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December 2021

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• Continuous flow units & systems deliver hot water on demand • Users pay only for fuel used, not to store heated water

Fuel cost savings of 30% and lower carbon emissions are realistic on all continuous flow hot water heating units and systems installed at any commercial site. The technology employed means that a site and end-user pays only for fuel used to heat the limitless flow hot water to the required temperature - the units are all programmable up to 85 degrees C. Says Chris Goggin, Operation Director for Rinnai, ’Our company operates in over 50 countries worldwide, and manufactures on each of the five continents producing over 2 million water heating units each year. We have a global reach of over 650 design engineers plus testing facilities in Japan, America and Australasia. We have moved this quickly as we perceive that the market is fast changing. Therefore, from early in the New Year we will be broadening our product offering to encompass others forms of lower carbon hot water delivery units and systems. ‘The UK government, although committed to decarbonisation, has been rather mixed in its approach on the road to NetZero but one thing is certain – we must stop using carbon bearing fuels as soon as is realistic and pragmatic. We have huge populations that want to halt climate

change but still want to be within their present living standards. Adds Mr Goggin, ‘We have positioned the Rinnai name as a company that offers the highest quality product and best available value with service excellence. It is a position of responsibility and we have maintained a stance of doing the very best we can for customers. We believe implicitly in this basic premise - we do the best we can, and we achieve what our customers want and expect. And that includes anticipating the future.’ ‘We want to see realism brought into an increasingly polarised debate that, at times reaches levels of unbridled hysteria. Fact, logic and reason must be employed for the best outcome for all of us. We need decarbonisation, we need NetZero, and we need it as soon as possible but in such a way that is pragmatic in terms of catering to the existing populations and markets,” he adds.

needs and fuels. We have a global reach with 650 R & D engineers. We will evolve to ensure that our customers have the very best possible product options. “We believe, implicitly that there will be a need for a variety of solutions to the Energy Trilemma – there is not one single fuel or appliance that is the answer to all the problems. We also believe that some of the statements coming from quasi-official quarters is the drum-banging of interested parties looking after their own primary financial and or political interests.’ The new products and formats are all Rinnai products and meet or exceed existing or proposed UK legislation or certifications.

“We are manufacturers of proven excellence and are using our core competencies of design engineering solutions to suit all possible future

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

December 2021

What is a Heat Pump? It is a direct expansion cycle (DX) that comprises of a Compressor, an Evaporator a Condenser and an Expansion Device. It uses refrigerant as a media to transfer unwanted energy (heat) from inside to outside (cooling) or from outside to inside (heating). In the system there is a reversing valve that changes the evaporator to a condenser and a condenser to an evaporator (hence the reverse cycle term). Why refrigerant? Refrigerant is a chemical gas that changes phase from gas to liquid and visa versa. It is extremely energy efficient and can carry more the 50 times energy per weight than air and 10 times more than water. It boils at as low as -50°C (water +100°C) and condenses at as high as 140°C. These characteristic makes it suitable for most habitable areas of the world, smaller inter connecting pipes and compact and very cost effective. The refrigerant safety class for domestic use MUST be A1 class non-flammable. There are other classes A2, A2L flammables and can be explosive under pressure and A3 highly flammable and explosive. Classes are as defined by ISO817 & ASHRAE 34 standards The efficiency of cooling (EER) cycle or heating cycle (COP) can range anything between 250% (2.5/1) to 500% (5/1) (that is for every energy unit, say1 kW electricity consumed, up to 5 kW can be absorbed from inside (unwanted heat) to be rejected outside or absorbed from outside air or water or ground and transferred to inside to heat a house or domestic hot water). There are mainly Air to Air (most common and cost effective), Water to Air & Water to Water systems. Systems can be compact (all components in one box) or Single Splits One indoor and One outdoor or Multi Splits where multiple indoor units connected to One outdoor unit. The Indoor units can be a wall, floor, Ceiling or Ducted fan coils or a refrigerant to water heat exchanger to provide domestic hot water or medium temperature heating water for under floor heating or radiators. The interconnecting refrigeration pipe work would require specialist approved refrigeration engineers. There are no extra safety control systems (provided the refrigerant is A1 class non-flammable) and no chimneys, extra builder’s work or electrical supplies.

02 Tel: 01483 478715

Safe, Healthy, Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Heat Pumps *

Ideal for domestic application

LG One to One & Multi Splits Ideal for Domestic/Apartments Heating / Cooling Up to 5 rooms from one outdoor unit


Ideal for Residential & Small Commercial/Offices Heating / Hot Water / Cooling Up to 11 indoor units from one outdoor unit



Wall Gallery

Wall Mirror

Concealed Ducted


HK - Hydro Kit

LG Therma V ™

Ideal for Domestic/Apartments Heating & Hot Water Medium or High Temperature Mono & Split Systems VARIOUS APPLICATION Various applications

RADIATOR Radiators

FLOORHEATING Floor-heating

HOT HotWATER water

* All Heat Pumps supplied by Space Air contains Non-flammable A1 Class Refrigerants such as R410A Space Air are under obligation to meet H&S 2016 No. 1107 Statutory Instrument to not supply equipment containing A2L class (R32) flammable refrigerant without conforming to Part 2 of the Statutory Instrument.

01483 478 715 •

Construction Update December 2021


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Construction Update



Head Office: Unit G16, River Bank Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DN Tel: +44(0)1422 315300, Email:,








December 2021

’Tailored Solutio by Wojciech Brozyna - MD of Aluprof UK

Buying from a systems company offers an immediate partnership between the fabricator and supplier. This bond can become very strong over time as both systems company and fabricator work together to gain specification and supply architectural aluminium installations. Typically the systems company supplies an ‘off the shelf’ tried and tested aluminium system, be it a door system, windows or curtain wall, complete with detailed fabrication information which can include tooling and even fabrication software.


he procurement process is mainly one way, from systems company to fabricator, with system construction being prescriptive in order to meet the outline of the tests that the systems comply with. The benefit to the systems company is that they can share all the legislative and testing costs across many projects and customers, this keeps costs down. For the fabricator, to have a range of systems off the shelf is certainly much more competitive than having to try and design their own bespoke systems. At Aluprof we have placed more emphasis on flexibility with our ‘Tailored Solutions’ approach. For example, by having an experienced and extensive design team in Poland, coupled with our own Polish extrusion facility we can quickly create bespoke profiles to suit any project. Our design team here in the UK will work with architect and fabricator to agree a solution which then becomes part of the overall Aluprof warranty provided on any project. But that is just part of the story.


Minimal profile and hardware stock is held here in the UK and we rely on twice weekly deliveries direct from Poland to anywhere in the UK. It

did not seem sensible, when we set up in the UK some fifteen years ago, to double-handle project specific material; delivery to a UK warehouse and then onto another delivery vehicle for final delivery. This way material will often travel further to get to the fabricator with increased lead times. We also pride ourselves in shipping orders complete, this enables the fabricator to schedule fabrication from delivery, rather than having to check and wait for all the materials to arrive. Both these approaches to supply significantly reduces lead times allowing the fabricator to get products installed on site quicker, with an improved cash flow. We also recognised that not all fabricators can put on extra shifts to meet busy times as production facilities often utilise a lean working ethic to maintain competitiveness. To assist fabricators, Aluprof introduced a fabrication facility in Poland that can manufacture some or all of the supply at the request of the fabricator. This has proven to be a real benefit to our customers and we have often seen the more difficult constructions within a project being made by us. From specification through to installation, our team in the UK ‘partners’ with our customers to ensure


December 2021 that system supply is value managed, maximising profit for our customer. We believe this ‘Value Management’ strengthens our relationship with our customers who then often ask us to partner them on projects they have secured. Value Management encompasses Value Engineering as it looks at every process from order through to completion. To begin with, an overview of the complete project programme is needed, with each of the processes and deadlines for completion itemised. It is at this stage that options are discussed. One of the obvious choices is that of the systems to be used for the windows, doors or facade. As with other high end systems companies, Aluprof offer their systems in various designs to meet the exact needs of the building. An example of this can be seen in Aluprof’s popular MB-SR50N Curtain Wall system, far from being a single system there are many options to choose from, these include various insulation levels, capping options or structural arrangements, each choice represents a cost or a cost saving. It’s a little like specifying options on a new car taking the base model of choice as a starting point. A further consideration is the optimisation of aluminium profile cutting. To reduce wastage on fabrication, profiles can be extruded to special lengths which offer high levels of cutting optimisation which in turn reduces material waste, which then reduces costs. These are just some of the important issues that are reviewed in the Value Management process which ensures that the completed project performs exactly as specified and perfectly meets with the clients expectations. To ensure that any installation meets exacting site requirements, new profiles can form part of the Value Management process. New profiles

could offer not just a better detail, but new profiles can reduce the time taken to install on site. At the extreme end of Value Management is the option of developing an entirely new system to meet a projects requirement. The experience within the technical team at Aluprof makes this option entirely possible, it has been done before. On this point, we do have some exciting news shortly with a new system for the UK being launched very soon. Installation ‘Value Management’ could mean that on site teams are chosen with installers who are experienced and trained in the systems being installed, possibly by making up new teams with experienced site agents who have used the systems being as they have worked on installations using the same systems. These are but a few of the ‘Value Management’ principles that are explored by Aluprof on any project that they become involved with by specification. As expected, it is an iterative process and one that offers both value for the client and sustainable manufacture for Aluprof and its network of UK fabricators and installers. To take advantage of, or learn more about our ‘Tailored Solutions’ get in touch with one of our team members. Since setting up the Aluprof Office at the Business Design Centre in London, the company has rapidly grown their specification influence in the UK with their high-performance architectural aluminium systems. Further expansion of the company’s headquarters in Altrincham now provides specifiers with meeting facilities and an extensive showroom of commercial systems to view. With overseas growth across Europe spreading into the Middle East and firm roots already in the East of the USA, the company is becoming a global player in facade supply.

Further information is available on the company’s website at or direct from their UK head office in Altrincham on 0161 941 4005.


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December 2021

BESA welcomes Budget boost for green skills The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has applauded the Chancellor for setting aside £3.8bn for education and skills with particular focus on additional support for SMEs and the creation of new T-levels to help young adults take up vocational careers.

The new funds announced in this week’s Budget back up promises made by the government in last week’s Net Zero strategy to create 440,000 ‘green collar’ jobs by 2030 to help decarbonise key sectors of the economy including heating and cooling of buildings. The Budget also contained news of a business rates reduction scheme for firms looking to install heat networks, solar panels, and battery storage. The Association said this would provide welcome impetus to technologies that will play a key role in reducing the 40% of global carbon emissions linked to the built environment. BESA welcomed the continued commitment to the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which the government says could reach up to 11 million adults giving them the opportunity to gain a new qualification for free. However, the Association said it was important to target this funding at areas where there are key skills gaps including building services.

The Chancellor also restated his commitment to the Help to Grow scheme, which BESA thinks could provide useful additional support to SMEs to help boost their productivity and business growth. Comprehensive The Association said employers should work with the government to finalise a more comprehensive national plan for low carbon skills to help create the two million jobs needed to help fully decarbonise the economy by 2050. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) only about 200,000 people are currently employed in sectors directly linked to decarbonisation including energy efficiency and renewables. “The government is clearly committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment but delivering that vision will require a huge expansion and upskilling of the workforce in key sectors like engineering and construction,” said BESA President Neil Brackenridge.

“UK vacancies are at their highest levels since records began at 1.1 million (according to ONS) but there are still thousands of young people, in particular, looking for work,” he added. “Many now aspire to careers where they can have an impact on the climate crisis. “However, this will require a considerable increase in the number of people guided towards technical training – like T-levels and vocational degrees – with a particular emphasis on STEM subjects. So, the additional funding announced today by the Chancellor is very welcome, but it needs to be backed up by a comprehensive skills plan to ensure it is spent wisely.”


December 2021

Great, “Old Fashioned” Service ……. Pump Technology Ltd., founded in 1992, is recognized as one of the UK’s leading independent pumps and pumping system specialists focusing on drainage, wastewater and sewage applications.


true “One Stop Pump Shop” for specifiers and engineers, the company boasts a long serving, experienced team who will be able to discuss just about any pump solution requirement with customers.

Ultimate pumping performance and reliability is reliant on correct pump selection and Pump Technology pride themselves on their, right-firsttime, ethos. The team say they believe that their main tool is the telephone and, when it comes to understanding an application and having confidence in any purchase, talking always wins!

for replacement, ideally like for like, or if that model is superseded an equivalent for pumping performance and fit. For new applications, typically pumping stations for basements, house extensions, garden rooms, warehouse, offices, public houses, local flooding solutions, emergency onsite pumps, the team will be happy to discuss and recommend suitable and always cost-effective solutions. Additionally, the Pump Technology engineers will be happy to provide training for all of their products in their online showroom. This includes being able to remotely show customers the products they want to order and explaining about future applications or product solutions, exactly how they work and are maintained.

extensions and garden rooms. This consists of a 60L below ground tank with a single free-standing submersible sewage pump, high level alarm and cover with full installation and maintenance details.

Also, particularly at this time of year, the Floodbox, which is a “Self-contained”, emergency flood package for areas such as patios, warehouse floors, door-ways etc. is proving popular with house and business owners

Avoiding the hassle of wrongly specified items, returns and confusion over missing accessories all contribute to being able to keep prices competitively low Pump Technology say that this is what makes them a true market leader. They are recommended by the leading manufactures such as KSB, Lowara, Ebara, Dab, Flygt, Jung Pumpen, Saniflo etc. for the selection and supply of their equipment and hold possibly the largest and most varied stock of pumps in the UK. Orders placed before 3.30pm will be packed for next working day delivery with options for am and weekend shipping. Customers close enough to the warehouse in Aldermaston, Berkshire can always call in.


Customers are learning that one call will identify a broken pump

Current popular products include the MiniMatic below ground pumping station for house

More Information: Pump Technology Ltd 0118 9821 555

PPE December 2021

Combining Hi-Visibility and Sustainability for Wellbeing and Safety. Snickers Workwear leads the way in developing responsible Hi-Vis protective wear.



ith an extensive range of Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, Toolvests, Shirts and Fleeces for men and women, there’s a host of garments in the Snickers Workwear range to satisfy the specific requirements of Class 1, 2 and 3 protection levels.

This world-leading brand of recycled performance fibre combines with the hardwearing polyamide fabric and CORDURA® reinforcements for enhanced durability that’s windproof, and warm, while stretch panels ensure optimal mobility.

The requirements of EN standards for wearing high visibility are interwoven with the Snickers Workwear hallmarks of functionality and comfort in all the garments. What’s more, the lightweight Repreve® Polyester padding in the NEW AllroundWork Class 2 Hi-Vis padded jacket takes sustainablility in Hi-Vis workwear to a new level.

Developed for craftsmen and women in the road, logistics, facilities and general construction sectors who must stay warm and visible in chilly conditions, like all Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis clothing, its durable, colour-fast protection that will last for wash after wash, retaining shape and comfort.

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear range of ProtecWork and Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis protective wear is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue; or you can email

December 2021

Be safe & informed whilst working at height with visual tagging solutions Whether working on towers, steps, podiums, or ladders, projects involving working at height require a risk assessment to determine the appropriate equipment and inspection. Take control of your work environment! Discover Scafftag’s selection of work at height equipment and learn how to ensure compliance and manage your structures. Equipment tagging systems from Scafftag provide you with all the tools you need to inspect your ladders, scaffolding and other height equipment to improve safety in the workplace. Ensure all important inspection information is clearly displayed with inspection tags, inserts and holders. Discover Scafftag’s visual tagging solutions for Working at Height! Improve ladder safety with LADDERTAG from Scafftag

Laddertags increase effective communication by instantly showing the ladder is in date for it’s thorough examination, the ladder’s inspection period and a guide to the pre-use and in-use visual inspections to be carried out by the operative. Shop the complete range of ladder inspection systems available to control your ladder safety, inspections, maintenance and identification. Laddertag is the original and industry leading status tagging system for ladders. Laddertag is a robust and highly visible system, instantly showing the ladder is in date for it’s thorough examination, the ladder’s inspection period and a guide to the pre-use and in-use visual inspections to be carried out by the operative. This clear system has been adopted by thousands of leading ISO 9000 companies. A complete range of ladder inspection systems are available to control your ladder safety, inspections, maintenance and identification. The Yellow Book Ladder Inspection Records The Yellow Book from Scafftag is the must have ladder accessory! Make maintaining safety of your ladders simple and compliant. Combining all the elements required to manage your ladders (steps, fixed, pole and hop-ups) in one protective binder. It contains legislative and risk assessment guidance, ladder register, inspection reports and fault notifications. • • • • • •


Scafftag’s Yellow Book helps you to comply with legislative requirements and good practices of: Conducting a risk assessment Inspecting and maintaining equipment at suitable periods as deemed appropriate by a risk assessment Maintaining a record of all timed, written inspections Maintaining the important Ladder Register Ensuring the life-cycle of the ladder is documented

December 2021 Refills of ladder inspection reports, notification of fault reports and ladder registers are also available for. Several numerical combinations of holders and inserts are now available to accommodate all requirements – from just 1 ladder upwards (for management of multiple ladders, consider Safetrak – the electronic management system. Streamlining reporting and minimizing paperwork)! Case study: Kew Gardens managing the unmanagable with Scafftag

my immediate thought was - I don’t need to go anywhere else. This is safe and simple and will do exactly what we need. Scafftag works with its clients to introduce systems and procedures that help manage and communicate the changing status of equipment regarding safety, maintenance and identity/ location. As a general rule Scafftag advises that ladders, podiums and steps should be regarded primarily as a means of access and that if used, should only be used for short periods and when other suitable equipment is not appropriate.

Working at height is an everyday occurrence for the horticulturalists and maintenance staff at Kew Gardens. However, with a compliment of 3 glasshouses, 5 minor houses and 2 nurseries together with a variety of spectacular events and displays including the Summer Swing Music Festival, Summer Festival and Orchid Festival that occur each year, they have a challenge on their hands. How do you safely work at height around plants that do not grow uniformly, come in all shapes, sizes and weights and live in 200 year old glass houses that were not built with health and safety in mind? Phil Griffiths, Head of Glasshouses at Kew Gardens explains how he juggles safe working at height, health and safety legislation, unruly plants and a demanding public by working closely with equipment status management specialists, Scafftag. The Health and Safety Executive’s message is clear - ladders should only be used for low-risk, shortduration work and can be used if, after assessing the risks, the use of more suitable work equipment is not justified because of the low risk and short duration. Ladders can also be used for low risk work where there are features on the site that mean a ladder must be used. Phil embarked on a process of investigation for such a safe system and identified Scafftag as specialists in this field. Scafftag was already supplying other departments within Kew Gardens and once I saw the system

a handy, quick-reference ladder inspection checklist; Microtag, an inspection tag for steps and stools; the Towertag system that ensures the latest status of mobile towers are instantly visible at the point of use - showing location and move references; and the Yellow Book that collates all the elements required to manage ladders onsite. Phil explains that the introduction of the range of Scafftag products enables people to ensure best and safe practice is maintained. The Scafftag systems put the onus on the person - they have to be aware of it and the responsibility is passed on to anyone using the equipment. The people using the ladders can vary day to day and the Scafftag products ensure that the inspection status of equipment is communicated at all times. And when audited, all the information is contained in one place and is up to date - it’s a neat little system. Abi Piper, Sales Representative at Scafftag works with Phil and regularly visits Kew Gardens to make sure that everything is running smoothly as well as training any new staff so that they are fully conversant with the Scafftag products. Phil said of the service “It’s excellent. It’s really helpful to work with someone who knows the products and can give advice if needed. Abi explains and demonstrates the products to the team here and links the importance of the systems to the legislation we have to adhere to. This type of explanation helps people understand the importance of respecting the ladder safety systems and using them at all times.”

However, the requirements at Kew Gardens are quite unusual and in some cases ladders are the only way to be able to carry out some of the work. So the horticultural department uses a variety of safety systems to clearly identify whether a ladder is safe to use or not. These include Laddertag which displays the latest information relating to a ladder’s class, inspection period and inspections due as well as

This new approach to safe practice when working at height that has been introduced at Kew Gardens with the help of Scafftag is a perfect example of how a risk, once identified, can be managed safely and effectively without interfering with or preventing the day to day activity that is essential to an organisation such as Kew Gardens. Scafftag – A Brady Business Tel 0845 089 4060


December 2021

Kelly Tanks provide innovative, cost-effective Concrete Washout & Water Treatment Systems for hire or purchase. The well-established CWS Concrete Washout is the product of choice for washing off concrete wagons and equipment. Kelly Tanks also offers a range of Water Treatment tanks and systems for filtration and/or separation. Following the success and increased demand for their equipment, Kelly Tanks consistently release new products to help ensure safe and compliant waste-water treatment on building sites across the UK and overseas. Building on the triumphs of their systems for concrete washout and the separation of solids and liquids in wastewater, Kelly Tanks have launched a range of modular Dosing Units used for monitoring and controlling pH & TSS levels and/or providing proportional chemical dosing, their unique design means the units can be fitted to most tanks and positioned as required without the need for large, specialised equipment. Continuing with their innovative, sustainable approach, Kelly Tanks are also set to introduce a Renewable Energy system. This innovative product range is complemented by a commitment to excellent customer service. “As a company we pride ourselves in putting the customer first. We are proud of our fast, nimble approach in providing our customer with exactly what they need. As well as our equipment, we can supply familiarisation training, testing services and full onsite water management teams. We also design and build bespoke systems to ensure our customer always receive the best equipment for their application”.


December 2021

KEY BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT FROM KELLY TANKS SYSTEMS: Designed to meet the rigours of the construction industry: • Fast and Simple to Set up • Small Footprint equipment available • Units can be linked to handle range of flows, pumps sizes & particle characteristics • Easy to Maintain and Monitor equipment • Reduce off-site disposal costs • Reduce risk of pollution • Easy to use equipment If you’d like to find out more information on Kelly Tanks’ full range of products, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below. T 01889 508944


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22 20

Fencing and security solutions manufacturer Jacksons Fencing has responded to industry demand and expanded its range of premium quality products by launching a new metal post, Mi-T®.

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Small but mighty – T-shaped steel posts from Jacksons Fencing


Companies of the Year December 2021

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The Mi-T® posts work seamlessly with several of Jacksons Fencing’s bestselling framed fence panels, including:

These new posts reflect emerging market trends and offer a sustainable alternative to tackle the destructive nature of concrete posts. Available in lengths of 2.7m, Mi-T® posts can be used with Jacksons’ framed timber fence panels. They’re constructed from hot-dip galvanised steel, to protect them from rust and corrosion, and they can also be powder coated in anthracite grey for a stylish finish. From the rear of the panels, a narrow strip of steel is visible where the panels are fixed to the post. However, from the front, the post can hardly be seen, creating a seamless fencing run with no posts to interrupt the continuity. All timber posts produced by Jacksons Fencing hold a 25-year guarantee against rot and insect attack. This is possible thanks to the implementation of kiln drying and pressure treatment processes. The Mi-T® posts also hold a 25-year service life guarantee and offer an alternative option for fence posts.


Nick Bishenden, Senior Marketing Manager, Jacksons Fencing says: “There is a traditional audience in the UK who remain wary of using timber posts, as they have been bitten by inferior products to ours that rot after only a few years. This audience generally opts for concrete posts.

“As one of the largest UK garden fencing manufacturers, we feel it is our responsibility to help the fencing industry become more sustainable by moving away from concrete posts. This was one of the key motives for the development of our metal Mi-T® post. It provides an alternative to concrete and will appeal to the audiences that currently opt for concrete posts.” Chris Hone, Approved Installer Manager, Jacksons Fencing says: “Sustainable business practices are given due consideration at each stage of all of our manufacturing processes, and these are regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement. “As a result, we are proud to announce that the Mi-T® posts are 100% recyclable, meaning they have an extremely low carbon footprint and environmental impact. “Beyond the manufacturing process, we ensure that the installation of all of our products is as eco-friendly as possible. The new Mi-T® post is lightweight and easy to handle. As such, our vehicles can transport more at once, making our delivery more efficient. “As the Mi-T® post is lighter than concrete and timber, it is easier to install on-site. This benefits contractors who work alone, as it can be fixed in place easily from one side and doesn’t involve any lifting.”

Tongue and Groove: This popular, timeless panel is available in horizontal and vertical styles, and can be convex or level topped. It’s a solid panel that offers ultimate concealment and privacy. Venetian: A slatted panel that allows light and air to flow through. This panel also works exceptionally well as a screen or partition. Hit and Miss: A semi-solid design with a hit and miss pattern that allows some light and air through while maintaining a high level of privacy. Woven: Comprised of interwoven pales that creates a decorative screen that casts dappled light across the garden. Peter Jackson, MD Jacksons Fencing says: “For years we have flown the flag for reliable timber posts. We’re very proud to say, they have more than proven themselves, often lasting many more years than our 25-year guarantee. “The launch of the Mi-T® posts will broaden our range, respond to customer demand, and offer a new alternative for those looking for a more sustainable option than concrete. “In situ, these posts are subtle, ensuring the overall aesthetic is not deterred away from the attractive natural timber panels they’re fixed to.” Find out more on Jacksons Fencing’s website





















SMALL BUT MIGHTY Introducing our new metal fence post: Mi-T. A safe, secure, sustainable alternative to concrete posts. For a seamless finish with a 25 year guarantee.

Call 0800 408 4763 or visit


Specialist Hand Protection for

Construction Workers Your hands - the most valuable tool you have Your hands are without doubt your most valuable tool; they’re versatile, strong, always by your side and like your best friend, they’ll never let you down. However, they’re also precious, sensitive and you only get one pair to last your entire life. That’s why getting the correct hand protection is a serious matter and one that should be considered very carefully. There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of different gloves available in today’s market. It’s great to have choice but sometimes it leads to confusion and a lack of clarity. That’s why MCR Safety have categorised the options to help you make the right choice for you.

General Handling Heroes

MCR Safety offer an extensive range of General Handling work gloves; they come with a variety of different protective properties to suit different tasks and operations throughout the Construction Industry. They’re especially suitable for use in Construction, Building and Trades because they’ll protect your hands from the scrapes and grazes you encounter on a daily basis. They’re great for handling rough objects like bricks and breeze blocks, protecting your hand and improving your natural grip.

They’ll also protect your skin when in contact with abrasive surfaces like concrete, masonry and timber. You can select from a range of coatings designed to improve, dexterity, breathability, grip and comfort. The range also includes options with touch-screen fingertips so you can operate tech without removing your gloves. Lean more about General Handling Gloves

We Protect People.

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Medium to Extreme Risk

22 20

Cut Protection

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Work gloves designed to offer any level of protection, by law, must be tested to EN388 which is a globally recognised standard. Gloves are tested for their resistance to abrasion, cut, tear and puncture and the combined score represents the overall protective value of the glove. The score given for cut is the most relevant in high-risk environments; the highest rating is ‘F’. When it comes to cut protection, MCR’s range starts at level ‘B’ and goes right through to ‘F’ . They represent this with a simple scale measuring from Medium through to Extreme protection. This is a quick and easy reference to help you navigate the range. Levels of protection are determined by components and glove construction. Cut fibre yarns are used in conjunction with coatings and for some gloves at the extreme end of the scale, leather reinforcements are used.

The Construction Industry is one of the biggest users of impact protection gloves. Heavy objects are an obvious hazard and although safety regulations are stringent and personnel are properly trained; there is always risk of hand injury.

Learn more about Cut-Protection Gloves

Armoury for Hands

MCR Safety’s impact protection gloves have robust armour to shield the back of your hand. It’s made from TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), an ideal material for impact protection because it’s incredibly tough but also surprisingly supple. It’s applied in panels like the scales of a crocodile so it can flex with the hand through your full range of motion.

Learn more about Impact-Protection Gloves

Protective Eyewear. MCR Safety also have a full range of protective eyewear and prescription safety eyewear.

MCR Safety Europe. Middlemore Lane West - Walsall - WS9 8BG - United Kingdom t: +44 (0) 1922 457421 e:

Companies of the Year December 2021

Since then, the company has seen on average, year on year double digit growth. Seven years ago, Laydex sold its shares to Astral Ltd making Seal It Services a multi-national group. Seal It Services Inc formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bond It UK in 2017. As one of the leading suppliers of high-performance building chemicals and sealants to the trade industry, Bond It Group offers an impressive range of over 600 product lines. All of which is manufactured in the UK and in the USA. The company’s UK manufacturing facility is based in Elland, West Yorkshire while the USA branch resides in Sandford, North Carolina.

As all its products are made in the UK, stock availability is good, and its products can always be sold at competitive prices. As Bond It Group look ahead, it seems evident that there is a growing market in Hybrid Technology. A benefit of hybrids is they are free from solvents, isocyanates and silicones and is therefore non-hazardous and safe. “With hybrid products, new applications can be replicated on building sites. The launch of EasiSeal was a revolutionary step for us into the roofing sector. Off this success, we then developed the new Seal It One Coat Roof Seal which we launched in 2019, which has taken off in leaps and bounds.” Mentions David.

With its dominating global presence, the company has now

For more information, see details below. T 01422 315 300

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Noticing evolving concerns within the industry, Bond It Group provides a greater understanding of environmental issues and current legislation influences. From product development to recycling within the manufacturing processes; reducing carbon footprint is paramount.

successfully launched the Bond It Group brand in North America. As for the future, it will continue to develop its manufacturing capacity both in the UK and the USA. It will look to introduce at least one new product to its range each quarter as David mentions, “We believe we are well placed within the industry to further build upon and strengthen our partnership with our existing customer base, as we look to continually promote our British products in worldwide markets.”

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Bond It Group manufacture products for the building and construction industry and offer a diverse product portfolio. We had the chance to speak with Bond It Group CEO, David Moore who explained, “We supply an array of markets and trades and our expertise cover both the public and the private sector across the spectrum

“Bond It Group identify as manufacturers of building chemicals and our product range has grown over time. We now encompass a multitude of products from construction adhesives to waterproofing compounds and landscaping. We are synonymous with quality and have recognised brand names such as Gripbond, Rescue Tape, Mega Foam, Pro range, Glue Monsters and Superheros, to name a few.” Said David.

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In 2002, Seal It Services Ltd formed as a partnership between David Moore and Laydex to purchase the assets of Bond It.

Whether it be a specific architectural project or working with the local authorities, Bond It Group is well-equipped to assist, and manufactures its own-brand products. Quality is continually optimised, supported by its global brand presence by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. “We never compromise on quality.” States David.


A Bond That Can Never Be Broken

of building markets including commercial, industrial, leisure, residential, educational and health.”

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Diamik Glass the alternative and sustainable luxury surface Diamik Glass have created two environmentally friendly products Ecorok® and Decorok®, both products are made from recycling waste glass. Both are durable, strong, beautiful and have commendable environmental credentials. Years of development and trials have resulted in two products that offer a creditable alternative to imported, mined products. Ecorok® is perfect as worktops for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Made from a minimum of 85% recycled glass and the remainder a mixture of resin and pigment which makes them non-porous, scratch resistant, smooth to the touch and beautiful to the eye. As Ecorok® is non-porous it makes it highly resilient to stains and marks. Cleaning for the eco-warriors amongst us can be as simple as mild soapy water, but if you need to give it a deep clean you can use scouring pads and bleach sprays without damaging the surface.

Decorok is made using 100% glass and as the name suggests is targeted as a more decorative material. Its translucent appearance featuring crushed glass design provides that something special in key environments. Just like Ecorok ™ Decorok ™ can be fully recycled at the end of its life to produce new surfaces with no waste. Diamik harvests only local glass destined for landfill, then processes this waste, using craftsmanship into perfect sheet sizes for every customer. This is supported using modern technology to create these two innovative and versatile products. Their latest digital templating technology also allows for millimetre perfect measuring and cutting to create shapes – they even offer to video the procedure as a keep sake for the customer or to use as a promotional tool. Diamik’s products can now be found in all parts of the UK and Europe which is testament to how quickly people are moving towards a more sustainable future. Customers have been looking for something new, something fresh a new design with ecological street credibility. Ecorok comes in over fifty standard designs with new ones being created every month. The Diamik Bespoke option will create your very own unique special surface. The only limit is the customers imagination!

If you would like to find out more about these unique products contact Diamik Glass on 0113 249 7001 E: or visit their website

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Eco friendly, luxury surfaces

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Our glass surfaces are manufactured using waste glass destined for landfill. A combination of craftsmanship and high-tech processes produce beautiful, hard wearing surfaces. Ecorok is scratch resistant, non porous and smooth to the touch making them easy to clean with just warm soapy water. We offer our customers a full service package including digital measuring, delivery and installation.

Kitchen worktops Splashbacks Bathroom vanity units Wall panels Tiles - various sizes Bar tops Reception areas Serving stations Tea points Retails counters

We work with architects, designers and developers in addition to our rapidly expanding personal customer network. Our work can be found in homes and commercial buildings around the whole of the UK.


Our sustainable clients include, HMRC, Diageo, Kellogg’s, Breeam, Dorrington PLC, Fortnum and Mason, Leeds Building Society, and MasterCard.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how Ecorok ™ recycled glass surfaces can help you to become more sustainable in the future.

Diamik Glass on 0113 249 7001 email

Companies of the Year December 2021

MAGICMAN: TRUSTED PIONEERS IN ONSITE RESTORATION Whether you are a property developer or part of the supply chain, you want to avoid false economies and do everything possible to escape pitfalls that can result in missed milestones and spiralling costs. You need to partner with trusted suppliers who know what they are doing and can help you deliver projects on time, every time.


As originators in our sector, we had to develop our own training programme. An industry ies of n a course did not exist and still doesn’t. p Ours is only available to Magicman’s directly employed and vetted staff, to ensure the continued quality of our service and our work as the company continues to grow. It has been a great success and served us well, producing over 200 highly skilled technicians over the years. We have invested heavily in training so you can feel confident that our technicians learn their trade at the Magicman Training Academy, not in the field or on your job!

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Magicman’s repair technicians are highly trained and highly skilled. They are able to repair, renew or restore damage such as chips, dents, scratches, scuffs, holes, burns, cracks or splits and permanently repair them in wood, veneer, laminate, uPVC, powder coat, ceramic floor and wall tiles, porcelain, vitreous china, acrylic, cladding, brick, stone, granite, marble and so much more. Many perfectly sound items with accidental damage or wear and tear can be fully restored and revitalised. Grains and perfect colour matches are applied. Complete changes in colour can also be

applied to suit new designs. Many customers are unaware that even extreme damage can often be fully restored so if you are unsure about whether we can help, please just ask!



agicman have been the go-to name in onsite repair and restoration since 1993 and have nearly 30 years’ experience in the construction business. As pioneers of in-situ repairs, we offer the widest range of ‘engineered’ restoration solutions on the market that can be applied to the largest choice of substrates. Whatever the scenario, it is never our first rodeo.

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If you have ever accidentally scratched a hard wood floor, cracked a tile, drilled a hole in the wrong place or burnt a worktop, you will be familiar with the problems of sourcing replacements. Long lead times, end-of-range items that are no longer available, ancillary damage caused by removal of damaged items and fitting new ones (often not quite the same size), the additional costs of plumbers, electricians and fitters where needed. Even doors and windows do not need to be removed whilst repairs are carried


December 2021 Companies of the Year

out. With Magicman you can avoid all these problems and typically save 50-80% of the cost of installing a replacement once hidden costs are taken into account.

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You would not be reading a refurb magazine if you did not care about the environmental cost of property building. Magicman f the Ye have your back. We have always put sustainability at the ar core of everything we do. In-situ repairs reduce waste to landfill as well as the greenhouse gases produced in the manufacture and transportation of new items. It is the sensible and responsible way to approach sustainable refurbishment. Magicman are comprehensively insured, monitored and audited. We are the only fully accredited on-site repair specialist in the UK and are certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 as well as with SafeContractor, CHAS, Constructionline, Achilles Building Confidence, Safemark and Builder’s Profile. We are also available nationwide as suppliers of single repair technicians or teams. Is it any wonder that over 300 companies and organisations trust and rely on us?

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As it is the perfect time of year to deal with external repairs and refurbs as well as indoors, why not get in touch for a free no-obligation estimate? Download our free Magicman app for Apple and Android devices which also allows you to save multiple site addresses or alternatively contact us via our website, email or our local rate number. Email: Tel: 0345 458 1010 (local rate from anywhere in the UK) Website:


December 2021

IT’S SHOWTIME - THE IPG MAKE A REAL EVENT OF IT! On 1st October, members, and suppliers of The IPG gathered at The Mermaid Theatre London to address The Changing World of Business. Stepping into the theatre was like being in the heart of Covent Garden with street performers greeting arrivals. The IPG biennial conference has grown into one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the group’s calendar. The pandemic of COVID-19 did nothing to alter the conference atmosphere – attendees continued to enjoy this great networking opportunity and the message was loud and clear – “The show must go on!” Facilitating the discussion of managing change while maintaining business as usual was at the heart of this year’s conference messaging – as was the underlying message that ‘we are stronger when we work together’. The day’s programme was actionpacked, it saw members have a faceto-face catch up with suppliers in the exhibitor’s area. This was followed by an afternoon in the auditorium – where attendees listened to a roster of prominent speakers, all highlighting that there are a lot of opportunities for those willing to embrace change. They also learnt about plans of the group and were entertained by various ‘stronger together’ themed acts. Flash mob dancers opened the “lineup” with an exhilarating street dance to the song ‘This is The Greatest Show’. Glenn Fisher, Managing Director of The IPG then gave a heartfelt speech, appealing to everyone to stand united, and work together. Glenn said “ Those businesses that succeed and thrive, are those agile enough to continue to adapt quickly, because it is in that very change where new opportunities arise. Our partnerships are in place to seize those opportunities together and help each other have more successful businesses. Because with your success comes our collective success and with our collective success the group will continue to grow stronger, together. “


Back by popular demand, the electrifying David Meade hosted the afternoon. His boundless energy and dynamic delivery captured the

audience from start to finish, with outof-this world mind reading tricks. A Keynote address from international marketeer David Abbott inspired the audience to rethink their sales strategy by showcasing various techniques to help them optimise their pricing. As always, The IPG received fantastic support from their suppliers with key sponsors Bristan and Davant taking to the stage to discuss the importance of Customer Service and British Manufacturing respectively. Entertainers included Spikey Will, a legend in Covent Garden - who demonstrated his core strength with his impressive ‘bed of nails’ act. The audience also marvelled at feats of skill from the Acro-Chaps who then encouraged members and suppliers to put their core strength to the test and work together to complete a chair levitation triumph. Kaleidoscope, a light show with a difference provided the opening act to The IPG’s presentation – which focused on the group’s core strategy of providing its trading partners with the platforms to sell better. And finally, the conference came to its conclusion with an evening dinner at the Leonardo Royal Hotel St Paul’s. Robin Beal, Chairman and Founder, summed up the day by saying “ As you know this event only happens once in 2 years, that’s once in 728 days. For 727 days we mostly get on with our daily lives, work hard and give ourselves little praise, so let’s be unapologetic about celebrating our successful partnerships on this special occasion and this evening we are going to top it off with an enjoyable meal, great networking and having some fun! “ The dinner included a ‘tongue in cheek’ awards ceremony and entertainment from Rory Bremner. A silent Auction was also held, with generous donations and bids, the group raised 9K for its charity partner Missing People #FindEveryChild.

December 2021

In need of spirit level bubbles? Buy the best brands locally at great prices Visit your IPG store today for all your plumbing, heating and bathroom supplies Find your nearest IPG store at:


Case Study December 2021

MAGPLY A1 BOARDS SHEATH HYBRID ELEMENTS TO MODULAR HOTEL BUILD IN KENT The development of a 140 bed Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Ashford, Kent, is featuring the use of Magply A1 Euroclass non-combustible boards for sheathing vertical and horizontal sections around the six-storey modular volumetric structure, offering excellent strength and durability as well as Class O fire resistance and good acoustic properties. The project is being undertaken by Ashford based main contractor, Rees Mellish, while Bowman Riley was the architectural consultancy which gained the final planning consent and supervised work on site. The high performance Magply boards from IPP were supplied by the local branch of Jewson builders’ merchants. In order to optimise the build programme as well as the use of factory manufactured bedroom and other modular units, the final design made use of in-situ reinforced concrete elements as well as steel and timber framing for the parapet wall at roof level, both of which have been sheathed using Magply boards. Bowman Riley’s Associate responsible for the project: Roy Wilson, commented: “When we were brought in we revisited the planning application and gained consent for an extra storey, before completing the detailed design: including the cladding solution. The client has carried out a number of


value engineering exercises, leading to the use of traditional reinforced concrete infill between some of the modules, in order to reduce the number of different types across the project and then again at high level around the parapet there is steel framing.” The Project Manager for Rees Mellish, Mark Herridge , explained: “For the areas where the reinforced concrete frame separates the modules we needed a fire resistant board and therefore asked Jewson’s sales manager to recommend one. Fortunately, they had the Magply 12mm boards in stock which met all of the requirements and which our installers have found easy to cut and fix. As well as the vertical bands at several locations around the elevations, the boards are also used to cover the parapet wall which steps out just below the roof. It is secured to the steel and timberwork infill, while the ‘helping hand’ brackets for the cladding are then secured back through the boards. It’s a good product overall.”

Magply MgO boards, available in 9mm,12mm & 20mm thickness, it presents a fire-safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plywood or OSB products. Additionally, the unique production process minimises chloride content, enhancing both stability and long-term durability. The different thicknesses of panel are also widely used as a substrate board for the direct application of proprietary render systems, as well as for flooring and flat or pitched roof build-ups. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: GORDON PIRRET, MD or JOHN MALONE, UK NATIONAL SALES MANAGER IPP LTD. BRADWELL HALL BRADWELL ON SEA ESSEX CM0 7HX. T.01621 776252 F.01621776688 EMAIL: or

December 2021 Case Studies

MODULAR HOUSING INSTALLED OVER MARMOX THERMOBLOCK BREAKS AT SELBY A Yorkshire based groundworks and civil engineering specialist is making innovative use of Marmox Thermoblocks in constructing the oversites across a development of over 100 affordable homes which are being craned into position as factory fabricated modules. Alfa Site Services is experienced in working with all of the UK’s major housebuilders, as well as infrastructure specialists like Kier and has purchased 720 of the 600 x 100 x 65mm Thermoblocks from Encon Insulation of Leeds, with the merchant also supplying some 50 cartons of Marmox’s versatile highperformance 360 adhesive, used to bed the blocks and bond their overlapping joints. This well proven installation method helps achieve the accurate alignment and stability necessary for the modules to be craned into position. Alfa’s Senior Manager Site Services, Rick Harrison, commented: “The site was originally a railway siding, with the made-up ground requiring 2.5 metres deep foundations and then levels are being built up by a metre to deal with flood risk: leading us to lay three courses of blocks.

Installing the Thermoblocks using the 360 adhesive is quite time consuming, but it is basically a very good product and there have been no actual issues. Once the course of Thermoblocks is complete we hand over to the developer’s site management team to actually install the modules. This is a significant project involving a number of technical aspects which were new to us, but I think this could represent the way ahead for construction and we have been proud to be involved as the principal contractor.”

to ensure a good bond with the rest of the structure.

Marmox Thermoblocks are available in widths of 100, 140 or 215mm and are formed from sections of XPS (extruded polystyrene) encapsulating two rows of high strength, epoxy concrete mini-columns.


These are attached at either end to the top and bottom layers of glassfibre reinforced polymer concrete,

As well as combatting cold bridging where the inner leaf of masonry walls abuts the floor zone, Thermoblocks are also often utilised to support timber frame construction or at vulnerable upper floor junctions, including beneath parapet walls. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT:

TEL: 01634 835290 FAX: 01634 835299 EMAIL: WEB:


Case Study December 2021

OFF-GAS IDYLL GETS SUSTAINABLE OMNIE AIR SOURCE AND UFH SOLUTION The traumas of lockdown have prompted a boom in the popularity of rural living, though the reality is that most ‘chocolate box’ country cottages lack contemporary comforts. However, this will not be a worry to the purchasers of two newbuild homes in the Cotswolds idyll of Long Compton: thanks to their highly insulated construction and a truly sustainable building services package supplied by sector specialist, OMNIE. Now known as Gold Stone, the pair of four-bedroom detached houses have been developed by local builder, DG Carpenter Ltd. on land adjoining an existing bungalow, fully reflecting the architectural heritage of the area through the use of coursed, reclaimed Cotswold limestone rather than reconstituted masonry. The stylish appearance continues throughout the homes’ living spaces where, as well as supplying plentiful hot water to the multiple bathrooms, high efficiency LG air source heat pumps will feed underfloor heating circuits to maintain temperatures during the area’s notoriously cold winters. The plumber from nearby Moretonin-Marsh, a past user of OMNIE products, carried out all of the installation work for the heating and hot water services. He explains: “I work right across Gloucestershire and the neighbouring counties, while I’ve had past experience of installing OMNIE underfloor heating: including on a large domestic build at Lower Swell, near Stow-on-the-Wold. “


“For DG Carpenter on the Gold Stone houses, they sourced the complete package through Jewson at Chipping Norton and I undertook the installation of the heat pumps, the underfloor heating and the controls, while Simon and Andy Carpenter fitted the Zehnder heat MVHR systems which will provide the ventilation in what are very airtight builds. Downstairs we installed the pipework over 100mm of Celotex

insulation using the Staple system, which is very quick. Then upstairs we switched to OMNIIE’s LowBoard panels which are just so easy to fit and look really neat when they’re done. While OMNIE provides all the layout drawings electronically as well as in printed format, I normally print them out at A3 and laminate them, to keep them clean and dry on site. It took approximately two days per floor to do the install on each house before a flooring specialist laid all the limestone and engineered oak.” Because they run so quietly, the outdoor units could be located close to each home’s back wall, where they will continue to harvest latest heat from the atmosphere even in sub-zero temperatures. The Cylinder and components have been fitted in ground floor plantrooms. As well as leaving the room interiors free of radiators, the OMNIE underfloor heating has the added benefit of keeping the heat pumps running efficiently over extended periods, which reduces

component wear. Together with the MVHR, this will also ensure the occupants of the Gold Stone properties will enjoy low energy bills while the heat pumps themselves carry 7-year warranty cover. “OMNIE was absolutely fine about it and the background heat did the job while once they’re occupied, the OMNIE room thermostats, as well as floor sensors in the bathrooms, will keep the system in perfect balance for the owners.” For further information on OMNIE’s underfloor heating renewables, ventilation and control products, please contact : OMNIE, 18 APPLE LANE, SIDMOUTH ROAD, EXETER, DEVON, EX2 5GL. TEL: 01392 363605 FAX: 01392 364871 EMAIL: WEB:


Britcon (UK) Ltd has been sentenced for safety breaches after a worker was struck by a falling load from a mechanical excavator. Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard that Britcon (UK) Ltd were appointed as a contractor to construct a surge pit as part of a renewal and refurbishment project at the McCain’s Foods (GB) Limited site at Havers Hill in Scarborough. Part of the process involved removing sheet piles from the ground. The HSE’s investigation found that on 21 March 2018, 66-year-old Stephen Gouldthorpe was assisting with cleaning sheet piles as they were removed from the surge pit by a Doosan DX 225 LC3, 360-degree excavator. The excavator had an attachment known as an EMV

300 pile attachment fitted to remove the sheet piles from the ground. The mechanical excavator was removing a seven-metre sheet pile weighing approximately 190 kg to a lay down area when a safety chain slipped causing the pile to fall and strike Mr Gouldthorpe. He suffered a fractured left tibia and fibula and ankle, a fractured right clavicle, seven fractured ribs, pulmonary contusion and fractured vertebrae. Britcon (UK) Ltd of Midland Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN16 1DQ pleaded guilty to breaching

Section 3 (1) of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. The company has been fined £570,000 and ordered to pay £40,054.68 in costs. After the hearing, HSE Inspector Paul Thompson commented: “There was insufficient supervision and communication during the lifting operations. There was no specific exclusion zone in place and workers had to approach the sheet pile to clean it. “This incident could so easily have been avoided by simply carrying out the correct control measures and safe working practices”


December 2021

Outdoor Screens

Side arm mobile umbrellas

CafeCulture Suppliers to the outdoor hospitality industry. CafeCulture is part of the JPR Graphics & Design group established in April 2003 with a long background in corporate design of helping companies promote and exhibit their brand. Based in Kent with our workshops near Paddock Wood we cover all of the UK for deliveries and installations by our own experienced installation teams.


ur customers include major brands like Pizza Express, Wagamama and Carluccios and also many independents but we do not spread ourselves too thinly and remain large enough to handle any situation but stay small enough to retain a personal one to one service to you.


Back to Back awnings

There is no charge for surveys or advise and we are happy to visit you to discuss a project through and make suggestions on site of what will work best for you. From here we can do drawings and costings all without charge and absolutely no obligation to you. This works better for everyone as we can see and head off any issues in advance.

December 2021


Outdoor seating areas can be underrated and sometimes neglected but are a truly good investment as they are the shop window to your business. It has always been that true that the nicer it looks on the outside the more the customers will come inside.

There are many areas we cover and if you don’t see it in our web site just ask as we will either know someone who does it or we can make if for you. Although not exhaustive our outdoor range includes:-

As an independent supplier we are not tied to any brands and search worldwide, literally, for the best goods for our clients. Outdoor goods need to be hardy so we tend to look for longevity and source products that are particularly well made and will last many years. Materials and methods do vary so we visit every supplier we buy from to ensure standards are high enough for our customers and have changes and improvements made in the factories so goods are just right for us and you.

• Tables and chairs

Where we see areas we feel we can do better we make many items ourselves and our planters are probably the best you can buy made from rot proof, ever lasting artificial woods all built to order in our own workshops. You will also find an in-house neon sign making shop here to offer the beautiful art of neon which will draw the maximum attention to your premises.

• Neon signs made and installed

Non-wood waterproof furniture

• Planter and plants (real and artificial) • Windbreaks and queue barriers • Outdoor restaurant screens to protect from the wind • Large and small parasols supplied, installed and repaired • Awnings and pergolas • Festoon lighting and outdoor heating

We’d love to hear from you so drop us a line at or call us on 0800 917 5526.



Windows & Doors December 2021

The Gessner: Way of Life to Launch New DesignLed Residences in Tottenham Hale this Autumn Way of Life today announces that it has launched The Gessner, 164 brand new, beautifully designed apartments in Tottenham Hale, London, set to welcome the first residents in autumn 2021. The Gessner represents a new direction for Way of Life, taking as its base world-class design, service and amenity, reflective of and inspired by the shifts within modern lifestyle hospitality, to create a full-service, contemporary rental offer for London and the UK. with bright entertainment areas, perfect for young families, and for accommodating guests. Shared spaces throughout the building create a sense of community for residents, including a shared dining room, sitting room and kitchen for socialising, working or just relaxing during free time.

Rooftop terrace at The Gessner (image credit: Way of Life) he Gessner will offer a selection of studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with superb views across London, with discounted market rates for key workers living and working in the borough. Guest suites for visitors to stay for a minimum of two nights will also launch later in 2021. Amenities tailored to every element of residents’ life include a dedicated on-site café and shop, fully equipped gym, a large rooftop garden with BBQ, free super-fast WIFI, sitting and dining rooms, 24h on-site team, smart lockers for parcels, bike storage and cosy lounges with fireplaces. A rolling programme for residents will include resident clubs, talks and workshops with local creatives and wellbeing initiatives. Prices start at £1,300 per month.


Living room at The Gessner (credit: Way of Life) All apartments are pet friendly and many include private balconies, while two bedroom apartments feature large bespoke kitchens and living rooms. Three bedroom apartments sit across over 1,000 sq ft, offering spacious living


The space has been brought to life by London- and LA-based interior architecture and design studio Fettle Studio, whose previous work includes hospitality brands such as The Marylebone Hotel, The Hoxton Portland and Rome, and aparthotel Schwan Locke.

Residents’ lounge at The Gessner (credit: Way of Life) The neighbourhood of Tottenham Hale offers a wealth of independent restaurants, community spaces, cafes, artisans and nightlife, all at The Gessner’s doorstep. The location is surrounded by green space and flanked by the River Lea and natural reservoirs, plus excellent transport options with central London just 15 minutes away by train, and Stansted Airport one stop by train. Apartments at The Gessner are available furnished or unfurnished, with furnished apartments including a dining table and chairs, a sofa, coffee table and more, and ottoman

beds, all designed bespoke by Fettle, included in the monthly rent. Tenancies can start from six months all the way to five years. Way of Life offers a full suite of property services - including viewings, putting down a deposit, and completing reference checks - all of which are handled through a unique online platform. Customers can manage the entire process via one simple digital journey, from viewing a flat through to moving in. This allows for a high degree of transparency for the tenant to fully understand contracts, their rights and status of their application at all times. The platform, built by Way of Life, will facilitate viewings, bookings, reservations, amenity searches and one-click extras all using best-in-class technology to make the process of renting a customer-centric experience from start to finish. The Gessner is part of a new wave of residences from Way of Life set to launch in London over the next three years. Gavin Chetty, Creative Director for Way of Life, said: “The opening of The Gessner marks a bold new direction for Way of Life. We are committed to raising the bar, offering apartments that marry the comfort of the home with the highest level of hospitality. Paired with world-class design, a dynamic community and streamlined service, in connected, exciting locations, The Gessner will be a blueprint for a better way to rent. We look forward to welcoming our first residents later this year.” For more information visit

Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

Windows & Doors December 2021

The Aspect range from Eurocell – Maximises light and sales As homeowners and housebuilders seek to improve their homes and inject that elusive ‘wow’ factor, the stunning bi-fold style of door has become an increasingly popular choice. Panoramic doors enable large glazed ‘walls’ to be created, flooding interiors with natural light and bringing the outside into the home. The concertina-style folding and sliding design enables the entire doorway to be opened up, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces. To help fabricators and installers meet this growing demand, Eurocell developed Aspect – a highperformance, secure and visually stunning PVC-U bi-fold door system that’s designed for hassle-free fabrication and fitting.


Aspect offers all the aesthetic and functional benefits of timber and aluminium alternatives,

but at a more affordable price. It incorporates a host of intelligently designed and precision engineered bespoke components that enable accurate, consistent, straightforward fabrication and installation. Whether you’re a fabricator or installer, Aspect enables you to set your business apart from the competition by offering your customers market-leading, qualityassured, lifestyle enhancing PVC-U bi-fold doors at attractive prices. Eurocell pushes the boundaries of design and performance in the bifold door category with it being the first of few bi-fold doors on the UK market to gain BBA

accreditation and Secured by Design status. Meeting the requirements of these two important standards means that Aspect bi-fold doors are perfect for all new build applications,

December 2021 Windows & Doors

Doors feature a standard Eurocell Logik gasket and are compatible with our patented Logik Chamfered and Ovolo beads – so if you’re already fabricating Logik windows and doors, there’s no need for additional stockholding. The door profile and outer frame glazing gaskets are coextruded, so you won’t have to buy gaskets separately and fit them yourself – saving you time and money. Aspect has been designed with no need for a dummy mullion, reducing the number of components you need to fit – for faster, more efficient fabrication, and a neutral-coloured anodised aluminium track is used to complement all door colour options, so you won’t have to stock a different track for every door colour. where Secured by Design is being specified to meet the requirements of Approved Document Q. As a market-leading manufacturer of PVC-U profiles, Eurocell understands that to remain competitive fabricators and installers need high-quality products designed for simple, fast, accurate fabrication and fitting. We know that if you can quickly and repeatedly complete jobs to a high standard, you will keep your costs down, improve your profit margins and keep your customers happy. Aspect panoramic doors have been purpose designed by Eurocell’s technical specialists to include a host of features that enable quick and simple fabrication and fitting, without compromising on the quality or appearance of these stunning bi-fold doors.

Aspect doors feature a large clearance around door leaves, allowing easy on-site adjustment for hassle-free installations. Butt hinges are also adjustable, providing greater tolerances when fitting the leaves. It means all doors can be fabricated at the same time, since adjustments can be made on site to ensure a precise fit. The slimstepped outer frame reduces the amount of plaster cutback required on site, speeding up installations and generating minimal dust and waste. Adjustable roller sets allow the doors to be easily jacked or lowered into position on site. The outerframe can also be mechanically jointed together on site, so the whole unwieldy frame does not have to be delivered in one piece. That makes

transportation and handling much simpler and safer. All hinges positively locate into the steel reinforcing for a strong, secure finish. Combined wool-pile and gasket slots give you the freedom to choose the type of seal required for each job. Both types of seal fit into the standard slot, so they are easily interchangeable. Like all Eurocell PVC-U products, Aspect comes with an exact colourmatch guarantee. That means the colour is precisely matched to all Eurocell window, door and conservatory roof products, creating a co-ordinated, consistent look across any property. A range of external colours is available to complement existing architectural style, as well as a choice of hardware colours. Aspect has a white internal finish as standard, to maintain a bright, fresh interior, with some colours available with colour both sides from stock. Aspect bi-fold door profiles are guaranteed for ten years, and door furniture is guaranteed for five years. That means you can give your customers the assurance of a robust, well-designed, precisionmade product that’s built to last. The Aspect range now also includes a flush sash French door option, the door design uses the stylish profile, attractive chamfered glazing rebate and patented gasket cover trim of Eurocell’s Aspect bi-fold door system and offers a perfect complement to the seamless look of our Logik S Flush windows. For more information about the Aspect door range from Eurocell, call our customer services team on 0333 321 2353, or visit


Industry News December 2021

The Do’s and Don’ts around Construction Boundary Monitoring Are you managing the impact of your construction site? Boundary monitoring can identify potential hazards, ensure compliance and protect the public from job-site hazards Construction dust can compromise air quality, environmental noise pollution can be harmful to workers and local residents, and excessive vibration can have damaging consequences. Alongside the human cost to health, fines of up to £20,000 ($30,000) per violation


are possible if preventable noise and dust exceed agreed emissions levels, and penalised companies may pay the additional price of reputational damage. Site management has a duty of care to protect against potentially dangerous conditions. However,

this can be challenging to manage without reliable data streams and instrumentation that gathers environmental information. Monitoring for noise, dust, vibration and harmful emissions makes it possible to manage the impact of your construction site.

December 2021 Industry News Boundary monitoring can support construction site control by minimising potential contamination, protecting the public from jobsite hazards and allowing for adherence to the appropriate public health requirements. Consequently, more companies are turning to boundary monitoring technology to measure the risks and ensure they adhere to environmental limits and guidelines. To help site management teams make the most of the technology, Tim Turney, Global Marketing Manager at occupational hygiene and workplace hazard monitoring expert Casella, shares the Do’s and Don’ts of boundary monitoring.

Do know your site You must understand the area that surrounds your site and which locations to monitor. Large sites may need monitoring in more than one location, depending on the receptors around the site. For example, sites with nearby receptors such as schools, hospitals, or housing, will be more sensitive to disruption and require more monitoring. You may also have to measure vibration to avoid disruption or damage if sensitive buildings or people are working around the site. Being aware of the prevailing wind around your site is also essential. Ideally, a dust monitor should be both upwind and downwind of your site so that you can see the dust levels accumulating in your site and leaving it. Coupled with a wind speed direction sensor, this will allow you to mitigate and provide evidence against any complaints should they arise, with accurate data on whether excessive dust resulted from your site’s activity. Don’t mount monitors incorrectly Understanding how to mount any environmental monitor is essential to obtain accurate results. For example, noise monitors should not be mounted against flat surfaces because this will result in noise levels being overestimated. Any microphone should be above hoardings with a clear line of sight to the nearest receptor. Inlets for any real-time dust measurements should also be clear of obstacles and be mounted away from buildings, ideally between 1.5 and 4 metres above the ground. When measuring vibration, the sensor should be mounted to a concrete plinth firmly attached to the ground to ensure accurate measurements. Don’t just monitor at the start of construction It might be tempting to start monitoring at the beginning of the project’s construction phase, but a period of baseline monitoring before the start of

construction activities can be beneficial. Doing so will give you an understanding of dust and noise levels in the area prior to your site’s work commencing, providing a benchmark comparison that will enable you to assess and demonstrate the impact of your site once work begins. Do be proactive Traditional monitoring techniques such as dust deposit gauges limited the ability to be proactive. However, modern boundary monitors provide real-time noise, dust and vibrations levels with email or text alerts whenever prescribed levels have been exceeded. Having instant access to this data allows your site operators to act rapidly before any legal limits have been passed. For example, operators may move operations to another part of the site to reduce noise or measures such as dust suppression may be implemented, ensuring your site remains compliant. Do educate staff Guidance will need to be given to site operatives in order to know how to control noise and dust, such as what the limits are and how the site needs to perform. In addition to basic training on what the monitor does and how it works, knowledge on maintenance is key. For example, ensuring that units are not knocked or damaged and sensors such as noise monitors are calibrated on a regular basis. Ensuring you manage the impact of your construction site A comprehensive boundary monitoring program is a key part of any compliant, safety and environmentally focused construction project, ensuring your organisation adheres to environmental limits and guidelines and that your finances and reputation are protected.


December 2021

Focussing on Fire Safety GEZE UK has revised a piece of lifesaving learning – the popular RIBA-approved CPD Specifying, Installing and Maintaining Ironmongery for Fire Doors has been completely revised and updated and includes new visuals and updates to regulations all in GEZE’s new branding. The CPD explains what fire doors are, identifies their various components, how they work, the standards and regulations which surround them and why smoke is so dangerous. It incorporates the latest statistics for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, including the number of people that die from smoke inhalation every year. It is intended for Chartered members of RIBA but is also suitable for facilities managers, property managers and architectural ironmongers and completely updates the previous version. Offering architects and specifiers invaluable advice and guidance, which contributes to their continuing professional development, this updated training seminar gives a better understanding of the standards and regulations surrounding fire doors to ensure fire safety is paramount.


The 40 minute seminar covers all the relevant standards and regulations and is included in RIBA’s core curriculum: Design, Construction and Technology and Health, Safety and Wellbeing for the General Awareness knowledge level. It can be presented in person or virtually via a variety of online platforms and at a time to suit, usually lunchtime but breakfast seminars or afternoon sessions can be accommodated. To find out more or to book a CPD seminar, email or visit trainings-and-seminars-cpd. National Specification Manager Richard Richardson-Derry said: “More people die from smoke inhalation than fire itself, especially when smoke can travel freely through a building. This seminar explains how important fire doors are and how they can save lives.

Understanding the effectiveness of fire doors, where they can be placed and how they should be maintained, could ultimately save people’s lives.” RIBA Chartered Architects are obliged to undertake a minimum of 35 hours a week to maintain their competence: Other presentations offered by GEZE UK, include EN 16005 - Safeguarding Pedestrians from Accidents at Power Operated Doorsets; Designing Effective Natural Heat and Smoke Ventilation, and Removing Barriers to Access. For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit

December 2021

The fourth emergency service Rescue Tape

We have all been there when we have an emergency leak that requires immediate attention but you can’t get hold of anyone to come out and fix it; this is why having a roll of Bond It Rescue Tape in the house or in your tool box is a huge benefit; Rescue Tape is one of those products that, once you use it, you wonder how you got by without it. Not only is this self-fusing silicone repair tape an incredible solution to stopping leaks but it also has infinite uses in and outside the home that you may never have thought about. Silicone Rescue Tape can be used for 1,000’s of applications. From emergency repairs to electrical wiring to waterproofing and even medical situations, it is truly an amazing product with a variety of uses. A quick description: Rescue Tape is silicone and sticks to itself — well, actually, it fuses to itself — when wrapped around an object. The tighter you pull it, the better the seal. It’s great on hoses and


plumbing and unlike electrical tape, it won’t get gummy, and it won’t dry out like duct tape can — even in the sun. Rescue Tape is a waterproof repair tape which seals live leaks on pipes made from copper, PVC plastic, steel, malleable iron, and many other materials. Ideal for fixing leaks in applications ranging from small domestic plumbing problems through to large scale industrial pipe repairs, it avoids costly and disruptive shutdowns of systems. The versatility of the product makes it suitable for wrapping car exhausts, hoses and other types of pipes, and can also be used as

an electrical tape with insulation protection up to 8000 volts. It is easy to use and depending on the size and pressure of the pipe, repairs can be carried out in under 15 minutes. The tape stretches by three times its length and once applied, it fuses to form a solid rubber band which exerts maximum pressure over the hole or crack in the pipe. Using multiple tapes creates a repair

December 2021 which is pressure resistant up to 8 bar and is temperature resistant up to 260°C. You wrap it around an item, and overlap it by 50%, pulling tight — stretching it to at least double the length — and going 3 to 5 inches on both sides of the leak (not necessary for things like rigging, chain marking, line whipping and so on where there’s no leak). That means for a 1″ split in a hose, the total repair is going to be 7 to 11 inches long! The tighter it’s wrapped, the faster and stronger it will fuse. For high pressure leaks, you may need to put a second layer on. But the result will be water-, fuel- and airtight. Consider it permanent, too — if you need to remove it, you’ll have to cut it off. What can Rescue Tape be used for? The tape has no adhesive so there is no sticky residue like regular electrical insulation tape, so you can’t accidentally stick it to things you don’t want it to stick to which also means items can be repositioned easily to get the perfect bond. The uses are only limited by your imagination but here are some great ideas where you can use it: • •

• • •

Fix a leak on a garden hose, a radiator hose or a vacuum hose. Wrap on camera grips and tripods, tools, bike handle bars to make a protective non-slip grip that leaves no residue on expensive equipment. Or apply to golf clubs, rackets and bats for better sports grip and less vibration. Use on sailboats as rigging tape for turnbuckles and spreader boot covers or repair bilge, sanitation or fridge hoses. Tidy up wiring bundles by using silicone tape instead of electrical tape. Fix leaky PVC or copper pipes on household plumbing or sprinkler systems. Cover foam pipe insulation with silicone tape to make an air tight waterproof protective layer. Make an emergency silicone

• •

• •

• •

gasket or an emergency o-ring or make a temporary repair on a truck air hose. For emergency first aid - wrap silicone tape around a bleeding injury on fingers, arms or legs. Wrap silicone tape around electrical connections, wires (especially connections near pools and hot tubs) to seal out moisture. Wrap silicone tape around cups and glassware to help disabled people grip their drink. Cover your luggage handle with bright coloured silicone tape for an easy-to-spot and comfortable grip. Wrap tape on wire or wooden hangers to prevent clothes from slipping off onto the floor. Cover iron cookware handles for a non-slip grip that prevents you from burning your hands. And many, many more uses!

Its not just a plumbers tape, Rescue Tape can be utilised in the automotive, marine, agricultural, landscaping, engineering, electrical and even military sectors. It’s easy to see why Rescue Tape is the World’s most recognized and bestselling brand of self-fusing silicone tape. Plus if you send in pictures of your Rescue Tape applications you have a chance of winning £500 – see our competition details on the website for more information. Tel: 01422 315300 or visit


December 2021

Knauf continue to improve sustainability credentials with recycled plastic packaging As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, Knauf UK & Ireland is making the move to recycled plastic packaging. Its new packaging will contain at least 30% recycled plastics and is often also recyclable at the end of its life so the circle can be continued.


he Company has added easy to recognise logos to the packaging to identify when it has been made from recycled plastic, and if it is recyclable. Knauf will start by changing the packaging of key products within its portfolio and continue the move for other products over the coming months. The Company is using Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics – materials which have been used by consumers, recycled and given a new life. Lucy Hall, Sustainability Leader for Knauf, gives an insight into the importance of the new packaging: “Our Product Manager, Becky Newell, has worked collaboratively and consistently to achieve Knauf’s goal of improving the recycled content of our packaging. Realising her goal to make a difference on a bigger scale, the recycled content of plastic packaging will now also be high on the agenda of new product development. This is a fantastic achievement in Knauf’s drive to fulfil its sustainability goals” Greenhouse gas emissions are associated with single-use plastics, and the National Geography Society estimates that more than 40% of plastic is used just once and that there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. This is a significant reason for Knauf adopting PCR plastics and a recognition of the Company’s commitment to Build for the World We Live In. This switch will see some small changes to the appearance of product packaging, such as a grey rim and base. This is simply due to a number of different coloured plastics being recycled to make a new product, and not adding in unnecessary dyes. It is important to note that it is just the packaging that is changing, not the product, so customers can rest assured knowing they’re still getting the same, trusted Knauf product.


This move is part of Knauf’s ongoing sustainability initiative and ties in with its ‘people, planet, prosperity’ ethos. Sustainability considerations are becoming more prevalent across the construction industry and Knauf is keen to lead the way in meeting customers’ expectations for environmentally friendly products.

December 2021

Predictions for 2022: What’s next for green plumbing and construction? As we near the end of what has been a challenging year, navigating the new normal brought on by Covid-19, 2022 will see greater normality as the industry learns to adapt to these challenges and move forward. clean air and little-to-no carbon emissions. Homeowners don’t want the houses of the past which have poor energy efficiency ratings and are built with single use materials – they seek sustainable solutions that conserve natural resources and give back to the environment. With sustainability in mind, what trends can we expect to emerge in plumbing and construction in 2022?

Growing popularity of heat pumps As the technology and affordability of low-carbon heating systems is anticipated to improve in coming years, they will become the obvious, affordable choice for consumers.


ith rapidly emerging technologies, products and changing industry attitudes, you can’t help but wonder what advances will be adopted throughout the industry as we move into the post-pandemic era of plumbing and construction. However, the future isn’t all about technology and the digitisation of the industry - sustainability and green building practices are also increasingly gaining visibility as people are becoming more environmentally conscious.


Consumers now want green infrastructure in their homes, shopping centres, and office buildings. They want places with

Following the government’s recent heat pump grant announcement which will see homeowners offered subsidies of £5,000 to make the switch from gas boilers to lowcarbon heat pumps – we will see a heightened public awareness around sustainable heating and hot water provision in 2022. The move towards heat pumps is a great way to lower CO2 emissions from the housing sector - currently responsible for c. 15% of UK overall greenhouse emissions – by swapping gas to capturing heat from the air outside or underground and using it to heat a building. Unlike more conventionally used heating systems, these pumps provide renewable heating that don’t emit carbon into the atmosphere.

What’s more, many heat pumps rely on copper pipes in order to improve efficiency and safety, meaning that less sustainable materials such as plastic pipes are likely to be phased out. For example, copper is a superior conductor of heat so can withstand large variations in temperature without expansion or contraction issues. Furthermore, copper is also a safer product to install within a house as its melting point is over 1,000 degrees Celsius so, unlike plastic, it doesn’t burn or give off harmful gases in a fire. Flow rate and pressure drops must also be considered when choosing which pipe to use in heat pumps. As well as having serious environmental problems, plastic pipes have a bore size which is considerably smaller than copper and a smaller internal area, which has a dramatic effect on flow characteristics. If installers select plastic pipe instead of copper without checking the size correctly, this could have a negative effect on the heat pump’s performance. The use of copper pipes in heat pumps not only improves their efficiency, but also their water safety. As heat pumps operate at lower temperatures than gas boilers, stored water may only be heated to around 50 degrees Celsius. This is often fine for household use, but it can pose a risk of Legionella build-up. However, using copper pipe would mitigate this risk due to its natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Additionally, thanks to

December 2021 its unique thermal properties, copper water systems can safely withstand thermal shocking at 70 degrees Celsius to effectively kill waterborne bacteria, such as legionella pneumophila.

research into the world’s copper resources and discovered there are approximately 5.6 billion metric tons in circulation – a figure more than sufficient to surpass both current and future demand.

A re-evaluation of construction materials

What’s more, around half of Europe’s copper demand and 30% of global demand is currently being met by recycled materials and, as recycling technologies improve, this figure will only continue to increase. Old copper is simply recovered, melted, and cast into new products, rather than ending up in landfill or in the sea like materials such as plastic do.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, it will also become increasingly more important to balance the need for new housing while ensuring the housing stock developed comes from materials which don’t compromise the lives of future generations. To make sure the homes of the future meet our needs without depleting our natural resources or causing damage to the environment, the plumbing and construction industries will have no choice but to reconsider the materials they use. Many plumbers and builders have turned to plastic over the years due to its affordability, and its popularity has also increased as a result of the plastics industry downplaying its environmental impact. But, while it’s true that plastic provides a cheaper alternative to metal, its recyclability has been greatly exaggerated and there are in fact a number of serious environmental problems to this solution. Since its invention six decades ago, plastic use has grown exponentially and resulted in over 8.3 billion metric tons of various plastics. As reported by the Resource Efficiency Collective, in the region of eight million tons of plastic waste enters the sea every year, which is more than twice the annual consumption of plastics in the UK. Furthermore, according to National Geographic, 91% of all plastics produced in the world have not been recycled. Concerningly, the plumbing and construction industries play a big part in this. According to the Department of Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), construction, demolition and excavation generated around three fifths (62%) of total UK waste in 2018 and, with many contractors opting to use non-recyclable plastic, the majority of this waste ends up being incinerated, landfilled, or exported. It is clear that plastics do not form part of a natural environmental lifecycle. To ensure we create homes fit for the future, we must consider how we can eliminate single use plastics behind our walls and under our floors and replace them with infinitely recyclable or biodegradable alternatives.

Increased focus on recyclability

Copper is ready for a future where people need to get more from fewer, more ethically and sustainably sourced materials, making our homes and way of living more environmentally friendly. It is a material that supports the environment and, born from nature, it will help support more sustainable living. Sustainability should be high on the agenda of anyone working in the construction industry. So, as us construction professionals look to the year ahead and think about how we can improve the sustainability not only of our businesses, but also the industry as a whole, we should perhaps make it our mission to make the shift to more environmentally friendly, recyclable materials, svuch as copper.

Will you be making this commitment in 2022?

In order to create a future that isn’t reliant on finite resources, we need to move away from plastic and look at recyclable materials which can offer far more for the environment and the people it serves, without limiting the progress of innovation. Copper, for example, has the unique ability to be recycled over and over again without any loss in performance or properties. The US Geological Survey recently conducted


December 2021

Utility strikes and use of trenchless technology – using the bore hole created by removing the old pipe to install a replacement pipe Simon Drain – CEO, Kobus Utility strikes represent an everpresent threat to human life, yet, thousands occur each year in the UK, exposing workers to risks including electrocution and explosion. The issue is costly and disruptive as well as dangerous: with millions being subsequently spent rectifying the damage caused by ill-judged digging, not taking into account the environmental impact and at the very least, service delays to end customers.


here are over 12,000 works taking place every day across the UK, it is critical that we learn from near misses and lower consequence strikes to minimise the risk that workers are facing on a daily basis. The utility networks that run over our heads and below our feet extend to over 1.5 million km and are fundamental to daily life. The Utility Strikes Damages Report, published by Utility Strike Avoidance Group (ASAG) found that over 2500 utility strikes took place across the UK in 2019, and that there is a necessary need for more robust survey practices to be put into place, and improved execution of works.


One organisation that exists to reduce this risk is Kobus which offers a trenchless technique for water and gas service pipe replacement.

Kobus technology uses the pathway of the existing service pipe thereby greatly minimises the risk of striking another utility, despite it being a trenchless method. If a pipe already exists, Kobus can use the bore hole created to install a new pipe as the old piping is removed, with a significantly less risk of damaging another utility. Many leading global water companies and contractors have fully invested in Kobus technology, including Wessex Water and international operators in the US, Poland, and the Netherlands, after recognising the financial and safety benefits.

So, just how big an issue are pipe and cable strikes? The underground utility infrastructure in the UK is vast and congested. Over four million excavations take place each year in

Britain, and a 2017 industry survey shows that 44% of these took place with out a detailed examination for existing underground assets. With a lax approach being taken, the chances of strikes rise astronomically. Taking a five-year period between 2013 and 2017 the rate of strikes rose by 668% from 162 to 1,244. Providing a headache for workers on the ground and local government officials responsible for the pipes and cables. Underground strikes between July and September last year jumped by a further 20% compared to 2019 with 2020 Q3 at 46% higher than the previous quarter. The reason behind the upwards trend is hard to uncover. A survey released by the Energy Networks Association shows 93% of workers believe they operate safely whilst simultaneously 31%

December 2021

revealed they did not always check for underground cables before commencing the excavation. Data from the Utility Strike Avoidance Group shows most strikes are caused by excavating machines. Furthermore, handheld tools such as pneumatic drills, shovels and crowbars also expose workers to avoidable danger. There is an inherent risk involved with all pipes and cables. Whether they exist to distribute gas,

electricity, water, cable TV, or sewage waste. Add individual property service lines to the mix and you are suddenly standing atop a variety of hazards which, thanks to oft times inaccurate historical maps can leave you in the dark. Where does the solution lie? The ability to simultaneously pull decommissioned piping from the ground whilst installing new service pipes using the same bore path sounds like a dream. This is precisely what is on offer with Kobus’ Pipe Puller. With the added mobility and efficiency of the pipe puller tool, work is faster and better for the environment as old piping are removed from the ground avoiding a potential long-term degradation underground and added congestion. It is a trenchless, lowrisk alternative that avoids much of the risks previously faced.

Better for the industry, better for the community None of us truly enjoy having workers drilling outside the home. Loss of access, noisy machinery, potential damage to properties or gardens, there are many dangers involved and Ofwat and Ofgem

are both increasingly challenging utility providers to improve their customer satisfaction when it comes to construction. Community pressure for a more effective solution is just as strong as the need for the industry to innovate from within. Trenchless technologies are already a dominant feature of utility infrastructure maintenance. Needing just two small excavations disruption is minimised, roads can remain open and people are free to carry on with their lives. On the industry side, Kobus is playing its part in driving towards Ofwat target of reducing leakage by 16% in this AMP period. Particularly because the pipe puller machinery removes rather than repairs which the industry is now embracing as the way to go. Utility strikes are avoidable, preoperation mapping of existing utilities is the first step to a safer future, and a move away from moling towards the simultaneous pulling and laying of new pipes is the next step towards a future without strikes altogether. For more information please visit:


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We design and supply bags and cradles globally that secure non-standard loads ready for lifting to height using winches and cranes. 0114 3241224

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PafBag Limited, Unit C14, Alison Business Centre, Alison Crescent, Sheffield, S2 1AS, United Kingdom

We are the UK’s trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private landowners.

At ENGEL Workwear, we value being able to provide good advice and sparring to our customers and end users, which is why we constantly raise the bar for ourselves when it comes to product quality, innovation, creativity, flexibility and environmental awareness. T: 0333 2414 413

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced high quality products and innovative technologies into the UK for more than 35 years. (+45) 74 22 35 15 Norgesvej 12, 6100 Haderslev, Denmark are market leaders in the installation of resin bound driveways in the UK with over 18 years experience in the industry. 07920 100 222 Unit 9, Churchfields Industrial Estate, Rye Harbour Road, Rye Harbour, East Sussex, TN31 7TE