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Annual Review 2017

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Easy and cost-efficient connection of the Modlight70 signal tower using the Cube67 fieldbus system Author: Alexander Hornauer · Images: Markus Napieralla

In the Oppenweiler Logistics Center, Murrelektronik does more than ship products to the customer. They are also actively involved in helping processes run without a hitch. Modlight70 signal towers provide clear signaling; the Cube fieldbus system allows for effective and efficient transmission of the necessary data. When companies from the automation industry submit an order to Murrelektronik, the Oppenweiler Logistics Center operates like clockwork. The ordered products are transported by conveyor belts to the picking and packing stations, and they are packed and on their way to their destination in no time at all. To keep logistics operating at full speed, all picking and packing stations are usually occupied. When one employee goes on break, a coworker (“relief person”) takes over the tasks immediately. When packaging material is about to run out, an “internal logistics specialist” intervenes so that bottlenecks do not occur. In the past, one got an overview of who was working where on a board in the Logistics Center; individual signal towers were used as a status indicator for individual areas. A team managed by Oliver Behnke, Director of the Murrelektronik Logistics Center, undertook the task of simplifying this system. A decision was made to install an entire row of Modlight70 signal towers in a clearly visible location. Since then, employees in the operations area and colleagues in the control room of the Logistics Center can see at a glance whether all processes are running on schedule. Employees at the picking and packing stations operate the lamps from their workstation by remote control. When the green LED element is illuminated, everything is in order. The yellow element indicates that an employee is taking a break, so a “relief person” can be ready to step in. Blue stands for a packaging material bottleneck; red means an interruption. The signals are unambiguous — nothing has to be done “on call” anymore. The large Logistics Center proved to be a challenge, which became evident in an early phase of planning. Relying on radio signals to be clearly transmitted over long

distances or even through walls seemed impractical to Oliver Behnke’s team. For this reason, the team decided to transmit the radio signals digitally through cables using a decentralized installation solution based on the Cube fieldbus system. The receivers were located in control cabinets at multiple locations within the Logistics Center. These receivers control the inputs of the Cube20 IP20 fieldbus module. These input modules communicate with the PLC, which processes the signals and sends them to the Cube67 fieldbus system in the field, which controls the Modlight70 signal towers. The use of Cube20 in the control cabinet is a cost-efficient solution: instead of many individual I/O cards, only one module has to be mounted on the DIN rail. The high packing density makes this possible. “Specifically, we had to install only one module in each control cabinet,” reports Oliver Behnke. In practice, single-channel diagnostics directly on the module has proven to be advantageous. “If there is an error anywhere in the wiring, the LED will light up at the affected slot, and we can fix the error quickly without having to do a lot of searching.” Practical modules with a direct Modlight signal connection are used to connect the actuators in the Cube67 system. These “Cube cable modules” have a 1.5-meter long connecting cable; the 8-pin M12 connector is connected directly to the signal tower. The individual connection modules are in turn connected to a system line that carries the signal as well as the power. “With this system, we do not need a separate power supply. This makes installation quick and easy.” The Modlight70 signal towers can be assembled in a modular fashion from a connection element and several colored LED modules with a 70 mm diameter through a bayonet locking system. “In the

Logistics Center, we assigned colors to certain functions which is why we use the signal towers in the identical configuration,” explains Oliver Behnke. He values the energy-saving LED technology, the long service life, and the maintenance-free modules. Contact details: Murrelektronik Ltd, Tel: 0161 7283133, Web:

THE PLUS FOR ADDED FLEXIBILITY The innovative multi-protocol fieldbus system from Murrelektronik, which has radically simplified and modernized decentralized installation has taken a step further with a plus.

The single bus node can support up to 20 I/O modules in a 30 m circumference and with a reduced number of cables. The range of I/O modules continues to grow and includes digital and analogue ports, safe outputs, logic, counter, valve island, temperature, I/O link etc. Both IP67 or IP20 are available.


More options More flexibility More distance More performance

Murrelektronik Ltd 5 Albion St, Pendlebury Ind.Estate, Swinton, Manchester,M27 4FG Phone 0161 728 3133

Get BIMREADY with Man and Machine Training Academy

Newly launched BIM Manager training program from Man and Machine is unique in content and exclusive to the UK. The course covers managing the BIM process, workflow and co-ordination specificially aimed at non-modellers. It fuses technology best practice demonstration with understanding the BIM management process.

Belfast BIM Manager Part 1 - 14/03/2017 BIM Manager Part 2 - 22/03/2017 Scotland BIM Manager Part 1 - 16/05/2017 BIM Manager Part 2 - 24/05/2017 Visit our website or contact one of the team to find out about more course locations and dates.

Who Should Attend? The course is aimed at BIM Managers, co-ordinators, champions and project managers Course Overview Part 1 - BIM Introduction Part 2 - BIM Organisational Management Part 3 - BIM Project Operations Part 4 - BIM Management

Contact one of the team for more information Call 01844 263700, email or visit

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December 2017

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December 2017

80 GHz level radar helps recycle APC residue into concrete blocks Another success in challenging applications

Figure 1. Useful construction blocks produced using recycled APCr, rather than sending to landfill


astle Environmental is a leading supplier of specialist waste treatment, recycling and disposal services, handling in excess of 250,000 tonnes of waste each year. They operate three fully permitted sites in the UK and are proud to be ISO 14001 and ISO 9002 accredited. One type of waste processed at their Cardiff site is APCr (Air Pollution Control residue), the fine powder that remains following the cleaning of gases from Energy from Waste facilities. It contains lime which is alkaline, and consequently APCr is classified as hazardous waste. For the past 18 months Castle have used recycled APCr as an aggregate replacement in the production of precast concrete products. Following a detailed end of waste review in full consultation with Natural Resources Wales (NRW), APCr is gainfully employed in the manufacture of a range of


concrete blocks. The pre-processed APCr is combined with additional aggregates and cement to produce heavy duty interlocking concrete blocks and 4� dense blocks, which are used in construction, civil engineering projects, barriers and bay walls. (See fig 1) Part of this recycling process involves mixing the APCr powder with recycled water in a 4m high agitated vessel to form a slurry which is then dewatered prior to combining with other aggregates to form the blocks. During this mixing process, the level in the vessel requires careful monitoring and control to ensure the process is carried out under the correct conditions. Inside the vessel there is a very agitated surface, solids can build up on the walls as well as the agitator itself and surface foam can also be produced under certain conditions.

Figure 2. Challenging conditions the mixing process produces a very turbulent surface, splashing, surface foam, build up on the walls and vessel internals

accommodated by the VEGAPULS 64’s 80 GHz radar technology to deliver accurate and reliable level readings. It employs focusing to avoid unwanted interfering signals combined with high sensitivity to read through condensation, sensor build up and to overcome the foaming surface. As well as handling difficult conditions such as these, they are also capable of measuring very low reflectivity hydrocarbons, even liquid gases, highly pure solvents, past complicated vessel internals, down long nozzles and even operating through process isolation valves. Doug Anderson Marketing Manager E-Mail: VEGA Controls Ltd Web: Tel +44 1444 870055

(See fig 2) The uneven surface, foam and solids build up - are

Fax +44 1444 870080

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Great Price 5 Comm Ports Inc. Ethernet Real-Time Data On Display Easy PID Free No-Limit Programming Hardware Auto-Discovery Hot-Swappable I/O Built-in Data Logging Slim Form-Factor Multiple Wiring Options Integrated Web-Server Motion Made Easy

Lamonde Automation Ltd The Officers’ Mess | Coldstream Road | Caterham | Surrey CR3 5QX +441883 333054 |

December 2017

Introducing SICK’s SureSense – the Flexible Family of Customisable Sensors

SICK has developed the SureSense family of usercustomisable photo-electric sensors - a concept that enables machine builders and plant engineers to specify from a wide-range of sensing options all within a standard technology, set-up, mounting and housing.

optimised, increasing performance consistency and stability, even when faced with mechanical stress or contamination. SICK SureSense sensors draw on a comprehensive toolbox of innovative SICK technologies to compensate for the wide variety of shapes, colours and tones, transparency or reflectivity of objects to be detected. Excellent background suppression means the effects of changes in colour or materials, or by reflections from the surrounding production environment are minimised. In applications to detect clear objects such as bottles or food trays, the sensors automatically compensate for dust and dirt contamination using Sick’s renowned Auto-Adapt technology. Challenging Products and Conditions

SureSense Key Visual

The durable SureSense sensors can reliably detect nearly any object in any environment – ensuring machines and lines stay up and running at full capacity. David Hannaby, SICK’s UK product manager for presence detection, explains why SICK developed the technology. “We are seeing more companies looking to use a hybrid sensor that allows flexibility in mounting either from the side or from the front. During installation and operation, SureSense’s signal strength bar gives clear indication of the sensor’s performance and making set up and operation easier for engineers. “The SICK SureSense enables machine builders and plant engineers to standardise on one single sensor family for the most basic to advanced applications. Users can literally


build their own sensors online, expect prompt delivery and quickly commission their sensors for optimal performance. “As a result, machine design variables, plant maintenance costs and stores inventories can be all be dramatically streamlined.” Intelligent Sensing Technologies SICK SureSense offers either laser light, red or infra-red LED in the same housing, multiplying the number of potential applications from one sensor family. SICK SureSense also incorporates a facility, not seen on conventional sensors, that helps users achieve rapid set-up and ongoing high performance. A signal strength light bar on the back of the sensor housing enables the alignment to be

David Hannaby continues: “The SICK SureSense family benefits from all the SICK technologies you would expect to simply detect any object. For example, built-in sensor intelligence compensates for the high light absorption by dark or matt black objects, by adjusting and optimising the emitted light intensity and signal strength. “SICK SureSense is also available with a laser LED emitter that enables superior performance in applications such as counting small objects, detecting small holes, sensing objects through small openings and detecting product defects.” SICK SureSense’s tough VISTAL housing and IP69K/Ecolab rating ensure rugged durability and resistance to vibration, chemicals and moisture for a long reliable life. The -40oC to +70oC range means the sensors can be used reliably without risk of failure in a wide variety of temperatures. For more information about the SICK SureSense photo-electric sensor family, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

December 2017

JSP’s new range of Sonis® Extra Visibility Ear Defenders with market leading attenuation Since the PPE Regulation update reclassified hearing protection to a category 3 risk product, it is now more important than ever for employers to provide their staff with the correct hearing protection and to fully understand that employees are adequately protected.

JSP are strongly committed to safety innovation and are aware workers who need to protect their hearing also need at times to be extra visible so they have developed a range of Sonis® Extra Visibility Ear Defenders peaking at an unbeaten SNR of 37. This range of Sonis® Extra Visibility Ear Defenders is Kitemarked and meets EN352-1. The advantages of this range is that there is a selection of 4 ear defenders offering a wide spread of attenuation with SNR values between 27 and 37 meaning that selecting the right model to match the wearers

requirements is really straightforward. The headband has a reflective branded outer layer and bright colour coded cups for extra visibility, delivering an ear defender which is perfect to wear as the nights draw in where workers need to be seen on highways, construction sites, airports or other high-risk workplaces. Manufactured in Oxfordshire, the Sonis® cups can be coloured to meet a corporate identity and can also be printed with a company logo for improved brand recognition and to help prevent theft.

More information is available from, by emailing or calling +44 (0)1993 826050. 8|

December 2017

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to rotate whilst carrying fluid under pressure 1/4” to 20” and beyond. Vacuum to over 6000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Rotaflow FV Limited | Rotec House Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY


01663 735003



December 2017

CorDEX Launches Brand New TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Camera Series CorDEX Instruments have announced the release of the brand new TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM camera series, comprising of a world’s first – an intrinsically safe thermal and digital camera, and a non-intrinsically safe version. Offering ground-breaking affordability in exchange for an impressive array of features, the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM series sets a new industry standard for delivering a compact and lightweight yet rugged thermal imaging device. The new cameras allow users to quickly detect issues, conduct accurate measurements and document findings for remedial action. The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM cameras feature a rich set of new hardware, software and technical specifications designed from the ground up to set the highest standard in the industry. Manufactured from lightweight but tough, aircraft grade aluminium, every single component in the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM has been selected with one goal in mind – quality that’s built to last. With its industry leading, 5 megapixel visual sensor and ultrabright LED flash, TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM takes crystal clear, high resolution digital images in broad daylight a swell as darker environments. Not only this, but the cameras include a thermal imaging camera, meaning its duel functionality is the perfect hybrid for any occasion. Additionally, the cameras offer adaptive thermal blending, WIFI, onboard analysis tools, a removable memory card and removable battery. Douglas Walker, Research Director said “CorDEX have pioneered an intrinsically safe dual mode radiometric camera. DIGITHERM provides digital and thermal imaging in a compact tough package with a low entry cost. The high resolution visual image combined with the capable 80x60 IR image opens up many application areas. Problem hot spots are easily made visible and located accurately in tough environments.”


The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM series is available through select distributors and directly from CorDEX Instruments. To buy the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM or to learn more about the series, please visit

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December 2017

SHEAR simplicity for drive protection‌

Gear Coupling Spacer

DIN / SAE Spacer

Pin & Bush coupling

Chain coupling

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

Email : Web : Phone: 01453 750814

Surface Technologies

Improving component life and performance l Controlled Shot Peening l Laser Shock Peening l Thermal Spray Coatings l Dry Film Lubricants l Organic and Inorganic Coatings l Parylene Ultra-thin Conformal Coatings l Superfinishing l On-site Processing l Material Testing and Analysis l NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, AS9100 Rev C CWST will be exhibiting at Advance Engineering Show Nov 2017, Stand L83 |11

December 2017

REMA TEC automates WENKO’s new DC with a systematic solution from Interroll Interroll and systems integrators REMA TEC GmbH developed a complete automation solution for intermediate storage and order picking at the DC of WENKOWENSELAAR GmbH & Co. KG. MD Philip Köllner, at WENKOWENSELAAR, explains: “Our traditional family-owned company offers a range of around 6,000 products that epitomizes practical benefits and innovation in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and living areas. Every year, we develop around 500 new products and now have more than 1,000 registered patents and trademark rights. With the modernization of our goods distribution centre, we are concentrating our activities in brickand-mortar retail and e-commerce. This means even better delivery times for our growing customer base.”

Increase in efficiency and capacity raises maximum throughput to 4,000 units per hour With this order, Interroll and REMA TEC are meeting the extremely


challenging capacity and efficiency demands that WENKO is making on its DC. The automation solution designed for dynamic intermediate storage and order picking of pallets and boxes will enable a throughput of up to 4,000 units per hour to be achieved. The goods are stored and picked on four levels, each of which includes five picking tunnels with highly efficient pick-to-belt material handling technology. This flexible systematic solution uses a large number of Interroll products in seamless combination to ensure a highperformance and reliable application. These include picking lanes for pallets and box flow levels, with Interroll drum motors and Belt Curves throughout the material handling system. In the 19 sorter end points, Interroll’s Crossbelt Sorter is included along with several MSC 50 Magnetic Speed Controllers to ensure safe and controlled transportation of the packages from a height of more than 3.5 meters to the ground-level packing stations.

Large number of Interroll products in use Peter Dippel, owner and CEO of REMA TEC GmbH, states: “As a system integrator of material handling solutions, we rely on efficiency and reliability. Over the years, we have successfully collaborating with Interroll in the interest of our customers and the future-proof automation solution that we developed jointly for WENKO, sets the standards in cost efficiency and return on investment.” Interroll confirm this challenging project is further proof that the unique interplay of its products and services for dynamic storage and sorting, all the way through to intelligent 24 V drive technology— offers WENKO clear added value for achieving its business objectives. With acknowledged high quality standards, the scalability of the solution means that future growth is also taken into consideration.” Phone: +44(0) 1536 312770 E-mail: Web:




Pressure Measurement Standard and Custom Transducers




At OMEGA, we can provide customised solutions or standard products for all of your pressure needs. To learn more visit or email


December 2017

Rulmeca acknowledges strict hygienic conditions are important Many process and conveyor technology machines and systems in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries must be cleaned after each production cycle in order to make them ready for the next production cycle, clean and free of potential pathogens and cross-contamination. For this purpose, clean-in-place processes are increasingly being used.

Steam jets against sensitive components

Double protection

In conveyor technology, clean-in-place processes are often implemented with the conveyor belt running. And this has its reasons: on the one hand, it is quite expensive to remove a heavy conveyor belt, which extends over several metres and reassemble it again. On the other hand, however, it is also possible, for example, to be able to clean the links of plastic modular belt strips better during operation, since the interstices are thus best achieved where the members open most of the way.

It is important that motors are equipped with a double IP protection, since a system is specified for IP66, IP69 or IP66 / IP69 protection. The high-quality IP69 protection does not automatically include IP66 protection. For IP66 protection, strong jets of water at a distance of 100 litres per minute at a pressure of 1 bar against the housing from any direction for at least 3 minutes have no harmful effects. IP69 provides protection against high pressure or steam jet cleaning. Thus, systems are protected against water jets from close proximity to high temperature.

But cleaning is often uncompromising with high pressure cleaners and steam jets. They have a clear mission: To clean efficiently as quickly as possible ‌‌.but, attention to sensitive components is not taken into consideration.

The stainless steel drum motors from Rulmeca have exactly this double IP66 / IP69 protection, therefore IP66 / IP69plus. Thus, they are demonstrably protected against a preliminary cleaning and subsequent rinsing of the cleaning and disinfecting agents as well as against the microbiological cleaning with steam jet and high pressure cleaners.

In any case, conveying components such as drum motors must not only be resistant to aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents, they must also be 100% leak-proof, with several times throughout a day they are subjected to cleaning with surge water, as well as high-pressure and steam-jet cleaning.

Contact Grahame Halligan at Rulmeca UK to discuss hygienic motor drives in more detail. Tel: 01536 748525



December 2017


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PFC100 Controller: High performance packed into a smaller footprint

Instrument Solutions - we specialise in the supply of equipment when you need it including: • • • • •

Air-velocity meters Dust monitors Electrical analysers Sound level meters Thermal imagers

W: T: 01344 459 314 0800 254 5566 (UK Free)

• Extremely compact and maintenance-free design saves control panel space • 600 MHz processing power allows seamless automation of complex industrial systems • Cost-effective configuration via e!COCKPIT engineering software • Scalable modular system ready for future challenges • Comprehensive on-board data security packages • Two ETHERNET interfaces for extensive compatibility • Linux® operating system • CODESYS 3 runtime system Telephone E-Mail Internet Search for

01788 568 008 “WAGO PFC100”

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18/10/2017 13:51:01

December 2017

Rapid prototyping with CNC machining and injection moulding Rapid prototyping is often regarded as being synonymous with additive manufacturing (commonly termed 3D printing) technologies. But a compelling case can also be made for CNC machining and injection moulding as rapid prototyping technologies as well, argues Stephen Dyson of specialist rapid prototyping provider Proto Labs. Increasingly, rapid prototyping is a strategic capability. Being the first to market with a new product or refinement confers a competitive edge—and being able to quickly develop prototypes gives an important advantage in that race to be first. And once earned, a reputation for innovation leadership tends to stick: customers will defer buying decisions until they have had a chance to see the offerings from those businesses with a track record of delivering market-defining products and product enhancements. To be sure, rapid prototyping is a management discipline. In the race to be first, there’s no point having roadblocks or bottlenecks in key design and development processes. And the more strategic an end product is, the more important it becomes to make sure that prototypes and their designs don’t loiter at the back of the queue. But rapid prototyping is also a technology decision—and as rapid prototyping increasingly moves centre-stage in the push to be first to market, that technology decision is becoming increasingly important. Put another way, the selection of the wrong prototyping technology can have a lasting and damaging effect on both time-to-market and product quality or reliability. Because in a world where rapid prototyping is often synonymous with the use of additive manufacturing technologies of various types, manufacturers are in danger of becoming overly-reliant on it as a prototyping technology. 3D printing might well deliver a part that helps check form, function, and fit—but where a project requires other critical attributes such as suitability for pre-compliance testing or customer validation, other prototyping processes may be more suitable. Prototypes manufactured using a standard 3D printing process are produced undeniably quickly, but the resulting plastic parts may have poor strength. Stereolithography (SL) and Selective


Laser Sintering (SLS) technologies are technologies that produce parts that are strong, but even so they are not always suitable for functional testing, and may provide limited data on manufacturability. In addition, parts produced through stereolithography tend to become brittle over time, while the surface finish of parts produced through Selective Laser Sintering tend to require additional aesthetic enhancement. Rapid prototyping through Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) is generally regarded as a significant improvement in terms of physical strength, the resulting prototypes being made of various metals (in the case of DMLS) or industrialstrength resins (FDM). But as additive manufacturing processes go, FDM is quite slow and produces parts with a potentially unacceptable surface finish, while DMLSproduced parts can be expensive, if requirements call for more than a handful of parts. And again, indications of finished part manufacturability are comparably limited. In short, while additive manufacturing technologies are ideal for producing parts with extremely complex geometries that will permit the checking of form, fit and function, in many cases, post processing (such a CNC machining of certain surfaces) enhancement may be required to meet the needs of the project. So what does that leave in terms of rapid prototyping technologies? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is CNC machining and injection moulding—both technologies that are often generally regarded as being mainstream production processes. In both cases, the resulting parts will have the same physical properties and surface finish as the finished part—usually being made of the same material—and will generally provide excellent indications of manufacturability. In short, if an important aspect of the overall development process involves testing the physical properties

of parts, then a convincing case can be made for rapid prototyping through CNC machining and injection moulding technologies, especially if the prototyping process calls for small batches of parts, as opposed to one-offs. And in both cases, too, it’s very possible for these technologies to be genuinely rapid. Both are capable of extensive digitisation, with the time taken to produce an injection moulded part being further reduced by machining the requisite moulding tool from aluminium rather than steel. In short, coupling CNC machining and injection moulding as a prototyping technology may take a little longer than with additive manufacturing, but can yield vastly more useful data in terms of the conformance characteristics of the prototypes in question, as well as their manufacturability. Plus, as the number of required prototypes mount, the added cost is spread over an increased number of prototype parts. Even so, this isn’t to say that there is no place for additive manufacturing within a prototyping strategy. Of course not. It’s simply that a well thought out prototyping strategy is likely to be one that embraces several rapid prototyping technologies— additive manufacturing to start with, in order to provide initial data on form, fit, and function, and then moving to CNC machining or injection moulding as appropriate for subsequent rounds of prototypes, as the acquired data provides the necessary confidence to invest in the CNC machining or injection moulding process. The decision process is more complicated than a policy of using only 3D printing technology, to be sure. But as rapid prototyping becomes an ever-more strategic capability, deciding which technology to employ is increasingly worth in-depth consideration. So if your present rapid prototyping provider can’t support digitisation together with CNC machining and injection moulding capabilities, then it could be time to look for another provider who does.


Mechanical Seals

FEP/PFA Encapsulated 'O'-Rings - Ex stock supply with short lead times - Fully automated production - Intensive electronic inspection - Virtually any cross section/I.D. size - Unbeatable commercial value - ISO 9001 certified

- Ex stock supply with short lead times - Global manufacturer and supplier - Extensive range for all industries - Specialist designed OEM replacements - Expert technical knowledge - Easy seal cross reference

Find out more at Embrace Excellence - Vulcan Service, Quality and Value UK/World: +44 (0) 114 249 3333 | USA: +1 952 955 8800 | |

December 2017

TF Automation supports aerospace industry with robotic product assembly solution Following on from two successful process automation projects, TF Automation was commissioned to provide a solution to automate a time consuming parts-handling manual process for a world leading manufacturer of fasteners supplying the aerospace industry.


aving already commissioned and installed two machines, the manufacturer wanted to work with TF to automate a further process within their overall production process. The manual hot forming process involved an operator performing three operations by hand to thread individual fasteners. The process was slow and laborious with the opportunity for operator error and poor consistency. The key was to design and engineer an automated process to improve output efficiency and maintain consistent quality which is crucial in the aerospace industry. TF’s in-house team designed and manufactured a bespoke machine using a robot to carry out the product handling task. One of the remits was also to ensure that if the robot failed, the process could still be carried out manually, therefore the machine was designed with enough space around it to allow for this. This automated hot forming process, now carried out by robot, produces around 66% more parts per hour than the original manual process. Due to the production efficiencies achieved by this installation and the improvement in output as well as quality and consistency, a second machine is being commissioned. The machine is now fully commissioned and installed within the production process, enabling our client to work quicker and smarter and realise the improved output efficiencies. Once both machines are up and running, output will be at 4 times that of the original manual system. TF Automation are specialist engineers, who design and manufacture process automation solutions supporting manufacturers across a wide range of industries using the latest technologies. Focussing on consistency, improved production efficiency, precision and quality, TF Automation has delivered projects using a wide range of disciplines including robotics, pneumatics, automated assembly and pick and place.


Distributor of Mean Well Power Supplies

Din Rail Power Supplies

Ecopac Power LTD l Sales: 01844 20 44 20 l Technical: 01844 20 44 30

December 2017

Commander ID 300, the new Leroy-Somer integrated drive Leroy-Somer has announced the launch of Commander ID300, a new integrated drive for the control of IMfinity® induction motors. This decentralized system brings together performance and reliability, offering customized solutions for process, manufacturing and intralogistics applications. With the transition to Industry 4.0 under way, production is evolving in an increasingly complex and demanding environment. Consequently, companies require more and more quality, risk management, equipment performance and compliance to standards. Commander ID300 has been designed to meet these strategic challenges, offering strong dynamic performance and outstanding efficiency levels. The decentralized configuration offers greater flexibility in machine and plant design. Other advantages include space saving, as no cabinet is required, lower overall costs due to the elimination of cables between drive and motor, lower power losses and reduced emission interference… Benefitting from IMfinity® motor’s proven mechanical construction, Commander ID300 is extremely robust. This robustness is strengthened by the use of latest generation electronic components for power and control. To offer a high level of the system performance, the auto calibration and drive setup are carried out at the factory, including optimized starting torque, high dynamics on fast transient load and operation at constant torque using flux vector control across the entire speed range. For an advanced control of the machine, Commander ID300 is provided with features that add value to the application and simplify the system management: onboard PLC, fieldbus communication, extra input/ output or preset configurations such as a pump program for pressure regulation (constant pressure / variable flow).


Commander ID300 offers energy efficiency standards higher than system classification IES2 (EN 61800-9-2), enhancing energy savings. The drive also features a low power standby mode for applications with significant periods of idleness. Safety remains paramount: to protect users and minimize machine operation downtime, the Commander I D 3 0 2 v a r i a n t integrates o n b o a r d safety functions for compliance with the highest safety standards SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) and PLe (Performance Level e). The motor is also protected against overloads thanks to thermal protection. On top of this, the optional brake card enables full control of the brake sequencing and power supply. Commander ID300 has been designed on a modular concept: the wide choice of options and adaptations enables configuration in line with machine architecture. The system can also be combined with an FFB brake for dynamic braking and /or gears from the multiposition 3000 range, ensuring maximum adaptability. Due to its large selection of features and options, Commander ID300 is an “easy-to-use” solution, ensuring quick and smooth operation. For instance, time can be saved during installation thanks to the multiple mechanical adaptations and connections that

can be made at the factory. Also, to facilitate setup, configuration and diagnostics, the system delivers intuitive setup and pre-configured settings which are application dependent. Designed for industrial environments as standard, the Commander ID300 all-in-one drive solution is part of the Express Availability offer, the premium Leroy-Somer Service which ensures rapid delivery while minimizing spare and stock requirements.

We stretch the boundaries of possibility Photo etching delivers metal parts other manufacturers can’t, thanks to Precision Micro Where our competitors fail, we excel; developing new production methodologies in partnership with our global customer base to ease manufacturing and ultimately reduce their cost. ...and we do it to exacting tolerances, often not achievable with conventional machining. To create even smaller, even finer components, we combine photo etching with laser direct imaging, additive layer techniques and fine-wire EDM.

This means ultra-light and complex, burr and stress-free components to 20μm accuracy — from virtually any metal. Using digital tooling, design iterations are possible in days, not weeks, without incurring excessive cost. Once the perfect prototype has been developed, we have the capacity to move seamlessly from development to true high volume production — and all from the very same tooling. Think big with Precision Micro.

+44 (0)121 380 0100

Photo-etched titanium medical implant

December 2017

Thermal imaging unlocks secrets of exercise FLIR Systems reports on how the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at Portsmouth University, UK has been using its thermal imaging cameras for measuring skin temperature at rest, during exercise, and recovery. Skin temperature is an important physiological measure that can reflect the presence of illness and injury as well as provide insight into the localised interactions between the body and the environment. Historically, human skin temperature has been assessed using contact measurement devices including thermocouples and skin thermistors that have limitations. Dr. Joe Costello, a senior lecturer in exercise physiology commented “I have used FLIR Systems thermal cameras in Australia, Ireland and the UK as my measurement technology of choice to assess human skin temperature. My research group is currently using FLIR thermal imaging cameras to examine the effects of different stress factors including temperature, hypoxia, clothing and exercise on human skin temperature”. Dr. Costello added “The greatest advantage of thermal imaging over traditional methods of assessing skin temperature is the fact that it is noninvasive and portable. Thermal imaging does not have to be in contact with the skin, an obvious advantage for measurement, especially in a clinical context. Contact devices such as skin thermistors and thermocouples often consist of a thin metallic foil which serves as a heat spreader backed by a foam insulation pad. This has the potential of creating a layer of insulation over the area of skin being assessed and therefore significantly degrades the accuracy of the measured temperature. This artefact of testing, recording, and reporting erroneous skin temperature data is therefore troublesome. Another advantage that our FLIR thermal cameras offer over thermistors is the wealth of data that they can collect. Using our FLIR cameras, temperature variation over large areas of skin can be quantified quickly and accurately”.

For further information on the FLIR thermal imaging camera for research applications please visit the FLIR website or contact FLIR Systems on / +32-3665-5100.

Interchangeable lens OGI cameras enhance leak detection FLIR Systems has announced that its GF-series Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are now available with interchangeable 24-degree, 14.5-degree and 6-degree lenses. This new flexibility has been introduced to maximise the gas leak finding capabilities of these popular cameras. Available as standard on all new GF320 Series and other related cameras, all existing GF Series OGI cameras returned to FLIR systems for general maintenance can be retrofitted with the interchangeable lens capability free of charge. FLIR GF Series OGI cameras can help you detect methane, sulfur hexafluoride, and hundreds of other industrial gases quickly, accurately, and safely - without shutting down systems. With FLIR GF Series OGI cameras, you can scan broad sections of equipment rapidly and survey areas that are hard to reach with traditional contact measurement tools. OGI cameras can also detect leaks from a safe distance, displaying these invisible gases as clouds of smoke.


For further information please visit or contact FLIR Systems at or +32-3665-5100.

December 2017



Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties‌

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!


Accredited Contractor


December 2017

Güdel’s new PA-5 concept retains all of the benefits of a traditional gantry robot, but with the added benefits of being able to operate in height restricted areas

Güdel’s New Pivot Arm Robot Overcomes Height Restrictions Güdel‘s new PA-5 Pivot Arm Gantry Robot concept retains all of the benefits of a traditional Gantry Robot:- reach, payload and a small footprint, but with the added advantage of being able to operate in areas with a low ceiling. The vertical axis of this new gantry robot is a pivoting arm which really comes into its own in working environments where there are low ceilings or other height restrictions, such as operating under a beam. The PA-5 however, can still lift and transport the same loads as a conventional vertical axis. A conventional vertical axis requires the same headspace above the main beam as the vertical stroke beneath it. By using the rigid and robust pivoting vertical axis we virtually eliminate the headspace requirement, and compared to the alternative for restricted spaces, a telescopic axis, we save more space and the payload is up to 25% greater. The PA-5 can also be fitted with an optional mobile overhead guard, which eliminates the need for overhead safety guards for the entire length of the horizontal axis. The Güdel PA5 gantry, in line with all other Güdel linear motion components, modules and systems, is ideally suited for use across a wide range of applications and industry sectors, such as machine tool loading, palletizing or press-loading. The key advantages of Güdel linear gantries, speed, accuracy and good use of floor space always remain.


Güdel‘s new PA-5 Pivot Arm Gantry Robot Video

For more information, please contact: Mr William Bourn Sales Manager Güdel Lineartec (UK) Limited Tel: +44(0)24 76 695 444 E-Mail: Web:

December 2017


Instrument Solutions




C6 SMART • All in One The compact IPC with remote I/O-System for the centralised and distributed automation of Real-Time applications. • Modular & Compact DIN rail IPC with integrated UPS and flexible side by side mounted I/O. • High Integration On board control, visualisation and remote maintenance, completed by a variety of interfaces DVI , USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT , CANopen , RS Multi standard.

Automation with Drive

KEB (UK) Ltd. 5 Morris Close Park Farm Industrial Estate Wellingborough NN8 6XF Tel: 01933 402220

|25 C6_Smart_297x101_GB.indd 1

23.06.2017 07:56:31

December 2017

Gold award for Petrochemical Firm ExxonMobil Petrochemical company ExxonMobil has been awarded Gold Corporate Partner status for its UK sites in Fawley, Hampshire, and Fife, Scotland, by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). It received the recognition for its significant contribution in encouraging UK schoolchildren into engineering careers through engagement activities, and providing outstanding support to its employees through professional development. The company was presented with the award at its Refining and Chemicals site in Fawley, Hampshire on 21 November 2017. ExxonMobil employs 3,000 people in the UK alone, and is one of the largest employers of chemical engineers. It has made a major contribution to the engineering skills gap, through encouraging school children into chemical engineering, supporting young engineers studying the discipline at university, and providing ongoing professional development to all of its chemical engineers. Chemical engineers at the Fawley and Fife sites are professionally developed through the company’s training scheme, which has been accredited by IChemE for more than 25 years. The scheme provides technical and manufacturing management training to its staff aimed at helping them to become world-class leaders in the industry, and all participants are encouraged to pursue Chartered Chemical Engineer status. Close to 100 of Exxon’s chemical engineers at Fawley and Fife are already Chartered, with 50 graduates at these sites actively pursuing Chartered status, supported by 35 mentors. ExxonMobil has established strong links with 12 chemical engineering departments at UK universities, to recruit graduates. It typically offers 26 industrial placements in the field each year, and runs an eight-week summer programme at Fawley and Fife. The annual initiative provides those 28 students with a valuable opportunity to make a positive contribution to a real business project, focusing on process safety. The award of the IChemE Gold Corporate Partner status also reflects the company’s strong commitment to the next generation of chemical engineers. Each year ExxonMobil participates in a


Richard Henderson, Chemical Plant Manager, Fawley Refinery, and Simon Downing, Refinery Manager, Fawley Refinery, are presented with the Gold Corporate Partner Award by Jonathan Seville, Past President, IChemE, and Jon Prichard, Chief Executive, IChemE

number of science, maths, engineering and technology (STEM) engagement activities with young people from secondary school age right through to university. Through a “Links Schools Programme” it provides £3,000 funding to 23 schools to offer STEM support, and facilitates school tours of the ExxonMobil sites on an annual basis. This year it successfully piloted a Year 6 Girls STEM event - a STEM event for female students aged 10-11 (Year 6) at the Fawley site, aimed at encouraging girls into engineering. It also runs a Women in ExxonMobil day each year, inviting 80 female engineering university students to meet female engineers at the company and to gain an understanding of what careers are available. Jon Prichard, Chief Executive, IChemE and Jonathan Seville, Immediate Past President, IChemE attended an award presentation with Richard Henderson, Chemical Plant Manager, Fawley Refinery, and Simon Downing, Refinery Manager, Fawley Refinery, at ExxonMobil’s Refining and Chemicals site in Fawley on 21 November. Jonathan Seville, Immediate Past President, IChemE, presented the award.

He said: “ExxonMobil is dedicated to developing the competence of all its chemical engineers and encourages them to aim for the highest professional standards. It’s fantastic to see that they fully support chemical engineers on their journey towards chartered status. “It is great to see the breadth of activities that the company undertakes to support not only their chemical engineers and graduates, but also in inspiring a whole new generation from primary school age and upwards. Chemical engineering really does matter and ExxonMobil’s commitment is clearly demonstrated in its schools’ outreach and professional development work, which is embedded within the organisation. I’m delighted to be able to confirm ExxonMobil as a Gold Corporate Partner.” Simon Downing, Fawley Refinery Manager, ExxonMobil said: “The award of IChemE Gold Partner status is external acknowledgement of the excellent technical training and mentoring programme we provide to young engineers. It also demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we support Chemical Engineers to achieve their Chartered and Fellow status.” IChemE Corporate Partner Scheme ExxonMobil

December 2017



The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640


December 2017

TRUMPF presents fastest 3D printer in the world and seeks to become market leader Thanks to its unique multi-laser principle, the TruPrint 5000 3D printer achieves outstanding times – also in series manufacturing // CTO Peter Leibinger sees potential revenues of half a billion euros in a timescale of five to seven years


itzingen, November 15, 2017 – The high technology company TRUMPF presented the world’s fastest and most productive mediumformat 3D printing system at the formnext trade fair in Frankfurt.

this highly promising field,” says Peter Leibinger, Chief Technology Officer at TRUMPF.

TruPrint 5000 works according to a so-called multi-laser principle with three beam sources and is equipped with optics specially designed by TRUMPF. In combination with the exposure strategies developed by TRUMPF and the optimally adjusted process parameters, the TruPrint 5000 cuts exposure time per job by a factor of three. Based on Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) manufacturing technology, the system uses laser power to generate complex metallic components layer by layer in the powder bed.

“As a seedbed for technologies of the future and with its proximity to RWTH Aachen University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, Aachen is an ideal location to further develop our additive manufacturing technologies,” says Leibinger.

Drawing on many years of development work in additive manufacturing, TRUMPF helped the technology make its breakthrough: “All our new 3D printers are selling well, and we’re gaining increasing market shares in various sectors. Accordingly, we will most definitely be further investing in


This includes the establishment of a new development unit in Aachen.

Additional revenue of half a billion euros TRUMPF now employs over 200 people in the field of additive manufacturing. It is also one of the few manufacturers to offer the second manufacturing technique relevant for industrial 3D metal printing in addition to LMF – namely, Laser Metal Deposition (LMD). “If the market for 3D printers continues to develop in line with current indications, then we see an opportunity

for our company to achieve additional revenues of half a billion euros in a timescale of five to seven years. We want to gain a leading role in the market and secure a market share of around 20 percent in the medium term,” says Leibinger. TRUMPF manufactures not only the machines and systems required for 3D printing and the corresponding laser beam sources along with all the optical components, but also possesses the requisite technological, process and digitalization expertise in house. “We are the only provider anywhere in the world to combine all these competencies under the one roof. As such, we are a one-stop shop for our customers,” says Leibinger, before citing another important competitive advantage offered by TRUMPF: the company’s worldwide service network.

December 2017

MIETrak Pro: The complete production control solution...

...for the Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Contact us for a free no obligation demonstration 01527 576444


December 2017

Special connection method opens up new applications for compact power PCB terminals Six new PCB terminal blocks from WAGO allow equipment designers and OEMS to free up space or use smaller PCBs and enclosures. Push-in connection reduces installation time, while a spring pressure mechanism protects wiring against vibration and temperature cycling, improving reliability. The terminal blocks are rated for 4 mm2, 6 mm2 and 16 mm2 conductors, and can connect most solid and finestranded conductors up to the next larger cross-section size from their rated cross-section, saving space on the PCB. A rated voltage of up to 1000 V and 76 A makes the terminal blocks ideal for demanding applications such as power supplies, frequency inverters or servo drives. The increasingly compact design of these devices for industries such as energy means that components must be more densely populated on the PCB while still retaining a high power rating. The small footprint of WAGO’s new variants helps to address this problem, making them suitable for use in space-restricted and panel feedthrough applications. The terminal block ranges use either lever or tool-actuated operation. Lever types (2604, 2606 and 2616 Series) are tool-free, and suitable for installations that require components to be wired in the field. Users simply strip the wire to the required length, open the lever, insert the wire


and then close the lever. The lever clearly and audibly locks into both open and closed positions for intuitive operation. This ease of use allows installation to be carried out in half the time compared to equivalent screw-type terminal blocks. All conductor types can be accommodated, including solid, fine-stranded and ferruled. The terminals will also accept two conductors in a twin ferrule. Tool-operated terminal blocks (2624, 2626 and 2636 Series) require an operating tool inserted parallel to conductor entry. The wire is then simply pushed in by hand, and the operating tool removed. The conductor is then securely connected. Conductors can be terminated both horizontally and vertically to the PCB, affording the flexibility to maximise available PCB space. Testing can be performed both parallel and perpendicular to the conductor entry. As with the lever types, solid, stranded, fine-stranded and ferruled conductor types can be accommodated and a twin ferrule can be used if two conductor entry is required.

Your Right Connection For Hygienic Process Systems Dixon’s extensive hygienic and pharmaceutical range of products includes: fittings, tubing, hygienic unions, manual and automated valves, pumps, hose assemblies and a range of accessories.

Mixproof Valves

Sample Valves

Fittings & Tubing

Seat & Process Valves



Dixon offers a full range of FDA approved hose and hose assemblies offering odourless and taste free properties suitable for the transfer of liquid foodstuffs.

Food Grade Rubber



Dixon Group Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0)1772 323529 Email:

December 2017

Rittal’s New Laser Machining Control Panel Production at In a “UK first”, Runcorn and Ewloe-based electrical engineering firm, LCA Controls, has switched its control panel operations from manual production to lasermachining. The move is expected to transform its productivity and efficiency. LCA Controls, which recently came under new ownership, has invested in a Rittal Perforex LC 3015 3D laser machining centre – a system which will revolutionise construction of its stainless-steel panels by automating processes previously done by hand. With its with integrated 3D-modelling and computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities, the Perforex LC 3015 can be programmed to manage measuring and machining to an extremely high degree of accuracy, processing panels in a fraction of the former time. It will allow LCA Controls to service higher volume orders going forward, as well as rapid turnaround of bulk orders – including next day delivery. “Our investment in this new Rittal Automation Systems machine is incredibly important for the growth of our control panel manufacturing and design business here in the UK,” said Alan Sheppard, Managing Director of LCA Controls.

“It is a statement of intent in terms of our growth, as it means we can deliver more, faster, better, more efficiently for customers across the world without compromising on the quality we’re famous for.” LCA’s control panels are used across a range of industries including nuclear, food manufacturing, power generation, water and utilities, oil and gas and pharmaceutical companies. “This new Rittal Automation Systems machine will give us capabilities that are way ahead of the curve on our competitors in the UK,” added Alan. “Combine that with our new 3D CAD capabilities and we can immerse our customers in the design and build process like never before. They can literally fly in and fly out of the designed products we build, and we can deliver them to their door within days.

“Not only that, but we can now do one-off jobs or high volume, mass manufacturing of control panel boxes at the touch of a few buttons, which is why we’re earmarking 2018 as an incredibly important year for our business.” Paul Metcalfe, Rittal’s product manager for Industrial & Outdoor Enclosures comments: “We’re really keen to encourage UK companies to adopt technology which is revolutionizing panel building and electrical engineering across the world. “When it comes to processing panels, machining centres from Rittal Automation Systems, are light years ahead of the alternative, manual approach. They speed up processing by as much as 66 percent compared to the traditional hand-tooled method. “All you have to do is go to our online Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator and it will tell you how

Rittal Automation Systems. We automate panel building.






December 2017

Centre to Revolutionise Engineering Firm quickly the machining centre will take to pay for itself before you place the order –we expect you to be pleasantly surprised by what you find! “But that’s not all. We have a comprehensive range of equipment for professional workshop operation, which enables fully automated endto-end mechanical engineering. That’s

everything from milling and laser machining, through to wire processing and wiring, cutting cable ducts and support rails, to panel handling and assembly. It’s so much faster, and the finish is consistently second-to-none.”

Further information is available at: or on twitter: @rittal_ltd.

NEWOCuattaNlogue ow



Annual Review

December 2017

Solutions to Characterise Engineering Materials – from Linkam Scientific Instruments Characterising raw materials through processing to final product and shelf life are challenges for all of us working in engineering and the materials sciences. For example, reproducible polymers through to correct moulding temperatures are vital to give a finished product with the correct thermal and mechanical stability for the end application whether as part of an aircraft or a plastic bag to carry groceries home from the supermarket. Linkam have been developing solutions for materials characterisation to help push the boundaries of science for over 30 years. These are used in many industries and universities around the world to aid in the evaluation of materials from polymers to biological tissue. For example, understanding the micro and thermomechanical properties of materials is increasingly important. Existing materials are being deployed in new environments and exotic new materials are being developed to meet ever higher demands. These include materials such as carbon fibre and graphene which are now becoming established materials for high end applications from bike frames, cars and even aircraft wings. New materials are being developed to replace or support human body parts such as artificial hips and artificial corneas. It is vital that the physical properties of these materials are well characterised and any failure modes understood. The Linkam TST350 tensile stage allows the structural dynamics of sample materials to be observed and imaged


while under defined temperature and tensile profiles. The temperature can be accurately controlled up to 350 OC with 0.01°C control and up to 60°C/min heating rates. The temperature range can be extended down to -196 OC with the addition of liquid nitrogen cooling option. Tensile forces up to 200N can be applied and measured making it ideal for a wide range of materials. Thermal analysis is a technique wellknown in QA and R&D laboratories to evaluate and develop new materials for different applications. Linkam’s latest thermal stage combines the universally accepted technique of DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) with optical microscopy and imaging techniques to provide rapid, comprehensive materials information which directly relates to reproducibility

from raw material to in-use application of the finished product. Check out the DSC450 with options such as TASC and combining with various other analytical techniques such as including IR and Raman spectroscopy. There are many other products from Linkam that offer materials characterisation as a function of temperature. Check out the full range here.

December 2017

Annual Review

Reputation for Technical PR Boosts Genesis Growth


n addition to celebrating 10 years in business, 2017 has proven to be a record year for Genesis Sales & Marketing, with growing recognition of the company’s expertise in technical marketing resulting in a number of new clients taking advantage of the wide range of specialist marketing services offered by Genesis. Founded in 2007 to provide marketing resources to companies operating within the automation, robotics and engineering sectors, Genesis Sales & Marketing celebrated its tenth anniversary in June of this year. Company founder Tom Pettit commented: “we have worked tirelessly over the last 10 years to continually build our reputation within our target sectors, and 2017 has been our best year so far in terms of turnover and new client acquisition. We are also in advanced discussions with several other potential clients, who we hope to begin working with in the early part of 2018.” In addition to a new website, launched in June of this year, the company also introduced a new cloud based system for PR, Editorial and Advertising planning, monitoring and reporting. Genesis uses this system to build client specific planners to ensure visibility of all opportunities for client promotion throughout the year.

New Year – New Services The New Year will also see Genesis offer additional services in the form of Client Perceptions and Client Feedback programmes through a collaboration with specialist research agency Client Confident. Client Confident’s expertise in research, combined with Genesis’s knowledge of the engineering and automation sectors, will allow Genesis to develop tailored customer listening / perception / feedback programmes that will deliver the best possible experience for the respondents, as well as the best possible insights for the businesses who participate in the programme. Tailored projects can range from a single conversation with a company’s most important customer, to a rolling programme that provides ongoing detailed analysis of their customers’ needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Best practice question sets are designed to ask the right questions, in the right way, time and again. The output from these programmes is a valuable insight into how customers and prospects see your business, what sets you apart and which projects or products they will consider you for. Genesis Sales & Marketing Limited Telephone 01257 475 527 |


Annual Review

December 2017

Engineering All-Rounder The new Eplan Platform version 2.7 is now available. The platform’s system for consistent digitisation and an interdisciplinary focus for engineering processes allow data to be continually enhanced along the entire value chain process. Nineteen software languages, numerous detail upgrades and bidirectional connections to automation technology – including to TIA Portal by Siemens and to Melsoft IQ by Mitsubishi – guarantee more efficient engineering.


plan Platform solutions for electrical engineering and fluid power technology, control cabinet design, and process technology use a uniform database and project information can be transferred along the entire process, from design engineering to manufacturing and even maintenance. The so-called “single source of truth” is at the heart of every application. Systems provider Eplan has thus positioned its system as the foundation for consistent digitisation for engineering automation technology. This often takes place globally, and the software is designed for this by being available in nineteen languages. The new additions of a Turkish language version and a Romanian user interface round out the versatility of the platform’s language support.

Creating and reusing templates There have also been numerous improvements in the platform’s individual topic areas. Using the expanded definition possibilities for schematic templates in electrical and fluid power engineering, users can more easily standardise their projects and reuse data 1:1. For instance, macro boxes can now be designed as polylines and allow users to make customised definitions for schematic templates, enabling faster standardisation. These types of templates can also serve for getting started in Eplan Cogineer – the new engineering solution for automated schematic creation with just a mouse click. Users can look forward to the sneak preview of the upcoming cloud version that will be presented for the first time in Nuremberg, Germany. In the area of process engineering, the new piping module in Eplan Preplanning is one of the highlights. Users benefit from more detailed plant documentation that includes piping data even earlier in the process. Handling


for wire harness engineering has also been made even more straightforward for users. Heatshrink tubing now allows plugs to easily be assigned in the 2D and 3D design environments, and the viewing options for connection hardware have been improved. This makes manufacturing documentation even more detailed, which accelerates wire harness manufacturing processes. New designing options such as property configurations in model views, expanded manufacturing interfaces in Eplan Pro Panel, and an updated Eplan Smart Wiring with new client server technology round off the numerous improvements and innovations.

Users get a quick entry into the automated creation of electrical and fluid power schematics with the new Eplan Cogineer.

Data exchange for Electrical Engineering and Automation Interdisciplinary data exchange is also a focus area for the new interface between Eplan Platform and Siemens TIA Portal: set up for the future for the increasingly popular AutomationML format for Industry 4.0 environments. This bidirectional exchange, which also works seamlessly with Melsoft IQ – Mitsubishi’s automation platform – has been expanded and will be presented at the SPS IPC Drives. Users can exchange data in both directions at any stage of the project, later edit and then synchronise the project. This replaces the timeconsuming, often multiple manual rechecking for changes or an iterative approach, meaning that this moves engineering a step closer to full process digitisation in the era of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Principally, however, the prerequisite for this is the consistent digitisation of all processes and data, from engineering to manufacturing through to operation and maintenance. This is the only way that the keywords Smart Engineering, Smart Production and Smart Data can really be infused with life.

Users benefit from detailed plant and system documentation in Eplan Preplanning, which includes piping data even earlier in the P&I diagrams.

The new Eplan Smart Wiring version 2.7 – now also available as a web server client solution.

Find out more at and

Annual Review

December 2017

A Smooth Path To Drive Coupling Selection bearings, shafts and gears, which will ultimately impact motors or gearboxes. Before making a final decision on selecting the drive coupling the specifier must fully evaluate and understand the forces and loads that will be applied to the coupling in use. Making an “educated guess� at these values is not an option and could result in either a coupling being specified which is not fully up to the job, or design overkill, which would result in an unnecessarily larger and more expensive solution to the application.

Engineers and designers working on power transmission applications can often face a daunting task when it comes to specifying the most appropriate drive coupling for the task in hand. Detailed consideration must be given to both sides of the drive equation, input and output, with regard to torque, shock loads, starting frequency, temperature and environmental conditions, but where to begin. In this informative article, David Proud General Manager of Reich Drive Systems UK explains how to navigate through what can sometimes be seen as a technical minefield for designers and engineers. Drive couplings vary greatly in their design and capabilities, so for any given application engineers must ensure that they specify the drive coupling correctly to ensure reliable efficient, and in the more challenging applications, safe operation. A detailed review of what the coupling will be subjected to in use is an essential starting point. Factors such as torque transmission, speed ranges, running start / stops and potential shock loadings are just some of the key elements in the selection of the coupling. However, we must also consider alignment between the various components, the environmental operating conditions that could include high temperatures or moisture etc., and any maintenance requirements or restrictions. There may also be potential limitations on available space, size and / or weight, which will have to be taken into account. The prime mover, diesel or gas engine, hydraulic or electric motor will also be influential in the specification and selection of the drive coupling.

The specific application will dictate whether the coupling required is a disc coupling, shaft to shaft coupling, auxiliary coupling or other variant, however it is essential that consideration is given to factors such as the torque rating and torsional stiffness required for the task. Generally, couplings with a higher torque rating will be larger and less flexible. In addition, the degree of axial, radial or angular misalignment that the coupling will be required to compensate for will influence choice, and it is essential that the coupling to be used, is able to meet these criteria, but have the capacity to accommodate a level of unexpected deflection whilst in service without failing. Another contributing factor, which will influence success, is how the coupling is mounted. In applications where there are minimal shock or reversing loads, keyways and taper bushes will be a reliable solution. For applications where there may be high shock loads it may be preferable to avoid a keyway solution and instead opt for a taper bush fixing, or couplings with shrunk discs, which will also provide backlash free operation. From a maintenance perspective, the time required to remove or replace a coupling or any change parts, is a major consideration. Therefore, the selection of a coupling which not only meets all of the technical and application requirements, but is either maintenance free, or has the ability to have change parts replaced in-situ will bring significant benefits to uptimes and efficiency.

Get it right, and the coupling will provide years of uninterrupted service, requiring little or no maintenance in its own right, whilst ensuring that mating components are protected from undue stresses and keeping downtime to a minimum.

If there is any doubt on the part of the individual responsible for specifying and selecting the coupling, seeking expert advice from the manufacturer will both eliminate risks and ensure longevity and reliability in operation. With a history spanning over 70 years, Reich Kupplungen has built up unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of drive couplings for use across a wide range of industries and applications. The company also embraces a D2C (design to customer) principle, which allows the creation of customised high-quality and long-lasting power transmission products in collaboration with the customer and their specific requirements.

Common Mistakes Can Be Costly

For more information please contact:

There are a number of commonly made mistakes, which result in the wrong coupling being specified. This can have serious consequences both for the coupling and the other elements in the drive train. Often, it does not take long before these issues rise to the attention of maintenance engineers in the form of a catastrophic failure of the coupling and hours of unplanned downtime. Other less visible effects will be undue wear on

Mr David Proud, General Manager, Reich Drive Systems UK Limited, Unit 4, Bankside Business Park, Coronation Street, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 7PG Telephone +44(0) 161 714 4191 Website -


Annual Review

December 2017

MEASUREMENT OF REFRIGERANT EMISSIONS FROM MOBILE A/C SYSTEMS The gas portfolio of LumaSense Technologies not only helps our customers achieve process efficiency and waste reduction, but monitors the world’s most harmful and dangerous gases. Because our gas sensing solutions offer superior sensitivity over other gas detection techniques, our gas modules and instruments are particularly beneficial when the environment and human safety are involved. While there are numerous ways to detect and analyze gases, at LumaSense we utilize two different types of infrared


(IR) technologies to deliver costeffect solutions with high sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability. These are Photoacoustic (PAS) and Non-dispersive IR (NDIR) spectroscopy. As a leader in trace and multi-gas monitoring, LumaSense delivers a complete range of NDIR and PAS gas solutions for all kinds of environments and applications in the Global Energy, Industrial Materials, Advanced Technologies, as well as in many other markets and R&D applications.

The emission of man-made gases into the atmosphere has been associated with potential future adverse affects on the global climate. The automotive industry incorporates Mobile Air Conditioners and is compelled to reduce the overall emission of the frequently used coolant R134a or to introduce alternatives such as Tetrafluoropropene HFO1234yf or CO2. New methodologies for determining emission values of R134a or HFO-1234yf or CO2 based upon gas analysis using

Annual Review

December 2017

and rapid result with a high rate of repeatability, even at very low emission rates, such as those that occur at low to moderate temperatures. To IPETRONIK, the use of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy is a valuable and reliable solution. IPETRONIK‘s complete leak rate test benches are accredited by the German KBA (Kratfahrt Bundesamt).

Measurement Results The following measurement results are all related to hose assemblies in the A/C system and the impact of different rubber materials and various types of oil (both vapor and liquid) in the R134s, where four different cases were studied: •

Characteristics of hose permeation in response to the effect of oil in R134a

The Photoacoustic Gas Monitors INNOVA 1412i / 1314i are well suited for these types of laboratory measurements. The monitor is easily operated and can measure R134a and HFO-1234yf in less than 20 seconds including compensation for water vapor. The advantage of photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy is high stability and repeatability with infrequent calibration (typically 1-2 times a year), linear response, and low detection limit. The detection limit for the Photoacoustic Gas Monitor Innova 1412i for the gases of interest are:

Condition of the hose material over time to reach steady state R134a emission

The relative contribution of hose permeation and coupling emission

Transient emission rates to transient temperature pressure conditions

0.01 ppm for R134a

0.2 ppm for HFO-1234yf

1.5 ppm for CO2

With PAS, the absorption (proportional to the concentration) is measured directly and not relative to a background. This means that PAS is highly accurate and stable.

LumaSense’s Solution

Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) are being developed and tested by the automotive industry and their part suppliers.

The Monitoring Need In order to evaluate refrigerant emission from mobile A/C systems or its components such as hoses, seals, O-rings, or joints, the change in concentration of refrigerant versus time is measured in a tight test chamber of known volume. IPETRONIK, using their KBA (Kratfahrt Bundesamt) accredited laboratory, completed such measurements using the Photoacoustic Gas Monitor INNOVA 1412i for measurements of R134a and HFO-1234yf and CO2. The PAS technique provides an accurate

The Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitor INNOVA 1412i fits in the test bench system and can either be operated manually or fully controlled over either the USB or the Ethernet interface from a PC using the LumaSoft Gas 7810 monitoring software.

due and

Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) gas monitoring instruments were perfected by INNOVA.

Contact: Lumasense Technologies Frankfurt/M., Germany




Annual Review

December 2017

MTA and Factory 2050 at the AMRC partner for exciting Industry 4.0 feature for MACH 2018 Low cost automation can revolutionise SME’s businesses

The Manufacturing Technologies Association and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), have partnered to put together a unique feature to demonstrate cost effective adaption of Industry 4.0 Technologies at MACH 2018.

MACH 2018 is the place to discover new technologies that shape the world we live in. The AMRC’s Factory 2050 is the UK’s first state of the art factory entirely dedicated to conducting collaborative research into digital assembly and flexible component manufacturing. The two are staging a joint showcase of cost effective solutions for the adaption and integration of Industry 4.0 technologies into SME manufacturing businesses. Recent figures (from the Made Smarter Review – see below) found that the positive impact on UK manufacturing of faster innovation and adoption of Industrial Digitalisation Technologies could be as much as £455bn over the next decade. James Selka, CEO of the MTA, said of the project “The Integrated Manufacturing Group at Factory 2050 and we at the MTA understand that it is vital to cut through some of the jargon and hyperbole around Industry 4.0 and show first-hand the practical advantages Big Data can bring to an SME business.” He continued “In the light of the publication of the Government’s Industrial Digitalisation Review – ‘Made Smarter’ we must demonstrate to British industry the benefits this technology can bring to their businesses. It is our job to bridge the gap between industry and academia and MACH 2018 is exactly the platform to do this.” The idea behind the project stems from the perceived implications in terms of cost and complexity faced by SME’s when wanting to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies – a big barrier identified in Made Smarter. By providing a variety of solutions on how current capital equipment can be adapted to meet the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution the exhibit will demonstrate how Big Data can help companies streamline their production and improve cycle times - without making huge investments.


The overriding theme running through MACH 2018 is interconnected technology and the future of manufacturing. MACH showcases live working machinery and staying true to this tradition the combined feature will demonstrate up to six separate manufacturing cells. These cells will replicate familiar manufacturing environments that have been integrated with Industry 4.0 Technologies. James Fudge, Head of Events at the MTA, said “This is an exciting project we have undertaken with the AMRC’s Integrated Manufacturing Group at Factory 2050. MACH has always been the place to go to find the latest technologies and this joint venture should prove fascinating for visitors and exhibitors alike.” He continued “We understand the cost constraints that face SME businesses; it is important to let companies know that Industry 4.0 technology is accessible to them. You can take an outdated machine and retrofit sensors to it allowing you to get real-time data and to detect throughput fault. It will be really useful to businesses to be shown some of the thigs you can do to the installed base that can make a difference.” The AMRC’s Head of Digital, Dr Rab Scott, said: “The MTA’s MACH exhibition gives the AMRC a great opportunity to demonstrate that the adoption of digital technologies can be achieved at low cost and that the impact on businesses can be transformational. “This project is a prime example of the work that the AMRC does nationally with manufacturing SMEs. On the stand, we will also be demonstrating what the future of assembly and manufacturing could look like, showing what the value of these technologies could be.” For more information visit Further information about the MTA and our members can be found on our web site at


Capacitive sensors with easy setting Reliability is Key





years if m pr od


No more trial-and-error, LED’s show the way

Potentiometer - not pushbuttons

Proven noise immunity to generic standard EN61000-4

Reliable performance over a temperature range of -25 to +80°C

IP 65 / IP 67 / IP 69K

IO-Link enabled //uk/ uk/ki ki ifm Telephone (020) 8213 1111

Annual Review

December 2017

Are you using the correct SD Cards? Industrial v Consumer On the surface they look the same; identical mechanical design, same capacity and size. However, there are significant differences between industrial and consumer grade SDcards and flash devices in general. It is important to consider the impacts these differences have on reliability, endurance, compliance and total cost of ownership before selecting a device that is fit for your application.

It’s what’s inside that counts Even when an SD card is opened (below) to reveal its inner workings, it will look fundamentally the same whether a consumer or industrial card. However some manufacturers such as ATP offer SiP (System in Packaging) which completely encapsulates all contacts and components. Both cards will have a NAND Flash chip (the large block) and both will have a controller (the small block) . The NAND Flash is where everything is stored; data files, presentations, music, pictures and so on. The controller is the brains of the device – it’s the part that communicates with the host device and manages the flash file system directory. The controller is also responsible for wear levelling, error correction and garbage collection so is vital in making the cards work. Industrial grade cards can typically operate in temperatures of between -40°C to 85°C which is also known as wide temperature. Consumer cards typically can operate between -25°C to 85°C. So as you can see for applications that need to run in harsh environments for long periods of time industrial grade makes perfect sense.

Help is at hand There are a plethora of card manufacturers and understanding which is right for your application can seem daunting. The technical team at Simms can help you by understanding your requirements; i.e. what the card is being used for, what data you are writing or perhaps it may be performance issues and the cards keep failing or data is being lost. The team at Simms are here to help. We are often contacted by companies that have purchased cards, (normally off the internet) as price is driving their choice and not the requirement.


Experience Our experience has taught us if you understand the limitations of each technology and know the demands that are placed on card (specific to the application they are paired with) you can avoid costly failures and save on engineering resource.

Annual Review

December 2017

Breathe Safe International Launch Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support Respiratory System to Meet 2019 PPE Regulation After a rigorous 3 year redevelopment and testing programme, Breathe Safe International is proud to launch the Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System, one of the safest breathing systems in the world to meet the most up to date and current directives and regulations.


he Sentry 4 System has been certified and approved in line with the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation becoming legislation in 2019 and has been EU Type Approved under the supervision of the notified body, British Standards Institute (BSI), CE 0086. This Category 3 Complex Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) provides the highest grade of protection from the most harmful, hazardous environments. Its purpose is to protect workers in a wide range of specialist applications and industries internationally, from refineries to petrochemical industries, emergency rescue services to industrial cleaning. The Sentry 4 System is designed for on land industrial use within hazardous atmospheres immediately dangerous to life and health. The 4 man system includes: • • • • • •

Two piece locking anti panic helmet design 4 independent air supplies with “fail open” design Built in lifeline retrieval system Full duplex, expandable, integrated and internationally approved ATEX communications Universal, one size, flame retardant face seal Over 20 years of excellence in safety Breathe Safe International is committed to ensuring that every worker remains safe whilst working in the most hazardous breathing atmospheres known to industry. With over 30 years of experience in sectors such as emergency service fire and rescue, catalyst handling inert entry and manufacture engineering, Breathe Safe International is one of the industry leaders in providing bespoke RPE solutions for hazardous environments including sales, training, testing, inspection, maintenance and repairs.

For more information on The Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System please visit

For complete Respiratory Protective Equipment solutions please visit Contact:

+44 (0)1724 877415


Annual Review

December 2017

A Year in Review 2018 will soon be upon us, lets revisit some of the exciting achievements of Cambridge Sensotec in 2017 so far‌

Strength in numbers

Glitz and glamour

With an excellent growth in 2017, this has allowed us to extend the Cambridge Sensotec family with new roles within sales and the technical department.

The new corporate video gave our customers an insight into the detailed and finite workmanship that goes into the creation of our Rapidox gas analysers. If you have yet to see it, click here to view it!

All things shiny and new With a new fully refurbished state of art laboratory and fully automated calibrations stations, this will continue to improved our service to our valued customers.

Sharpen the pencil Cambridge Sensotec further proved its value within the SF6 analysis market. Improvements on the functionality, software and ease of use factor of our models has made it a force to be reckoned with against its competitors.


Popular choice awards The analyser that started it all, the Rapidox 1100 has been undergoing a redesign with a combination of software improvements and beautiful visual upgrades. Available soon, but as always Cambridge Sensotec will keep you updated!

Fancy a chat? 2017 has seen the introduction of LiveChat on our website. With our sales staff ready to answer a question at a moment’s notice pleasing our customers has never been easier! Pop on for a chat.

Gases are everywhere and you may be surprised just how many items you use daily, that have been manufactured under controlled gas environments. After all, the difference between having the latest smart phone and a great sandwich comes down to the correctly measured gases used to help create and package them. At Cambridge Sensotec we dedicate ourselves to finding the solutions to your gas analysis requirement, whether it be securing your manufacturing processes or ensuring quality control within your food factory, we’ve established a wealth of knowledge whilst operating over the last 17 years. With over 7 core models and many variations, be assured that reliability and accuracy are at the forefront of our customer philosophy. Experts in oxygen analysis, Cambridge Sensotec also specialise in biogas, syngas, multigas and SF6 gas analysis instruments. Contact us today to discuss your gas analysis requirements. +44 (0)1480 462142

Annual Review

December 2017

how to provide the very best cleaning solutions for a wide variety of industrial environments.

Cleaning on an Industrial Scale Safe production areas whenever, wherever – whatever


rom a misplaced paint pot to a machine oil leak, from rainwater ingress to solvent spillages, accidents are inevitable; how you respond is not. Whether recovering grinding dust or tackling swarf, collecting rogue cable clippings, fallen nuts, bolts and washers, or more hazardous materials, Kärcher’s robust industrial vacuum cleaners are specially designed for tough environments. Reliably picking up dry debris and liquids - even coarse and abrasive materials, hot, sticky, acidic or alkaline solutions - these steel constructed units are suitable for engineering, foundries, food production and the automotive industry. Slim upright construction demands little by way of floor space and sturdy castors allow free mobility so the vacuum cleaners can be easily moved


around your workshop and production areas to tackle spills and accidents when they occur. However it isn’t just liquid that needs addressing; even common dust, once settled, can greatly reduce the slip resistance of hard floors. Alongside industrial vacuum cleaners, sweepers and scrubber driers can be a real asset tackling dust and preserving appearance in an industrial environment. Cleaning and drying in a single pass, Kärcher scrubber driers eliminate slip hazards and prevent working areas being out of bounds whilst wet minimising impact on productivity whilst cleaning takes place - whenever and wherever it happens. As the world’s leading cleaning technology provider, Kärcher has both the products and the know-

Kärcher’s Ice Blaster range offers a portable, non-aggressive but thorough method of cleaning surfaces, tools, moulds and machines without causing damage to the substrate or the environment. The machines can be used in indoor and outdoor areas and do not require chemicals. The process is particularly suited to environments where machine cleaning and maintenance is essential, and can significantly reduce downtimes and costs. Unlike sand blasting, ice blasting keeps surface abrasion to a minimum. As cleaning with dry ice is performed without chemicals or detergents, and leaves no waste water, it is environmentally friendly and can even be used in areas where cleaning with water is prohibited or inconvenient. To find out more about how Kärcher can make a difference to the cleanliness, safety and profitability of your business - simply email or call 01295 752142 to request a free site survey.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Steam Generating Vacuums

Scrubber Driers

TOTALLY CLEAN, TOTALLY SAFE, TOTALLY KÄRCHER. Whatever you need to clean, Kärcher provides outstanding solutions, both in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. For industrial applications and hygiene-critical zones as well as building sites, offices and outdoor grounds care - from standard machines to complete custom-made solutions. Our expert team provides free site surveys, consultations and advice to help your business find the safest cleaning process to achieve the best results.


Ice Blasters

To find out more about how Kärcher can make a difference to your business, email or call 01295 752 142

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Annual Review

December 2017

Driving Innovation Forward Driving innovation is central to the ethos of Minesoft, a patent solutions provider for the intellectual property industry. With over 80% of the technological and scientific information available in patents inaccessible anywhere else, ignoring patents as an information source at best delays innovation and at worst, prevents it.

development in their field of expertise and identification of opportunities ripe for new product development and patenting activity. All this can be discovered and visualised using PatBase Analytics.

“What we do offers a benefit to society because studying the existing patent literature helps scientists and engineers develop their best ideas,” says Ann Chapman, Minesoft Co-Founder. “Technologies of all kinds are continually driven forward. New ideas and innovative solutions to technical problems are published in patent documents every single week around the world, adding to the existing ‘State of the Art’”.

Minesoft’s commitment to develop innovative products for the patent information market ensures organisations are empowered to explore new technologies and exploit patent literature. This commitment has resulted in Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and new product development, such as Minesoft’s version of IET INSPEC (published by the Institute of Engineering & Technology in the UK). Access over 15 million articles of peer-reviewed Engineering & Technology research literature abstracted and indexed by experts; Minesoft INSPEC ensures easy navigation with timesaving search features.

Minesoft’s flagship product PatBase enables users, including corporations such as Audi and Siemens, to protect their designs by checking novelty against existing patents and to solve technical dilemmas by studying patent texts, patent drawings and non-patent literature. Our Users can access and understand the most up-to-date scientific research, new ideas and competitor information contained in patent documents with a range of search and display functionalities, including text and diagrams, semantic searching, translations and fully-incorporated PatBase Analytics. PatBase Express offers a streamlined and easy-to-use interface encouraging a wide range of Users to engage with patent information and identify opportunities for invention or licensing. Research and Development Business Units benefit from in-depth analysis of technological

Minesoft recently launched Chemical Explorer, a new text-mined resource for chemical patent searching. With over 10 million chemical names and entities disclosed in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Extract patent documents quickly by drawing chemical structures or searching the text. Over the past three decades, patent filings have tripled! Sifting through a mountain of science and technology data is daunting, hence, Minesoft is proving to be an essential resource for innovative companies and universities to help harness the power of patents.

Find out more at


Professional Services Contract, The Silver Book, First edition

NEW Silver Book – Professional Services Contract The newest addition to IChemE’s highly-acclaimed suite of contracts is here.

Form of Contract Professional Services Contract

This contract is suited to complex projects requiring high value professional services. It contains a model form of agreement and general conditions, supplemented with detailed guide notes to assist the user in preparing a contract.

The Silver Book


First edition 2017

20/12/2016 13:29

Ord nower Call +44(0)1788 534470

Annual Review

December 2017

ODU expands ODU-MAC® Modular Connector range ODU Connectors have expanded their ODU-MAC modular industrial connector range – the direct result of technology transfer from their pedigree in military connectors.


he ODU-MAC is now available in three major variants, each version providing the ultimate pick’n’mix combination of types of transfer within one connection. Whether power, signals, high-speed data, pneumatics, liquids or fibre-optics - all can be integrated into an individual connector. The mating options are just as versatile, with infinite possibilities available, for the widest range of applications in industrial, medical or any other technology.

ODU-MAC White-Line ODU-MAC Silver-Line The option for manual mating - provides the widest variety of options for the most diverse industrial and medical technology applications, offering an effective, compact and attractive complete connection with functionality that is second to none. The confusion of too many connectors is now a thing of the past – thanks to the ODU-MAC White-Line that can be packaged to the specific needs of each and every application. This product line offers the same technical performance as the SilverLine, but in a multiple choice of metal and non-magnetic plastic housings, together with several locking options, such as snap-in, spindle or lever.

ODU-MAC Blue-Line The tool-free clip-mounted version – ideal for on-site assembly, offers efficient mounting and dismounting of the crimp contacts, even when already assembled. Clipping-in the modules is simple and reliable thanks to the safeguard of visual and mechanical coding. ODU’s time-tested spindle locking is available in a plastic housing and faulty clipping-in of modules is prevented through one mechanical and two optical coding functions More information on the complete ODU-MAC connector range at products-solutions/modular-connectors/


The all-rounder for automatic docking - offering six different docking frame options, each of which can be configured in customized lengths. A wide variety of transmission modules is available, including 30 different high-speed data-transfer options. The robust hybrid interface requires minimal maintenance, due to both the high level of mechanical security and the optional quick-change head. This top-performing modular package is rounded off by its high packing density [down to 2.54mm pitch] and high vibration resistance, achieving over 100,000 mating cycles, with some customers reporting more than one million mating cycles. ODU-MAC Silver-Line is ideal for blind and diagonal mating, with a wide variety of locking systems incorporating both visual and tactical feedback and with the docking frame also able to provide both strain relief and termination protection.

Annual Review

December 2017

In2Connect UK Ltd, specialists in waterproof connectivity has published an updated, responsive version of its website - The newly redesigned website enables a comprehensive understanding of the Company’s cable and connector products plus added-value services. To satisfy the changing needs of both OEM and Distributor users, In2Connect has created a responsive website; designed and developed to provide clean and uncluttered navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling - across the widest range of devices from desktop computer to mobile phone; making it quicker and easier to find “on the page” and PDF download product information and call our experts for free advice. To assist the product specification process, increased multimedia and social content provides the option for users to share site information across all the major social networking sites. In2Connect’s extensive logistics warehouse is situated centrally at the hub of the UK’s motorway network to provide fast delivery to UK customers and all UK airports.

The site includes extensive product information to help customers explore In2Connect’s complete range of connector, cable and switch solutions for areas like: • • • • • • • • •

D-sub connector for Control/ Instrumentation PCB Connectors PCB Edgecard connectors Connectors for Embedded Systems Waterproof connectors Circular MIL Spec connectors Rack and Panel connectors Sensor and Automation connectors Custom Cables and Wires


Annual Review

December 2017


Sony® Semiconductor Solutions’ ECX335B OLED Micro Display as super-small, thin, light-weight and fast solution to VR / AR wearables OLED Microdisplays from Sony® Semiconductor Solutions are the state of the art technology for small video displays. These displays are very thin, exhibit high brightness, operate at low power and are made from a solid Si-wafer substrate. With the ECX335B Organic Light-Emitting Diode Microdisplay available from global image expert FRAMOS, Sony brings a small size and high-resolution solution especially well-suited for head-mounted devices enabling Virtual and Augmented Reality at light weight and fast response speed. The ECX335B is a small 0.71 inch (1.8cm) diagonal active matrix color OLED panel module based on single crystal silicon substrate and provides a Full-HD RGB resolution of 1920x1080 dots. The panel provides a small and flexible light weight display solution. Thanks to Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ unique expertise in both OLED and semiconductor technology, the display has a wider color gamut with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and an extremely short response time of microsecond order. With 24-bit color depth, high resolution, maximum luminance is up to 500cd/m² and a serial mini-LVDS or LVDS interface units can easily be integrated into OEM devices. Dr. Silviu Grecu from FRAMOS explains the fields of applications which benefit from the OLED Microdisplay: “With its small package, high speed and brightness, Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ ECX335B display is suitable for many potential applications using micro-sized displays in both industrial and consumer electronics. It is especially recommended as Electronic View Finder in Broadcasting and consumer cameras or for greater visual impact in 3D head-mounted devices for Augmented and Virtual Reality. The ECX335B display provides natural color reproduction and superior moving picture quality. High-precision binoculars and monocular devices benefit in addition.”

Specific Advantages for Wearables and OEMs The high contrast provided by the ECX335B OLED Microdisplay allows the additional information layer to appear seamlessly, simply added to the background for a “real AR” experience. OLED Microdisplay, with no color breakup, produces very high visibility of the additional


layer with crisp, clear images, without blurring. The small package footprint allows wearables to be produced in a more compact form and reduced weight, for increased usability and wearing convenience. Industry and product experts at FRAMOS are available to support customers with the integration of these new displays in their applications and projects. In addition, FRAMOS provides services like development support, and logistics that speed development and improve time to market for all vision products.

December 2017

Annual Review

If it’s a Liquid, Gill Can Measure it. Industry: Noun. ‘Economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories’. (Oxford Dictionaries) A brief definition representing such a broad range of industries it is very difficult to grasp the full range of activities that it covers. Plus from all of those activities come an even larger number of processes required to produce those goods and raw materials. So if a company wishes to develop a range of liquid level sensors that will measure virtually all the types of liquids to be encountered in industry that is going to need a lot of sensors.

The demands placed on industrial equipment means that sensors designed for those applications will need to be reliable, accurate and consistent without requiring regular maintenance or cleaning. For sensors to achieve those key attributes they will benefit from the use of high quality materials, have no moving parts and an extended operating temperature range. Sealing to IP68/IP69K is another desirable feature along with resistance to shock and vibration, aided by solid state construction.

Well, not necessarily. Because if you break it down a little, there are broadly two types of liquid – water based and non-water based. Water based includes anything with water content sufficient to make the liquid conductive. That can be fresh water all the way through to liquid waste products which can contain solids, sludge or paper, for example. Non-water based covers oils, fuels, chemicals and saline fluids that again can be used in the processes of industry or a by-product from it.

Additionally, in the case of the water based sensor, it is worth ensuring that any measuring probe does not have any holes or cavities in it to clog or block. A smooth, non-stick surface enabling reliable operation without regular cleaning maintenance, in even the most contaminated liquids, is another feature to look for. If your process does require regular cleaning or flush through of the manufacturing line a smooth, cavity-free sensor probe will re-assure you that it will not require any additional cleaning.

The other thing to bear in mind is that many tanks and vessels are not always regular shapes, when a half full reading will not mean half the tank volume. Software that allows you to ‘map’ the shape of the tank and then correlate the output of the sensor to the true volume of the tank eliminates problems arising from misleading readings. So if you work in industry and have a requirement for liquid level measurement, no matter what type of liquid it is or how difficult and unpleasant it is, you will want to contact Gill Sensors and Controls. They have two industrial sensors available. The 7010 Industrial Liquid Level sensor is for nonwater based fluids, whilst the 7014 Waste Liquid Level Sensor has been designed for all water based liquids, especially igh-viscosity, heavily contaminated products that are difficult to measure with conventional sensors.

Visit for more information.


Annual Review

December 2017 Crystal-Tech Electronics Ltd was founded in 2003 by Colin Saunders a Technopreneur having over 30 years experience in LCD Design, Manufacturing and Marketing. Today Crystal-Tech can offer virtually any Display Solution whether Standard or Customised, with full on site Technical Support. We offer our customers fully customized monochrome and colour display solutions; plastic housing’s and full turnkey manufacturing. Additionally we provide full DFM and DFX activities and offer your first step into successful contract manufacturing in Malaysia, China and Indonesia. 54|

Please check out our latest website. We supply Direct or via National Distributors to OEM’s ODM’s Design Houses and System Integrators. We offer Highest Quality Products, Sincerity, Technical Support and best Price / Performance ratio available within the European Displays market. All of our factories have been awarded the highest accolade TS16949 from TUV. Crystal-Tech has highly experienced staff and partners within our core activity of Display Technology in addition to Plastic Injection tooling and all aspects of Electronic Contract Manufacturing.

Our latest 10.1” IPS module has a LVDS interface 350 NITs and available with a wide range of capacitive touch panels up to 3.2mm thick attaining IK08. All that and only 4.56mm thick.

Dust and buildup on the antenna? No problem! The future is 80 GHz: a new generation of radar level sensors

VEGAPULS 69 is designed specifically for level measurement of bulk solids. Even in dusty conditions, it always provides precise readings. Dust in the silo or buildup on the antenna have no effect. This radar sensor also features unrivalled focusing at a frequency of 80 GHz. Simply world-class!

Wireless adjustment via Bluetooth with smartphone, tablet or PC. Compatible retrofit to all plics® sensors manufactured since 2002.

IChemE Forms of Contract For over 45 years IChemE has partnered with experienced industry professionals to publish its acclaimed UK and international Forms of Contract. The Red Book – Lump Sum Contract The Green Book – Reimbursable Contract The Burgundy Book – Target Cost Contract The Yellow Book – Subcontract The Brown Book – Subcontract for Civil Engineering Works The Orange Book – Minor Works NEW The Silver Book – Professional Services Agreement

able Contract Reimburs Book The Green Contract Target Cost Book The Burgundy

able Contract Reimburs Book The Green Contract Target Cost Book The Burgundy ct Subcontra Book The Yellow

ng Works

Engineeri ct for Civil Subcontra Book The Brown


ion Rules Adjudicat Book The Grey

ion Rules Adjudicat Book The Grey

n Rules Arbitratio Book The Pink

n Rules Arbitratio Book The Pink

Dispute Review Rules for Book The Beige

Dispute Review Rules for Book The Beige


of Chemical Institution Davis Building Railway Terrace


of Chemical Institution Davis Building Railway Terrace


Expert Determin Rules for Book The White


Expert Determin Rules for Book The White



Rugby ire Warwicksh UK CV21 3HQ,

Rugby hire Warwicks UK CV21 3HQ,

Tel: +44


578214 op



ISBN 978


0 85295 589




0 85295 452





ISBN 978

420c, 5mm


orange book


Silver book




Tel: +44

First edition 2017

tion Second edi 2003

Contract Minor Works Book The Orange al Services Profession Book The Silver

Minor Works Book The Orange


edition Book, First The Silver

ng Works

Engineeri ct for Civil Subcontra Book The Brown

ct Subcontra Book The Yellow


nal Servi Professio Contract Book The Silver


orks Minor W ge Book The Oran

Contract Lump Sum The Red Book


Form of Co

al Services

Contract Lump Sum The Red Book


Form of Co

Contract Forms of


Forms of

The Orange Minor Works,


edition Book, Second

The contracts are available to purchase in hard copy, printable PDF, view-only PDF and editable word document format.




cover FOC_Pantone


Professional Services Contract, The Silver Book, First edition

NEW Silver Book – Professional Services Contract The newest addition to IChemE’s highly-acclaimed suite of contracts is here.

Form of Contract Professional Services Contract

This contract is suited to complex projects requiring high value professional services. It contains a model form of agreement and general conditions, supplemented with detailed guide notes to assist the user in preparing a contract.

The Silver Book


First edition 2017

20/12/2016 13:29

Ord nower Call +44(0)1788 534470

Annual Review

December 2017

Telsonic’s Automotive Partnership Drives Forward

Telsonic’s ultrasonic welding technology

Partnership is a term synonymous with the automotive sector, however the true test of this is a successful longterm relationship between customer and supplier on multiple projects. This is certainly the case with Telsonic UK and one of their valued Tier 1 automotive suppliers, in a partnership that to date spans over 5 years, and continues with Telsonic being selected yet again as their chosen partner for their latest component assembly application. This latest project between the two companies required ultrasonic welding of two full-length clip bracket strips to the rear of PC/ABS “Gill” shaped exterior side panels. The process is applied to both RH and LH parts and requires 8 twin weld points at each clip point. These new panels are part of an overall face-lift from a previous model and include a modified welding joint preparation to ensure a stronger, more controllable and consistent weld. The latest machine also checks for the presence of clips on each hand using a camera system. Following welding, the panels are finished in various highly decorative metallic and

is used to produce LH & RH pairs of side panels

Telsonic plain vehicle colour matched sprayed finishes. As for previous collaborations between the two companies, this latest machine was designed and built by the 1st tier suppliers own engineering team, with technical and process support provided by Telsonic’s engineers at all stages of the project. The machine is now in production within the company’s Midlands plant where the parts are both welded, and subsequently painted. The machine is extremely compact with a light-guarded loading area. All welding heads have full individual machine PLC control of amplitude and weld delivery time.

Joined Up Thinking Integrated within the machine are four Telsonic MAG3512E 35kHz generators, panel mounted, complete with Telsonic solid state switch boxes, and sixteen sequenced Telsonic AC450 compact

actuators with twin mother / daughter Titanium sonotrodes. The Telsonic AC450 actuator modules are also extremely compact with guided cylinders and a dedicated converter mount, making it possible to access the densely populated weld positions on these parts. The new Telsonic MAG generator range, prepared for panel mount as standard, also help to reduce the overall footprint of the machine, and interface easily with the machine PLC and HMI system. Telsonic’s contribution to the project also included supporting the customer in the development of a new weld joint preparation, to change from traditional tab staking to interfacial energy director (ED) welds. During this exercise, particular attention was paid to a number of factors including: horn footprint size, optimised energy director arrays around the clip fix points, “A” surface marking and minimum “B” surface disruption, to ensure panel body seal / gapping was not infringed. Having taken all of these factors into account, and as a result of extensive welding trials by Telsonic UK covering weld recipe development, force and speed, the new weld process delivers the high aesthetic finish required on the product together with a robust and consistent weld process. The machine was commissioned during September 2017 and is now in full production. Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of plastic and metal welding, cutting, sealing, cut’n’seal, food cutting and cleaning applications within a wide range of industries.


December 2017

Want to learn about the IChemE Forms of Contract? The IChemE Forms of Contract are drafted as performance-based contracts for the design and construction of a process plant and other output-based projects. Our two-day course will help you to understand more about the contract suite and how best to apply them to your projects.

IChemE Forms of Contract 7–8 February, Rugby, UK

Learn from the experts: this course is delivered by members of the committee that drafts and updates the IChemE Forms of Contract. Suitable for anyone preparing, tendering or managing a contract using the IChemE forms, it examines their approach to risk and payment, their structure, party liabilities, and how they govern work from initial requirements through design to fully commissioned and operational plant. For full details visit C0566_17


C0566_17_FOC HP Advert White.indd 1

14/11/2017 14:12

Global engineering, manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings and Cat C products.

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December 2017

SICK’s 2D LiDAR Sensor Keeps it Simple


hen a single-field laser scanner is all that is needed, SICK’s TiM100 2D LiDAR Sensor offers users a budget level solution with high-resolution object detection and ranging for factory automation and warehousing applications. With a 200o field of view, the TiM100 is a compact, simple-to-use laser scanner for uses such as collision avoidance in Automated Guided Vehicles and machinery, or monitoring of doors and gates. In warehousing and conveying applications the TiM100 can detect whether a bay in a high-bay warehouse is full or empty, for example. Part of SICK’s wide range of TiM and LMS laser scanning solutions for industrial, building and internal security applications, the TiM100 is the ideal choice when a simple, compact and low-cost device is all that’s required. The TiM100 has a monitoring range of up to 3 metres and a maximum


15.7 square metre scanning area. With the benefits of IO-Link interface, it is quick and easy set up. Teach-in can be performed by digital input, or via a PC, and all parameters can be stored for downloading to another device or replacement if required With SICK’s innovative HDDM+ technology built in, the sensor is able to deliver timeof-flight scanning with consistently stable results which are not affected by the presence of dirt, dust, moisture or ambient light.

and IO-Link capability, the TiM100’s parameters can be easily cloned to provide ‘plug and play’ set-up when a sensor needs to be replaced.”

Says Neil Sandhu, SICK’s National Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging: “When a compact, simple detection device is the most appropriate and affordable solution, the TiM100 is straightforward to set up and configure.

The 100mm high by 60mm wide TiM100 device weighs only 90g, so is suitable for many applications where conventional laser scanning detection devices are too large or too conspicuous. Installation is quick and low-cost with a click-in mount and, with a 2.2W power offtake, running costs are low.

“Take battery powered automatic guided vehicles, for example, the small size and low power consumption of the TiM100 is ideal for object detection and collision avoidance in the path of the vehicle. With simple teach-in

The TiM100 is the economy option within the TIM series of LIDAR detection and ranging devices, which are installed all over the world. Backed by this experience, SICK’s field evaluation algorithms integrated in the TiM100 ensure excellent reliability and consistency of detection.

For more information on SICK TiM100, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

December 2017

TOK COUPLING SYSTEM highly Flexible Coupling Shafts For Test Benches

      

Compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignment Elements available in different torsional stiffnesses Covers torque ranges from 75 Nm to 70,000 Nm at speeds up to 13,000 r..p.m Flanges adapted to dIN or SAE bolt patterns or to specification Self-centering, backlash free and maintenance free Light-weight construction using high-strength aluminium Variable mounting lengths using additional telescopic intermediate shafts

Test Bench Applications

Power Generation Applications

Mobile Applications

Pump & Compressor Applications

Industrial Applications

Marine Engineering

Unit 4 Bankside Business Park Coronation Street Stockport SK5 7PG T: Office + 00 44 161 714 4191 PLEASE VISIT www.rEICh-UK.COM/NEwS/MMS-COUPLING-3d-ANIMATION FOr MOrE dETAILS

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December 2017

Cryogenic technology brings rocket science to screwdrivers ‘It’s not rocket science,’ people often say when describing how easily a problem might be solved. But cryogenic, ice hardening technology, used by NASA and other space agencies to develop rocket fuel, is now being used to manufacture stainless steel screwdrivers.

is widely used in ‘clean rooms,’ in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, within hotels and restaurants and in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas business sectors. Stainless steel’s resistance to all weather conditions, corrosion and antacids also make it suitable for use offshore.

Previously, stainless steel hard enough for industrial or construction applications has been too brittle for everyday use. Bahco design engineers have overcome this by using cryogenic technology, giving their stainless steel screwdrivers and torsion bits superb hardness and durability.

Using stainless steel screwdrivers cuts costs by reducing the frequency of replacing worn tools. Their introduction is timely as the use of stainless steel screws has grown by almost 70 per cent over the past few years. “This technical achievement provides further evidence of Bahco’s market leading innovation,” says Mark Haywood, who leads the Bahco team in the UK.

Electricians, electrical engineers and technicians working within the automation industry will probably be aware that using a conventional steel screwdriver to drive stainless steel screws can leave traces of ‘foreign’ debris on the screws and other fasteners. This contamination causes them to oxidize and create extraneous rust, which is not only unsightly but, more importantly, can lead to serious corrosion and a threat to hygiene and safety if left untreated. The only effective solution is to ensure that non-rusting stainless steel screws are driven by stainless steel screwdrivers, which can also be used when driving non-stainless steel screws. Renowned for its hygienic qualities and ease of cleaning, stainless steel


“The breakthrough offers significant benefits to electricians, electrical engineers and other technicians required to work in any ‘clean’ environment where corrosion must be avoided.” Bahco’s stainless steel screwdriver range features round blades made from high performance alloy stainless steel. They are now available from all good trade counters, along with a range of ¼” stainless steel torsion bits, with a choice of slotted, Phillips®, Pozidriv® and Torx® heads. For further details or technical information visit

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December 2017

Patented New Void Fill System Gets Green Light Easypack Limited, the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, have launched a new highspeed void fill packaging system with new patented technology.


he NEW Quantum™XT is a fast void fill solution that allows users to firmly secure goods inside the box using 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable paper.

be wheeled to any location or affixed to a bench or work station for total convenience.

seamlessly integrate our sustainable packaging systems with current packaging infrastructure”.

European Sales Director, Nick Wood, says “Quantum™XT is a real advancement in void fill packaging.

Quantum™XT is the fourth new packaging system launched by Easypack this year, with further new innovations due out in 2018. The Company has gone from strength to strength following its acquisition by US packaging giant Pregis LLC last year.

“The patented technology is designed to meet the needs of an ever-growing ecommerce industry, offering outstanding reliability and flexibility whilst at the same time being environmentally friendly – it’s the perfect solution.”

The system is ideal for fast-moving online retail goods, items that have unusual shapes or sharp edges and for box-in-box void fill.

He went on to say “At a time when there is so much focus on the impact of packaging on the environment, businesses are having to look at ways to address this issue whilst maintaining total efficiency.

The patented, bladeless tear-assist has been cleverly designed to offer operators effortless, safe, high speed tear off.

“Easypack offers customers the solutions to both of these issues, with the added bonus of being able to utilise our in-house design team who can

In addition, the patented telescopic head design offers more packing flexibility by allowing operators to adjust its height, its tilt and output direction for total ergonomic convenience. With 400-660 metres of recycled paper on each roll, users can pack directly into the box continuously for faster output, with speeds of up to 1.8 metres per second. Paper rolls can be changed in seconds, maximising efficiency, and the rolls of paper can be easily stored, taking up minimal storage space either at point of use or in stock rooms, freeing up valuable warehouse space. The Quantum™XT can help to reduce packaging costs as output can be totally managed by its user friendly control panel. Users can pre-select exact lengths and speeds and then control the output with a foot pedal. The compact, system can


Quantum XT

Easypack also celebrated 25 years of packaging innovation in 2017, having led the way with its range of patented packaging solutions since 1992. It continues to be committed to manufacturing solutions that help all businesses to improve their packaging efficiency whilst protecting the environment.

For full details of the new Quantum™XT please visit

December 2017

眀眀眀⸀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀 ⬀㐀㐀⠀ ⤀㄀㔀㈀㐀 㠀㄀㌀ ㈀  椀渀昀漀䀀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀

䴀漀搀甀氀愀爀 挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀 猀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀猀琀猀 

䐀攀猀椀最渀 䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀 䤀渀猀琀愀氀氀愀琀椀漀渀 嘀愀氀椀搀愀琀椀漀渀 䌀漀渀猀甀洀愀戀氀攀猀

吀攀氀氀 甀猀 礀漀甀ᤠ瘀攀 猀攀攀渀 甀猀 椀渀 䔀渀最椀渀攀攀爀椀渀最 唀瀀搀愀琀攀


THAT FIT Once just a boiler manufacturer, Fulton now specialises in ready-to-ship skid mounted and fully packaged boiler plant rooms that meet the current demand for off-site fabrication. We put great emphasis in providing sales and application advice and a full commissioning and after sales service for hospital, food and beverage processing, petrochemical and other installations. Our steam, hot water and thermal oil solutions are delivered as fully-prefabricated plant rooms or complete skid-mounted units, built to fit a prepared location and connect direct to your services.

TO BUY BRITISH, VISIT FULTON.CO.UK EMAIL SALES@FULTON.CO.UK OR CALL +44 (0)117 972 3322 FBW111 - Skid Solutions Advertisement - IPE.indd 1


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December 2017

Shop Floor Integration for Life Sciences

ABB and Werum IT Solutions collaborate on next level Plug and Produce solution for Pharma 4.0 The new software connects systems and equipment in Biotech production to reduce engineering efforts and simplify qualification to satisfy compliance requirements. Today, many solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry are still not or integrated, requiring more effort to engineer and synchronize data between MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and DCS (Distributed Control Systems). Especially in GMP plants (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices) this additional work has a crucial influence on time to market, quality and profitability. ABB had added a software module from Werum IT Solutions to its Manufacturing Operations Management solution to address this challenge.

Pilot implementation at GE Healthcare GE Healthcare is among one of the first customers that will implement this Plug & Produce solution. The “Shop Floor Integration for Life Sciences” module is a new addition to the ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) offering. At their manufacturing site in Uppsala, Sweden, which has one of the world’s largest installed capacities for production of chromatographic resins, GE Healthcare will use the new approach to integrate the automation and equipment level for the production of a chromatography medium. The new solution was presented at Werum IT Solution’s annual User Group meeting in Lüneburg, Germany in October 2017. Since 1998, the event has brought together a global network of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing professionals – making it the biggest


event of the Pharma MES community worldwide to foster new business opportunities and innovation. The global leading MES PAS-X from Werum will be integrated with ABB’s flagship Process Control System 800xA: • ABB and Werum have agreed on a long-term roadmap for an aligned offering • Customers will benefit from simplified operation • Faster Master Batch Record (MBR) creation • Joint deployment and validation approach The solution implemented at GE Healthcare will be globally available for sale starting in November 2017 as part of the new Shop Floor Integration Solution for Life Sciences. It provides integration between Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and 800xA Batch Management, the integrated Batch system of ABB Ability System 800xA. It includes features for automatic parameter assignment and automatic synchronization of 800xA Batch Management recipe procedures and MES. This automated integration significantly reduces the engineering effort of the integration especially with the high validation requirements in a GMP production environment. More information:

Take your machinery safety knowledge to the next level ... Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge in the field of safe mechanical and electrical engineering, optimise projects or acquire further qualifications in the field of machinery safety – with Pilz as your training partner, you’re sure to reach your goal. Our 2018 schedule is now available on the Pilz website. Courses include: • CMSE ® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV certified) • City & Guilds 4 Day Machinery Safety Course • Safe Human-Robot Collaboration • Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO 13849-1

For futher infomation or to book onto one of our courses visit, webcode: 150535

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December 2017

The right robot for the job Considerations when purchasing a robot In September 2017, ABB’s dual armed robot, YuMi®, made history by becoming the first robot to conduct an orchestra. Operating costs Robots are unlikely to break down soon after purchase, but as time goes on the machines can wear and break. In order to keep costs down, manufacturers should consider maintenance before purchasing a new robot. It’s useful to know if the robot manufacturer or systems integrator that you’re purchasing from offers a preventative maintenance contract, whether this is 24/7 and what it includes. Knowing this in advance will minimise the risk of a breakdown and being hit with unexpected costs down the line. Running costs will also depend on the expected use of a robot and power usage. Looking at the reliability and life span of the robot may help to guide you towards the best value for your application.


uMi® conducted three pieces at the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra, accompanied by Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli and Maria Luigia Borsi. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete industrial equipment supplier, EU Automation, discusses his top considerations when purchasing a robot. From robotic conductors to robot vacuum cleaners, there is a vast choice of automated systems available for different purposes. Because there are so many options, it can be difficult for companies to choose which model to invest in. Here, we share EU Automation’s top three considerations when choosing a robot.

Application The first priority when deciding which robot to purchase should be to narrow down by application, as this determines the type of robot needed. If you’re


looking to automate a pick and place activity, a SCARA robot might be most suitable. If your application requires the robot to work closely alongside human staff, a collaborative robot will most likely be for you. Different applications will require different numbers of axes of motion, payloads, speed and reach. It is important to check these features to make sure the robot can perform the task required at your facility. Once you’ve specified the action you’d like the robot to perform, you can consider the size of the work area to make sure it will suit your production line. Manufacturers must also take into account the accuracy and repeatability of the robot, as this will impact its performance on the production line. It is a common mistake to buy an accurate robot without considering how well it repeats the accurate motion.

Social implication Introducing a new robot is sure to impact your staff. This is particularly noticeable when introducing collaborative robots, which work directly alongside humans. Companies must ensure that staff are comfortable with the purchase and receive sufficient training. You should ensure your company has the capacity to provide any training needed so that staff understand robot programming and operation and can follow safety standards like crush zones and access areas. The programming ability of your staff must be up to the challenge of a new robot, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to operate it correctly. The best robots are well designed, safe and user-friendly. By thinking carefully, manufacturers can combine a human workforce with a robot to best achieve business goals.

December 2017

Manufacturer of High Quality

Anti Vibration Products

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Data Acquisition in all weathers

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to rotate whilst carrying fluid under pressure 1/4� to 20� and beyond.

EtherCAT Protocol - single cable Thermocouple at 100Hz - all types Voltage & Strain at 20KHz sampling Shock & VibraCon 100g - rugged 100m between loggers - powered Includes DeweSoH-X SoHware

Vacuum to over 6000psi. Stock and bespoke production.

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life.

ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Rotaflow FV Limited | Rotec House Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY


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December 2017

Mhea Announces New President The Materials Handling Engineers Association has appointed a new president, John Connolly, who will hold the post for the next two years. John, who has been Vice President for two years and a member of the MHEA’s Executive Committee for several years, took up the role at the AGM in October. He takes over the reins from outgoing President, Michael Kaye, who has held the post since October 2015. Roy Ball, a longstanding Executive Committee Member, has become Vice President. John Connolly said: “I strongly believe that the MHEA is the only association that offers our participating and hopefully future members the opportunity in becoming involved in a body that offers a range of benefits that engage all stakeholders. “The atmosphere surrounding MHEA events such as visits to industrial plants, conferences, exhibitions, daily workshops and group networking days enables members to obtain clarity on what’s happening in other businesses, customers organisations and the wider world. “In recent years we have experienced many changes in line with the shifting landscape of our industry and the uncertainty many of our customers face resulting in the need for an adaptable supplier and service base. “Our Past President, Michael Kaye has initiated a change in the way the MHEA promotes itself to both members and the industry by engaging with all on a regular basis through the various means of communication and promotion. He has succeeded in dragging some of the more conservative members along with him and insisted we embraced the future methods of doing business in today’s world and for this I would personally like to thank him for his efforts as he leaves office.” Michael Kaye, said: “I pass the President’s baton to John Connolly who has really put his back into the role of VicePresident. In addition to the events and meetings, John has comfortably taken in his stride the numerous conference calls, financial oversight duties and email exchanges needed to keep everything rolling. “Thank you, John, for your outstanding commitment and dedication, and I hope you find the role of MHEA President as rewarding as I have. The MHEA is on a firm footing and I have every confidence it will go from strength to strength.”


New Materials Handling Engineers Association president, John Connolly.

About the MHEA The Materials Handling Engineers Association works to support the interests of companies supplying bulk materials handling equipment worldwide. The association is proud to support the technical and commercial interests of UK companies and offers businesses, suppliers and users of bulk handling equipment the opportunity to tap into a unique technical marketing knowledge base and share good practice.














December 2017

Sunamp Named as Finalist in National Green Energy Awards Sunamp chief executive Andrew Bissell said: “We are delighted that the potential for Sunamp heat batteries to drive the transition to a smart and renewable energy system has been recognised by the Green Energy Awards judges, especially as the quality of entries has been so high. “It has been an exciting year for Sunamp with the launch of the Orkney pilot of the Smart Islands Energy Initiative (SMILE), advances in our automotive division and expansion into new factory and workshop premises. As well as ramping up production we have created new jobs as we focus on value growth and extending our international network.” Merlin Hyman, chief executive of Regen, said: “We received an impressive amount of nominations across all six categories which made the shortlisting incredibly difficult. I was inspired to see such a range of extraordinary projects and individuals leading the revolution in our changing energy system. The awards evening looks set to be a fantastic celebration of all the hard work being carried out by the sector over the past 12 months”


Scottish heat-storage technology company Sunamp has been named as a ‘Best Business Innovation’ finalist at this year’s Green Energy Awards. The East Lothian based firm manufactures heat batteries based on non-toxic phase change material, that have transformed how homes and businesses generate heating and hot water. Winners will be announced at an event at the Assembly Rooms in Bath on 28 November 2017 following the industry leading Renewable Futures conference and exhibition. According to Annual Energy Consumption in the UK, the paper published annually by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), space and water heating account for 80 per cent of final energy consumption in the domestic sphere. Sunamp technology reduces the cost of heat energy, addresses fuel poverty and reduces environmental impact. The Awards take place after Renewable Futures, Regen’s annual conference and exhibition, which will be focusing on the strategies for transforming energy. It will feature a line-up of leading experts who will analyse the disruptive innovation shaking up the energy market and examine the strategies to adapt and create value in a rapidly changing market. For more details please follow this link.

The IET / SynbiCITE


Transforming biotechnology - driving economic growth The IET and SynbiCITE, the UK’s National Industrial Translation Centre for Synthetic Biology, have teamed up again to bring you an inspirational conference in the revolutionary field of engineering biology. So what is engineering biology and how can it work for you? It’s already helping plants make their own fertiliser, reducing energy use and costs, supporting sustainable fish farming, and creating digital vaccines - the possibilities are endless! Many big brand names are already investing in this exciting field, so don’t get left behind - join us to find out how it could help you.

Join in the conversation @IETevents @synbicite #IETengbio #synbio

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December 2017

What’s New in Electronics Live Joins Forces with Key Industry Events to create the

Ultimate UK Electronics Trade Show The team at What’s New in Electronics Live (WNIE LIVE), have been embedded in the UK electronics industry for decades and have a real passion for it. They have delivered a UK exhibition year on year despite economic challenges and a general industry decline. The team at WNIE Live pride themselves on listening to the businesses they work with, both exhibitors and visitors, and after conducting several surveys earlier this year, their results have meant some big changes to the 2018 event.

Feedback from the survey confirmed, without doubt that industry wanted a strong UK electronics event. The team, who have always delivered an undiluted electronics event needed to look at the UK show calendar and pinpoint other relevant events that they felt would add value for both the What’s New in Electronics Live exhibitors and visitors. Another key point from their research was that a 2 day event was the preferred length and that, in many cases, something later in the year would work better for planning and budgeting. So, in 2018 WNIE LIVE will co-locate with the following SIX industry events - EMC UK, Embedded Live, Sensors & Instrumentation, Micro Nano MEMS, PPMA & TCT Show delivering a stronger exhibition, conference & technical platform than any other UK Electronics show. Datateam, owners of Sensors & Instrumentation and Micro Nano MEMS have a mix of trade shows and publications which are aligned with the electronics sector, seemed like the obvious choice as a partner for the What’s New in Electronics Live event, as did EMC Exhibition & Training Ltd for EMC UK and Feabhas, an established Embedded training company for Embedded Live.


These parternships will allow visitor numbers to grow by 100% + and create an unrivalled electronics industry event. The team at What’s New in Electronics (WNIE) want to work with you to achieve this and will give visitors the opportunity to see technology and processes in: Electronic Design, Production, Test, Packaging, EMC, Embedded Solutions, Sensors and Instrumentation, 3D Printing, Printed Electronics, and Micro Nano MEMS. WNIE Live will allow industry to network, engage, learn and connect through a mix of training workshops & conferences, free seminars, panel discussions and hundreds of represented brands and exhibitors all in one place; The NEC Birmingham on the 25th – 26th of September 2018. Claire Saunders, Event Director said, "We believe that these events are an incredibly strong complement to WNIE Live. Among many other benefits, it will improve our attendee numbers with the type of audience that will have purchasing influence or decision for your products and services. Our key aim is to deliver a strong event for the UK electronics sector and ensure every relevant visitor is aware of the show, to help industry rediscover UK Electronics."

Register now online at

What’s New in



25 – 26 September 2018 NEC Birmingham



THE ULTIMATE UK ELECTRONICS SHOW WNIE Live will return to the NEC from 25 – 26 September 2018 and will be co-located with a host of other industry events including:

EMC UK | Embedded Live | Sensors & Instrumentation Micro Nano MEMS | PPMA | TCT Show

Delivering a stronger exhibition with a mix of conferences, seminars, debates, live features & technical platforms. Network alongside other Engineers, Directors, CEO’s, Designers, Technicians, Programmers, Business Development Managers, Purchasers and Consultants from every aspect of the world of electronics.

Can you afford to miss it?


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2018 THE HIGH PRECISION MANUFACTURING EVENT 25-26 September | Hall 1, NEC, Birmingham


December 2017 saving time when defining bridges for terminals that share the same equipotential. • Natural sort is also a considerable advantage when it comes to draw time saving • Automatic routing for PTC® Creo® The first ever product able to work in real time with the mechanical research department using the digital model of the 3D project. Now you also will route cables and wires by your paths and ducts.

Trace Software International to Exhibit at Fise in Colombia With 30 years of experience, Trace Software International, a leading company in the creation of design software solutions for the electrical engineering, is thrilled to announce that will exhibit at the 7th edition of Fise in Medellin (Colombia) on November 29th and 30th and December 1st, 2017. Trace Software International will participate at Fise – the most important specialized event in the electrical industry in the country of Colombia. This special fair trade offers a unique space to unlock overseas business opportunities, boost commercial exchanges and promote relationships with the different stakeholders from the international markets, especially those from Latin America and the Caribbean. This is an excellent setting for the company to showcase its three winning software solutions: elec calc™ BIM, elecworks™ and archelios™ O&M for the buildings of today and tomorrow. Therefore, Trace Software International will hold a technical conference on the 30th of November regarding software tools within the electrical engineering industry, exposing the company’ s latest researches and advances in BIM and PV BIM. Trace Software International will be welcoming you at booth RO – 066, Red Hall, during all the trade show event.

Software Solutions for the Industry Leaders elec calc™ BIM elec calc BIM stands out as the exclusive electrical design solution satisfying the upcoming BIM challenges. This is the world’s first and only calculating software that seamlessly integrates elec calc™ - the electrical tool used in the calculation and sizing of projects - with different design platforms enabling the importation of the digital model in IFC4 format, generated


by any 3D architectural software’s (Revit, Archicad...). Several simulations can be done to compare the possible routing scenarios. The 3D model allows the detection of any conflicts. If this is case, the information is directly sent to the designer thanks to the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) so he can fix the problem and correct his model. These two unique features make elec calc™ BIM as the next step to fully integrate your electrical data into the BIM process. elec calc™ BIM brings together the synergies and interoperability aimed to improve the design, reliability and safety, not forgetting the quality of the project along with the overall management of the construction. Electrical engineers can complete all aspects of electrical design through this tool. Thanks to the partnership with the avantgarde BIM&CO , the elec calc™ BIM user gains access to all the information and data regarding the BIM objects, amongst other benefits. With BIM representing the essential digital revolution in the building industry, elec calc™ BIM is the unique electrical design solution aimed to those who do not want to stay behind. Discover all the advantages here elec calc BIM or download the free trial version

elecworks™ 2018 – the latest release elecworks™ is the innovative electrical CAD software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations. With 30 years of experience, it possible to affirm electrical engineering is in the company DNA. Available in 16 languages, elecworks™ is also the best-selling electrical CAD solution worldwide. The latest features of elecwork™ 2018 include: • Automatic multi-level bridges bring automation to the next stage. It allows

• Automatic integration between elecworks™ 2018 and PTC Windchill (PLM) which guarantees the integrity of your design project. It is easy to get started. You can now learn more about this cutting-edge design software solution and download the free trial version

archelios™ O&M This is the latest addition to the archelios™ suite, the essential 360º solution you need to manage an entire photovoltaic project. From the feasibility, profitability study, simulation and calculation of the project, to the electrical sizing, this all-in-one software solution is intended for PV installations of all types: on roofs, plants, linked to the network and on isolated sites, in selfsubsistence with or without energy storage. archelios™ suite is composed by a portfolio of software solutions able to satisfy a wide array of expected needs in the photovoltaic project, reaching high levels of impeccable quality and great interactivity to gain in terms of control and productivity. archelios™ O&M shows a unique approach on BIM for PV. This software brings all the benefits of PVBIM mock-up design to advanced PV monitoring. More of its main unexcelled features: • Any data is internally and automatically attached to devices of a full 3D and electrical system description. Links are therefore exhaustive and error free. • Default 2 screens application always showing 2D or 3D view with permanent dynamic links between displayed data and plant structure. • Viewing production data in the map of the plant. • Thanks to the PV BIM, all data is referenced to BIM and users can import and access any document from any representation of the plant including 3D view.

You can download the free trial version


Behind Everything in Life, there’s Vacuum.









Experience Innovations! Bringing together an extensive Exhibition with a comprehensive Conference. Application Tutorials in the exhibition hall completes the experience.

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December 2017

Fast & Reliable Tool for Testing Solar Panels FLIR Systems has published a technical note that discusses the advantages that thermal cameras offer for solar panel evaluation. Quality assurance is of fundamental importance for solar panels. The failure-free operation of the panels is a prerequisite for efficient power generation, long life, and a high return on the investment. To ensure this failure free operation a fast, simple and reliable method to evaluate a solar panel’s performance is required, both during the production process and after the panel has been installed. This technical note illustrates how thermographic inspection of photovoltaic systems, such as solar panels, allows the fast localization of potential defects at the cell and module level as well as the detection of possible electrical interconnection problems. Further, unlike other methods, thermal inspections may be carried out under normal operating conditions over large areas and do not require a system shut down. Thermal imaging cameras are already an established R&D tool for the


evaluation of solar cells and panels. For these sophisticated measurements, usually high-performance cameras with cooled detectors are used under controlled laboratory conditions. This technical note demonstrates that the use of thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluation need not be restricted to the field of research. The authors show how the latest generation of FLIR uncooled thermal imaging cameras are currently being used for solar panel quality control before installation and regular predictive maintenance check-ups after the panel has been installed. The technical note concludes that inspection with a new generation uncooled handheld thermal imaging camera, starting with the quality control in the installation phase, followed by regular check-ups facilitates complete and simple

system condition monitoring. This thermal imaging inspection protocol has been shown to help to maintain the solar panels’ functionality and to extend their lifetime. Using thermal imaging cameras for solar panel inspections will therefore drastically improve the operating company’s return on investment. To download this technical note please visit building/display/?id=41872. For further information on uncooled thermal cameras for solar panel inspection please contact FLIR Systems at or +32-3665-5100. FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness. FLIR’s advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems are used for a wide variety of imaging, thermography, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, navigation, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) detection. For more information, go to FLIR’s web site at

Global Leaders in Energy Efficient Dehumidification & Air Treatment Solutions • • • • •

Close control of temperature & relative humidity levels Experts in design, manufacture and service Portable & packaged systems Directly employed service engineers Credible & proven expertise - Over 350,000 global installations - Operating in 30 countries - 60 years + heritage

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December 2017

Advantech ADAM Series of I/O Modules Advantech Remote I/O Modules Advantech is a global leader in data acquisition I/O module design and manufacturing, offering complete stand-alone data acquisition modules which are broadly used in industrial applications, such as facility monitoring, environment monitoring, and industrial process control. Advantech distributed I/O modules are categorized into two families, Ethernet I/O (ADAM-6000 series) and RS-485 I/O (ADAM4000 series), which are subdivided into Analog I/O and Digital I/O modules with some of them supporting modbus communication protocol.

Ethernet I/O Modules In the past, integrating automation and enterprise systems required changing the entire architecture of the control system. Nowadays, Advantech ADAM-6000 accomplishes this integration easily through the latest internet technology, so that it can remotely monitor the device status more


flexibly. Advantech’s ADAM6000 modules are empowered by Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL), and can perform as standalone products for measurement, control and automation. With Advantech’s P2P and GCL technology, no additional controllers or programming is needed. With the easy-to-use and intuitive graphic utility, system configurations can be done in an extremely short time. The members of ADAM-6000 series include Communication Controllers, Analog Input/Output Modules and Digital Input/Output Modules.

Profinet I/O Modules Advantech offers the ADAM-6100 series of Industrial PROFINET modules. Equipped with the PROFINET protocol, ADAM-6100PN series also allows daisy chain connections, making it possible to transfer data much faster during process control and other industrial automation applications. Please visit Advantech new estore to see more.

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December 2017

SHEAR simplicity for drive protection‌

Gear Coupling Spacer

DIN / SAE Spacer

Pin & Bush coupling

Chain coupling

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

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December 2017

NORD wins Vanderlande Supplier Award On 12 September, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS received the Vanderlande Supplier Award 2017. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS was awarded for their outstanding operational excellence and responsive supply chain, high innovative capability and the company’s strong competitiveness. As part of the events of the Vanderlande Supplier Day 2017, Jan-Christoph Block, Director of Regional Management at NORD, accepted the award presented to him by Vanderlande. Vanderlande Industries is one of the world’s leading prime contractors for process automation in warehouse logistics and is the global market leader for value-oriented automation of logistic processes at airports and in the field of parcel distribution. As an expert for tailor-made drive technology, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been closely collaborating with Vanderlande for years. Jan-Christoph Block regards the award as a major success: “We have been providing Vanderlande with drive technology for years and our contribution to many successful large-scale projects fills us with pride. The award motivates us to strengthen our existing business relationship so we can face new challenges in intralogistics together.”


The award motivates us to strengthen our existing business relationship so we can face new challenges in intralogistics together.

Save 90% On Cooling Costs With EcoCooling Energy Efficient Cooling Ventilation and Evaporative Cooling Use outside air most of the year in the UK | Energy efficient natural cooling | No refrigerants | 3500 installations worldwide | UK based

Data Centre and IT Cooling Achieve PUE of <1.1 | ASHRAE Compliant| ROI in 1 year | Telecoms | Data Centres | IT and Server Room | UPS Rooms

Industrial Cooling 35kW of cooling, 1.5kW of power | ROI 3 years | Warehouses | Manufacturing | Gyms and Leisure | Laundries | Bakeries | Stores

Control Systems Remote monitoring | Versatile connections to BMS and fire systems | In-built resilience| Touch screen interface | Energy monitoring

Proven Savings Energy savings calculator available | Relevant case studies and testimonials | Clients include Net-a-Porter, BT, TK Maxx, Cummins, Unum, CGG, S3, Talk Talk and Cap Gemini. | | 01284 810586

2015 - New products

Proven products from the Evaporative Cooling Specialists

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Interview of the Year

December 2017


Kirsten Bodley – Engineering Update Interview


Hi Kirsten, thank you for taking the time out to speak with me today. Not long now until the 4th annual NWED (23rd June) We have been lucky enough to cover the day in previous years. What should our readers look out for that day? With the success of the event over the past three years, this year the event seeks to celebrate the achievements of women in engineering and inspire younger generations by going global. This year, therefore, will be the first International Women in Engineering Day (INWED17), coordinated by the Women’s Engineering Society under the patronage of UNESCO. INWED is the UK’s largest such women in engineering initiative, consisting of hundreds of events and activities, from talks, tours, open days and debates to competitions, networking events, site visits, videos and campaigns – more than 550 last year. Through partnership with The Daily Telegraph, INWED also highlights the achievements of inspiring younger women through the ‘Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35’ list announced on 23 June 2017.


Interview of the Year

December 2017

With the support of UNESCO, and as international events have already been included in previous years’ programmes, INWED has the potential to spread far and wide to many other countries. Working in partnership with many of the engineering world’s globally recognised names, we seek to foster a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and enthusiasm to celebrate the role of women in engineering, to highlight positive role models, and to inspire future and current generations to achieve their potential.



WES will support this through the 100for100 programme will be a key activity of WES2019. This follows on from the 90for90 – 90 inspirational women for WES 90th anniversary.

As an industry some fear we are heading into testing times over the next few years. What can we do as an industry to encourage more women to remain in the engineering sector following a career break?

This is a programme of engineering employer collaboration bringing together 100 partners who share our vision for a more diverse engineering workforce. We are now looking for interested and ambitious partners to become part of this elite group of 100. There are three elements to this programme:

Returnships is a top priority in the engineering sectors and engineering companies, including many of WES’ partners, are attempting to readdress the gender diversity balance. Although it is very much on their agendas, many employers are unsure of what actions to take and this is reflected in the low number of engineering employers offering returnship programmes.


A big step would be for employers to be clear that they welcome those that have had a career break and offer support once back at work including mentoring. Being clear that they also offer flexible working is important. A further step would be to also consider how women can use their skills by transferring from other engineering sectors.


I really enjoyed the launch of the 90 for 90 campaign. This was great way of letting people know about influential women engineers of the past and present. are there any plans coming up soon for our readers to keep an eye out for?

Recognition in the form of Awards to 100 Companies – for actions and impact in the area of gender diversity in engineering, applied sciences and technology

2. Knowledge Share – through identifying the actions that work, WES will be able to create a library of 100 examples of good practice that could be emulated by others

I have spoken to lots of engineering companies who genuinely want to take positive action, but who are not sure where to start. One of the key issues is that recruiters often hesitate to put those that have been on a career break forward as a “gap” on a CV is frowned upon; employers also see this as a loss of skills. In addition, women that have been on a career break, especially if it is over 6 months, lose confidence and often do not apply for roles or apply for roles that are below their skills level. Finally, engineering companies are not perceived to offer flexible working, which is often needed by women who bear most of the caring responsibilities outside work.

WES has its centenary in 2019, which is a wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of women in engineering and support a transformation in gender diversity in the sector. The Centenary Challenge is 30 by 30 so that 30% of engineers are female. This aligns with other partners’ aims.

3. Pledges for Future Change – with the Award comes the responsibility to promise 100 further steps to further diversity and inclusion. This may include projects with WES. Please contact us to hear more about this exciting programme! Please email or telephone 01438 765506.


We are nearing a 100 years of WES and what a great century it has been. What does the future hold for not only WES but the female engineers of tomorrow? WES2019 will be about telling compelling stories from our past to share our legacy; to celebrate our achievements as a society, as women engineers and as partners; and to shape our future by leading transformation. There is still a lot of work to be done and WES will continue to increase its reach, encourage more women in engineering and to return to engineering, and support more women into leadership positions. As I mentioned earlier, working with partners, we are challenging the engineering sector to achieve 30 by 30 and we would be really pleased for partners to join us in this!


December 2017

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:

DIGITAL MANOMETER LEO 2 / LEO 2 Ei – Digital Pressure Gauge – Max/min function / accuracy 0.1 %FS – Ranges -1…3 bar / 30 bar / 300 bar / 700 bar – User selectable display units: bar, mbar/hPa, kPa, MPa, PSI, kp/cm2


LEO RECORD / LEO RECORD Ei – Data Logging Pressure Gauge – Ranges -1…3 bar / 30 bar / 300 bar / 700 bar / 1000 bar – Stores 57’000 readings – TEB (0…50 °C) 0.1 %FS (Accuracy incl. temp. error) – Ei Version Intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC T4 Gb



The NEW ATACAM range of Laser Cutters includes models for both metalic and non-metalic materials. They are equiped with co2 laser tubes, which can be used for cutting metal sheet such as carbon steel, stainless steel and nonmetalic materials such as acrylic, die bond, MDF, plywood, etc. Applicable materials include acrylic, stainless steel, carbon steel, MDF, die bond.

Model AL1390 for Non Metalic Cutting

Technical Specification: Cutting Area: Dimensions: Table: Laser:

1300 x 900 x 500mm 1903 x 1303 x 1008mm Blades and Honeycomb, Height Adjustable 150w CO2 sealed Laser Tube (60w, 80w, 100w & 130w Options)


Water Chiller with Over Temperature Protection Resolution: +/- 0.05mm Supported Formats: BMP, HPGL, PLT, DST, AI Compatible Software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop Voltage: 220v 10amp

Model ALM1390 for Metalic and Non Metalic Cutting With similar specifications to the AL1390, but with the added ability to cut metalic materials, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. ATA Engineering Processes Ltd ATA House, Unit B, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7SS t: 01442 264411 e:

December 2017

Wide range of Fibre Optic Connectors now available from Cliff Electronics High bandwidth, low noise signal connectivity

Cliff Electronics are market leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors, leads, test lead sets and accessories for a wide range of markets and supply major international OEMs. Their fast growing range of market leading XLR footprint FeedThrough connectors allows designers to integrate audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into professional equipment for broadcast, lighting, audio and industrial applications. Versions available include Cliff FTs are now available in many options including RJ45, HDMI, BNC and USB3.0 compliant single and dual USB versions. Analogue, Digital and Optical Feed-Through connectivity is available in formats including Firewire, HDMI A-A and 50 ohm BNC versions, USB2 A-to-B and B-to-A “gender change” sockets high speed USB Type – C, USB3 to USB3 in all gender changing configurations - A-A, A-B and B-A. Also available are all popular data and Ethernet connectors including USB 2.0 and 3.0, LC and SC fibre (Duplex & Simplex), UTP and FTP RJ45s in both Cat6 and Cat5e (shielded and unshielded), Toslink, RCA Phono and HDMI and blanking plates.

Cliff’s market leading Feedthrough connector series includes SC Simplex, LC Duplex and TOSLINK EIAJ fibre-optic connection options available in plastic or rugged metal shells and designed to fit into the industry standard 24mm diameter XLR connector panel cutout, simplifying panel design and manufacture and improving design aesthetics.

Cliff is now offering system integrators 1U, 19” rack panels pre-assembled with up to 16 of their market–leading Feedthrough (FT) connectors to simplify system assembly, reduce manufacturing time, component count and cost. With applications including Broadcast and AV “patch panels” and MIL, Medical, Control and Instrumentation signal input/output panels etc. the 1U assemblies can be factory loaded with the specific connectors required by the system designer including BNC, single or dual USB or RJ45 with internal cable harnesses available as a special order.

Cliff also manufacture a wide range of single and dual optical transmitter and receiver jacks conforming to the EIAJ/JEITA rectangular standard CP-1201, (also RC-5720 and JIS C59741993 F05. Standard and low profile versions are available and three models replace a plugin cover with a convenient hinged shutter to protect against contamination. The optical jacks are designed for PCB mounting and, some models have a self-tapping hole for panel mounting. To accompany their optical connector range Cliff also manufactures moulded optical lead assemblies (TOSLINK cables) for use with their optical jacks. TOSLINK (Toshiba Link) Optical Audio Data Cables conform to a standard, optical fibre, digital, audio interface. The standard is widely used in consumer audio equipment like CD players, DVD players, television set-top boxes, games consoles, computers and audio-visual receivers. Lead terminals conform to the EIAJ/JEITA rectangular standard CP-1201 and also RC-5720 and JIS C5974-1993 F05 standards for digital audio interfaces including fibre-optical interconnections.

As a UK manufacturer Cliff are able to respond quickly to customer’s needs for both standard products and custom designs. Cliff manufactures audio, optical and power connectors and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, lighting connectors, terminal posts and connection blocks, motors, fans and assembly aids. Cliff can also provide a wide range of leads including test and instrumentation, audio, instrument and power.

John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Optical jacks are virtually unaffected by noise when transmitting and receiving signals between digital audio equipment and data systems, enabling high quality audio transmission and high speed data transfer. It continues to be adopted as a virtual standard in portable audio equipment and is becoming very popular in data-centres and instrumentation systems. With our feedthrough connector and jack options we can provide best-fit solutions for OEMs and Systems Integrators.”

All Cliff products are available direct from Cliff and via major Distributors in the UK and Europe.

Cliff Electronics manufacture a wide range of optical connectors suitable for high quality audio systems, broadcast, AV installations, home theatre, automation, instrumentation, data and IT connectivity, medical equipment instrumentation, industrial control and data acquisition and other high bandwidth signal connections.


For more information call +44 (0)1737 771375, email or visit

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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December 2017

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With flare gas, it’s never black white The apparent choices to measure flow are not going to be the right choice when it comes to measuring flare gas. Because flare gas can be low pressure and low flow, the Thermatel® TA2 thermal dispersion mass flow meter from Magnetrol® is the only instrument that can economically and reliably provide you with the emissions reporting information you need.

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Engineering Update - Annual Review 2017  
Engineering Update - Annual Review 2017