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April 2018


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BIM Training Courses Would you like BIM training specifically designed to suit your role? Our BIM Ready Training Program offers a range of courses specially designed for BIM Modellers, BIM Coordinators and BIM Management roles. Courses are a mix of theory, hands-on and practical demonstrations to bring the subject matter to life. Our training courses can be attended at one of our training centres or provided on your site. If you would like more information on training options please call our BIM experts on 01844 263700 or email

BIM Management

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Courses Available

Courses Available

Courses Available

BIM Fundamentals BIM for Project & Construction Professionals BIM for Product Manufacturers COBie and IFC Fundamentals

COBie and IFC Fundamentals Navisworks in a BIM Workflow Solibri Fundamentals Solibri Rules Based Workshop training/bim-management/ training/bim-coordination/

Revit Architecture Fundamentals Revit Structure Fundamentals Revit MEP Fundamentals Revit Family & Template Creation Civil 3D Fundamentals COBie and IFC Fundamentals training/bim-modeller/

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April 2018

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April 2018

Bahco’s ergonomic tool storage system saves engineers time Renowned hand tool manufacturer Bahco consulted engineers and took their comments and suggestions on board when developing their latest Ergonomic Tool Management System, which brings order to any workplace. Clearly displaying every tool or group of tools in the colour coded, easy-glide drawers of the system’s secure storage trolleys enables engineers to find the tool they need quickly and easily.

Ergonomic tools:

A ‘push’ device enables swift removal from stain resisting drawer inlays.

Bahco pioneered ergonomic tools more than 30 years ago. The brand’s current range of more than 550 ergonomic tools is designed to protect even the toughest hands from muscular-skeletal disorders, or MSDs.

Using Bahco’s ‘Configurator’ software, engineers can choose the size and colour of trolley they prefer, as well as the number of drawers and inlay format.

According to the UK’s Health & Safety Executive, these are the biggest cause of illness or injury sustained at work by trade professionals.

For engineers on the move a range of heavy duty, highly portable tool boxes with colour coded foam inlay drawers is available.

Hand, wrist and arm muscle strains and injuries are not only painful but often lead to lost working time or, for the self employed, loss of business.

A wide choice of size and drawer format is offered and all Bahco boxes are tough enough to take the inevitable knocks of daily use.

Constant repetition of some actions, often unavoidable, can result in strain even if they don’t feel all that strenuous at the time.

Precision torque tools: engineers know they can depend on the precision, quality and ‘feel’ of Bahco torque tools. Their range includes electronic torque angle wrenches, torque wrenches with scale and mechanical torque wrenches with adjustable head.

“Using ergonomic, well balanced hand tools can reduce muscular stress in the hands, provide greater comfort, reduce vibration through the hands and help avoid blisters and pressure points,” say experts at Bahco, whose ergonomic tools are developed using an 11-point scientific programme approved by independent experts.

Also available are electronic torque wrenches with a fixed or reversible ratchet head, torque screwdrivers with preset torque values and electronic torque and angle measuring adaptors.

Bahco air tools : A wide selection of Bahco air tools includes impact wrenches, grinders, cut off tools, drills, hammer chisels, ratchets and reciprocating saws.


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Great Price 5 Comm Ports Inc. Ethernet Real-Time Data On Display Easy PID Free No-Limit Programming Hardware Auto-Discovery Hot-Swappable I/O Built-in Data Logging Slim Form-Factor Multiple Wiring Options Integrated Web-Server Motion Made Easy

Lamonde Automation Ltd The Officers’ Mess | Coldstream Road | Caterham | Surrey CR3 5QX +44 203 026 2670 |

April 2018 The Tinytag range

Tinytag Data Loggers: Robust Environmental Monitoring Solutions The Tinytag range of data loggers includes rugged devices designed for monitoring in industrial, manufacturing, process and engineering applications. Compact, accurate and versatile, Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated. Tinytag data loggers record: • Temperature • Relative humidity • Single and three phase power usage • Carbon dioxide • Low voltage • Current • Count inputs Loggers are set up, and recorded data displayed in the Tinytag Explorer software, an easy to use Windows program. Results from separate logging runs can be combined for comparison and analysis, and data can be exported into popular desktop packages for use in reports and spreadsheets etc. A range of units is available to suit specific applications: • Standalone, network enabled or wireless devices • Dual channel loggers to simultaneously monitor two parameters e.g. temperature and RH • Rugged, waterproof and dustproof units


The Tinytag Energy Logger is an easy to use, non-invasive device for monitoring power usage in high consumption facilities

• Units with displays showing current readings as well as recording data • Fully submersible, high temperature loggers • Range of accompanying thermistor probes, PT1000 very low temperature probes, and PT100 very high temperature probes • Voltage, current and count input loggers for connection to third party sensors for specialist applications Small, Tinytag USB data loggers are left to record as required, then data is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable for viewing in the Tinytag Explorer data logging software. If the application requires remote data access, or has multiple monitoring

points, Tinytag Radio and LAN data loggers are an effective solution. Data is collected automatically and sent via wireless communications or via an Ethernet connection for immediate access by any permitted user in a LAN, or remotely over the internet. Tinytags are cost-effective with an established reputation for accuracy and reliability, and have been designed and manufactured in the UK by Gemini Data Loggers since 1992. Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd Scientific House Terminus Road Chichester PO19 8UJ T: +44 (0)1243 813000

April 2018

Nikuni VDF Hydrocyclone Separators A&M is the exclusively authorised EU distributor of Nikuni VDF robust stainless steel hydrocyclones, which provide the proven element-free method of removing metallic contamination in the machining, cutting and forming coolants used in machine tools.

Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones are available in a range of sizes from 20 lpm to 300 lpm and now, launched in the UK at MACH2018, the VDF CL-1000, offering a media-free flowthrough capacity of 1,000 lpm. Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones will remove as much as 95% of aluminium particles at 10μm and above in one pass. The product can provide a number operational benefits that include increased capital equipment life, the elimination of filter element replacement, reduced machining costs and can contribute to a better surface finish - often in a reduced cycle time. One major benefit of the Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone is that it can act as either a standalone product or a component for integration within an existing system. This simple product, which uses centrifugal force to separate metallic and other contaminants from fluids, is well established across the Far East and the USA and is currently experiencing a rising demand in Europe. It is becoming of great interest to many companies


involved in CNC machining and precision grinding who wish to reduce the cost of replacement filter media, often a significant element of their operational costs. Nikuni’s VDF hydrocyclones ensure coolants fed to machine tools are cleaner whilst avoiding the frustrations surrounding downtime from blocked filter elements. It is normal for a Nikuni VDF to achieve payback for its installation in a short space of time, because the need for conventional filter maintenance is removed along with the cost of repeated filter element replacements. Furthermore, the optimisation of performance and improvements in productivity are within the reach of all sizes of organisations spanning multi-nationals to single unit SME installations. As a standalone facility, the Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone can be supplied in C-CAT format, with or without a pump and other equipment such as automated air operated valving and a sludge pod for consolidating and collecting

separated contaminants. ne additional advantage of fitting a sludge pod to a VDF hydrocyclone is the volume of coolant in circulation in the cleaning circuit is greatly reduced saving energy and reducing the volume of waste collected. The Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone can also be applied to the separation of fine particles of non-metallic wastes and Aeration & Mixing welcome enquiries for applications from all sectors. The new Nikuni VDF CL-1000 launched at MACH2018 and rated at 1,000 lpm offers a new level of capacity for mediafree separation in large centralised coolant systems and other waste removal systems. Tel: +44 (0) 1302 215 156 ©Aeration & Mixing Ltd 2018

Distributor of Mean Well Power Supplies

Din Rail Power Supplies

Ecopac Power LTD l Sales: 01844 20 44 20 l Technical: 01844 20 44 30

April 2018

IET launches nationwide search for Young Woman Engineer of the Year

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has today launched its 2018 Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards (YWE) and is calling on successful young female engineers to enter. These prestigious engineering industry awards celebrate women working in modern engineering. They aim to help change the perception that engineering is predominantly a career for men, by banishing outdated engineering stereotypes of hard hats and greasy pipes. Winners become allimportant role models to help inspire more girls to become engineers. Recognising and showcasing outstanding female engineers has never been so important. Statistics from the most recent IET Skills and Demand in Industry survey show that just over one in ten (11%) of the UK engineering and technical workforce is female. Former winners of the Awards include Dr Ozak Esu, Electrical Engineer at Cundall, Dr Jenni Sidey Canadian Space Agency Astronaut, Orla Murphy, an Audio Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, Naomi Mitchison, a senior hardware engineer at Selex ES and Abbie Hutty, a spacecraft engineer currently working on Europe’s first Rover mission to Mars.


Jo Foster, IET Diversity and Inclusion Manager, said: “We want to make it clear that engineering is a fantastic career for women. Outdated views are damaging to the industry, especially when there is a significant shortage of engineers posing a serious threat to the economy. “Not only that – but there are thousands of female engineers doing amazing things in everything from healthcare technology to space exploration. “It’s vital we champion engineering – it’s a diverse, creative and exciting career, which offers the opportunity to do something life – or even – world changing. “The Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards showcase some of the best female engineering talent in this country, hopefully encouraging the next generation to get excited about the possibilities of an engineering career.” Current IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year, Dr Ozak Esu, added: “The awards celebrate career excellence and highlight the contributions of female engineers within a currently male-dominated industry. “As a finalist, I took part in the IET Portrait of an Engineer campaign to

promote diversity within the industry, dispel skewed views held by young people, and to encourage an inclusive perspective of what an engineer looks like. “Winning the Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award is a significant career achievement. This prestigious accolade has raised my professional profile within the industry in the UK and in Nigeria, which has led to many exciting projects and life-changing opportunities. “The award has also helped expand my professional network and enabled me to participate in inspiring the next generation of engineers on a bigger platform”. The deadline for entry to the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards is 7 July 2018. For more information, please visit:

PTS Ltd have over 18 years experience managing a growing number of customer production lines on-site to ensure ‘just-intime’ delivery. We offer many variations of Direct Line Feed management to suit individual needs. Plating We have the facilities to plate standard and special screws in most materials.

The most popular of these is our ‘Touch-Dry’ ChemiBlack process, currently used by an increasing number of customers in high-tech industries. Also known as ‘Black Oxide’, the finish is so thin it does not affect any dimensional tolerances. Other finishes offered include Gold, Nickel, Silver and Zinc (Rohs Compliant).

Patchlocking Ideal for vibration resistance and added torque performance. We offer a number of options to suit your requirements. Screw Modifications We provide a modification service for our customers from 1.6mm diameter fasteners upwards to customer drawings and specifications. This can be a cheaper and faster option than manufacturing, especially where smaller quantities are concerned.

Telephone: +44(0)1342 410758

Fax: +44(0)1342 311464


April 2018

Intensive Manufacturer Product Training for New Range Generators Intensive Manufacturer Product Training InEwan Fowels Service Engineer November Titan N2 Senior Engineer Ewan Fowels travelled to Sursee, Switzerland, to undergo 2 days of intensive product training from Vici DBS, manufacturers of Titan N2’s new range of Hydrogen and Zero Air Gas Generators.

Hydrogen Generator Outputs After being acquainted with the beautiful location and the training team, the delegates were introduced to the hydrogen generators. These are very impressive and simple to use. They require very little or no maintenance and have a very impressive range of features. The interactive display is very easy to use with clear concise menus and programmes. The hydrogen output can be easily adjusted Sussee in Switzerland for generator product trainingwith the touch of a button and the units have a standby when they were no longer in use.

Safety and Reduced DownTime No hydrogen is stored in the generator other than what is in the output tubing. This is a major advantage over hydrogen bottles with regard to safety, due to the fact that large quantities of Hydrogen, if improperly handled can be extremely dangerous.


The hydrogen generators also reduce down time as they do not need to be changed over. It will keep producing hydrogen as long as there is water in the system. Gas bottles need to be changed over when they are empty. One litre of water in a generator can produce 1100 litres of hydrogen gas. This means that with just 7 litres of water you can produce the same amount of hydrogen contained in a gas bottle. The generators also have a built in diagnostic system which is extremely easy to use and can help identify any faults the generator may develop, making servicing a lot easier for me!

Zero Air & FID Units On day two we were introduced to the zero air and FID units. The zero air units are simple reliable generators that are compact and very discreet. The zero air incorporates an oven which contains a platinum catalyst which burns off any hydrocarbons in compressed air at 500 degrees centigrade. I was equally impressed with the FID unit. These are a combined zero air unit and hydrogen generator in a compact stack-able frame. This frees up space in the lab – the client’s GC can even be mounted on top.

Excellence in Reliability All of the products we were given training on require very little maintenance and have an excellent track record for reliability. We were given a tour of the facility which was very interesting and we were let loose on the production floor to have a more in depth look. I was very impressed with the developments and technology Vici have made and incorporated into their products and look forward to installing and servicing these for our customers. If you would like to speak to one of our expert team regarding your gas generator requirements, complete the call back form online here.

April 2018

elobau expands its product range with new ultrasonic sensors elobau has expanded its product range with the introduction of ultrasonic sensors. Five different types of ultrasonic sensors which cover a wide range of measuring and monitoring tasks are available.

Measurement range of up to eight meters

2 operating modes, 2 housing materials, 3 designs, 6 outputs:

Ultrasonic sensors cyclically emit high-frequency acoustic pulses. The sonic waves are reflected by the target object and converted to an electrical signal by a sonic transducer in the sensor. The use of sonics makes it possible to identify objects regardless of their material. Even objects made from reflective, matte and transparent surface materials are safely captured. Depending on the design, the ultrasonic sensors from elobau cover measurement ranges between 40 millimetres and eight meters. The desired switching distance can be parameterised by the user via IO-Link, teach-in button or programming wire. The switching state is visualised by LEDs on the sensor housing.

a design for every application With three cylindrical designs, housings made of stainless steel or plastic, individually selectable operating modes of diffuse reflection or retroreflective, as well as analogue and digital outputs, the ultrasonic sensors from elobau can be used in various ways in various industrial applications. “From object recognition through distance measurement to position detection of solid, liquid or powdery substances, our ultrasonic sensors reliably supply data reliably even in the presence of moisture, dust and extreme temperatures�, explains Marc Ford of elobau.


April 2018

TRELLEBORG TO SHOWCASE FLUID POWER CAPABILITIES AT MAJOR INDUSTRY EVENT Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will showcase their complete range of sealing solutions for fluid power applications next month at the Fluid Power & Systems exhibition in Birmingham. A new “best in class” seal for hydraulic cylinders with the ability to thrive in unforgiving conditions will be highlighted, as well as a design study on ‘Lubrication Management’. The Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D piston seal has “leapfrogged” competitors thanks to its combination of performance and service life through optimized contact pressure and minimized heat generated from friction. The innovative design incorporates two special grooves in the D-shaped profile of the seal to sustain an oil film for sufficient lubrication of the seal against its counter surface, ensuring adequate friction. The compact seal, which has been subjected to extensive laboratory testing and long-term field testing, was developed in response to increasing demands from high-pressure hydraulic applications. Machines, equipment and motors are now being fitted with more powerful hydraulic cylinders, subjecting the hydraulics to higher pressures and temperatures. The seal is manufactured Zurcon® Z13 polyurethane material, specially developed to with pressures of up to 500


from (PU) cope bar/

7,250 psi at both sides of the seal and at temperatures up to +120 °C / +248 °F. This lengthens the seal’s life, even under demanding conditions, offering superb mechanical and elastic properties. Andrew Longdon, UK Technical Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, said: “We have made subtle but significant changes to our previous Glyd Ring® compact doubleacting piston seal, leading to a new and improved best-in-class seal for hydraulic cylinders with the ability to thrive in unforgiving conditions. “In the latest more powerful hydraulic applications, high pressure is combined with elevated temperatures. Our new Zurcon® Z13 PU material used in Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D is specially developed to cope with this combination. “We can now offer a seal for hydraulic cylinders that has a long life – leapfrogging the competition.” The pioneering seal was a joint development between Trelleborg’s research and development centre in Stuttgart, Germany, and their Polyurethane Centre of Excellence in Livorno, Italy.

Core industrial applications for Zurcon® Z13 Glyd Ring® D include construction machinery, earthmoving equipment, mobile cranes, forklift trucks and any other solutions involving mobile hydraulics. The seal offers superior resilience and good friction properties. It is compatible with hydraulic, mineral, synthetic and water-based fluids and with a hardness of 60 shore D offers outstanding wear resistance, excellent extrusion properties and hydrolysis resistance. Meanwhile, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed a whitepaper, film, webinar and brochure to showcase its work in Lubrication Management Technology, which is helping to revolutionize hydraulic sealing. The technology is transforming hydraulic sealing by adjusting lubrication conditions of all single sealing elements within a sealing system, which in turn, optimizes the performance of the hydraulic system in terms of friction, wear and lifetime. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be exhibiting on stand AF1350 at Fluid Power & System 2018, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham from April 10 to 12.

April 2018


W: T: 0800 254 5566 (UK Free) +44 (0) 1344 459 314 (International)


Connect with us @

Drives & Controls 10-12 April 2018 Stand D377 NEW USB 3.0

MiniMax: M i iM ultra-miniature lt i i t USB 3.0 connector, 12 mm diameter ■ ■ ■

Ultra-compact and lightweight Signal & power Up to 10 Gb/s data transmission

USB 3.0 Rugged Flash Drive for the safe storage of sensitive data ■ ■ ■

Up to 100 MB/s read speed Up to 128 GB memory size Withstands corrosion, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures



April 2018

“Rittal – The System” on show at Drives and Controls 2018

Visitors to Rittal’s Stand D720 at Drives and Controls 2018 will be able to see Rittal’s renowned infrastructure solution - widely specified as the No.1 choice for protecting critical equipment plus some exciting new product innovations.

racks require an IT environment that combines easy installation with costefficient and fail-safe operation. Rittal will be using the event to exhibit quick and easy IT solutions for all applications. IT product highlights on display at the show will include the hugely popular TS IT rack and IT cooling units.

Smart Engineering at Eplan “Rittal - The System” has five, wholly compatible components: enclosure, power, cooling, security, and monitoring with remote management, all of which will be on show. Alongside them will be information about panel-building automation, as well as servicing and maintenance programmes, designed to maximise a system’s efficiency, flexibility and longevity. The Rittal team will be on-hand to discuss key issues such as: • How can controller and switchgear manufacturers implement Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things) solutions, automate production processes and set up data centres quickly and easily? • How can systems and people be reliably protected against danger? • How can power consumption be made transparent and significantly reduced? • How can maintenance scenarios for cooling devices be planned in advance? • How can enclosures in the food industry be hygienically climate controlled?

Innovations in Power Distribution and Climate Control Rittal will also be showcasing product development and innovation at the show. These include an extension of its RiLine Compact power distribution system in the form of the new RiLine


Compact motor control unit. Added to which, the team will be demonstrating the company’s new push-in conductor connection clamps for the fast and tool-free mounting and connecting of cables to busbars. The Blue e+ cooling unit range has also been upgraded and extended. It now includes appliances in the lower output range with a cooling output of 1.6 kW (previously 2 to 6 kW). Furthermore, the new IoT Interface means Blue e+ cooling units can be networked with customer-specific monitoring and energy management systems. This, in turn, makes it possible to add new applications such as predictive maintenance and data analytics.

Challenging the Edge The digitisation of processes now generates huge volumes of highly sensitive data. Companies running an IT infrastructure that comprises just three or four

Rittal will be supported at Drives and Controls 2018 by its sister company Eplan (on stand D712). Eplan will be showcasing innovative solutions for enhanced engineering efficiency and demonstrating the benefits of EPLAN Cogineer.

What’s more, there will be the chance for Rittal customers to win an iPad. Visitors who have Rittal enclosure cooling solutions (such as top therm, roof-mounted fans, Blue e or Blue e+ cooling units) installed in their Rittal enclosures, and who book a free inspection survey at the show, will have the chance to enter a prize draw to win an iPad. If you’re attending the show, be sure to visit Rittal on D720 to find out more. Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.





Data Acquisition


April 2018

Maintaining an ideal atmosphere in panels & enclosures is key to preventing corrosion. STEGO the specialist for Thermal Management provides a solution to this problem: The Electronic Thermostat DCT 010 offers high usability and variability.

Thermostat with integrated switching function The Electronic Thermostat DCT 010 with integrated switching module is used to control high-performance electrical DC devices in switch cabinets. Heating and cooling devices, filter fans or signal heads can be controlled directly via the internal electronic switching circuit. Precise temperature measurement is achieved by placing the external sensor freely within the control cabinet. The setting range is 60 °C, available in two versions: -10 to +50 °C and 0 to +60 °C. The DCT 010 is designed for a wide voltage range from DC 20 to 56 V.

Thermostat with additional function The switching module of the DCT 010 is available in versions as normally open (NO) contact, for example for controlling filter fans and also in versions as normally closed (NC) contact, for example for controlling heaters. In addition, the NC versions offer a secondary switching function which monitors humidity of the ambient air. The proven threshold value of 65% relative humidity is fixed. This setup protects sensitive electronics even better against corrosion.

response times and reliable switching of high DC power. The lifetime expectancy exceeds 100,000 switching cycles. The needs of the technical staff for installation and wiring were also taken into account. The DCT 010 is safely and quickly placed on DIN rails via DIN Clip. The electrical connection is tool free. A 6-pin push-in terminal efficiently takes up cables with cross-sections up to 2.5 mm2. The external sensor facilitates exact measurement and decouples disturbing influences. Its cable length of 2 m with snap-in connector allows for individual placement via screw or clip attachment. An LED light indicates the functional status. STEGO’s new Electronic Thermostat is rated with protection class IP20, and carries the EAC mark. Approvals from VDE and UL round off the specification of the DCF 010 comprehensively.

Proven and user-friendly The STEGO DC Line of products - such as the Electronic Thermostat DCT 010, the Switching Module DCM 010 and the Electronic Hygrostat DCF 010 - were developed simultaneously on one platform and therefore share high quality features. The redundant design with high-quality MOSFET technology ensures maximum reliability, short



STEGO’s Data Centre rack LED 025 lighting with operating voltages from 110 - 240v AC, 24 - 48v DC and 12v DC meet all your requirements. A good example of user friendliness in racks & enclosures is our extremely economic and long-lasting Lamp Series LED 025, which provides best lighting conditions due to its innovative LED technology. Learn more now


STEGO UK Ltd. - Unit 12, First Quarter Business Park - Epsom - KT19 9QN - UK

April 2018

Research and development - industry’s road to success Manufacturing flexibility has never been as important for industry as it is today. In a world of interconnected devices and smart factories, the ability of a manufacturer to innovate and adapt to its customers’ requirements is vital. For many manufacturers, the road to innovation starts with research and development (R&D). range isn’t the only positive outcome of having an onsite R&D facility. Here are the five advantages you need to be aware of when considering R&D. Global success

Here Andrew Keith, engineering director of power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, discusses the role of research and development in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers with constant R&D investments have a higher chance of succeeding in the global market. To attain the best professional advantage, investment in R&D comes hand in hand with processes such as market development and new business processes.

Cressall has recently invested in a temperature regulated water circulation system that can be used for developing our water cooled resistors. The continued success of the innovative water cooled EV2 resistor has merited investment for further development. We have a development program in place which is based on feedback from the market place. As a result we are looking to create smaller designs with lower pressure drops as well as reducing cost. Economic growth

Innovate and flourish I joined Cressall Resistors full-time in 2009, after completing two summer placements with the company during my university studies. Back then, the existing standard product range catered for most applications. Five years later, the R&D demands have skyrocketed. To respond to the industry need, many manufacturers find themselves investing in their research, design and test capabilities. Many of the products Cressall manufactures are made in small batches for specific customer requirements. The ability to develop, manufacture and support bespoke solutions puts Cressall at a significant advantage in the market. However, the conditions are more competitive than ever and to ensure our solutions are price competitive, we have to be able to explore through simulation and testing all design possibilities. Developing our in-house R&D capability allows Cressall to adapt its product range, meaning that when a customer gives us their product specifications, it’s likely that we already have a close fit. Expanding the product


Manufacturers should be firm about what they plan to accomplish with their business. The most successful businesses are always innovating. They are always finding new ways to build up their competitive advantages. R&D is necessary in boosting the vision and objectives of a business, so companies should never be reluctant to take action toward innovation. Cressall’s testing facility provides the means to carry out impulse tests of up to 400,000 Volts. This facility is allowing us to explore the limits of existing designs. We can make refinements to designs and change the materials we use to extend the limits of the technology we have already developed. Better business outcomes There is a solid relationship between the amount of effort put into research and development, and the way a company performs. Companies that use R&D investment as the main driver for progress are inclined to achieve better outcomes for investors and overall be more innovative than their competitors.

R&D is recognised as an important factor in economic growth and balance. R&D can easily lead to highly valued technologies, strategies and designs for your company that could be the origin of potential value when considering sustaining a competitive advantage. Tax credit Qualified R&D projects allow manufacturers to defray relevant costs with the help of the Research and Development Relief for Corporation Tax. This option allows a business to reduce its tax bill. Small to medium size businesses also get tax credits in cash disbursed by HM Revenue and Customs. The build of Cressall Resistor’s R&D facility is ongoing, focusing on bringing in major test equipment. The test area facilitates for thermal testing of Cressall’s naturally ventilated or water cooled resistors and lightning impulse testing up to 400kV for high voltage equipment. If you’d like to find out more about the advantages of R&D, get in touch with Cressall on

Printed from: Serif PagePlus 15,0,5,30 Copyright © 1991-2010 Serif (Europe) Ltd. All Rights Reserved Printed on: 29/02/2016 12:32:24 Publication name: Half_Page_Advert_Eng_Update_130x190, Page: 1

April 2018

SHEAR simplicity for drive protection…

Pin & Bush coupling

Gear Coupling Spacer

Chain coupling

DIN / SAE Spacer

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

Email : Web : Phone: 01453 750814


POWER ►Introducing the powerful VG8 80 GHz frequency radar, new from HYCONTROL .

►High-accuracy level measurement for powders and solids .

►Range >100m with narrow beam angle .

►Unaffected by dust, humidity or pressure .

►Simple to set up


►Strong IP66/68 build


►Cost-effective noncontact level solution

Tel: +44(0)1527 406800


April 2018

The most cost effective oil and diesel fuel cleanliness monitor on the market just got better! Introducing the new Particle Pal V2 Filtertechnik’s Particle Pal is a selfcontained portable measuring system that gives ISO, NAS and SAE Cleanliness readings and the option of Water Content analysis for Oils and/or Diesel Fuels. Complete with a re-chargeable battery, high pressure internal gear pump and controlled flow rate. Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the Particle Pal will provide cleanliness readings in real time to allow an Engineer to fully understand the condition of their oils or fuels. The FS9V2 units now have a single LCD display showing all the connected sensors in real time. Filtertechnik have added an internal memory for capturing data with a simple USB data transfer of results that can be printed showing tabular and graphical results. Also included is powerful trending software which shows real time cleanliness data in graphical format via USB transfer to a connected PC. Water sensors can be included to show the humidity of any oil as a % saturation. For diesel fuels a genuine water parts per million (PPM) sensor is deployed. Also for fuels Filtertechnik have developed a density sensor version which accurately detects the slightest change in a diesel fuel’s density which is helpful when fuel tampering is suspected. All Particle Pal’s can draw from oil stored in tanks or from sample bottles. Alternatively, the units can analyse oils from pressurised systems via a High

Pressure adaptor which is capable of 350 Bar inlet pressures. Viscosities up to 420cst are catered for as standard with higher viscosity oils capable of being measured if preheated to 40-55 *C. OIL TESTING: In both Hydraulic and Lubrication s y s t e m s k n o w i n g the particulate cleanliness and water content data can prevent serious system failures and component damage. By testing oil cleanliness in real time, the necessary protection can be put in place to protect sensitive components. Samples can be taken directly from the reservoir or direct from an active fluid power system (via a High Pressure Adaptor if necessary) or from an oil sample drawn from the system earlier. Results can be displayed as ISO, NAS or SAE cleanliness codes. The Particle Pal can be used in a range of applications and industries including off-road plant, rail, construction, hydraulic and mechanical presses, marine and many, many more.

The all new Particle Pal range: •

New FS9V2 Particle Pal: Live ISO/ NAS/SAE particulate readings for Oils and Diesel Fuels

New FS9V2-RH Particle Pal: Live Particulate and % RH Water detection (oils only)

New FS9V2-PPM Particle Pal: Live Particulate and genuine PPM (Parts Per Million) Water content (diesel fuel only)

New FS9V2-PPM-DEN Particle Pal: Live Particulate, Water PPM and accurate Density sensor to alert to the presence of kerosene, water or any other foreign substance.

DIESEL FUEL TESTING: The Standard Particle Pal FS9V2 is also suitable for measuring the solid particulate content is all diesel fuels. Results are displayed as ISO, NAS or SAE cleanliness codes. The diesel fuel market has adopted ISO cleanliness codes as the standard for ensuring fuel cleanliness. Ideally fuel should be at least ISO 18/16/13 as a bare minimum. The FS9V2 is ideal for tank sampling, bottle sampling or drawing from a live system, for water analysis Filtertechnik have included an accurate, temperature compensated genuine Parts Per Million (PPM) water sensor. Also available is a highly accurate density sensor to detect the


slightest change in diesel fuels integrity, this can be useful to detect if fuel has been tampered with or substituted with, for example, water or kerosene.

Particle Pal was proudly designed and is built in Nottingham UK. Further information can be provided by: Richard Price, Managing Director 01159 003550 / 07785 227185

Gases are everywhere and you may be surprised just how many items you use daily, that have been manufactured under controlled gas environments. After all, the difference between having the latest smart phone and a great sandwich comes down to the correctly measured gases used to help create and package them. At Cambridge Sensotec we dedicate ourselves to finding the solutions to your gas analysis requirement, whether it be securing your manufacturing processes or ensuring quality control within your food factory, we’ve established a wealth of knowledge whilst operating over the last 17 years. With over 7 core models and many variations, be assured that reliability and accuracy are at the forefront of our customer philosophy. Experts in oxygen analysis, Cambridge Sensotec also specialise in biogas, syngas, multigas and SF6 gas analysis instruments. Contact us today to discuss your gas analysis requirements. +44 (0)1480 462142

April 2018

Delta’s Fast EV Charging and Battery Energy Storage Solutions Support Greenway’s EV Stations in Bratislava

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today its fast electric vehicle (EV) charging technology and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) are supporting Greenway’s GridBooster stations in Bratislava, Slovakia. This innovative infrastructure consists of two EV Chargers and one is from Delta Fast EV Charger, with capacity of 50 kW currently, but scalable up to 150kW and a BESS that can store 52 kWh of energy and dispense up to 60 kW of power to efficiently manage its impact on the electricity grid. High system efficiency is facilitated through our DEEMS (Delta Efficient Energy Management Solutions) platform, which oversees the available grid power and communicates with the BESS and EV chargers. This success case demonstrates the unique capabilities of Delta’s diversified solutions in assisting smart grid infrastructure for sustainable cities. The project was installed at the Avion Shopping Mall in Bratislava, Slovakia earlier this year. Key to the success of the project is the unique modularity of Delta’s Fast EV Charger. If the operator of the EV charger wants to increase the power from fast charging to ultra-fast, the simple introduction of additional modules permits possible expansion in 10 kW steps from 50 to 150 kW DC (belonging to the highest commercially available DC chargers on the market). This modular solution is also highly cost-efficient as it reduces the need to invest in additional higher-power EV charging stations. Conventional fast-charging stations draw their electricity directly from the energy grid. However, this new system draws energy from either the BESS or the grid, or both. Moreover, the battery can be recharged from the grid during lower-price off-peak hours, or from a local renewable source such as a solar panels. The DEEMS platform monitors energy from the grid and provides a boost from the BESS whenever needed. Furthermore, via remote control and configuration software,


it is possible to monitor the activities of charging stations on a 24-hour basis. Wireline and wireless connectivity (Ethernet, 3G, GPRS) are available, while local and remote authentication and billing offer further potential. The entire system is built on open architecture, so there are no proprietary structures. Importantly, Delta’s fast charging technology can provide energy for up to four EVs simultaneously (up to two DC ports, plus up to two in AC), dramatically reducing the total investment, the queuing time for users and the on-site space requirements. When only one EV is DC-charged, this takes all the available power. However, as soon as additional EVs are connected, the power of the charger is automatically and dynamically split among all the charging EVs. When configured to provide 150kW of output, it allows users to charge up to a 100 km range in just 10 minutes. This fully certified product has already been successfully deployed across Europe, including Norway, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia and Finland, demonstrating its reliability under very different climatic conditions. The unit features all-weather buttons and display. Delta Charger is also the only product of its type to offer an optional 1000 VDC output voltage range. As a result, the product can operate in two DC voltage ranges: 170-550 and 340-1000 VDC. In accordance with the vehicle to be charged, the right voltage range is automatically prepared for administration. The rise of battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) will entail the development of a vast amount of new infrastructure, particularly charging stations, which in turn demands the adoption of an EV ecosystem strategy in cities around the world. Many major cities are today looking to expand the access to home and workplace charging, improve the public charging network and integrate EV infrastructure into core city processes. The





technology not only concerns better local energy management, but on-site renewable energy generation and storage by so-called ‘prosumers’ – those who both produce and consume their own energy. When similar systems are deployed in larger numbers they would be able to deliver flexible storage capacity to the whole energy grid. This “smart grid“ concept would stabilise the grid, support the integration of more renewable sources into the energy system and potentially enable society to change from the current system where a large, centralised energy utility generates electricity and sells it to consumers. Further benefits of the technology that appealed to Greenway in the development of GridBooster included maintenancefree operation and low noise levels during charging. Delta’s President and General Manager for the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region, Mr. Jackie Chang, said, “We believe in technology and collaboration, and are dedicated to providing innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow by working closely with our customers and partners. Through its diversified and highly capable smart energy infrastructure, Delta is supporting Greenway’s deployment of battery-assisted charging system for EVs in Slovakia.” “We are very pleased with the equipment from Delta Electronics,” states Peter Badik, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GreenWay. “Their technology is top of the line and cutting edge, and we feel confident in deploying it for our users. The ongoing support from the Delta technical team has been excellent too. They made numerous trips to work with our technicians to configure, test and commission the technology. Today, the GridBooster system is up and running, functioning well and successfully serving EV drivers in Avion, Bratislava. We look forward to further partnerships with Delta.” Ultimately, the Delta Fast Charger represents a modular and future-proofed system that can be easily upgraded as requirements change, minimising TCO (total cost of ownership) in the years to come. Combined with minimum installation effort compared with other available systems, versatility in station design and user-friendliness, the Fast Charger sets the benchmark for the future of EV charging stations.

April 2018

Low stress on pressure vessel for longer life Low NOx gas burner Fully matched Fulton burner Low outer surface temperature Compact design with minimal footprint Fully supported servicing and maintenance Fully wetted design - no refractory > 6:1 turndown capabilities (480 kg/h model)

World’s First Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler

> 10:1 turndown capabilities (960 kg/h model) > 82% gross efďŹ ciency > 99.5% steam quality at 8 bar +44 (0)117 972 3322 Environmentally friendly k e y p o i n t s o f t h e V S RT


April 2018

Seven machine HD VMC range launched by XYZ Machine

The ongoing development of its machine range continues at XYZ Machine Tools with the announcement of the arrival of its seven machine HD (Heavy-Duty) range of vertical machining centres. These new machines supersede the previous range of box-slideway machines in the XYZ range and compliment the new Linear Rail machines that have been added to its catalogue. The XYZ HD range will allow maximum metal removal rates thanks to their solid Meehanite cast beds and columns, along with induction hardened, ground and Turcite-coated box slideways. With X-axis travels ranging from 660 mm through to 3000 mm there is a machine in the range to suit a majority of machining applications across a variety of industry sectors. The range starts with the XYZ 660 HD which features increased X and Y travels over its predecessor of 660 mm and 450 mm, yet retains a compact footprint making it ideal for most machine shops. The other machines in the range are the XYZ 800 HD, 1100 HD, 1510 HD, with three ‘super-heavyweight’ machines, the XYZ 2010, 2510 and 3010 HD completing the range. The four smaller HD machines all feature increased axis travels, as well as increased spindle power where it was deemed necessary. For example, the XYZ 660 now has a 25 kW spindle, an increase of 123 per cent over its predecessor. Spindle speed is also improved by 25 per cent to 10,000 revs/ min, with other machines in the range gaining around 66 per cent extra spindle power. As with all machines from XYZ Machine Tools, the HD range is well specified, using the Siemens 828D ShopMill control with 15-inch touch screen fitted as standard, with the control pendant-mounted on several machines in the range for further ease of use. In addition to the standard specification across the range users have a series of options, such as 4th and 5th axis attachments, swarf conveyors and onmachine tool and workpiece probing.


“With our decision to add linear rail machines to our range in 2017 the opportunity to upgrade our HD machines was one that we did not want to miss. This new range sees performance and productivity enhanced, while maintaining the XYZ reputation of value for money. With the HD machines now in place we have a solution for every metalcutting application, from those company’s making their first steps into CNC machining with a ProtoTRAK controlled lathe or mill, through machining and turning centres to the flagship of the XYZ range the UMC-5X Gantry-style five-axis machining centre. Of course, XYZ now extends beyond the world of metalcutting with our partnership with Hewlett Packard and HP Jet Fusion 3D printing technology,” says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools.

April 2018

maxon medical technology Applications in medical technology place high demands on drive

Heart pumps Drug delivery Surgical robots Hand and leg prosthesis Surgical hand tools

ISO 13485

components: Precision, sterilisability, smooth running as well as low heat build-up in DC and BLDC drives. maxon medical specialises in the development and production of microdrives for such applications, strictly

Visit us at Med-Tech Expo 2018 26-27 April Ricoh Arena, Coventry UK Stand E12

in accordance with the medical standard ISO 13485.

Contact us to see how we can help. Phone 01189 733 337



April 2018


Joins Forces With “Strategic Outsourcing Specialist”

WAGO, the automation, interconnection and electrical interface specialist, has agreed a deal to supply components to PP Control & Automation for use in their electrical assemblies. The agreement is the latest in a series of new supplier partnerships struck by WAGO. As one of the global leaders in electrical control systems, cable harnesses and sub-contract manufacturing solutions, PP Control & Automation serves building services, food and beverage, medical, energy, security, semiconductor manufacturing, printing and others. Customers are increasingly demanding more complex machines with shorter lead times. “Production capacity of particular machine configurations often has to be ramped up and ramped down at short notice. For this reason, the company needs suppliers that it can trust to provide reliable components to specification in a short space of time,” says Tony Hague, managing director of PP Control & Automation. WAGO, whose interconnection and automation products provide the backbone for critical applications are supplying DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks, power supplies, electronic circuit breakers, and automation controllers and modules.

“Customers require a higher degree of configuration than ever before,” continues Hague, “And it’s up to us to provide exactly what they need. Things can move quickly in industry, and the increasing need for agility means that good product design and effective specification at


component level are critical. Even the highest standards of workmanship can’t save you from inferior components, which is why partnerships with suppliers like WAGO are so important to us. “In every case PP Control & Automation recommends and makes use of CAGE CLAMP® technology and the security of connection that it provides. We have already, on a number of occasions, replaced more traditional screw clamp connections with CAGE CLAMP, and our customers have seen an immediate and significant improvement in connection reliability.” Tony Hoyle, managing director, WAGO Limited, adds; “We are always pleased to know that industry-leading OEMs such as PP Control & Automation choose WAGO products, and it demonstrates the high regard in which we are held within the market. A major benefit for us is that customers who may not ordinarily have specified WAGO get to see just what our products are capable of.” WAGO Limited T: 01788 568 008 W: E:

April 2018



PFC100 Controller: High performance packed into a smaller footprint




• Extremely compact and maintenance-free design saves control panel space

C6 SMART • All in One The compact IPC with remote I/O-System for the centralised and distributed automation of Real-Time applications.

• 600 MHz processing power allows seamless automation of complex industrial systems

• Modular & Compact DIN rail IPC with integrated UPS and flexible side by side mounted I/O.

• Cost-effective configuration via e!COCKPIT engineering software

• High Integration On board control, visualisation and remote maintenance, completed by a variety of interfaces DVI , USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT , CANopen , RS Multi standard.

• Scalable modular system ready for future challenges • Comprehensive on-board data security packages • Two ETHERNET interfaces for extensive compatibility • Linux® operating system • CODESYS 3 runtime system Telephone E-Mail Internet Search for

Automation with Drive

01788 568 008 “WAGO PFC100”

KEB (UK) Ltd. 5 Morris Close Park Farm Industrial Estate Wellingborough NN8 6XF Tel: 01933 402220

|29 C6_Smart_297x101_GB.indd 1

23.06.2017 07:56:31

April 2018

The Easy Way to Machine Rails and Cable Ducts Manufacturing switchgear can be very labour intensive. Despite the advances in automation, there is still a huge amount of manual work involved in cutting and machining busbars, support rails and cable ducts.

Rittal Automation Systems is now offering new and improved machines and tools that will help automate or part-automate these previously timeconsuming activities. The Secarex AC 15 cutting centre is just one example of an innovation by the company, making otherwise laborious tasks, easier, quicker and more efficient. Cutting support rails and cable ducts to the right length is a task that many engineers still perform by hand. The rail is first is measured on the mounting plate and then cut to the appropriate length. It may also be labelled with a felt-tip to denote a particular enclosure and its position. The Secarex AC 15 cutting centre is an easy and simple-to-use alternative, controlled by a PC with a trackball. The length of the rail can be set using design planning software (such as EPLAN Pro Panel), the

information is loaded up and then the machine does the rest. If multiple rails are required, the cutting centre works out how to do with minimal waste while the integrated label printer marks the finished rails so they can be easily assigned during the assembly process. The cutting centre is able to cut DIN support rails, C rails and cable ducts in all standard sizes. Coming Soon: Cutting, bending and hole-punching copper bars Working the copper bars used in switchgears for power distribution or as busbars are another job for the electronics workshop. The bars typically need to be cut to length, bent, and may also have holes punched in them. All this will soon be completed quickly and safely using the CW 120 (Copper Workstation) bending and hole-punching unit, which is shortly being launched in the UK.

Enclosures from the smallest to the largest. ENCLOSURES




April 2018

Workshops will have a choice of either a stationary benchtop unit for cutting, bending and holepunching busbars with external hydraulic supply, or a mobile version designed with castors for flexible use in the workshop, which comes with integrated hydraulic pump. Power is just a single simple 230V mains connection. Both options will process rails at a width of up to 120 mm and thickness of up to 12 mm and will punch round holes, varying in diameter from 6.6 mm to 21.5 mm. Slots will be machined up to a maximum width of 21 mm and length of 18 mm.

Ultimately, the major benefit is not just to make workshops more efficient. Automating processes also lowers operational costs but just as importantly it also delivers a better quality product for the customer. Products from Rittal’s Automation Systems range will be on show along with other solutions from Rittal – The System, at Drives and Controls (the NEC Birmingham, 10-12 April 2018), on Stand D720. Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.

Stamps and dies for round holes and slots will be available as accessories and come in different sizes.





C O N F E R E N C E S • S E M I N A R S • D E B AT E S

What’s New in





THE ULTIMATE UK ELECTRONICS SHOW Co-located with a host of other industry events including:

EMC UK | Embedded Live Sensors & Instrumentation PPMA | TCT Show

Can you afford to miss it?

• L I V E F E AT U R E S • T E C H N I C A L P L AT F O R M S

WNIE Live will return to the NEC

From 25 – 26 September 2018



Call: + 44 1428 609 382





April 2018

WEIDMÜLLER makes INDUSTRY 4.0 real at DRIVES & CONTROLS Weidmüller Stand D348 Hall 10, Drives & Controls 2018, National Exhibition Centre, 10th – 12th April 2018 Connectivity expert Weidmüller has chosen this year’s Drives & Controls Exhibition as the launchpad for solutions in the company’s groundbreaking u-mation range, which takes Industry 4.0 from a much-anticipated future concept to a productive reality for today. Among Weidmüller’s key launches at the show are u-control, a platformindependent programming solution that works with standard web browsers; u-view, a range of multitouch operator interface panels that provide optimised communication between users and machines; u-remote, a remote I/O system that offers the seamless communication with field devices needed for implementing Industry 4.0 concepts; and PROtop power supplies that


provide the clean, dependable power essential for the correct functioning of modern automation systems. Visitors to the stand will also be able to try out the new Weidmüller configurator, an intuitive software package that makes it easy to design, specify and order terminal rails and components, and to examine samples of many Weidmüller products that are already established in the automation sector including, for example, Rockstar® heavy-duty connectors and Klippon® Connect terminal blocks. Throughout the show, experts from Weidmüller will be on hand to discuss with visitors their own individual requirements and applications. They will be happy to

explain how the Weidmüller’s latest u-mation solutions make it possible for users to start reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0 right now – including increased efficiency, productivity and profitability. The experts will also be able to provide insights into other key developments supported by Weidmüller – such as Digital Twin, industrial analytics and integration of product data with the EPLAN computer aided engineering (CAE) platform. For further information, view the Weidmuller website or call on 0845 094 2006.


4-5 JULY 2018 METRO RADIO ARENA NEWCASTLE Exhibition | Conference | Workshops

FREE to visit Priceless to attend

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April 2018

MACH 2018 Seminar Programme Launches MACH 2018 is much more than the technology on show, it is the place where the leading minds in UK advanced engineering come to share ideas that will help shape the future. The seminar programme for MACH 2018 is now live over at You can find full listings and timings as well as book your space. Industry and academia use MACH to introduce new ideas and this is reflected in in the strength of the seminar programme at the 2018 show. Throughout the week hot topics such as Industry 4.0, Additive Manufacturing, workforce development and modern production processes will be discussed. As well as looking a key sectors of importance to advanced engineering in the UK like Aerospace and Motorsport. MTA CEO James Selka, said “Emerging technology is at the heart of what MACH 2018 is about, of course the machinery and equipment on show are a great way of presenting what’s new, but so are the Seminars running throughout the week. They can help put the kit into context, give new ideas to help adapt your business and give SMEs a chance to engage with OEMs.” He continued “MACH plays a vital role in the development and spread of new ideas, we have a compelling array of speakers, from some leading companies and institutions who are ready to engage and enlighten visitors to the show.” Giving just a flavour of what’s in store over the course of the show: The week kicks with Sir Ben Ainslie officially opening the exhibition and giving the first seminar. That’ll be followed up by Andy Green, OBE, Pilot of Bloodhound SSC talking about the progress on the high-technology project to design and build a car that will break the 1,000mph barrier and set a new world land speed record. Designed and constructed in the UK, BLOODHOUND SSC includes components and sponsorship from many companies exhibiting at the show. Other speakers over the week will come from Added Scientific, Valuechain, Anisa Group, Consultant Designer 3M Buckley Innovation, Stratasys, MTC, Safran Landing Systems, The Machining Group, AMRC, BEA Systems and Cranfield University. The seminar aspect of MACH has always been popular and in 2016 many of the talks were oversubscribed, particularly the Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 sessions. Registration for all seminars in now open on the MACH 2018 website, where full listings and timings can be found. So get your name down early to avoid disappointment. For more information visit 36|














April 2018

The UK show for processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics will return to the NEC, Birmingham from 16th – 18th April 2018. A one-stop shop for manufacturing professionals across the full industry spectrum.

Source something new. Our carefully-selected suppliers have the processes and products to boost productivity and efficiency across the board. Discover solutions to everyday challenges with access to a live programme with industry expert speakers providing tips, guidance and advice tailored for you.

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New for 2018

Foodex, the UK's premier trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging and logistic industries.

running alongside Foodex






April 2018

Showcasing manufacturing excellence at the PPMA Show 2018 25-27 SEPT 2018, NEC, Birmingham

The annual processing and packaging machinery event unites the world’s manufacturing professionals amid a strong industry growth forecast

ceremony and gala dinner will move to the Hilton Birmingham Metropole and see a new format on the night. Comedian Brian Conley is confirmed to host the evening’s proceedings with further details of the night to be revealed soon.

The manufacturing sector has just achieved its longest period of expansion since 1968, boosted by global economic growth and the weakened pound, while early signs reveal that Britain’s manufacturers are on track to outpace the rest of the economy – setting the year on a strong path for growth. This sets a promising scene for the PPMA Show 2018, which returns to the NEC, Birmingham from 25-27 September to celebrate the industry’s success and mark its own 30th anniversary. The show will see more than 350 exhibitors representing 1,500 brands, creating a platform for 8,000 key decision influencers and makers from the world’s food, pharmaceutical, toiletries and FMCG industries to explore the latest innovations and do business live from the show floor. Cementing its position as the UK’s leading production line event, leading players including Schneider Electric, Ishida Europe, Bosch, ABB and Omron Electronics UK are


already confirmed to exhibit at the milestone event, showcasing the most technologically-advanced processing and packaging machinery the industry has to offer. As well as the chance to see working machinery in action, the PPMA Show 2018 will offer new and improved networking facilities to ensure that exhibitors and visitors alike can easily initiate and execute meaningful business discussions. In a bid to add further value for show visitors, the Learning Hub format will also be revamped. A highprofile industry speaker will deliver a keynote address to open the event, followed by a line-up of thought leaders who will share their industry knowledge over the three days of the show. Recognising innovation and rewarding the hard work of the industry will also be the focus at the prestigious PPMA Group Industry Awards. Returning to the first night of the PPMA Show, the glittering

Speaking about the show’s 30th anniversary, Dr. Andrew Mint, Chief Executive Officer, PPMA Group of Associations, said: “By engaging with our members and exhibitors throughout the PPMA Show’s history, we’ve been able to identify the areas where we can really add value and ensure that both exhibitors and visitors have a successful show. We’re excited to open the doors and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show with the world’s biggest and brightest manufacturing leaders.”

Registration is now open. Visit the all-new PPMA Show website to register for your FREE badge to attend:


March 2018

25-27 SEPT 2018 NEC, BirmiNgham

FREE TO ATTEND REGISTER NOw! THE UK’S LEADING PRODUCTION LINE EVENT See the latest processing and packaging machinery in action, network with industry peers and gain valuable insight at our must attend seminars. proCEssiNg & paCkagiNg maChiNEry 42| matErials i roBots i iNdustrial VisioN

organised by


April 2018

SPEAKERS DETAILS RELEASED FOR ENGINEER EXPO The Engineer Expo has released a raft of new information on the event set to take over the NEC in Birmingham across 5th - 7th June 2018. This brand new event will arm UK engineering professionals with the latest in-house manufacturing and engineering solutions, alongside cutting-edge developments in advanced engineering technologies.

Engineering Group, MTC will take the lessons learnt from successful innovation within industries such as automotive, aerospace and defence, and show how to apply them in different sectors.

The update includes the speakers confirmed as part of a six-stream, 36-session conference programme to be held across two theatres. A key theme of the event will be developing cross-sector collaboration: taking the lessons learnt from successful innovation within industries such as automotive, aerospace and defence, and applying them elsewhere to create true competitive advantage.

Elsewhere this year, the digital future of UK manufacturing and engineering will feature heavily on the stage. Dr Lina Huertas, Head of Technology for Digital Strategy, MTC; Mark Cund, Autonomous Vehicle Control Manager, Jaguar Land Rover ;Dr Rab Scott, Factory 2050, AMRC; Martyn Jenkins, Economist, EEF and Professor Rajkumar Roy, Director of Manufacturing, Cranfield University will explore the impact of technology on manufacturing and product development.

Speakers will include leaders from some of the biggest, most established names in UK engineering and manufacturing, alongside innovators from disruptive start-ups. Keynote presentations from Paul Stein, CTO, Rolls Royce, Henry White, BAE Systems / UK Sport Technical Lead, Chris Aylett CEO, Motorsport Industry Association, Dr Caroline Hargrove; CTO Mclaren Applied Technologies and Dr Hannah Edmonds, Technical Specialist, Digital


expert panels will explore the potential of sustainable and additive manufacturing as well as showcasing industry case studies in cross sector collaboration and open innovation. Exhibitor names added to the event include Timsons Engineering, KeyMed (Medical & Industrial Equipment), SC Group, ECI Software Solutions, Bowman Additive Production, Laser Lines, Dustcontrol UK, Modula S.P.A, Faro Technologies UK, JJS Manufacturing, Redthorn MRP Software and BDI Precision Design & Engineering. Co-located with Subcon 2018, The Engineer Expo will provide UK engineers with a multi sector event dedicated to showcasing the latest in advanced engineering technology, products and services, enabling them to optimise production and process throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Topics will include the latest Smart Factory developments, real world applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced integrated circuits (ICs), sensing, measurement and process control, materials design, synthesis and processing. Elsewhere,

To register for this must-attend event, visit:









Association Partners

Media Partners

Q Qimtek



April 2018

Date Announced For UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition 2018 The UKIVA is delighted to announce that its next Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition will be held on Wednesday 16 th May 2018 at Arena MK, Milton Keynes, UK. It will follow a similar format to the highly successful inaugural event held in 2017, which attracted more than 300 visitors.


esigned to provide an educational experience, the Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition will once again feature a comprehensive program of technical seminars across multiple presentation theatres. This will be supported by an exhibition of the latest vision technology and services from the leading companies in the world of vision. Paul Wilson, UKIVA Chairman, commented: “The date for the 2018 event was only announced at the recent PPMA Show, held right at the end of September. We already have 25 companies signed up for the exhibition, including several who are not UKIVA members. This year we had 57 exhibitors, so this early take up suggests that we are on track for an even bigger exhibition component in 2018.” “Key to the success of this year’s event, however, was the educational seminar program, which ran


throughout the day,” he continued. “Visitors could choose their own timetable from 56 presentations held in 7 themed presentation theatres. The program was carefully designed to cover a wide range of topics and provide interest both for newcomers to vision and to highly experienced vision users and engineers. By co-locating the exhibition with the presentation theatre area, it was easy for attendees to switch between the seminar sessions and exhibition according to their own personal schedule. This format also provided excellent opportunities for networking between presenters, exhibitors and other visitors.” Keynote speakers for 2018 will be announced in due course, and the full seminar program will be published early in 2018 at Companies interested in exhibiting at this event should contact Chris Valdes: +44 (0)20 8773 5517 (

& EXHIBITION 16 May 2018 Arena MK, Milton Keynes, UK

60 technical seminars for newcomers to vision to expert vision users and engineers


An exhibition of the latest vision technology and services from the leading companies in the world of industrial vision and imaging Official event publication


to attend





Enquiries Chris Valdes ( Tel: +44 (0) 20 8773 5517

Organised by

part of


April 2018

Network, Engage, Learn and Connect at What’s New in Electronics Live - The Ultimate UK Electronics Trade Show WNIE live presents companies with a high profile and cost-effective opportunity to increase their visibility and promote their expertise to key engineers, managers and executives from all sectors of the UK electronics industry. What’s New in Electronics (WNIE) Live will be held at the NEC in Birmingham from September 25-26th 2018, colocating with EMC UK, Sensors & Instrumentation, PPMA and TCT Show, and incorporating Embedded Live, to deliver an unrivalled exhibition, conference & technical platform for the UK electronics industry. These new partnerships will allow visitor numbers to grow by 100% + and create an exceptional electronics industry event. WNIE Live will host a wide range of exhibitors from all sectors of the industry and will blend conferences, workshops, and panel discussions to create an educational forum for attendees to connect and collaborate. EMC Technology is relevant to ALL industries, it can affect every piece of Electronic & Electrical Equipment, and it can seriously affect the design cycle, delay production and time to market. EMC UK will have a designated area within the exhibition, with training & technical conferences running in their own facilities adjacent to the WNIE Live exhibition. To view the full conference programme & EMC training courses go to The Embedded Live 2018 exhibition in association with Feabhas, will promote a great mix of exhibitors showing a vast range of products and services, and will be supported by 4 ½ day conference programmes, aimed at embedded software developers, covering current industry “hot topics” delivered in four, focused sections. Claire Saunders, Event Director said, “We believe that the co-location of these events is an incredibly strong


complement to WNIE Live. Among many other benefits, it will improve our attendee numbers with a relevant and focused audience that will have purchasing or decisionmaking influence for your products and services. Our key aim is to deliver a thriving event for the UK electronics sector and guarantee every relevant visitor is aware of the show; ensuring the innovation and strength of UK Electronics is showcased.” With all inclusive booth packages starting at just £1000 + VAT, including a free marketing package to the value of £2500, WNIE Live offers the lowest stand pricing of any UK manufacturing event. In addition, WNIE TV will be conducting interviews and roundtable discussions throughout the event, ensuring exceptional content delivered across the WNIE youtube channel, social media platforms, and via the WNIE Online hub, reaching over 80,000 industry professionals. With floor space filling up fast, companies interested in getting involved in the exhibition are advised to either call the New Events office on + 44 1428 609 382 or email Further information on the technical programme and a call for papers will be announced over the coming weeks. To find out more about exhibiting, speaking at, or attending this event, please contact the team at WNIE: In the DNA of the Electronics Industry

April 2018

Stainless Band, Bradford based manufacturer of coil processed products, has grown rapidly in its 9 years since inception to become a key supplier of stainless coil to a variety of engineering companies worldwide Last year, the company processed and dispatched over 4,500 tonnes of coil products worldwide and 2018 is already on track to see this figure increase. At least 5,000 tonnes is projected by the end of the year, thanks in part to the installation of a £45,000 new racking system to increase capacity, a new cam line to increase production and several other improvements within the company. With a plant list consisting of 20 on-site processing lines including precision slitting, polishing, edge dressing and more, Stainless Band is able to quickly process bespoke orders to suit a wide variety of engineering requirements and fulfil orders with tight project deadlines. Project deadlines are further facilitated by Stainless Band’s domestic and international shipping service. The recent addition of a dedicated goods outwards bay allows for the testing, inspection and packaging of products prior to shipment, all of which is supported by a sales team with extensive knowledge of shipping by ground, air and sea either within the UK or across borders. Utilising its versatile, high capacity production lines, stringent quality control measures and short lead times ensures that Stainless Band is able to meet the demands of various engineering companies. With a customer base ranging from companies developing and manufacturing scientific and medical equipment to industrial appliance manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and many more, Stainless Band consistently delivers high levels of satisfaction, which is demonstrated through excellent customer retention and a growing reputation in the stainless coil market. For more information on Stainless Band, please call +44 (0) 1274 566 831 or visit


April 2018

New installation redefines productivity levels at food packhouse A new automated palletising solution from Pacepacker Services is delivering significant productivity, efficiency and throughput gains at Nottingham-based food packaging company, The Sherwood Group. Replacing a manual operation, the new end-of-line packaging technology has been installed as part of an ongoing modernisation and automation programme. Utilising a FANUC M410iC/185 robot capable of 1,700 cycles per minute with a 185 kg payload, the installation accurately, neatly and efficiently packs a huge variety of different case sizes. Harnessing the latest advances in servo technology, the robot’s 3.143m reach allows it to service two cells effortlessly. Coupled with Pacepacker Services’ new Pallet+ packaging software and technology, the new packing cell can call upon various pre-programmed recipes to stack two pallets at a time with different products arriving from two different gluing lines. The solution has proved so efficient that The Sherwood Group is looking to invest in new automated pre-feeders to keep pace with the capacity and throughput of the palletiser, plus a second palletising cell. “Our food packaging segment is growing 25% per annum,” explains Graham Garrod, Operations Director at The Sherwood Group. “As a result of this we have been examining our production and packaging capabilities, looking to invest in technology that will not only handle the increased throughput, but also offer the agility needed for increased order variations.”

The new FANUC M410iC/185 robot in operation at The Sherwood Group to accurately, neatly and efficiently pack a huge variety of different case sizes

Describing the previous manual packaging system as incredibly labour intensive, Graham elaborates on the benefits of deploying specialist packaging software that calculates the product size and how many packs can be inserted into a particular carton size without it getting too heavy. “Our staff define the optimum size of carton and optimum number of cartons per pallet and then program the robot to place them on the pallet. We use SP numbers to identify a particular outer carton for a certain product. Feeding this into the robot’s controller we programme the robot to efficiently stack the cartons, before saving the routine a packaging recipe. “The Pacepacker solution with the FANUC robot certainly does what it says on the tin,” Graham concludes. “It has performed to our expectation, without any disappointment or dissatisfaction.” Having reviewed the upstream processes, the deployment of a second palletising cell will give The Sherwood Group scope to add a fourth gluing line and increase its end-of-line packaging capacity, he notes.


By harnessing the latest advances in servo technology, the robot delivers best-in-class performance on every front: speed, payload, energy-efficiency and reach

April 2018

Multi-everything enters food inspection world Food manufacturers operate in a world of multi-platform, multisites, multi-brands, multi-revenue, and even multi-business models. Phil Brown, Managing Director of metal detection specialist Fortress Technology Europe looks into some of the ‘multi’ terminology being used in the inspection marketplace. Multi-checkpoints


HACCP guidance states that critical control points (CCPs) should be located at any step where hazards can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to acceptable levels. Some may insert more than one metal detector between the beginning and end of the production and packing process. Checkpoints should correspond to the identified CCPs, depending on the predominant risks.

Food metal detectors generally have three technology options - fixed frequency, multi-frequency and simultaneous frequency. A single tuned fixed frequency device is used when consistently inspecting the same product, e.g. samesized butter portions. Multifrequency metal detectors perform well on a range of products, with the machine dialling into a select menu of frequencies. However, sensitivity and performance may be compromised. With simultaneous frequency used on Fortress’ Interceptor range, two frequencies operate at the same time, helping to deliver higher sensitivity and hugely reducing product effect. This technology is ideal for wet products that vary in size and density, e.g. meat cuts.

Multi-memory Checking incoming raw ingredients can increase the likelihood of identifying metal contaminants in larger forms, saving businesses from recalling an entire batch of product.

Cost of product at each checkpoint needs to be factored in. If inspection is pushed solely to the end of the line, any contamination will be caught at the most expensive part of the production process. Checking incoming raw ingredients can increase the likelihood of identifying a metal contaminant in its larger form, rather than it being processed and potentially contaminating an entire product batch.

To increase speed and ease of set up, plus eliminate human error, food inspection metal detectors might feature preprogrammed settings that operatives can select from. Alternatively, user-friendly features like automatic single pass learning and calibration can deliver accurate metal detection set-up within seconds.

Multi-heads Widely used in weighing systems integrated with metal inspection systems, up to 20 weighing heads can be found on gravity systems where free flowing products, like snacks are bagged and inspected. Fitted beneath the checkweigher chamber

a single metal detector head works independently inspecting for contaminants. The weighing system and metal detector may share a single user interface.

Phil Brown, Managing Director at Fortress Technology

Multi-lane/multiaperture Many of today’s food factories are working around legacy equipment and have severe spatial limitations, making compact a prime consideration. To save footprint, manufacturers can channel multiple lanes through a single metal detector. However, larger apertures mean sensitivity is sacrificed and higher false rejects. Positioning individual metal detectors over each lane means more systems to maintain. The Fortress alternative multi-aperture technology - comprises multiple lanes travelling through a single search head, inspecting and independently auto-rejecting packs. Each aperture is smaller, coping better with orientation and product effect. Consolidating this multi-aperture technology into one unit cuts equipment footprint by over 50% compared to five individual metal detectors, saves around 17% of installation cost, and up to 65% of TCO with reduced maintenance and parts requirements.

Automatic single pass learning and calibration can deliver accurate metal detection set-up within seconds

Shards of metal, still the most likely contaminant in food processing, can find its way into products at many stages

Fortress remains the only known company to offer a multi-aperture, multilane metal detector configuration, with ability to monitor performance remotely across multiple sites

“Managed well, multieverything technology can boost operational effectiveness and make a business more responsive,” notes Phil.


April 2018

How cobots are revolutionising vision systems At a price unrivalled by any other robot in its class, Acrovision are the sole UK distributor of the AUBO-i5 collaborative robot (cobot), from American/Chinese firm AUBO Robotics. The AUBO-i5 is an advanced, human friendly collaborative robot providing solutions for the small and medium manufacturing sectors. The AUBO-i5 cobot has a 5kg payload and a 924mm reach, it is extremely simple to install and commission and quick to configure. Acrovision are an experienced integrator of industrial barcode reading and camera vision inspection systems and have expanded their automation solutions to include cobots. Acrovision can also provide the expertise required to easily integrate a vision system into the robot’s operation. They’re beginning to see that cobots are having quite the revolutionary effect on vision systems. At this year’s Machine Vision Conference, Acrovision will show how, more frequently, vision applications need item-handling to optimise the image acquisition process. Acrovision will demonstrate this break-through in using cobots with vision inspection systems. Integrating cobots into vision applications is providing a safe and cost-effective solution in many instances, where the product handling is an issue or prohibitively expensive.


The key advantage of using cobots is that as well as being very easy to program, they are also inherently safe to allow them to work with and alongside humans, (subject to risk assessment). No longer the need for expensive and unsightly safety guarding requirements. Applications include providing the robot with x-y co-ordinates for ‘pick-and-place’, guiding the robot to a particular location, with the camera attached to it or using a single cobot with a single camera to carry out multiple tasks one after another. With a high ±0.05mm position repeatability that makes it suitable for precision tasks, the AUBO-i5 is a lightweight (just 24kg), versatile, flexible, robot which has been designed with user friendly functions. The AUBO-i5 can be programmed to perform a diverse range of automatic handling activities, where

the implementation of a low cost complete robot system provides an exceptionally quick Return on Investment. The AUBO-i5 can easily be integrated into existing production systems and it is possible to repurpose, re-deploy and or re-invent applications with the same robot. The robot has a ‘Guide to teach’ function that enables quick and easy programming (no programming skills needed). The AUBO i5 design’s safety features include the power and force limiting protective stop – the robot arm stops if limits are exceeded or a collision is detected. 0845 337 0250

April 2018

眀眀眀⸀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀 ⬀㐀㐀⠀ ⤀㄀㔀㈀㐀 㠀㄀㌀ ㈀  椀渀昀漀䀀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀

䴀漀搀甀氀愀爀 挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀 猀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀猀琀猀 

䐀攀猀椀最渀 䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀 䤀渀猀琀愀氀氀愀琀椀漀渀 嘀愀氀椀搀愀琀椀漀渀 䌀漀渀猀甀洀愀戀氀攀猀

吀攀氀氀 甀猀 礀漀甀ᤠ瘀攀 猀攀攀渀 甀猀 椀渀 䔀渀最椀渀攀攀爀椀渀最 唀瀀搀愀琀攀

Surface Technologies

Improving component life and performance l Controlled Shot Peening l Laser Shock Peening l Thermal Spray Coatings l Dry Film Lubricants l Organic and Inorganic Coatings l Parylene Ultra-thin Conformal Coatings l Superfinishing l On-site Processing l Material Testing and Analysis l NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, AS9100 Rev C CWST will be exhibiting at Advance Engineering Show Nov 2017, Stand L83 |51

April 2018

Lasers - Cutting Through The Choices There is little doubt that lasers have become a firmly established production tool for cutting within many industries and applications. Choosing the correct laser cutter however can seem like a daunting task, especially for those planning to use the technology for the first time. In addition, even although lasers have been mainstream for many years, there are still issues with incorrect perceptions and assumptions surrounding the technology. In this article, TLM Laser’s Andy Toms discusses the different laser types, applications and materials, reinforcing the fact that there is no “one size fits all” approach to laser cutting.


ven in our technologically enlightened age, it is still possible to hear the phrase “a laser is just a laser – right?” Whilst the term laser does apply to all variants, the differences between types of lasers, their capabilities and how and where they are applied are vast, requiring careful consideration by prospective purchasers. Laser cutting systems can be found in areas as diverse as school technology laboratories and high volume, state of the art manufacturing sites. The lasers used at these extremes of the application range are very different, as are the materials that they are likely to be expected to process. For those who have been cutting wood, fabrics or plastic on a small desktop flatbed laser system, it is more than just a leap of faith to decide to move into metal cutting, there is a subsequent leap in technology and cost.


Today, the two main technology choices for cutting metal are CO2 or Fiber lasers. The decision on which to select will be based upon a number of factors, including the types of metal to be cut and material thickness. A further consideration however, is the type of work to be undertaken by the laser. For example, sub-contractors and job shops need high levels of flexibility, due to the potentially wide range of products, and material thicknesses they are likely to encounter, where as an OEM may have a well defined range of regular products of similar material and section, at higher volumes, therefore requiring a more focused approach. The differences here mean that in certain instances, the sub-contractor may decide that a CO2 laser, with its capability to cut thicker material, might be better overall. The advantages of the CO2 laser when compared with the Fiber alternative, mainly relate to the cutting speed when processing thicker materials, typically above 8 mm. In these instances, the CO2 machine is faster in a straight line cut and also has the advantage of a smoother surface finish when cutting thicker materials. So, if a sub-contractor is to have just a single laser, and they are being asked to cover a wide range of

medium to thick material sections, perhaps a CO2 laser might be their preferred choice. In practice however, a number of sub-contract companies employ both technologies, allowing them to select and take advantage of, the most appropriate laser for each application. The OEM on the other hand may choose the Fiber laser system, which will deliver higher cutting speeds, especially on thinner materials. Typical estimates show a fiber laser cutting 1 mm thick steel will be approximately 3.5 times faster than an equivalently powered CO2 system. Fiber lasers are also able to process reflective materials without fear of damaging the system, meaning that brass, aluminium and copper, as well as traditional steels and alloys, can be safely cut by the laser. Fiber lasers do not have any moving parts or mirrors etc. therefore they require much less maintenance. They also have significantly higher levels of electrical efficiency, making them much less expensive to run. The IPG Fiber lasers, distributed in the UK and Ireland by TLM Laser, typically use 70% less electrical energy than traditional CO2 alternatives in metal cutting applications.

Small Footprint Does Not Necessarily Mean Small Price There are some perceptions that there is a correlation between the physical size of the laser system… >>> Read more on Engineering Update

April 2018

HBM takes the pressure off choosing the right transducer As part of its outstanding range of pressure sensors and transducers, the new P3MB and P3MBP from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – provides reliable and secure test results, of up to 3,000 bar, with an accuracy class of up to 0.1.


uitable for both static and highly dynamic measurement tasks, the latest series of pressure transducers from HBM provides a flexible solution. Reliably proven, the leading range of pressure transducers have been successfully used in a variety of diverse fields of application, which range from transmission test rigs and diesel injection pumps to oil pressure measurements and hydraulic applications. For measurements up to 15,000 bar, such as those required for hydraulic test benches, water jet cutting, and diesel injecting, the


P3MBB BlueLine version features three different nominal pressure ranges (5,000, 10,000 and 15,000) and a 0.3 accuracy class. By incorporating strain gauge technology, the new P3MB and P3MBP return exact and reliable measurement results, even for dynamic measurement tasks with high numbers of load cycles. Manufactured in stainless steel and designed to withstand high pressure, all pressure transducers in the HBM range feature a one-piece design, which ensures there are no seam welds or potential weak spots on the body of the transducer. The latest range of pressure

transducers from HBM are also corrosion resistant and feature a protection rating of IP67 which makes them suitable for use in adverse or ambient conditions. Based on strain gauge technology, the latest range of pressure transducers from HBM provide reliable and trustworthy results, even in dynamic applications, with a large number of load cycles from the lowest pressures all the way up to 15,000 bar. For further information, contact HBM on +44 (0) 20 8515 6000 or via email: or visit the HBM website at

April 2018

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Henry Kister presents Practical Distillation Technology 15–17 October, London, UK

Discover field-tested techniques for distillation processes and equipment with world-renowned distillation expert Henry Kister. Essential training for anyone involved in operating, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, designing or starting-up distillation processes.

Full details and registration This course can also be run in-house, email to request a quotation.

MB0022_18 MB0022_18 Practical Distillation 130x190 HP AD.indd 1


14/03/2018 11:00

April 2018

SICK Rethinks the Optical Sensor SICK has revealed its most radical upgrade of optical sensor technology for many years, in response to extensive feedback from customers. SICK’s UK Product Manager for Presence Detection, David Hannaby explains how the highflying W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors with “BluePilot” alignment got ready for a dramatic take-off. Where would you begin if you had to completely rethink the optical sensor? What would be top of your wish list? When SICK consulted users of photoelectric sensors all over the world and asked them what they considered most important to the future development of object detection, the answer we got was a little surprising… You might have expected users to insist, above all, on robust reliability and maximum availability or that Industry 4.0-ready smart sensing would be their future goal. But these were not top of their list. What our customers really demanded was simple selection, quick configuration and ease of use – this was their ‘dream ticket’ to an easier, more efficient and productive working life whatever their industry, from automotive to food processing, from machining to timber manufacture.

Then, we realised our customers already took it for granted that SICK sensors would deliver robust performance every time. However, all the great technological advancements and incremental improvements that sensing technology has enjoyed in recent years have had the unintended consequence that there are now many different products to select from, many different ways to set up, align and program sensors, with different designs, detection types, LED displays and light spots. So, at SICK we decided to set out on a journey towards simplification of our optical sensor range. We developed the new, easy-operating concepts our customers wanted, as well as bringing together all of SICK’s leading optical sensing technologies. The result is the SICK W16 and W26 smart sensors with “BluePilot” alignment. The radically-upgraded family of sensors are at the helm of a new streamlined portfolio which optimises ease-of-use while achieving complete detection reliability. The new proximity, reflex and through-beam photoelectric sensors will be manufactured at a purpose-built, fully-automated production facility in southern Germany. They mark the culmination of a two-year, €multi-million research and development project involving extensive consultation with SICK customers worldwide.

BluePilot Alignment The first and most significant development is SICK’s BluePilot assistant. Sensor applications that use a reflector, or a transmitter and receiver, need careful adjustment to ensure optimal alignment - tricky especially over longer distances.


With SICK’s revolutionary OptoFilter technology onboard, the sensors are immune to interference from unwanted light sources and reflections, including LED lighting, hi-viz safety workwear or reflections from machinery.

SICK’s AutoAdapt function means if the reflector or the front screen of the sensor becomes contaminated, the photoelectric sensor automatically adjusts its switching thresholds for reliable detection.

Bluetooth Communication A new industry-first in-built Bluetooth wireless option also allows easy monitoring and advanced commissioning from smart phones or tablets.

Smart Sensors Finally, the new streamlined portfolio incorporates IO-link two-way communication as standard on all devices. These Industry 4.0 ready sensors therefore offer rapid set up and plug-and-play replacement. The IO-link connection also enables each sensor to be located and its diagnostics made visible to the control system, so maintenance can be planned and any faults addressed immediately.

The Future of Sensing If the light spot is not in the correct position it could lead to production failures or stoppages. The BluePilot assistant uses a line of five LEDs mounted on the top of the sensor for quick, easy and accurate alignment of the light spot even over long distances. The blue LEDs also provide an ongoing status indication to verify that the sensor is still in alignment. Thus, both set-up and maintenance time is minimised.

Best-in-Class Optics

The W16 and W26 sensors represent the future of sensing. Easy to set up and maintain, they all work in the same way, with the same design, to save time and costs. Any detection challenges are handled easily, every time, no matter what the manufacturing conditions. For more information on SICK’s W16 and W26 sensors, contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

Next, we looked for the best technologies in our existing photoelectric sensing ranges and developed new technologies alongside them. We incorporated them in the new W16 and W26 family to deliver the best of all worlds. •

SICK’s patented Twin-Eye technology achieves reliable detection for reflective materials such as films, foils, contrast-rich or uneven surfaces. The TwinEye’s unique second receiving channel builds in high process stability reducing the risk of false or missed signals due to deflections of the light beam.

SICK has incorporated LineSpot linear optics to provide highly-reliable detection where the object has mesh, perforations, integral gaps or breaks.

SICK ClearSens optical filter technology makes light work of semi-transparent and transparent objects, such as bottles and plastic trays. Intuitive mode selection on the device make it easy to set up the sensor according to the characteristics of object to be detected.


April 2018

Got MODBUS? Then get the Internet of Things on us! If your product or equipment already has Modbus, then the NanoULTRA from Caption Data gives you the immediate ability to join them to the Internet of Things. From single units to 1000’s of units, with on line & real time control through the CDL SmartHub™ rental fleet of products, speeding up commissioning and reducing complaints Every NanoULTRA will appear as a pin marker on your own SmartHub portal as soon as it is powered up. From the SmartHub you can name individual units, manage the MODBUS registers to poll, set alarm thresholds and monitoring frequencies, add users and alarm recipients, monitor audit trails, download data and graphics, etc.

We have clients around the world using the NanoULTRA in their thousands to manage products with Modbus and increase value, for example: •

A Leading global Air Processing OEM uses the NanoULTRA on products throughout Europe Middle East and Asia, to manage customer SLA’s

A Leading US/UK water instrumentation company use the NanoULTRA in challenging field locations to give their clients real time data on Smart Water Grids

A Leading maker of UPS systems use the product to provide award winning levels of service to their customers

A Leading maker of chillers uses the NanoULTRA to manage their


See at a glance if all is as it should be, and drill down into any unit to see detailed data and make informed decisions in real time.

Modbus configuration in brief •

Quickly create new modus data maps for new controllers/ instruments/PLC’s

Add virtually unlimited Modbus registers to these controllers

Choose to read or write to registers allowing you to control set points on remote equipment

Poll up to four Modbus slaves each with different register sets

Read more technical details of our Modbus solutions HERE

The SmartHub is available with no software to load via any internet device via any browser.

So how does it work? The NanoULTRA is pre-configured to handle MODBUS. So the unit can be polling your chosen MODBUS registers in no time, using its on board intelligence to compare high and low thresholds. It will report in via its own secure GSM modem at user defined intervals, as well as any time a threshold is breached, so you can monitor assets via your own personal dashboard.

Tel +44 (0) 1905 754078 Email

April 2018



The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640


April 2018

The Machinery Management People (TMMP) Welcome to the UK’s largest independent machinery management company- Having lived and breathed engineering for over 40 years, working with leading OEM’s, machine tool agents and end users to create and build the ‘go to’ place for machinery purchase, sales and engineering support. The Machinery Management People offer you a total machinery management service that allows you to buy, sell, repair, maintain or service your machinery, all in just one place! Customer service sits at the heart of The Machinery Management People who believe buyers, sellers and owners of machinery and equipment should get not only the fairest price but best service no matter where they sit in the ownership of equipment. Our support services for collection, delivery and installation plus ongoing management, not only give confidence in the purchase but also for the long-term ownership. Our services can be broken down into two key areas - industry leading trade platform and our machinery support services.

We supply machinery support services offering customers: •

Breakdown & Repair Services- You can count on our extensive support to help maintain your equipment and to be there when you really need us. With optional guaranteed response times, maintenance support packages we’re here to help.

Manufacturing Support ServicesWe offer a bespoke manufacturing support service, tailored to organisational improvement and efficiency. Delivering increased outputs and importantly ongoing cost savings. These services offer manufacturing businesses: •

Business Improvement Analysis and Implementation

Ongoing Training and Support for all employees

Assessment, support and any remedial works for all Legislative Requirements

Responsive engineers to attend all Machinery Servicing and Support

Our online trade platform offers:•

Sell Your Unwanted/Unused Machinery- sell your surplus machinery for FREE and receive more of the assets true market value than that of tradein, dealer or auction sale. You are able to ‘list your items’ independently via the simple online upload or through an ‘assisted’ or ‘fully managed’ listing service, with a dedicated team to support you as needed. Buy Pre-Owned Machinery- Buyers have immediate purchasing ‘peace of mind’ with our optional Management Services, which include; collection, transport, install and long term ownership support. The Machinery Management Team are on hand to help you as needed.

For a FREE market valuation of your machinery please telephone or email us at any time – remember it’s your asset so why not get its true value?


Give your machinery the best treatment with regular expert maintenance from TMMP, call us today on 0333 202 0850 or send us your details to

April 2018

Emerson Demonstrates at Analytica how ASCO Microfluidic Valve Customers can Shorten Product Development Cycles Emerson will be in Hall A1, Stand 213. Customers can learn about the 2-day sample programme for ASCO Microfluidic valves as well as how they can reduce the cost of reagents in Clinical Diagnostic Applications. The use of chemically-inert materials makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Another key feature of the microfluidic isolation valve range is their extremely low power consumption. The advent of Point of Care testing, means that instrument power budgets are critical to a project design team, something Emerson have taken into account, as they offer some of the lowest power coils in the industry. Emerson’s expert engineers will be on hand to do discuss the demands of you project throughout the event and you can also find out how to receive products from the ASCO standard portfolio, including the microfluidic isolation valves, as a sample at just two days notice. Emerson recognises that product development times in the analytical and medical markets need to be as short as possible. To enable customers to reduce this time sample versions of ASCO microfluidic valves are available within two days of request. The samples will be hand delivered by Emerson experts who will work with the designer to develop and optimise the process. ASCO micro-fluidic valves combine engineering expertise and modern materials technology to meet the requirements of the manufacturers of the most advanced clinical diagnostic machines. As well as being able to discuss the 2 day sample programme, Emerson will be displaying their microfluidic valves used in clinical diagnostic applications. These valves are designed to withstand some of the industry’s harshest chemicals. A key benefit of the ASCO microfluidic isolation valves is their ultra-low dead volume, which reduces the consumption of costly detective reagents.


For more information about Analytica 2018, visit

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April 2018

Non-invasive flow sensors for the use in the biopharmaceutical and medical industry The bioprocessing industry is characterized by rapid growth and a steady innovation process. Today, this sector tends to discuss flexibility in R&D and production - in terms of a single use approach, challenges of production scaleup, continuous processing and automation. Aspects such as to secure safe and stable processes, consequent traceability, constant data management and increasing quality demands play an important role. Considering the required features, suppliers are faced with a demanding task: The development of innovative, flexible and cost-efficient solutions to support the industry’s ambitious future plans. With the aim of a flexible production and to minimize the risk of contamination, single-usetechnologies (SUT) are predicted to have a great future in the biotechnology industry. Also in the medical field, many fluids are applied that must not be contaminated under any circumstances, leading to a big demand for sensors which give precise measurement values without being in contact with the corresponding medium.

The stainless steel version of the ultrasonic flow sensor SONOFLOW CO.55 is equipped with an integrated display.

The SONOFLOW sensors from SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH fulfill exactly this task. The ultrasonic flow sensors are simply clamped onto the tube without touching the liquid. With their non-invasive measurement principle, they are designed for repeatable use, without having to be sterilized or gammairradiated. With their integrated electronics board, they can be considered to be the smallest footprint solution on the market. Besides the well-accepted product features such as high accuracy and compact design, the flexible use for different tube sizes and materials as well as the option for different housing materials (aluminum, stainless steel or plastics) or an integrated display are further benefits of the SONOFLOW CO.55 sensors series, valued highly by the bioprocessing industry and medical technology. Furthermore, the recently implemented serial MODBus communication protocol RS-485 guarantees a seamless integration into existing data infrastructure. The BUS system can operate up to twelve SONOFLOW sensors parallel and offers continuous data reporting wherever and whenever needed. In addition to the non-invasive flow sensor series SONOTEC offers an ultrasonic inline flow sensor, the SONOFLOW IL.52, for repeatable use and highly accurate low flow measurements.


The non-invasive SONOFLOW CO.55 sensors by SONOTEC are made of different materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel or plastics.

The inline sensor SONOFLOW IL.52 is suited for highly accurate measurements of low flow rates.

April 2018

Best-in-class sensors by HBM HBM is a world leader in developing and producing sensors and transducers to meet your specific needs. n■

Strain gauges are available for widely differing applications and at short notice


Load cells and force transducers measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads - with virtually no displacement


Torque sensors and transducers measure torque precisely


Pressure transducers can be used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment


Displacement transducers measure precisely in the µm range and allow simple displacement monitoring


Strain transducers measure high forces


In addition: We develop and manufacture customized transducers that meet your specifications

Measure and predict with confidence. This is what we stand for. Further information:

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April 2018

PrimePeel® Provides Easy Peel and Re-Seal With Tamper Proof Features Our increasingly fast moving lifestyle, together with the growing tendency to eat-on-the-go, are driving packaging manufacturers to develop concepts which will provide consumers with more convenience in the way that they purchase and use fresh products. Helping the industry keep pace with these ever changing demands are lasers. Their flexibility and precision are at the heart of new and innovative flexible packaging concepts such as the PrimePeel® peel and re-seal process. This allows packages to be opened and re-sealed whilst maintaining the quality of the contents. Crucially, this process also incorporates a tamper evident security feature to protect the packaging and product integrity. The PrimePeel® process, developed by LasX sister company FlexPack Services, clearly demonstrates how lasers are driving the development of new and innovative packaging concepts, many of which would be impossible with alternative technologies. PrimePeel® is used to preserve perishable food items including produce, cheese and cookies. The concept however is such that it can also be easily applied to applications in other industries including medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. The opening feature on the film, produced using a LasX LaserSharp® CO2 laser and scanning head, can be of any shape or size. This allows product designers greater scope to develop unique patterns and designs to suit individual product types. Other benefits of the laser include the ability to make design changes quickly if needed, and also cater for small batch runs. The finished result is safe, convenient and reliable, easy to open and close, and can be re-sealed multiple times.


(The PrimePeel® process can be opened and re-sealed multiple times whilst preserving perishable food items)

The concept can be used on printed or clear labelling and importantly, incorporates a tamper evident security feature to protect the package contents. The PrimePeel® process is ideally suited to pouches, trays or flow wrap applications and can generate significant cost savings and material reduction when compared to similar applications, including clamshell.

LasX laser processing systems which TLM Laser now have as part of their portfolio. These systems are able to cut, score and perforate a wide range of flexible packaging materials for applications across “Breathable Packaging” and “Easy Open” applications.

The laser technologies used for this innovative packaging concept are part of the comprehensive range of

April 2018


April 2018

Stay in control of dosing with PC pumps By Lesley Eaton, Business Development and Marketing Manager, SEEPEX


osing pumps are an important piece of equipment for manufacturers and processors across a whole range of industries. For continuous processing and inline blending, when it’s necessary to dispense a constant, accurate amount of product every time, dosing pumps are essential. But not all dosing pumps are the same – while most positive displacement pumps are capable of dosing, progressive cavity (PC) pumps are fast becoming the dosing pump of choice for customers looking for superior performance.

However, many traditional dosing pump designs such as piston pumps, air diaphragm pumps and peristaltic pumps have a pulsating action. This pulsed flow means that once the pump has dispensed a product, there is a pause before it can dispense again. This results in a gap in the process and can cause uneven distribution of ingredients. Furthermore, some of these pump designs require check valves; if solid or viscous particles get caught behind the valves it can cause them to stick, blocking the pump and halting the process.

Dosing pumps are specified when accurate control of dispensing ingredients or products is required. Examples of applications within the food and beverage industry include: adding strawberry flavour to milk; adding sauces to ice cream; adding botanicals to spirits; or adding colourings or flavourings to food products. And within the water treatment industry, accurate dosing of chemicals is vital for efficient wastewater treatment and for potable water quality. In all these examples, it’s essential that the ingredients or products being added are dispensed at a constant, proportionate rate to ensure even mixing and distribution, in order to guarantee a high-quality product and to control costs.

In contrast, PC pumps are virtually pulsation-free. They use a rotor/ stator pumping action which delivers a continuous flow into the product stream, compared to the start/stop action of piston or other positive displacement pumps. In the case of SEEPEX’s PC dosing pumps, this produces a stable flow rate with a linear accuracy of +/-1%.

Pumped up about Industry 4.0

Whatever your reason for specifying a dosing pump, it’s important to keep in mind the impact that Industry 4.0, or the connected factory, is set to have on UK manufacturing in the near future. There’s a general misconception that enhanced connectivity, smart manufacturing SEEPEX dosing pumps on cider ingredients and Industry 4:0 are for big operations with ultra-sophisticated data capture strategies but all processes, no matter how simple, can benefit from preparation for future proofing ¬– and this includes when selecting a dosing pump.

Vertically mounted PC pump for chemical dosing

To this end, SEEPEX’s range of PC dosing pumps includes a Smart Dosing Pump (SDP). Users input just one parameter – the proportional flow ratio ¬– and the pump, featuring an integrated PLC monitor, will then make any necessary adjustments automatically. Once set, the flow rate is monitored and controlled entirely by the pump drive, which adapts to variations in operating conditions to ensure accurate, repeatable dosing. In addition, dry running and overpressure sensors feed back to the drive to protect the pump from damage, helping to increase service intervals and the lifespan of the product. Despite its enhanced capabilities, the SDP is surprisingly easy to operate, comprising a PC pump with an intelligent inverter drive which is programmed either locally via an HMI or centrally via a fieldbus interface. It can also be controlled via analogue/ digital I/Os, either locally or remotely by a PLC. Ultimately, it provides all the benefits of a PC dosing pump with enhanced control options, future proofing your dosing system as we move towards the fourth industrial revolution. For further information please contact or visit

April 2018

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April 2018


Multi-everything enters food inspection world Food manufacturers operate in a world of multi-platform, multisites, multi-brands, multi-revenue, and even multi-business models. Phil Brown, Managing Director of metal detection specialist Fortress Technology Europe looks into some of the ‘multi’ terminology being used in the inspection marketplace. Multi-checkpoints HACCP guidance states that critical control points (CCPs) should be located at any step where hazards can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to acceptable levels. Some may insert more than one metal detector between the beginning and end of the production and packing process. Checkpoints should correspond to the identified CCPs, depending on the predominant risks. Cost of product at each checkpoint needs to be factored in. If inspection is pushed solely to the end of the line, any contamination will be caught at the most expensive part of the production process. Checking incoming raw ingredients can increase the likelihood of identifying a metal contaminant in its larger form, rather than it being processed and potentially contaminating an entire product batch.


Multi-frequency Food metal detectors generally have three technology options - fixed frequency, multi-frequency and simultaneous frequency. A single tuned fixed frequency device is used when consistently inspecting the same product, e.g. same-sized butter portions. Multifrequency metal detectors perform well on a range of products, with the machine dialling into a select menu of frequencies. However, sensitivity and performance may be compromised. With simultaneous frequency used on Fortress’ Interceptor range, two frequencies operate at the same time, helping to deliver higher sensitivity and hugely reducing product effect. This technology is ideal for wet products that vary in size and density, e.g. meat cuts. Multi-memory To increase speed and ease of set up, plus eliminate human error, food inspection metal detectors might feature pre-programmed settings that operatives can select from. Alternatively, user-friendly features like automatic single pass learning and calibration can deliver accurate metal detection set-up within seconds.

Widely used in weighing systems integrated with metal inspection systems, up to 20 weighing heads can be found on gravity systems where free flowing products, like snacks are bagged and inspected. Fitted beneath the checkweigher chamber a single metal detector head works independently inspecting for contaminants. The weighing system and metal detector may share a single user interface. Multi-lane/multi-aperture Many of today’s food factories are working around legacy equipment and have severe spatial limitations, making compact a prime consideration. To save footprint, manufacturers can channel multiple lanes through a single metal detector. However, larger apertures mean sensitivity is sacrificed and higher false rejects. Positioning individual metal detectors over each lane means more systems to maintain. The Fortress alternative - multiaperture technology - comprises multiple lanes travelling through a single search head, inspecting and independently auto-rejecting packs. Each aperture is smaller, coping better with orientation and product effect. Consolidating this multiaperture technology into one unit cuts equipment footprint by over 50% compared to five individual metal detectors, saves around 17% of installation cost, and up to 65% of TCO with reduced maintenance and parts requirements. “Managed well, multi-everything technology can boost operational effectiveness and make a business more responsive,” notes Phil.

Your Right Connection For Hygienic Process Systems Dixon’s extensive hygienic and pharmaceutical range of products includes: fittings, tubing, hygienic unions, manual and automated valves, pumps, hose assemblies and a range of accessories.

Mixproof Valves

Sample Valves

Fittings & Tubing

Seat & Process Valves



Dixon offers a full range of FDA approved hose and hose assemblies offering odourless and taste free properties suitable for the transfer of liquid foodstuffs.

Food Grade Rubber



Dixon Group Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0)1772 323529 Email:

April 2018


Since William Hughes, a specialist manufacturer of springs and wire components, acquired the ultrasonic cleaning company AC Services in 2015, it has installed an 80m² high specification clean room at its Stalbridge, Dorset headquarters rated at Class 7 in accordance with ISO 14644-1, the only one of its kind in the UK. The clean room is already being used by some of the best known manufacturers in sectors such as aerospace and hydraulics for the cleaning of small batch, precision machined and fabricated parts to meticulous standards. “From the outset we wanted to create a facility featuring the latest, modular clean room technologies and furniture,” explains William Hughes Special Processes Manager, Shaun Tattershall. “We have adopted the previous solvent and aqueous cleaning systems – both of which offer ultrasonic capability – used by AC Services, but pretty much everything else is new.” This includes high grade stainless steel furniture that is designed to help minimise particulate levels. What’s more, the open plan clean room has been designed for optimum product flow based on the latest lean manufacturing methodologies. It will thus prove ideal for any company looking to subcontract


its cleaning requirements, not just from the aerospace and hydraulics industries, but also defence, nuclear, medical, electronics and oil and gas. The new clean room, which incorporates an inspection dark room so that parts can be viewed under ultra-violet light, is already being used for oxygen-related cleaning applications, predominantly for aerospace giant, Honeywell. Typically, these comprise high precision machined components, springs and other parts that go into oxygen equipment such as breathing apparatus, face masks and ducting. These parts, some of which are also used in liquid oxygen (LOX) systems, are cleaned using approved cleaning solvents and solutions. “The existing class room specification for these products is ISO Class 8, so our ISO Class 7 facility is more than suitable – it’s the equivalent of a Class 10,000 cleanroom using the Fed Stan 209E,” says Mr Tattershall.

The solvent and aqueous cleaning systems within the new facility at William Hughes can accommodate precision parts up to 300 by 200 mm in size. Along with metallic parts, materials such as rubbers or plastics (or a combination of these with metal) can also be cleaned. For further details, contact: William Hughes Ltd, Station Road, Stalbridge, Dorset DT10 2RZ. Tel: (01963) 363377 Fax: (01963) 363640 Email: Website:

Industrial network health and happiness delivered by Softing and Hitex A complete range of diagnostic, monitoring and connectivity tools to keep your plant or facility running smoothly at all times


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en nd e ep d nd er an i s ink stic troll m L o n T H a g n co ro o Di rom trol f on c | | 024 7669 2066

April 2018

Hycontrol prevents overdose! Level measurement experts Hycontrol have announced the launch of the new SureSense+ foam control and detection system.


oam causes issues across a wide range of industries from wastewater treatment to food production. Problems caused by foam include pollution, contamination, product loss, downtime, and clean-up costs. Excess foam can also damage equipment such as pumps, compressors, and filters on applications such as AD digesters in energy from waste. Anti-foam agents are effective in reducing or removing foam but are expensive and hard to dose correctly as foam is a varying process and a constantly changing substance. The traditional solution to this has been to constantly dose anti-foam chemicals in high quantities, whether foam is present or not. This overdosing is not only wasteful but extremely costly. To overcome this, Hycontrol’s SureSense+ system utilises patented IMA (Intelligent Multi-Action) technology to monitor and reactively control foam levels in a process. This purpose-designed system is reliable, accurate and is not adversely affected by product build-up or contamination on the probe. SureSense+ can have up to three foam probes connected to one controller with independent dosing control – reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Liquid detection capability also provides greater process control, and a proportional dosing algorithm further reduces unnecessary anti-foam usage to cut expensive waste to the absolute minimum. Probes can have up to three sensor points, across a length of up to 3 metres. Additional features include additional relay outputs and a clear LCD interface which provides a simple menu-driven set-up.


Put simply, the Hycontrol SureSense+ is the most complete foam control offering yet. Hycontrol’s Managing Director, Nigel Allen, welcomed the introduction of the new SureSense+, saying: “Foam is a problematic issue for a great many businesses, from brewing, to wastewater, to pharmaceuticals. Historically the only way to deal with it in most cases has been for operators to guess how much anti-foam is required, leading to chronic overdosing – at great expense. With the launch of the SureSense+, we offer a practical, cost-saving solution to a range of control issues, far in advance of anything previously available. SureSense+ enables users to take control of dosing and manage their process far more efficiently.”

www.hycontrol .com 01527 406800

Hinges for every application Bespoke and stock hinges from the Uk’s no1 specialist manUfactUrer

Bespoke hinge design

full range of standard hinges

presswork and subassembly services

01827 63391

Quality hinges for over 200 years

April 2018

Taffio launches Android touchscreen navigation system for BMW Taffio, a brand of Real Media shop that is found in Germany provides gear for a variety of different car models and most of the car manufacturers. The company’s product line is complete and has many car accessories and gadgets. Taffio’s goal is to provide the safe, equal and entertaining environment for both passengers and drivers thus it has recently launched an android touchscreen navigation system for BMW car models. Among the Android touchscreen navigation system products launched, is the Android 8.8 touchscreen GPS navigation-multimedia player which is designed for BMW 1 Series F20/ F21 and BMW 2 Series F23 Cabrio and BMW 7 F01 F02 NBT android 10.25 ‘‘ touchscreen GPS Navigation Multimedia system designed for BMW 7 Series F01 F02(20132015)with original NBT system. This navigation system provides many functions, for example, different applications such as Bluetooth, dashboard, music, settings, adobe acrobat and other necessary applications. The products have two main menus which display various apps in the system. The system has an I-drive where all factory radio functions and the android menu


screen is controlled. There is also a backup camera and a mirror link. The products have great highlights which are; ability to plug and play without any modification to the original system and can be installed in less than 30 minutes with no external box. The system supports car canbus I-drive, steering wheel control, and car information setting. It also supports the original radio menu and control in Android menu and provides free 3d maps with free updates. Main features of the system include a built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver, a built-in Wi-Fi and support 3G UMTS USB internet stick. It supports video and audio format, DVR function; it is compatible with or without optic fiber or primary navigation. It has a Bluetooth that is built in and supports

original radio Bluetooth. It supports an original backup camera and GPS sound from the front-left speaker when the original radio is in use. However, some of the accessories in the system such as DVR video camera, Back up camera, OBD2, USB Android TPMS and USB Android DAB are optional. The products are supported by two pdf user manuals and an installation guide. Taffio products are readily available to everyone at fair prices. The Real Media shop is the official online shop for Taffio brand customers can visit the shop to purchase Taffio products. Website: Click Here

Patent information can be challenging. Rely on us to help provide you with comprehensive, viable solutions

Our solutions boost efficiency, without losing accuracy. • Search patents intuitively and comprehensively with PatBase • Explore the landscape with powerful, integrated PatBase Analytics • Search peer-reviewed Engineering and Technology research literature with Minesoft Inspec • Extract essential chemical information from full text patents with Chemical Explorer • Find out how Minesoft solutions can transform the way you work at UK: +44(0)20 8404 0651 Germany: +49 (0)211 7495 0930 USA: +1 703 931 1597 Japan: +81 3 54039191

April 2018

The Machinery Management People’s Support & Maintenance Services The Machinery Management People (TMMP) do not just offer a re-active service, we can help with a pro-active approach to improve quality and long-term reliability of your machinery with a planned maintenance program Just like with our own health, prevention is better than cure, which is why it’s always better to look at your machinery’s performance to ensure quality and output are never compromised. General wear and tear can quickly lead to bigger problems that could be both expensive and result in unplanned prolonged downtime. There’s nothing worse than unexpected machine faults, and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time when there’s tight deadlines or a big order to finish. It doesn’t have to be this way though, as most issues can be spotted in advance if you know the tell-tale signs of what to look for. Our Maintenance & Service Contracts

provide exactly this, and will save you money in the long term. Offering: •

Pro-active and preventive management to maximize assets productivity

Advanced service scheduling to allow for production planning

Increase long term reliability

Identification of an assets key spares requirement

Maximization assets market value.

By taking a proactive and preventive approach, you’ll not only maximize productivity and motivation, you’ll also protect and maximize the

machines’ market value. Well looked after machinery will hold its value, giving you more cash to inject back into your business when you come to sell or upgrade. Our experts are always on hand to explain what the latest solutions are, it’s all part of the service! In addition to our Maintenance & Service Contracts, our time-served engineers can fulfil onsite assistance on any of the following: •

Electrical faults

Mechanical faults

System / control issues

General maintenance support

Optimise machinery value

PUWER Assessments and Inspections

With all of this reassurance, you’ll have more time to focus on the job in hand. We can tailor service contracts to your exact needs and offer training and advice to your own engineers. Give your machinery the best treatment with regular expert maintenance from TMMP, call us today on 0333 202 0850 or send us your details to info@

April 2018

Low stress on pressure vessel for longer life Low NOx gas burner Fully matched Fulton burner Low outer surface temperature Compact design with minimal footprint Fully supported servicing and maintenance Fully wetted design - no refractory > 6:1 turndown capabilities (480 kg/h model)

World’s First Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler

> 10:1 turndown capabilities (960 kg/h model) > 82% gross efďŹ ciency > 99.5% steam quality at 8 bar +44 (0)117 972 3322 Environmentally friendly k e y p o i n t s o f t h e V S RT


April 2018

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to rotate whilst carrying fluid under pressure 1/4” to 20” and beyond. Vacuum to over 6000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Rotaflow FV Limited | Rotec House Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY



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April 2018

T&D Corporation Mr Minoru Ito, European Sales Office, Gronauer Straße 1, 61194 Niddatal, Germany 0049 (0)6034 930970

ECi Software Solutions Si One, St Ives Business Park, Parsons Green, St Ives, PE27 4AA +44 (0) 333 123 0333

Unit 3A, Whitworth Court, Manor Park, Runcorn WA7 1WA. Tel.: (0044)-330 002 0640,

Aztec Environmental Head Office, Aztech Environmental Services, The Stables, Llwyndu Court, Abergavenny, NP7 7HG 01873 850222,

Phoenix Mecano Ltd

Precision Technology Supplies Ltd

26 Faraday Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8RY +44 (0)1296 611660

The Birches Industrial Estate, East Grinstead, RH19 1XZ, United Kingdom +44 (0)1342 410758,


Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd

Monitran Ltd, Monitor House, 33 Hazlemere Road, Penn, HP10 8AD, UK T: +44 (0)1494 816569 E:



Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF Tel: +44 1844204420

THE PLUS FOR ADDED FLEXIBILITY The innovative multi-protocol fieldbus system from Murrelektronik, which has radically simplified and modernized decentralized installation has taken a step further with a plus.

The single bus node can support up to 20 I/O modules in a 30 m circumference and with a reduced number of cables. The range of I/O modules continues to grow and includes digital and analogue ports, safe outputs, logic, counter, valve island, temperature, I/O link etc. Both IP67 or IP20 are available.


More options More flexibility More distance More performance

Murrelektronik Ltd 5 Albion St, Pendlebury Ind.Estate, Swinton, Manchester,M27 4FG Phone 0161 728 3133

Designed to Meet Your Needs, at Your Convenience Zero-cost valve industry updates at your premises Find new suppliers, products, technical solutions Hassle free, no down time

For more information and to register your interest please contact:

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Engineering Update - April 2018  

Engineering Update - April 2018