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Metrology is a business tool

it adds value and reduces costs

Man and Machine Training Academy

Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk  training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: • • • • •

AutoCAD Essentials AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals AutoCAD Advanced AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

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September 2015

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At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers. Every monthly issue of the publication brings the latest in news, event information, as well as extensive features that encompass every aspect of the engineering industry.

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September 2015

AutoCoding Systems extends Partnership Relationship with SICK

AutoCoding Systems is one of SICK UK’s largest System Integrators in commercial goods. If you consider that the AutoCoding solution is installed on over 600 packaging lines in food and beverage factories throughout the UK and Ireland, with each line having at least one SICK barcode scanner on each, SICK understandably values AutoCoding Systems’ business partnership and is keen to extend this across other countries and markets. The past 10 years has seen the relationship grow, both commercially and technically, in the UK and across Europe and this is now extending internationally to North America, Australia and Asia.

turer. By automatically managing the set-up of all the devices, not only is the opportunity for date coding errors greatly reduced, but the downtime experienced in product changeovers is kept to a minimum. Additional modules

AutoCoding Systems’ coding and

paperless quality checks to reduce the need for paper records, automatic capture of real-time manufacturing data to provide accurate machine

a variety of SICK products to meet the challenges of a range of applications. SICK’s range of CLV6xx and Lector scanners are used for 1D and 2D barcode scanning to check retail barcodes, backweb label barcodes and packaging artwork barcodes. Additionally, AutoCoding Systems has a number of vision installations incorporating SICK ICR inspectors and IVC 3D cameras. With the increasing complexity of packaging types and the rising frequency of artwork changes and promotional offers, it is becoming more important to manufacturers to reduce, if not eliminate, any opportunity for error in relation to coding and packaging of products, particularly where mistakes can result in a risk to health. By implementing AutoCoding Systems’ software solution, integrated with SICK’s extensive product range, manufacturers can be sure of the integrity of their products.

solutions for in-line inspection. The full solution includes dynamic control of packaging line behaviour ensuring that the packaging line stops in the event of too many wrong or no reads from the SICK scanners or a device malfunction is detected. AutoCoding Systems and SICK UK have worked on numerous projects solution for the customer. A major bakery manufacturer has AutoCoding installed across 18 of their lines controlling inkjet printers and SICK scanners. The factory uses multiple packaging and to avoid errors and ensure the correct artwork versions are used, the AutoCoding solution manages 1D and 2D scanning to verify all card slippers, sleeves and menu cards.

As well as setting up SICK scanners, inspectors and cameras, AutoCoding’s advanced coding management software is designed to control and manage a wide range of different packaging line devices including inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printers, labellers, print & apply units, checkweighers and metal-detectors, irrespective of equipment manufac-


Whilst training on AutoCoding’s solutions is underway with SICK in Australia, Asia and the US, AutoCoding Systems are continuing to work with SICK UK to identify target markets where AutoCoding Systems’ solutions, using SICK products, can solve both basic and complex applications to deliver measurable results. They will

be running short demonstrations of the AutoCoding solution on the SICK stand at the forthcoming PPMA exhibition at the NEC – Stand E60. For further information, please contact: Janet Harrison – AutoCoding Systems Ltd Email: Tel : 01928 790444



September 2015


Fristams New Product Launching! At this year’s PPMA show, Fristam Pumps will be presenting its complete portfolio of hygienic powder mixers, centrifugal, positive displacement and high shear pumps. However, the company will be placing a special emphasis on unveiling its most recent hybrid innovation – the FPC pump. This new hybrid was designed by Fristam to transport gaseous liquids, after being compelled by the food and beverage industry to craft a pump “The decision came after hearing from customers for years that other pumps on the market were struggling to ensure continuous product flow through the system due to air locking” stated Alastair Black (Fristam Pumps UK).. In addition to being a product pump, the FPC also features a built in CIP self-priming function, which Fristam is notorious for including in their


designs. In fact, the newly developed FPC hybrid pump is as capable at evacuating pipelines on the suction side as it is at emptying tanks and vessels. The design of the FPC is based on the non-self-priming FP centrifugal pump series. On the suction side, this pump combines its open impeller with an upstream rotor screw. It’s this combination of the eccentrically mounted rotor housing and recirculating pipe which makes this hybrid the ideal pump to provide trouble-free pumping of liquids that contain gas. The FPC Is one of Fristam’s most trials proving it has a staggeringly low energy consumption and produces hardly any noise as it runs. pump is 80 m³/h, with a maximum discharge pressure of 6 bar.

For more information please visit or call +44 1323 849 849

September 2015







































Editors Choice


September 2015

September 2015

Aberdeen Valve Training The British Valve and Actuator Association (BVAA), the valve industry’s voice, trade body and leading provider of valve and actuator training, is brining two of its most popular training courses to Aberdeen.

Delegates at the courses, Introduction to Valves and Valves,

continue our close relationship with Greenhalgh, a valve industry veteran

independent delivery which BVAA Engineers and has been an Assessor

these and other courses which are inspection on the advanced level industry, and we are delighted to


World Class Independent Valve & Actuator Training 2*)&<training courses+6310*&).2,industry professionals2)*4*2)*28(3967*737&0*74.8(- just quality8*(-2.(&086&.2.2,

BVAA Training Courses:98912  Introduction to Hydraulics$*)2*7)&< 6)!*48*1'*6 *0)&8"-*&8.32&009.) 3;*6*286*$36/734 Members Price: >   =Non Members Price: >   Introduction to Valves32)&<8-(83'*6 Members Price: >   =Non Members Price: >   Introduction to Actuators "9*7)&<8-(83'*6 Members Price: >   = Non Members Price:>   Control Valves $*)2*7)&<8-(83'*6 Members Price: >   = Non Members Price: >   Safety Valves  "-967)&<8-(83'*6 Members Price: >   = Non Members Price: >   Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) 6.)&<8-(83'*6 Members Price: >   = Non Members Price: >   Valves - Advanced Level (2 day course)32)&< 8-"9*7)&<

8-(83'*6 Members Price: >   = Non Members Price: >   PED/ATEX Directives $*)2*7)&< 8-(83'*6 Members Price: >   = Non Members Price:>   Combating Corrosion "-967)&< 8-(83'*6 Members Price: >  = Non Members Price: >   ISO9001:2015 Update Workshop "9*7)&< 8-(83'*6 *;&8* *0)&8"-*&8.32&009.) 3;*6*286*$36/734 Members Price: >   = Non Members Price:>   Introduction to Valves $*)2*7)&< 8-3:*1'*6 *;&8* *0)&897.2*77*286*'*6)**2 Members Price: >   =Non Members Price: >   Valves - Advanced Level "-967)&<8-3:*1'*6  *;&8* *0)&897.2*77*286*'*6)**2 Members Price: >   =Non Members Price: >   All prices exclude VAT

36+900)*8&.0732*&(-(3967*:.7.8 6.8.7-#&0:*&2)(89&836773(.&*)? &2'96<+@(*#.00&,*?36&0$&<?&2'96<?%  ! Tel:      = Fax:      =Email:*259.6<':&&36,9/=Web:;;;':&&36,9/

September 2015

Mission Accompl

Space Mission UK lands aft Silicon Valley The next stop on our mission was Silicon Valley, California, known as a leading hub for innovation, startups and investments. Space Mission UK traveled to Utah, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles from 8-14 August 2015 and provided nine of the UK’s leading space and satellite application entrepreneurs with the opportunity to interact with world leading investors and potential collaborators. Innovate UK with the support of UK Trade & Investment organised the mission. The global space industry is in the midst of a fundamental shift, making room for private sector innovation. For companies such as venture capital entering the sector. The UK government recognises the potential of the space sector and how it can further boost the UK economy. Already, the UK space sector is thriving with an annual growth rate of 8.3 percent since 2008, with a growing workforce of 37,000 people. With great growth potential and a sector ripe with opportunity, nanosatellites, CubeSats and their applications were chosen as the focus for the entrepreneur mission.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a space mission without meeting with US space agency, NASA. The members of the mission met with Tony Freeman, manager of the Innovation Foundry at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He spoke to JPL’s leading global role in robotic exploration of the solar system and its innovative 10 instruments and 19 spacecrafts carrying out planetary, Earth science and astronomy missions. Freeman also discussed JPL’s collaboration with countries around the world and highlighted they have few partnerships with the UK, one with British-owned company Surrey Satellite Technology, who was Deep Space Atomic Clock payload sponsored by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. The session provided an opportunity for each of the companies to pitch JPL for further collaboration as well as receive feedback and potential contacts to follow up with.


the work continued at an evening outdoor conference reception,

the nine startups to the 29th annual Small Satellite Conference hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Logan, Utah. As one of the top small satellite-focused conferences in the world with more than 1,800 participants, the companies networked with leading organisations in the small satellite industry.

opportunity to network with a wide range of conference participants. Many of the nine space companies involved were able to establish connections with investors and potential customers – connections


now that we are back in the UK.

There we met with Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company, at their Advanced Technology Center. Executives from the company discussed their outlook on satellites, the bright future of the space industry, how the UK is a hub for innovation and praised the UK government’s investment in academia and small businesses. Lockheed Martin also spoke to the importance of startups in the industry to fuel innovation and new technologies and how Innovate UK is at the forefront of helping move the UK valuable insights from one of the world’s largest companies on how to grow and develop within the space sector. The mission then travelled to San Francisco to meet with O’Reilly Tech Ventures, a leading innovators and hackers of the status quo with a growing focus on groundbreaking satellite applications. There, the UK entrepreneurs were exposed to US investors who are looking for satellite technology that is disruptive and unique to break through the saturated satellite market in Silicon Valley. They also heard that patience and persistence is key as it can take up to three to four pitch rounds and sometimes even rejection before anything receives investment. The key is not to give up.

Los Angeles companies to sunny Los Angeles, where we met with the University of Southern California’s Space Engineering Research Center, one the US’s leading academic institutions. After a tour of the laboratories and meetings with space scientists, each entrepreneur gave their business pitch to

September 2015


ter successful tour of US

Space Angels Network, an angel investing network that encourages private investment in commercial space, aerospace and aviation startups. Investor comments such as, “Are you still accepting investment?” “How can I be a part of this?” and “I have been waiting for an entrepreneur with this type of technology” were music to the entrepreneurs’ ears. There is a huge amount of potential in the UK space industry and as a part of Innovate UK, I’m enormously proud of the companies we’ve helped foster. After the pitches, UK Trade & Investment hosted an informal reception that allowed UK companies to network with investors one-on-one as well as talk to the other companies on the mission about opportunities for collaboration. Although it had been a long day, all of the companies threw themselves at the opportunity to network with industry leaders. The mission concluded with a trip commercial space line for Earth. CEO George Whitesides and his team spoke with companies about the big challenges facing the satellite industry, such as cost and launch

frequency as well as Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne, an orbital launch vehicle dedicated to the satellite market, which can help keep satellite launch prices low while providing customers with better launch availability and to pitch their ideas to Virgin Galactic leadership one-on-one. Overall, the nine entrepreneurs came away from the mission with new knowledge of the industry, new business leads, potential collaboration opportunities with leading investors and organisations and new friendships with fellow entrepreneurs in the space and satellite application industry. Mission accomplished.


solutions for satellites, that save time and

mathematics and machine learning to harness big data for use in everyday life

services and consultancy on space propulsion, plasma engineering and science

is set on becoming the leading supplier of deployable space structures globally

The nine companies each applied and went through a competitive application process for Innovate UK’s funding to attend the Mission. It featured some

that for over 20 years has manufactured a range of circuitry for the space industry

in the space industry, from small startups to established market leaders. The nine companies are:

custom satellites that cost less than a family

supplies world leading, ultra-fast, radar

speed mobile satellite communications at a


The brand of choice for vibration control The History…. For over 60 years, TICO has been the brand of choice for vibration control. From our Manufacturing site in Cornwall, we have been supplying elastomeric Vibration attenuation solutions across the world. With an on-site laboratory, all aspects of industry. TICO is the generic brand name for a range of products that are used for a variety of purposes including: Machinery Mounting, Vibration Attenuation, Plant Levelling, Pipe Supports, Movement Joints, Low Friction Supports and shelf and bespoke manufactured solutions, all backed with technical excellence and an assurance of quality, we are able to make recommendations on all Vibration and related problems.

The Science …. TICO is a rubber bonded cork compound that is vulcanised to create three dimensional bonds. This procedure also gives a higher resistance to break up during the life of the products. occurs within its own volume. This means the product under compression maintains its foot print and does not creep or bulge outside of the load area. where it has a quality controlled production process

reliability and consistency. Over 60 years of reliability in many diverse applications, validates the TICO brand name, heritage and recognition all over the world. TICO products are designed to operate in harsh environments with its closed cell structure, providing resistance to absorption of oils & water. The product maintains it’s original performance structure through a wide temperature range, beyond that of many competitive materials.

For more information please Tel: +44 (0) 1579 320808

Anti-Vibration & Noise Isolation Solutions Tailoring solutions to engineering needs

Attenuates airborne & structural noise

Manufactured in the U.K.

Industry leading products delivering technical excellence

Machinery Mounting Solutions

Structural Bearing Solutions

Pipe Support Solutions

to engineering needs

Sliding Bearing Solutions

High Duty Resilient Seatings

Manufactured and developed by

Email: Web:

Tel: +44 (0) 1579 320808

September 2015

Steel maker improves roller table reliability with AC drives A steel maker is improving the reliability of its roller table by The roller table has 80 rollers to

Celsa Manufacturing improves roller table reliability with ABB variablespeed drives


T +49 2961 7405-0 T +44 1234 783366

Made in Germany

Your Specialist for

Š REMBE | All rights reserved


Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service.

Ltd. Gallbergweg 21 | 59929 Brilon, Germany F +49 2961 50714 | |

Colworth Science Park | Sharnbrook | Bedfordshire | MK44 1LQ, United Kingdom F +44 1234 783367 | |

September 2015

Patent Information For Engineering Uncover the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s innovations with PatBase Express Since 1996 Minesoft has been developing solutions to help innovation-driven companies capture and exploit this information. Online patent search tools such as PatBase Express allow engineering and R&D departments to access global patent information without the need to be a patent search expert. PatBase Express contains over 100 million Patents, Utility Models and Designs which can be queried using simple keyword or date searches. Powerful,

integrated Analytics software help users to better understand patent search results and see trends in the activity of their competitors. Many engineers, particularly those with responsibility for making new patent applications, will cite patents as prior art i.e. evidence that a use of technology or an invention is already known. Patents can also yield useful information on how certain components work and how they might be incorporated into other systems.

Cover all bases with Minesoft Inspec In 2012 Minesoft combined forces with the engineering society publisher IET to create a product that both helps engineers use patents better, and to help patent experts use literature for prior art research. Minesoft Inspec is a new platform designed by Minesoft for searching the IET Inspec engineering database, containing over 15 million articles abstracted and indexed by engineering and technology experts, as well as conference reports and videos. Minesoft Inspec is an invaluable non-patent literature source for prior art and current awareness searches, as well as for retrieving


publications that may help to challenge the validity of new patent applications. It also includes the Interâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; a coding system to facilitate the quick retrieval of patents according to the area of technology that they address. Minesoft Inspec allows users to search by IPC codes, and to visualise results according to an IPC breakdown, making it easy to see where the technology is being applied. Engineers should look to both patent information and non-patent literature when researching new ideas in order to nurture and protect innovation. Tools such as Minesoft

Inspec and PatBase Express enable users to access the most up-toand competitor information available on a global scale. Minesoft is a global patent information solutions provider and winner of The Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Award for Enterprise 2015 for sustained, outstanding growth in overseas markets.

at & r 1 us rn g e he rin s ste 6 Se ort tu ic he d M N fac ron nc tan a S u ct an le , M M E ity ct 1 tC O en 0 & Ev t 3 p Se

Leaders in temperature measurement

Thermocouple Sensors and Fittings Manufactured by Labfacility thermocouple cables thermocouple connectors PRT sensors temperature instrumentation

Buy on-line

Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

September 2015


Reduce spring height by 50% Contact TFC: +44 (0)1435 866011


High Precision low cost MEMS IMUs DMU10 & DMU30 - Two all new products DMU10 is Silicon Sensing Systemsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; latest precision MEMS IMU offering class-leading accuracy, in a small and affordable, yet powerful 6 DoF inertial engine. DMU30 due for release in the summer, creates a MEMS IMU alternative to more costly FOG-grade IMUs for use in exacting marine motion sensing applications.

September 2015

Make Measurement Matter 2015

will highlight metrology as a business tool Being held for the ninth time this year the GTMA is set to once again host its popular Make Measurement Matter road show. On Thursday, 15th October 2015, the event will be held at the Kettering Conference Centre, Northamptonshire. An excellent event venue with brand new facilities, it has free parking for over 600 vehicles and free Wi-Fi. Free refreshments will also be provided.

Registration is now open at A key focus of the event will be over 45 of the top UK inspection, metrology and measurement services companies that will be exhibiting, along with extensive networking opportunities in an environment set to nurture strong business links. Demonstrating the very latest technology, these companies are active participants in creating successful engineering solutions for the current and future demands of all industry sectors. parking and free refreshments. Providing a focal point for the transfer of technology from the science of measurement into the most demanding manufacturing environments, MMM 2015 will deliver an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the very latest measurement and inspection technologies and services available.


“Knowledge gained here could provide a vital competitive business edge,” states association chief executive, Julia Moore. “With keynote speakers from industry-leading ‘blue chip’ manufacturing companies, such as Rolls-Royce, it is the must attend metrology event in the UK.”

metrology puts a stamp of quality on the measurements made by those systems. Metrology gives

Within a manufacturing company the


must be as a business tool. Chairman for the event, Trevor Toman, Head of Metrology at Coventry University, says: “Metrology adds value and reduces costs, which ultimately improves the relationship with customers. In order to achieve this you need a metrologist that can really understand your measurement systems.

any measurement results, allowing management to make decisions with a greater degree of assurance. It will also tell you how well you are performing, becoming a tool to help improve business to outperform global competition.

“While measurement systems put a stamp of quality on a product or a process or even a service,

right business judgement. Generally using metrology to quantify and understand behaviours of processes.” can



Good measurement systems equate to better business decisions, and MMM 2015 will provide the ideal and improve their businesses.

September 2015

Hinge d e every ap sign for plication

Specialists in Design and Analysis Software for Electromagnetics Recently announced, MagNet for SOLIDWORKS is a new type of product from Infolytica. It is an Add-In to the industry leading CAD software SOLIDWORKS, and is based on the foremost 3D electromagnetic field simulator, MagNet (*). ! Intuitive to use ! Single design environment ! No data conversions

# conti nuous # lift-o ff # butt a nd bac kfl # speci al purp ap ose # heavy -duty

Ideal for any EM device: MRI, power transformers, actuators, sensors, and much more. (*) MagNet is a general purpose 2D/3D FEM software for electromechanical design. ! Import CAD files ! Include full 6-axis motion ! Scripting

Quality hinges for over 200 years

01827 63391

Infolytica Europe +44 (0)1327 810383


September 2015

ESI Technology Ltd Subsea Solutions

Oil, gas & subsea applications have become a speciality of ESI Technology Ltd. The ability to meet specialist requirements for the subsea market can be illustrated by the evolution of PR3913 control valve pressure transmitter which features: Operation at 3000m submersion Measures up to 1000 bar reliably for up to 20 years. Constructed in corrosion resistant materials such as Inconel 625 and Titanium Secondary containment to 1600bar for environmental protection should the sensor be over-pressured.

Following on from the huge success of the PR3913, ESI also incorporated dual redundancy into the transmitter design. Two completely independent sensors and electronic circuits are incorporated into the existing housing to create the PR3915. This means substantial cost reduction in materials used in the construction of the valves by making them more compact. Additionally

chemical injection valves. by means of Hyperbaric testing. Subjected to Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) to ensure long term stability and extended service life. Compact housing with special process connections and watertight electrical interface.


At the heart of these designs is ESIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique Siliconon-Sapphire sensor technology; a sensor not only with high sensitivity and stability but also rugged and resilient against high overload pressures and transients. Want to know more? Contact us, +44 (0)1978262255 or visit our website

September 2015

NEW TCE JOBS BOARD The best place to look for vacancies in the process engineering sector    

industry vacancies at your fingertips upload your CV set up job alerts within seconds advice for process engineers at any point of their career


26/08/2015 16:38

PROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR HYGIENIC APPLICATIONS U Hygienic Fittings & Adapters U Manual & Actuated Valves U Food & Brewery Hose Assemblies U Washdown & Steam Hose Assemblies U Bespoke Design and Fabrication U Full Hygienic Products Catalogue Available

Dixon Group Europe Limited 350 Walton Summit Centre, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 8AS Telephone: +44 (0)1772 323529 Fax: +44 (0)1772 314664


September 2015

Industry Executives Bring Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Intelligence to Leading UK Show EnvisionTEC, Hewlett-Packard, T. A. Grimm & Associates, Mcor, Formlabs, and Stratasys will take to the #TCTshow stage

Dr Hans Langer, CEO of EOS, was one of the executive keynotes at TCT Show + Personalize 2014.

Gary Rabinovitz: Reebok Checklight: 3D Printing Made It All Possible

The TCT Show + Personalize Conference team has announced the 2015 Executive Keynote programme for the 20th edition of the industryleading 3D technologies event. Introduced in 2013, the Executive Keynotes are part of the TCT conferences worldwide.

of talented speakers available to us and the speed that this fascinating industry is developing. Our executive keynotes have decades of experience with 3D technologies between them (and sometimes decades each) but are all poised to have their biggest impacts in the years to come. Long-standing companies like EnvisionTEC, Stratasys and Mcor will share the stage with relative newcomers Formlabs and debutants HP — with Todd Grimm providing the energetic education that he has become famed for.”

The 2015 line up features: Al Siblani, CEO, EnvisionTEC; Scott Schiller, Worldwide Director 3D Printing, Hewlett-Packard; Max Lobovsky, CEO, Formlabs; Conor MacCormack, CEO, Mcor Technologies; Todd Grimm, President, T. A. Grimm Associates; Andy Middleton, President EMEA, Stratasys. Jim Woodcock, Head of Content at TCT commented: “We strive to bring fresh perspectives to the TCT conference stages year-on-year — something that’s made easier by the wealth


The strength of this year’s conference programme perfectly complements the exhibition, which is demonstrably the most anywhere in the world. From desktop to workshop to production technologies that matter. Watch highlights from last year’s event in the TCT Show Conference 2014 Gallery.

See us at TCT Stand number D20


September 2015



ith around 170 exhibitors booked, the 2015 Flooring Show – the 53rd in the series – will

industry is starting to gear up for an exciting and vibrant event. The show will be held at its habitual home in Harrogate from 20-22 September. Event Director Wendy Adams comments: “We’ve worked hard over the past few years to bring back some big names to Harrogate, and it’s fantastic we now have a great mix of familiar faces and exciting new brands – I’m sure 2015 will be a great year for the show.”

In addition to favourites including Cormar Carpets, Abingdon Flooring, F Ball & Co, Lano, Lifestyle Floors and many others, the 2015 show welcomes a host of new and returning names including IVC Group, Asiatic Carpets & Rugs, Uzin, Whitestone Weavers, Hugh Mackay, Windmoeller, Jaymart and Ultimate Rugs. The 2014 show introduced ‘The Wool Trends Centre’ in conjunction with the British Wool Marketing Board and the Campaign for Wool; this popular area will return in 2015 in expanded format, and includes key manufacturers Brockway, Cavalier, Westex, Axminster, Brintons, Adams, Bronte and Ulster – all exhibiting. The ever popular Demo Areas run by NICF, FITA and CFA will return – the full three day programme is available on the show website. retail shop of the future’, in conjunction with a seminar explaining the key points about the shop concept on the Sunday morning. The idea is to provide some ideas and food for thought, primarily for independent positive changes to their business. This project is Concept Handtufting, British Ceramic Tile and The product. The seminar programmes in the Business Enrichment Theatre will include sessions from HOUZZ – the fastest growing website in its category in the world; and Vanessa Brady of the SBID, newly appointed OBE for her outstanding services to the design industry.


September 2015


Handling things -

01780 782621 @Bradshaw_EV

FREE CPD Seminars Case Studies Available Multiple Industry Sectors

Creating Energy Efficient Climate Conditions is a Breeze for Munters From stand alone units to bespoke packaged solutions, Munters Air Treatment systems precisely control relative humidity in a range of industries to save energy, become eco-friendly and to harness nature’s own method of natural air treatment. - Reduce energy by up to 45% - Utilise nature’s air process - Capture waste energy - Prolong the life of equipment and assets - Halt mould, bacteria growth and corrosion - Improve quality and speed of production 08708 505 202


September 2015

Ogle Models and Prototypes - recently built several

To see how Ogle could help your development process and for the full case study please visit the Ogle website.


September 2015

Des â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in

Designers and technical buyers in mechanical engineering can now plan machinery and process cooling more easily than ever thanks to the new Rittal TopTherm

Enclosures from the smallest to the largest. ENCLOSURES



September 2015

signing a chiller n just four steps The online tool will help users precisely determine the necessary cooling output, quickly select the appropriate solution, and automatically compile all the technical data –in just four steps.

The range of functions includes interactive product information on the extensive system accessories.

for engineering can be quickly downloaded in “We have had more than 8,000 requests about dwg, pdf, and 3D-pdf formats, and users can also underlines just how interested Customers

texts, as well as cooling and pump performance characteristics. It means all the necessary technical Westwood, Rittal’s product manager for climate. data is available with just a few clicks of the The tool, which is available in seven languages, mouse and data can be easily transmitted to the manufacturer during the tendering and ordering helps designers and technical buyers in mechanical engineering to design chillers German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch (recooling systems) quickly and easily. The and Russian on the web. basis for calculating the cooling output Further information at and required, and helps in quickly selecting the, appropriate chiller in the 1 to 40 kW power or on twitter @rittal_ltd. range.



September 2015

Industry 4.0 drIves the future of the IndustrIal connectors by Kevin Canham, HARTING Ltd. The concepts involved in Industry 4.0 mean that industrial networks based on cyber-physical systems are advancing dynamically. It is therefore no surprise that the scope of duties performed by industrial connectors is also changing. Connectors must not only transmit electricity reliably and without error: they must also relay data in real time. In the future, however, all lifelines – data, signals and power – will come into play. As a result, concepts such as smart power networks are being developed which go beyond pure communication and integrate functions such as power management into the switch. This illustrates a key point about Industry 4.0: that it is all about turning passive components – objects that until now have functioned purely in a mechanical manner – into intelligent ones. This trend has a huge impact on the design and construction of the connector of the future. We are already seeing components like Han® industrial connectors being equipped with RFID technology, ID modules and sensors to turn them directly into “smart objects” (Fig.1). The Han-Modular® system allows power, signal and data all in one connector, providing future proof, customisable connector solutions that support industrial developments as equipment gets faster and more intelligent.

The decentralisation and modularisation of production systems is at the heart of the concept of Industry 4.0. As a result, the need for industrialgrade connection technology to link the various modules and control cabinets will also rise. These connectors will have to embody certain characteristics: components used in the respective manufacturing environment must be ensured, and must meet the appropriate levels of protection. communication situation within a plant will have a direct impact on the number of mating cycles. Connectors now cease to be purely an installation-related feature and increasingly become multi-use components that must be repeatedly plugged in, disconnected and locked on a daily basis. Therefore, industrial connector inserts and housings are now available that permit up to 10,000 mating cycles (Fig.2). This feature is pertinent in industries such as testing or mobile machinery in which each step is accompanied by a mating cycle. The durable Han® HMC range has been developed connections of more than 10,000 mating cycles. Together with the Han-Modular® Hinged frame, Han-Modular® components can be integrated into HMC connectors.



HARTING Han® industrial connectors equipped with RFID technology


HARTING’s HMC family of connectors combines the capability for more than 10,000 mating cycles with protection against harsh environmental conditions

September 2015


CK p O ST 0 um IN PS3 n P W F P sto NE SK n Pi e riv

Better Lubrication Boosts Productivity & Beats Failures


Optimise your machine performance Increase machinery life cycle Minimise costly downtime Increase plant and machinery energy efficiency Prevention is better than cure, with SKF & Lincoln pumps Did you know that over a third of all bearings failures are caused by poor lubrication systems?

Delivering service excellence. Nationwide.

As the UK authorised distributor, we supply, install and service the full range of SKF & Lincoln pumps for use in centralised lubrication systems, including single line, dual line, multi-line and progressive. Developed for demanding environments, SKF/Lincoln pumps are suitable for all applications; from small toolroom machines to complete paper mills.

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Han速 HMC

For a variety of applications and up to 10,000 mating cycles. Han-Easy Lock速 HMC locking levers

Han速 B HMC housing with a durable locking pin

Crimp contacts with HMC gold surface and constant normal force Grounding contacts with HMC high performance spring contact

The connector series for High Mating Cycles. Ideal for use in modular machines, laboratory and test engineering sectors Long life expectancy due to high mechanical robustness Provides flexibility and durability, transmitting data, signal and power Existing crimp tooling can be used For more information, phone +44 (0) 1604 827500 or e-mail

Han HCM A5 advert 2015.indd 1


27/08/2015 09:11:25


September 2015

II-VI Introduces

FiberLight Cutting Head 1Âľm Laser Optics II-VI Infrared is renowned for providing the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best

Key FiberLight features include: head design in its class. Optional height sensor electronics. Available with a straight design

II-VI FiberLight



Contact Details:


Laser Solutions The FiberLight S and FiberLight 90 have a sleek modular design which allows II-VI to provide the user with the ideal cutting solution. The FiberLight is capable of processing a variety of materials and thicknesses and supports both inert and active gas types. The FiberLight achieves the perfect balance between superior performance and cost to the end user.

Features include: Most compact and versatile head design in its class Optional height sensor electronics Available with a straight design or a 90째 turning option 10mm Focus Adjustment range Modular design allows user to select from 6 different Custom mounting plate available upon request Quick Cover Slide exchange drawer

For more information talk to one of our team today... 01572 771 778


September 2015

High Speed Laser Marker Launch: Designed with Engineers and Manufacturers in Mind

High Speed Metal Marking Galvos and Flatbed Laser Cutters

Visit our galvo demonstration suite

Mark up to 900 characters per second with a high speed galvo from Trotec Laser. With flatbed lasers from A3 to 2.2m x 3.2m in size, Trotec offers the optimum solution for your precision marking, cutting and engraving requirements.

Book a demonstration at our recently launched galvo demonstration suite where you can see four of our precision marking lasers including the brand new SpeedMarker 1300, boasting a working area of 1120 x 635mm.

Process metal, plastics, glass, acrylic, wood, textiles plus more. Call 0191 580 1182 or email to join us at one of our 7 showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland.


September 2015

GREGGS RELIES ON STERTIL DOCK PRODUCTS FOR SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY Stertil Dock Products has installed a series of loading dock houses for Greggs plc to ensure safe and

Greggs approached Stertil Dock Products to evaluate its distribution operations following the purchase of -

precise positioning onto a vehicle bed and a constant



September 2015



Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!



The PS500 gas detector measures and displays up to 5 gases simultaneously. Featuring a wide range of VOC’s with 2 different PID sensors, the PS500 uses an internal pump or selectable diffusion modes. This ATEX approved gas detector includes a shock-resistant, hi-viz rubberised case. For more information, visit or contact sales at

Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd




September 2015

Powerful New Safety Relays are just 6 Mm Wide The new PSR Mini relays from Phoenix Contact are the world’s slimmest safety relays with the power of a large safety relay. With their compact 6-mm width, they ensure high safety thanks to positively driven contacts. Phoenix Contact’s new relay technology makes this compact design possible. The design is based on a slim but powerful basic relay characterised by minimal space requirements, low energy consumption, and high system availability. The safety relays can switch loads up to 6 amperes, are compatible with many signal transducers, and can be approvals. This makes the new products especially suitable for mechanical engineering and process industry applications. These slim modules require up to 70 percent less space. As only a single enabling contact is needed, applications can be built with new and improved costdistributed systems in potentially explosive areas. The terminal carriers also enable the use of system cabling connection.


6-mm and 12-mm models. website: As part of Phoenix Contact’s ever increasing involvement in to bring you a free, one day workshop on Electrical and At the end of the course, delegates will understand the electrical and functional safety aspects of machinery, will be able to identify fundamental issues and will have the ability to identify and apply appropriate EN standards. The next workshop is on 3rd November 2015 at the Imperial website here:

Functional Safety

Functional Safety

Easily integrate safety techno into your machines to preve operating personnel from being exposed to hazards w preventing damage to the m

Easily integrate safety technology into your machines to prevent operating personnel from being exposed to hazards while preventing damage to the machine. For additional information call 0845 881 2222


For additional information c 0845 881 2222


September 2015

Process Safety Management What are the Industries Greatest Challenges?

integrated, gaining companywide buy-in and demonstrating the organisations. Presenters will share their own approaches to these particular challenges, how they are working to overcome them and also ask for you to engage and share your experiences. During the course of this event, industry representatives from BASF, Centrica, E.ON, Maersk will be sharing their experiences of continuously developing and revaluating their safety frameworks. They will discuss how to utilise the principles of PSM to improve broader business risk, analysing the common causes of losses, and tackling enterprise wide challenges.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Keynote presentations: Inspiring talks featuring industry news, best practices and innovations Customer case studies: Hear representing the chemicals, petrochemicals, power generation, oil and gas, steel, metals and food industries Dedicated tracks: Focusing on commitment to process safety, and learning from experience

ProSafe Europe 2015 will be returning to London for its 5th consecutive year, from designed to bring together the wider process manufacturing community, the conference to hear about the industry’s biggest challenges, proven best practices and pitfalls overcome. During the research for this year’s event, T.A. Cook asked key industry players to share their experiences and thoughts during an online survey. The main focus was to that operators are striving to improve, or feel are particular problem areas for them as an organisation.


The top 3 biggest challenges for

Pre-conference workshops: Our

‘jumpstart’ deep-dive

safety management system were and budgetary constraints. With 35% of our research group stating management engagement and Participants were also asked to share their thoughts on future challenges which they will face over the next 5 years, with safety culture, competence and ageing assets proving the most popular responses. These are just a few of the topics which will be addressed during this year’s event. With a particular focus on how operators can work to ensure process safety management is fully

process safety topics in more detail ahead of the conference Network: Meet with peers and industry thought-leaders at our evening event, open to all conference attendees, where you can network in a relaxed atmosphere about ProSafe Europe 2015, please feel free to contact a member of the T.A. Cook team on +44 (0)121 200 3810, Or visit the event website at

Field operators in the physical plant often face a labyrinth of pipes and instruments relying solely on past training and experience to know where they need to be. To easily navigate the ever evolving COG physical plant, Brady offers durable signage solutions for a more efficient turnaround. Navigate the labyrinth with durable COG signage!


Last updated:

Improve plant operability, maintainability and reliability with great signage. Find out how in our white paper ‘Equipment visuals for process operations’

March 2015

BRADY UK Wildmere Industrial Estate, Banbury, Oxon OX16 3JU T: +44 (0) 1295 228 288 F: +44 (0) 1295 228 219 E:

New TC Model t 500 - 2000kg/hr t Touch control screen t Full modulation feature 50-100% firing t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Remote compatible with Profibus/ CANbus etc. t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option t Dual fuel option

SC Range t 80 - 2000kg/hr t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option

Electrical Range t Compact t 8 - 160kg/hr Steam output t Modulating ouput t Skid mountable t Steam in 3 minutes t Automatic facility option

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Industrial Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel: 0121 327 5362 Fax: 0121 328 2934

Duty Standby with CVE Package Plant

CVE Package Plant t compact t Pre-pied, Pre-Wired t Skid mounted t Fully factory tested t Lightweight t Easily maintained

Containerised Plant t Easily relocated t Self contained plant room t Full lighting and heating t Fast site connection

September 2015

Vega Bulk Solids Level And Pressure Controls On stand 37 discover why VEGA noncontact radar is yet again revolutionising level measurement in bulk solids handling. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reducing costs and increasing reliability - with higher measurement certainty,

Bulk solids level itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to focus

handle this latest technology yourself: VEGAPULS 69: The best just got better

from short to long range, slow to fast

VEGA have utilised the latest high frequency radar technology to create a non-contact level sensor focused and sensitive enough to measure the most difficult of bulk solids products in the most challenging environments. All applications: from short ranges up to 120m

VEGA manufacture a range of


Excellent focusing: simplifies set up Encapsulated antenna: reduces build up





solids For an application demo:

solution, in even the most arduous and E-Mail: Tel +44 1444 870055 |49


September 2015

Speakers announced for

BULKEX 2015 In October the Materials Handling Engineers Association (MHEA) is debuting BULKEX 2015, the combined exhibition and conference for the bulk and materials handling industry. The industry presenters for the seminar sessions at the Harrogate International Conference Centre on 21-22 October.

The full programme for the seminar sessions will be published shortly and will cover areas relevant to the materials handling engineering sector, including commercial and technical case studies from power, cement, ports, mining, aggregates, recycling and building products.

highly-regarded professionals that visit an exhibition that will include leading suppliers of the technical services and products our industry demands. We can expect more speakers to be added to the list in the coming months leading to the

“We are very pleased to announce the Speakers said Mike Redmond, MHEA Chairman. “The amount of experience and representatives and their organisations is already attracting delegates and exhibitors from all aspects of bulk and materials handling, from users to manufacturers to distributors. “Delegates are registering to attend BULKEX not only to hear from these


More than 50 exhibitors covering a wide range of disciplines will showcase their products and services to industry colleagues. A list of exhibitors is available at: exhibitors-index/. BULKEX 2015 will be free to attend for visitors, meanwhile companies wishing to exhibit at the event can call Julie Claus on 01787 226 995







21-22 OCTOBER 2015

ATTENDING BULKEX = Free to attend conference and exhibition

= More than 50 exhibitors showcasing products and innovations

= Two days of technical seminars from senior figures from all aspects of bulk and materials handling

= Networking opportunities with industry colleagues and clients = Smartphone app to plan your time at BULKEX effectively

The first set of speakers is announced and the full conference programme will be published shortly. Topics include commercial and technical case studies from: = Power = Cement = Ports = Mining = Aggregates = Recycling = Building Products

Contact Julie Claus on 01787 226 995 or visit the website for more information Follow us on Twitter @BULKEX15 #BULKEX15 ORGANISED BY THE MATERIALS HANDLING ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION


September 2015

Must-visit exhibitions and conferences for light based and vacuum technologies. PHOTONEX/VISION UK is dedicated to applications, components and systems and all things utilising light technology, it is co-located with VACUUM EXPO for vacuum pumps and systems. Join in the event on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October at Ricoh Arena in Coventry. What’s at these events for the engineer? With a broad light technologies remit, PHOTONEX/VISION UK provides industry with the unique opportunity to meet the UK’s top supplier companies in the exhibition and attend an indepth “Enlighten” conference covering applications and technology advances. At VACUUM EXPO attendees can attend the Vacuum Symposium and take part in Training Courses. The exhibitions includes applied optical instruments and systems, components, lasers, sensors, vision systems, vacuum


systems, pumps and much more. PHOTONEX is underpinned by a strong technical and application orientated conference with key growth sectors being discussed such as Optical Metrology, Industrial Vision and Laser Processes in Ultra Precision Manufacturing. Vision technologies features strongly at the event at Vision UK - for vision/ imaging/laser technology for industry | machine vision | factory automation. Vision UK is a place to solve your problems, learn how to utilise vision in your factory - amongst the exhibitors there is someone to answer any vision, sensing, remote sensing or light based technology question and to explain what technique will be suitable for your application. The UKIVA (The UK Industrial Vision Association) is running a programme “Vision in Action: Advances in Vision

and Imaging Technologies.” Learn how to adopt industrial vision solutions for your process – increase reliability and product quality at this day-long meeting. Readers of this article are encouraged to visit the event websites to register to attend, to register to receive enewsletter More details at,, or call T: 01372 750555 for free invitations.

11th & 12th November 2015 | Exhibition Centre Liverpool

VISITOR REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE go to to register! Now in its 11th year, LiftEx has grown to become the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading exhibition for the lifting industry, returning to its successful stand-alone format over 2 full days.

Ian Simpson, HM Principal Specialist Inspector of Health & Safety, Mechanical Engineering, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Group Leader of the Handling Engineering group within the Engineering Department at the Accelerator and Technology Sector, CERN Operations Director, Zip World / Treetop Trek and Ropes Course Developments Ltd. Managing Director, DT Engineering North West Ltd

Gerry Weston, Electrical Operations Director, DT Engineering North West Ltd Bryan Cronie, Industry Expert Technical Committee Chairman / Vice Chairman, and E&Q Committee Chairman, Working at Height Safety Association (WAHSA) / LEEA John Jones, Managing Director, Lift Turn Move Director, Adlib Lighting Director, Hoist UK Richard Howes, Director, Bridger Howes Limited Chief Executive, LEEA

To secure a stand or one of our few remaining sponsorship opportunities

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Visitor Guide Sponsor

Media Partners




September 2015

Innovation, Automation And Skills Gap At The Forefront Of PPMA Show 2015 Seminar Programme The PPMA Show 2015 will play host to an extensive seminar programme at this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s show with visitors invited to join the likes of Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, Nestle, PepsiCo and Siemens who will speak about the latest industry trends and hottest issues impacting processing and packaging professionals.


Manufacturing skills gap under the spotlight

Headlining the 2015 seminar programme, former Sains-

Demonstrating the future trends in manufacturing













September 2015

Exhibitors Flock to UK’s Biggest Lab Show More than 100 industry leading suppliers have already booked stands for Lab Innovations 2015, which returns to Birmingham’s NEC on 4 & 5 November 2015. These suppliers have been quick to show support for the UK’s only show dedicated to the latest laboratory technology and consumables, analytics and biotech equipment.

on day one of the show to present ‘Down to Earth’. During and Zinsser Analytic. These will join major returning names such as Anton Paar, Buchi UK, Mettler Toledo, Vacuubrand. Innovation will take centre stage, with numerous exhibitors using the show to launch new products and services to the laboratory market. For instance Asynt will be showcasing its Asynt CondenSyn, which is its new high synthetic chemistry experiments and requires no cooling water. The robust design uses a new borosilicate glass manufacturing technique, together with a proprietary as vapours pass along its length. More than just an exhibition, Lab Innovations 2015 will industry themes, including 3D Printing, Science in Space,


space craft on a comet. He will explore how the European craft Philae in November last year, analysing some of the statistics it has unearthed. He will share some of the properties and formation of comets and the award winning applications they have developed for use on Earth during the 10 year, four billion mile journey chasing the comet. UK’s largest independent food and drink research body, who will return to carry out its practical workshops and host its own paid-for conference. Lab Innovations 2015 will be held on the 4 & 5 November 2015 at Birmingham’s NEC. For more information please visit or Mauricio Montes on 020 8843




4 & 5 November 2015 Discovering innovation at the heart of the laboratory industries Lab Innovations 2015 offers you the chance to keep up-to-date with the industry and provides the perfect opportunity to source the latest innovative products and services in the market today. Combined with free to attend seminars and excellent networking opportunities â&#x20AC;&#x201C; this is a must attend event for you.




NEC, Birmingham

FREE registration now open at

Seminar sessions hosted by...

Campden BRI food and drink innovation

Official Media Partner Event Supporters

Register now gg

Organised by


September 2015

Final countdown to SPE Offshore Europe 2015 Excitement is building in Aberdeen as exhibitors and visitors start to arrive in the city

The frexe-to-attend event opens with a plenary session focusing on the basic challenge of meeting energy demand while balancing concerns over climate change, security of supply

TV programmes are read and watched around

manufacturing and technology excellence is set to assure a longeconomic recovery and talent development to subsea processing,

people challenges facing the oil and gas business next generation, the event will address the vital issue of attracting new talent to the industry to ensure its future success in meeting global are prominent in everything from pumps, valves and umbilicals to





the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Inspireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; programme aimed at the younger generation will feature as


September 2015

VEGA Controls at OE 2015

Difficult emulsions and proces s build up? Multi-Point Density Array (MDA) is your solution.

Production separator: reliable multi-phase control Non-contact, reliable radiometric based interface monitoring for process separators External detectors: no temperature restrictions and low TOTEX costs Measurement reliability: increased production efficiency Technology: scintillation transmitter for superior accuracy and resolution Comprehensive support: with offshore trained commissioning engineers Phone: 01444 870055 Email:

The VEGA stand features their range of level and pressure technologies and working demonstrations for interface, level, density, pressure measurement. Find out about their cost effective process control ideas and solutions for offshore processing, topsides, subsea, support and downstream applications. Products on stand 4D75: VEGA PROTRAC nucleonic systems - the unique Multi Density Array for optimal separator control and throughput, as well as nuclear instruments for level and density measurement with SIL 2/3 conformance. See a working interface level model with VEGAFLEX guided wave radar transmitter – demonstrating their market leading signal to noise sensitivity and signal differentiation, how it delivers the simplest set up for applications like level and interface in vessels or bridles, as well as a capability for powders level measurement. The VEGABAR and VEGAWELL pressure transmitter range will also feature. The VEGABAR on-stand demo will be incorporating a working electronic differential pressure (e-DP) system - which removes the need for the capillaries, impulse lines and chemical seals used in everyday DP applications, and is all about saving money. Who has the Strongest Thumbs!? Go to the stand and pit your strength against your opponent using the VEGA CERTEC ceramic pressure cells, as found on the strongest most robust pressure transmitters in the market. One winner will be drawn each day to get a star prize! And all entrants go in a draw to win an Apple Watch! Come and see our products and meet our people, look for the ‘yellow glow’ in Hall 4 on stand 4D75 to discuss your application with our experienced engineers from a world leading innovator in industrial instrumentation if e-mail



September 2015

National Electronics Week

2016 National Electronics Week is returning to Birmingham next year to take part in the largest gathering of electronics and manufacturing professionals in the UK. Running alongside MACH, Drives & Controls and another 4 associated events, National Electronics Week will be taking up residency in Hall 2 at the NEC from 12th-14th April 2016. Covering four key areas of the industry in colour coded exhibition space; visitors can meet companies, source new suppliers and services plus attend free seminars in Components & Power, Design & Test, Embedded & Software and Production & EMS. Historically the show has hosted over 100 exhibiting companies and the technical content has always been at the forefront of the experience for every visitor. From live demonstrations and experiences to expert speakers and the Hand Soldering Competition, each of the three days is jampacked with a free program for all to attend.

global brands and products so make sure you visit our website to keep updated on what will our exhibitors will be featuring. The NEC is a great location to visit an exhibition and with the co-located events in 2016 it is a must attend event. Network with key industry professionals in a centrally located venue with ample parking, onsite international train station and airport plus

newly opened Resorts World at the NEC, meaning more onsite hotels, bars, shopping, restaurants and even a casino make those invaluable networking opportunities more plentiful and the opportunity to make business more social and enjoyable for everyone.

National Electronics Week has always had huge support from the industry and once again will be working with companies and associations such as The SMART Group, NPL, Electronic Product Design & Test Magazine, Engineering Update,

Visiting is free of charge and registration will be live soon at - if you are interested in exhibiting and taking

technical content together, promote the event to their readers, members and associates and to be on hand throughout the 3 days to provide insight and assistance to everyone involved.

pricing and show your products alongside you piers you can book a stand or get more information by contacting one of the team now on: +44 (0) 1483 420 229.

The show provides a good mix of exhibitors across the four sectors with some that have been exhibiting for years and some that are new to the show each year. Many companies represent


This is event is brought to you by New Events Ltd, experts in exhibitions for professionals.

September 2015

International SAP Conference on Asset Management SAP and T.A. Cook are delighted to invite you to attend the International SAP Conference on Asset Management, taking place on October 5-6, 2015 in in Dusseldorf, Germany. The 2015 conference will be packed with high level SAP keynotes, solution updates and diverse customer case studies from a range of asset intensive organisations. The event is designed to demonstrate how innovation from SAP is allowing organisations to achieve greater and control across their assets. conference half-day ‘jump-start’

workshops on SAP’s Enterprise Asset Management solution and new functionality; and best practice SAP Multiresource Scheduling for Enterprise Asset Management. These workshops are an opportunity to dive into more detail, ask your questions and learn from experienced SAP solution experts. The workshops will be followed by the main conference, which will feature a mix of high level SAP strategy and solution updates, as well as customer case studies Discover how they are successfully using SAP solutions to improve asset performance and hear tips and lessons learned that you can take back to your own organisation. The event agenda is built with the customer in mind, and customer case studies will be delivered from a diverse range of organisations including Evonik Industries, EDF Energy, Gasunie, NedTrain, Lanxess, Marenco Group, Sitech, and more.

Events The International SAP Conference on Asset Management will be colocated with the International SAP Conference for Chemicals, which will feature a range of customer case from across the chemical industry. Our shared partner exhibition will give attendees a great opportunity to meet with partners and network with peers from across the two events. Take this chance to make valuable new connections that can support you in your future operations and projects. Whether you’re an existing SAP customer or are looking for a new solution provider, this event will equip you with the necessary expertise and insight to transform your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to join with your peers in Düsseldorf and maximize visibility and process For more information and to register visit:


September 2015


ExCeL London has been chosen as the venue for Infrarail 2016. The UK’s showcase event for railway infrastructure equipment, products and services will take place at the capital’s premier exhibition centre from 12 to 14 April next year, again bringing together leading suppliers and the industry’s decision makers and buyers.

access from London Underground’s Jubilee Line and London City Airport. Parking is available for 3,700 cars, and there are six onsite hotels and numerous bars and restaurants. ExCeL recently won the coveted ‘Best UK Conference Venue’ and ‘Exhibition Venue of the Year’ awards for an unprecedented third time.

London is served by main line and urban rail networks that rank among the world’s densest and busiest. Continuing high levels of investment in these systems by Transport for London and by government at a national level add to a strong case for staging this eleventh Infrarail in the capital, according to show organiser Mack Brooks Exhibitions.

Infrarail will again provide a valuable opportunity to develop new business contacts. The show will be colocated with CITE - the Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition. CITE 2016 will shine the spotlight on wider transport, utilities and communications networks to form a perfect partner event for Infrarail. Together the two shows will form the UK’s largest exhibition dedicated to public infrastructure.

“Locating Infrarail in London provides a good balance with Railtex at the NEC in Birmingham”, says Kirsten Whitehouse, exhibition manager at Mack Brooks for both events. “It will enable exhibitors to introduce their products and capabilities to the widest range of potential customers in the capital and the south of the country, as well as to visiting industry professionals from the rest of the UK and beyond.” Situated in a stunning waterfront location, ExCeL London now hosts many of the UK’s leading consumer and trade shows. Located in the capital’s Royal Docks and within easy reach of central London, the venue is served by three Docklands Light Railway stations and has easy


together Infrarail and CITE attracted some 6,600 visitors and more than 200 top rail infrastructure companies took part in the rail show. Next year’s Infrarail will incorporate the features that have contributed to the continuing success of the show – the latest in rail infrastructure technology plus keynote presentations from industry CITE Awards, and much more. Regular visits to www. will keep you up to date with the latest plans for the show. Contact kirsten.whitehouse@mackbrooks. for further information.


Where the industry meets… Where the industry does business


www .infr arai


Supporting Organisations:


September 2015

ExCeL London to host rail and civil infrastructure shows

This will be the eleventh Infrarail. For over 20 years it has been the leading UK event for railway infrastructure engineers, providing great opportunities for face-to-face meetings with companies covering the entire supply chain. Some 200

The ExCeL London exhibition centre is to host two major engineering-focused events next spring. Infrarail, the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exhibition of railway infrastructure equipment, products and services, and CITE, the Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition, will both take place at the striking waterside venue in the capitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Docklands from 12 to 14 April 2016.

2014, and the show was visited by more than 5,100 senior managers, technicians and industry specialists. As well as serving as an unequalled showcase for the latest in rail infrastructure technology, Infrarail also provides everyone taking part with valuable insights into trends in technology and policy. Keynote presentations from industry leaders, updates on major projects, technical seminars and discussion groups will of free-to-attend activities forming Sharing the venue with Infrarail at showcase for civil infrastructure equipment, products and services. Taking place for the second time and focusing on infrastructure for transport, utilities, communications, civil engineering and construction services and products, plant and equipment, geotechnical services, tunnelling, consultancy and project management, IT products and the many other requirements of this vital growth area for the UK economy. supported by keynote speeches by project updates and discussion forums, enhancing an event for everyone involved in constructing, equipping, operating or maintaining any part of civil infrastructure networks. There is much common ground

Infrarail and CITE are organised by Mack Brooks Exhibitions. For more details visit and 64|

visitors will be free to move between shows. In addition, the Infrarail and achievements by companies participating in both shows, will one of many networking opportunities available during these events.

CITE 2016 will build on the success of the well-received launch of the first CITE in 2014 and again form an important part of the UK’s largest infrastructure exhibition. CITE will focus on infrastructure, civil engineering, energy, geotechnical, tunnelling, waste, water and utilities, whilst Infrarail will again shine the industry spotlight on rail infrastructure.

Harness the power of face to face interaction – the top sales driver Supported by:

 Live product demonstrations  Education and Training  Networking  Innovation  The Yard machinery display area  The Recruitment Wall

12-14 April 2016 ExCeL, London CITE - where people from throughout the supply chain meet face to face, make connections and do business. For more information:

Tel:+44 (0)1727 814400

Media Partners: CITE will be co-located with Infrarail 2016 – the 11th edition of this successful and well-established Rail Infrastructure exhibition.

September 2015

Smaller motor sizes and 400 step motors: Mclennanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AMP stepper motor range expands Mclennan continues to expand its range of stepper motors from USA distribution partner Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP) with new smaller sized high-torque stepper motors in NEMA frame sizes 8, 11 and 14 as well as a range of 400 full step per rev motors. The new miniature stepper motors will suit motion automation applications such as medical and laboratory equipment, camera controls, pumps and consumer electronics where installed space is limited but high torque and precision positioning is essential. The new 0.9 degree stepper motors, featuring 400 fullsteps or 800 half-steps per rev with normal stepper drives, will provide smoother and quieter performance than the standard 1.8 degree motors in applications where microstepping


drives are considered too elaborate, not available or where a basic half The new compact NEMA motors are all 2-phase, 4-lead bipolar connected and range from size 8 - about 20 mm square - to size 14 which is around 35 mm square. Through the range the motor length is from around 26 to 53 mm with available holding torque from 1.5 to 18 Ncm. in NEMA frame sizes 14, 17 and 23.

Mclennan supply a complete range of compatible low-cost stepper drives and motion controls from AMP to complement the new motors, from the 2035 full and half step drive to the STR2 advanced microstepping drive which includes simple dip-switch parameter set-up and many features found on much more expensive drives. For further information please contact Mclennan at or visit .

September 2015


miniature autofocussing stage which can operate

orientation changes has been developed by the piezo-ceramic motor and systems manufacturer Nanomotion. Represented in the UK by motion control specialist Heason Technology, Nanomotion’s direct-drive piezo-ceramic motor

system directly drives an optronic device with a mass of around 25 to 35 grams over 20 mm travel to within 2.5 microns accuracy, based on an encoder resolution of 0.25 microns. With shock to 40g and vibration to 12g, the stage, which features a preloaded bearing arrangement, achieves the high accelerations and fast settling times required to maintain focussing. The

movement with high resolution and low settling times, 45 mm and weighs less than 50 grams. Temperature The piezo-ceramic motor used in the focussing stage is Nanomotion’s Edge 4X which provides 1.3N of a linear encoder integrated into the stage, the microsized motor is powered and controlled by a XCD2 using a simple user interface that facilitates set up and downloading of motion scripts. Proven applications for Nanomotion’s piezo-ceramic technology includes non-uniformity correction (NUC) shutters and variable aperture devices on aeronautical and military instruments as well autofocus stages for target acquisition and FLIR spectroscopy equipment.

Central Scanning, who are 3D and partner company Steinbichler Optotechnik, will be at the TCT Show at the NEC in Birmingham between the 30th September and 1st October. This year’s stand, number D20, is their biggest yet and carries a racing theme with the Vision Racer will once again be on display for visitors to come and have a go on. Last year the Vision Racer provided great entertainment and was a highlight of the TCT Show as a competition was held for the fastest lap. This year the Central Scanning stand will be going all out on the racing theme! As well as the Vision Racer. The full Central Scanning Artec Range of scanners will be present, including the Space Spider which was created with NASA to work on the

International Space Station. Grown out of the original Spider Scanner, the Space Spider had to achieve a is truly a unique piece of scanning equipment. In addition, the Steinbichler T-Scan equipment will be on display; a range of hand held and ultra-light devices that can make scanning in all the hard to reach places easier than ever before. Finally, there is the Steinbichler Comet L3D Scanner which is a high performing

With one of the largest stands at the TCT Show in 2015, Central Scanning and Steinbichler are going bigger and better than ever before, promising to be one of the highlights at this year’s event. Make sure you catch them at the TCT Show in Birmingham from the 30th September to 1st October. Stand D20.

of equipment that gives a new dimension to 3D data acquisition. There will be some surprise visitors and demonstrations to keep an eye out for too!


September 2015

Weber’s Latest High Speed Logistics Systems

Print, Apply & Verify On-The-Fly The UK’s warehousing, distribution and logistics sectors continue to expand to meet increasing demand from traditional and on-line retail sales. This has in turn placed ments of these sectors. There is little doubt that the humble label is a crucial element in the manufacturing and logistics chain. Whilst we the consumer, take little notice of this small and unassuming piece of paper, without it being properly applied and the correct information being printed to it, our eagerly awaited package or parcel would probably never arrive. With over 80 years of experience in labels and labelling Weber has become recognised as a market leader and the companies latest systems, targeted at pallet and package labelling serve to reinforce this reputation. The company’s new LA4050P pallet labeller, with its modular construction, is ideally suited to continuous pallet labelling in a high volume environment. The system is designed to apply labels to two adjacent sides of a pallet whilst the pallet is on the move. Depending on application, throughput of up to 7 pallets per minute can be achieved. Just prior to the label being dispensed, any variable data or barcodes are clearly and legibly printed to the label. An optional integrated scanning system

Weber’s LA4050 Parcel Line system can cater for a wide variation in package sizes.

Variable Height Labelling OnThe-Fly The growth of on-line shopping means logistics companies must deal with an ever-increasing range of package and box sizes to cater for the wide variety of products, which we applied and invariably each package

the label, as it is being printed and prior to application. An automatic door is also incorporated as a safeguard. For applications where greater HVE version provides the capability to deal with varying heights. This is achieved using an AC motor drive to raise or lower the system, at speeds of between 150 and 250 mm/second, being presented.


previous one.

busy logistics environment. Mounted to a gantry, the system can also be automatically moved to the side of the line for replenishment or maintenance Weber Packaging Solutions software, materials and expertise to meet the exacting printing and labelling distribution and logistics sector. Many blue chip companies are currently using Weber technology, with each solution precision engineered to address a

Weber’s LA4050 Parcel Line system caters for these variations which can sensing the product as it approaches the labelling system and adjusting the application height accordingly. Capable of printing and applying up the system has been designed for continuous 24/7 operation within a

For more information please contact: Mr Patrick Hughes Telephone - +44(0)1875 611 111 E-Mail – Web –

Innovative product and packaging coding systems

Smart coding with HP technology. No one does it better!

Field-proven reliability with higher print speeds, better print quality and more connectivity options.

Complete Label Production Reliability. No one does it better!

Weber i-Jet Inkjet Coding system

Zebra ZT410 Thermal Transfer Label Rinter

Tel: 01875 611 111

Tel: 01875 611 111

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September 2015 June 2015

Quantum Controls 6a Dukes Way Low Prudhoe Northumberland NE42 69Q 0330 9000 247

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd Scotts Business Park Bampton, Devon EX16 9DN +44 (0)1398331114

Hone-All Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard. LU7 4UH. Tel: 0845 5555 111 E-mail:

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF Tel: +44 1844204420

champions of profile assemblies fast. versatile. simple.

free samples, design advice & design tools » machine guards » workstations » conveyors » customised enclosures » sports shelters

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A SELF CLEANING FILTER IS THE SOLUTION ! Croft Filters can supply high quality self-cleaning filters manufactured by Heco A/S Denmark, and as it is the sole distributor in the UK, can offer a variety of assemblies to suit any business sector. These filters reduce the manual cleaning process and help to decrease downtime, ensuring your production stays efficient. Heco Auto-line Filters are compact self-cleaning automatic filters made from stainless acid-proof EN 1.4404 steel and can be used for a wide range of applications.

䄀甀琀漀-氀椀渀攀 䄀甀琀漀洀愀琀椀挀 䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀

The robust construction of the filter makes it suitable for cleaning the majority of liquids, including paint, lacquer, lubricating oil, bitumen, HFO, grease, paint, toothpaste, water, germination liquids, petrol, syrup, condensate, CIP liquids, antibiotic suspensions and many types of waste water.

唀渀椀琀 䴀愀最渀攀琀椀挀 䈀愀最 䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀

During the cleaning process, dirt is scraped into a sludge chamber from where it is drained away from the filter at appropriate intervals resulting in a defined and absolute cleaning of the filter. The drainage of the filter takes place through the bottom valve, which can be set to be activated after a certain number of scrapings. As a result, the sludge is concentrated before it is pushed out of the filter, meaning that product loss is reduced to a minimum. Heco filters can also offer huge savings as bag filters or cartridges do not need to be replaced, avoiding the inconvenience of disposing of them correctly.

吀夀倀䤀䌀䄀䰀 䴀䄀刀䬀䔀吀匀 䄀甀琀漀-氀椀渀攀 刀 䄀甀琀漀洀愀琀椀挀 䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀

Dairy - Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Manufacturing Food & Beverage - Petrochemical - Industrial Water - Pulp & Paper

䴀椀挀爀漀-氀椀渀攀 ㄀ 㔀  䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀

Paint & Coatings - Ethanlo & Biofuels - Municiple Water - Power Generation

䘀漀爀 愀 渀漀 漀戀氀椀最愀琀椀漀渀 焀甀漀琀愀琀椀漀渀 漀爀 昀甀爀琀栀攀爀 椀渀昀漀爀洀愀琀椀漀渀 漀渀 琀栀攀猀攀 瀀爀漀搀甀挀琀猀 瀀氀攀愀猀攀 挀愀氀氀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㘀㈀㘀㔀

䈀攀爀渀漀甀氀氀椀 䄀甀琀漀洀愀琀椀挀 䌀漀愀爀猀攀 䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀

䬀匀-㄀㌀㜀 匀攀氀昀-挀氀攀愀渀椀渀最 䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀

Engineering Update - September 2015  
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