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HERE TODAY FOR YOUR TOMORROW The Electric Heating Company are one of the foremost suppliers of electric heating and hot water products in the UK since 2005


November 2021

The Electric Heating Company are one of the foremost suppliers of electric heating and hot water products in the UK since 2005.

Over the years we have vastly developed our product knowledge to accommodate almost any Central Heating and Hot Water requirement. Our product knowledge and support are unrivalled in the heating and hot water industry.


ver the years we have vastly developed our product knowledge to accommodate almost any Central Heating and Hot Water requirement. Our product knowledge and support are unrivalled in the heating and hot water industry. The Electric Heating Company offers a comprehensive range of quality electric heating products including Electric Radiators, Electric Boilers and Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinders. The entire range of Electric Radiators are Wi-Fi ready and can be operated remotely using our free Smart APP. EHC are a customer orientated business and all of our products are designed with both the installer and homeowner in mind. This means that each of our products is contemporary and user friendly. Further to this, we have a reputation for always putting the customer first and as a result have won National Customer Service awards in recognition of this. As well as being approachable, the staff at EHC have vast experience in the industry so customers have the best available advice when making a buying decision.

Boilers With the upcoming change to regulations that will effectively ban gas boilers, the popularity of electric boilers is on the rise however there are still many questions from consumers over their effectiveness. Electric Boilers can be run from renewable resources such as wind generated, tidal and solar power which means you can run your boiler completely free of CO2 emissions. Electric Boilers come in various forms such as Electric Combi Boilers, System Boilers and Flow Boilers. Electric Boilers are 100% efficient, meaning if you consume 1kW of electricity, you will receive 1kW of heat. Along with this, electric boilers are easy to install as there is no requirement for a flue as there is no combustion process within the boiler. Owing to the ease of installation, it means that the overall cost of the installation is significantly less than other alternatives. Currently, the cost of electricity is higher than that of gas, which inflates the running costs of electric

boilers. However, Electric Boilers are more efficient than gas meaning you will receive more actual heat per unit of fuel you consume. Additionally, properties that only have an Electric meter only pay for one Standing Charge which will save between £80 to £100 dependent on Electricity Supplier. EHC offer a wide range of boilers that cover all varieties of properties –

Fusion Astro Fusion Astro Electric Combi Boilers are suitable for properties with a shower and hot water outlets for sinks. With no flue requirements, the boiler rapidly provides heating and domestic hot water. They are suitable for small Properties that have a Shower and Hot Water outlets for sinks. In homes with larger hot water requirements, it can be combined with a hot water storage cylinder via an ‘S’ Plan configuration.

November 2021

Mercury Combi Boiler The Mercury Electric Combi Boiler is the Premium Electric Boiler solution for Heating & Hot Water and brings a new era to the Electric Combi Boiler market with the introduction of External Weather Compensation & Bare-Wire Heating Element technology for Domestic Hot Water. Bare-Wire elements are more robust in tackling the formation of limescale due to operating at higher temperatures with a lower surface area.

Comet Combination The Comet Electric Combination Unit offers the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and domestic hot water for properties with no access to mains gas. It is a fully controllable 24/7 packaged unit housed in an elegant enclosure and is available in 9kW, 12kW or 14.4kW Outputs and a 140 Litre Duplex Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder. The Combination Boiler is supplied as a pre-plumbed and pre-wired heating and hot water solution for ease of installation. The Unit maximises the use of space and minimises installation work due to its compact design with the user and installer in mind.

Comet Electric Boiler Comet Electric System Boilers are designed to eliminate unnecessary

external plumbing and pipework. They are the ideal choice for wet central heating and underfloor heating systems. To ensure maximum efficiency, all Comet Boilers incorporate sixstage heating using a stainless steel heat exchanger. This unique facility will modulate the Boiler to reduce electricity consumption and running costs

Slim Jim Electric Boiler The compact design of the SlimJim Electric Flow Boiler makes it ideal for heating applications where space is at a premium. The SlimJim can also be used in an ‘S’ plan configuration enabling you to select Heating only, Hot Water only or both at the same time, while still maintaining its design to maximise cupboard space.

Electric Radiators EHC also provide Electric Heaters and Radiators which in term offer complete peace of mind for reliability, performance and safety that are available in a host of styles and outputs. The entire range of Electric Heaters and Radiators are 100% energyefficient products and are Lot20 Compliant. They are usually installed by qualified electricians or simply plugged in using the 13A UK Plug supplied with the product.

DSR Heat Retention The Electric Heating Company have developed the Electric Heat Retention Radiator which is an award-winning product in the domestic market, offering smart control with highly efficient partial heat storage technology. Using patented Magmatic tablets, the Heat Retention Radiator can retain warmth for longer than a traditional convector heater.

DSR Edge The Edge is a traditional Convector Heater that has been designed with a gently curved profile on each side of the Heater.

It is manufactured using high grade 100% recyclable Aluminium. The State of the Art easy to use DSR Controller, located on the top of the Heater for ease of use, can be controlled for both time and temperature either manually or wirelessly when using the optional EHC Smart APP Gateway.

Solaris The Solaris is a modern, slim, stylish and carefully sized Convector Heater that has been designed with a gently curved front that will enhance any room within the home. This stylish heater is available in 500w, 1000w, 1500w and 2000w models.

Visage The Visage Panel Heater utilises the perfect balance of convection and radiated heat which in turn warms both you and the room. The aluminium heating element located within the Heater provides fast-acting convected heat, before warming the Magmatic Ceramic Tablets inside the Heater.

ecoSave The ecoSAVE Dynamic Heater is designed to meet the heating demands of the modern home. Unlike other inferior heaters on the market, the ecoSAVE is manufactured from high-grade aluminium designed to last. The Heating Elements and High-Performance Heating Oil are housed within the sturdy high-grade aluminium body of the Heater. Aluminium is regarded as a superior material for transmitting heat.

Conclusion When it comes to heating your property, efficiency is key which is why EHC continue to be a market leader with an innovative portfolio of products developed to accommodate almost any Central Heating and Hot Water requirement. EHC are innovative, efficient and completely customer focused and advise anyone with any queries about the move to electric to get in touch by visiting






















WE’RE EXTENDING THE QUIET ZONE... Timber acoustic barriers with a 25 year guarantee. With a Jacksons acoustic fence, the quiet zone is wherever you need it to be.

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Construction Update November 2021

06 Schöck Isokorb

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Construction Update

Profab Access




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composite deck boards



• Easy to keep clean

• Composite deck boards

• Solid and hollow core

• Virtually maintenance free • Single and double sided boards


• Workability similar to wood






DIY Resin Bound Gravel

Resin Bound Driveways Made Simple Advantages of SUDwell™ All Weather Resin. •

UV Stable

Retains Original colour with exposure to sunlight. •

Moisture Tolerant

Can Be Laid In the Rain •

Longer Working Time

Double the working time of standard resins.

Resin Bound Kits suppliers to the Trade and DIY customer.

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Special Feature November 2021

Schöck Isokorb meets a number of challenges at Lots Road

Once a neglected industrial site, Chelsea Waterfront in SW10, is being impressively transformed and minimising any risk of thermal bridging throughout has been key. In addition to meeting compliance with the Building Regulations, this is also important in meeting the criteria for the impending Future Homes Standard. The Isokorb load-bearing structural thermal break from Schöck offers the ideal solution in meeting all necessary compliances.

T 06

his is a two-phase development; the first being completed in 2019 and resulting in four riverside buildings and a 37-storey West Tower. The second phase is now well under way with the centrepiece being the old Lots Road Power Station, which first became operational in 1905 and eventually powered most of the London Underground for almost 80 years. The old Power Station is an iconic building and careful refurbishment will result in retention of the external walls, steel frame, chimneys and selected internal steelwork. When finished, the 13-storey building (now called the Metropolitan) will house 193 apartments and accommodate shops, restaurants and cafes along a 100 metre mall at ground floor level. Also, as part of this second phase, alongside the main Metropolitan Building there will be a 25 storey East Tower and two nine-storey refurbished residential buildings, one of which is a rotunda.

Minimising thermal bridging throughout Throughout the entire development, improving the performance of the building envelope and minimising any risk of thermal bridging has been a key element in the design detailing. Quite apart from meeting compliance with the Building Regulations, this is increasingly important in meeting the criteria for the impending Future Homes Standard. Thermal bridges are localised areas of the building envelope, where the heat flow is usually increased in comparison with adjacent areas. As a result, the temperature of the interior surface near the thermal bridge is lower and if this area becomes too cold it can lead to condensation. Over time, mould is likely

November 2021 Special Feature to form, potentially damaging the building structure and even posing a health risk to the inhabitants. The ideal solution is the Isokorb load-bearing structural thermal break from Schöck, which has featured throughout since the start of the development. Primarily the requirement has been for conventional balcony detailing and involved the Isokorb T type K for concrete-to-concrete and the T type SK for concrete-to-steel. The SK is a complete system thermal break and is unique in being the only formally UK approved product that satisfies the loadbearing and thermal insulation requirements for this type of application. There were though a number of special demands as well.

Diagrammatic example of the T type K

Meeting the challenges The prominent corner plot on the site is an L-shaped building with a frontage on Lots Road and a wing extending towards the Creek. The interior features a continuous walkway and at the 90 degree intersection lateral forces had to be accommodated. To resolve the vertical and horizontal reactions a configuration was used that involved the Isokorb type HP (which transfers forces either parallel or perpendicular to the insulation layer) and type Q (for transferring shear forces on supported balconies and recessed balconies). In addition, there was also a slight castellation to the thermal break line, which had an impact on calculations involving the optimum cut lengths of the elements and their required load-carrying capacity.

Diagrammatic example of the T type SK

With the Rotunda, the contractor had opted to precast the ‘pie-shaped’ balconies where possible. However, for structural reasons, or because some were too large for precasting (one unit was so large it had to be split into two parts) it was necessary to cast insitu. This presented the Schöck team with load capacity considerations, as well as delivery scheduling challenges involving different sites. There was a major revision also involving the 13-storey Metropolitan Building. Isokorb units T type SQ, were to be incorporated at all levels to bolt the external steel walkways back to the concrete frame. However, there was a late design change to the project, which resulted in the steel walkways being converted to concrete on all but the first floor. This resulted in a complete review of the structural thermal break requirements and a tie force also had to be accommodated into the design to tie the balcony walkway structures back to the main structural frame.

All products are fully compliant The comprehensive Isokorb range offers solutions for concrete-to-steel, concrete-to-concrete, steel-tosteel and – and even a maintenance free alternative to wrapped parapets. Products meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations, have NHBC approval and offer LABC Registration. There is also the security of independent BBA Certification. The requirement that the temperature factor used to indicate condensation risk (fRSI) must be greater than, or equal to, 0.75 for residential buildings, is also easily met by incorporating the Isokorb.

Contact Schöck on 01865 290 890; or visit the website at for full details of the Isokorb range


November 2021

Moving with the Times…. Industrial Lifting Bags are Evolving to Solve Lifting and Suspension Issues.


hen glass panels needed to be replaced on a high building next to a busy road in Auckland, after a series of sucker failure incidents flagged a national pattern of events, PafBag was brought in to design and develop a comprehensive Secondary Safety Device (SSD) for this safety critical project. The brief was to not only catch a panel in the event of a primary sucker failure but also capture any shards of glass in the event of the panel shattering. The bag was lined with cut resistant material and designed to allow easy installation to the face of the building. A fully rated lifting sling running through tunnels within the bag provided both integrity and confidence to the contractor, safety officials and client alike. “This is an example of effective encapsulation – ensuring the load cannot fall out of the lifting system. And this philosophy drives our design and production methods to produce unique solutions and problem resolution”, says Richard Bartrop, Managing Director.

A simple, but equally important example of this concept was addressing the practise of tying winch ropes directly to the handles of tubs and buckets, with the inevitable result of handle failure and dropped contents. The Bucket Lifting PafBag and its EN1492-1 lifting sling provides safety critical integrity for the journey up to the deck, where the tub can be taken out and safely away. This method is a cheap solution as the one lifting bag at the winch can safely lift unlimited numbers of tubs. Quite often, waterproof cases are used to deliver fragile tools, instruments or replacements to a high location. The PafSling cradle system is designed to convert that case into a lift-compliant load with a 100% guarantee of load security, even in a major tipping incident. Pafbag has also provided a major service to the domestic solar panel installation industry in the UK by devising a solution that safely lifts multiple loads up a standard height domestic at the rate of one lift per minute. This bag can be opened out to lift loads up 2.4x1.2 metres. PafBag is proud to be at the leading edge of this mini revolution of encapsulating goods ready to be lifted safely to height.


SECTION NAME November 2021

Stella Rooflights Breathe New Life into Historic Railway Pumping Station Shore Road Pumping Station is a Grade 2 Listed building in Birkenhead on the Wirral peninsular, Merseyside. The threestorey Italianate style building was designed by engineers James Brunlees and Charles Douglas Fox and constructed in conjunction with the Mersey Railway in order to house steam pumping engines, which drew water from the rail tunnels.


he building housed two ‘Grasshopper’ Beam Engines (manufactured by Andrew Barclay of Kilmarnock), which powered pumps designed to remove water from the railway tunnel under the River Mersey. These steam driven pumps have today been replaced by modern electric versions, however one of the original pumps, the ‘Giant Grasshopper’, remains in the building, although it is no longer operational. Up until 2014 the building served as a public museum, however today the building is closed to the public and maintained and operated by Network Rail.


The property is primarily constructed from red brick and comprises six bays of blind arcading with engaged brick columns and round headed arches subdivided by brick

buttresses to the longitudinal elevations and three bays to the gables elevations. Each elevation is supplemented by small round arched single glazed metal framed windows, decorative brick dentils / articulation and stone hood moulds / string courses. To the south-west gable end of the main building is a single storey duo pitched roof outshoot of similar style. The roof structure is of hipped construction covered with Welsh slate and clay ridge tiles, supplemented by ornamental finials at each apex. The internal roof structure is of timber queen post construction (a truss in which two posts are placed on a tie beam to support the principle rafters above, with the vertical posts held in place laterally by a collar beam). These roof trusses are in turn engaged into the external masonry walls.

Shore Road Pumping Station is located within the Hamilton Square Conservation Area – an area designated in recognition of the architectural qualities and historic significance of the realised portion of the Grand Georgian Development. Network Rail is currently undertaking an extensive package of works to the Shore Road Pumping Station building to secure the building’s fabric in a historically appropriate and sensitive manner. As such, a programme of works were recently authorised for the refurbishment of the building, consisting of the replacement/ repair of various elements of damaged fabric. As a major part of the refurbishment and preservation

November 2021 Doors, Windows, Roofs

Rooflight specification: 2 x Bespoke Stella Conservation Rooflights • • • • • • •

Manufactured From 316 Stainless Steel Size 2842mm (w) x 1304mm (h) Outer Frame in Single Section 5 Glazing Bars / 6 Double Glazed Units Fixed (Non-Opening) Design Black Powder Coat Finish In C5 Application American Ash Interior Liners

2 x Bespoke Stella Conservation Rooflight • Manufactured From 316 Stainless Steel • Overall Rooflight Size 15,260mm (w) x 1304mm (h) • Outer Frame In 5 Sections / Linked With 316 Stainless Capping • 5 Glazing Bars / 6 Double Glazed Units Per Section (30 Panes Per Rooflight) • Fixed (Non-Opening) Design • Black Powder Coat Finish In C5 Application • American Ash Interior Liners

work, contractors MFG Construction appointed Stella Rooflight to design and manufacture the Conservation rooflights to replace the original skylights sited in the principle roof slopes of the buildings’ Welsh slate roof. MFG commissioned Stella to produce four bespoke rooflights, of two sizes, the first two with a size of 15,260mm (w) x 1310mm (h) and the second pair at 2842mm (w) x 1304mm (h). Stella divided the large rooflight into five frames to ensure that framework was kept to a minimum and the amount of glazing maximised, while still providing manageable sizes. Each section consisted of five glazing bars and six glass units giving a total of 30 panes for each rooflight. The

smaller rooflights were produced as single frames with a total of six glass units. Each pair of rooflights were linked together with a 316 stainless capping, giving the impression of two large individual rooflights, sitting adjacent to each other in the roof structure. Due to the height of the building and the inaccessibility of the rooflights, regular cleaning was not going to be straightforward, therefore carbon or mild steel frames were not an option due to the problems that can occur with rusting if they are not regularly maintained. As all Stella rooflights are manufactured using a Marine Grade 316 stainless steel frame and finished with a C5 marine powder coating, they were the ideal choice for the project. Furthermore, the flush fit offered by the thin lines of steel and genuine glazing bars on each unit, would perfectly replicate the original Victorian design and satisfy the Planning and Conservation officers involved. As the rooflights needed to be individually designed to exactly match the size of the originals, a set of complex, detailed drawings were created by Stella, each showing the full assembly of the linked frames

as well as files for each individual component, based on the precise measurements provided. Due to the sheer size and weight of each rooflight, one of the major challenges for the MFG team was the positioning and installation of the rooflights, three storeys up in a building situated on a busy main road. To help overcome this challenge Stella allowed for four lifting eyes, which were welded to each individual frame during the manufacturing process, allowing the contractor to lift the frames into position with a crane. The entire design and manufacture process took a total of 8 weeks, despite facing the unprecedented challenges that the early stages of the Covid-19 crisis posed. Having the entire supplier, manufacturing and assembly process based in the UK, enabled Stella to overcome these challenges and ensure that the remaining refurbishment works were unaffected by any delay. For more information visit or contact us on 01794 745445 or


Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

the dales collection


AVAILABLE IN A WIDE RANGE OF SIZES, TO SUIT MOST DOMESTIC REQUIREMENTS. We offer a choice of 16 styles in 15 standard colours, along with 15 glass options, plus you can also get your door sprayed in any RAL colour. What’s more, Dales feature the latest 5-hook locking technology for maximum security.

SPRAYED ANY RAL COLOUR INTERIOR/EXTERIOR FACE Made-to-order Any standard/solid/flat RAL colour. No woodgrain/pearlescent finish. 15 working day lead time applies.

To find out more about the dales collection composite doors please call us on

0333 032 3258 or visit


HASSLE FREE ROOF TILING The biggest, lightest roof tiles on the market that lock together in a revolutionary way makes for a quick and easy job for you. The wider tile design means fewer to fit, giving you time back in your day.

Perfectly positioned every time

Simply secure with a screw


GIVE YOUR BACK A BREAK Weighing in at just 20% the weight of a standard concrete tile, Envirotile is the lightest roof tile on the market. Made from 75% recycled materials, its light on your shoulders and not so heavy on the environment.

GOOD FOR 40 YEARS. GUARANTEED. We’re so confident in our product, we recently increased our guarantee from 25 years to 40. That’s good for you and good for the customer.

SAFE IN A STORM. GALE FORCE GUARANTEE. Designed to withstand the worst of weathers, Envirotile is fully guaranteed to perform in severe UK wind loads and has been weather tested up to 147 miles per hour. We also offer a free replacement service for any tiles dislodged by gale force winds up to 65 mph. Peace of mind for you and the customer.

THE ANSWER TO DIFFICULT ROOMS & PROBLEM PITCHES Performing on pitches as low as 12.5 degrees and good for all roof types, Envirotile is perfect whatever the job. So whether it’s a main frame roof or a lightweight conservatory, Envirotile’s easy lock together system will get the job done.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE Enjoy the look you want with minimal maintenance. The ground breaking anti-fungal properties of our product mean it repels moulds and funghi that accumulate over time, reducing your maintenance in years to come.

Workwear November 2021

Snickers Workwear and EMMA Safety Footwear Lead the Way with Sustainable Practice. These forward-thinking brands are pioneering sustainable business practices in their industries.


id you know that bridging the ‘The Circularity Gap’ by embracing the circular economy could shrink global greenhouse gas emissions by 39%!* That’s why Emma Safety footwear has become a leader in sustainability having created the world’s very first ‘100% Circular’ safety footwear range. While Snickers Workwear is at the forefront of sustainability in the workwear industry by sourcing the highest quality, most hardwearing products with as little environmental impact as possible. Ensuring garments are made from ‘preferred fibres’, enhances durability and comfort to create hard-wearing workwear with a long product lifetime which is key to reducing waste. The combined result is environmentally-friendly, ergonomically designed dual-purpose working clothes and footwear that are not only designed to meet the physical demands that tradesmen and women face at work but are also ideal for some sports and leisure activities – and reducing your carbon footprint too!

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear clothing range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue or email


* Circularity Gap Report 2021 at

Engel Workwear Experts in Textile Solutions

For more details contact Gareth Bladen at Telephone +44 (0) 7759 520034 or visit & ENGEL Workwear - Catalogue ( Click here for more information.

Lifting, Slings November 2021

RSS Names Tony Teeder Director Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) has named Tony Teeder a company director.



eeder, who is currently regional manager— midlands, London, and the south, joined Tony Teeder (left) is welcomed to the Rope and Sling Specialists boardroom RSS in the spring of by Steve Hutin, managing director. 2016 from a major equipment rental enable me to get into the hierarchy another level. He takes responsibility company that was part of the GAP of the major projects and companies and full accountability, which gives Group. A decade in the lifting and to demonstrate exactly what we can him the DNA that is consistent materials sector prior to that also do, and offer as a business, while still with our other directors. We’re included roles at Speedy and other overseeing London and the south now looking to Tony to continue to equipment-focussed businesses. as a region. Between my teams and build on what he has achieved in At the time, he oversaw the depots in London, we have managed London in the midlands and develop newly opened Hayes depot, near to expand in terms of customers and relationships further with major Heathrow Airport, west of the employees in both locations. We have project decision makers.” UK’s capital. It was the company’s continued on a gazelle growth curve Teeder added: “Business is thriving then fifth facility and its second even mid-pandemic.” at present, and it will continue to in the south of England, where it grow in various sectors, not just here also has a presence in Aylesford, At your service in London, but across the UK. It’s Kent. Teeder stepped into a wider, Teeder attributes this success to true that, as a company grows and regional role following the tragic the company’s ongoing ability to commands the respect of higher passing of Tim Panter in 2018. manage customer relationships profile buying decision makers, Today, Tony Mills runs operations and deliver world-class service. Its that business must become more in Heathrow, reporting directly to radio-frequency identification (RFID) corporate. Of course, though, we Teeder. online-based tagging reporting must remain true to our roots and Including its Gemmak Engineering system has been popular too, the values that have made us the business, based on the same he said. It means that RSS most first-choice supplier to so many industrial site as de facto commonly provides a complete people.” headquarters in Pyle, South Wales, package to major infrastructure and Teeder joined Hutin; Alan Varney, RSS has eight national facilities, the other projects—Thames Tideway operations director; Angela Holmes, most recent of which to open is in and HS2 standout—built on hire financial director; Sean Maslen, Roborough, Plymouth. equipment and equipment service. sales director; and Matthew Rogers, Teeder said: “Actually, me and Steve Steve Hutin, managing director at engineering services director, in the have talked about this for some time RSS, said: “Tony’s performance and boardroom. now and with the contract gains we commitment has been exemplary continue to make, we feel that the over the last five years, and he has timing is right. The promotion will taken our business in London to

November 2021 Lifting, Slings

OZ Lifting Expands Stainless Steel Range OZ Lifting Products LLC has added to its ever-growing stainless steel range with a 0.5-ton capacity manual chain hoist and trolley. LEFT: OZ Lifting’s new 0.5-ton capacity stainless steel manual chain hoist.

RIGHT: OZ Lifting’s new 0.5-ton capacity stainless steel trolley.


he Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer already has 1-ton and 2-ton versions of both products, in addition to beam clamps in the same capacities, all of which are made from stainless steel. The manual hoist is the centerpiece of the stainless-steel range. Like other products in the line, the 0.5ton version is designed for lifting and pulling. The hoist is lightweight and minimal effort is required to lift loads, but it is durable enough for some of the most demanding marketplaces. The trolley, meanwhile, fits most common I-, S- and W-beams; end users have different types of beams depending on the construction requirements of the building or structure where the lifting equipment will be installed and employed. Steve Napieralski, president at OZ Lifting, said: “We’ve had increasing demand for lower capacity products, so I’m pleased to offer 0.5-ton versions of both the manual chain hoist and trolley. As always, we will continue to listen to our dealers and end users, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 0.25ton, 3-ton and even 5-ton versions are put to market in the future.” The 3-ton and 5-ton capacity stainless steel hoist and trolley are already available as a special order. There is no specific application for this kind of manual hoist and trolley, beyond the fact that stainless steel is used in corrosive environments,

including wastewater treatment plants, saltwater, or wash-down applications. Napieralski pointed out other key features of both products. Minimum headroom for the chain hoist is 14.8 in. with a head weight of only 16 lbs., offering 1.5 lbs. per ft. of lift. Standard heights of lift are 10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., and 30 ft., although custom lengths are available upon request. Regardless, all products are rigged in the USA. The trolley, meanwhile, weighs 19 lbs. and fits on a 2.6 in. flange width. The products require a similar maintenance program as their steel counterparts, Napieralski explained. He also stressed the importance of adhering to maintenance and inspection programs, especially if the equipment is being operated in a highly corrosive environment. OZ Lifting outlines these requirements in an owner’s manual, included with every shipment, along with test certification. As the documentation states, the product meets a range of standards, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Both the 0.5-ton capacity manual chain hoist and trolley are in stock and ready to ship.

For more information on OZ Lifting Products visit


Lifting, Slings November 2021

Lifting Products to Manufacture GIS Crane Systems in the UK UK-based Lifting Products Limited will provide a full line of slewing jib cranes, light crane systems, and crane track from Swiss manufacturer GIS AG.


ifting Products will receive jib crane and other parts from Schötz, Lucerne, but will manufacture the range for the first time in the UK. GIS-owned Lift Turn Move (LTM), meanwhile, a supplier of lifting and rigging equipment to the industrial and entertainment event markets, will continue to be the UK supplier of its electric chain hoists, control systems, and additional material handling equipment. James Porter, formerly of LTM, and managing director at Lifting Products, had earmarked the UK as a potential hotbed for the full range of GIS products, but cited transportation costs as a barrier to entry for heavier equipment. However, the company has invested in infrastructure, primarily to facilitate onboarding of the GIS range of profiles and components for the jib crane and GISKB ranges. Overand under-braced jib cranes will be offered from 125kg capacity at 2,000mm reach to 1,000kg capacity at 5,000mm reach. Customisations will be available upon request. The company’s first jib crane build was for installation at the Holywell, Flintshire facility for handling steel sheets from the rack to load a plasma cutter. The new computer numerical control (CNC) cutter allows Lifting Products to profile its own, 40mm-thick steel plate—double the thickness of jib crane base plates. Subsequently, welding jigs were installed for repeat assembly processes. Manual and CNC lathes, a press brake, milling machine, and water-cooled welder are among other new tools that complete a state-of-the-art machine shop suite.


Porter said: “The combination of Swiss-designed products, that have been in use in some of highest specification manufacturing plants for over 30 years, combined with UK manufacturing, provides a solid base to support our customers with. While these are new products for the UK market, they have been tried and tested for many years,

and we can call on that knowhow to provide a comprehensive offering to the UK domestic market.”

Lifting Products partnerships Erich Widmer, sales and marketing manager / deputy managing director, at GIS, said: “with or UK subsidiary LTM and their long-standing focus on the supply of GIS electric chain hoists and travel trolleys we have a solid base in the UK already, but Lifting Products can now support that existing offering, aided by the infrastructure to stock, cut, weld and paint. It’s well known that the two companies work closely together and LTM will supply the GIS hoists to go with Lifting Products’ crane systems. The collaboration strengthens the GIS brand in the UK; customers benefit from being able to buy GIS-designed jib cranes and lightweight track systems, in addition to GIS electric chain hoists and trolleys.” David King, managing director at LTM, added: “This is a win-win situation all-round, for GIS, LTM, Lifting Products and, most importantly, the customer and end user community. We have had great success providing [GIS] chain hoists to the UK market and, three years after GIS acquisition [of LTM], the partnership with our colleagues at Lifting Products continues its legacy here in the UK.” Lifting Products has, since inauguration in 2016, based its growth on high-profile partnerships. It initially serviced the UK and Irish market with Haacon equipment, focussing on off-the-shelf and bespoke winching, jacking, and handling equipment

November 2021 SECTION NAME

Lifting Products Limited will provide a full line of slewing jib cranes, light crane systems, and crane track.

for water treatment, nuclear, offshore, waste, and other specialist markets. This expanded to Haacon’s container lifting and levelling systems, principally in the military sector. Lifting Products is also agent for Koester winches and Wittler safety brakes and cranks, common in agricultural machine making. Porter said: “We are already stocking GIS parts and can react quickly to customer demands, which will likely come from automotive, aircraft, utilities, construction, rail, and manufacturing. There is a standard range, but almost every jib crane built so far has some custom work involved. The track systems are standard parts but, again, they need to be machined to exact customer specifications. We have manufactured over 30 jib cranes in the last four months and supplied several lightweight crane systems, which, prior to our official [GIS] launch, gives me great confidence.” Porter joined LTM in 2008, before setting up Lifting Products in 2016 but his relationship with GIS goes

back further to employment with Chester Chain, where he used to service and install the Swiss-manufactured electric chain hoists. With around 120 employees, GIS AG of Switzerland is a well-known manufacturer of complete crane systems including hoists and vacuum lifters. The company has been developing and producing electric chain hoists for more than 55 years. Over the decades, numerous special versions have been realised to meet the needs of a wide range of market segments. With the current electric chain hoist models GP for industrial applications and LP for the entertainment industry, GIS has taken a pioneering role in the highly competitive market of lifting and handling technology. GIS hoists and crane systems are in use by the hundreds of thousands worldwide - stationary or mobile indoors or outdoors.


November 2021

Novade announces integration Construction Cloud to connect Breaking down construction data silos with the click of a button Novade, Asia’s leading field management software developer, today announced an integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud™, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network, and predictive insights for construction teams. The integration breaks down data silos between office and field teams on construction projects, seamlessly connecting information across Novade and BIM 360, a construction management software in Autodesk Construction Cloud. Making the announcement today, Denis Branthonne, CEO of Novade said, “This exciting integration between Novade and Autodesk Construction Cloud is the start of our journey to deepen relationships with technology partners built towards truly connected construction.”


“Tech companies have to move with the times – our customers want their data to move seamlessly between their favourite systems and applications. The more we can help the construction industry remove data friction, the faster the industry will achieve digital transformation,” he said Novade digitises construction processes in the field such as safety inspections, permits to work, quality inspections or progress reports. Autodesk BIM 360® is widely adopted by construction teams across the globe looking to collaborate throughout all project stages – from design and construction through operations and maintenance. Both tools are trusted by many of the world’s largest contractors, property developers and facility operators – particularly across Europe and Asia.

November 2021

with Autodesk office and field teams

By connecting the Autodesk and Novade platforms, users can now share their safety and quality data from the field in Novade with other construction stakeholders in BIM 360. Novade users can also incorporate the latest drawings from BIM 360 within their field-based workflows and minimise rework headaches resulting from field teams using the wrong drawing. “Construction projects move quickly, so office and field teams need to remain in sync to ensure everyone is working from the latest information,” said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “By enabling customers to connect their project data and documents between BIM 360’s construction management workflows and Novade’s field workflows, office and field teams can streamline collaboration to minimise miscommunications and rework.”

Tiong Seng, one of Singapore’s largest building and civil contractors, is one of the early adopters of this new integration. Colin Tan, Deputy Managing Director of Tiong Seng Contractors Pte Ltd said, “Being able to share information between our existing data platforms is essential for us to reduce bottlenecks in our industry. Our teams now have full project and progress visibility whether they are on or offsite with access to real-time quality and safety data.” To make it easy for construction companies to streamline the enormous amounts of data they collect and manage, tech companies are looking at ways to synchronise, share and unlock their data. To address this, Novade recently launched a set of software integrations with Novade Connect, providing plug and play connectors with some of the world’s most trusted names in the industry.

For more information on the integration:


November 2021

Ballcock & Bits Dual-Brand Their Store With The IPG Ballcock & Bits in Bracknell, Berkshire has become one of the latest IPG members to dual brand their store.


he IPG team are continuing their work to become a recognised brand amongst ALL plumbers, installers and DIY’ers. Their brand message is loud and clear, not only can you buy the best brands locally at great prices, the service you receive in an IPG member store is second to none. When asked what his motivation was to become dual branded, Jay Lovejoy, Showroom Manager at Ballcock and Bits said: “Creating that sense of Identity across all IPG stores is important, we wanted to be at the forefront of this movement.” Jay was also asked if his customers understand who The IPG are and how that benefits them. He responded as follows: “When our customers see our IPG branding, they’re curious to find out what The IPG are and why we’re a member. Once we explain the concept and how it can


benefit them as the customer i.e., competitive prices for the leading brands, they often put us to the test. We win business every time.” Jay went on to say: “We hope to continue to grow with The IPG and become more invested in the marketing side of things. It’s a company with great vision and we want to be a part of it.” Strong outdoor signs help you captivate potential customers’ attention as they travel down the street. Highly visible fascia’s make a big impact and can turn passers-by into a new customer. Ballcock & Bits signage is certainly very eye-catching. For further information, contact Nike Lovell on 07954 302884 or visit

In need of spirit level bubbles? Buy the best brands locally at great prices Visit your IPG store today for all your plumbing, heating and bathroom supplies Find your nearest IPG store at:

Plumbing, Bathrooms November 2021

Copper as a force for good: improving the sustainability of the construction industry The population of the is UK ever-expanding and shows no sign of slowing down. The increase that occurs year after year has put pressure on the government to build more housing, even cheaper and quicker than in previous generations. As a result, despite copper being the professional choice, many construction firms and plumbers now disregard copper as a material, looking to cheaper and poorer alternatives such as plastic.


owever, sustainability is coming to the forefront of the government’s strategies, having adopted the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and addressing social pressures as a result of the effects of global warming. With this in mind, copper is perfectly positioned to help meet new challenges set by the government to the construction industry which aims to improve the sustainability of the industry as a whole.


Copper as a sustainable material Copper has a major advantage in its recyclability - it can be recycled again and again without losing any of its properties, performance, or value. Plastic, on the other hand, is made up of synthetic materials and polymers, making the recycling process considerably more complicated than that of copper. As a result, plastics manufacturers are still attempting to work out how to separate and

re-use the components of plastics, any claims that plastic pipes are fully recyclable is simply an example of greenwashing. Where copper is concerned, this is not an issue as there is already an established scrap collecting infrastructure in place that has been around for centuries. Copper from redundant pipework, electrics and various structures is acquired to be melted, recast and repurposed, it is thought that two-thirds of copper produced

November 2021 Plumbing, Bathrooms are other attributes it has that makes it an ideal material for this industry. These include: • It is highly corrosion resistant, which is important in plumbing as many tubes find themselves underground in potentially corrosive environments • It has superior strength and can withstand the stresses of freezing and thawing in the winter months, unlike plastic which is prone to cracks, ruptures, and leaks • It can be exposed to UV rays and can withstand the heat and intensity of the sun, whereas plastic tubing would fail and warp since 1900 – more than 350 million tonnes – is still in productive use today as a result of its proven recyclability. Recycled copper also accounts for 30% of global demand, and this statistic is only going to increase with the improvement of recycling technologies.

• It can withstand oxidising disinfectants and strong chemicals • It has natural antimicrobial properties, to discourage the growth of harmful organisms

By opting to use copper instead of plastic tubing in the construction industry, contractors and builders alike can play a part in improving the sustainability of their industry, as well as obtaining all these additional benefits. It is also now an aesthetic trend to have exposed copper piping in modern bathrooms and kitchens, making it more desirable for a wider audience. Producing plastic is no longer an issue, it’s a crisis. When looking at the statistics, only 16% of plastic waste is recycled to make new plastics, while 40% is sent to landfill, 25% to incineration and 19% is dumped. When comparing these figures with copper, the industry has successfully reduced its CO2 emissions by cutting its unit energy consumption by 60% versus 1990. The industry is making progress, but is plastic?

Make the right choice. Choose copper.

How is copper used in the plumbing and construction industries? One of the first industries you think of in regard to copper tubing is plumbing. Copper is the professional choice and is the most dependable and most commonly used material in the plumbing industry in the developed world. As well as it being infinitely recyclable, there


Plumbing, Bathrooms November 2021

How to guide on designing the perfect bathroom with Imperial Bathrooms Specialists in the design and manufacture of classic and contemporary British-made bathroom solutions, Imperial Bathrooms, offer its best advice on how to design the perfect bathroom whatever your style, space requirements and budget as the latest data shows the bathroom was the most popular room to renovate in lockdown.


o help you get started, Imperial Bathrooms present a step-by-step ‘How to guide to designing the perfect bathroom’, which outlines what you need to know when embarking on a bathroom remodel: DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Before you commit to a particular style or look, gather together as much visual material as possible, keeping an open mind as you go. If you spot a colour scheme or period style in a magazine that appeals, cut it out and keep it to refer back to later on, and visit Instagram and Pinterest to get a feel for the kind aesthetic that you lean towards. Think about all the elements you need to bring together – taps, bath, shower area, ceramicware and storage. Once you have enough design inspiration, you can start to whittle it down until you’re ready to make some choices, such as the type of brassware finish you prefer or whether you prefer a high- or low-level cistern. STORE AND ORDER – Think carefully about how many people use the bathroom space, and exactly who they are – getting the right storage for their needs will have a direct bearing on the ultimate success of your design. Look for a vanity unit that can comfortably take all the toiletries, bottles and bath toys you need it to, so that you can always enjoy a clutter-free environment. Radiators with towel rails are also great places to keep towels and ensure they stay clean and dry.


KEEP IT REAL – It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of a freestanding tub or a statement vanity, but it’s vital

you don’t let your heart rule your head. Work out a budget and stick to it, and get out your tape measure and be realistic, remembering that all of the elements in the space will need good clearance for practical reasons. At Imperial Bathrooms we recommend allowing around 700mm of space around a bath and about 1000mm around a basin, and when it comes to selecting your mirror or mirrored cabinet, don’t opt for anything wider than the width of the basin or vanity below. LOOK TO THE FUTURE – Your new bathroom is a long-term commitment, so you want your choices to stand the test of time. With this in mind, think about whether your family is likely to change shape so you can factor this into your plan. Also consider whether you might wish to sell your property at a later stage – it might be tempting to get rid of a bath and opt for just having a shower, but could this decision affect your chances of finding a buyer in the future? IT’S GOOD TO TALK – If you have any questions, it’s important to ask someone. Plumbing is a specialist subject so if you’re thinking of changing the existing layout in any way, then check that the pipe feeds are located where they can serve the products you have in mind – as a general rule, it’s usually it’s best to leave the WC where it is. If you feel out of your depth, then think about hiring a designer. They will make sure that all your product choices are practical, work well together visually, and that details such as accessories aren’t overlooked.

Bathroom suite, designed by Imperial Bathrooms featuring its timeless Drift Collection & Roseland Cast Iron Bath tub

November 2021 Plumbing, Bathrooms

AND FINALLY... – Once you have a plan, stick to it. When your project gets underway, making changes can cause delays, which can then turn out to be expensive. For that reason it’s important to make sure before work starts that you’re completely happy with your choices. Imperial Bathrooms recommends that if you can go and see the products you’re after in a showroom setting, then do. Brochures and websites are excellent guides, but it helps to hold and touch items, and check they’re the right colours and finishes for you.

For further product information and design advice from Imperial Bathrooms, please contact: 0870 606 1623 | Imperial Bathrooms: Unit 1-7, Empire Industrial Estate, Brickyard Road, Aldridge, West Midlands WS9 8UD


Industry News November 2021

Roann Limited appointed as lead worktop supplier for £130 million residential scheme Wakefield-based granite and quartz worktop supplier, Roann Limited, has been appointed by Vinci Construction as the lead worktop contractor for residential scheme, New Victoria, in Manchester. The £130 million project, delivered by Muse Developments, comprises 520 apartments, with 178 one-bed, 286 two-bed and 56 three-bed properties, as well as a 6,000 sq. ft commercial space. Roann Limited is supplying Silestone Blanco Norte 20mm for all kitchen worktops, upstands and splash backs, and Reginox Ohio 40x40 sinks in Atlantic Grey powder coated finish, to the entire 450,000 sq. ft residential component. Scheduled for completion in 2024, Roann Limited will begin installing a sample apartment in early September, before full site works begin in November 2021. Scott Wharton, Sales Director at Roann Limited, says “As the only dedicated high-rise residential worktop supplier in the UK, we’re really excited to be a part of this high-profile project. Working on this large-scale scheme in the heart of Manchester is a great reflection of our hard-working and dedicated team, as well as our business’ fast-paced growth. We’re really looking forward to seeing this project come together.” Gordon Maudsley, Senior Quantity Surveyor at Vinci Construction, adds “There was a lot of competition for the works, but Roann Limited stood out from the crowd. They made the whole precontract process a smooth and easy one and have continued to work with us now they’re involved in the scheme. Along with their pro-active attitude - they price competitively which made our decision to work with them an easy one!”


More information on Roann Limited and its products is available at

November 2021 Heating & Ventallation

Worcester Bosch launches the Future Talent Initiative Worcester Bosch launches the Future Talent Initiative

The UK’s leading boiler manufacturer Worcester Bosch are excited to announce the launch of their latest educational programme - the Future Talent Initiative (FTI). The FTI is aimed specifically at supporting young installers, apprentices and those new to the sector, looking to deliver them the advice and information they need to succeed within the heating and hot water industry as it prepares to undergo significant change. As part of the initiative, the manufacturer has developed a robust content series, which sees experienced installers, Worcester Bosch professionals and third-party experts across different sectors, come together to offer their insight across three initial themes. The ‘0 to 20 in 60 Seconds’ series, offers quick-fire tips covering a range of topics including product installation, fault-finding and real-world insight. These are presented by a mix of Worcester’s training and technical support teams plus experienced installers. The ‘Forward Thinking’ series sees Worcester Bosch experts go into detail on where the heating industry is heading, including future technology and policy updates. Finally, ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ is a series of prerecorded webinars from experts outside of the heating industry. Etiquette expert William Hanson covers first impressions when entering customer homes, while Sales Advisor and Author Kieran Perry gives more general business advice. Finally, Wellbeing Consultant Neil Laybourn focuses on the importance of mental health.

The series will see the videos be distributed across a number of months, from now into the new year. Also, Conor Evans from Worcester Bosch takes on the role of ‘Head of Future Talent’ as part of the Future Talent Initiative and is excited to support the installers of tomorrow. He commented; “We held a series of focus groups with young installers last year. They expressed the need for more support from manufacturers in their training and early career stages, which was really the inspiration behind the Future Talent Initiative. “Since then we’ve been working hard to develop our Initiative, identify what young installers want to hear more about and ultimately help them fast-track their careers.” Zoe Tanner, Managing Director of SNG – the publishing house behind HIP Magazine who are involved in the Initiative – added; “HIP is thrilled to be partnering with Worcester Bosch to promote the Future Talent Initiative. The educational tool combined with Worcester’s Headline sponsorship of HIP Learner of the Year 2022 demonstrates a huge commitment to support the next generation of installers and subsequently the future of the industry.” If you are a young installer, an apprentice, or just new to the industry, visit the Worcester Bosch YouTube here to access the Future Talent Initiative series. Alternatively follow HIP Magazine on Instagram (@hipmagazineuk), on Twitter (@HIPMagazine) for the latest updates and video releases. For more information on Worcester’s full range of gas and oil boilers, please visit:


Heating & Ventallation November 2021

Britcon Appointed to Deliver £16M Expansion For Ideal Heating Construction company Britcon has been appointed main contractor to deliver a £16 million expansion for Ideal Heating at its headquarters in Hull.


he 116,000 sq ft expansion will more than double the size of the existing warehouse, allowing Ideal Heating to increase production of lowcarbon heating products. It will also include the construction of a new office building, car park and infrastructure works including a new access road to the site. Founded over a hundred years ago, Ideal Heating is a market leader in high-performance heating solutions for domestic and commercial markets. It employs over 750 people in Hull and a further 250 elsewhere in the UK. In 2019 Ideal Heating became the world’s first boiler manufacturer to be certified to ISO 50001 for energy management, achieving this international standard through measures including the use of renewable materials and energy resources in its design and production process. Jason Speedy, chief operations officer at Ideal Heating, said: “This investment is part of a wider, ambitious plan to significantly grow our business through the introduction of low carbon products for the future. The expansion will enable us to step up production of these and other innovative new heating technologies, reinforcing our wellestablished green credentials and creating more highquality jobs in the city.


“We are pleased to be working with Britcon as our strategic delivery partner following a rigorous competitive tender

process where they were scored on delivery, safety, cost, and quality of submission. Following a number of site visits for comparable projects, we were very impressed with Britcon’s approach to health and safety, value engineering, and all-important commitment to local engagement.” Nick Shepherd, managing director of Britcon, added: “We are delighted to secure this contract as a local company and support Ideal Heating as it pursues its low carbon agenda. “We have a strong local supply chain and are excited to be working in partnership with our client and associated stakeholders in not only delivering this project, but also utilising our experience and resources to deliver local employment opportunities during the construction period. “This is a significant boost for Britcon as we emerge from the impact of Covid as well as Brexit and I am proud of how the business has evolved since I joined in 2019 to be able to compete at the highest level with impressive credentials and fantastic team of professionals.” GGP Consult is also appointed to work alongside Ideal Heating and Britcon to provide project management, structural, civil and architectural services on the project. Construction work will start this month with completion anticipated by Autumn 2022. @Britcon_Limited

November 2021 Heating & Ventallation

Join the Heat Pump Revolution Receive £750-worth of Heat Pump Training for just £45 from Panasonic and Optimum Energy during October 2021 The latest Aquarea heat pumps use R32 refrigerant for increased savings and better environmental results. R32 is easy to recycle, has zero impact on the ozone layer and 75% less impact on global warming, helping to lower the carbon footprint of residential homes.


huge opportunity exists for installers to upskill, par tfunded by the government, and provided by Panasonic in association w ith Optimum Energ y. Take advantage of this fantastic offer and book onto courses which normally cost £750 per person, for just £45 for dates throughout October. The drive to replace the huge number of fossil-fuel boilers (mains gas, oil and LPG) currently installed in homes across the country has just got serious and low carbon heating (and cooling) systems have never been more in demand. Panasonic is teaming up with Optimum Energy to offer installers the chance to get certified to enable you to install the thousands of heat pumps that will be required over the coming years to meet the target set by the government. According to a recent report by the Committee for Climate Change[1], approximately 19 million households could adopt this new technology by 2050, with current predictions of approximately one million heat pumps installed by 2030, resulting in the UK meeting its net zero target by 2050.

Get qualified now… Panasonic has partnered with BEIS (The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and Optimum Energy Solutions to help installers access the necessary training for heat pump projects. COVID-safe, online training, over two days, dates are available from early

October, running weekly until the end of the month. Places are limited, so don’t miss out - book your place now. The courses cover: • Introduction to heat pumps: explaining the science behind this renewable technology • How to conduct heat loss surveys • How to correctly size an Air Source Heat Pump. In addition, delegates will receive free access to industry software and calculators worth hundreds of pounds and £100-off the cost of the LCL Heat Pump Part 1 course. Fur thermore, help with MCS accreditation will be on hand if required. Richard Bishop, Head of Marketing for Panasonic UK and Ireland commented, “We are excited to be able to provide such a great offer to installers and to be working in partnership with BEIS and Optimum Energy Solutions to be able to provide this heat pump training throughout the UK during October and help contribute to a low carbon future - a top priority for Panasonic.” Panasonic’s Aquarea range of air source heat pumps is known for being a highly efficient solution, utilising the air as a 100% renewable energy source to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The range itself is huge, offering a heat pump solution for many different homes, whatever the heating demand.

The Panasonic Aquarea J Generation features a heating efficiency with a COP of 5.33 and a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) COP of up to 3.3. The range is rated A+++ in low temperature operation, which is the highest energy class, according to the new Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30/EC. There are also models available that provide cooling as well as heating and hot water provision. The average household in the UK emits 2.7 tonnes of CO2 every year[2] from heating alone. Switching to air to water heat pumps to provide heating to our homes could help lower housing emissions significantly, plus residents can save up to 50% on their fuel bills. Air to water heat pumps are the future for the housing sector and an essential step in challenging the climate change problem.

REGISTER TODAY Registration for the above training can be found via our PRO Club site – please click here to register or email Panasonic is a world leader within the heating and cooling industry, with over 60 years of experience of producing innovative products. The company invests heavily in R&D to develop new solutions to advance the market, with a huge emphasis on environmental impact, hence the investment in emerging low carbon technologies such as air source heat pumps. For more information on the Panasonic range of low carbon solutions, please visit


Build a Sustainable Future / Multi-award-winning range of air source heat pumps / Market-leading ultra quiet sound levels / Smart control and monitoring with the MELCloud App / Guaranteed low temperature operation



Industry News November 2021

Milestone Reached at £26 Million Great Yarmouth Marina Development Morgan Sindall Construction has hosted a milestone topping out event to mark progress on Great Yarmouth’s £26m ‘once in a generation’ Marina Centre development.


nce completed, the scheme will provide a new destination attraction along Great Yarmouth’s famous Golden Mile. It is being delivered by Morgan Sindall Construction on behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council and will occupy the site of the town’s former and now demolished leisure centre. Work started on the project in January 2020. The new health and fitness centre will comprise a 25 metre swimming pool suitable for competitions and galas, along with a learner pool with moveable floor, leisure water with fun play features, a water confidence area and two water flumes. The complex will also be equipped with a health suite, incorporating a four-court sports hall, fitness studios and spin studios, a 100-station gym, an indoor climbing zone and a café with views to the seafront.


The development is intended to act as a catalyst for further investment as well as providing an important community and tourist hub for the promotion of both indoor

and outdoor activity. It has been hailed by Great Yarmouth Borough Council as a ‘once in a generation opportunity’ to regenerate the town’s seafront promenade. Since work commenced on the site, Morgan Sindall Construction has hosted a number of events to ensure local residents and the wider Great Yarmouth community are involved in the project. Recently this included giving councillors and local stakeholders a virtual site tour, along with arranging a site tour for Women into Construction to help support a more inclusive construction sector. Students from Suffolk New College were also given the opportunity to attend the site and see what it’s like to work on a large-scale construction project. Alister Broadberry, area director for Morgan Sindall Construction East, said: “It is fantastic to be marking this key stage in the development of a transformational project for Great Yarmouth. We are heavily invested in making sure the Great Yarmouth community engages with the project and reaps as much benefit as possible from it.

“We will continue to work closely with Great Yarmouth Borough Council to realise their vision of a next generation, inclusive leisure facility that acts as an anchor attraction for the region.” Great Yarmouth Borough Council leader Cllr Carl Smith said: “We’ve now reached an exciting milestone in the construction of this landmark building. This new state-of-theart visitor destination will be a major year-round boost for Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area, bringing great benefits in supporting the health and wellbeing of our community and visitors for many years to come. It is also a stunning addition to our seafront. “We are hugely grateful to the New Anglia LEP and to Sport England for their financial support of this important project which was crucial in enabling us to push forward with it, and to our contractors Morgan Sindall Construction for continuing to deliver results on schedule and on budget.” Construction work is expected to complete on the Great Yarmouth Marina Centre in 2022.

November 2021 Industry News

NEC Eyes Expansion into New Sectors with Appointment of New Users’ Group Chair The industry-leading provider of procurement contracts to the construction sector, NEC, has appointed the Deputy Director of Crown Commercial Service (CCS) for Construction, John Welch, as its Users’ Group Chair.


longside his role at CCS, John will drive further collaboration across sectors as NEC Users’ Group Chair, facilitating more streamlined implementation of procurement contracts, along with extending into new areas such as manufacturing.

(Babcock) Nuclear, where he transformed the procurement function of major organisations such as EDF Energy. During his time there, he worked on significant projects such as Hinkley Point C, along with decommissioning projects such as Sellafield’s Magnox facility.

With over 20 years’ experience working in civil service roles, John has vast knowledge of establishing the best commercial solutions for Central Government Departments and Wider Public Sector organisations in procuring for construction and infrastructure projects.

Rekha Thawrani, Global Head of NEC said; “Following the pandemic and the turbulence of the last two years for the construction industry, developing strong working relationships and good collaboration needs to continue to be the foundation for enhancing project outcomes.

John has worked across all tiers of the supply chain and across multiple sectors including building, infrastructure, petro-chemical and nuclear, and will bring strategic direction aimed to increase NEC’s growth and usage worldwide.

“John’s experience in public sector roles makes him perfectly positioned to navigate NEC’s outreach into new markets both nationally and globally.

Prior to joining CCS, John was Head of Procurement at Cavendish

“Having worked on numerous major projects across a wide expanse of sectors, we’re confident that John will bring the expertise needed to support the growth of NEC”.

John said: “NEC has already forged a reputation as the leading procurement contract provider to the construction industry, which gives me confidence in its ability to expand its reach globally and into new sectors. “In the future, I want NEC to be synonymous with carbon reduction, and it’s extremely reassuring to see that it’s already heavily on the agenda industry wide. “The collaboration and flexibility that NEC offers means it already plays a vital role in the industry, and it’s promising to see that this will only continue. “After what’s been a difficult past two years, industry and government bodies have grown closer than ever, and I’m pleased to be working with NEC at a time when the sector is in such a fortunate position”. To find out more about NEC, visit the website.


November 2021

Profab Access introduces industry first for fire integrity and installation Profab Access has launched a revolutionary certified frame system that sets a new standard for innovation, fire performance and functionality, making installation on site safer, faster and simpler.


he only product of its kind currently available, the expertly engineered PRECISION adjustable frame completely transforms the installation process for construction professionals and streamlines the specification process for architects and specifiers. This is achieved through the product’s unique construction, which enables the frame to be fully adjusted to meet the specific dimensions of each structural opening, not only ensuring the installation is fit for purpose by providing the


highest standards in accuracy, but subsequently removing the requirement for plastic packers for a safer, faster and simpler installation process. The patent pending PRECISION adjustable frame is now supplied as standard with Profab Access’ high quality steel INTEGRA 4000 Series Fire Rated Riser Door. The PRECISION frame dramatically reduces fitting times and eliminates the risk of using noncompliant components throughout installation, which may not have been tested in conjunction with the riser door itself.

Factory applied intumescent strips to the outer frame also eliminate the need for additional intumescent mastic when installing the frame into a flexible or solid wall construction. Profab Access is the UK’s first manufacturer to have its concealed Riser Doors bidirectionally fire tested and certified by an accredited third party. The PRECISION adjustable frame has also been bi-directionally fire tested as an entire doorset with the INTEGRA 4000 Series Riser Door for up to 120 minutes, receiving the CERTIFIRE accreditation for installation in unlined shaft walls and solid wall construction. This provides architects, specifiers and contractors with a completely certified solution, as both the frame and the riser door have been bidirectionally tested as a single doorset and are supplied with comprehensive documentation to evidence their performance credentials and adherence to all relevant regulations, including BS EN 1634-1:2014 +A1:2018.

November 2021

Marcus Parnham, Commercial Director at Profab Access, said: “As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, we have a responsibility to push the boundaries of this product category and ensure every access solution we supply delivers the highest standards in performance and compliance. “Our new patent pending PRECISION adjustable frame represents a real step change for the industry, supporting professionals in fulfilling their duty of care by going above and beyond current legislation in delivering the highest standards of due diligence and achieving constant compliance for the entire doorset, including the materials used throughout the installation process. The frame is the result of our unwavering commitment to innovation and providing the built environment with the very highest standards in access solutions.”

material contains no halogen compounds and will not emit toxic gas when heated, ensuring the safety of building occupants in the event of a fire.

The PRECISION adjustable frame is constructed with an all-in-one smoke, intumescent and acoustic FS1000 seal, eliminating the need for additional intumescent mastic when installing the frame into a flexible or solid wall construction. This cost efficient and sustainable

As an official Made in Britain member, Profab Access’ comprehensive portfolio of Riser Doors and Access Solutions are manufactured at its headquarters in Atherstone by its experienced team of design and engineering experts.

For further information on Profab Access and its range of riser doors, access panels, and steel doors, call +44(0)1827 718222 or visit


November 2021

Dust extraction specialist to demonstrate problem-solving capabilities at eagerly anticipated SHE Show South 2021 Dustcontrol UK will be demonstrating its problem-solving capabilities at The SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Show South 2021. of experience in developing dust extraction solutions and centralised vacuum systems to fit client requirements in the construction/rental marketplace, as well as production companies. These range from bakeries, cereal manufacturers, tea blenders, spice companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to heavy metal manufacturing plants. They are experts in problem-solving with a high technical capability of capturing dust at its source, then containing and transporting it to a convenient discharge solution.


aking place on Tuesday, 23rd November at MK Stadium, Milton Keynes, Dustcontrol UK will be showcasing its vast experience in helping companies to achieve efficient production processes, increased productivity, improved product quality, and a safer working environment, at stand 22. Demonstrating its range of mobile and centralised vacuum equipment, including HEPA filtered, ATEX-rated and cyclone based industrial dust extractors, the Dustcontrol team will share how its robust machines can capture and extract different kinds of particles and pollutants with the highest level of filtration to achieve better results. James Miller, Managing Director of Dustcontrol UK, said: “We’re

looking forward to sharing our wealth of experience in creating and maintaining healthy environments to industry leaders at this year’s SHE Show South event. Our product range consists of portable dust extractors for industrial and construction use, fixed extraction installations, discharge arrangements, and accessories. All our machines are ideal for extraction of dust or particulate at the point of its production, as well as for powerful vacuuming or air cleaning. “Ultimately, everything runs so much more smoothly when you avoid being stopped or disturbed by dust and other pollutants, not to mention the better air quality that is the result of professional dust extraction.” The company, based in Milton Keynes, has almost 50 years

Attracting around 250 delegates, The SHE Show Conference and Exhibition is an annual series of events all about people, behaviour, and culture change. It focuses on six key elements: inspirational leadership, climate change and sustainability, mental health and wellbeing, behaviour and culture change, overcoming adversity and resilience, and legal advice and updates. James concluded: “At Dustcontrol UK, we’re not satisfied with just selling products. We manufacture and customise portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems to fit all client requirements, achieving safer and healthier work environments.” For further information on Dustcontrol UK’s products, please call 01327 858001, or email For further information on Dustcontrol UK, visit, or for more information on The SHE Show South, visit


November 2021

Permaroof Commercial Saves The Day At Bedford Business Centre Project Earlier this year, a fire broke out on the roof of Bedford Heights Conference Centre in Bedford. Despite there being no structural issues as a result of the blaze, a roof overlay was required to resolve the fire damage and waterproof and re-insulate the area.



November 2021

ermaRoof Commercial was first approached by Simon Watkinson of Halo Energy Ltd after reaching out to a local roofing contractor, who in turn approached PermaRoof Commercial who recommended Cornford Roofing and Firestone Building Products RubberGard EPDM. The tight turnaround was essential given that the fire damage had exposed the building to water ingress, which over time could start to damage the internal parts of the building. Logistically, every day that the building was not in use, due to waiting for repairs, also cost Bedford Heights Conference Centre time and money. Sunny Lotay, National commercial manager at PermaRoof Commercial, said: “When a building suffers fire damage, the pressure is on to swiftly ensure that the area is secure and watertight as, if left, further problems such as water ingress and damp could occur, adding to the cost of the roofing and whole building repairs over time. Therefore, when Simon Watkinson from Halo Energy Ltd got in touch to explain about the damage caused by the fire, it was evident that we

needed to act quicky. Our team went above and beyond to overcome all the obstacles presented as quickly as possible to provide peace of mind to the client.” Over a five-day installation period, approximately 100m2 of RubberGard EPDM and PIR insulation boards were specified and interfaced onto the existing TPO single ply membrane, with walkway pads installed for future maintenance. Simon Watkinson, director at Halo Energy Ltd, said: “When the original contractor let us down, PermaRoof Commercial and Sunny Lotay were recommended by my local roofing company when they realised they didn’t have the license necessary to make the repairs needed. I spoke to Sunny at PermaRoof who recommended Cornford Roofing and made sure that, between them, the job was completed in record time”. PermaRoof Commercial, Cornford Roofing and Firestone made sure the job was done to the highest possible standard, particularly given the tight turnaround the team were presented with. Tom Marsh, of Cornford Roofing, said: “It’s been a pleasure working with the PermaRoof Commercial and Firestone Building Products teams. They both provided full design support and assistance

from the moment we were assigned to the project, which made creating the correct design easy and negated any interface issues we may have otherwise encountered on-site, making for a smooth and successful installation.” Since launching earlier this year, PermaRoof Commercial has successfully secured or completed more than 20 tenders and specifications on a whole host of different projects across the UK. A further 37 projects have so far been forecasted for the remainder of 2021. Simon added: “Sunny and Permaroof Commercial were amazing and I would have no hesitation in either contacting Sunny, or recommending him to anyone, family, friend or colleagues.” Sunny added: “I’m incredibly proud of the strong list of tenders and contacts secured by PermaRoof Commercial. Our customer base is continually expanding and some of these clients – such as Tom at Cornford Roofing – we’re already planning our next collaborative projects with. I can’t wait to see where the final quarter of 2021 takes us.” For more information on PermaRoof Commercial, please visit or call 01773 608839.


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Recommended Suppliers


We design and supply bags and cradles globally that secure non-standard loads ready for lifting to height using winches and cranes. 0114 3241224

Techtronic Industries EMEA, 1st Floor, Unit 3 Globeside, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1HZ

PafBag Limited, Unit C14, Alison Business Centre, Alison Crescent, Sheffield, S2 1AS, United Kingdom

We are the UK’s trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private landowners.

At ENGEL Workwear, we value being able to provide good advice and sparring to our customers and end users, which is why we constantly raise the bar for ourselves when it comes to product quality, innovation, creativity, flexibility and environmental awareness. T: 0333 2414 413

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced high quality products and innovative technologies into the UK for more than 35 years. (+45) 74 22 35 15 Norgesvej 12, 6100 Haderslev, Denmark are market leaders in the installation of resin bound driveways in the UK with over 18 years experience in the industry. 07920 100 222 Unit 9, Churchfields Industrial Estate, Rye Harbour Road, Rye Harbour, East Sussex, TN31 7TE