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eat.drink.sleep Media Pack 2018

About the PUBLICATION Eat Drink Sleep is a monthly B2B publication that is read by the most influential buyers and specifiers within the UK hospitality industry. We are official media partners with the leading hospitality events throughout the year and regularly preview these shows within the publication. Each editorial page and advert within the monthly magazine is hyperlinked to the company’s website allowing our subscribers to click through to websites of interest whilst flicking through the magazine. Our news feed on the website is updated daily with the latest industry news, product offerings and relevant hospitality information keeping our 20,000+ monthly visitors up to date and these stories are linked to our Eat Drink Sleep twitter profile.


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Eat Drink Sleep is distributed via email on a monthly basis to the businesses in the Hospitality sector as below:

UK Hotels 25,751 Restaurants 12,824 Bars & Pubs 9,129 Spas & Leisure Facilities 3,208 Interior Designers 4,177 Events & Shows 26,000

Europe & International Republic of Ireland 7,972 Europe 10,742 USA & Canada 6,048 Australia & New Zealand 742 Dubai & Far East 3,652

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Eat.Drink.Sleep - Media Pack 2018  
Eat.Drink.Sleep - Media Pack 2018