fixed equipment where generic earthing clamps cannot be used. The SMC is bolted to the item of plant that is required to be earthed and a 2 core cable connects the SMC to a Newson Gale junction box. The junction box is, in turn, connected to a Newson Gale intrinsically-safe earth monitoring system. The monitoring system

ensures that the connector and plant item are earthed; it is recommended an interlock contact is used where possible to provide an alarm or shut-down condition if the earth loop circuit is inadvertently broken. Click here for further information.

Protect your people, plant and processes Stay SAFE from STATIC Working in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries? From manual handling to industrial processing, the risk of generating static electricity is ever present. Transferring or mixing gases, liquids or solids, particularly in hazardous areas, could see a spark discharge, causing an explosion in your plant. Let Newson Gale help you mitigate such risks, using certified grounding and bonding clamps, visual verification systems and interlocking control units.

Are you protected? Don't compromise on safety, discuss your installation and arrange a FREE SITE VISIT: call +44 (0)115 940 7500 today!

Leading the way in hazardous area static control

12| Engineering Update 190x130mm Process advert 10-18 16 October 2018 14:49:37

March 2019

Protect your people, plant and processes Stay SAFE from STATIC Working in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries? From manual handling to industrial processing, the risk of generating static electricity is ever present. Transferring or mixing gases, liquids or solids, particularly in hazardous areas, could see a spark discharge, causing an explosion in your plant. Let Newson Gale help you mitigate such risks, using certified grounding and bonding clamps, visual verification systems and interlocking control units.

Are you protected? Don't compromise on safety, discuss your installation and arrange a FREE SITE VISIT: call +44 (0)115 940 7500 today!

Leading the way in hazardous area static control

Engineering Update 190x130mm Process advert 10-18 16 October 2018 14:49:37

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS


March 2019

On-site measurement and testing Outstanding service requires outstanding service BSRIA Instrument Solutions (BIS) prides itself on providing the most up to date measurement solutions for its customers. Building services engineering covers a wide range of areas each requiring specialist engineering expertise and equipment, it can include such diverse fields as ventilation systems and humidifiers. Engineers face many challenges on-site and need fit for purpose, accurate and robust measurement instruments that can be used to make on the spot decisions. With such a variety of potential applications the engineer requires bespoke tailored units that offer the versatility to provide an accurate result at any measuring location. The Testo 440 range provides solutions to meet a range of on-site demands with a comprehensive high-precision probe selection, robust design, accurate and reliable data output with the option of direct cable or Bluetooth connectivity. Combined with its intuitive clear display and an unrivalled level of accuracy it is the cost-effective solution that every engineer needs in their kit. The instrument kits are configured to the needs of the end user and can cover diverse applications including measuring humidity, temperature and illuminance (Lux) levels. BSRIA Instrument Solutions recognise that their customers provide a first-class service and demand the same from their suppliers, therefore they choose BIS as their preferred supplier for their instrumentation purchases. Commissioning and maintenance of building services systems requires a high level of engineering expertise and reliable instrumentation. The end users of buildings systems need expert engineers to ensure they gain optimum benefit from their assets which is an area where service engineers deliver value. Engineers need to make on-site decisions based on real-time measurement data and mistakes can be costly to multiple


parties, including down time and repeat site visits. Getting things right on site the first time is essential and having the right instrumentation for the job is paramount which is where BIS excels. In addition to supplying new products for sale, many firms engage BIS to calibrate their instrumentation in their UKAS accredited laboratory, knowing the importance of instrumentation to their customer, BIS have a dedicated team of experienced calibration experts that will minimise the amount of time an instrument is out of action, whilst ensuring that it is calibrated to necessary standards. “We understand that our client’s businesses are dependent on the need to have the right instrument available

at any time, we can supply a wide range of products for sale and hire either directly from stock or with short lead times. We focus on providing fast service as this is especially important if our customers are offering a call out service, therefore whether it is a sale, hire or calibrating their instruments we work hard not just to meet their needs but to exceed them.� said Dan Higgins Sales Manager of BSRIA Instrument Solutions. By providing sales, hire and calibration matched with first class customer service BSRIA Instrument Solutions are perfectly placed to provide a one stop solution for all measurement needs. Contact BSRIA Instrument Solutions on 01344 459314 or

March 2019

W: T: 0800 254 5566 (UK Free) +44 (0) 1344 459 314 (International)

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4� to 40� and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.


Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



March 2019

AAEON single board computer UPS-P4-A10-08128 AAEON single board computers (including UPS-P4-A10-08128) have become an indispensable element of applications requiring an efficient and compact device with x86 architecture other than an industrial computer.

Areas of application: The UPS-P4-A10-08128 unit performs great in advanced systems, wherever the high computing power offered by small-sized devices is needed. Such requirements are increasingly being applied to applications from the industrial automation segment. Also Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are not end nodes, such as e.g. data flow control and conversion network gateways, are built using single board computers. Computer UPSP4-A10-08128 (Up Square, UP2) will work well in this role. Another area of application involve real-time image analysis and processing. The UP2 single board computer can cooperate with an mPCI-e card containing system that is part of a neural network (e.g. the Intel® Movidius® MyriadTM graphic processor). In such situation, its computing power increases significantly, enabling data analysis and processing directly at edge node nodes


(edge computing). Thanks to this, processing time is shortened and costs associated with data transfer as well as servicing and leasing of computing centers are minimized. In this way, a single board computer becomes a key part of the item detection system (e.g. products of a specific brand in a vending machine or license plates for cars entering a guarded parking lot), identification of persons (e.g., sex and age of people visiting the store at a given time of day). In the end, it can become a control unit in an autonomous vehicle that analyzes and processes camera images. The number of applications is limited only by the ingenuity of the designer. Single board computers are often used in small lot production, where it is required to reduce the design time until the product is released on the market. In addition, the cooperation with Linux and Windows operating systems makes the creation

of electronic devices easier for programmers who, having at their disposal a large number of libraries and drivers present in the operating system itself, do not need to engage into the issues concerning the device’s hardware layer.

Technical parameters •

Advantages An important advantage of a single board computer are its small dimensions, which translates into the size of the final device. UPS-P4-A10-08128 computer works in a wide temperature range, and flash and operational memory in the form of integrated circuits is resistant to shocks and vibrations. An important advantage is also low power consumption. It translates not only to lower energy demand, but also to greater equipment durability and reliability. Thanks to the interfaces mounted on the board, it is possible to exchange data with external devices. The AAEON UPSP4-A10-08128 single board computer will be available at least until 2024. The device is CE/FCC Class A certified.

• • • • • •

quad-core Intel® Pentium™ N4200 x8664 processor clocked at 2.5GHz, Intel® Gen 9 HD graphics card with support for video encoding in HEVC4, H.264, VP8 formats, in 4K resolution, built-in 8GB of RAM and 128GB of Flash memory, built-in Altera MAX10 FPGA, power supply DC 5V@6A, working temperature 0-60°C, weight 0,26kg, dimensions 85,6x90mm,

Supported interfaces and connector types UP2 supports communication interfaces: • • • • • •

Ethernet x2, GPIO, MIPI-CSI2, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eDP.

It is equipped with a 40pin extension connector (compatible with Raspberry PI), DP 1.2, HDMI 1.4, RJ45 magnetically shielded x2, SATA, USB A x3, USB B micro and mPCI-e.

March 2019

Informative Guide to Flowmeter Selection Titan Enterprises has published an updated version of its popular ‘Top 10 Tips for Selecting a Flowmeter’ guide. Available to download from the document provides informative and unbiased guidance to enable you to select the optimum flowmeter technology for your application. After discussing why you might need a flowmeter the guide then addresses the total life cost of different types of flowmeter technology, the importance of defining operating parameters (flow rate, line pressure, temperature and measurement accuracy required) and the chemical compatibility considerations of your application. The guide also looks at how your selection of the most appropriate flowmeter often can depend on the system it is intended to be a part of. To enable you to compare the 10 most common different flow metering technologies pragmatically the guide provides a helpful pentagram graphic representation for each technology to help you match a flowmeter type to your operating parameters, its cost of

ownership, ease of use and the level of support it may require. Finally the guide looks at the importance of following flowmeter installation instructions carefully and offers some helpful troubleshooting checks you can try before having to call out a service engineer to your ‘faulty’ flowmeter. For further information please contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / With over 40 years’ experience in flowmeter innovation and manufacture, Titan Enterprises philosophy of “pushing the envelope by trying to do things a little different and better” has resulted in sales of over 500,000 products into 40 countries worldwide and a repeat purchase rate of 95%.

Flexible Flowmeter / Display Unit Combination Titan Enterprises have introduced a combination package of 800 series turbine flowmeter and Pulsite Solo display unit as a replacement for their 800 Series Displaying Turbine Flowmeter (800D). This new combination provides users with more versatility, more information and the possibility of remote display reading when your flowmeter is situated in an inaccessible or environmentally unfriendly location. Compared to the display used on the 800D flowmeter, the Pulsite Solo display unit offers better resolution as well as enunciators to confirm to the user the units and settings selected. Power consumption is less and the display can be located remotely from the flowmeter. Designed for ease of use, programming on the Pulsite Solo is simple using the 2 front panel keys and following the prompts on the LCD display. when used with the battery-power 800 series flowmeter the replaceable battery life is estimated to be well in excess of 5 years when the Pulsite Solo is used as a flow totaliser. With rate readings, the life of the Pulsite Solo


will depend on the duty cycle but is still several years. The Pulsite Solo can also be externally dc powered if required for example when used with an electronic sensor such as a standard Hall effect device. This versatile flow indicator will take frequencies from dc through to 2 KHz and scale them to display rate or total. The scaling factors are adjustable from 0.01 to 9999 and the time base is selectable as seconds, minutes or hours. The 800 series turbine flowmeter is designed to give high performance and competitive pricing with 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 L/min. Using totally non-metallic wetted components make the 800 Series the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive chemicals. The standard inlet tubes are barbed to accept two hose sizes 8mm and 12mm although for OEM use alternatives are available. The bearings are

made of sapphire for long life and reliability, the body is moulded PVDF as standard and the ‘O’ ring seal is typically Viton®. New and existing users should find this combination flowmeter and display unit a convenient, more capable and economic package. For further information please visit pulsite-solo-rate-totalising-flowmeter-battery-powered-digital-rateand-total-indicator/ or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 /

Printed from: Serif PagePlus 15,0,5,30 Copyright © 1991-2010 Serif (Europe) Ltd. All Rights Reserved March 2019 Printed on: 29/02/2016 12:32:24 Publication name: Half_Page_Advert_Eng_Update_130x190, Page: 1

SHEAR simplicity for drive protection…

Gear Coupling Spacer

DIN / SAE Spacer

Pin & Bush coupling

Chain coupling

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

Email : Web : Phone: 01453 750814

Precise coolant filtration VDF vortex dynamic filter One-pass filtration: > 90% of 5µm particles One-pass filtration: > 99% of 25µm particles Filters both ferrous and non-ferrous Simple waste disposal options – automated operation available Wide range of sizes and capacities 9 models: flows from 10 lpm to 1,000 lpm Body materials: 9 in SUS13 & 3 in resin (PA6)

• • • •

VDF 70 - 70 lpm

No foaming, cleaner coolant, longer tool life Reduced running costs, low maintenance Element-free, no filter element replacement costs The environmentally friendly one-pass solution

Aeration&Mixing Ltd Sheffield UK T: +44 (0) 1302 215 156

Web: E-mail:

VDF 1000 – 1,000 lpm


March 2019

LEMO is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions LEMO’s high quality Push-Pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, automation, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video and telecommunications.

LEMO has been designing precision connectors for over seven decades. Offering more than 75,000 product combinations that continue to grow in numbers through custom specific designs, LEMO and its affiliated sister companies REDEL, NORTHWIRE and COELVER serve customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

use modern equipment, such as stripping tools with rotating knives, clipping robots, hydraulic crimp facilities, test units, etc. LEMO connectors can be used in industrial applications and also for control, articulated manipulator and automation systems.

LEMO specialises in the design of standard and customised connector solutions. As a long-established company, LEMO’s prime focus has always been on product quality.

As robotic solutions become increasingly complex, LEMO connectors enable connecting sensors, motors and actuators in an efficient way, even when the cabling layout is very dense.

In addition to its extensive range of high-end connectors, LEMO offers complete custom solutions, including cables and cable assembly services.

Thanks to the Push-Pull latching system, connectors can be easily mated and un-mated allowing reduced maintenance and installation time.

LEMO’s skilled technicians build and test assemblies to the customer’s specifications.

Serge Buechli, Business Development Manager comments: “LEMO’s wide range of products suits customers who are looking for reliable connectors that can resist extensive wear and use.

LEMO cable assembly services feature: electronic, fibre optic and hybrid connections, 100% testing, small to large volume capacity and overmoulding capabilities. Some of the larger LEMO subsidiaries


“If you are a manufacturer of highend equipment, you don’t want your equipment to break down because

of cable and connector accessories. This is why you select high quality components for your design”. For automation systems, motor controllers and communication networks, LEMO offers a range of high-speed circular connectors in the 2B, 2K, and 2T series that is suitable for Category 6A. Specifications: •

Transmission performance meets Category 6A specification up to 500 MHz for 10 GigaBit Ethernet transmission according IEEE802.3an.

Push-Pull connector

IP50 or IP68 solution

For cable diameters from 3.2 to 9.9 mm

Designed for AWG 22 and AWG 24 (AWG 26 for shorter cable distance)

Find out more here

March 2019

Fluid Carrying



Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond.

Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations

Vacuum to over 20,000psi.

Impact, abrasion and point load resistance

Stock and bespoke production.

Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED! Tel:

Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



Accredited Contractor


March 2019

Employee upskilling: A healthy return on your investment? With the on-going disruption surrounding Brexit following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, never before has there been a more crucial time for organisations to think smart, particularly when it comes to investing for the future.


ndeed, if you’re an employer looking to alleviate potential disruption to your business operations and maintain a competitive edge in a crowded market, investing in people is a great place to start. In the case of health and safety, the NEBOSH National Diploma could be the answer. As one of the most globally recognised and well respected p r o f e s s i o n a l qualifications of its kind for health and safety practitioners, the NEBOSH National Diploma is an essential qualification for businesses who wish to encourage those seeking a senior position in health and safety management, covering; Managing health and safety, Hazardous agents in the workplace, Workplace and work equipment safety and the Application of health and safety theory and practice.


Why choose RoSPA?

By having a NEBOSH qualified member of staff, businesses can demonstrate a strong commitment to health and safety, as well as professional-level competence. This can also help employers to achieve recognised standards and win new business.

RoSPA places client satisfaction at the forefront of what we do. Not only do we have an exceptionally high pass rate, we remain committed to our belief that learning should be an enjoyable experience for delegates.

Cost savings This will provide an employee with high-level skills and knowledge, and the confidence to take a pragmatic approach to managing risk that brings real value to the modern workplace including: A Safer Workplace

The financial benefits alone may far exceed the initial outlay for essential health and safety training. Businesses could enjoy future cost savings through the removal of consultant contracts, and the provision of in-house training and professional development.

NEBOSH Diplomats assist employers in protecting against injury and loss of life which helps to maintain a healthy workforce, avoid prosecution, litigation, absence costs and loss of reputation.

So, if you’re thinking safety training is just a box-ticking exercise, think again. Investing in your people might just be the best thing you could do to get a healthy return on your investment.


Our team of expert trainers are our biggest asset, using a variety of interactive training techniques designed to keep delegates engaged and involved while they learn, many of whom return again and again. Our course is delivered as an opencourse or in-company, allowing candidates to study at their own pace and convenience with minimal disruption to workplace operations. T: 0121 248 2233 E: W:

March 2019



Process Critical Components Machine running, machine stopped….. Which is best? Insisting on a KTR coupling in your machine build specification will play a key part in reducing downtime and maintenance costs. KTR manufacture high quality backlash-free couplings, with integrated torque limiters, designed for easy assembly to reduce maintenance & downtime and protect your system in overload situations.



The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640


March 2019

Specialist fluid solutions for cooling & heating systems

Established in 1998 Hydratech is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of specialist heat transfer fluids, glycols, antifreeze solutions, inhibitors and cleansers. A long-term commitment to R&D has resulted in several key advances in coolant technology. Coolflow and the DTX range of products has been especially formulated for use in process cooling applications, to exploit the advantages Ethylene Glycol has over Propylene Glycol - whilst delivering a non-toxic solution. Specifically; More efficient heat transfer, easier to pump, especially at low temperatures, less volume for the same freeze protection and is cheaper per litre. Working with many of the world’s blue-chip companies for over 20 years, including; Mitie, Integral, Waitrose, Airbus and Siemens Hydratech has experience across many business and industry sectors such as power stations, data centres, water and waste, construction, food and drink, general industry and infrastructure. This has been achieved by providing detailed technical information and engineering support for each application and installation, matched with a unique ‘can do’ approach to logistics. Hydratech also have the expertise to formulate fluid solutions for bespoke applications. E.g. Combined Heat & Power, Pilot Cooling, Medical Devices etc. “We work closely with our customers and always consider from the perspective of functionality, energy efficiency, costs, environmental impact, ease of installation, and ongoing service and maintenance” Hydratech have the experience and expertise to provide you with the fluid that meets all the requirements for your systems. This is further supported by offering a range of Fluid Management Services to maximise, monitor and maintain long-term thermal efficiency. So, the next time you are looking for an innovative cooling solution, be sure to talk with the experts;


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March 2019

What is a good relationship worth? Should you use one fastener supplier or several? The world of engineering and manufacturing is constantly changing. JET PRESS customers range from SMEs to global businesses and they have all dealt with the challenges like value chain analysis, supply chain management and just-in-time manufacturing. They’re now looking at new developments like 3D printing and Manufacturing 4.0. But whatever else changes one question always crops up – is it better to have one supplier or many?

Look carefully at your business needs The answer to the question of course is – it depends. It doesn’t matter if you check with industry experts like Dawson Consulting the Australian SME experts or Supply Chain Sourcing academics at Rutgers University in the US; they describe the same pros and cons. The downsides are summed up by the old saying; don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There is a risk that your sole supplier will fail and cause you serious production problems. The list of benefits associated with using a single supplier is longer and includes issues all businesses should be aware of.

The benefits of using a single supplier Starting with the obvious benefits, you have less admin if you order a lot of items from the same supplier. There is also potential to negotiate a better deal if you promise all your business to one supplier. Though of course it is essential to scrutinise the supplier to make sure they are financially secure, have a good record of reliability and can meet your needs. Another practical benefit is that you can share information with a trusted supplier and streamline systems to improve efficiency. There is also a single point of contact if you have issues with quality.


They have skin in the game It might be a bit less easy to quantify, but all the experts agree; the relationship you build with a good supplier can deliver significant business benefits. Firstly, if you are an important customer your supplier wants you to do well because it means more business for them. So they will focus on doing the best possible job for you. They are also likely to be more flexible and work around your requirements. For instance, JET PRESS stock over 70 million products in their warehouses, but for some customers they will hold stock on customer sites. These customers can pick products as they need them and JET PRESS will send them one consolidated invoice at the end of the month.

A win win way of working Another great benefit of working with a single supplier is the technical support they are willing to give customers. In a stable, long term relationship a supplier can build an in depth understanding of the needs of their customer. JET PRESS has a hard earned reputation for knowing customers personally

and understanding their business. This leads to regular collaborations with clients to specify precisely the right product or to design, prototype and test a new product. For instance a JET PRESS customer who builds off road vehicles had a manufacturing issue. Their engineer approached JET PRESS because he needed a fastener to hold some components in place just while the adhesive cured. The team identified a clip that did the job and because it was so low cost and unobtrusive the customer left it in place permanently as a back-up.

Every relationship has to start somewhere We are very happy to provide detailed information about our service, consultancy on potential applications and supply samples. And of course, take orders. +44 1623 551 800

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Experts in metal & plastic engineered fasteners • Extensive stocks available for rapid delivery! • Vast range of proven solutions to choose from • First class technical support & customer service • Bespoke design, development & manufacturing

Find your solution at • 01623 551 800


March 2019

TECHNICAL NOTE FLIR T500-Series Macro Mode: Single-Lens Solution for Imaging Small Targets Thermal cameras are used throughout many stages of R&D and quality assurance. Electronics inspection is one of the most common applications for thermal imaging, which typically involves finding hot spots on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and ensuring that various components are working within their design limits. In today’s world of shrinking electronics, the most common surface mount PCBA components can range in size from a 0603 (1.6 mm × 0.8 mm) to as small as a 0201 (0.6 mm × 0.3 mm). Accurate temperature measurements of these components require at least a 3 × 3 pixel area—or 9 total pixels—on the target, with a 10 x 10 pixel area or greater being ideal for greater measurement accuracy. For many thermal cameras, one pixel can cover 600 µm—or 0.06 mm—on a target; this represents the camera’s spot size. So, to achieve the minimum 3 × 3 pixel coverage on an 0201 component, you would need a camera and lens combination that provides a much finer spot size—say, 100 µm. An even smaller spot size would be needed to properly characterize the hot spots on a specific point on the 0201 component. While thermal imaging is a versatile technology, using a camera with a single prime lens can be limiting. Sufficient magnification for electronics testing often requires additional macro lenses to reach the spot sizes required to detect hot spots, measure temperature, and properly characterize the thermal response of small components. Having several of these lenses


on-hand will produce superior images but isn’t always cost-effective. FLIR’s Macro Mode offers a more flexible option when you want to inspect a wide range of small targets with a single lens. of 71 μm—no lens change needed. Macro Mode allows you to capture accurate temperature measurements of small targets without changing lenses (Figure 2). A FLIR infrared camera with a standard 24˚ lens and Macro Mode enabled can reach a spot size as small as 71 μm—no lens change needed. At this spot size, the camera can accurately measure temperatures and thermally characterize 1.6 mm × 0.8 mm sized 0603 components. It can even detect hot or under-performing components as small as 0.6 mm × 0.3 mm. Traditional macro lenses are often challenged by their short working distance. And with the tall components on some PCBAs it can be difficult to physically position a camera close enough to focus on shorter components. FLIR’s Macro Mode allows users to place the camera at a workable distance while still providing a small spot size. For example, a FLIR T540 with 24˚ lens needs to be at least 150 mm from its target to capture a focused image. At this distance, the spot size will be limited to 140 μm. Switching into Macro Mode reduces the minimum distance that a camera must be from its target, allowing you to focus on surface-mount components and other small objects instantly. The same hardware with Macro Mode enabled can provide a clear image from 60 mm and achieve a spot size

Macro Mode works by adjusting the camera’s detector position during the calibration process, which provides additional working distance between the sensor and lens. Enabling Macro Mode through a firmware update adds an “Image Mode” menu to the camera’s GUI. However, since the thermal image’s focus and clarity rely on the adjusted detector position, the visible light MSX imagery will be misaligned. This compromise means that a camera in Macro Mode will only save IR images. FLIR’s Macro Mode is an innovative feature that offers R&D, quality assurance and other professionals the flexibility required for testing PCBAs and other electronic components without the need or expense of additional lenses. The standard 24˚ lens can be used to investigate a larger area or entire PCBA. Once a hot spot or smaller area of interest if found, enabling Marco Mode allows for more in-depth examination and thermal analysis without changing lenses. Contact your FLIR representative to learn more about how Macro Mode can streamline your electrical testing. For more information about thermal imaging cameras or about this application, please visit

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March 2019

PROSEAL SALUTES UNSUNG COG IN WINNING MACHINE Tray sealing specialist Proseal and its supplier LC Automation are celebrating a successful 20-year partnership during which the two companies have risen to become leaders in their respective fields. LC Automation provides Proseal with a reliable supply of quality electrical components that form a key part in the manufacture of its market-leading tray sealing machines. Since the beginning of the companies’ relationship in 1998 – the year Proseal was founded – Proseal has established itself as the UK’s leading manufacturer of tray sealers. This recently culminated in the company winning the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2018. During the same period, LC Automation has grown to become one of the UK’s leading technical distributors of automation, control and safety products. The company supplies Proseal with a range of electrical components from PLC’s, servos’ and a.c. Inverters, to sensors, power supplies and even the cables. “LC Automation supplied the Mitsubishi components for our very first machine, the Proseal PR30, and we’ve been using them ever since,” explains Steve Ballantyne, Purchasing Manager at Proseal. “Their first-rate service and innovative components are essential to

the smooth production & consistently high standard of our products – we count on them to continue delivering our leading-edge Proseal machinery.” An important benefit of the relationship is that LC Automation is fully integrated into the Proseal supply chain, receiving a regular forecast of their machine requirements. This allows LC Automation to predict usage and ensure the

components are always available when required, meaning there is no disruption to Proseal’s production schedule. In addition, Proseal receives expert technical support on all the products it purchases from LC Automation with additional support from a Key Account Manager. “LC Automation plays a vital but unsung role in what we do, and as we mark 20 years of partnership, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank the company for their continued excellent service,” says Steve Ballantyne. “We look forward to the next 20 years of working together, which I am sure will be even more successful!” “On behalf of everyone at LC Automation I would like to congratulate the Proseal team on 20 successful years and winning the Queens Award to Industry. I believe Proseal’s success is down to three factors; excellent customer service, outstanding engineering which meets customer needs and just being nice people to deal with,” says Malcolm Chadwick, Managing Director of LC Automation.


Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB Small but mighty. Effortless integration into products and processes. The compact design (4.5� x 3.0�) allows integration into the tightest of spaces yet comes with the same performance specifications and features of our exisiting OEM analysers. The board is fitted with a robust cabled zirconia sensor, which is ideal for providing fast and accurate remote in-situ gas analysis over the the full oxygen range 10-20ppm to 30% O2. Zirconia oxygen sensors are extremely rugged and particularly suitable for monitoring inert atmospheres and aggressive industrial applications directly within manufacturing processes such as metal 3D printers, soldering ovens and furnaces.

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March 2019

Mouser puts its weight behind Sensors & Instrumentation Live Industry giant Mouser Electronics has signed up as the headline sponsor for this year’s Sensors & Instrumentation Live, taking place at the NEC, Birmingham on the 25 and 26 September 2019. Mouser Electronics is a leading authorised distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 600 industry leading manufacturers. With 22 locations around the globe, Mouser specialises in the rapid introduction and distribution of new products and technologies for design engineers and buyers. With thousands of visitors looking to source the latest technologies every year, Sensors & Instrumentation Live presents market leading companies from across the test, measurement and control sector together under one roof. A number of companies have already confirmed their presence at the 2019 exhibition including SIKA, Rheintacho, DSL, Techni Measure, Shawcity, LPRS, Blubug, Bronkhorst, Measurement Solutions Limited, KEMO, Keller, Kistler, BINDER, Charcroft Electronics, Mantracourt Electronics, DEWESoft and Trafag. Covering a range of industry sectors, with equipment on display including sensors, flowmeters, signal conditioners and test instruments, Sensors & Instrumentation Live is the ideal event to source the right instruments to meet your requirements. The tenth anniversary edition of Sensors & Instrumentation Live is shaping up to be the biggest in the show’s history with new feature areas like the Engineering Symposium and


the Enterprise Hub and returning favourites like the Innovation Showcase. Engineering Symposium The Engineering Symposium is an exciting new partnership, DJB Instruments is working with Sensors & Instrumentation Live to present CPD-accredited training that is driven by sensor innovation and the very latest in engineering. DJB will bring together a team of speakers from some of the UK’s leading technology and engineering companies to present a two day programme which provides a combination of technical training sessions on subjects including: Basics of signal processing; Analysis and control of noise sources in data; Accelerometer technology and other topics. In addition, industry based presentations will describe how innovative sensor technology has been applied in some of the most technologically challenging applications of the modern era. The Enterprise Hub The Enterprise Hub will explore the different opportunities that are available to manufacturers. Representatives from key engineering institutions and organisations will give a series of invaluable presentations, giving visitors an insight into topics including training, apprenticeships and standards.

Attending the Enterprise Hub and Engineering Symposium is free so let the experts provide you with the guidance you need. Innovation Showcase Some of the exhibition’s most popular feature areas will be making a return to Sensors & Instrumentation Live 2019. This includes the Innovation Showcase. There is a lot to see at the event so the Innovation Showcase provides an assembly of the most cutting-edge products and solutions available from exhibitors. Visitors can get hands-on with devices and make sure they do not miss out on a single thing. Colocation The 2019 exhibition is colocated with the TCT Show and IMHX providing more opportunities to network than ever before. The one ticket policy for Sensors & Instrumentation Live means that visitors only need to register once to get access to the event and TCT. If you would like to find out more information about the exhibition, please visit the Sensors & Instrumentation Live website. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about exhibiting at the event, please contact event director Louise Pudney (

Join us and more to celebrate 10 years of

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March 2019

JEC World 2019: Stratasys to Showcase Latest 3D Printing Advancements for Composite Production Tuesday 12th November, 10:30am – Stratasys Keynote Presentation: “Additive Manufacturing for Tooling and 3D Printed Composite Parts”


t this years JEC World (March 12-14, Paris, France), Stratasys will showcase its latest 3D printing solutions for composite production (Hall 5, Stand Q83). Visitors will be able to see the significant time and cost efficiencies that companies from a host of industries can enjoy when implementing additive manufacturing within their production operations. Stratasys will outline the versatility of its FDM and PolyJet technologies for the entire product development process, from fullyfunctional prototypes, to tooling applications and final production parts.

High-performance, costefficient 3D printed tools

Final production parts using 3D printing composite material Stratasys will also demonstrate how the impressive mechanical properties of FDM Nylon 12CF enable engineers to explore the transition from traditional metal parts to 3D printed plastic composites. This carbon fibre-filled thermoplastic contains 35% chopped carbon-fibre and is strong enough to replace metal, allowing designers to develop more lightweight yet functional designs. The high stiffnessto-weight ratio of FDM Nylon 12CF is ideal for functional performance testing demands in automotive, aerospace, recreational goods, and industrial manufacturing sectors.

The impressive mechanical properties of FDM Nylon 12CF allow engineers to explore the possible transition from traditional metal parts to 3D printed plastic composites

3D printed composite tooling offers dramatic cost and weight-savings compared to traditional tooling methods. Stratasys’ development of high-temperature materials, as well as the increased throughput of its FDM Production 3D Printers, enable the manufacture of complex composite lay-up / sacrificial tools in hours or Stratasys Keynote days, rather than the weeks or months it would Presentation: Tuesday take using traditional manufacturing. 12th November, Visitors to Stratasys’ stand will discover how these durable, yet lightweight 3D printed composite tools are being utilized across a range of industry sectors. On display will be a series of real-life customer examples that exemplify the benefits of additive manufacturing for composite production. This includes a new customer use case set to be announced at the show, which will reveal novel application uses of 3D printing for composite production. As part of JEC World’s application showcase program in the ‘Innovation Planets’ area, Stratasys will display a Santa Cruz bicycle featuring a number of carbon-fiber parts produced using 3D printed tools. Using Stratasys FDM 3D printing, the company is able to rapidly produce fully-functional prototypes and iterate more designs fast than ever before, which has significantly streamlined its overall design process. In addition, the company has overcome the limitations of traditional tooling for low volume composite production by 3D printing high-performance composite tools ondemand – resulting in significantly accelerated time-to-part, at a fraction of the cost.


10:30am The first day of JEC World will see Amos C. Breyfogle, Application Engineering Manager, Stratasys, deliver an insightful presentation entitled ‘Additive Manufacturing for Tooling and 3D Printed Composite Parts’. Part of JEC World’s ‘Process and Manufacturing’ track (Forum: Hall 6), this informative keynote will enable visitors to hear how, by using Stratasys Additive Manufacturing technologies, manufacturers can quickly develop both cost-effective tooling for composite parts, as well as direct 3D printing of composite parts . See Stratasys at JEC World in Hall 5, Stand Q83, at the Villepinte Exhibition Centre Paris, March 12-14 2019.

3D printed replacement machinery parts manufactured on-demand using Stratasys’ Fortus 450mc Production 3D Printer and FDM Nylon 12CF




n iO



1 0 - 1 1 A pri l 2 0 1 9 www.inDUSTRy40SUmmiT.COm



TE L E V I S I O N Automation



The one stop show for advanced manufacturing solutions


3D printing

Cyber Security



ThE UK’S pREmiER EVEnT FOR ThE 4Th inDUSTRiAl REVOlUTiOn Featuring

400+ delegates

100+ exhibitors

Headline SponSor

2000 attendees

50 speakers aSSociate SponSorS

Round Tables

Robot Zone

Open Technology Forum SponSorS

Contact Gary Gilmour, Event Director | +44 (0)1642 438 225 |


March 2019

Professionals from across the rail industry are being urged to secure their place at Railtex 2019, the 14th international exhibition of railway equipment, systems and services, as visitor registration officially opens.

Railtex welcomes international audience as visitor registration officially opens Starting this month (February 2019), visitors will be able to confirm their attendance online, for the UK’s leading rail industry expo, which will take place between 14th -16th May at Birmingham’s NEC. More than 330 organisations will be exhibiting at Railtex, with a mix of UK and international suppliers appearing under one roof, spanning the full range of rail infrastructure and rolling stock sectors. Registration for Railtex 2019 also gives visitors access to a range of industry keynote speeches, project updates and technical seminars that are accredited by the CPD Certification

Service, meaning they can be used by attendees and their professional bodies towards annual Continuing Professional Development. The show promises to bring an international flavour to the Midlands, with visitors from more than 50 countries set to be in attendance. Confirmed exhibitors include Austria’s rail milling and sawing specialist Linsinger, Germany’s electronic systems solutions provider Polyrack Tech Group, Italy’s heating element technologies supplier Zoppa Industries and Taiwan’s industrial and IP network solutions provider Lantech, amongst many others from countries across the globe.

With visitor registration officially opening there is a growing excitement around the industry for what Mack Brooks Exhibitions, the show’s organisers, anticipate will be one of their biggest shows in recent years. The show provides the perfect platform for rail suppliers and professionals to meet, build contacts and do meaningful business within a friendly and engaging environment, ideally located in the heart of the UK. Alongside the main exhibition, the organisers have developed a varied and informative supporting programme, with some huge industry names speaking on the biggest issues surrounding our network. Details of these will be announced soon, for what promises to be a fascinating schedule of events. Mack Brooks Exhibitions is looking forward to welcoming hundreds of exhibitors to the NEC in Birmingham, as they provide valuable insights into their products and services. The exhibition team also be welcoming thousands of delegates over the three days during what is expected to be one of the highlights of the rail industry calendar. To gain free entry to the show pre-register on the website


14th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems & Services

@railtex #Railtex2019

14 - 16 MAY 2019 NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK

The show for everyone involved in shaping the future of UK rail


March 2019

The Smart way to Industry 4.0 with PROFINET Based Technologies AMTC, Coventry, 26 March

The Crystal, London, 28 March

Co-organized by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI UK) and the European Interreg Project INCASE (“Industry 4.0 via Networked Control Applications and Sustainable Engineering”, these free-to-attend seminars address the key practical issues arising from the use of digital communications in automated manufacturing and process industry applications, with particular attention to Industry 4.0. Covering key application areas such as mechanical handling and logistics, robotics, automotive engineering, electrical and electronics assembly, control systems and energy management, utilities, pharmaceutical, packaging and printing, they focus on the practical aspects of using PROFINET and IOLink, from system design and safety considerations through to fault-finding and maintenance. Supported by demonstrations of actual tools used in configuration and maintenance, the seminars will be of great value to Designers, Technicians and Engineers involved in design, operation and maintenance of modern automated factories and process plant. Part of the day is with parallel tracks, so that visitors can either refresh their knowledge as beginners in PROFINET or as more experienced users find new ideas for applications.

Topics will include: • Overview of PI’s current and developing technologies for Industry 4.0 • PROFINET basics • Ethernet’s upper physical layer finally unveiled • IO-Link for the “last metres” communication • Process Automation networks with PROFIBUS and PROFINET • Network Safety & Security

Exhibition • Cybersecurity • PROFIBUS DP / PA diagnostics • EMC for networks • PROFINET diagnostics • Redundancy for PROFINET networks • Designing & virtual commissioning: co-simulation with Siemens NX • PROFINET’s “oversampling” and “I-Device” features: industrial cases for control and signal processing

Click here to view the full agenda 38|

The event will provide delegates with an excellent networking opportunity and the ability to discuss technical issues with our experts.

The event will also feature an interactive exhibition plus a special demonstration of the INCASE Interreg 2 Seas Project showing how redundant networks “survive” massive EMI disturbance, demonstration of oversampling techniques in IO Devices, I-Devices running MATLAB generated code, … all the way up to co-simulation technology using Siemens NX.

PI Technologies With over 80 million nodes installed worldwide, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link are truly market leaders, providing state of the art digital communications offering unprecedented integration of automation, control, monitoring and safety systems using standardised and widely supported communications and networking solutions. Click here to register for Coventry, 26 March 2019 Click here to register for The Crystal, 28 March 29 More about INCASE ...

ANNOUNCING Industrial Applications and Scientific Vacuum Technologies



Europe’s largest vacuum technologies exhibition

Exhibition. Training. Conference. Connect with suppliers, attend training courses, see what’s new!

For applications in Accellerator Science, Analytical, R & D, Automotive, Coating, Solar, Wind, Metallurgy, Food and Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Process Industries, Space Technology, Utilities and many more.

Contact: +44 1372 750555 or email


March 2019 existing processes, alongside the chance to discover the industry superstars of tomorrow in the brand-new Launchpad and meet the entrepreneurs powering the future of UK engineering and manufacturing. Building on partnerships: three events in one Maximising the value of the event, Subcon is once again colocating with The Engineer Expo and Advanced Manufacturing Show.

Innovation, partnership and operational excellence: Subcon is back! Subcon returns on the 4-6 June 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham. Now in its 43rd year, Subcon remains the UK’s only dedicated event to enable subcontract manufacturing buyers to source suppliers, benchmark capabilities, and form new manufacturing partnerships. Against a backdrop of profound uncertainty and change within the engineering and manufacturing industries, Subcon 2019 will show how the industry continues to innovate and deliver maximum value, with three events in one venue. Supporting innovation: The Subcon Launchpad For 2019, Subcon has unveiled the Subcon Launchpad and Launchpad Awards to showcase cutting-edge innovations from across the industry. The Launchpad aims to propel manufacturing and engineering-based


start-ups by giving them an opportunity to share their innovations with thousands of professionals with the power to guide them to success. The showcase and awards will deliver an unrivalled platform for eight engineering start-ups and a £10,000 prize package to the winner. For further details on the Subcon Launchpad or to submit an entry, please see exhibit/launchpad-launchpad-awards But Subcon has not forgotten its heritage. As with every previous year, Subcon will deliver the contacts, connections and content that engineering and manufacturing businesses in the UK need to succeed. Visitors will be able to harness new innovations from over 300 world class suppliers to help increase capacity, optimise productivity and improve flexibility while driving down costs to stay competitive in a global market.

The Engineer Expo delivers the innovation, inspiration and insight businesses need to optimise future engineering and manufacturing strategies. From an exhibition of next generation design and technology solutions from the UK’s most ground-breaking suppliers, to an unrivalled conference programme featuring industry leaders responsible for some of the UK’s most inspiring engineering and manufacturing projects, The Engineer Expo will keep visitors abreast of the biggest issues around, from Brexit and Industry 4.0 to the challenges of diversity and skills. The Advanced Manufacturing Show will showcase live demos and the latest efficiencyboosting innovations from hundreds of world class suppliers. This is an unparalleled opportunity to review outsourcing and procurement decisions and bring tools and technology up to speed, to reduce costs, cut lead times and increase productivity to stay competitive in a global market.

Throughout one venue and across three focused industry events, Subcon is still the UK’s leading subcontract manufacturing supply chain show. For visitors looking to harness innovation, forge new partnerships and shape their future manufacturing strategies to realise business success There will be huge opportunities to forge sooner, Subcon remains the strategic partnerships and improve place to be!









Discover the suppliers, innovation and advice you need to future proof your manufacturing strategy







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March 2019


• Subcon – the UK’s premier manufacturing supply chain show returns 4-6 June at the NEC • 2019 set to feature expanded exhibition space as Subcon co-locates with Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Expo for the first time Subcon, the UK’s premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show, has confirmed it will return to the NEC for Subcon 2019, spanning 4-6 June. Now in its 43rd year, Subcon is the must-attend event for subcontract manufacturing professionals looking to source new products and partners. In a first for the show, Subcon will be co-located with Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Expo. Over three days, the three events will showcase the complete manufacturing solution, covering design, prototyping and development, contract and subcontract products and services through to machine tools, systems and equipment. The Engineer Expo is dedicated to the advanced engineering that


drives UK manufacturing and design. Building on the calibre of the 2018 programme, 36 free-to-attend sessions will lift the lid on the latest industry developments and the most interesting engineering projects. Advanced Manufacturing Show is the global platform for next-generation technologies, showcasing innovative solutions that enhance advanced manufacturing performance. Together the three shows will provide a compelling, value-packed event that will enable visitors to not only save time sourcing new partners but also get ahead of the competition with new technologies and services. “The expo was great to meet suppliers and manufacturers and see what new technologies they had to offer,” said Michael

Wilkinson, aerospace engineer, Airbus Operations Ltd, speaking of the 2018 event. “I found it extremely useful and hope to make use of the contacts I have made.” “Across all industry sectors, businesses looking to source suppliers and secure the right partners to keep them competitive, head to Subcon,” said Gordon Kirk, event director, Subcon. “We are incredibly excited to return to the NEC. We have already decided to expand the exhibition space for 2019 as we co-locate with Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Expo for the first time.” For more details or to register your interest, please visit

1-3 OCTOBER 2019 NEC, BiRmiNgham





W W W. WNI E . C O. U K / LI VE

What’s New in



18 – 19 September 2019 E V E RY T H I N G E L E C T R O N I C S : E M B E D D E D , E N G I N E E R I N G , D E S I G N A N D M A N U FA C T U R I N G

ANNOUNCING: Our new dedicated venue in the midlands the NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire Strengths of hosting in the region include it being home to two advanced manufacturing centres, Catapult Centres, at the MTC and WMG, University of Warwick, as well as the home of major auto/ aero/ rail/ defence OEMs and their supply chains, heavy users of electronics and systems. The midlands region is also the location of the new UKBIC – UK Battery Industrialisation Centre and National Automotive Innovation Centre, as well as home to the recently announced Smart City Mobility Centre, at Wellesbourne Technology Park. Together with the excellent road, rail and air links into the region, and a broad range of accommodation, the region remains the first choice as the ideal location for WNIE Live 2019.

Contact us for full details on the venue.

To get a floorplan and pricing please call, visit or email


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2 0 1 9

BE AN EXHIBITOR... What’s New in Electronics Live delivers a comprehensive 2-day event covering the whole spectrum of the electronics, embedded, design, manufacturing and engineering industry. With an international exhibitor list of companies showing products and services to support this sector, plus conferences, workshops, discussion panels and live features, WNIE Live IS the unmissable event of 2019.

An inclusive exhibitor marketing package worth up to £2,500 Lunch on us – included in stand booking FREE parking and Wi-Fi for you and your visitors Improved service charges Exclusive exhibitor lounge New interactive features & sessions



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March 2019

Asset Management How IIot gets you crucial data for insightful analytics. The movement towards and development of Internet of things technology has already considerably improved many organisations ability to manage their assets better. As organisations continue to develop themselves in their given field their ability to monitor their assets needs to remain agile to meet ongoing change. The way in which we get data and information from our assets must continue to provide rapid solutions and even swifter responses ensuring proactive rather than reactive intervention. Whatever your asset is however, machinery to man power, the ability to get them working as efficiently and effectively as possible is crucial to success. As we are currently working closely with the water industry, the intricate and vast pipe networks require a smart approach to monitoring and reacting. Typically to access certain points of the network it involves disrupting traffic whilst you protect your people who manually have to take readings. Via IoT devices and BLE this same gathering of data could be done in seconds with no need to intervene unless anomalies detected. Cutting time on investigative work and being able to deploy key people in the right location at the right time gaining huge business savings as well as having the collation of ongoing data. This example can be transferred to numerous industries with numerous assets. To keep up with the rapid changes and requirements of any business the way we access internet of things must move forward to. It is no longer sufficient for most businesses to rely on mains powered, large data logging units that aren’t easily transferrable and often lead to questions around costs to deploy. Development of battery powered, cost effective, cellular devices providing flexibility and agility must be addressed to answer these requirements.

Many of our clients require solutions that help them manage their assets over large locational areas or with assets that are in difficult places to reach once deployed. The challenge is to allow insight remotely whilst management remains local, deploying their people effectively and safely to resolve any issues. Development of Bluetooth (BLE) within remote monitoring units is a vital development in allowing field asset communication.

The powerful insight of data manipulation and analysis can develop the ability to work on a greater understanding and predictive modelling that can maintain an organisation at the forefront of their industry. The art of effective analysis comes down to the ability to acquire quality data. The data is the foundation to realising many aspirations around insight and knowledge that most organisations require for their future strategies. Of course, IIoT requires investment, but investment in the foundations can only lead to a strong base to build upon. If you would like to know more about our Industrial IoT solutions and how we can help you monitor your assets, please call us +44 (0) 1905 754 078 and ask for one of our IoT Application Specialists.


Our purpose is to harness the Industrial Internet of Things to help you power your business

Our five standard products cover multiple industry requirements, including asset, building, machinery and environmental remote monitoring.

CDL have in house firmware, hardware, software and server engineers along with an administration team geared solely to delivering scalable Industrial IoT solutions.

By using CDL you get a fast ROI, with light touch, quick to deploy systems from an agile and passionate company who care about your success.

We work with some of the world’s leading and largest businesses, as well as small niche players and have thousands of systems in service across more than a dozen countries.


March 2019

Lots to see at PROFINET in

Industry 4 seminar and exhibition

The Smart Way to Industry 4.0 with PROFINET Based Technologies – Exhibition and Seminar - AMTC, Coventry, 26 March The Crystal, London, 28 March Organized by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI UK) and the European Interreg Project INCASE (“Industry 4.0 via Networked Control Applications and Sustainable Engineering”), these freeto-attend seminars will address the key practical issues arising from the use of digital communications technologies in automated manufacturing and process industry applications, with particular attention to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.



The fieldbus display can be supplied with six isolated alarm outputs, each of which may be linked to any of the displayed fieldbus variables. Configuration and alarm setpoints are entered via the front panel push-buttons which may be protected by a security code.

In addition to a highly informative seminar covering the essentials of using PROFINET and IO-Link towards smarter manufacturing, the events will also feature an exhibition of the latest products from PI-UK member companies including: • • • • • • • • •

AJM Engineering Management BEKA Associates Belcom Cables Control Specialists Endress+Hauser HMS UK Hitex UK Industrial Communication Products Procentec

Exhibits in detail – watch this space, more to follow … AJM Engineering Management

Process Information and Control in Hazardous Areas BEKA associates will be demonstrating its range of buspowered eight variable Indicators and Displays. Panel or Field mounting devices to show operators process values in gas or dust hazardous or non-hazardous areas.

BELCOM PROFINET and PROFIBUS Cables Belcom Cables are a specialist cable distributor and we will be highlighting our ranges of Profibus, Profinet and Surelight fibre optic cables. We will have extensive samples available covering many different applications for these cables in both softskin and our Dataguard SWA versions. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure our cables are of the highest quality and stock these in depth at our warehouse facility close to Stansted Airport. We hope you will find Belcom of interest to you and look forward to meeting you during the day. CONTROL SPECIALISTS LTD

The Schildknecht Internet of Things platform offers a unique combination of global connectivity, powerful security and manageable costs. Built around our DATAEAGLE 7000 series of IoT gateways, it gives you all the components and services necessary for a strong IoT solution from sensor to cloud. For optimal global operability we use mobile radio tech that offers the highest network coverage and secures independence from existing Internet infrastructures. This comes at a manageable cost as we use universal eSIM cards validated by countless providers and provides solid security to your data at any time since we use end-to-end encryption.


Control Specialists are a technical support and training organisation with 25+ years of practical experience. As well as providing support for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, AS-I and CANBus networks, we deliver PI-certified training courses for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET around the UK and occasionally abroad. We are an approved solutions partner of Indu-Sol, manufacturers of diagnostic and monitoring devices for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, AS-I and CAN Bus and will have some of their products on display. This year we are launching a one-day EMC-awareness training course aimed

at those people with a conventional, low-frequency, background in industrial automation systems. PROCENTEC Easy Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Monitoring PROCENTEC Mercury is a robust tablet which features our new cross-platform software package. This device is perfect for troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS networks, through in-the-field-use of our software. The PROCENTEC Mercury enables you to gain insight into the health and possible faults in your industrial network. While developing this innovative product, the user was, and remains, the main focus. This means the PROCENTEC Mercury offers an easy to use interface, remote and wireless connection, and mobility anywhere and anyplace. INCASE Interreg 2 Seas Project … plus a special demonstration of the INCASE Interreg 2 Seas Project provided by project partners UGent and KU Leuven from Belgium, and the University of Essex and the University of Kent. A joint experiment showing how redundant networks “survive” massive EMI disturbance, demonstration of oversampling techniques in IO Devices, I-Devices running MATLAB generated code, … all the way up to co-simulation technology using Siemens NX. More Information: Click here to view the Agenda in detail Click on links below to register: AMTC, Coventry, 26 March The Crystal, London, 28 March


EVAPORATIVE COOLING • Requires 90% less energy than air conditioning • No harmful refrigerants • Energy Efficient Natural Cooling - low carbon footprint • New build and retrofit UK-based with over 3500 installations worldwide; with clients including BT, Cummins Diesel, Premier Foods, Marks & Spencer, Net-a-Porter, Cambridge University, Talk Talk and CGG Veritas. Case studies online!

EcoCooling internal and external ranges Industrial Cooling: Provides 35kW of cooling for only 1.5kW of electricty. 14,000m3/hr of cool air for less than 12p per hour. ROI in under 3 years. Data Centre Cooling: Acheive PUEs lower than 1.1 with ASHRAE compliant conditions. ROI in under 1 year. New CloudCooler© range of internal Plug & Play, rapid deployment High Performance Computing (HPC) equipment coolers. Large UK wide network of installers ready to quote on a solution to fit your needs. | T: 01284 810586 |

March 2019

Depalletising made easy Sensor package simplifies unstacking task Stacking a pallet with your own product is one thing, but the reverse is not so simple. At least not until ifm electronic produced the app with their 3D sensor that does all the hard work. As long as the packages on the pallet are all the same, they can be detected by ifm’s remarkable 3D sensor, which gauges their size and position, telling the robot exactly where to pick the next one.

Automated depalletising systems provide a clear increase in performance; it is quicker and more ergonomic than leaving it up to the operator.

Besides the data for robot control, the Ethernet process interface provides information for the material and warehouse management software.

The 3D sensor detects displaced loads and compensates for incorrect positioning with the depalletising system. Position indication allows fully automated depalletising of complete layers or individual packages, independent of the palletising pattern. The camera will also detect slipsheets between layers.

The ifm system automatically calibrates of robot and camera coordinates, so setting it up is also easy to do.


For further information, contact Samantha Bromley, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000 . E-mail –


Your route to Industry 4.0 More data = more control Smart sensors from ifm electronic use IO-Link





years if m pr od


• • • •

Easy parameter setting, monitoring and diagnostics from sensor level to the cloud Process data without conversion losses Easy troubleshooting and prevention of tampering IO-Link still allows connection of standard binary sensors and actuators All with standard wiring, just more data, more control ifm Telephone (020) 8213 1111

March 2019

Rupture discs: your most important safety device Rupture or bursting discs, a non-reclosing, fail safe device. Probably the most misunderstood and least appreciated safety device used in systems where pressure or vacuum are present and where excess pressures or vacuum may need to be controlled and relieved when conditions exceed the safe design parameters. The first discs were very simple flat pieces of metal, weakened to open, sometimes with very little accuracy or predictability, at a supposedly fixed pressure. Over the years the technology employed in controlling pressures in the various types of oil, gas, petrochemical and other downstream industries has improved and developed to high levels of safety, mostly through the use of electronics and pneumatics to maintain a safe working pressure regime in the various plants. In addition, the development of safety valves has also moved forward, again raising the safety level to one where many design and plant personnel lost sight of the most important safety device in the plant, the rupture disc. Today operators and end users have been lulled into a false sense of security that the design engineers and system process/instrumentation designers have covered all the possibilities with sophisticated control and monitoring systems, nothing can go wrong so why do we need a rupture disc? There are many reasons why we need rupture discs these include: •

Fast opening times, typically < 2ms, reacts to sudden pressure rises far faster than any valve

Full bore opening, unlike safety valves where the orifice restricts the flow

100% isolation of process fluids, no leaks until the disc opens

Isolate safety valves from corrosive process media when


installed upstream of the safety valve, can also be used downstream to protect the outlet •

Prevents rogue emissions, blockage of the safety valve and can be used to pop test the safety valve in-situ

The same false thinking and a lack of understanding of rupture discs has led over many years to the wrong belief that rupture discs are a problem because they open and then have to be changed. The whole point of a properly designed rupture disc is that it will ONLY open when the design pressure and temperature are reached or exceeded. A rupture disc and its holder are your most important safety device, as long as it has been specified correctly in the design stage. It is failsafe, whatever else goes wrong a properly designed and engineered disc

opens at its set pressure. Electronics, pneumatic and mechanical devices can fail, human error can cause operational errors in the pressure system, the rupture disc still opens, your best device to protect your plant. ITELSTORY REMBE has invested in technology advances in rupture disc design using laser technology and advanced engineering to produce the most reliable and cost effective rupture discs available. It does not stop there, REMBE is 100% German and from our headquarters and manufacturing plant in Brilon, Germany REMBE continues with our in-house R&D to push the engineered rupture discs and associated technologies further forward. Copyright: REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control

March 2019

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March 2019

Power supply for harsh environments For reliable, heavy duty power supply in extremely harsh environments, choose the Emparro HD from Murrelektronik’s Emparro family. Whether your control cabinet deals with extreme temperatures or is exposed to the natural elements, the Emparro HD will continue to perform to the highest standard. In this article, Wendy McManus spoke to Murrelektronik to learn about the main advantages of the Emparro HD industrial power supply unit and how it can benefit your application. Advantages of the Emparro HD industrial power supply unit Murrelektronik understand that the elements can be unpredictable. A power supply unit that is located in an extreme environment must be able to function highly through these challenges. Their products are designed to exceed all expectations when it comes to delivering power. Operating between a wide temperature range of −40 to 80 °C, it is suitable for an extensive array of industries.

Vibration, shock and overvoltage protection Do you require a PSU that has high vibration and shock resistance? The Emparro HD is a heavy-duty power supply unit that meets these requirements easily, whilst guaranteeing power to your application. Not only is the Emparro HD shock and vibration resistant, but it also features maximum overvoltage resistance. This protects your power supply, for example, if a lightning strike causes a voltage peak.

Emparro HD with minimum power loss The Emparro HD power supply unit reduces operating costs through minimising power loss. As a result, it achieves a 95% efficiency rating. The Emparro HD’s low operating temperature also results in the long life cycle of the unit. A smaller control cabinet can be used because the low operating temperature eliminates the danger of heat building up within a smaller cabinet. This all contributes to the impressive efficiency rating of the Emparro HD.


This heavy-duty power supply unit also has an essential power boost element. For example, for higher loads up to 50% more power can be supplied. No support from a second device is needed.

Industrial power supply unit Preventing unnecessary and unpredictable downtime is essential in every application. The Emparro HD industrial power supply unit has a high MTBF value, which ensures its longevity. This PSU also comes with clear signalling in the event of short-circuiting, overheating and overvoltage.

What applications require a heavy duty power supply unit? Many applications require an industrial power supply unit in their control cabinet that is capable of withstanding exposure to external influences. The Emparro HD is able to achieve the highest levels of functionality for applications such as on construction cranes and spreaders. For more information about the Emparro HD or to discuss your application in more detail, contact Murrelektronik today. Visit the online shop for full technical details Tel: 0161 728 3133

Completely compatible!

Power Supply Systems

Reliable energy supply for machines and systems

by Murrelektronik

Transformers, effective filters, powerful switch-mode power supplies, reliable buffer modules and innovative current monitoring systems create a completely compatible power supply system.

March 2019

Introducing New Generation of Portable Dewpoint Hygrometers for the Measurement of Moisture Content (Dewpoint) in Gases

SADPmini2 and SADPmini2-Ex are the latest Portable Dewpoint Hygrometers to be added to our trusted range of dewpoint hygrometers. Fully designed, built and calibrated by our expert engineers at Alpha Moisture Systems, the instruments are supplied directly from our base in the UK. Our portable dewpoint hygrometers have been the first choice for those who expect a rugged and quality instrument, whilst offering long term reliability, accuracy & repeatability. The SADPmini2 is for general purpose use and the SADPmini2-Ex is ATEX, IECEx & cULus certified for use in hazardous areas. Designed specifically to measure the moisture content of most gases and dry compressed air, the SADPmini2 incorporates the Dry-Down desiccant chamber allowing for spot


checks on sample gas with results within minutes. The instrument also features datalogging, which can easily be downloaded to a pc, printed wirelessly on a dedicated printer via Bluetooth or viewed on a smartphone via APP. Other notable features of the SADPmini2 & SADPmini2-Ex are: AUTOCAL function, which ensures optimum accuracy between laboratory calibrations; rechargeable batteries offering in excess of 150 hours continuous operation on a single charge; simple to use, incorporating easy navigation & intuitive control panel; user selectable choice of 10 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean; ergonomically designed robust & rugged construction; full colour graphical display

capable of displaying two readings of different units simultaneously, or of a calculated pressure dewpoint; “print screen� feature for instantaneous capture of process result for subsequent downloading to pc, or printing wirelessly on a dedicated Bluetooth printer.

Each instrument comes ready to use and with a certificate of calibration traceable to National Physical Laboratory, UK. +44 (0)1274 733 100 &


Mobile commissioning and maintenance interface for field devices Single interface for the major process automation protocols: HART / Foundation fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA Ideal for handheld host devices with battery powered Bluetooth operation Compatible with FDT Frame Applications Approved for use in hazardous areas PRO


















024 7669 2066

March 2019

Thermal Imaging Solution for “FurnaceSpection” Applications Special filters allow for accurate temperature measurement in high temperature furnaces monitor flame condition, thereby reducing the production of NOX pollution, resulting in less environmental impact, whilst maximizing the lifetime of the furnace. At a cost of several thousands of dollars per furnace and re-tubing costs in the millions, a significant amount of capital can be lost, if a furnace failure goes unnoticed or if the refractory linings are retired too early or too late.

LumaSense short-wave thermal imaging camera MCS640

Thermal Image of a furnace with temperature points documented with LumaSpec RT software


his FurnaceSpection™ thermal imaging system by LumaSense Technologies is designed and developed for continuous temperature measurement inside high temperature furnaces in refining, metals, and glass production.

The FurnaceSpection™ system provides users with a realtime tool for quickly and accurately identifying process abnormalities before they develop into problems that can lead to unplanned outages. This radiometrically calibrated imager accurately measures the temperature of product, refractory, and heat transfer surfaces inside natural gas fired furnaces. The new generation of this high-grade imaging system is equipped with a special borescope optics, which enables monitoring of the temperature distribution inside e.g. melting furnaces through the furnace wall. By utilizing high quality optics, a resolution of more than 300,000 pixels can be achieved, and the borescope lens system is available in a number of different lengths to suit virtually any application and need. FurnaceSpection™ helps operators monitor and control process temperature uniformity through streaming images documented by a powerful software for analysis and historical trending, outputs to automation and DCS, and a real-time web server to broadcast images on the plant’s local network. The radiometrically calibrated imager accurately measures the temperature of product and refractory, inside natural gas fired furnaces. The user is also able to


With the addition of special spectral filters the negative influences caused by burner firing can be avoided. Alternatively, a different setup of the camera with another spectral filter can be implemented, whereby the flame image is visible.

Dedicated Market Applications For glass melting tanks, this is a critical tool to ensure that refectories remain intact and that the melting process is working at its optimum efficiency. For petrochemical reformers, this is a critical tool to ensure tubes perform optimally for their longest possible life cycle. In metal annealing applications, FurnaceSpection™ cameras have allowed users to significantly reduce cycle times while at the same time improving quality and process repeatability. LumaSense Technologies has been developing industrial grade thermal imaging solutions for over 20 years, and have deployed custom systems around the globe to monitor critical processes and assets in power generation, refineries, steel, paper, and glass plants. CONTACT: LumaSense Technologies GmbH -An Advanced energy

March 2019

CLEVER LEVEL SWITCH HELPS THE BREWING PROCESS Whilst many people would probably be familiar with the Carlsberg advertising slogan from earlier days they may not appreciate the history and scale of today’s Carlsberg brewing operation. Founded in 1847 it is now the fourth largest brewery in the world producing 2.2 million hectolitres of beer annually, employing around 45,000 staff worldwide and selling around 120 million beers globally every day. Sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER have been supplying Carlsberg with instrumentation for more than 10 years, initially for the beer production lines in their plant near Copenhagen and more recently to a new production and distribution centre in Frederica. Yeast is an essential ingredient of the brewing fermentation process where it is used to convert the glucose in the wort to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas, giving the beer its alcohol content and its carbonation. However, yeast foam can be a problem in terms of accurate and reliable level measurement and this is where Baumer have helped Carlsberg to solve a problem with yeast residues occurring within the fermentation process thanks to their CleverLevel switch. When fermentation is nearly complete (a process taking around 4 to 6 days) most of the yeast will settle to the bottom of the fermentation tank. It is then removed and reused for several fermentation processes before finally being stored in an excess yeast tank and sold off as animal feed. In this final stage of filling the excess tanks Carlsberg experienced overflow problems due to the heavy build-up of foam which was preventing triggering of the traditional level vibrating forks installed in the tanks. The solution provided by Baumer was the Cleverlevel switch for detecting the filling level in the yeast tanks. It utilises frequency sweep technology and is a universal level switch for all types of media. The CleverLevel device technology is effective regardless of whether the


media is wet, dry, sticky, or in this case is foam - as opposed to a traditional fork device which simply cannot recognise the condition of the media. Lone Højbjerg Petersen, Maintenance Coordinator at Carlsberg said, “The CleverLevel switch has solved the problems we were experiencing with overflow in the excess tanks due to its unique and easy configuration options. We are now considering using the switch in our CIP (Clean-In-Place) caustic tanks, where we experience similar issues with foam and overflow”. The change from using traditional level fork devices to the CleverLevel switch has completely eliminated the problem of overflow in the excess tanks with the added benefits of a more environmentally friendly solution. There has also been a cost-saving benefit to Carlsberg due to process optimisation and reduced maintenance. The Baumer CleverLevel switch is maintenance-free due to the minimal installation depth of 15mm and the self-

draining sensor tip. It also approved to both 3A and EHEDG standards and can be configured visually and easily via the dedicated software and the FlexProgrammer. The switching range can be adjusted as required to ignore foams during maximum or minimum monitoring. This function can also be used when the level switch is supposed to ignore adhesive substances, for example in tanks with liquid chocolate even when the tank is empty and the sensor and tank wall are covered with chocolate. ENDS Further details available at: Tel: +44 1793 783839 email: Contact: Jon Sumner, Baumer Ltd. 33 / 36 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Majors Road, Swindon, UK, SN6 8TZ

March 2019

AlphaGeo Partner with Stonex to Provide Specialist Survey Solutions for Civil Engineering Projects AlphaGeo is the sales brand of Geo-4D, providing equipment and software for survey applications, including professional fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones, sensors, survey equipment and software.


lphaGeo has partnered with Stonex to provide specialist survey solutions for multiple applications. Stonex has headquarters in Milan, Italy, and is the world leading company providing bespoke automated machine positioning and control, with over 80 qualified distributors worldwide. Using a combination of GNSS receivers, a control box and user-friendly software on a ruggedised tablet, STXSUITE solutions can be used to guide your work and implement automated workflows in line with your project requirements. Equipment can be easily integrated into third-party systems to improve productivity and efficiency.

Stonex Special Projects are solutions designed to facilitate field work in multiple sectors, including: • Piling on construction sites • Piling on solar farms • Construction excavator machine control • Installation of safety barriers • Installation of fence posts

• Installation of agricultural polytunnels • Agricultural planting • Marine rock placement • Marine dredging • Tunneling (using a robotic total station instead of GPS for positioning control)

Example Case Studies: STX-SUITE - Guard Rail

STX-SUITE - Solar Farm

GPS guidance system for solar farm pile installation

GPS guidance system for road safety barrier installation

Survey information is uploaded to the field tablet in advance of site operations, and the safety barrier stake positions are determined based on slope distance. On-site the operator manually drives the rig towards the stake location until the drill head is within 40cm. Stonex control is then enabled, which automatically controls the rig hydraulics to position the drill head within 1cm of the proposed stake location. The operator then places the stake in to the guide and the hydraulic hammer drives the stake in to the ground to the required height. The next pile position is then automatically selected.

The double GNSS receiver system installed on the pile driver machine enables orientation and guidance direction for the machine via the STX SUITE software. When within 40cm of the proposed position the Stonex control is enabled, which automatically positions the hydraulic hammer within 1cm of the proposed stake location, and the guiding elements turn green. A biaxial inclinometer ensures the vertical position of the mast during the driving process. ​AlphaGeo offers flexible, high-performance positioning systems to meet the unique requirements of land and marine projects, however complex.

For further details please call +44(0)1367 243 203, email or visit


March 2019


World-Class Certification of Products, People, Systems and Sites ExVeritas is a 'Queens Award' winning certification company with a proven track record of delivering word class product and QMS certification together with CompEx training and 'Ex' consultancy. visit or email us at 'EX' PRODUCT CERTIFICATION


ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body and 'Ex' Test Laboratory. UKAS ISO9001 issuer.

UK: +44(0)845 8622447

Turnkey 'Ex' including Area Classification, Risk Assessment, Inspections and remedial work.

SINGAPORE: +65 6815 3628





CompEx, Specialist 'Ex' and QMS training delivered by the most experienced practitioners.

USA: +1 8776374322

DENMARK +45 4223 1509

The Right Connection For Your Hygienic Process • Hose Assemblies • Fittings & Accessories • Ball & Butterfly Valves • Filters & Strainers

• Actuated Valves • Pumps • Bespoke Fabrication • Asset Management

Hose Assemblies certified to PED 2014/68/EU Module D1 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. (Notified Body 0038)

Contact us now on:

01772 323 529 Engineered Products

01772 323 529 • •

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March 2019

AN OVERVIEW OF mk’s PRODUCT PORTFOLIO FOR WORKING UNDER CLEANROOM CONDITIONS Working under cleanroom conditions has largely become the industry standard in the fields of electrical and medical technology as well as in the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries. Due to the increased use of microelectronics in the automotive sector and the resulting rise in demands for technical cleanliness, cleanrooms are also set to become more common throughout the automobile industry and its suppliers in the future. In a cleanroom environment, constructions such as machine frames, protective device guards, workstations or work platforms must meet the relevant requirements of the room’s cleanliness class. To meet these requirements, mk offers a comprehensive portfolio of cleanroom profiles and corresponding accessories.

Aluminium cleanroom profiles mk cleanroom profiles feature a smooth, flat surface that prevents dirt from accumulating. The typical mk edge radius of just 1 mm ensures smooth connections between profiles, with virtually no gaps or spaces. Thanks to its clean, smooth design, a construction made of cleanroom profiles has the added advantage of having a high-quality, attractive appearance. A range of profiles are available with one to four closed sides and rectangular cross sections of 40 x 40, 40 x 80, 80 x 80 and 50 x 50 mm, as well as two round profiles with a diameter of either 28 mm or 40 mm. Traditionally, the open system slot is one of the most important product features in aluminium profile technology. It gives engineers the necessary flexibility to construct an infinitely adjustable profile frame. In

cleanroom profiles this slot is closed, but it can be partially or fully opened if needed. The opened slot can then be used to attach connecting elements or to mount other attachments.

Connecting elements In order to ensure proper cleanroom-standard connections between profiles, a connection must be created with as few obstructing contours as possible. It must be easy to clean properly with no unnecessary edges or corners where particles might accumulate. The mk cleanroom fastener is the perfect component for this job. It is made of stainless steel and connects Series 40 cleanroom profile components cleanly without any twisting. Likewise, the tension plug with thrust part is also suitable for use in a cleanroom as it does not need to be inserted into the face of a profile.

Closure strips and end caps As an alternative to cleanroom profiles or as a retrofit solution, the system slot of a standard profile can also be sealed with closure strips. This also acts to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Plastic end caps are used to seal the face of a profile. The end cap is fastened to the profile simply by inserting it into the end, thus creating a clean closure and an attractive appearance.


Curved modular belt conveyor Efficiently handle any route

Wide variety of layouts with a single drive Compact overall width and a maximum usable width Lateral movement of conveyed products are possible

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

March 2019

Rittal’s Ri4Power Modular Busbar System Ideally Suited to Industrial Switchgear Application Rittal was approached to provide power distribution and motor control centre system for a replacement drives panel at a steel mill based in the North of England. The heavy-duty industrial switchgear system that drove the mill was no longer operationally effective. Its drives and controls were out of date, some of the drives were no longer working, and there had been a series of equipment failures over the years. The panel itself was located in a cellar below the rolling mills, which created a dusty, difficult and therefore challenging environment for highly sensitive electronic equipment. There were also size restrictions on the new panel imposed by the limited available space.

system fed via an air circuit breaker (ACB) while a standby busbar system fed critical loads.

Rittal liaised with the system’s principle designer and nominated Integrator, MAP Automation, and specified ABB’s drive systems and power components. The motor control centre system was based on Rittal’s Ri4Power electrical power distribution system and designed via Rittal’s Power Engineering planning software.

It was also clear that the new motor control centre had to accept the existing field cabling; an issue quickly resolved using Rittal’s maxi PLS which provided an easy connection to these large, incoming cables.

Ri4Power is ideally suited for this type of application. It supports reliable, low-voltage, switchgear systems for machines, plant, and buildings and has been subject to stringent testing under the most demanding conditions which has demonstrated its suitability to support the needs of industrial switchgear. Its welded modular design means power can be split at specified points, for ease of installation. Meanwhile, the Power Engineering software provides teams with comprehensive support in planning and verifying standardised Ri4Power switchgear, as required by IEC 61439-1/-2 standard.

The standby Busbar system (RiLine60) was fitted on a double mounting plate system located behind the variable speed drive sections. Shrouding was provided to prevent indirect contact if the rear steel covers were removed. The ACB was fitted using a new busbar supporting kit to deliver a quick solution which complies with switchgear standards.

In addition, Rittal’s energy-saving LED panel lights were specified to make future installation projects and on-going maintenance easy for users and operators. These fast-fit lights include plug-in power leads as standard and are easily controlled through a door switch. The installation had to be carried out within a limited timescale and during the mill’s shutdown period, but was built and delivered on time. Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.

Unusually, the steel mill’s new panel required a double busbar systems, for built-in redundancy. The main horizontal busbar

IMAGE: MAPScunRearBusBar_0989 v2

Power distribution from the smallest to the largest. ENCLOSURES



March 2019



March 2018

Comau further strengthens its position in the German Automotive sector, obtaining the VDA 6.4 Quality Certification Comau confirms its commitment to the adoption of a Quality Management System conforming to the best international standards with the acquisition of the VDA 6.4 Certification for its Automation Systems division in Italy, Germany and Romania. The VDA 6.4 Certification - an extension of the ISO 9001 Standard for the Automotive Sector - attests to Comau’s compliance with the quality standards required by German car manufacturers to production technology suppliers. This qualification confirms Comau’s leadership position globally and further underpins the commitment to all of our Customers and Suppliers within the EMEA region and Germany, in particular. “The implementation of the VDA 6.4 proves Comau’s willingness in investing to achieve the highest quality standards, with the goal to always meet its customers’ expectations,” said Melchiorre Salvo, Comau Head of Quality. “The certification obtained is part of a global strategy that puts quality and sustainability at the center of our company’s production processes.” In addition to increasing the operational efficiency and quality of its products, Comau’s compliance with the requirements of the VDA 6.4 certification allows it to optimize its workflow, further improving the overall productivity of the company.


In line with the quality mission and quality policy that distinguish Comau’s business globally, the new VDA 6.4 Certification enriches the company’s Management Systems, which complies with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, dedicated to environment, safety and energy respectively.

March 2019

Prior Scientific is proud to announce the release of its new PureFocus 850 a revolutionary autofocus for biological and industrial imaging. The PureFocus 850 is a fast, precise and accurate focusing system that has been design to fit both upright and inverted microscopes using infinity corrected optics. The PureFocus 850 is able to precisely and consistently focus on your samples when the other systems fall short.

The PureFocus 850

The Ultimate in High Speed Microscope Auto Focus Easy to use and quick to set up the PureFocus 850 will provide the end user with a real time focus for a range of sample types. This then saves the user time hunting around for focus and keeping focus on the sample, so it doesn’t drift. It is the only system to reliably focus on slides, well plates, chamber slides and Petri dishes while maintaining clear images for long term studies. Product Manager Robert Haggart says “The PureFocus 850 will be revolutionary in the market and make a difference to users working processes”. The PureFocus 850 also works on samples with reflective surfaces including metallurgical, semiconductors, LCD’s and other samples with multiple reflective layers. It is also the ideal system for high speed slide scanning.

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A stand-alone system with no PC required during operation of the device, it is fully controllable via keyboard option, and further optional PC control can be made via USB. All of Prior’s existing products are fully compatible with the PureFocus 850 allowing you to create your fully automated multi axis system. The system has an option of using the PureFocus control pad with digipot, display and buttons allowing all basic functionality without the need for a host PC.

ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGES Accurate and Reliable Measurements Through-Coatings up to 20mm Thick

CYGNUS 4+ GENERAL PURPOSE 3 measuring modes to suit a wide variety of material testing applications and extreme corrosion Truly simple to use with an intuitive menu in a large bright colour LCD screen Sequential data logging for easy reporting A-scan display helps verify measurements MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator) signals stable readings.

CYGNUS 2+ HANDS FREE Also features 3 measuring modes for use in various applications and corrosion levels Equipped with an end-mounted rotatable display to suit climbing and rope access operations.

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Protecting your innovations Why patent data is vital for engineers, manufacturing firms & industry as a whole. All inventions start with an idea, but not every idea will result in an invention or product. How do you decide which ideas to take forward, which ideas are novel, or which ideas your competition are taking to the next step? Patent data is often the only source for the key ideas that go on to shape and create industries and technology areas, as many processes and inventions described in patent literature are not disclosed elsewhere. Much has been written on the importance of monitoring the Intellectual Property (IP) space, protecting your own assets & property, and avoiding falling into the trap of infringing upon the IP of others. Even if potential infringement is detected before a product comes to market, it can cost a company hundreds of thousands in lost productivity when projects and products are scrapped due to competitor patents being found too late in the development progress. Increasingly, organisations are using patent data for detecting threats and freedoms, to answer questions like: Where can you find an expert to walk your team through new processes for your industry? Is it cost-effective to develop, produce and market a new invention yourself, or would there be others within your space that you might sell or rent the rights to? Which companies might benefit from an evolutionary or revolutionary improvement in an established production method? IP data continues to be used by multiple roles across innovation-driven businesses to reduce R&D time and costs, informing researchers of avenues that are closed for

investigation due to existing competitor IP, providing detailed technical information for comparison and contrast to in-house alternatives. Tools such as PatBase’s Analytics engine enable users tobetter (and more easily!) visualise and explore the technology landscape of their subject area. With over 70% of the world’s scientific knowledge disclosed within the sea of patent data, arming your R&D team with the tools and information required to accurately target your development budget can reduce waste by avoiding redundant work. PatBase, co-developed by Minesoft and RWS, uses a family structure which collates all the information and publications for a single invention into one place, to reduce duplication of results and work. When viewing results, schematics, technical drawings and included charts or graphs are viewable directly from the record, with mosaic images drawn from all publications associated with a family accessible from a single page. If you are a multi-national corporation, an SME or an academic institution, patent data can be used to inform business decisions, guide R&D strategy and identify talented recruitment pools for future projects. With data drawn from 105 countries or patenting authorities around the world including nonLatin data, PatBase provides access to one of the most comprehensive and high-quality collections of patent data in the industry. Whether you have a practical problem to solve, valuable IP you wish to protect, or a competitor you want to monitor, Minesoft’s web-based patent solutions have you covered.

Don’t miss the obvious...


...or the obscured Ê


Avoid infringement and parallel development Monitor market trends and key competitors Identify potential business partners and licensing opportunities with Minesoft’s web-based patent solutions

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March 2019

Revolutionary Solution from VERLINDE to Modernize Main GLAVKINO Tv and Film Studio. Providing customers using film set pavilions with convenient system of equipment suspension is one of the main tasks during film and television shooting. GLAVKINO complex chose solution from Sofit Light, purchasing 224 STAGEMAKER SR5 hoists. Layout of GLAVKINO complex pavilions GLAVKINO film and television complex was founded in 2008. Today it has nine equipped film studios with a total area of 21,000 m2. It is here that the shows are filmed, such as “You are Super”, “Where is the Logic”, other programs for TNT and other popular channels. Pavilions of the complex are also involved in filming of big cinema and popular television series. Even a year ago, to accommodate lighting equipment and scenery in the shooting pavilions, customers had to invite climbers, lay lines and solve other tasks of working at high altitude with the risk to their lives. It took time and money. Management of the complex faced with the need to extensively modernize “stuffing” of the pavilions. The main goal was to develop a system of independent suspensions which would reduce time required for installation and ease the task of preparing pavilions for filming. Sofit Light project became the ultimate solution. “We had a goal to provide our customers with the opportunity to use an automated suspension, since we have very high ceilings, not everyone has access to them, but this is necessary for work,” said Vlad Mazurov, head of the directorate for customers operations. “Sofit Light managed to submit such a project proposal that we were satisfied with, then to develop the project in full scope, and to successfully implement it.” “For our company, this is the largest sale of hoists to such a significant customer as GLAVKINO. We offered STAGEMAKER hoists of new generation to the management and technical specialists”, says Arkady Shakhidzhanov, Director of SOFIT LITE. “The feasibility of introducing innovation from VERLINDE has been estimated for several months. Considering all the advantages, specifications, and price/quality ratio, preference was given to our proposal.” Sofit Light specializes in complex equipping of facilities (theatrical/entertaining) of culture, sport, leisure, and business with light, sound, stage, and low-current equipment. The company has its own design office and production base. It provides equipment supply, installation supervision, training, warranty and post warranty service. Since 2011,


Sofit Light become of VERLINDE, and equipment in its projects.

the official distributor actively uses STAGEMAKER

VERLINDE is a leading manufacturer of lifting and transport equipment. The plant of the company was founded in France in 1858. In 1975, after the launch of the first electric lift STAGEMAKER Litachain L104, VERLINDE successfully entered the market of professional equipment for the show industry and became the world leader in the production of electric chain hoists and lifting mechanisms for the stage. STAGEMAKER electric chain hoists are designed to work with stage and theater equipment, providing accurate load positioning, smooth and silent lifting. VERLINDE annually provides maintenance training of STAGEMAKER hoists for dealers. Employees of Sofit Light are officially certified by VERLINDE and will provide after-sales service of STAGEMAKER hoists for GLAVKINO. It is clear that such a scope of purchased equipment requires high-quality maintenance, and availability of service is very important part of equipment and after-sales support complex for GLAVKINO. Denis Chuvilkin, head of the hardware complex in GLAVKINO: “After collecting feedback from companies that have been using STAGEMAKER hoists for many years, we took into account a large number of positive recommendations. STAGEMAKER hoists, indeed, justified our choice: besides the laconic design and reliable uninterrupted operation, we were surprised by hoist motor soft working – low noise during filming is very important.” Installation took place in difficult conditions – equipment had to be located in pavilions occupied for shooting, that could not be cleared. In some pavilions we had to work only during intervals between shooting, and all the scenery remained in place, while climbers worked atop. According to the installation diagram, hoists were mounted together with trusses. It is possible to strengthen the structure if necessary, for this part of the hoists are stored in the warehouse. Full installation took 4 months, during this time about a thousand meters of trusses and 216 hoists were mounted. Load capacity of STAGEMAKER SR5 model is 500 kg, and for this project was used D8 version with double brake. Read the full article here

March 2019

Assembly & Screw Applications A large component of product assembly involves some threaded parts that need to be accurately screwed together in a process that is repeatable every time. With closed-loop servo control and force and torque sensing throughout, very repeatable and high quality assembly can be achieved. Any poor thread, misalignment or out of tolerance parts can be detected early in the process. It could either be attempted again for example with another screw or cap or rejected before wasting any more time on the assembly.

This requires a form of “Intelligent Screwdriver” with position, force and torque feedback in both linear and rotary axes. It also needs to be accomplished at high-speed and act as a sensitive feedback device that can reject any faulty thread or assembly to maintain high quality control. As a leader in the development of high performance linear motors, LinMot have in the last few years pioneered combined Linear and Rotary motors. These provide independently controlled linear and rotary motions on one shaft with great advantages for Screwing and Assembly applications. The growing PR01 and PR02 Linear Rotary family of motors now offer extra features such as torque sensing

and force measurement. These can be used in combination with linear and rotary position and velocity measurement for detecting all of the conditions show in the diagram. There are many types of screw assembly such as attaching cartridge caps, checking and pre-assembly of threads and locating and tighten of screws. The process in each case are similar but with differences that need to be catered for. A typical procedure involves: • • • • •

Finding the screw/cap Finding the engagement points or slot Screwing to a position or torque Checking the force and torque during assembly Retracting back ready for the next cycle

This level of continuous monitoring of both linear and rotary axes is a huge step up in control and quality from using more conventional clutch and pneumatic methods combined with simpler motor control. As the Linear /Rotary motor is fully programmable, the parameters can be changed on-the-fly so that the same assembly station can carry out different operations and provide feedback on each one. A great advantage with LinMot products is that most of the main PLC networks are available on the drives such as EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink and many others. This allows this flexibility of control and information feedback to be integrated into almost any control system very easily. For more information, please contact Quin Systems, the UK LinMot distributor on 0118 977 1077 or Website:


March 2019

How to Avoid Residual Solvent When Drying HPLC Fractions


riven by the requirement for completely dry samples, pharmaceutical compound handling groups are increasingly using SP Scientific’s Genevac LyoSpeed™, a hybrid process combining conventional centrifugal evaporation and lyophilization, as their preferred method for drying HPLC reverse-phase solvent fractions. Using LyoSpeed™ technology on Genevac EZ-2 Elite and Series 3 HT evaporators, HPLC fractions can be automatically concentrated to a few milliliters, then frozen and rapidly lyophilized to produce a diffuse dry powder, which can easily be redissolved or weighed out. Traditional concentration of reverse-phase HPLC fractions to dryness in a Genevac evaporator is a fast and safe process. However, for certain compounds a fully dried result can be hard to achieve due to compound interactions with water, resulting in formation of a gum or oil. Such samples, which are not completely dry, are of little use in biological assays since accurate weights cannot be obtained. The application of LyoSpeed™ technology produces, with most samples, a dry powder rather than the traditional thin film, making downstream processing far easier since compounds can be more easily removed from the evaporation vessel. The resultant dry powder is not excessively fluffy as would be obtained from conventional freeze-drying. This avoids the problems associated with static formation, particularly when trying to weigh out such compounds, and also helps prevent the possibility of airborne contamination, especially important if the compound happens to be harmful or even toxic. For further information please visit or contact Genevac now on +44-1473-240000 Produced in Ipswich, UK, SP Scientific offers a comprehensive portfolio of Genevac evaporators and concentrators to suit almost any solvent removal application, purchasing budget or productivity requirement. SP Scientific is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, freeze drying / lyophilization, temperature control/thermal management, glassware washers, controlled environments, vial washing and tray loading machines. The company sells its products under well-known brands including Genevac, VirTis, Hull, FTS Systems, Hotpack and PennTech. SP Scientific has ISO 9001:2015 registered production facilities in Europe and USA.


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EXPERT FOR micro-automation solutions

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Models PR-12A C PR-12D -R-N C-DA-R PR-18A -N C PR-18D -R-N C PR-18D -DAI-R-N C-DAITN-N

Control. Anytime. Anywhere. The ability to receive or send the necessary data at any time, regardless of its location, provides ample opportunities. Popularity IoT using cloud services and innovative protocols such as MQTT, is increasingly gaining momentum in the IT-industry and implemented in the automation of processes as well.



Push Button

Limit Switch








Motor Drive Linear






The new IIoT Remote PLCs have the ability to aggregate data and send it to any suitable Cloud service using MQTT. MQTT is a lightweight, Pub/Sub messaging protocol typically used to connect hardware to the Cloud. No more need for intermediate Gateway devices!

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March 2019

IMfinity® high reliability induction motor range from Leroy-Somer Over a power range up to 1500 kW, IMfinity® is the latest generation AC motor developed by Leroy-Somer to offer the highest standards to satisfy customer expectation.

Designed to deliver high reliability in all installed applications, the IMfinity® range combines tried-and-tested induction motor technology with Leroy-Somer’s recognised drive systems expertise. Extremely robust, the motors are fitted with a latest generation frame housing using cast iron or steel flanges for drive-end and non drive-end bearings. In addition, they feature an advanced mechanical and electrical design such as magnetic core optimization, high grade components, high quality machining and winding process, increasing their life duration. The IMfinity® range represents a truly global drive solution: motors have been developed to guarantee efficiency levels for the main voltages and frequencies covering at least 80% of power supplies throughout the world, while complying with existing energy regulations. Energy efficient, their high-efficiency level at fixed speed - premium IE3 and


even super premium IE4 - makes it possible to achieve significant electricity savings. However, the range is perfectly suited for a use in variable speed, allowing further immediate operating profits, such as up to 50% energy savings (depending on the application and operating conditions) or increased productivity as a result of improving the process and reducing machine downtime. IMfinity® motors benefit from the Express Availability service, the Leroy-Somer global logistic organization offering very short lead times on many combinations. This means most standard models from the IMfinity® range of motors can be shipped within one day, while a wide variety of motors with multiple options for a perfect adaptation are available in 2 or 10 working days. Furthermore, the motors are suitable for the Leroy-Somer geared motors with various technologies: worm and

wheel, helical, bevel geared motors, inline or parallel output. They can also be combined with all variable speed drives in the Leroy-Somer range, including the new integrated Commander ID300 drive, offering a simple, effective, innovative and technological solution. At last, the association with the FFB brake motor provides a drive solution with a high level of safety and reliability. Whatever the required version (aluminium, cast iron, IP55, IP23, ATEX, liquid- or air-cooled, high-speed) the IMfinity range covers the majority of application and industry needs and thus meet most industrial demands for standard or special environments.

March 2019

Take control of emissions on site:

Casella Guardian2 with VOC monitoring Land pollution can be a major problem in the UK. Heavy industrial production was once a driving force for our nation’s economy and now many sites pose a major hazard for new construction operations1. In 2005, the Environment Agency estimated that up to 325,000 sites might be polluted because of former uses2 - a huge clean-up conundrum. The remediation of contaminated land sites can prove to be a challenging undertaking, however, effective boundary monitoring solutions can help to mitigate any environmental issues during construction by effective measurement of toxic compound exposure. Casella demonstrates its commitment to reducing environmental risks with the new Guardian2 site boundary monitor, designed to help site management remain compliant with emission levels, using remote monitoring and reporting of noise, dust and vibration levels, and now includes monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The innovative Guardian2 is equipped with a photoionization detector (PID) and measures for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) up to 6,000 ppm (parts per million), assessing the emission to any prescribed limits. VOCs are organic chemicals known for their potentially harmful properties that can be emitted from the top soil of polluted land. The levels need to assessed and continually monitored to ensure the site is safe for operation, and to safeguard people’s health in the surrounding area. Not only is exposure to VOCs harmful to the environment, but can lead to lasting health implications3. Site managers can rest assured as the Guardian2 system produces text or email alerts when limits are exceeded. The Guardian2 is a small, lightweight solution that is easy to transport and handle so its plug and play installation is simple and cost effective. The bespoke mHUB combines data-logging and telemetry capabilities, maximising data integrity and availability. Reporting is made easy with the Guardian2; a manual or automated report can be readily produced for site dust or noise compliance purposes and sent to multiple users. Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational health and environmental risks, and supporting businesses in solving their monitoring and analysis needs. For more information about the Casella Guardian2 visit, 1 2


March 2019

Schützinger Quick Release Terminals now available from JPR Electronics Specialist distributors JPR Electronics offers a wide range of quick-release terminals manufactured by market leading connector manufacturer Schützinger. Since the launch of their first quickrelease terminal an entire product family has emerged and successfully established itself in the market. Quickrelease terminals provide the ideal connection in any situation where a safe and rapid connection must be created quickly between a conductor or cable and another device. Typical applications for quick release terminals include instrumentation, burn-in, test and repair bays or any test applications in which cables, conductors or electrical devices need to undergo functional testing. Wires are connected to the terminals by pressing on the head of the terminal post and inserting them between the connection jaws where the strong internal compression spring guarantees good contact. Versions are available with 2 apertures as well as shock-proof versions for applications operating above protective low


In addition to the wide range of standard quick release terminals JPR can supply customised Schützinger products. Custom options include reduction of the spring force for frequent use with low electrical load, increased spring force for higher electrical loads, additional colours and colour combinations for casing and button, customised connection types and alternative typeface or customer logo. Other Schützinger products available from JPR include a wide range of 2mm and 4mm terminal posts, safety sockets and plugs including stackable variants, standard Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, and safety crocodile clips, packaged comments, “Schützinger quick release 2mm and 4mm test lead sets and a terminals are particularly suitable comprehensive multimeter test lead for quick connection and testing of and probe kit. electronic products and electrical appliances as they come off the end of For more information call +44 (0)1582 47 00 00, email production lines. They can be used for or visit both functional testing and burn-in if required.” voltage levels. Quick release Kelvin four-wire terminals are also available allowing measurements to be made without errors caused by transition resistance of the measuring leads and any thermovoltages. Schützinger quick release terminals are rated from 5A to 16A can accommodate panel thicknesses from 0.8 to 7mm and are available with options of termination safety shield and 4mm plug connection for converting existing terminals to quick release. Standard colours are blue, green, yellow, grey, brown, white, purple and green-yellow.

March 2019

NEW CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR ROBOTIC WELDING Motion Control and Robotics specialists YASKAWA’s expansion and investment program continues apace with the opening of a new centre for Robotic Welding, Milling and Material Handling Applications in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. The Yaskawa Northern Technology Centre represents a significant investment in excess of £250K and will enable Yaskawa to showcase solutions for welding, cutting and palletising applications. The new centre will feature the latest robotic arc and spot welding applications using the full range of Yaskawa Motoman robots, positioners, power sources, weld controls and turnkey solution cell systems. It will enable Yaskawa’s customers to conduct customer demonstrations and trials on their products as well as customer product training for online and offline programming. Yaskawa Motoman’s ArcWorld robotic welding systems are pre-engineered, pre-assembled and shipped ready to weld, delivering the most flexible and cost-effective options to integrate robotics into welding processes. ArcWorlds can be configured with

multiple robots, a heavy-duty positioner or servo-controlled external axes for coordinated motion control. SpotWorld® is a complete work cell with robot, process equipment, part positioner and safeguarding package which leverages Yaskawa Motoman’s MS-series robots and welding positioners to pattern work cells. This, combined with Yaskawa’s popular ArcWorld® product line and servocontrolled spot guns with Direct Current (DC) spot timers, ensures optimum synchronisation and improved quality and reduced cycle times. ENDS Commenting on the new Northern Technology Centre, UK Sales &

Marketing Manager Jonny Grey said, “Yaskawa Motoman offers manufacturers a wide range of robotic solutions for today’s (and for future) welding, milling and materials handling applications. Our investment in the new Northern Technology Centre is another example of how we are bringing these benefits to as many of our UK customers as possible”. ENDS More details at: Contact: Jonny Grey, UK Sales & Marketing Manager, Motoman YASKAWA. Tel: +44 (0) 1295 272755



March 2019

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Improve Safety & Climate Conditions in Cold Stores Ice, frost and fog in cold storage can create slippery, dangerous conditions. Munters IceDry® is a specially designed desiccant dehumidifier that targets moisture in manufacturing facilities, cold stores and process freezers to: • Reduce & prevent ice, frost and fog build up on floors, walls and ceilings • Lower maintenance costs • Improve safety for staff & forklifts • Increase productivity • Improve evaporator efficiency

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