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Eat. Drink. Sleep September 2014

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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014

restaurant news

Imported egg warning in wake of salmonella outbreak Caterers have been urged to avoid imported eggs in the wake of a national Salmonella outbreak that has so far been linked to a restaurant, takeaway and hospital. The outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis PT14b has left 156 people ill in England, of which 55 were in Hampshire, 33 in Cheshire and Merseyside and 43 in the West Midlands, where three people have died after contracting the bug. There have also been recent outbreaks in Austria and France. The outbreaks were originally viewed as isolated cases but Public Health England (PHE) launched a national investigation after genetic testing indicated the illness came from a single source. The authority said ‘some food and environmental samples’ from catering outlets had tested positive for salmonella with the same genetic profile as seen in the outbreak. Although officials have released no further details on the possible source of the outbreak, the type of salmonella identified, salmonella enteritidis PT14b, has been previously linked to outbreaks in the UK from imported eggs. This strain of salmonella has not been found in UK eggs and the British Egg Industry Council said caterers should exhibit ‘due diligence’ by ensuring they only serve eggs which confirm to the British Lion standards. “It is unbelievable that British consumers are still being put at risk by imported eggs,” said Andrew Joret, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council. “The British egg industry, through the Lion mark, has invested heavily in ensuring that the eggs we sell to consumers are safe, yet we are constantly undermined by eggs that come into the country which are not fit to eat.”

How to make social media benefit your hospitality business So you’ve set up your online presence , you have your social media profiles created and you’ve begun posting images. What next? Here is some insight on how to strategically get social media marketing working for your business, by Jason Navon of PR & social media agency Clarity. We’ve all seen the data on social media, internet usage and the power of TripAdvisor. But what does social media really offer businesses owners? Can it deliver a meaningful return for businesses? More importantly, does it put bums on seats? The answer to all of these is yes. Think it through The first thing then is to consider the why. Strategy is everything. You wouldn’t open a new venue without significant research, thought and planning. Social media is no different. Is the channel right for your specific customers? If so, what can you do to enhance your customer relationships? The flipside of strategy is evaluation. Digital and social channels are hugely measurable. You can track everything from engagement


Spice Market debuts Sushi Bar Spice Market London is launching Sushi Bar @ Spice Market on 1 September, bringing its Doha offering to the capital. Executive chef Peter Lloyd will be joined by the Doha venue’s sushi chef Mohamed Didi for the occasion. Sushi Bar @ Spice Market will offer popular items from Doha such as crispy shredded crab, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura and the signature Spice Market roll. “Having personally witnessed the success and passion that goes into the wildly popular Sushi Programme at Spice Market Doha, I’m excited to bring that energy and imagination to London. “The creative sushi we are developing will complement perfectly the modern twists on classic dishes of Southeast Asia that Spice Market London has been recognised for over the years,” Lloyd told BigHospitality. There will also be a selection of classic sushi and sashimi, including BBQ eel (unagi), tuna (maguro), salmon (sake) and shrimp (ebi). On the drinks side, the menu will feature a selection of beers and sake cocktails, including a sake- infused Cucumber Ginger Punch made with cucumber, ginger, mint and Akitabare ‘Koshiki Junzukuri’ – a dry sake with a mixture of earthy notes. Spice Market’s drinks menu also includes a Spicy Thai Mary, Ginger Margarita and Kumquat Mojito, as well as beers from Tiger, Asahi, Singha, and Kingfisher. Based in the W London Leicester Square hotel, Spice Market was created by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten to recreate the street food scene he witnessed during his Asian travels, and is the sister restaurant of New York’s Spice Market. The venue’s interiors mix the ethnic old world feel of Spice Market New York and the contemporary architecture of the new building on Leicester Square. Featuring shades of gold, copper, chrome and wood, the design includes a 24 metre-long wall of colours, flavours and fragrances representing the dishes served at Spice Market, as well as over 600 wok lamps. Set over two floors, the venue also has a cocktail lounge and private room which can accommodate 40 people. (comments, shares, retweets, etc) through to changes in behaviour. This can include increases in positive reviews or intent (changes in use of phrases such as “book” or “visit”) as well as clicks to your site or booking pages.

A century on from the outbreak of the First World War, The Wine Society’s Sebastian Payne MW has looked back at the society’s list from 1914 – with intriguing results. Port took pride of place with 34 entries, plus a preview of the 1912 vintage, while the Bordeaux offer was headed by Château Montrose 1900, described as a ‘very fine, soft wine’ and Yquem 1901 – ‘fine bouquets luscious’ is the enigmatic verdict – priced at 60 shillings (£3 in today’s money) per 12-bottle case. Helpfully for sommeliers, there is some useful food matching advice, including pairing sherry with soup; Hock, Moselle or ‘light Sauterne’ with fish; sparkling white or still red wines with ‘various meats’; and fine old bottled Claret, or vintage port, with dessert.

Rhino rye

Like the wildlife it’s named after, this is something you don’t see every day - an unoaked spirit produced form 100% organic rye, harvested and produced in France. Vulson White Rhino Rye is from the Domaine des Hautes Glaces, a sustainable distillery situated at 900m in the French Alps. After distillation in small live-flame pot stills, Vulson White Rhino Rye is rested for a year in steel before being bottled. ‘Rye has returned in recent years – it’s quickly becoming the darling of the American and UK bartenders,’ says Xavier Padovani. The ex-Hendrick’s global brand ambassador now has his own spirits brand consultancy, Orfeus Ltd, and partnered with the Domaine des Hautes Glaces to create the spirit. ‘Once just found in classic cocktails, it’s now seeing a resurgence as a must-stock behind the bar. However, distilleries are often out of stock and there is a market hungry for more. Vulson White Rhino Rye is an entirely new experience.’ Its three distillations are evident on the nose - this is light and peppery, with only subtle grain notes. The palate’s a little more generous at first, before more pepper notes emerge, alongside juicy citrus and some subtle spice, and some citrus-peel bitterness to finish. Light, approachable and versatile, and worth road-testing in some gin classics. Fred Revol, founder of the Domaine des Hautes Glaces, added this was a French interpretation of North American whiskey – a ‘haute couture spirit, unique in terroir.’ And since we know you’ll ask: the spirit is named after Marcus Vulson de la Colombière, a French heraldist, poet and alchemist, who also built the 17th century castle where the distillery is located. Whether he was fond of rhinoceroses, the story does not say. Maybe just a fan of gratuitous puns...

The document makes some other interesting claims, including that Burgundies ‘possess more tannin and body than found in Claret’, which may or may not be a reference to the fortifying presence of stronger wines from the south in some vintages at the time. Also, Château Ducru-Beaucaillou is listed as a sparkling white Médoc – ‘a most interesting light wine where Champagne is inadvisable’, counsels the list. With war yet to come, Germany has a good representation, including the most expensive wine on the list at 68 shillings per dozen: Scharzofberger Auslese 1907. How many wines from the country remained on the list in the four years afterwards, however, is not recounted.

Good morning Vietnam

You’re taking full advantage of the recent boom in speciality coffee, right? You’re no doubt serving singleorigin pour over coffee, roasted two doors down... but have you considered looking to Vietnam? The coffee’s defined by the indulgent and carefree addition of condensed milk, but there’s now a company that can provide actual coffee from Vietnam, and the right kind of equipment (a phin filter), to completely legitimise the process. The Saigon Coffee Co offers two kinds of coffee – a traditional blend and a lighter-roasted contemporary blend. And they’ll even supply you with authentic Vietnamese condensed milk. It’s probably not one for the coffee snobs, but it definitely offers something different, with a little theatre.

Vodka Exceptionelle

Another flavour from Grey Goose? Not quite, although there are a few of those from the French vodka producer that we’re yet to see in the UK. Rather, Grey Goose VX is vodka combined with 5% young cognac from Grand Champagne. According to its label, it’s ‘vodka exceptionelle finished with a hint of precious cognac’. Most of this barely-aged cognac is made from grapes around the brand’s home, Le Logis, in Grand Champagne. The link between cognac and Grey Goose isn’t an arbitrary one - its creator, François Thibault, was once a cognac maitre de chai in this very region, and the spirit is blended with water from here too. We had the opportunity to taste VX at Le Logis earlier this week. It’s a subtle yet interesting, nearly clear spirit, with the cognac adding some fruit aromas, from white fruit to apricot.



Lest we forget

September 2014


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014

hotel news

Supporting regions in a bid to halt massive decline in visitor numbers is key says British Hospitality Association Greater support is needed to drive visitors back to regional towns because Britain’s regional hospitality hotspots are showing a stark decline in visitor numbers. That’s the verdict according to official statistics from the Great Britain Tourism survey (GBTS), with figures revealing domestic trips fell by over 3 million in 2013, while spending fell to £23.3bn, a £682m decline on 2012. The numbers of Brits choosing to holiday abroad is rising. Across the UK small and medium-sized businesses are under increasing pressure – with the growth in staycations over the last four years threatened by trips abroad again on the rise. A strengthening pound and cheaper air travel could see the UK return to a tourism deficit – where more money goes out than comes in. After two years of growth, this decline coincides with countries like Spain, France and Germany stealing a march on the UK. The strong increases by our competitors underline the need for government policy to support improved competitiveness – particularly across the regions.

The New EU Laws on Allergens The UK eating-out market is facing unprecedented change, with new EU legislation coming into force in December that will affect every hotel, pub, bar, restaurant, burger van and anywhere else serving food to customers. The EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation makes it mandatory to provide customers with key allergen and nutritional information about the content of their food dishes. Operators must declare if dishes contain any of 14 allergens affected, such as cereals, eggs, milk, nuts, fish and celery. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), estimates up to 8 per cent of children and 2 per cent of adults have a food allergy, and the hospitality sector is where the greatest proportion of severe or fatal food allergic reactions has occurred. We see this upcoming legislation as being the biggest challenge of 2014 – this new EU-wide law puts the ball firmly in a venue’s court when it comes to ensuring customers know what potential allergens are in their food. Although the legislation doesn’t come into force until December, work must start now to ensure businesses are prepared for the inevitable changes.


It has obvious implications on the freedom of head chefs to create limited-period ‘specials’ dishes or a fresh menu that changes daily, or regularly, with boards potentially required to carry precise information regarding dish contents. There is also a clear expectation that all staff will be able to answer questions regarding allergen and nutrition, or be able to provide customers with more information. The associated costs are potentially substantial, with legislation requiring operators to invest money, time and resource into due diligence with suppliers, staff training, signage, changing kitchen and till systems, and menu reprints among others. It is clear however, technology will have a keen role to play. Lowcost software is available, such as StarChef, to do the heavy lifting in calculating nutritional values and the presence of allergens in dishes and dish components. Such systems can be owned centrally by a multisite company but be made available to each restaurant via PC, tablet or smartphone. Dealing with costly legislation that adds complexity to businesses is a requisite part of the skill set for the successful operator. As ever, planning and preparation will be key.

Marketing Hotels to Attract the Right Staff


Set up a separate careers site for your hotel, away from your main website, to actively attract the right talent. It allows you to own your recruitment drive and not rely on expensive recruitment agents. Your careers site should be purely dedicated to attracting the best talent by talking about the culture, your values and addressing the needs and aspirations of prospective employees.


Be proactive. Don’t wait for talented people to come to you. Great people don’t hang around and will get snapped up by your competition. Instead, create opportunities to engage with the best talent. This might be letting them know that they are on your radar, meeting them for a coffee to find out about their future plans, or actually creating a role for them in your hotel. Simply waiting for vacancies to arise by attrition or growth could mean the perfect candidate passes you by.


Sell your culture. Don’t hide your biggest recruitment tool behind closed doors. Use your culture and your existing staff to demonstrate what it’s like to work at your hotel. Sell the story with ‘behind the scenes’ photos of team days and general daily goings on. Share things that reflect the culture such as videos of staff talking passionately about what it’s like to be part of the team. This will really connect with potential talent and attract the type of staff that will fit in and share your values.


Champion and celebrate your loyal staff. The recruitment door in hospitality is always revolving, so it’s particularly important to reward longterm staff and make a fuss of them. Let them be your advocates for future talent by giving them a chance to talk about their commitment to the hotel and what they have achieved there.


Lastly, be active on social sites. Young and savvy talented people will do their homework on you so use this as a chance to showcase the passion, fun, and enthusiasm of your team. Embrace social media as part of your culture and encourage your team to help build your hotel’s profile by sharing their stories.

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Liverpool v Aston Villa Saturday 13

Man United v QPR Sunday 14

Hull v West Ham Monday 15

West Ham v Liverpool Saturday 20

Leicester v Man United Sunday 21

Man City v Chelsea Sunday 21

Arsenal v Tottenham Saturday 27

West Brom v Burnley Sunday 28

Stoke v Newcastle Monday 29

116 Barclays Premier League games and 129 UEFA Champions League matches, live ONLY on Sky Sports.

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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014

Chocolate - but at a whole new level

Speciality Chocolate Fair

7th, 8th and 9th September

Are you serious about chocolate and sourcing the very best for your customers and guests? Then this is the event for you. Speciality Chocolate Fair - the UK's only dedicated trade event for fine and artisan chocolate. With hundreds of products in one hall, there is no better opportunity to find gourmet and artisan chocolate and to meet the people who make the cocoa magic happen! Source new products, dip into live demonstration theatres for sprinklings of inspiration - and leave with a glossy portfolio of ideas to enhance your chocolate offering.

A World of Chocolate Spread over three days, the Fair is located within Speciality & Fine Food Fair and takes place from Sunday 7th to Tuesday 9th September at Olympia Grand, London. Join leading retailers, deli owners, pastry chefs, fine food buyers and passionate chocolatiers. Discover the latest innovations, techniques and cutting edge creativity in the world of chocolate - with both British and international brands exhibiting. On Monday 8th only, Flanders Investment & Trade will be hosting a unique “Art of Belgian Chocolate” event at Olympia in the Pillar Hall, which adjoins Olympia Grand. Fourteen exclusive Belgian chocolate producers will be showcasing their products for one day only.

Chocolate Heaven with the Experts The return of everyone's favourite, Speciality Chocolate Live, is set to inspire, with many top pastry chefs and chocolatiers demonstrating skills and flavour combinations. Award-winning chef and Director of Fine Art of Dining & Abouzaki Holdings, Damian Wawrzyniak, will be hosting the theatre on Monday 8th September. The stage will shine its lights on master chocolatier Marc Demarquette, Tony Esber from Maroush Group, Sara Jayne Stanes OBE from the Academy of Chocolate and Executive Pastry Chef, Martin Chiffers, throughout the three days. Also join Andrew Gravett on Sunday 7th, 13.45, for 'Valrhona Tarts', Fiona Sciolti for 'Botanical Chocolates capturing the best of what nature provides' on Monday 8th, 16.15 and visit the theatre on Tuesday 9th September at 13.45 for a panel debate on 'sourcing cocoa'. Famed for his exquisite chocolates and ingenious flavour combinations, Paul A Young is one of the UK's foremost chocolatiers and patissiers, bringing flamboyance to the British chocolate scene. He will be demonstrating on Sunday 7th with his talk 'From tempering to filling'.

Essential Dates Don't miss the breadth and diversity of innovation that Speciality Chocolate Fair has to offer. The essential diary dates are the 7th, 8th and 9th September. Register now for free via the Fair website and save paying the £20 on-thedoor fee - Soraya Gadelrab, Event Director, commented; "It is less than three weeks to go to our biggest Fair yet! We have increased stand space to accommodate the 700 exhibitors - more than ever before. Speciality Chocolate Fair is a vibrant part of the Fair - the imagination and diversity of flavours, formats and textures in the burgeoning artisan chocolate world, is astounding. Each year we are overwhelmed with the number of new creations and cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store! We are extremely lucky to have some of the UK's leadings chefs and chocolatiers demonstrating at Olympia and engaging in the liveliness of the speciality food sector."


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014

LineClenze has two exciting products to help you save that precious beer you have bought and probably paid a high price for too. The LineClenze unit is simple yet highly effective. It works by sending a dual oscillating pulse continuously down the beer line agitating the yeast particles so that it takes longer for them to adhere to the beer lines, typically between 4-6 weeks, in conjunction with the Eco friendly powder, this means that not only are you saving the beer but you are also saving on water, chemicals and staff time. The other benefit is that you are not pouring harmful chemicals into the drainage system; this will be a huge plus for your environmental policy. As you may be aware there are lots of systems and claims regarding line cleaning and the saving of beer, however the LineClenze system

does what it says and has achieved amazing results in the hotel, pub and club sectors with large PLC’s installing the system. LineClenze has been independently tested; the results show that the powder will kill 99.999% of two of the main causes of beer spoilage, Lactobacillus brevis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. You may be a sceptic of this technology, as I was, but technology does move on and this is exactly what LineClenze has done. Doing nothing is not an option anymore, you have to act and act now, you have nothing to lose! So, please do call us if you want to start saving that wasted beer and improving you profitability, without compromising on quality. Call : 0845 3701892 Email:


How is my property performing? Is my region growing? To answer these important questions, why there might be differences; providing you benchmarking is an ideal solution that can with a better understanding of the strengths inspire individual properties and markets to and weaknesses of your business. take actions which improve hotel performance. On a very basic level you might see that your So what is benchmarking? property’s occupancy is higher than the average of similar other properties but your Benchmarking is the ability to understand average rate is lower than that group. Perhaps how my property is performing versus another the rate strategy needs to be reviewed? Or, on a group. This group might be other properties in more in-depth level, is our weekend marketing your city, the whole city, or even another city. strategy encouraging higher occupancies Benchmarking allows you to establish the facts on weekends when compared to the nonand opens a great opportunity to think about promoting properties?

September 2014


independent hotel show

Who’s performing better? Benchmarking your hotel against the competition with a year over year comparison:

How do I know whether my property is successful or not? STR Global are the leading hotel benchmarking service and offer a range of products which allow organisations to gain a better understanding of their performance. Our complimentary Hotel Survey is the ideal starting point, which provides users with an understanding of how their property is performing versus a wider market; such as their city. 12

The reports are laid out clearly and users are provided with assistance from the team to ensure they get the most out of their report. Organisations looking for more detail can benefit from a STAR subscription, benchmarking their properties performance against a selected competitive set. The report details their properties performance compared to the aggregated results of the selected properties.


71.8% Rooms







Room Hire & Other


WHAT IS YOUR SHARE OF THE HOTEL MARKET? Working with over 3,000 hotels in the UK and reporting on markets worldwide, our data is invaluable in making more informed decisions and revealing undiscovered opportunities for hoteliers. Benchmark your hotel's revenues today with STR Global.

Find out more at The leading source for hotel data, STR Global provides hotel industry performance, forecasts, profitability, pipeline and census information worldwide.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014

independent hotel show Unique Places for Unique Tastes In September 2011, Zoe Cole launched the online luxury hotel specialist, CrispWhiteSheets. com. Based in Lancashire, the professional team selects only the most unique, top end places to stay in the country. Over the last three years, the company has gone from strength to strength and grown exponentially, making it one of the UK’s industry leaders. By putting in place shrewd marketing and PR strategies, we are able to provide exposure that generates quality traffic and bookings for luxury and boutique hotels. But we also know the importance of creating excellent relationships with our customers as well as the hoteliers themselves. Our expert Concierge service allows us to create unforgettable experiences and luxury hotel breaks by truly understanding what each customer wants.

outstanding facilities, sumptuous accommodation and idyllic locations are just a few of the aspects that we look for when selecting a hotel for our website. And we are not afraid to turn hotels away if they don’t tick all of the boxes. Our collection is an eclectic mixture of grand country house hotels, striking castles, rustic pubs with rooms, ultra-stylish city hotels and so much more. is continually striving to give customers access to the finest hotels in the UK, so it is important to us that we offer them the best user experience possible. With our impressive new website design on the horizon, both customers and the hotels themselves will undoubtedly benefit.

If you want to know more about, please telephone Zoe Cole on 01254 830122 or email We ensure that each hotel is care- fully inspected by a member of our team and meets our exacting standards. Award-winning food,


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014

independent hotel show

Sawday’s at The Independent Hotel Show Sawday’s is a family business that celebrates individuality, seeking out Special Places to stay in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. All the 5,000 Sawday’s places are handpicked, inspected and chosen for their character, charm and authenticity. A main partner of the Independent Hotel Show, Sawday’s makes it their mission to champion independently owned, unique and special hotels and would like to meet with owners looking to understand more about the benefits of becoming an accredited Sawday’s member. Sawday’s is launching the 16th edition of their guide to British Hotels & Inns, which contains more than 40 new hotels and, for the first time 15 Sawday’s hotel award winners from around the British Isles. The book is published in the 1st of October 2014 and will be available at Toby Sawday will be attending along with members of the marketing, PR and membership teams as well as Hotel and Inns book editor Tom Bell. For more information about becoming a Sawday’s member visit


Maximise commission-free direct bookings

Booking Engines

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Boost your direct bookings with the new Availpro commission-free web smart booking engine, optimised mobile booking platform and Intelligent facebook engine.

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Independent Hotel Show in London

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September 2014


independent hotel show

PARSLEY IN TIME BRING SOMETHING NEW TO THE TABLE With the launch of new e-commerce website to compliment their personal table ware service The Capital’s leading tableware suppliers, Parsley In Time, are delighted to announce the launch on June 6th of their new interactive easy to use e-commerce website. Devoted to providing restaurants, hoteliers and venues with top quality crockery, cutlery, bar and kitchen equipment, from everyday tableware, unusual designs to branded catering equipment on-line 24/7. The new website is user-friendly and offers a 10% discount to all new clients on their first initial order. Time saving features will enable returning customers to see their online purchase history with a new repeat order option with a few clicks to re-order saving customers valuable time. Service doesn’t come any quicker with orders placed before 8am being delivered the same day within London and M25 to cater for high-demands & last-minute panics. t t t

10% Discount for New Clients on Initial order Time saving Repeat Order Function with a few clicks Same Day Delivery to the Capital on orders placed overnight up till 8am

Parsley In Time have been serving the hospitality industry for over 30 years, offering stunning solutions for table tops, bars and commercial kitchens. As a brand, Parsley In Time pride themselves on offering a personalised service like no other and are always on hand to offer their expert advice. Parsley In Time supplies to Michelin Star restaurants, 5 star hotels as well as to high street venues to provide a reliable back-bone tableware supply service. Parsley In Time have been helping businesses grow which is something that they are extremely proud of; to be cost effective and to provide the same quality products and service to all clients, whatever their size. “Parsley in Time have always prided itself on offering the best in customer service. With the addition of our new


website we aim to add an extra layer to compliment this service. Customers can now place orders online up until 08.00 and receive their goods the same day. We strive to continually move ahead of the times, making us the first point of call for small and large businesses alike” David Walpole MD Parsley in Time also offer a Concierge service to find specific products clients want as well as dealing with all of the leading table-ware brands and London based distribution point we can deliver. Some of the brands featured on the website include Steelite, Artis, Churchill, Arcoroc, Hamilton Beach, Robotcoupe, Staub and Riedel.

Quality Table Top, Bar, Hotel & Kitchen Products Join us at our table to discuss your tableware, kitchen and bar requirements at the Independent Hotel Show Olympia 21 & 22nd October Stand number 342 We invite you to to receive an introductory 10% discount off your first on-line order (use discount code hotel14) with our compliments 020 8317 5080

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014

Price and Company Ltd It’s not very often that you come across a family run business that has been trading for more than 160 years but Price and Company Ltd is proud to be one of them. From humble beginnings the original owner Miss Price began making straw filled mattresses in a Brighton workroom. Norman Stace bought the business from her in 1945 and it has remained in the Stace family ever since. Over the years more and more products have been added to the Price & Company ranges but they are proud to still supply beds and mattresses to the trade.

ropes now sit alongside the beds and mattress ranges. Price and Company are exclusive distributors of Regency, JLS, Sceena and Casa Valentina products in the UK and also distribute Silent Gliss, Sunflex, Integra, L’Artigiano, Propress, Rufflette, Franklite, Gutermann, Coats, Swish, Harrison Drape, Integra and Sunlover products. While Price and Company supplies off the shelf products it can also supply bespoke poles and tracks as well as cut trimming and FR fabrics to contract customers. Silent Gliss curtain poles and tracks can be made to size and bent to shape in our warehouse and these have been used in worldwide contract situations from offices to hotels.

The 2014 Price & Company product range boasts over 70,000 products being supplied across the globe and with the same The customer service belief at Price and dedication to family values and customer Company is that all customers are treated service it has always had. the same whether they are large or small and every order is treated with the same Products such as curtain tracks, curtain care and attention. This has been the poles, trimmings, fabrics, blinds, linings, reason for their success throughout their lighting, pelmets, cushions and staircase history and will continue into the future.


Price & Company Ltd Suppliers of Soft Furnishing products since 1850 Contract and bespoke poles, tracks and trimmings. FR treated fabrics

Visit us at the Independent Hotel Show - stand 3 Price & Company Ltd Regency House North Street Portslade Brighton BN41 1ES Telephone: 01273 421999 Fax: 01273 421888 Email: Website:


Visitors with a passion for good design can discover a multitude of hidden treasures at Decorex International (21-24 September 2014), the highly anticipated annual luxury design and interiors show. In its new home of Syon Park, the show has embraced its theme of the Georgian era with relish. The entrance will host eight vignettes from renowned designers and exhibitors based on Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress, four installations entitled In The Making will highlight the skill and craftsmanship behind leading brands while an edited selection of the names to collect in British craft can be discovered on the Future Heritage stand curated by respected arts and contemporary craft journalist and broadcaster Corinne Julius. Joining the line up of around 350 exhibitors, made up of established names as well as new talent, will be the highly acclaimed trio Les Trois Garcons who this year are designing the champagne bar, a pop up restaurant from Bocca di Lupo as well as a food market area featuring a selection of well known food traders including Burro e Salvia, Got Game, Street Food Kolkata and Van Dough.

Discovering new exhibitors is just one of the many reasons why Decorex is such an exciting show, each one showcasing its new collections from across all disciplines, including furniture, lighting, flooring, fabrics and wallpaper among others. Highlights to watch out for include: Amsterdam based Barn in the City creates customised furniture, cabinetry as well as wall and shower panels using 19th century barn wood. It will be presenting a selection of pieces including a range of coffee tables. Blackpop, with its distressed, vintage inspired wallpapers and fabrics will be joining other first time fabric house exhibitors including Guy Goodfellow, Fermoie and The Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company. Abate Zenetti will be showcasing contemporary Murano glass lighting that uses ancient skills and techniques while Vienna-based Woka Lamps will be exhibiting its wide range of classic and modern lighting alongside new designer collaborations. Italian bathroom company Flaminia will be displaying a selection of pieces including a basin with crimped edges while bespoke bedmaker Vi-Spring, will be showcasing its celebrated beds.

Luxury Hotel Accessories Cubbins designs & develops luxury interior accessories for hotels and interior designers. Working with clients around the world, on projects such as hotels, yachts, restaurants and interior designers.

September 2014



Luxury Desk Accessories

A leading supplier of luxury interior accessories since 1999, Cubbins supply quality-handcrafted Guest room accessories. Stunning Bathroom Accessories carefully designed and crafted to house all bathroom products and amenities. Designs are available in 6 wood finishes or painted in a colour of choice and finished with your hotel logo, giving clients flexibility to personalize unique accessories. Along with Hand Towel Boxes, Laundry bins and Waste Paper Bins the complete Bathroom Accessory set is made up of an amenities tray, tissue box, soap dish and cotton wool pot.

Wooden Hotel Accessories

Luxury Desk Accessories include desk blotters, box files, in trays and letter racks, all designed to fit with your hotel interior and keep everything on the desk in its rightful place. Wooden Hotel Accessories such as magazine racks, amenity trays and umbrella bins have been designed or we can source it on your behalf. Upholstered Cushion seats for luxury, boutique hotels and are also available in 6 for Laundry Bins as well as bespoke stools and Ottoman’s are different wood finishes – Iroko, Sapelle, Wenge, Walnut, some of the bespoke products we design for Hotels. Pine and Oak. Bespoke Fabric Covered Accessories can be finished in client’s own fabrics. Waste Paper Bins, Tissue Boxes, Linen Bins, Coat hangers and Luggage Racks, are all made by hand and covered in your own fabrics. You supply the fabric to match your curtains or upholstery

Fabric Covered Accessories


Cubbins offers a Bespoke Design Service, working with clients to design and develop unique interior accessories, offering a complete product development solution. For more information please visit or contact us on 01434 604 181 /

Design Print Install



Turn your surroundings into atmospheres.




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Giraffe Restaurants

The restaurant features a wide range of furniture such as our natural Oak table tops. Giraffe Restaurants is one of They have been characteristically designed with a flat edge finish and screen printed in the UK’s top restaurant and café chains. It has at least 46 restaurants the colour blue, giving the restaurant a fresh new look. across the country, including 15 in London. Ever since it was formed in 1998, Giraffe has gained a fine reputation for its fine dining and good-quality food. Whether it’s a small lunch, a catch-up over dinner or you just need a cup of coffee, Giraffe has a menu to suit everyone. You can enjoy anything from their popular “The Giraffe” burger to their sweet Banana Waffle Split, along with several classic dishes like Penne Margherita. All of their food is freshly cooked at any time of the day, and people can also relax by experiencing the sound of global music so they can imagine being anywhere in the world. In March 2013, Giraffe announced that the chain was to be developed by Tesco as a way to apply some of the space in their larger stores, giving their customers an opportunity to experience their international cuisine outside of their weekly shopping trip. One of these new restaurants includes Giraffe Sutton Cheam, located at Tesco Extra in Sutton. UHS wanted to work with Giraffe in order to bring their restaurants’ vibrancy to life. This has been accomplished by working closely with the Sutton Cheam team and their designer Harrison.


MOORCROFT, first made in 1897, is said to be the finest art pottery in the world today. Made by hand from start to finish in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries, you will be showcasing the very best of British Art Pottery


ith designs from five world-class Moorcroft Design Studio members who push forward the boundaries of ceramic art and the consummate skills of a dedicated workforce of artists, craftsmen and women to the full, Moorcroft pottery has unprecedented popularity and esteem throughout the world. Designer, Vicky Lovatt has just returned from a tour of New Zealand and her impressive New Zealand collection and television interview can be viewed on the Moorcroft Facebook page. Whether you wish to add something special to your giftware cabinets or simply wish to arrange a special commissioned design (subject to designer availability), please contact to arrange an appointment with a member of the trade sales team or with respect to quotes for special commissions, product placement or interior design purchases. Product placement can often be arranged for art pottery displays on your reception table provided the pieces are secure and a marketing card is always placed in the near vicinity. Craft demonstrations can be arranged following significant orders to add a moment of curiosity in your hotel foyer.

Trade prices start from ÂŁ45

Forever England trio

Anna Lily

Courting Birds clock

The Hamlet

Au Lait cup and saucer

Queens Choice lamp Tel: +44 (0)1782 820500 Email:

Taking a stand on carbon footprint. Through recycling food waste in 2013, ReFood displaced 47,553 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of taking 9,342* cars off the road.

Sending food waste to landfill doesn’t make sense commercially, socially or environmentally. ReFood, the UK’s leading food waste recycling specialist, provides a greener, safer and cheaper alternative. Our nationwide network of cutting-edge AD plants provides a unique, secure end-to-end solution that converts food waste into renewable energy, cuts your carbon footprint, and reduces food waste disposal costs by up to 45%** in the process.

2014 will see the opening of a new larger plant in Widnes and development of a state-of-the-art plant in Dagenham as part of our commitment to supporting zero food waste to landfill by 2020. See what we could save you at or call 0800 011 3214. *Based on an average medium-sized car driving 9,000 miles per annum. **Figure based on April 2014 landfill rate vs. volume weight.

Proud to support:

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ReFood: Recycling food waste to generate electricity With the disposal of food waste costing the UK hospitality sector on average £32 million every year, sending off-cuts, plate scrapings and leftovers to landfill is becoming a key expense for service organisations nationally. However, with the possibility of reducing this figure by more than 45%, there is a simple and more cost-effective solution – recycling. Many businesses will claim they don’t waste food, however, peelings, off-cuts, plate scrapings and bones are all an inevitable result of running a hospitality operation. It may sound ridiculous, but food waste is a resource and if you recycle it rather than binning it, you can make significant savings. ReFood is the UK’s leading food waste recycler, offering an integrated collection and disposal service. Providing a simple alternative to landfill, the no hassle process can save you time, money and significantly improve environmental performance. Collecting food waste on a schedule dependent on individual requirements, ReFood sends its dedicated collection vehicles to each business, picks up full bins and recycles 100% of food waste at its state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion plants. Here, unwanted food is used to generate renewable energy, heat and nutrientrich fertiliser, which is used on new crops, using an environmentally-friendly process. Committed to simplicity, efficiency and sustainability, the ReFood service replaces full bins with sanitised ones after every collection. These clean bins can be used directly in kitchen areas so food waste can be separated as it’s produced. This removes any worries about ‘smelly’ waste or bin cleaning and ensures the service is completely clean and sanitary. All types of food – be it preparation waste, scraps and even packaged products, can be thrown away, making it simple and straightforward for businesses to implement. Philip Simpson, ReFood’s commercial director, explains: “The belief that food waste recycling is difficult to implement is a myth. Recycling offers businesses a great way to mitigate their waste management costs and make a real environmental difference. Unfortunately, the latest statistics from Defra suggest that landfill sites will be full in the next five years, which makes minimising the volume of waste ending up there a key priority. “ReFood turns all types of food into renewable resources, via anaerobic digestion. This process harnesses the natural rotting of food by capturing the biogas produced and using it to generate heat and electricity. Meanwhile, the resulting residue can be used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser; enabling beneficial nutrients to be retained and reinvested right back to the beginning of the food chain. continues...


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“For those organisations keen to boost their sustainability or meet CSR targets, recycling food waste makes a positive sustainable difference and minimises the impact of disposal processes, such as the generation of harmful greenhouse gases.”

...continued Recently, ReFood opened a brand new facility in Widnes. The specialist plant will recycle 120,000 tonnes of commercial and domestic food waste and liquids every year, generating up to 180 million KWh of biomethane. This will be transported directly to the national gas grid where it will provide enough power for 10,000 homes. The move to gas-to-grid is a new development for ReFood and demonstrates the company’s commitment to identifying and embracing new technologies to ensure that food waste is maximised as an energy resource. The Widnes site is the first gasto-grid AD plant in ReFood’s European portfolio of 11 plants, which together provide enough power for 46,000 homes. Recycling food waste makes strong commercial sense and delivers instant benefits to the bottom line. For more information, call the team on 01302 390968. You can also calculate how much energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser your company could produce at



Exceptional hotel design takes off from the floor

A Junckers floor will bear your signature. Each floor is unique by nature, and the individuality of glow, knots and grain patterns is destined to bring life and authentic style to any interior. Add to this our extravagant collection of hardwoods, colours, dimensions and accessories, and you have an exceptionally creative material to realise just about any design idea. Whether your core style is classic or minimalistic, guests will appreciate the warmth, luxury and ethics of natural material harvested from certified forests. I


Junckers In the last ten years, we have seen much more work on how to ensure flooring is safe to use, especially in terms of reducing slipping. In the last twenty years, the popularity of wooden flooring products has soared. The hard and smooth surface lends itself to high-traďŹƒc areas and it is the flooring material of choice for everything from high profile, public buildings to high design commercial installations such as galleries, hotels, bars and restaurants. Making sure the intended flooring surface is safe is one of the most important factors for specifiers, especially for public and commercial spaces.

Safety flooring is required in areas which will be subjected to spillage/ contamination as a matter of routine, as opposed to the occasional accident. There are two basic parameters when assessing the safety of a floor: ‘low potential for slip in the dry’ and ‘high potential for slip in the wet’. For a commercial business, we advise a risk assessment on how spillages/ contamination would be handled. For example, in areas where food is being served and handled, possibly not wiped up straight away, there would be a need for a slip resistant surface. On the other hand, in a main dining area, where people are seated and the risk of spillage is first of all reduced and secondly, much more likely to be removed immediately, a normal floor finish would be fine. To a large extent, working practices will guide which surface finish is needed. When specifying flooring with safety in mind, options such as carpet or laminate wood flooring would not be obvious choices. Carpets are not a common choice in areas where contamination/spillage is likely because of difficulties with cleaning and there is no possibility of adding any kind of coating to laminate floors to improve slip resistance. With a solid hardwood floor on the other hand, there is now a way to make them slip resistant, even in wet areas. For some time, the flooring industry was not able to give true wet slip protection to wooden flooring in a way that was easy to apply. With most wooden floors, the slip resistance is fine in dry conditions and gives a low potential for slip. However, in an area where liquid spills are possible, such as a bar or restaurant, the floor can have a high potential for slip. Junckers started to investigate the introduction of a new, easy to apply product that would meet demand as far back as 2005. The company had envisaged the requirement for a product that would be simple to use and effective in reducing the possibilities of slips from wet spillage on any type of wooden floor. Two years later, a new lacquer that could easily be applied over existing and newly-laid wooden floors whether prefinished, untreated or machine sanded. The product was tested to BS7976-2 standard to meet the guidelines and the result was Junckers High Performance Friction Plus. This low-odour, very hard-wearing water based 100% pure polyurethane lacquer provides the high levels of slip resistance needed for a safe floor where spillages are probable. It gives the floor a fine, textured surface, which meets the surface roughness requirements needed for reducing slippage in wet

conditions, yet, is still easy to clean. We are confident it is an effective, fast solution for environments such as bars, restaurants and pubs. This is why Junckers now has a policy to recommend to all clients, specifiers, flooring and building contractors that all flooring installed in commercial areas where spillages may occur and cannot be managed, should consider that an extra site-applied coat of this seal to ensure customers’ floors meet the required regulations. Junckers Friction Plus lacquer has proved one of our most successful seals and members of our Approved Contractors network and flooring contractors all over the UK have quickly realised its efficiency and ease of use to be able to offer their clients a safe floor, where needed. Recent projects include a bar and assembly hall in Hackney Town Hall, London, the main ticket office at Aberdeen train station, the restaurant and social area at’s new head office facilities in Reading as well as several hundred square metres at Gatwick Airport. An important point to keep in mind is not all floors need to be treated as safety floors. It is imperative to properly assess where a slip resistant finish is required and where not – otherwise all our buildings would contain a safety floor, ‘just in case’! Not all smooth/ hard floors are to be considered safety floors, the individual environment and how spillage/contamination is managed should always be taken into consideration. Some floors may score well without the need for an extra coating – for example, our standard, factory applied UltraMatt lacquer achieves a low potential for slip, both in its wet and dry states, without the need for High Performance Friction Plus. If a business can manage spillages, i.e. if they can be removed, there may be no need for a slip resistant seal. Management issues should also be assessed in terms of how quickly spillages/contamination can be removed – one spillage left all day may be more dangerous than ten spillages all removed straight away. Good, old fashioned common sense goes a long way, in my humble opinion and using the knowledge and expertise of an experienced flooring contractor will mean our floors will remain safe – whether wet or dry!

Junckers Unit 1, Wheaton Road, Witham, Essex CM8 3UJ Tel. 01376 534 700

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The FLOORING SHOW 2014 21st - 23rd September

First staged in Harrogate in 1962, The Flooring Show has demonstrated

Birmingham. Although recent years have been hard for the industry as well as the show, the 52nd edition – which starts on Sunday 21st September – will feature over 140 coverings and related products and services, many highly relevant to the hotel and hospitality sector; this is a healthy increase over 2013. A great deal of effort is being made by the new management team to develop a content-rich event this year, starting with the Trends Hub - displaying and designs from around the world. The Campaign for Wool and British Wool Marketing Board will put on a major celebration of wool carpet, including a Wool Trends Centre in Hall C, supported by the industry’s leading carpet brands - Adam Carpets, Axminster Carpets, Brintons, Brockway Carpets, Bronte Carpets, Cavalier Carpets and Ulster Carpets, feature inspirational room sets and a Wool Education hub. Seminars relating to the contract and commercial Enrichment Theatre seminar programme, which takes place on each day of the show. Also this year there will be two Demo Zones, spearheaded by the CFA - FITA – NICF, and running across all three days of the show, to allow a much greater range of installation issues to be covered. provided by Martin Curtis of Curtis Wool Direct Ltd. A large wool installation will be created by the artist Angela Wright, whose works have been presented around the world; it is hoped that this stunning area will encourage end users, contractors, interior designers and architects to come and see what wool is all about. The exhibition, seminars, demonstrations and networking opportunities are all free of charge to trade participants. Free parking at the venue’s underground car park is open to all visitors, and there will be free internet access throughout. For more information, or to register, please visit



21-23 September 2014 HARROGATE

Be there! Join us for the biggest edition of the UK’s national flooring show for several years. The whole industry will come together for three intensive days of business activity and networking don’t miss it!

! Large exhibition featuring companies key to the contract flooring business ! High quality free-to-attend commercial flooring seminar and conference programme ! All the usual show features – the Trends Hub, the Demo Zone, and multiple networking opportunities

Plan your visit NOW!


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Atmosphere and Chaunceys Regency® Engineered Oak Flooring

Everyone wants to create a unique experience for their guests, a unique atmosphere that can only be experienced by dining or staying at that particular place. The flooring that you choose is crucial to the success of the restaurant or hotel design and the right choice can impart instant atmosphere to the venue.

These boards can be pre-finished with clear or coloured hardwax oils by Chaunceys ‘Bristol Finish’ team. The main advantages of using Chaunceys Regency engineered Oak flooring are:

Chaunceys are experts in Oak Flooring and have supplied their t stunning, aged Regency Oak floorboards to many hotels, bars, restaurants and restoration projects. Regency Oak flooring is supplied in solid or engineered oak which provides a t superb, original-looking floor that is ideal for providing instant atmosphere for any situation – from the intimate setting of the O Bar in Soho to the medieval banqueting hall at Hatfield House. t t

Chaunceys Regency Oak flooring is created using a highly secret and complex mixture of treatments to produce flooring which t has both the wear and patina of boards over 100 years old and is truly indistinguishable from genuine, original-face oak boards. Due to the huge popularity of Regency flooring, Chaunceys now hold large stocks of the most popular colours – Regency Antique Grey and Regency Antique Gold – in both solid and engineered boards, and in various widths up to 280mm. Regency Fired, Regency Russet, Regency Bronze and Regency Natural colour options are also available to order.


Both solid and engineered Regency Oak boards have the wear and antique patina of original antique oak boards and can be supplied in a range of colours, widths and finishes Regency Oak boards are available in any quantity, so that (unlike reclaimed boards) the flooring will remain consistent, especially on very large projects Up to 280mm wide and 3m long boards are available Regency Oak boards can be prefinished with a variety of oils, to make laying the floor quicker and easier The low moisture content and the stable structure of Regency Engineered Oak flooring makes the flooring resistant to movement, even over UFH

Speak to one of Chaunceys experts on 0117 9713131. For more details about Chaunceys Regency Oak flooring and to see more project photos, please look at the Chauncey’s Regency webpage. Or look on their website to find out about their other ranges of wooden flooring including a wide range of reclaimed oak and pine flooring.

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September 2014

Award winning interiors consultancy specialising in the hospitality sector


design directory


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Nanu design offers a full Architecture and interior design service

Call +44 (0) 20 7493 6397 Creating award winning hospitality designs, great guest experiences and high revenue returns. LONDON: 39 Margaret Street, London W1G 0JQ

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Stop n Pour In the open position, pour the perfect dripless glass of wine. In the closed position, seal your bottle to maintain freshness and flavor. Fits most wine bottles with food grade silicone inside the stopper, for a tight seal. Very attractive, unique water tap design.

September 2014



Price: £10.79 Ex Tax: £8.99

Wine Fan t t

Unique, easy to use, multi-function wine accessory t Fits all wine bottles t Holds 4 to 6 glasses The perfect addition to your table or outside setting t Foldable for easy storage Price: £14.39 Ex Tax: £11.99

Gravity Release Jigger Measure, press and release directly into your drinking glass, shaker or mixer. Included jigger base for easy storage. Bonus Layered Drink attachment, with deflector, creates perfect layered drinks every time. Price: £11.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Ice Station Set Remove the included IceScoop-Tong™ from its holder and the Lid automatically pops open. Replace the included IceScoopTong™ to its holder and the Lid automatically re-closes.Never misplace your Ice Scoop again! Raised interior bottom keeps melted water away from cubes. IceScoop-Tong™ can also be purchased as a separate item. T: +44 (1487) 830968 40

Price: £47.99 Ex Tax: £39.99

Thermometers for catering & food processing

wide product range including our NEW TempTest® 1 smart thermometer with unique rotating display food safe thermometers, probes & data-loggers designed specifically for the food industry in-house UKAS accredited calibration laboratory award-winning UK manufacturer

‘The Thermapen takes away the guesswork and will provide you with an accurate temperature reading in just three seconds! Ensuring your food is cooked correctly every time’.

“The Thermapen is by far the most reliable thermometer I have come across...” Matt Gillan - Michelin Star Chef, The Pass

visit our website or scan the QR code below for more information

Made in Britain

Could This Be The Answer To Messy Wax Candle Problems??

September 2014



With 83% of people asked,

saying they preferred a restaurant with candles to one without (Clearcraft Survey 2007), you’d be crazy not to consider having candle light on your tables. The main problem is, that with traditional wax candles or t-lights, you end up with messy wax everywhere, your customers play with them and jam stuff into them, and very quickly the thing you wanted to make your restaurant look better, end up making it look worse. Not only that, but the staff get fed up with them, fed up with cleaning up, and fed up with your customers messing with them, so they don’t use them at all. Fortunately, the perfect answer is at hand. For perfect candle light and perfect ambience, with no mess or hassle, you need Clearcraft Oil Candles. They are strong, contemporary, beautiful, always look great and are clean and dimple to use. You can view the whole range on www., then get in touch with us for a free, absolutely no obligation, oil candle and oil to try out for yourself. You’re going to love this! You’ll need to do it quickly though. We don’t know how many free candles we can give away!



Find out how great our oil candles for FOR YOUR RESTAURANT ORare BAR! FOR YOUR RESTAURANT OR BAR! yourself! Find out out how how great great our oil oil candles candles are are for for Find our yourself! yourself!

o o to to and and choose choose aa design design

Go to and choose a design

Tell us us which which one one you you want, want, and and we’ll we’ll send send it it to to you you Tell absolutely absolutely free, free, with with no no obligation obligation whatsoever! whatsoever!

Tell us which one you want, and we’ll sent it to you clearcraft: Tel 0845 345 5123, Fax: 01279 01279 379 379 497. 497. clearcraft: 0845 Fax: absolutelyTel free, with345 no5123, obligation whatsoever!

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An increasing number of boutique and independent hotels are implementing Guestline's web-based property management and distribution software to enable more streamlined, cost-effective management processes.

September 2014


Boutique and independent hotels use Guestline technology to aid revenue management

With the boutique hotel sector booming, both small independents and larger hotel groups are realizing the need to invest in the latest technology solutions to ensure they maintain their foothold in this exciting market. Hotels tailored to this sector are opening at an ever-increasing rate, defying tough economic conditions. The combination of Guestline solutions offers these properties a collaborative platform that helps drive room occupancy, increase room rates and improves customer service and management processes. Their cloud-based scalable and multifunctional solutions can be tailored to suit the hotel's bespoke needs and budgets. The rise in popularity in this market is reflected in the Independent Hotel Show which continues to grow year on year. Taking place in October, the exhibition will showcase the latest technological advances for luxury, boutique and independent hotels, including solutions from Guestline. Some of the customers who have implemented Guestline software include the newly re-launched Laura Ashley boutique hotel, the Belsfield in the Lake District. This hotel is supported by Rezlynx PMS, distribution channel manager and PCI manager to help increase revenue and optimize occupancy rates. Following the ÂŁ3.5m refurbishment, the 62 bedroom hotel will soon have advanced conference and banqueting manager, a user-friendly event management solution that will help streamline operations and maximise revenue for their meetings, conferences and events. The PMS solutions which incorporate functions such as conference and banqueting, business analysis reporting, sales ledger and rate management, have also been implemented in its sister hotel The Laura Ashley Manor Hotel, Elstree, Hertfordshire. FJB Hotels, a collection of four stunning and unique hotels located in Sandbanks and Poole have recently implemented a full suite of Guestline web-based solutions including Rezlynx PMS, distribution channel manager and EPoS till system. Didier Di Mario, Group Revenue Manager for FJB Hotels, said ‘We needed to upgrade our PMS, CM and EPoS solutions so it met with a fast growing online market, customer expectations and secured technology to achieve level 1 PCI compliancy.


We choose Guestline's solutions and within just a few weeks, we have already seen a significant improvement in the management of our rate and inventory online. The distribution channel manager has helped us maintain rate parity across all platforms (including 3rd party agents) and managed our inventory in real-time, faultlessly integrating it into our PMS.' Ideal for the hotel groups, the Guestline systems help streamline workflows, increase staff productivity, and provide a single overview of the group - important when managing multiple properties offering both accommodation and spa packages. Duisdale House Hotel on the Isle of Skye, built in 1865 as a hunting lodge, has been completely transformed into a privately owned chic boutique retreat in recent years, and is supported by a full suite of Guestline solutions including Rezlynx PMS, distribution channel manager, EPoS, PCI manager and Facebook Booking Manager. The software enables the hotel to maximize the yield potential of room stock by offering real time availability to all online sales channels and helps them integrate bookings seamlessly and effectively in their PMS. The hotel has 18 individually designed hotel bedrooms of varying sizes and room types coming in a range of contemporary styles, some with four posters, but all come complete with the luxury amenities one would expect in a four star boutique hotel in Scotland. Phil Davidson, Managing Director of Guestline, commented on the growth: "We are supporting an increasing number of independent properties and boutique hotels with our suite of multi-functional solutions. With our comprehensive training and support services, the hotels are fully equipped to maximize the full potential of their properties and grow occupancy levels and streamline management processes."

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ARTIS GOES ON THE ROAD Do you run, manage or own a bar in the Manchester or Leeds areas? Then don’t miss the chance to attend the ‘Artis Barware Show’. These unique and exclusive events are being held at the following two locations in conjunction with two local catering equipment distributors: Artis Barware Shows Venue: Kosmonaut, t Location: 10 Tarrif St, Northern Quarter Manchester t Date: 11th September 2014 t Time: 1pm - 5.30pm t In conjunction with Stephensons Venue: Smokestack, t Location: 159 Lower Briggate Leeds t Date: 17th September t Times: 1pm - 5.30pm t In conjunction with Waltons Artis, the leading tableware, glassware and barware supplier, has fully kitted out two bars, one in Manchester and one in Leeds to demonstrate its extensive range of Barware. Not only will you be able to see, feel and even use the products, you can prepare your own cocktail if the mood takes you! Representatives from both Artis and the catering distributor will be on hand to answer all your questions, take orders and you will be able to request samples of the products that most fit your needs. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to see all the latest developments in barware. Call Sharon Cudmore today at Artis on 020 8391 5544 to book one of the limited places.



September 2014



SodaStream is reporting record sales of their new Del Monte® flavours, which only launched in the UK last month. Sales of the new fruity flavours have out-performed the home beverage brands’ expectations by three times. SodaStream launched three new flavours in May - Tropical, Caribbean and Orange - but have already seen some retailers sell out of the sparkling fruit flavours. Fiona Hope, SodaStream UK Managing Director, says; “Brits love fruity sparkling drinks that are better for you. This was a clever collaboration between SodaStream and Del Monte® and will set the way for new brand partnerships in the future. In the meantime, I urge SodaStream drinkers to check out the new Del Monte® range before retailers completely sell out!” Consumers can vote for their favourite Del Monte® on Twitter @SodaStreamUK – what’s yours? #DelMonteTropical #DelMonteCaribbean #DelMonteOrange SodaStream Del Monte® syrup range retails at £3.99, available exclusively at ASDA stores or purchase online at www.sodastream. from May. Each 500ml bottle of flavoured concentrate makes up to 12 litres of fizzy drinks. Powered by a refillable CO2 cylinder, a SodaStream drinksmaker allows consumers to turn tap water into sparkling water in an instant. With more than 40 different flavours to play with, users can create a range of homemade carbonated drinks by simply adding syrup concentrate.


NE W The GIGA X8 speedy professional coffee machine The NEW high-performance GIGA X8 Professional with its elegant finish comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to prepare perfect coffee in record time. The optimally extracted coffee is mixed with hot water inside the machine by means of an extra bypass, absolutely no flavour is lost during the process. The speed function and time-saving, intuitive operation along with a large water tank and coffee grounds container allowing for flexible and mobile use make the GIGA X8 Professional ideal for use in catering.

For further details on the NEW GIGA X8 and our range of professional and commercial machines contact: JURA Products Ltd, Vivary Mill, Vivary Way, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9NW. Tel: 01282 868266 Fax: 01282 863411

THE DUPPY SHARE AN INDEPENDENT, GOLDEN CARIBBEAN RUM AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE PREMIUM RUM REVOLUTION July 2014 sees the launch of The Duppy Share an independent and premium, golden Caribbean rum crafted from a blend of world class, oak-aged spirits from the islands of Jamaica and Barbados.

September 2014



At the forefront of the UK’s premium rum revolution and imbibing the pioneering spirit of its island heritage, The Duppy Share will liven up drinks cabinets and bars, pubs and clubs throughout Britain with a contemporary offering that brings something completely new to the rum category. The Duppy Share is distilled in the Caribbean by fourth generation rum masters and then bottled in London. The spirit provides a superior flavour profile, combining the bold, tropical fruit flavours of a fine three year old 100% pot still Jamaican rum with the smooth, oaky notes of an exceptional five year old Barbados rum. Old American oak bourbon barrels give the rum a golden tint and add subtle oaky, caramel flavours. A vibrant and contemporary brand, The Duppy Share will challenge any perceptions of rum as an unrefined drink, making it relevant and bringing quality cask-aged rum to a new generation, both male and female. The brand takes its name from the dark spirits of Caribbean folklore known as duppies. It is said that in the dead of night, when the distillers' backs are turned, they journey between islands, stealing a share of the rum left ageing in old oak barrels. Spirit masters, and skilled in the fine art of blending, the duppies take only the best. The Caribbean’s equivalent to whisky’s Angel Share, this is The Duppy Share. The Duppy Share is launched by The Westbourne Drinks Co, a new business founded in London by Rum Adventurer George Frost and start-up guru Jessica Swinfen, formerly of Innocent Drinks. Inspired by George’s love of the Caribbean, The Duppy Share was launched to create the perfect golden rum that would capture the spirit of the islands whilst representing a taste of the modern Caribbean. George Frost says: “There’s a real gap in the rum category for a contemporary and premium player that will resonate with a new audience whilst appealing to seasoned fans of the spirit. “Rum hasn’t undergone the same level of premiumisation as other spirits, and so there is huge growth potential for the category. The Duppy Share will seize this golden opportunity by bringing a contemporary and great tasting product to market that bottles the real spirit of the Caribbean.” The Duppy Share will be supporting its launch with a national Public Relations campaign by Palm PR. A beautifully designed bottle created by brand design agency B&B studio complements the superior taste of The Duppy Share blend. The Duppy Share is launching exclusively into Selfridges in July 2014, available in 70cl bottles, RRP £37.99 48

Neapolitan culture of coffee



Professor Cornelius Ampleforth 50

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Rumbullion! XO 15 Year Old is an unique, incredibly aged, category defying spiced rum. The original Rumbullion!, which recently took home a Gold Medal in the Super Premium category of the Spirits business Rum Masters 2014, was made with a base of Caribbean rum, to which exquisite Madagascan vanilla, orange rind, cinnamon, clove and cardamom are added. For the XO, however, many of these notes were found in the 15 year old Caribbean rum which sits at its core, a testament to its lengthy maturation. While the additional stunning spices haven’t changed, their quantities were reigned-in slightly to allow for the extraordinary flavours of the long-aged rum to shine through clearly. The result is the best of both worlds - The Rumbullion! XO has familiar, fantastic flavours from the award-winning Rumbullion!, with new dimensions of depth and complexity arising from the spectacular rum it is structured around. The flavour profile hasn’t just aged. It has matured - it is a grown-up version of an already awesome drink. As with all Professor Cornelius Ampleforth libations, it is handsomely packaged. It could very easily have come from a sea captain’s private quarters! The nose opens with rich, creamy wafts of vanilla and toasted cinnamon. Bright orange peel, dark chocolate and cola-cube sweeties surround classic sugary old rum notes. This continues on the palate with homemade marmalade, light oak and plum, with a thick, mouth-coating delivery. Beneath the sweetness lies a simmering pool of cinnamon, clove and liquorice. The finish is long a bittersweet, with oak and Seville oranges lasting until the end. Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Rumbullion! XO 15 Year Old is available from Master of Malt.


Maxxium UK launches another UK first

August 2014

Limited edition Jim Beam Maple

Maxxium UK is introducing further innovation into the American whiskey category and reinforcing Jim Beam’s market leadership status with the launch of the first ever maple-infused bourbon in the UK. Launching this month is limited edition Jim Beam® Maple, an innovation that will drive the appeal and accessibility of bourbon, recruiting new consumers to the category. Jim Beam Maple is made with 4yr old Jim Beam bourbon whiskey, slowly infused with maple to produce the perfect balance of sweet warm maple and bourbon. Bottled at 35% ABV with a retail price of £19.99, Jim Beam® Maple is aged in oak barrels and is perfect on its own, chilled or mixed in long serves. Jim Beam Maple will raise visibility for the category and brand, reinforcing Jim Beam’s position as the world’s #1 bourbon and strong reputation for innovation. Already this year Maxxium UK has launched Jim Beam Signature Craft, a premium bourbon aimed at connoisseurs and experienced bourbon drinkers looking to try something new. Maxxium UK’s Marketing Controller for Imported Whiskey, Eileen Livingston says: “We are excited to expand our Jim Beam portfolio and create a further point of difference with this innovation. Jim Beam Honey was the first-to-market honeyinfused bourbon and now with Jim Beam Maple we will again stir up fresh interest and broaden the appeal of bourbon amongst young adults who may not previously have considered bourbon.” 32


Yotam Ottolenghi and Tom Kerridge will join more than 160 Merseyside chefs and regional producers to serve up a giant openair feast at Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, which takes place from 19th – 21st September. Both top chefs will be demonstrating recipes from their latest books and they will each be taking part in their own intimate Q&A sessions and book signings during the course of the weekend event in the city’s leafy Sefton Park. Now in its seventh year, Liverpool Food and Drink Festival is a celebration of the city’s thriving food and drink scene, where a host of celebrity chefs join leading local chefs, expert producers and drinks experts in showcasing their signature styles. The pop-up food and drink festival, widely recognised as one of the country’s top food and drink events, will also include a programme packed full of live demos and master classes, featuring celebrity chefs and local experts. There will also be a craft beer zone, a real ale festival, a chocolate garden, an edible plants zone and music from talented local bands. Families will be pleased to hear that there will be plenty for budding young foodies to enjoy too with a dedicated children’s zone, including herb planting, potato harvesting, a sensory area and

interactive children’s cookery workshops. Yotam Ottolenghi - known for his signature style of marrying food from his native Israel with textures and flavours from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia - is looking forward to the event. He said: “I’m really looking forward to taking part in the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival this year, meeting local people with a passion for food and demonstrating some of the dishes that feature in my new book, which is published around that time. “With any luck I will have some spare time to soak up the atmosphere and check out the local restaurants and producers, particularly those who will be putting on a feast in the middle of the city’s Sefton Park.” Tom Kerridge, TV chef and the only publican to have received two Michelin stars for pub grub, is set to bring a new dimension to Liverpool Food and Drink Festival. He commented: “I really like the sound of Liverpool Food and Drink Festival with the city’s pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and producers taking over a local park for the weekend. “The north west is gaining quite a reputation for its booming food and drink scene and I’m keen to see what the city has to offer.” Denise Harris, Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Event Director, is delighted to welcome both Yotam Ottolenghi and Tom Kerridge to the event. She said: “It’s a real coup for us to have both Yotam Ottolenghi and Tom Kerridge at this year’s Liverpool Food and Drink Festival. Neither of them

commit to taking part in many food and drink festivals so it’s a huge honour to have them both at the event. “Now in its seventh year, Liverpool Food and Drink Festival will be a real celebration of the city’s thriving food and drink scene in the middle of one of the city’s most beautiful parks.” Once the weekend launch event comes to an end, festivities are set to continue for the rest of the week with a programme of food and drink events at restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, and arts venues across the city. Around 40,000 people are expected to visit Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, which has previously been attended by Gizzi Erskine, Paul Hollywood, John Torode, Marco Pierre White, Lisa Faulkner, Tom Kitchin, John Whaite, Stefan Gates, Levi Roots and Simon Rimmer. Tickets start from £5 online and entry is free for children (under 14). For the latest news and developments on the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival, visit www. or follow @livfooddrink on Twitter.



September 2014

The risk of legionella rises significantly in summer with water temperatures rising, making HVAC and plumbing systems a breeding ground for the hazardous bacteria. Contaminated air-conditioners, swimming pools or whirlpools are well-known sources of infection. But errors made in the design and installation of sanitary systems can also lead to a dangerous rise in legionella in drinking water. Therefore, one of the most important preventative measures is to insulate hot and cold water pipes correctly using suitable materials. Cold water pipes should be protected against heat gain by ensuring sufficient clearance and the correct choice of insulation. Similar requirements apply for hot water pipes to protect them against heat loss. Suitable insulation materials prevent condensation Because of the risk of condensation, only closed-cell insulation materials with a high resistance to water vapour diffusion should be used on cold drinking water pipes. Due to its excellent technical properties, AF/Armaflex Class O insulation with Microban® antimicrobial protection reliably prevents unacceptable increases or decreases in water temperature, with the closed-cell material structure preventing energy losses, moisture ingress and the subsequent corrosion of heating and plumbing pipework.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP Providing information and communicating with staff and colleagues in the workplace is essential, particularly when hazards, incidents or near-misses occur which may impact on others. An effective, low-cost solution to ‘getting the message across’ is the Near Miss / Incident Reporting System available from T Cards Direct which is an easy way to manage and document health and safety issues. Compliance and accountability is becoming increasingly important in the work place and this system provides a record and history with traceability from the time the incident occurred. The standard display board is available in a 3 column format with standard 50 or 30 cards deep and measures 409mm wide and is supplied fully assembled, complete with headings and 200 Incident T Cards. There is also the option to have the system made to a bespoke format. A good example of where the T Cards Near Miss Incident Reporting System has been appreciated is at the Greencore Grocery facility in Evercreech. The site is part of Greencore Group, a leading producer of convenience foods with 22 manufacturing sites globally.

A Near Miss, Incident Station is sited at the entrance to a and then placed in the Near Miss Station for all to view. The information is then transferred onto a T-Card, inserted into the T-Card board and communicated to Line Managers who can decide the best form of action. As our staff are very pro-active, the issue is often dealt with at the time and recorded into the T Card, demonstrating continuous improvement and ownership of the department. Whenever there is a T Card raised it enters the ‘Issue Raised’ column and is discussed with the best possible outcome agreed. Once attended too, the card is moved to the ‘In Progress’ section until closed off, when completed, feedback is given to the person that raised the issue (which encourages colleagues to raise further issues). The T-Card is then turned over to green which records the action taken to close off. The Near Miss / Incident Reporting System is one of a range of display and information systems available from T Cards Direct who offer over 45 years of experience in providing effective and affordable information systems.

David Brady, Health and Safety Manager at the Evercreech site, comments, “Safety is of paramount importance at our site, identifying and communicating potential hazards to all staff is a crucial part of our day to day activities”. David continued, “The T Cards Incident Reporting System has proven to be an effective and very visible way of informing our staff of the situation and status of incidents”.


September 2014


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2014


The Impressa XJ5 Professional and The Jura Giga X8 –high performance technology from Jura

JURA, a significant innovator in luxury Swiss made bean-to-cup technology, offers the ideal coffee solution for busy barista bars, restaurants, bistros and other catering spaces in the form of its Impressa XJ5 Professional and its GIGA X8 Professional, specialist coffee machines. With high performance alongside sleek elegant looks, the machines will make a real impact to any establishment looking to deliver high quality coffee. The Impressa XJ5 Professional is about ease. At just the touch of a button, it enables two coffees, two espressos or two ristretti to be produced at once. The high capacity 500g bean container and 4L water tank removes the need for constant refilling. A clear operating panel with direct buttons means it’s easy to operate and maintain. With the GIGA X8 Professional, speed is of the essence. The high performance machine comes with a unique speed function, allowing it to prepare perfect coffee within just a few seconds. The 5L water tank and large coffee grounds container allow for flexible and mobile use. Three thermoblocks and three pumps means the machine can prepare a range of 29 speciality coffees at the touch of a button. Ceramic grinders ensure even grinding of the coffee beans for optimum aroma. 56 Tel: 0161 - 449 - 0441


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Karaoke UK have been major suppliers of Karaoke machine's to the Home & Leisure industry since 1981. We have products for sale from touch screen karaoke player systems to home karaoke, PA systems, radio microphones, speakers, powered and unpowered mixers. With English Russain & Chinese song packs + karaoke machines + home karaoke machines, PA systems, Radio microphones, speakers, powered and unpowered mixers + stands - everything you need for karaoke. We also stock a huge range of karaoke discs in formats of cdg dvd divx and vcd or why not try custom burn which lets you pick your own cdg dvd tracks. We also have a great range of hire equipment ideal for pubs or home parties in the Cheshire and greater Manchester area's. 57


Textiles Philip Watts Design +44 (0) 115 9269756

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INDEX PLASTICS 01256 843 844

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Coffee Services +44 (0) 843 289 2109 OASIS GRAPHICS +44 (0)1242 524777 Oasis Graphic Co produce and install bespoke & large format graphics for unique interior & exterior hospitality spaces. Contact us now for: signage, building wraps, digital wall coverings, window and floor graphics, banners and hoardings, backlit graphics and vehicle graphics e: t: +44 1628 532003 w:

Interiors & Design

Jura +44 (0) 800 552 5527

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“Travel Companies, Hotel Chains, Restaurant Owners and the entertainment industry rely on Point of Sale accessories to successful promote information to their customers. Point of Sale accessories enable highly visual placement of information such as menus, instructions, safety, pricing and many other promotional materials. The ability to source POS components fast and receive it when and as you expect is fully understood by the Index team. We deliver what we promise, so you can deliver what you promise.” Index Plastics Limited, Unit D,The Loddon Centre, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8FL,

CUBBINS 01434 604 181

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DEALERS is a one stop warehouse for all your design needs. Always 7,000 different items in sock including new, old, antique, and vintage furniture plus all types of home & living accessories, garden ornaments, structures and statuary plus much more at our extensive showroom and acres of outside wonders. Everything you need if you are in business for retailing, displaying, refurbishing, dressing & all types of design projects. Visit us either at our website www.dealers-uk. com or in person at our huge premises in the countryside. 01743 761241

To advertise in the directory please contact Andy Bell on 01843 448443 Prices from £120 for the year.



Introducing the So Pure drinks centre, the ultimate destination for pure beverage perfection. Find out more at

robust, reliable and affordable point of sales solutions Zenith EPoS has maintained 100% customer satisfaction from day one.

www. zenithepos.

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Eat, Drink, Sleep - September 2014