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March 2018

Temperature Sensors from

Labfacility buy online www.labfacility.com

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March 2018

Interview with Ann Wa Chief Executive, Sem Engineering Update’s Tim Johnston interviews Semta’s Chief executive Ann



March 2018



atson, mta Watson


It’s lovely to catch up with you, Ann. A lot has happened since we last spoke in 2017! We saw a very strong end to the UK manufacturing industry last year. I can scarcely believe that it’s been a year since the last time you interviewed me! It’s been an eventful year, to say the least, and this year promises to be even more eventful than 2017 as it’s the Year of Engineering. When I spoke to you last year, I said we needed to get the good news stories about UK engineering out there – well, we’ve got a fantastic opportunity to do that now. We need to take the momentum generated by the strength of the sector and use it to show people just what a good opportunity a career in engineering offers. I have seen some of Semta’s superb work on the apprenticeship side already in 2018. What have you got in store for the year ahead? Apprenticeships will, of course, be a key focus for us in 2018 – they’re such an important way for engineering employers to bring new talent into the sector, and increasingly also to upskill existing workers with the new skills they need. We’re working hard to get the message out there to employers of all sizes – our new Organisational Needs Analysis tool is an easy first step for them to take to fully understand their skills needs and how they can be met. We’re also here to help employers when it comes to the apprenticeship levy, whether it’s understanding how the funding system operates or whether it’s finding the right apprenticeship framework or standard to fit their needs. You’ve mentioned the Year of Engineering campaign, which sounds like a great opportunity for the sector. What’s Semta’s role in the campaign and how will you be celebrating it? It’s a government and industry campaign aimed at reaching young people, so we’ll be doing what we can to promote the campaign through our social media, emails, website and other digital platforms, and encouraging the employers we work with to do the same. We’re enhancing and relaunching our STEM Exchange

and STEM Experience to help to strengthen links between engineering and education and to give young people opportunities to get a taste of what a career in the sector would offer them. We’re also encouraging apprentice members of our Industry Apprentice Council to get involved – we’ll be featuring blog pieces by them throughout the year and they’ll be getting involved in all sorts of events, from careers talks to STEM ambassadorship. Watch this space!



We are all very excited about the Semta Skills Awards in 2018. Could you tell us why the Awards are so important to Semta and to the sector? How do you go about choosing the winners of the awards? The Year of Engineering means that these awards are the most important we’ve ever done, and I’m delighted that the Skills Minister, Anne Milton MP, will be joining us to deliver the keynote speech. The awards are the biggest celebration of engineering skills that there is – we’ll have over 500 guests from industry and other key stakeholders in the room with us on the night to celebrate the very best of British engineering. The awards prove beyond any doubt that technically skilled people are talented, dedicated and brilliant. The winners and all those shortlisted, are fantastic role models for others. The winners are all chosen by an expert employer panel. They want to see evidence of real passion for their craft, and real dedication to improving themselves and their business – people who go above and beyond. Thank you so much for your time today, Ann. One final question. How can engineering companies get involved with Semta if they are currently looking for an apprentice to join their team? Call us on 0845 643 9001 or email customerservices@semta.org.uk – it really is that simple! Or go onto our website and use our Organisational Needs Analysis tool. We’re here to help – it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, or where you’re based, if you have a skills need to meet, we are the people you need to speak to about it.

BIM Training Courses Would you like BIM training specifically designed to suit your role? Our BIM Ready Training Program offers a range of courses specially designed for BIM Modellers, BIM Coordinators and BIM Management roles. Courses are a mix of theory, hands-on and practical demonstrations to bring the subject matter to life. Our training courses can be attended at one of our training centres or provided on your site. If you would like more information on training options please call our BIM experts on 01844 263700 or email marketing@manandmachine.co.uk

BIM Management

BIM Coordination

BIM Modeller

Courses Available

Courses Available

Courses Available

BIM Fundamentals BIM for Project & Construction Professionals BIM for Product Manufacturers COBie and IFC Fundamentals

COBie and IFC Fundamentals Navisworks in a BIM Workflow Solibri Fundamentals Solibri Rules Based Workshop

http://www.manandmachine.co.uk/ training/bim-management/

http://www.manandmachine.co.uk/ training/bim-coordination/

Revit Architecture Fundamentals Revit Structure Fundamentals Revit MEP Fundamentals Revit Family & Template Creation Civil 3D Fundamentals COBie and IFC Fundamentals http://www.manandmachine.co.uk/ training/bim-modeller/

01844 263700 www.manandmachine.co.uk

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March 2018

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March 2018

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Temperature Sensors from

Labfacility buy online www.labfacility.com

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March 2018

Got MODBUS? Then get the Internet of Things on us! If your product or equipment already has Modbus, then the NanoULTRA from Caption Data gives you the immediate ability to join them to the Internet of Things. From single units to 1000’s of units, with on line & real time control through the CDL SmartHub™ We have clients around the world using the NanoULTRA in their thousands to manage products with Modbus and increase value, for example: • A Leading global Air Processing OEM uses the NanoULTRA on products throughout Europe Middle East and Asia, to manage customer SLA’s • A Leading US/UK water instrumentation company use the NanoULTRA in challenging field locations to give their clients real time data on Smart Water Grids • A Leading maker of UPS systems use the product to provide award winning levels of service to their customers • A Leading maker of chillers uses the NanoULTRA to manage their rental fleet of products, speeding up commissioning and reducing complaints Every NanoULTRA will appear as a pin marker on your own SmartHub portal as soon as it is powered up. From the SmartHub you can name individual units, manage the MODBUS registers to poll, set alarm thresholds and monitoring frequencies, add users and alarm recipients, monitor audit trails, download data and graphics, etc. The SmartHub is available with no software to load via any internet device via any browser.

So how does it work? The NanoULTRA is pre-configured to handle MODBUS. So the unit can be polling your chosen MODBUS registers in no time, using its on board intelligence to compare high and low thresholds. It will report in via its own secure GSM modem at user defined intervals, as well as any time a threshold is breached, so you can monitor assets via your own personal dashboard. See at a glance if all is as it should be, and drill down into any unit to see detailed data and make informed decisions in real time.

Modbus configuration in brief • Quickly create new modus data maps for new controllers/instruments/PLC’s • Add virtually unlimited Modbus registers to these controllers • Choose to read or write to registers allowing you to control set points on remote equipment • Poll up to four Modbus slaves each with different register sets Read more technical details of our Modbus solutions HERE Tel +44 (0) 1905 754078 Email sales@captiondata.com www.captiondata.com


March 2018

New har-flex® variants with pre-leading contacts to

protect sensitive electronics The HARTING har-flex® series of miniaturised PCB connectors are now available with pre-leading contacts which offer sequential switching that can protect sensitive electronics from damage during operational plugging and unplugging.


hanks to their robustness, the miniaturised 1.27 mm-pitch har-flex® SMT connectors are seeing increasing use in modular electronic systems. End-users can often enhance their systems in the field by adding additional function modules or replacing existing modules. The har-flex® connectors guarantee a secure electrical connection between the main module board and smaller boards. In the event that the user neglects to first switch off the system and consequently plugs it in under load, sensitive electronics can be damaged. To avoid this, HARTING can now supply all angled har-flex® male connectors in two different contact lengths, allowing the production of connector types with pre-leading contacts. These contacts are 0.3 mm longer in the mating face and ensure that grounding contacts are the first to make contact during insertion and the last to disconnect during unplugging. Thanks to flexible contact loading, the angled male connectors can also be configured as variants with lagging contacts. During unplugging, these lose electrical contact before the other contacts, so that a system with the appropriate logic can detect imminent contact disconnection and execute certain functions such as data backup. HARTING is offering the angled male connectors with pin counts of 6-100 on request, in custom contact configurations. The new variants enable HARTING to integrate even more intelligence at the field level and thereby enable appropriate solutions for Industry 4.0. Please click here to download a copy of the har-flex® series of miniaturised PCB connectors data sheets.


Editor’s Choice

March 2018

Using Non-Sparking tools?

Here’s good advice from Bahco Bahco Non-Sparking (NS) tools are designed for use in potentially explosive environments, where conventional steel tools might create sparks in the presence of combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dust. Because NS tools can’t achieve the hardness of conventional tools special care is needed when using them. Mark Haywood, who leads the Bahco team in the UK and Ireland, offers the following recommendations to users of NS tools: • Avoid tools over heating; make frequent visual checks of each NS tool during use; • Don’t use both a steel tool and an NS tool at the same time; • Don’t use high copper content tools, such as Al-Br and Cu-Be tools, in direct contact with acetylene; • Always take considerable care when reworking copper-beryllium (Cu-Be) tools as beryllium (Be) dust or vapour is toxic; • Cu-Be tools should be ground only when wet; • Do not inhale any dust and be sure to wear a face mask; • Make sure all NS tools are kept clean and free from ferrous or other contaminants which may hamper the properties of a non-sparking tool; • The tool’s surface temperature must not be higher than the present gases temperature; • Ensure that no objects which could cause a spark fall or are dropped within the working environment.1 Reducing risk: Non-ferrous, softer materials such as brass, bronze, copperaluminum alloys (aluminum bronze), or copper-beryllium alloys (beryllium bronze) greatly reduce the risk of producing ignitable sparks.


Bahco NS tools are manufactured in aluminum-bronze (Al-Br) or copperberyllium (Cu-Be), making them both safe and suitable for use in hazardous environments. Tools used for striking applications, like slogging wrenches and hammers, are manufactured in aluminum-bronze (Al-Br), while tools that require a higher torque and precision performance, such as pliers, screwdrivers and adjustable wrenches, are manufactured in copperberyllium (Cu-Be). Bahco take safety so seriously that they have their NS range certified by the independent German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. The Bahco range of NS tools includes hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, as well as other striking and construction tools. Its non-sparking adjustable wrenches, manufactured in copper beryllium, are die-forged, anti-magnetic and offer high resistance to corrosion. NS screwdrivers for use with slotted head, Phillips® or Posidriv® screws have been developed by Bahco using its scientific ERGO® process. Made from copper beryllium they are cold rolled, anti-magnetic and corrosion resistant. The range also includes NS pliers in several types, including combination, diagonal cutting, long nose and slip joint. For more information on non-sparking tools visit www.bahco.com

Distributor of Mean Well Power Supplies

Din Rail Power Supplies

Ecopac Power LTD

sales@ecopacpower.co.uk l www.ecopacpower.co.uk Sales: 01844 20 44 20 l Technical: 01844 20 44 30

Editor’s Choice

March 2018

PROTOLABS EUROPE INTRODUCES HP’S MULTI JET FUSION TECHNOLOGY Protolabs, leading supplier of technology-enabled, rapid manufacturing services, announces the addition of Multi Jet Fusion to its suite of 3D printing technologies. This production-grade 3D printing technology, developed by HP, builds fully functional plastic prototypes and parts with accelerated speed, detailed precision, and consistent mechanical properties. HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology uses an inkjet array to apply fusing and detailing agents across a bed of nylon powder, which are then fused by heating elements into a solid layer. The technology’s unique approach to binding powder results in more isotropic material properties, faster build speeds, and, ultimately, lower costs compared to other powder-based 3D printing processes. Commenting on the technology, Daniel Cohn, General Manager of Protolabs’ German business, said “To support our growth trajectory we are expanding our 3D printing service provision to include Multi Jet Fusion. With the addition of Multi Jet Fusion, we now have 4 advanced 3D printing technologies available for our customers to take advantage of—with different advantages to each. “We piloted Multi Jet Fusion with our US business in


2017. From this we can verify the benefits of the technology for producing parts with consistent material properties and improved surface finishes, attributes considered difficult to achieve with powder-based 3D printing. With this confidence behind Multi Jet Fusion, we look forward to supporting our European customer’s project requirements using this new technology.” Protolabs now offers customers four industrial 3D printing processes which can produce plastic, metal, and elastomeric components in as fast as one day. Multi Jet Fusion technology is popularly selected for producing functional prototypes, jigs and fixtures, production-ready parts, and components that require high strength or temperature resistance. Visit protolabs.co.uk for more information.

PTS Ltd have over 18 years experience managing a growing number of customer production lines on-site to ensure ‘just-intime’ delivery. We offer many variations of Direct Line Feed management to suit individual needs. Plating We have the facilities to plate standard and special screws in most materials.

The most popular of these is our ‘Touch-Dry’ ChemiBlack process, currently used by an increasing number of customers in high-tech industries. Also known as ‘Black Oxide’, the finish is so thin it does not affect any dimensional tolerances. Other finishes offered include Gold, Nickel, Silver and Zinc (Rohs Compliant).

Patchlocking Ideal for vibration resistance and added torque performance. We offer a number of options to suit your requirements. Screw Modifications We provide a modification service for our customers from 1.6mm diameter fasteners upwards to customer drawings and specifications. This can be a cheaper and faster option than manufacturing, especially where smaller quantities are concerned.

Telephone: +44(0)1342 410758

Fax: +44(0)1342 311464

eMail: sales@pts-uk.com


March 2018 Phil Brown, Managing Director at Fortress Technology

Multi-everything enters food inspection world Food manufacturers operate in a world of multi-platform, multi-sites, multibrands, multi-revenue, and even multi-business models. Phil Brown, Managing Director of metal detection specialist Fortress Technology Europe looks into some of the ‘multi’ terminology being used in the inspection marketplace.

Multi-checkpoints HACCP guidance states that critical control points (CCPs) should be located at any step where hazards can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to acceptable levels. Some may insert more than one metal detector between the beginning and end of the production and packing process. Checkpoints should correspond to the identified CCPs, depending on the predominant risks. Cost of product at each checkpoint needs to be factored in. If inspection is pushed solely to the end of the line, any contamination will be caught at the most expensive part of the production process. Checking incoming raw ingredients can increase the likelihood of identifying a metal contaminant in its larger form, rather than it being processed and potentially contaminating an entire product batch.

Multi-frequency Food metal detectors generally have three technology options - fixed frequency, multi-frequency and simultaneous frequency. A single tuned fixed frequency device is used when consistently inspecting the same product, e.g. same-sized butter portions. Multi-frequency metal Right: Checking incoming raw ingredients can increase the likelihood of identifying metal contaminants in larger forms, saving businesses from recalling an entire batch of product


detectors perform well on a range of products, with the machine dialling into a select menu of frequencies. However, sensitivity and performance may be compromised. With simultaneous frequency used on Fortress’ Interceptor range, two frequencies operate at the same time, helping to deliver higher sensitivity and hugely reducing product effect. This technology is ideal for wet products that vary in size and density, e.g. meat cuts.

Multi-memory To increase speed and ease of set up, plus eliminate human error, food inspection metal detectors might feature pre-programmed settings that operatives can select from. Alternatively, user-friendly features like automatic single pass learning and calibration can deliver accurate metal detection set-up within seconds.

Multi-heads Widely used in weighing systems integrated with metal inspection systems, up to 20 weighing heads can be found on gravity systems where free flowing products, like snacks are bagged and inspected. Fitted beneath the checkweigher chamber a single metal detector head works independently inspecting for contaminants. The

Below: Checking incoming raw ingredients can increase the likelihood of identifying metal contaminants in larger forms, saving businesses from recalling an entire batch of product

weighing system and metal detector may share a single user interface.

Multi-lane/multi-aperture Many of today’s food factories are working around legacy equipment and have severe spatial limitations, making compact a prime consideration. To save footprint, manufacturers can channel multiple lanes through a single metal detector. However, larger apertures mean sensitivity is sacrificed and higher false rejects. Positioning individual metal detectors over each lane means more systems to maintain. The Fortress alternative - multi-aperture technology - comprises multiple lanes travelling through a single search head, inspecting and independently autorejecting packs. Each aperture is smaller, coping better with orientation and product effect. Consolidating this multi-aperture technology into one unit cuts equipment footprint by over 50% compared to five individual metal detectors, saves around 17% of installation cost, and up to 65% of TCO with reduced maintenance and parts requirements. “Managed well, multi-everything technology can boost operational effectiveness and make a business more responsive,” notes Phil. www.fortresstechnolog.co.uk Right: Shards of metal, still the most likely contaminant in food processing, can find its way into products at many stages

Left: Fortress remains the only known company to offer a multi-aperture, multilane metal detector configuration, with ability to monitor performance remotely across multiple sites

Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270 www.mkprofiles.co.uk·info@mkprofiles.co.uk

March 2018

New installation redefines productivity levels at food packhouse A new automated palletising solution from Pacepacker Services is delivering significant productivity, efficiency and throughput gains at Nottingham-based food packaging company, The Sherwood Group. The Sherwood Group is looking to invest in new automated pre-feeders to keep pace with the capacity and throughput of the palletiser, plus a second palletising cell. “Our food packaging segment is growing 25% per annum,” explains Graham Garrod, Operations Director at The Sherwood Group. “As a result of this we have been examining our production and packaging capabilities, looking to invest in technology that will not only handle the increased throughput, but also offer the agility needed for increased order variations.”

Above: The new FANUC M410iC/185 robot in operation at The Sherwood Group to accurately, neatly and efficiently pack a huge variety of different case sizes

Below: By harnessing the latest advances in servo technology, the robot delivers best-in-class performance on every front: speed, payload, energy-efficiency and reach.


eplacing a manual operation, the new end-of-line packaging technology has been installed as part of an ongoing modernisation and automation programme. Utilising a FANUC M410iC/185 robot capable of 1,700 cycles per minute with a 185 kg payload, the installation accurately, neatly and efficiently packs a huge variety of different case sizes. Harnessing the latest advances in servo technology, the robot’s 3.143m reach allows it to service two cells effortlessly. Coupled with Pacepacker Services’ new Pallet+ packaging software and technology, the new packing cell can call upon various preprogrammed recipes to stack two pallets at a time with different products arriving from two different gluing lines. The solution has proved so efficient that


Describing the previous manual packaging system as incredibly labour intensive, Graham elaborates on the benefits of deploying specialist packaging software that calculates the product size and how many packs can be inserted into a particular carton size without it getting too heavy. “Our staff define the optimum size of carton and optimum number of cartons per pallet and then program the robot to place them on the pallet. We use SP numbers to identify a particular outer carton for a certain product. Feeding this into the robot’s controller we programme the robot to efficiently stack the cartons, before saving the routine a packaging recipe. “The Pacepacker solution with the FANUC robot certainly does what it says on the tin,” Graham concludes. “It has performed to our expectation, without any disappointment or dissatisfaction.” Having reviewed the upstream processes, the deployment of a second palletising cell will give The Sherwood Group scope to add a fourth gluing line and increase its endof-line packaging capacity, he notes. www.pacepacker.com

March 2018




W: www.bsria.co.uk/instruments T: 0800 254 5566 (UK Free) +44 (0) 1344 459 314 (International)


C6 SMART • All in One The compact IPC with remote I/O-System for the centralised and distributed automation of Real-Time applications. • Modular & Compact DIN rail IPC with integrated UPS and flexible side by side mounted I/O. • High Integration On board control, visualisation and remote maintenance, completed by a variety of interfaces DVI , USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT , CANopen , RS Multi standard.

Automation with Drive


KEB (UK) Ltd. 5 Morris Close Park Farm Industrial Estate Wellingborough NN8 6XF Tel: 01933 402220 info@keb.co.uk

|15 C6_Smart_297x96_GB.indd 2

23.06.2017 07:56:03

Editor’s Choice

March 2018

Dixon – Exhibiting at Foodex Dixon will be at the Foodex show for the first time this year showcasing their extensive range of hygienic fittings, actuated valves and of hygienic hoses assemblies currently in use within the food & beverages industry. Dixon are looking forward to showing visitors their hygienic process equipment and discuss the projects carried out at breweries and beverage plants across the UK. Dixon’s hose range now includes Heat Traced, Hot Water Thermal and Duplex hose assemblies as part of the standard range along with a range of rubber, silicone, PVC and PTFE hose assemblies which can be custom made to exact requirements with accessories including wash down guns and steam lances. The new compact impact resistant sight glass is also going to be available to see. This new sight glass is used widely in the food, dairy and beverage hygienic processes to view products and fluids. This design is perfect for hoses and high traffic areas. Also on the stand will be the Dixon Breakaway Check Valve which is an innovative solution that is designed to eliminate product loss too. It incorporates the Breakaway Coupling and a Hygienic Check Valve. It acts as a single unit that has a diverted breaking point which will break at a determined break-load. Then the check valve will close protecting the loading bay pipe system AND avoiding product spillage.

With an on-site valve actuation shop, 3D design, full technical and sales back-up and BSI approved manufacturing and engineering department, Dixon can design and produce individual bespoke valves and fabricated configurations to quickly and efficiently solve customer problems. This has included pump carts, bespoke valve configurations and innovative display sight glasses used on beer pumps to infuse product. Dixon’s Hygienic Product Manager will be available to talk about correct valve selection, eliminating contamination risk, new innovations in valve technology and the hose management programme Dixon-Hose Connect, now being used by some major breweries beverage manufacturers within the UK. Dixon-Hose Connect is a secure, user friendly web based app. It is a source to allow you to access your Hose Maintenance documentation, including Service History reports, Hose Asset Register via unique tag references and hose identifiers, as well as training videos for your site Find out how Dixon can provide you with ‘the right connection’ by visiting stand J309 @ Foodex Dixon Group Europe Ltd T: +44 (0) 1772 323529 W: www.dixoneurope.co.uk E: sales@dixoneurope.co.uk

Industrial Hose & Assemblies RUBBER . METALLIC . PTFE . COMPOSITE . PVC • Air/Water • Oil/Chemical/Gas • General Purpose • Steam

• Food & Beverage • Custom Built Large Bore • Armoured

Hose Assemblies certified to PED 2014/68/EU Module D1 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. (Notified Body 0038)

For further information please contact us now on:

01772 323 529

01772 323 529 • dixoneurope.co.uk •

©2018 Dixon Group Europe Limited



March 2018

Editor’s Choice

New Hose Catalogue Dixon Group Europe Ltd, leading provider of hose and coupling solutions, are pleased to launch their new Hose Catalogue.


s a specialist supplier of industrial hose and hose assemblies, Dixon are amongst a handful of companies certified to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU to manufacture flexible hose assemblies. The new catalogue serves to promote the basic hose offer but Dixon are driven to providing ‘the Right Connection’ in meeting specific hose requirements across all industries. Dixon’s extensive hose range now includes Heat Traced, Hot Water Thermal and Duplex hose assemblies as part of the standard range along with a range of metallic, rubber, composite, silicone, PVC and PTFE hose assemblies which can be custom made to exact requirements with a range of accessories.

Their strength in technical service, support and advice ensure the correct specification of bespoke hose assemblies and couplings.

can design and produce fully tested and certified customised hose solutions to meet and resolve customers’ fluid & air handling challenges.

With manufacturing and engineering facilities approved to BSI ISO 9001 and with over a 100 years’ experience, Dixon

For a copy of the hose catalogue please contact Dixon on 01772 323529 or email marketing@dixoneurope.co.uk

Your Right Connection For Hygienic Process Systems Valves



Engineered Products


Tel: +44 (0)1772 323529 Email: sales@dixoneurope.co.uk www.dixoneurope.co.uk


March 2018

Only 6 Drill Bodies capable of drilling 13mm – 65mm diameter holes PLUS - One Tool performs multiple applications

The exciting multi-functional NC Helix Drill from Nine9 has been developed to eradicate ‘non-cutting’ times through its ability to conduct helical interpolation milling, ramping, slotting, counter-boring and drilling with a single tool. This flexibility is emphasised by the requirement for just six different tools for drilling precision holes from 13 to 65mm diameters. Working on an interpolation cycle, the NC Helix Drill reduces the cutting load on the spindle by ramping at an angle up to 20 degrees whilst the sinusoidal ‘wavy edge’ insert edges break the swarf into fine chips that are easily evacuated from the hole. This excellent swarf control applies to the most difficult to machine materials. In addition, the drill body is available with either a cylindrical shank or as a screw fit holder that can fit most toolholder extension bars on the market. The drills are available with or without through coolant facility for rapid swarf evacuation. Corresponding with the NC Helix Drill is an insert with two cutting edges per insert and a serrated cutting edge geometry. Produced from a K20F micro grain carbide substrate that is TiAlN coated; the grade and geometry provide remarkable tool life on all types of material from aluminium, carbon steel, low and high alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel and titanium alloys. The drill body is offered with shank diameters of 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25mm for drilling holes from 13 to 20mm, 15 to 25mm, 20 to 30mm, 25 to 40mm, 30 to 50mm and 42 to 65mm diameters. For more information: sales@advancedcarbide tooling.co.uk www.advancedcarbidetooling.co.uk


March 2018



The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640 sales@odu-uk.co.uk www.odu-uk.co.uk


March 2018

Robust diaphragm pressure switching up to 10 bar:

Membrane pressure switch targets HVAC, pneumatic and process applications Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new range of robust diaphragm-type pressure switches aimed at demanding HVAC and industrial processes for air, water, hydraulic fluid and other oil mediums in measuring ranges from 0.3 to 10 bar. Available in a choice of brass (EPS01) or stainless steel (EPS02) housings, these competitively priced switches offer generous overpressure limits and a choice of NBR or VitonÂŽ diaphragm materials for maximum application flexibility.


he new EPS01 and EPS02 series pressure switches feature a G 1/8 pressure port as standard with other fastening thread options available for larger quantities. Designed for any mounting orientation, versions are available for single pole operation with NC or NO contacts in pressure ranges of 0.3 to 2 bar and 1 to 10 bar. The integrated micro switch is available with silver plated contacts as standard for the EPS01, and with silver or gold plated switches optionally available for the EPS02. The media temperature range of -25 to +85 °C and a switch point accuracy of under 10% will suit a


wide range of switching tasks whilst a mechanical life of over 1 million cycles and a switching frequency of 200/min helps to ensure more than satisfactory performance requirements.

from Variohm EuroSensor. A third range, the EPS03, covers springloaded diaphragm or piston actuation with a micro switch switching element in a tough galvanised steel housing for pressure switching up to 350 bar.

Both models also feature a maximum switching load of 2.0 A (resistive), a 100 VA breaking capacity and reference voltage of 42 V. Electrical connection is via flat 6.3 mm terminals. The slightly smaller, brass-housed EPS01 has a 17 mm AF hexagonal fixing whilst the stainless steel EPS02 model has 19 mm AF fixing.

The new pressure switches are part of a wide range of position, force, pressure, load, and temperature sensor technologies available from Variohm EuroSensor - a manufacturer, distributor and supply chain partner providing complete sales and application support for demanding measurement applications across industry, construction, agriculture, motorsports, research and more.

The EPS01 and EPS02 are part of a universal family of pressure switches


Printed from: Serif PagePlus 15,0,5,30 Copyright © 1991-2010 Serif (Europe) Ltd. All Rights Reserved Printed on: 29/02/2016 12:32:24 Publication name: Half_Page_Advert_Eng_Update_130x190, Page: 1

March 2018

SHEAR simplicity for drive protection…

Pin & Bush coupling

Gear Coupling Spacer

Chain coupling

DIN / SAE Spacer

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

Email : sales@howdon.co.uk Web : www.howdon.co.uk Phone: 01453 750814


POWER ►Introducing the powerful VG8 80 GHz frequency radar, new from HYCONTROL .

►High-accuracy level measurement for powders and solids .

►Range >100m with narrow beam angle .

►Unaffected by dust, humidity or pressure .

►Simple to set up


►Strong IP66/68 build


►Cost-effective noncontact level solution

Tel: +44(0)1527 406800




March 2018

maxon motor at Le Mans

maxon chosen for hostile racing cars 2017 was an incredible year for race car engine specialist, Gibson Technology. The Repton based company designed, developed and manufactured a new 4.2 litre V8 engine, supplied to all LMP2 racing teams in the most prestigious endurance competitions. Every engine depends on the performance and reliability of a maxon DC motor and gearhead assembly.


acing car engines are subjected to high vibration and extreme heat cycles which means the environment for the maxon products is particularly harsh. The DC drive solution is responsible for the throttle actuation in the Gibson engine, so it is imperative that it is effective and durable. If the motor fails, the engine stops.Throughout Le Mans race week maxon’s DC motors successfully travelled a total of 143,449.03 kilometres over 719 hours and 27 minutes. That is the equivalent of 3 ½ times around the world. ‘We use maxon products in all of our engines.’ said John Manchester, Operations Director at Gibson Technology. ‘We worked with maxon initially to create a customised motor and gearhead assembly that fits and works correctly in our engines. We know we can rely on their products and they were the obvious choice for the new engine.’ maxon and Gibson worked together to develop the customised product. Modifications include laser welding of the parts, strengthened windings as well as a modified brush design. Gibsons journey into racing car and engine design starts as far back as 1987 when the company was called Zytek. Following it’s success in motorsport over the years in 2015


The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) selected Gibson as the single engine supplier for the Le Mans Prototype 2 category sports car from 2017-2020. By Aug 2016 Gibson had the GK428 LMP2 engine ready for testing. The new engine featuring complex technology, is highly sophisticated and specifically designed for endurance racing. In 2017 Gibson engines competed in the FIA Word Endurance Championship, the Le Mans 24 Hours, the European Le Mans Series, and the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. To the surprise of many, two LMP2 cars came second and third place in the Le Mans 24 Hours and 14 out of the top 16 cars were Gibson powered. Across the LMP2 categorie Gibson had 25 cars on the grid, the largest number ever for a single engine manufacturer. Although always a prominent company in the racing industry, stakeholders are really starting to pay attention to Gibsons abilities. Gibson Technology was nominated for a number of awards and won ‘Race Engine Designer of the Year’ at Race Technology Magazine’s World Motorsport Symposium. Significantly, having seen the achievements in 2017, the company

has been approached to provide the Dragonspeed LMP1 team, and another two car LMP1 team the name of which will be announced shorly, in the FIA Word Endurance Championship with a newly developed GL458 engine for 2018 and 2019. LMP1 cars are the the most powerful cars in endurance racing. They have size restrictions on length,width, and fuel tank capacity and are fitted with homologated fuel flow meters, which constrains both fuel energy per lap and maximum instantaneous fuel flow. This will be more of a technical challenge with the focus being on gaining efficiency and control of the engine. A challenge Gibson is more than ready to take on – watch this space! www.maxonmotor.co.uk

Gases are everywhere and you may be surprised just how many items you use daily, that have been manufactured under controlled gas environments. After all, the difference between having the latest smart phone and a great sandwich comes down to the correctly measured gases used to help create and package them. At Cambridge Sensotec we dedicate ourselves to finding the solutions to your gas analysis requirement, whether it be securing your manufacturing processes or ensuring quality control within your food factory, we’ve established a wealth of knowledge whilst operating over the last 17 years. With over 7 core models and many variations, be assured that reliability and accuracy are at the forefront of our customer philosophy. Experts in oxygen analysis, Cambridge Sensotec also specialise in biogas, syngas, multigas and SF6 gas analysis instruments. Contact us today to discuss your gas analysis requirements.

www.cambridge-sensotec.co.uk sales@cambridge-sensotec.co.uk +44 (0)1480 462142

March 2018

Fulton’s Pure Technology Approach Achieves World-First Vertical Steam Boiler Design with Highest Efficiencies and Ultra-Low Nox Emissions The all-new gas-fired, vertical spiral-rib tubeless steam boiler from Fulton, the VSRT, is the first range to emerge from the company’s new ‘PURE Technology’ approach, an initiative that has resulted in a world-first design that is durable, long-lasting and boasts the highest efficiencies and ultra-low NOx emissions as standard.


y adopting a systemsengineering approach to design and implementing PURE Technology – the result of a clean-slate design approach that combines new people with new skills bringing a new approach to the design and optimisation of heat transfer solutions – Fulton’s VSRT radically challenges the heat transfer and mechanical design principles of traditional steam boilers. It is also claimed by the company to be the most radical change to vertical steam boiler design since Fulton pioneered the vertical tubeless boiler in 1949 and, for the right application, a worthy successor to the company’s renowned J Series. Commenting for Fulton, sales and marketing manager Leigh Bryan says: “To meet ever-more stringent industry and environmental standards, our PURE Technology approach looks to enhance heat transfer, provide class-leading efficiencies, improve steam quality and reduce NOx emissions. So rather than improve existing products to achieve these goals, PURE Technology radically challenges conventional boiler design by engineering solutions that are fitfor-purpose and applications.” With over 15 patents pending in three continents, the VSRT’s spiralrib heat exchanger is a world first. It attains industry-leading heat transfer


rates thanks to its unique spiral design, which achieves low stack temperatures by passing the flue gases through a spiral-wound heat exchanger that is fully immersed in water. “This all-new spiral-rib design benefits from an extended heat transfer path and dual-direction heat flow, with the spiral annulus designed and optimised to create high heat transfer rates.” says Leigh. “This optimises heat transfer to create a longer-lasting boiler that we believe will beat the competition in every category of durability!” The ground-breaking spiral rib heat exchanger design not only allows Fulton to improve boiler efficiency but, with virtually zero thermal stress, a thick walled construction and featuring vertical tubeless design architecture, the VSRT is one of the most durable steam boilers available.

March 2018 It features a fully water-backed pressure vessel, which is wrapped in highdensity insulation to achieve minimal thermal losses and low outer surface temperatures. The tubeless design has also enabled Fulton to create a compact boiler with minimal footprint. No refractory also means significantly lower weight (compared to traditional vertical steam boilers) for ease of installation.

revolutionary cyclonic air filtration, the VSRT is extremely easy to maintain and operate. For applications where contaminated air can reduce boiler uptime – such as laundry and dry cleaning – the VSRT’s cyclonic air filter effectively separates debris and damaging particles from the combustion air and, because it won’t clog over time, eliminates the need for replacement filters. Maintenance is further improved compared to other vertical boilers thanks to the VSRT’s industrial control platform and easy access to the pressure vessel.

Ultra-low NOx emissions of less than 20ppm are achieved thanks to the VSRT’s combustion technology, which features a modulating burner and furnace that have been purposelydesigned as a single component and fully-matched with the VSRT in mind. This has helped Fulton to achieve up to 10:1 turndown capabilities and industryleading performance of >82.5% gross thermal efficiency and 99.75% steam quality at 8 bar. When correctly sized for applications, the exceptionally high turndown will result in savings above and beyond those gained from the stated efficiencies.

The VSRT is currently available with outputs from 160 to 960 kg/h, complies with the City of London Air Quality Strategy and anticipated MCPD regulations, is constructed to BS EN 12953 and CE marked to PED. Its pressure vessel and burner are backed by a five year guarantee as standard. For further information on the VSRT Series, call Fulton on 0117 972 3322, email sales@fulton.co.uk or visit www.fulton.co.uk

With features including a tubeless design, no internal refractory and

Low stress on pressure vessel for longer life Low NOx gas burner Fully matched Fulton burner Low outer surface temperature Compact design with minimal footprint Fully supported servicing and maintenance Fully wetted design - no refractory > 6:1 turndown capabilities (480 kg/h model)

World’s First Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler

> 10:1 turndown capabilities (960 kg/h model) > 82% gross efficiency > 99.5% steam quality at 8 bar

www.fulton.co.uk +44 (0)117 972 3322 Environmentally friendly k e y p o i n t s o f t h e V S RT

sales@fulton.co.uk www.fulton.co.uk/fulton-products/vsrt


March 2018


ndustry 4.0 and The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), presents huge opportunities for British manufacturing over the next decade, and the inaugural Smart Industry Expo 2018 will leave visitors in no doubt that the ‘smartening’ process of industry and manufacturing is going to change the face of global industry forever. The idea relies on sophisticated software and machines that communicate with each other to optimise production. However in the UK there is an enormous vacuum, and many companies need guidance in order to be prepare for this transformation. The inaugural Smart Industry Expo will take place alongside Drives & Controls, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech Exhibitions at Birmingham’s NEC (Halls 8, 9 and 10) from 10th -12th April 2018. The 2018 co-location will be at least 1000m2 bigger than the 2016 exhibition, thanks to the addition of the Smart Industry Expo event.

Smart Industry Expo 2018 gears up for the 4IR revolution The biennial co-located events; Smart Industry Expo, Drives & Controls, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and AirTech Exhibitions – are once again set to return to Birmingham’s NEC (Halls 8, 9 and 10) from 10th -12th April 2018, alongside MACH 2018.

The new event will give exhibitors the opportunity to communicate directly with senior management across the whole of the UK industrial spectrum, from managing directors, financial directors, and owners to process/ control and IT/ automation management, plus many more who are all seeking guidance in order to prepare for this smart engineering The event will cover all sectors of industry from industrial automation transformation. and energy to predictive maintenance, supply, power transmission and The organiser, DFA Media, says Smart Industry control and R&D. Expo 2018 will be an ideal opportunity for visitors to learn how to prepare for this smart The entrance to the Smart Industry Expo will be dominated by a doubleera as well as seeing first hand the variety stand occupied by Schneider Electric, covering around 150m2 – twice of technology and services on offer as well the area that the company had at the previous Drives show in 2016. as being able to discuss a wide range of Another exhibitor transferring to the new event is the sensor-maker issues including advanced automation, digital ifm electronic, which has also increased its stand space, by 20m2. networks, and design methods including 3D CAD/CAM, smart grid technologies, The Smart Industry Expo has also attracted Festo (which has not new production processes, 3D printing, and appeared at the Drives Show for many years), as well as other wellnext generation industrial robots – including known names such as Universal Robots, Harting, Panduit, Sigmatek, Senseye, Codra, Exor and Applied Automation. collaborative robots. Other areas covered include: Predictive Maintenance 4.0, IT-based automation solutions that will bring fundamental change to all in-factory processes, IT security, as well as smart technologies that manage and coordinate power, gas and heat networks so that capacity can be balanced and optimally deployed across the entire energy system – integrated energy. Plus much more.


Smart Industry Expo will be one of the UK’s most comprehensive dedicated events focusing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and transforming to a smart manufacturing era.

Co-location of event Drives & Controls Exhibition will once again bring together key suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment representing....

Read more on Engineering Update >>>

Register now online at www.wnie.co.uk/live

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25 – 26 September 2018 NEC Birmingham



THE ULTIMATE UK ELECTRONICS SHOW WNIE Live will return to the NEC from 25 – 26 September 2018 and will be co-located with a host of other industry events including:

EMC UK | Embedded Live | Sensors & Instrumentation Micro Nano MEMS | PPMA | TCT Show

Delivering a stronger exhibition with a mix of conferences, seminars, debates, live features & technical platforms. Network alongside other Engineers, Directors, CEO’s, Designers, Technicians, Programmers, Business Development Managers, Purchasers and Consultants from every aspect of the world of electronics.

Can you afford to miss it?


www.wnie.co.uk/live Email: live@wnie.co.uk

Call: + 44 1428 609 382




2018 THE HIGH PRECISION MANUFACTURING EVENT 25-26 September | Hall 1, NEC, Birmingham


March 2018

Engineering Materials Live:

Making materials matter Connecting the right material, for the right application, with right people The UK is renowned for world-leading engineering design and innovation. At the heart of every product or design is the need to select appropriate materials and forming methods, which means working with partners that have the right materials engineering expertise and applications knowledge early in the process. Engineering Materials Live aims to help design engineers and UK manufacturers do this. Organised by MA Business, publishers of Eureka! and FAST magazines among more, this one-day exhibition meets the needs of UK engineering professionals who are tasked with sourcing and specifying plastic mouldings, composites, prototyped parts and advanced engineering materials. Taking place on 10th May 2018 at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, the event will provide a platform for materials buyers, production engineers, design engineers and their suppliers to meet, learn, solve problems and develop new business. Engineering Materials Live has welcomed support from significant names in this industry. Exhibitors include: Albis, Arrk Europe, Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies, Distrupol, EMS-GRIVORY, K.D Feddersen, Laser Lines, Midas Pattern Co., Pentagon Plastics, Plastic Products International and Ultrapolymers.


Just as important as selecting the right materials, is knowing which fastening and bonding methods to use. Engineering Materials Live is co-located with the established Fastening & Assembly Solutions and Technology Exhibition (FAST), now re-branded as FAST Live. Running since 2005, FAST Live provides visitors with direct access to experienced application experts in fastening, bonding and assembly. A number of technical seminars will also run during these co-located events, focused on helping visitors solve design challenges in lightweighting, materials selection and multi-materials joining. The co-location of these two high-quality exhibitions will allow so much more to be achieved in a single visit for delegates. Pre-registering for the event is easy and ensures free entry to the exhibition and seminar sessions. VIP visitors will also qualify for free access to the museum to experience the world’s largest collection of British motorcycles. The exhibitor list and seminar programme can be found online. To register please visit: www.engineeringmaterialslive.co.uk/register


4-5 JULY 2018 METRO RADIO ARENA NEWCASTLE Exhibition | Conference | Workshops

FREE to visit Priceless to attend

Register to attend www.mfgengineeringshow.co.uk


March 2018

Exhibitors lined up for Infrarail 2018

recently confirming their attendance at Infrarail 2018 include the likes of Shay Murtagh, High Motive, Industrial Communication Products Ltd, Siemens PLC and Edilon Sedra. Spaces are now rapidly selling out and over 240 exhibitors are expected at the ExCeL. In addition to meeting key contacts, securing potentially valuable business leads, networking, viewing products and exchanging ideas with exhibitors, Infrarail 2018 provides delegates with the opportunity to experience a packed programme of keynote speeches by leading figures, plus industry seminars, project briefings and discussion groups.

Exhibitors from the full range of sectors working across infrastructure equipment, products and services to the rail industry are now lining up to be at the forefront of Infrarail, the influential biennial trade event. Infrarail 2018 will take place at ExCeL London during 1-3 May. The event provides a platform for rail industry professionals to meet, network and do business internationally. 2016’s show attracted visitors from 51 countries, including managers, engineers and industry professionals. With rail infrastructure in the UK currently a busy and challenging market, exhibitors recognise the high value of having a presence at Infrarail. Many have moved fast to confirm their attendance at an event that showcases the very latest


railway infrastructure technology and expertise. Already confirmed are highprofile organisations including HS2, the Railway Industry Association, CEEQUAL, Crossrail, Rail Baltica, the Rail Delivery Group and the Rail Supply Group. The broad spectrum of companies representing the entire supply chain will also see suppliers of track systems, communications solutions, acoustic barriers, pre-cast concrete, site welfare products and workwear being present alongside recruitment consultants, land surveyors, engineers and many others. Businesses

Kirsten Whitehouse, exhibition manager for Infrarail 2018, said: “Infrarail is now firmly established as the must-attend, definitive showcase of railway and civil infrastructure products and expertise. “We are looking forward to welcoming hundreds of exhibitors from across the full range of sectors who will provide valuable insights into their markets. We’ll also be providing a friendly welcome to the thousands of delegates who engage with the event that will do serious business over the course of three very insightful, inspiring and engaging days.” To reserve a stand visit www.infrarail.com Free visitor registration to Infrarail 2018 is available until 30 April 2018. For more information, visit www.infrarail.com












1- 3 MAY 2018 EXCEL, LONDON, UK www.infrarail.com


March 2018

Utility Week Live 2018 reveals the 10 businesses disrupting the UK utilities industries. The UK utilities industry is changing. It’s being forced to innovate to meet the challenges of climate change, population growth and affordability, driven by changing policy and ever more stringent regulatory targets. As part of that remodelling process, disruptive companies are ploughing new furrows into the way business has traditionally been done. Some have formed in reaction to the changing times, others are evolving the way they operate, while further afield established companies are circling eagerly around the ever-changing opportunities that disruption creates, poised to enter the market at any given moment. In short, with disruptive new technologies and business models emerging, utilities must find new strategies and solutions to survive and thrive. Recognising the significance of this process, Utility Week Live 2018 (22-23 May, NEC Birmingham), the UK’s utilities event, has chosen disruption as its headline theme. In the build-up to the main event, Utility Week Live got to the heart of the matter by surveying utilities professionals about the impact disruption is having on their businesses. The results showed that within the next 15 years, established utilities are facing disruption on a significant scale, with respondents rating potential disruption at seven out of a possible 10. We also asked our readers to name the companies and technologies they believe will most disrupt utilities in the next five to ten years. We can now reveal the top 10: 1. Tesla 2. Google 3. Amazon 4. A company that doesn’t exist yet 5. Who: Water retailers 6. Small suppliers 7. Centrica/British Gas 8. National Grid 9. SSE/Npower 10. Supermarkets


It’s a highly diverse list, with some surprising additions, plus some of the established players in the energy industry. As Laura Sandys, former MP, entrepreneur, and CEO of Challenging Ideas, puts it: “What we have learnt [in 2017] is that the old model is being well and truly tested by innovators. Reinvention or managing decline are going to be the big strategic decisions that will need to be made in board rooms this year.”

To understand more about these disruptive businesses, and how utilities businesses can thrive in a highly disrupted new world order, join 3000+ of your gas and electricity industry colleagues at Utility Week Live 2018. To book your free tickets and discover more about the exhibitors, speakers, seminar programme and exciting show features, please visit ww.utilityweeklive.co.uk


March 2018

Interroll presents greater efficiency, greater power and new platform in drive solutions Kettering, Northamptonshire, 26.01.2018. Interroll, the world’s leading manufacturer of key products for material handling, will present its energy-efficient 24V drive technology and its powerful drum motors on stand D757 at Drives & Controls, 10-12 April 2018 in the NEC Birmingham.

Interroll will display the world’s most powerful, stainless steel synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems, with a proven output of up to 1.1 kilowatts, a particularly high torque up to 100 Nm and extremely high belt tension. With this drive solution the food and pharmaceutical industries have an ultra-hygienic and energysaving option at their disposal. Its particularly compact design supports smaller turning diameters and thus also makes it possible to convey smaller items and handle a wide range of products on one single system.

Efficient 24V drive technology minimizes energy consumption By contrast with conventional conveyor systems that are equipped with a drive in continuous operation, the Interroll RollerDrive makes it possible to build up an intelligently controlled conveyor system divided into zones. Therefore, the drives of each individual conveyor section are only powered when material is actually conveyed. At throughput rates of 600 to 1,800 units per hour, this achieves energy savings of up to 50 per cent by comparison with continuously running motors. Moreover, thanks to the demand-driven operation and the elimination of additional driving mechanisms, the noise level and the plant wear are substantially lowered as well.

Interroll’s new drum motor platform reduces costs and lead times Interroll’s new motor platform is completely modular in design and encompassing both synchronous and asynchronous technologies. Available first in 80mm-diameter drums, an expansion of the entire range is underway. All motors are available with a widened spectrum of speeds and the high standard of hygiene compliant with IP69k. Each motor is tested and designed in modular fashion in such a way that it can be delivered worldwide in the shortest possible time. To discuss possible drive or material handling solutions, visit the Interroll Drives & Controls Stand: D757 or visit the website - www.interroll.co.uk Phone: +44(0) 1536 312770 E-mail: gb.sales@interroll.com Web: http://www.interroll.co.uk



March 2018

The UK show for processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics will return to the NEC, Birmingham from 16th – 18th April 2018. A one-stop shop for manufacturing professionals across the full industry spectrum.

Source something new. Our carefully-selected suppliers have the processes and products to boost productivity and efficiency across the board. Discover solutions to everyday challenges with access to a live programme with industry expert speakers providing tips, guidance and advice tailored for you.

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March 2018

Countdown to the UK’s leading production line event begins The PPMA Show to celebrate its 30th anniversary at the NEC Birmingham 25-27 September 2018

In light of Nick Peters’, author of the Annual Manufacturing report 2018, comment that “UK manufacturing has come a long way in recent years, as we have seen from their stellar performance in 2017,” it’s no surprise that the PPMA Show is gearing up for its biggest show to date when it returns to the NEC, Birmingham, between 25-27 September 2018.

Set to fill the halls of the NEC with demonstrations of the most technologically-advanced processing and packaging machinery the world has to offer, the UK’s leading production line event will provide the platform for thousands of food, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and FMCG manufacturers to explore the latest innovations and do business live from the show floor. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the PPMA Show will welcome the return of some of the industry’s major players for its milestone event such as Baumer. The automated image processing specialist will join the exhibition for the first time since 2014, armed with its latest range of intelligent HeavyDuty encoders. In a revamp of the original Learning Hub format, the PPMA Show 2018 will also hone its educational programme. A high profile industry speaker, to be confirmed in the coming months, will open the show and deliver an insightful address, followed by a smaller line-up of thought leaders sharing their industry knowledge in focused sessions over the three days of the show.


As well as the chance to see working machinery in action, the PPMA Show 2018 will offer enhanced networking opportunities through dedicated meeting spaces around the show. Rewarding the hard work and innovation seen throughout the past year, the prestigious PPMA Group Awards will once again take place alongside the event. Returning to the first night of the PPMA Show the glittering ceremony and gala dinner is set to be bigger and better than ever – watch out for exciting news to be announced in the coming months. Zoe Crockett, Marketing Manager, PPMA Group, said: “We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 30th anniversary with a completely new look and fresh new ideas for the 2018 Show. We’ve listened carefully to visitor feedback for more networking opportunities and devised a format that will ensure even the most time-poor visitors have the chance to meet, share knowledge and make new business contacts. Roll on September!” For more information on the PPMA Show and its new features for this year, please visit www.ppmashow.co.uk


March 2018

25-27 SEPT 2018 NEC, BirmiNgham

FREE TO ATTEND REGISTER NOw! THE UK’S LEADING PRODUCTION LINE EVENT See the latest processing and packaging machinery in action, network with industry peers and gain valuable insight at our must attend seminars.

ppmashow.co.uk proCEssiNg & paCkagiNg maChiNEry 42| matErials i roBots i iNdustrial VisioN

organised by


March 2018

Preparations are now well underway for The Engineer Expo - a brand new event that will arm UK engineering professionals with the latest in-house manufacturing and engineering solutions, alongside cutting-edge developments in advanced engineering technologies.

Co-located with Subcon 2018, The Engineer Expo will provide UK engineers with a multi sector event dedicated to showcasing the latest in advanced engineering technology, products and services, enabling them to optimise production and process throughout the manufacturing cycle. With three days of free-to-attend educational content curated by the editors of The Engineer, The Engineer Expo will lift the lid on the fourth industrial revolution and new digital manufacturing opportunities. A six-stream, 36-session conference programme will be held across two theatres. A key theme of the event will be developing cross-sector collaboration: taking the lessons learnt from successful innovation within industries such as automotive, aerospace and defence, and applying them elsewhere. Topics will include the latest Smart Factory developments, real world applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced integrated circuits (ICs), sensing, measurement and process control, materials design, synthesis and processing. Elsewhere, expert panels will explore the potential of sustainable and additive manufacturing as well as showcasing industry case studies in cross sector collaboration and open innovation. “The Engineer Expo will reflect unashamedly the digital future of UK engineering and manufacturing,” said Jon Excell, editor, The Engineer. “The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and businesses are waking up to the fact that they must learn from different sectors as they seek out the cost and performance improvements of operational excellence and new revenue streams. The Engineer Expo will be a compelling event for those engineers and manufacturers looking to disrupt and dominate their markets.” To register for this must-attend event, visit http://www.theengineer-expo.co.uk/register










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March 2018

Sir Ben Ainslie set to open MACH 2018 The largest manufacturing and engineering exhibition in the UK, MACH 2018, is set to open in April at the NEC in Birmingham. This five-day celebration of UK manufacturing will be officially opened (on 9th April) by the most successful sailor in Olympic history, Sir Ben Ainslie. Sir Ben won medals at five consecutive Olympics from 1996 onwards, including gold at the four Games held between 2000 and 2012. Sir Ben has a keen interest in manufacturing and the technology behind it, with his British America’s Cup team, Land Rover BAR employing the latest manufacturing

processes in the creation of their foiling race boat for the America’s Cup. MTA CEO James Selka, said “We are delighted to welcome Sir Ben to open MACH 2018, we know how much hard work and engineering excellence has been employed in the creation of the Land Rover BAR team. They are a fine example of world class British engineering and sporting know how. Sir Ben is a true legend and we are honoured to have him opening the UK’s premier manufacturing and engineering showcase.” Sir Ben Ainslie, said “At Land Rover BAR we bring

Sir Ben Ainslie

together huge resources of technical, design and engineering knowledge to create something truly British and unique. We invest in technology and innovative skills to find solutions for longterm issues in sustainability. I’m very much looking forward to opening the MACH 2018 exhibition and seeing the latest innovations coming out of the UK’s manufacturing technologies sector.”

Photo Title

Land Rover BAR Team Principal Ben Ainslie


MACH 2018 takes place between 9th – 13th April and visitors can register for their Entrance Pass and Fast Track Entry Pack now, via the MACH exhibition website at www.machexhibition.com.


The FAST Exhibition has rebranded as FAST Live – but don’t worry, it remains the UK’s only dedicated fastening, bonding and assembly exhibition for design engineers, production professionals, manufacturers and fastener buyers. FAST Live returns to the superb National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 10 May 2018. The venue has proved to be a real favourite with previous FAST Live visitors and exhibitors alike, with its central location, ease of access and abundance of free parking holding great appeal. Running since 2005, the exhibition is now widely recognised as the place to be to gain direct access to highly experienced application experts in fastening, bonding and assembly.

March 2018

The FAST Exhibition is back but with a new look... FAST Live! The sheer variety of joining options available on most projects – either in design or in production already – enhances the advantage of a visit to FAST Live, because just about every single method can be seen there in one place at one time and discussed with the best experts in the field. FAST Live also provides an excellent learning facility in the form of the Seminar programme. Many previous seminars have been ‘standing room only’, as a variety of problemsolving solutions are discussed covering many engineering applications and design needs.

One of the key advantages of FAST Live itself that is continually cited by previous visitors is the access to world-class fastening knowledge.

The exhibition is once again co-located with Engineering Materials Live, which proved a big hit with visitors to our 2017 events. Engineering Materials Live aims to meet the needs of engineering professionals who are tasked with sourcing and specifying plastic mouldings, composites, prototyped parts and advanced materials.

The FAST exhibitor portfolio contains some of the most experienced application experts in the field and covers almost every imaginable type, method and process of fastening, bonding and assembly: it is not uncommon to see some of the UK’s best engineers poring over drawings as various joining options are evaluated there and then.

Pre-registering for the event is easy and ensures free entry to the exhibition and seminar sessions. VIP visitors will also qualify for free access to the museum to experience the world’s largest collection of British motorcycles. The exhibitor list and seminar programme can be found online. To register please visit: www.fast-live.co.uk/register


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Three days to save a life Join thousands of professionals at the UK’s largest event dedicated to health and safety professionals in the UK. The most important date in the industry’s calendar, The Health & Safety Event is where the community comes to meet and discuss key challenges facing the sector today. Join the debates, hear from industry experts, receive 1-to-1 advice from leading suppliers and experience the very latest technology all for free!

Combine a year’s worth of work into just three days.


Co-located with

For more information visit www.healthandsafetyevents.co.uk

March 2018

TR Fastenings enters world of 3D modelling with interactive product animations Global fastener firm TR Fastenings is upgrading its online product catalogue with the introduction of exclusive new 3D models and animations to its website. The models and animations, which allow users to move the product images around and see how they are installed and used with other materials or components, are hosted on Sketchfab.com, a VC-backed platform which acts as an online library for 3D models and virtual reality (VR) content. TR embarked on the project in 2016, and so far there are 126 interactive animations and 592 interactive product models online. TR will be adding new models to the site over the coming months and aims to have a 3D interactive model for each one of its 800 product categories uploaded by the end of 2017. The videos not only show the products in a new and innovative light, but are also extremely useful for sales and customer service teams needing to demonstrate how the fasteners work to existing and prospective customers when they are not in the same location. The interactive models are more effective than static images, as customers can move around the model and see the product in detail from any angle. With regards to the animations, the files are much smaller than traditional videos and work on any device. No plug-ins are required and the animations have been designed with all browsers in mind. Keith Gibb, Head of Web Development at TR, comments “3D models are becoming more and more popular and we are very excited about offering this feature to our customers, partners and visitors to our website. The interactive element is invaluable when demonstrating products remotely, and the hosting technology provided by Sketchfab is a real find. This is a huge step for us and we are thrilled to be leading the charge in terms of engineering companies using this technology to showcase our products.� You can see an example model here and an example animation here, or visit the TR website for more.


Global engineering, manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings and Cat C products.


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March 2018

Entry Level Flow Indicator The Pulsite Solo from Titan Enterprises is a low cost, battery powered rate and total flow indicator. These panel or surface mounting digital instruments, that require no external power when used with magnetic sensors or contact closures, are designed to be as versatile as possible permitting customisation to suit almost any flow measurement application. With housing constructed from durable polymer, and sealed to IP64 specifications, the Pulsite Solo can be used in a wide range of operating environments. Designed for ease of use, programming on the Pulsite Solo is simple using the 2 front panel keys and following the prompts on the LCD display.

For further information on the Pulsite Solo flow indicator please visit www.ratetotaliser.com or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / sales@flowmeters. co.uk With over 40 years’ experience in flowmeter innovation and manufacture, Titan Enterprises philosophy of “pushing the envelope by trying to do things a “little different and better” has resulted in sales to over 40 countries worldwide and a repeat purchase rate of 95%.

The replaceable battery life is estimated to be well in excess of 5 years when the Pulsite Solo is used as a flow totaliser. With rate readings, the life of the Pulsite Solo will depend on the duty cycle but is still several years. The Pulsite Solo can also be externally dc powered if required for example when used with an electronic sensor such as a Hall effect device. This affordable flow indicator will take frequencies from dc through to 2 KHz and scale them to display rate or total. The scaling factors are adjustable from 0.01 to 9999 and the time base is selectable as seconds, minutes or hours.

Versatile High Performance Ultrasonic Flowmeter Titan Enterprises announces the availability of a new version of its Atrato Ultrasonic flowmeter designed to deliver precise flow measurement of fluid flows from -10 to +110 degrees centigrade. Ruggedly constructed with PEEK pipe connections and either a glass or 316 Stainless Steel flow tube the compact Atrato is compliant to IP54 standards. Utilising patented time-of-flight ultrasonic technology that enables it to operate with unmatched accuracy over very wide flow ranges, the Atrato range of inline flowmeters has set a new standard in flowmeter technology. Its rugged, clean bore construction makes the Atrato ideal for a whole range of low flow applications. Its signal processing system permits flow measurement across the whole Reynolds number range allowing both viscous and non-viscous products to be metered accurately. An integral USB interface makes it extremely easy to install and enables users to directly


monitor flow volume and rate on an external PC as well as altering operating conditions. For further information please visit www.flowmeters.co.uk/atrato-ultrasonic-flowmeters/ or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / sales@flowmeters.co.uk.

March 2018

Best-in-class sensors by HBM HBM is a world leader in developing and producing sensors and transducers to meet your specific needs. n■

Strain gauges are available for widely differing applications and at short notice


Load cells and force transducers measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads - with virtually no displacement


Torque sensors and transducers measure torque precisely


Pressure transducers can be used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment


Displacement transducers measure precisely in the µm range and allow simple displacement monitoring


Strain transducers measure high forces


In addition: We develop and manufacture customized transducers that meet your specifications

Measure and predict with confidence. This is what we stand for. Further information: www.hbm.com/eu-sensors

n 6151 n www.hbm.com KingdomnLtd 0208 515 n6000 info@uk.hbm.com n www.hbm.com HBM TestHBM andUnited Measurement Tel. +n 49Tel. 6151 803-0 Fax +49 803-9100 n info@hbm.com


March 2018

New high-precision positioning encoder from maxon motor. Introducing the ENX 16 RIO encoder. maxon motor presents a top-of-the-range high-resolution encoder. The ENX 16 RIO offers an impressive resolution of up to 65,536 counts per turn in a compact and rugged housing. Requirements on encoders are becoming more and more demanding. This applies particularly to positioning applications with precision constant-speed control, where increasingly compact housings need to accommodate an ever greater number of electrical contacts. maxon motor solves this problem with its new ENX 16 RIO optical encoder. It is a mere 16 millimeters in size and offers a resolution of up to 65,536 counts per turn, making it ideal for the precise position and velocity control of DC motors. The new maxon ENX 16 RIO encoder (Reflective, Interpolated, Optical) fulfills all the requirements for a high-resolution optical encoder in a compact design. The resolution can be configured at the factory or online. With 16 millimeters outer diameter and 7 millimeters overall length, the housing is mechanically robust and protected from dust due to its injection-molded construction. The operating temperature range is -40 °C to +100 °C. Easily configured online for combinations with maxon motors The encoder can be combined and configured with matching drives online. It fits the new brushless EC-i 30 motors and the brushed DCX motors (diameters of 16 millimeters and up). The counts per turn and the electrical interface of the ENX 16 RIO encoder are also configurable online. All combination options and detailed product information is available in the maxon online shop: shop.maxonmotor.com


March 2018


March 2018

Human-Machine Interaction Passes SICK’s ‘Safety IQ’ Test at MACH 2018 The 2018 MACH Show will be the platform for demonstrating SICK’s UK SafetyIQ concept, the company’s universal approach to ensuring safe, compliant personnel protection without compromising on machine availability, efficiency and productivity. SICK’s machinery safety experts will be on hand on stand H18-421 to discuss SafetyIQ, a full suite of safety products, services and systems underpinned by networking and integration that enables customers to achieve Industry 4.0-ready functional safety in automated production. Safe human-machine collaboration will take centre stage on SICK’s stand with an Industry 4.0 robot exhibit. Visitors will be able to personally interact with the robot, demonstrating a range of SICK solutions including robot guidance, RFID and 2D LiDAR scanning technologies as well as showing how SICK’s safety light curtain and laser scanning technologies can be successfully integrated with the SICK FlexiSoft safety controller. “Visitors to the MACH show are the engineers and production managers working right on the front line of human-machine interaction. They need to ensure compliant functional safety for operations such as metal forming and machining where operator safety is always the first priority but where flexibility in production is increasingly demanded,” says Seb Strutt, SICK UK’s machinery safety specialist “As the inventors of the safety light curtain, SICK has led the way in machinery safety for more than 40 years. SafetyIQ will ensure SICK continues to partner productively with customers, helping them to develop safety concepts they can rely on to meet all relevant regulations, while still achieving cost-efficient solutions that minimise downtime.”


Among the highlights on the SICK stand will be the SICK microScan3 safety laser scanner with recently-added EtherNet/IPTM and PROFINET compatibility to enable easy integration of safety laser scanners into a safe network. This also facilitates simultaneous field evaluation of up to four fields, instead of the single field offered by standard I/O scanners. The stand will also demonstrate a range of SICK’s positioning encoders including the DFS60S Pro incremental encoder which enables motion to be safely controlled in automated guided vehicles or machinery requiring frequent operator interaction. The DFS60S Pro enables safe operator interaction at slow speeds without the need to stop the machine. Especially when teamed with the Flexi Soft FX3-MOC Drive Monitor, the DFS60S Pro permits safe working without loss of productivity during routine operations, such as piece part loading, magazine replacement, adjustment on machining centres or splicing of material on reel-fed machinery. SICK’s manufacturing technical sales staff will be on hand to answer questions about SICK’s industrial instrumentation products including for fluid sensing, and Industry-4.0 ready smart photoelectric sensors. For more information on the SICK range of products, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email andrea.hornby@sick.co.uk

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: www.rotechsystems.co.uk Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email: sales@rotechsystems.co.uk

Monitoring the world

March 2018

NORD DRIVESYTEMS at ANUGA FOODTEC 2018 nsd tupH: Corrosion-resistant surface treatment for aluminium drive units From 20 to 23 March, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be exhibiting its aluminium drive units for the food and beverage industry at ANUGA FOODTEC. The lightweight, corrosionresistant gear units, smooth surface motors, frequency inverters and motor starters in wash-down optimised die cast aluminium housings are extremely robust and durable thanks to a special surface treatment: NORD nsd tupH surface protection. For use in demanding environments, NORD offers the extremely effective nsd tupH anti-corrosion treatment for aluminium drive units. With this process, the material is hardened below the surface. The surface treatment creates a protective layer which is permanently bonded to the substrate material. It is based on an electrolytic process and gives aluminium corrosion resistance properties which are similar to those of stainless steel. The scratch-resistant surface is more than seven times harder than untreated aluminium alloy. The drives can easily withstand high pressure steam washing or contact with aggressive media.

Aluminium drives in oyster farming Among other applications, NORD nsd tupH At ANUGA FOODTEC 2018, NORD will be exhibiting its modules are used in the many conveyor drive solutions for the food and beverage industry systems which are used in oyster farming. While cast iron geared motors only remain operational aluminium drive units, all DIN and standard components, for one or two years due to corrosion by the salty including drive shafts, are made from stainless steel. The environment, the aluminium drive units from Northern fanless smooth motors do not spread germs and also Germany offer a durable and economical solution, which run very quietly. They are available as synchronous and usually completely outlives the 10 year life cycle of the asynchronous motors and fulfil efficiency classes IE2 conveyor belts which they drive. Therefore, users save and IE3 (asynchronous motors) and IE4 (synchronous time and expense for the maintenance and repair of their motors). systems. In addition to robust and corrosion-resistant geared An economical alternative with many variants nsd motors for the food and beverage industry, NORD tupH drive units are a robust, durable and economical DRIVESYSTEMS will of course also present other alternative to painted cast iron geared motors or products from its comprehensive range of drives and drive electronics at ANUGA FOODTEC 2018 in Cologne. stainless steel versions. The nsd tupH treatment is NORD can be found in Hall 10.1, on stand B061. available for all NORD aluminium products, unlike stainless steel drives, which are only offered in a small www.nord.com number of versions by other manufacturers. For nsd tupH


March 2018

T +49 2961 7405-0 T +44 1234 783366

T +1 704 716 7022 T +39 02 62033057 ACHEMA Hall 9.1 Stand C4 Made in Germany

Your Specialist for

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March 2018

Using maxon motors in Robotics

maxon technology is widely used in robotics, where high power density and precision are prerequisites. This article explains which products are most suited to robot applications and why. High Power Density Within a compact unit, maxon motors can provide a continuous torque rating of up to almost 1Nm, and this can be further increased with the addition of a maxon gearhead. The self-supporting ironless copper winding allows for a great volume/power ratio. Compact units with a high performance are extremely beneficial for applications such as robotic arms. These are used to assist humans with consistent heavy loads they encounter when working in a warehouse, for example. maxon’s RE40 and RE65 DC motors have been used in this type of application. The RE65 offers a nominal torque of approximately 900mNm and can be also be overloaded depending on the duty cycle. The term high power density not only refers to the maximum torque and speed rating within a small volume, it also considers the speed/torque gradient of the motor. This defines the strength of the motor when an additional load is applied; for every mNm of torque applied, the speed output of the motor is decreased by a certain amount, as per the below formula: n=(k_n*U_(mot))-((∆n/∆M)*M) Where: n = Output speed (under load) (rpm), kn = Speed constant (rpm/V), Umot = Voltage applied, Δn/ΔM = Speed/Torque gradient (rpm/mNm), M = Output torque (mNm) maxon’s motors offer a speed/torque gradient as low as 0.306 rpm/mNm (EC-i 52 180W) which can be used in direct drive applications where there is a fluctuating load. Humanoid robots typically have a requirement for a small powerful, or


in other words, a high power density unit. For example, in the past the EC-4 pole 22mm motor has been used due to its high output power which is a result of having two pole pairs. In terms of maxon gearheads, the ceramic option is usually chosen as it has the capability to transmit more torque to the output shaft without causing internal wear. High Controllability maxon DC motors offer great control characteristics, the reason for this is there is a linear relationship between the voltage applied and the speed output as well as between the current and torque output. These can be defined using the following formulas: n= k_n*U_mot Where: n = Output speed (no load) (rpm), kn = Speed constant (rpm/V) and Umot = Voltage applied

= Torque constant (mNm/A) and Imot = Electrical current High Acceleration Due to the coreless design of the DC motors, the inertia is typically very low. This results in the motor offering high acceleration characteristics which is critical in certain applications, such as pick and place systems and delta robots. As well as a low inertia, maxon motors also offer a very low mechanical time constant that determines the time taken to achieve 63% of its no-load speed from a standstill. For highly dynamic applications, that require constant acceleration/ deceleration, selecting a motor with a low rotor inertia is fundamental.


The acceleration is determined by the torque required and the moment of inertia of both the load and the rotor. If the load has an inertia of more than 10x that of the rotor inertia…

Where: M = Output torque (mNm), kM

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Your Right Connection For Hygienic Process Systems Dixon’s extensive hygienic and pharmaceutical range of products includes: fittings, tubing, hygienic unions, manual and automated valves, pumps, hose assemblies and a range of accessories.

Mixproof Valves

Sample Valves

Fittings & Tubing

Seat & Process Valves



Dixon offers a full range of FDA approved hose and hose assemblies offering odourless and taste free properties suitable for the transfer of liquid foodstuffs.

Food Grade Rubber



Dixon Group Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0)1772 323529 Email: sales@dixoneurope.co.uk www.dixoneurope.co.uk

March 2018

dataFEED OPC Suite: a complete OPC and OPC UA communication solution in a single software product. The dataFEED OPC Suite offers a full package of components for OPC communication and cloud connectivity within a single product. It not only enables access to the controllers of all the leading manufacturers, but also enables DCOM to be implemented with just a few clicks, therefore improving communication between the PLCs, OPC Servers and OPC Clients. The MQTT Connector enables the sharing of data to IoT clouds. It also supports access to data blocks in Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers. dataFEED OPC Suite is one of the first products available on the market offering this functionality. It allows users to include this data even in applications outside the PLC. This new dataFEED OPC Suite version also reads symbol information directly from the Siemens controller. It overcomes the timeconsuming need to import the symbols first or to configure the data items manually as it had been necessary until now. OPC Client applications receive the retrieved symbolic


information via the integrated OPC Server. As a result, these applications can now use symbolic names for accessing data items in all data blocks. Andreas Röck, dataFEED Product Manager at Softing Industrial explains, “With the new version of the dataFEED OPC Suite, users now have an easy-to-use, integrated solution for high-performance access to the complete family of Siemens S7 controllers. This makes data integration simple and reliable for a wide range of applications even in complex systems.”

Industrial network health and happiness delivered by Softing and Hitex A complete range of diagnostic, monitoring and connectivity tools to keep your plant or facility running smoothly at all times


y E

K ffi pro eepi cien cy ce s n g ses you mo r vin g


t en e n a t ite e r mt e g r ao n - s o n s p e in h ti a t e - a l o ne t o b o t p l i c a G u a a n d wa r ta i n a p St a rd d a l o u d h LC C P nd a

E nd for mbe ustr d i & s e r i m p F P GA d e d a l Et s h vic lem , st ol es en ack utio erne tat s tT ns ion oo ls

B -T a an n 5 T o d dh es to ne os eld te ol ba ci d r tt llo ia er sc g y- o no po pe st w in ics er ed

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ng y ori tivit e t i c n c Mo onne enan C int Ma


In Re dus co l i a t nn ble ry 4 ect Io .0 ivi T h ty ub so lut and ion clo s ud



en nd e ep d nd er an i s ink stic troll m L o n T H a g n co ro o Di rom trol f on c

sales@hitex.co.uk | www.hitexautomation.co.uk | 024 7669 2066

March 2018

ION SCIENCE INVESTS £500,000 IN ADVANCED PICK AND PLACE MACHINE FOR PCB ASSEMBLY New Europlacer iineo system set to increase efficiencies and capacity of MiniPID PCB assembly process Ion Science (www.ionscience.com) – leading manufacturer of advanced gas detection instrumentation for global occupational health and environmental monitoring applications – has invested some £500,000 in a new stateof-the-art Europlacer iineo pick and place machine to increase the capacity and efficiencies of its MiniPID PCB assembly process. The MiniPID is a simple plug-and-play sensor able to deliver a dynamic and dependable response to thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) across many diverse applications. Fully automated in process quality control and on-the-fly visual component checking ensures the correct value component is being selected before placement onto the PCB. Component value testing is also integrated into the system with the in process Electronic Component Testing. This has enabled Ion Science to reduce any extra cost of rework due to operator errors and incorrect components being placed on the PCBs.Optimisation of the component setup has allowed Ion Science to increase component placement capacity from 2,500 CPH (components per hour) on the old system to 20,000 CPH which will allow faster assembly times. With its Smart component feed system, Ion Science can keep track of the component inventory levels for our stock control.


The Speed print in line solder paste printer is fully automated and has its own print inspection to check for solder bridging and solder coverage via an integrated camera 2D inspection system which has removed the risk of short and open circuits due to solder paste errors. Now a PCB panel can be placed into the Speed Printer which will then automatically align and position it under the print screen. The previous system used a manual load and inspection system which was vulnerable to user errors. Accurate temperature profiling is critical for the PID PCB due to the flexibility and thickness of the material. A TSM reflow oven allows Ion Science to set the temperature profiling to its specific requirements to optimise the reflow temperature for each PID and the flexibility to change between PCBs without delays with improved soldering results and PCB reliability.The Europlacer iineo pick and place system allows Ion Science to place package sizes of down to 01005 and mini BGA (Ball Grid Array) devices. Duncan Johns, Managing Director at Ion Science comments: “This represents a significant investment for Ion Science but the new pick and place machine will give us the accuracy and flexibility required for the increased volume and product variation going forward.”

March 2018

Surface Technologies

Improving component life and performance l Controlled Shot Peening l Laser Shock Peening l Thermal Spray Coatings l Dry Film Lubricants l Organic and Inorganic Coatings l Parylene Ultra-thin Conformal Coatings l Superfinishing l On-site Processing l Material Testing and Analysis l NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, AS9100 Rev C

www.cwst.co.uk CWST will be exhibiting at Advance Engineering Show Nov 2017, Stand L83

眀眀眀⸀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀 ⬀㐀㐀⠀ ⤀㄀㔀㈀㐀 㠀㄀㌀ ㈀  椀渀昀漀䀀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀

䴀漀搀甀氀愀爀 挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀 猀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀猀琀猀 

䐀攀猀椀最渀 䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀 䤀渀猀琀愀氀氀愀琀椀漀渀 嘀愀氀椀搀愀琀椀漀渀 䌀漀渀猀甀洀愀戀氀攀猀

吀攀氀氀 甀猀 礀漀甀ᤠ瘀攀 猀攀攀渀 甀猀 椀渀 䔀渀最椀渀攀攀爀椀渀最 唀瀀搀愀琀攀


March 2018

HepcoMotion’s Calum Hutcheon with Ed Moss, Apprentice Chair

HepcoMotion apprentice excels in national award HepcoMotion is pleased to announce that one of its apprentices has excelled in a highly-respected national award. Calum Hutcheon has been crowned ‘Highly Commended’ at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards in the national Business Apprentice of the Year Award. This coveted award is a tremendous outcome given the extent of Calum’s competition on a national level. Initially Calum had to impress the judges on a regional level before he could go head-to-head with other regional winners from across the UK to achieve this accolade. As part of the judging, Calum attended an interview in Birmingham in front of a panel of judges and also had to give a presentation. Calum impressed the judges with his commitment, ambition and drive.


Digital Marketing apprentice Calum says “I’m really pleased to receive this recognition and genuinely hope that it highlights to others that apprenticeships are a valuable and rewarding career choice. Hepco has supported me every step of the way and I look forward to progressing further my career in digital marketing.” Linear motion expert HepcoMotion is committed to the development of young, enthusiastic engineers

who have the desire to progress up the career ladder. Offering a well-renowned apprenticeship scheme, Hepco has a strong history working with apprentices as many of the managers and even the chairman himself, started work at HepcoMotion as apprentices. Indeed, nearly 50% of Hepco’s engineering production staff are either apprentices or former apprentices. www.hepcomotion.com

Patent information can be challenging. Rely on us to help provide you with comprehensive, viable solutions

Our solutions boost efficiency, without losing accuracy. • Search patents intuitively and comprehensively with PatBase • Explore the landscape with powerful, integrated PatBase Analytics • Search peer-reviewed Engineering and Technology research literature with Minesoft Inspec • Extract essential chemical information from full text patents with Chemical Explorer • Find out how Minesoft solutions can transform the way you work at www.minesoft.com UK: +44(0)20 8404 0651 Germany: +49 (0)211 7495 0930 USA: +1 703 931 1597 Japan: +81 3 54039191

March 2018

adi Group Offers Compliance 360 - Cloud-Based Manufacturing Compliance Management Solution Engineering firm, adi Group, is now offering manufacturers an innovative route through the compliance management minefield, with Compliance 360. The cloud-based system enables industry to rationalise compliance and testing regimes across thousands of critical site assets, and minimise risk exposure in the process. Compliance 360 serves not only as a manufacturing site’s asset inventory, accounting for everything in a consistent format, but also as a framework within which adi Group’s engineers can comply with all the legal or best practice testing regimes those assets require. The system then logs and stores all test data in a standard form, reports on defects and automatically prices up remedial work to present back to the customer, or to adi Group themselves, to be actioned. And, with all data held in one digital space, they can be interrogated with ease. For each asset and test programme, the asset list also acts as a scheduler, allowing the customer to analyse their factory area, their site or the whole estate, ensuring not only that they are compliant but signposting which assets are scheduled for imminent testing.


With thousands of pieces of electrical, mechanical and environmental kit in the typical factory, from boilers, motors, emergency lights, control panels and distribution boards, along with all of the electrical system’s final circuits, keeping tabs on compliance testing has often proven an administrative nightmare for manufacturers. In some cases, businesses have insufficient time and resources available to keep track of all the necessary testing and the paper trails that inevitably follow. This can lead to auditing difficulties and, in extreme cases, unnecessary risk exposure, as potentially dangerous equipment goes untested for a lack of awareness of test frequencies or of the vagaries of different regimes. adi Group Director, James Sopwith said, “We find some businesses don’t have an accurate picture of their full asset inventory and, without that knowledge, they struggle to ensure they’re in full

compliance with all regulations or industry best practices. This can lead to all manner of issues, should a problem arise, but Compliance 360 changes all that. It gives customers clarity and confidence by establishing rigorous testing regimes at the right frequency and dealing with problems in an efficient, proactive manner. Rather than trawling through endless paper records, due to the system’s digital nature, audits of mechanical, environmental and electrical asset testing are transparent, standardised and accessible, enabling manufacturers to take back control over elements of their risk exposure.” To learn more about Compliance 360, get in touch with adi TEGG General Manager, Mark Shenton on 0121 451 2255 or email mshenton@adiltd.co.uk. http://adiltd.co.uk/

Hinges for every application Bespoke and stock hinges from the Uk’s no1 specialist manUfactUrer

Bespoke hinge design

full range of standard hinges

presswork and subassembly services

01827 63391


Quality hinges for over 200 years

March 2018

Simple - Quick - Cost-effective New control panel with built-in SD interface The Schmersal Group is extending its range of control panels with the new BDF 200-SD model. This product variant now has a built-in SD interface. The BDF 200-SD is also fitted with an EMERGENCY STOP function with electronic OSSD outputs and can be fitted with up to three operational command and alarm devices, such as illuminated push-buttons, illuminated alarms, selector switches and key switches. Using the built-in SD interface, the non-safe diagnostic signals from the command and alarm devices can be transferred via an SD gateway to the controller. In the safety circuit, different electronic safety switchgear devices, such as sensors and interlocks, can easily be connected in series using the BDF 200-SD. The benefit for users: The devices are simpler, quicker and more cost-effective to install. This also reduces installation errors. Safety sensors and interlocks fitted with an SD interface can transfer extensive status and diagnostics data from individual devices connected in series via the SD gateway and different fieldbuses to the controller. This could be, for example, status data from the safety equipment or error messages from a device. This allows individual diagnostics for the safety switchgear devices connected. This means that a user can easily tell which switch in the series has triggered a signal. This helps resolve problems quicker, enables preventative maintenance and thus increases machine availability. The BDF 200 product range was developed for installation on conventional aluminium profile systems in machine housings and is easy to install. The range is based on a slimline casing made of impact-resistant plastic. The positioning of the buttons on the control panel can be selected at will. Labelling fields allow the individual marking of functions. This means the machine constructor can show the normal operating functions (EMERGENCY STOP, On / Off, Forward / Back, mode selection, status display, error messages, etc.) on the BDF 200 range.

The Schmersal Group has extended its range of control panels to include the new BDF 200-SD model, which now incorporates a built-in SD interface.


March 2018

Low stress on pressure vessel for longer life Low NOx gas burner Fully matched Fulton burner Low outer surface temperature Compact design with minimal footprint Fully supported servicing and maintenance Fully wetted design - no refractory > 6:1 turndown capabilities (480 kg/h model)

World’s First Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler

> 10:1 turndown capabilities (960 kg/h model) > 82% gross efďŹ ciency > 99.5% steam quality at 8 bar

www.fulton.co.uk +44 (0)117 972 3322 Environmentally friendly k e y p o i n t s o f t h e V S RT

sales@fulton.co.uk www.fulton.co.uk/fulton-products/vsrt


March 2018

Digital Pyrometer with SMART Mode The IMPAC® IGAR 6 Advanced ratio pyrometer has a unique switchover technology that transitions between modes, creating a very long temperature measurement range.

ranges unaffected by dust and other contaminants in the field of view. The measuring object can be smaller than the spot size, measurements through dirty viewing windows are possible up to a certain contamination. The unique combination of a wide temperature range, compact size, and new Smart Mode including the response time of only 2 ms for measurement of fast processes, render the IGAR 6 Advanced pyrometer as ideal measuring solution for many different applications in industrial manufacturing. Major applications include induction heating, hardening, tempering/annealing, brazing, sintering, vacuum processes, coating, and laser heat treatment. The IGAR 6 Advanced joins the Series 6 family of digital, compact infrared thermometers and leverages highly accurate infrared technology to determine the temperature of a surface.

LumaSense’s IGAR 6 Advanced pyrometer has a robust, stainless steel enclosure for Like other Series 6- pyrometers, the IGAR safe operation even in harsh environments (IP65/NEMA4) 6 Advanced shares the available Series The IGAR 6 Advanced is a digital, the pyrometer can operate in 1-color 6 sighting options such as through-lenscompact pyrometer with 1-color, 2-color, mode (100 to 2000 °C) and 2-color sighting, laser targeting, and TV module and can be connected to a PC through and Smart operating modes for non- mode (250 to 2000 °C). an RS485 to USB connection. contact temperature measurement in When the instrument is operated ranges between 100 to 2000 °C. in 2-color or Smart Mode, InfraWin A wide range of useful optional This product is unique not only because provides the option to automatically accessories e.g. the line-optics complete the LumaSense portfolio. of the wide temperature range, but due determine the emissivity. to the employed seamless ‘switchover’ technology. By pushing a dedicated button, this IMPAC®, acquired by LumaSense in emissivity is set and used for all 2007, has almost 60 years of experience This technology, known as Smart Mode, measurements in 1-color mode or in in infrared and non-contact temperature measurement and is a trusted source for allows the pyrometer to measure in 1- Smart Mode below 280 °C. pyrometer technology worldwide. color mode at low temperatures (100 to 250 °C) and then transition to 2-color In 2-color mode (ratio method) two mode to provide the advantages of adjacent wavelengths are used Contact: measurements in ratio mode at higher for the temperature determination. This technique offers substantial LumaSense Technologies GmbH, temperatures (280 to 2000 °C). advantages compared to standard The automatic, smooth transition from 1-color pyrometers: The temperature info@lumasenseinc.com 1-color to 2-color measurement occurs measurement is largely independent between 250 and 280 °C. In addition, of the object’s emissivity and in wide www.lumasenseinc.com


March 2018

Engineering apprentices on track to lead major tourism project A team of young engineers at complex metal specialist Grainger and Worrall is taking the lead on a new project expected to boost tourism to the town of Bridgnorth (Shropshire).

Budding engineers have already begun prototyping a series of 20 replica locomotive statues in the shape of ‘Catch Me Who Can’ - the world’s first fare passenger engine built in Bridgnorth back in 1808 for British inventor Richard Trevithick. Each statue will be hand-painted in a kaleidoscope of colours by local artists and placed in strategic locations around the town, to create an interactive walking trail. The project is putting Grainger and Worrall’s apprentices under real-time engineering pressures. Not only are they being asked to design and engineer the statues based on a sketch drawing, but they also need to manufacture four a week leading up to the April 1 deadline, when they will be placed around the town. The replicas, which when cast and set on a plinth stand some 1.5m


high, provide several external design challenges that the apprentices must overcome. Ella Jones, a female apprentice at Grainger and Worrall, explained: “Throughout the design stage we have had to consider lots of requirements. The volume of replicas required in a short timeframe mean they must be practical to manufacture, which is why we are utilising a hybrid of traditional casting processes, together with more innovative 3D sand printing technology. They must also be corrosion resistant and have secure fixings, plus, be novel and quirky by design. Amidst all of these, we also need to ensure they replicate the original Catch Me Who Can in the best possible way.” Matthew Snelson, director of systems at Grainger and Worrall, and director of the neighbouring Marches Centre of

Manufacturing and Technology, which hosts the apprentices, added: “This project gives our apprentices experience of working in busy engineering conditions, utilising their skills in computer aided design, simulation, prototyping, 3D printing and sand casting. These are the skills Grainger and Worrall’s 700-strong team practise every day in response to demand from leading OEMs for complex metal solutions, and puts the apprentices in good stead for long, successful careers at the company.”

March 2018

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March 2018

Are you ready for The Government’s apprenticeship levy has been making headlines for a while now, and not all those headlines are positive. However, this shouldn’t put small businesses off employing an apprentice. Here, Laura Neish, HR manager of power tool specialist Starrett, explains how to get the most out of hiring an apprentice. In October 2017, The Financial Times reported that the number of people starting apprenticeships in the UK had dropped 61 per cent year-on-year since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy. The levy has been set at 0.5 per cent of a company’s pay bill for all employers with a wage bill of more than £3 million per year.

However, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has said that the introduction has caused some problems for smaller companies too and has called for more financial support for employers creating roles for young apprentices.

March 2018

an apprentice? “Small businesses have a key role in providing apprenticeships across the whole of England and particularly for younger workers, with 70 per cent of those firms that have an apprentice taking on 16 to 19-year-olds,” said Mike Cherry, national chairman of the FSB, speaking to The Financial Times. “Government should reconsider the current funding arrangements and incentives for taking on younger apprentices, recognising that this

group needs more support as they move into the workplace for the first time.” Whatever the plan to boost or support the uptake of apprenticeships, the traditional way into any contracting career is with an apprenticeship. Builders, electricians and plumbers all typically start out this way, so the biggest decision for small business owners isn’t so much about whether or not to choose an apprentice, but more about whether your business can support one.

Long-term investment Hiring an apprentice is a longterm investment, and you need to make sure taking on someone that needs support and training fits into your growth strategy. This means assessing whether you can afford to employ them as well as asking yourself whether you’ll be in a position to offer them a role by the time they’ve completed their training. It’s also important to take the time and assess the workload and projected new business pipeline for your company. Not only do you need to make sure you have enough work for the apprentice so it’s not a wasted investment, you also need to assess whether there is a suitable mentor in the business with the capacity to be partnered with a trainee.

Do your homework Once you’re sure you have the time, resources and space for an apprentice you should start researching training providers offering the right apprenticeships. Industry specific providers are often the best bet, because you’re more likely to find a selection of candidates to suit your business. You should take the time to understand all aspects of the schemes on offer, because they vary from one provider

to another. Some may be more vocational, whereas others may put more of an emphasis on classroom learning. Schemes also vary widely in length, lasting anywhere between twelve months and four years, so make sure you understand the commitment you’re making. You should also enquire about the kind of training offered by the provider. For instance, do they invite industry experts to share best practice with their apprentices, such as a day with the Starrett team and demo van learning about how to get the most out of power tools.

Choosing your apprentice Now you’re ready to hire someone. You can advertise apprenticeships directly through training providers, on The National Apprenticeship portal or on any standard jobsite. However, when you have a group of applicants lined up, you then need to make sure you select the best person for your business. One of the best ways to do this is to hold assessment days that include a selection of tasks or activities and culminate in a more formal interview. This will allow you to assess the competency, personality and learning agility of your applicants. If you can involve different members of your staff to run different activities, you also give them chance to feedback on whether they think candidates would be a good fit. Apprenticeships are the bedrock of our nation’s trade industries. By taking on apprentices, small businesses not only gain the energy and drive of a new employee, they contribute to the continuation of skilled work. Just make sure you do your homework first to avoid gaining a negative reputation like the apprenticeship levy. www.starrett.co.uk


March 2018

Robust, reliable and expandable manual machine function switching: Herga Technology launches new multi-function industrial footswitch range Herga Technology, the UK’s leading switching and sensing component manufacturer, has launched a new range of heavy-duty and high-power footswitches aimed at operator control for industrial production machines. Available for single or double (redundant) operation and with slow or snap, break & make switching, the modular and robust design of the new 6256 series allows unlimited footswitch expansion and simple adaptation for optional safety guards, a manual release safety function, carrying handles and other accessories that are available as part of the range. Herga’s new 6256 series footswitches will suit applications where durability, reliability and long working life are key factors for plant & equipment OEMs and machine builders. The smart and aesthetic injection moulded ABS/PC housing design has been extensively tested for durability and is a significantly cost-effective but highly capable alternative to more expensive castmetal footswitch solutions. Applications areas include operator enabled function switching where hand control is not feasible or safe in metal or plastics processing, laser machining, hydraulic press, welding, riveting stamping and more. The fully waterproof IP67 protection class footswitch accommodates safety shoe use, includes a non-slip base and has through holes for direct floor mounting plus three alternative M20 conduit entry points. Snap-fit construction allows fast assembly and easy adaptation to the application whilst quick access

to the large wiring compartment with screw-terminal connection and an integral a self-lifting clamp ensure dependable installation. The 6256 footswitch suits motor and heavy duty loads thanks to a rated operational current of6A at 250V AC (AC-15) or 24V DC (DC-13). Long electrical life is assured with a rated five hundred thousand switching cycles when interrupting 6A AC-15 at 250V. In addition to the safety guard and optional manual release function, the modular construction concept of the 6256 will also allow application-specific accessories to be added such as custom protective shields, safety trips, mechanical interlocks, foot rests etc. Internally the normal single or dual switching function could easily be adapted as potentiometer, Hall sensor, or latching element type switching. As the footswitches can be simply locked together to form sturdy multiple footswitch groups, machine ergonomics and scalability is easily achieved.

Herga Technology can also supply the 6256 series industrial footswitch with Bluetooth® connectivity by integrating its own modular transmitter into the new footswitch. The secure PAN (Personal Area Network) transmitter and receiver system can be supplied with a choice of housed or PCB receivers and can accommodate up to two transmitters for a 10 m range, selectable latency and ultra-low power consumption. As with all Herga Technology hand or foot switching components and sensing solutions, custom colours, customer logos, and electrical or mechanical modifications are available for OEM customers. For further details of the new 6256 series visit www.herga.com or email sales@herga.com or call +44 (0)1284 701422.



• Rugged high performance • Versatile footswitches heavy duty footswitch • Wide choice of colours & switching operations • Choice of colours • IPX7 • Multi-pedal versions • Available as potentiometer • Sealed to IPX2 & IPX7— versions

Electronic Foot Potentiometers

IPX8 on request

Multi Pedal Puck Switch

• Variable voltage output • Wide choice of colours & cables • Solid state optical sensor • Low cost • Switches individually approved to IEC & • IPX2 UL 60601-1 • Customer colours & logos available • Sealed to IPX2 & IPX7— IPX8 on request



Bluetooth® Footswitches

• Secure Bluetooth Smart

closed network • Typically <150 ms latency • 10M range • Simple pairing procedure • 1000hrs battery life • 8 digital outputs

Hand Controls

• Ergonomic design • Lightweight • Electrical, pneumatic &

infra red versions available

• Compact, handy & ergonomic

• For hand & foot operation • Approved to IEC & • UL 60601-1 • Sealed to IPX2 & IPX7— IPX8 on request

Protective Guards

• Mild steel protective guard

• Powder coated black or grey

• Choice of up to 6 buttons • Single or double • Handle cut out Push Button Bellows

• Ideal for OEM applications • For hand & foot operation • Several colour & design options • Base or Side Entry • Large air volume for easy operation • Choice of alternate & • Plastic, Brass & Stainless momentary action Steel • Side or base entry tube outlet • UL//CSA Approvals • Combine with an airswitch available • Combine with an airswitch for safe, waterproof switching for safe, waterproof • Adjustable pressure switches also available

Medical Switches

Infra Red Switches

• Non-Contact switching • Sensing range up to 75mm

• Simple Installation • Bespoke output circuits


Most standard products are available from stock, however they can be customised, with colour, cable and connector being the most common variables

Subject to change without notice

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Heavy Duty Footswitches

March 2018

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: sales@keller-pressure.co.uk Web: www.keller-pressure.co.uk www.keller-druck.com



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to rotate whilst carrying fluid under pressure 1/4” to 20” and beyond. Vacuum to over 6000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Rotaflow FV Limited | Rotec House Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY



01663 735003




March 2018

FANUC UK to Demonstrate Open Network Capabilities at MACH 2018 • Hall 19, stand 610 • All automated cells will be connected by FANUC’s scalable operation management software FANUC UK will demonstrate its next-generation automated capabilities, alongside its latest advances in robotics, RoboMachines, drives, and controls, at its fully-connected stand during this year’s MACH exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham. “Our theme this year is ‘Connectivity’,” says Andrew Armstrong, FANUC UK’s sales and marketing manager. “Alongside a selection of our most recent product launches, many of which will be making their UK debut at MACH, we will also be demonstrating FANUC’s capabilities within the emerging markets of artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and the IoT.” The stand, which will include a range of robot models across FANUC’s collaborative, SCARA, and machine-tending portfolios, will be connected via a single software platform: the MT-Linki. This scalable operation management tool, which was first unveiled at EMO last year, will collect, monitor and display the data of every machine on the stand, in an easy-todigest format for all visitors to see. “The MT-Linki represents an easy and cost-effective way to connect and monitor machines on the factory floor,” says Andrew. “The technology is scalable, with a connection capability of up to 100 machines per server. The data, which can be collected via a dedicated Collector PC software, can then be used to optimise production processes, maximise machine usage, or diagnose potential problems, all without having to visit the factory floor. “This software will be joined by FANUC’s Zero Downtime technology, which was also unveiled at EMO. The ZDT will demonstrate FANUC’s abilities within condition monitoring: an arguably quick and easy win for manufacturers looking to adopt Industry 4.0.” Three of the cells connected by MT-Linki will showcase FANUC’s RoboMachine capabilities within electronic discharge machining and vertical milling.

• Exhibits will include partnerships with NIKKEN and Renishaw for enhanced functionality • Visitors will learn how to prepare their factories for Industry 4.0 The ROBOCUT C800iB, which is the largest of FANUC’s wire EDMs, will be making its UK debut as part of a gear-cutting and hole-drilling cell, and will be equipped with both a FANUC CCR rotary table, and a bonding alloy Pentron attachment. The C800iB is suited to high-capacity, complex cutting requirements, and is capable of working, without human interference, for extended periods of time. This is due to its automatic wire feeding functions and Core Stitch technology, a software that allows operators to plan cutting jobs, and increase unmanned machining hours. The two ROBODRILL cells will demonstrate FANUC’s industry partnerships for enhanced capability. The D21LiB model will be integrated with a NIKKEN 5AX-DD200BF2 direct drive 5-axis unit to cut a special-edition World Cup trophy out of brass. The α-DiB5 ADV, which represents the latest advanced series of the ROBODRILL machining centre, will be paired with a FANUC robot, and equipped with a Renishaw Equator. The Equator will demonstrate a no-fault-forward functionality, by analysing machined parts and correcting any perceived decline in part quality, without disrupting production. Andrew Armstrong says: “We’re particularly excited about our ROBOCUT and ROBODRILL cells, which will provide a full demonstration of FANUC’s automated, connected capabilities. We’re also pleased to be partnering with Renishaw and Nikken, amongst others, for MACH 2018. This will show how FANUC can offer bespoke services and enhanced capabilities, depending on the customer’s requirements.” Also making its UK debut will be a laser cutting cell featuring the latest integrated CO2 and fibre laser systems from FANUC. As well as offering high performance and reliability, FANUC CO2 and fibre lasers are compact, easy-to-use and cost-effective. They also use the same hardware systems, which means the laser source can be swapped out when required for maximum flexibility. Andrew says: “The FANUC brand often gets aligned to one of our product portfolios, whether that’s CNC or robots. We hope that visitors to MACH will realise the true extent of what we can offer, from our robots and RoboMachines, right the way through to our enhanced machine-to-machine capabilities.” FANUC will be exhibiting in Hall 19, stand 610, from 9th to 13th April. Sales representatives will be available for one-to-one meetings and consultations. To book an appointment, please click here. For more information on the exhibits at FANUC’s stand, please contact marketing@fanuc.co.uk.



March 2018

T&D Corporation Mr Minoru Ito, European Sales Office, Gronauer Straße 1, 61194 Niddatal, Germany 0049 (0)6034 930970 europe.office@tandd.de www.tandd.com

ECi Software Solutions Si One, St Ives Business Park, Parsons Green, St Ives, PE27 4AA +44 (0) 333 123 0333   www.eci.eu     eu-sales@ecisolutions.com

Unit 3A, Whitworth Court, Manor Park, Runcorn WA7 1WA. Tel.: (0044)-330 002 0640, sales@odu-uk.co.uk www.odu-uk.co.uk

Aztec Environmental Head Office, Aztech Environmental Services, The Stables, Llwyndu Court, Abergavenny, NP7 7HG 01873 850222, info@aztechindustrial.com www.aztechenvironmentalservices.co.uk

Phoenix Mecano Ltd

Precision Technology Supplies Ltd

26 Faraday Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8RY +44 (0)1296 611660 www.phoenix-mecano.co.uk

The Birches Industrial Estate, East Grinstead, RH19 1XZ, United Kingdom +44 (0)1342 410758, info@pts-uk.com http://www.pts-uk.com


Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd

Monitran Ltd, Monitor House, 33 Hazlemere Road, Penn, HP10 8AD, UK T: +44 (0)1494 816569 E: info@monitran.com www.monitran.com



Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF Tel: +44 1844204420 www.ecopacpower.co.uk

THE PLUS FOR ADDED FLEXIBILITY The innovative multi-protocol fieldbus system from Murrelektronik, which has radically simplified and modernized decentralized installation has taken a step further with a plus.

The single bus node can support up to 20 I/O modules in a 30 m circumference and with a reduced number of cables. The range of I/O modules continues to grow and includes digital and analogue ports, safe outputs, logic, counter, valve island, temperature, I/O link etc. Both IP67 or IP20 are available.


More options More flexibility More distance More performance

Murrelektronik Ltd 5 Albion St, Pendlebury Ind.Estate, Swinton, Manchester,M27 4FG Phone 0161 728 3133 sales@murrelektronik.co.uk


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Engineering Update - March 2018  

Engineering Update - March 2018