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CONSTRUCTION UPDATE THINK November 2017 lowest cost per pick THINK lowest cost per pick



THINK THINK lowest cost per pick lowest cost per pick

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KASTOunitop KASTOunicompact VS CONVENTIONAL METHODS We manufacture the widest range of computer controlled storageMINIMUM and 50% SPACE SAVING KASTOunitop KASTOunicompact retrieval systems for bar, tube, profile, sheet and other materials. VS CONVENTIONAL METHODS Get to know NEW DIMENSIONS in automated storage Systems may be interlinked with saws, including ours, other machine tools, robotic sorting systems, MRP and ERP systems,controlled and and We manufacture the widest range of computer If you are running out of space in your warehouse or factory, KASTO has retrieval systems for bar, tube, profile, sheet and other materials. the perfect solution for you. with Systems may be interlinked saws, including ours, other machine tools,

Get to know NEW DIMENSIONS in automated storage robotic sorting systems, MRP and ERP systems, and more. Get to know NEW DIMENSIONS in automated storage If you are running out of space in your warehouse or factory, KASTO has We manufacture the widest range of computer controlled storage and the perfect solution for you. We manufacture widest range of computer storage and retrieval systems the for bar, tube, profile, sheet andcontrolled other materials. retrieval for bar, tube, profile, and other Systemssystems may 01908 be interlinked with saws,sheet including ours, materials. other machine tools, KASTO Ltd 571590 Systems may be interlinked with including and ours, other machine tools, robotic sorting systems, MRP andsaws, ERP systems, more.

November 2017

Kasto Automated Warehouse Forms Core of Wolseley Uk’s New Distribution Centre Pipe Center, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of heating, pipe and related products to the commercial and industrial building services industry, has opened a distribution centre (DC) in Measham, Derbyshire, the newest and most technologically advanced distribution operation in the supply chain of parent company, Wolseley UK. The 142,000 sq ft facility has given Pipe Center the ability to provide next-day delivery across its entire network and has created over 50 new jobs. At its heart is a bespoke, 3,332-location KASTOunicompact 4.0 automated warehouse, built in Germany and supplied through KASTO Ltd, Milton Keynes. KASTO Storage Systems The cassette-type tube storage system provides dynamic goodsto-man presentation for efficient picking, which reduces the amount of manual handling required. The warehouse structure has boosted storage capacity by 20 per cent compared with the previous operation, which relied on storage of long stock using a mixture of cantilever racking and bulk stacking. There was also a separate section for small parts and an area for pallet storage. The KASTO system has reduced the distance warehouse operatives have to move when picking, speeding the consolidation of orders. The warehouse design also increases the height used for storage of Pipe Center’s SKUs (stock keeping units). The consequently reduced footprint represented significant cost savings. The KASTO control interfaces with Measham’s HighJump warehouse management system, which offers superior tracking and traceability of inventory, further maximising efficiencies and reducing costs.

The resulting optimised storage and picking coupled with improved stock management allows an even broader range of products to be stored at Measham and delivered to the branch network. The portfolio includes Bondloc, Geberit, Ideal Stelrad, Spirax Sarco and Marla Tube Fittings, underlining Pipe Center’s status as the market-leading distributor of such products. Each cassette is 7 metres long and 3,332 of them are arranged in 78 blocks horizontally and 22 rows vertically to a height of 12 metres on both sides of a central area, along which a picking crane travels on rails. Some locations are not filled due to the presence of building columns. The width of the installation in the warehouse is just over 22 metres and the length is nearly 80 metres. The top seven rows contain cassettes measuring 645 mm high, the very top location being 40 mm deeper still, while the lower 15 rows house 435 mm high cassettes. All are 770 mm wide and accept material up to 6.8 metres long. The crane travels with two cassettes weighing up to 4,150 kg each between the store locations and three input/ output stations, extracting and / or returning material at up to 160 m/min longitudinally and 40 m/min vertically. These motions are performed simultaneously for maximum productivity, while cassette pulling and return speed is up to 80 m/min. Andy Wighton, Managing Director of Pipe Centre and Climate Center said, “We have created one of the most dynamic and advanced distribution centres in the industry that will help us achieve customer service excellence. “Measham DC is ideally placed geographically and fits with our supply chain strategy to operate as efficiently as possible. It optimises our distribution capability for Pipe Centre and Climate Center so we can offer our customers next day delivery and accommodates our exciting growth ambitions for the next 10 to 15 years.”

A view of the KASTOunicompact 4.0 automated warehouse for pipe and other materials soon after erection at Wolseley UK’s new distribution centre in Measham.

Another view of the KASTO automated warehouse, showing stock starting to populate the lower and upper cassettes.

One of the input / output stations serving the KASTOunicompact warehouse at Measham.

An exterior view of the new Pipe Centre DC at Measham.

THINK lowest cost per pick













Get to know NEW DIMENSIONS in automated storage We manufacture the widest range of computer controlled storage and retrieval systems for bar, tube, profile, sheet and other materials. Systems may be interlinked with saws, including ours, other machine tools, robotic sorting systems, MRP and ERP systems, and more. If you are running out of space in your warehouse or factory, KASTO has the perfect solution for you.


01908 571590

Anti-Slip GlASS RAnGE


10mm DREAM BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 55

10mm DREAM CLEAR BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 64

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 19


10mm ELEGANCE BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 61

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 43

10mm ELEGANCE CLEAR BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 61

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 34

• Tested To UK and European Standards • Toughened and Laminated

• Multi Laminated with Vanceva Coloured Interlays 10mm SECRET BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 51

• Can be processed, Shaped, Drilled as required

10mm TRUST BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 62

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 47


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 44






10mm TRAIL BS 7976-2 Av.DRY 65

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 52


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 68

BS 7976-2 Av.WET 59


BS 7976-2 Av.WET 61



BS 7976-2 Av.WET 61

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Construction Update November 2017




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Industry News November 2017

Patient safety key as Harrogate hospital turns to Crittall Fendor


Cygnet Hospital Harrogate is a long-established mental health hospital that provides support and treatment for both NHS and privately funded patients.

“We chose Crittall Fendor as they are recognised as the benchmark standard in patient safety,” says Cygnet’s Director of Development and Facilities Tom Wilson. “The industry is aware that the CleanVent window is the best one. It ticks all the boxes.”

A recent decision to replace and upgrade the windows led to the specification of specialist units by Crittall Fendor, experts in high security fenestration.

“In terms of the strength of the windows and the practicality of cleaning them it leaves the competition standing,” says Mr Wilson.

The CleanVent has been developed as a response to the specific needs of clinicians working in secure mental health hospitals. It is designed to maintain security while being cleaned and also provides no projection to which a ligature can be fixed, a particular consideration where patients being cared for may have a predilection to self-harm. The robust window is available in steel, aluminium or a hybrid of both materials.

For the Harrogate contract Crittall Fendor worked directly for Cygnet removing the original windows and installing the new ones. Aluminium CleanVent were specified except for the front elevation of the building where taller, narrower steelaluminium SwingVents were used. Tom Wilson explains: “These offer the same characteristics as the CleanVent but the design is more flexible and enabled us to meet the aesthetic requirements of the local planners.” Cygnet has been providing specialist mental health services for almost 30 years and has hospitals at some 20 locations around the UK. The company’s relationship with Fendor – which was acquired by Crittall earlier this year – goes back several years.

November 2017 Industry News

Going up? British Airways i360, the tallest moving observation tower in the world, is now open for public viewing. Architects Julia Barfield and David Marks take a view from the top. Eleven years in the making, British Airways i360 is the brainchild of architect-entrepreneurs David Marks and Julia Barfield of Marks Barfield Architects, best known as the practice that conceived and designed the world-famous London Eye. The new attraction on the seafront in Brighton, is the world’s first vertical cable car. British Airways i360 uses state of the art cable car technology to drive the pod up and down, and uses energy to recapture technology during its descent to generate almost half of the electricity required to power its ascent. Julia commented: “We first experienced what impact that heady mix of innovative architecture and engineering, combined with a great view of a great city, can have on the city at the London Eye. “How it can be a catalyst for regeneration, breathe new life into forgotten areas and most importantly, give back to the city. Once you have experienced this, there is an almost irresistible urge to do it again – to drop another piece of design into the water and watch the ripples. We hope and expect that the i360 can have a similar positive effect on another great city, Brighton.”

David added: “Everyone loves a great view; it seems to be a universal desire to see the earth and its cities from exceedingly high places; it is a pleasure both to the eyes, and to the intellect, not only to gaze at horizons, but to look beyond them, and in doing so, to raise one’s sights that much higher.

NEW Controls for Simply Saving Energy DANLERS Limited have recently launched an extensive range of reliable, easy to install, controls for Lighting and HVAC including:

“British Airways i360 is the result of a fantastic example of European cooperation. The team includes many key individuals and firms we worked with on the London Eye and it has been our privilege over the past twelve years to see the commitment, determination and enterprise with which they have turned the designs and plans into reality.

NEW HIGH BAY CONTROLS An extensive range of controls suitable across a wide spectrum of high bay applications.

“Located at the landward end of the West Pier on Brighton beach, British Airways i360 is a modern-day ‘vertical pier’ whose purpose is simply to delight, entertain and inspire. Its design, engineering and method of construction are innovative, just as the West Pier was in its time. Visitors are invited to ‘walk on air’ and gain a new perspective on the city, just as the original pier welcomed Victorian society to ‘walk on water’.”

NEW EASYZAPP DIMMING CONTROLS Remotely programmable controls suitable for either DALI, DSI or 1-10VDC dimmable ballasts. Easy to install, easy to configure. Standard ceiling flush or surface mount and high bay mounting options.

British Airways i360 will play an important role in the regeneration of the Regency Square seafront in Brighton. Drawing on engineering and technologies associated with cable cars and tower cranes, the design team have created an intelligent structure. While it has the London Eye as its predecessor, it is a completely unique design.


NEW EASYZAPP SWITCHING CONTROLS Remotely programmable PIR Occupancy switches by mobile phone / tablet from up to 100m away. Standard ceiling flush or surface mount and high bay mounting options.

NEW DAYLIGHT LINKED DIMMING PIR SWITCHES With adjustable run-on for lower light level when areas are not occupied. Versions for DALI or 1-10VDC ballasts. Standard ceiling flush or surface mount and high bay mounting options.

DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ U.K. Tel: 01249 443377. E:


Industry News November 2017

New STEAMhouse Under Construction in Birmingham The Construction work on the first phase of the new creative innovation centre at Birmingham City University started work this week. The construction work began on Monday, the 30th October and will lead to the creation of STEAMhouse. This project will also include the refurbishment of a former car dealership in Birmingham’s Digbeth area in order to house a new centre and marker space.

will be used for the submitting of ideas for next year. This test-bed will run up to September 2019. The multi-million-pound partnership arrangement has been created with Birmingham arts organisation, Eastside Projects. The organisation works to support and encourage the promotion of the Arts in line with STEM subjects. The new development is encouraging a closer working relationship across the different disciplines and industry sectors. This initiative will inform a later second phase of the STEAMhouse project. This second phase, currently in the pipeline has already received £14 million from the Government that was allocated in the 2016 Budget. This phase of the project will seek the creation of incubation and office spaces with teaching facilities, co-working and marker spaces and artists’ studios on the new site, when construction work is completed. The new STEAMhouse pilot phase will combine academics, entrepreneurs, designers, makers, future talent and organisations to foster a greater innovation, develop a range of new products, and support economic growth with a programme of business support.

The intention behind this development is to connect STEM subject areas, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to the Arts. It is thought that STEAMhouse will be able to offer support to 200 sole traders as well as start-ups and local businesses and deliver access to expertise and finance for growth. The refurbishment at the Birmingham site is being carried out by Paragon Interiors Group. The contractors will open a test-bed that

UK cladding giant Lakesmere in administration

One said: “Today, the beloved company I’ve worked for the past 13 years, the Lakesmere group, sadly went into administration. A great company with just the best people – a very sad day indeed. ”

Specialist cladding and roofing contractor Lakesmere has been placed into administration.

Another said: “I couldn’t believe it. I thought we were too big for that to happen. Good luck to everyone.”

Stunned staff at the £120m revenue business were told the firm had collapsed in a series of meetings yesterday. Lakesmere’s £37m turnover major project subsidiary, McMullen Facades, has avoided administration. The search is now on for a buyer for this part of the group and the various international businesses that also continue to trade solvently. Around 109 jobs were axed yesterday from the 241 staff working for Lakesmere in England. Around 275 jobs in Northern Ireland have been preserved while a buyer is sought for McMullen.

The specialist envelope firm has four contracts on the Crossrail project. It is understood Crossrail will now step in to directly fund the work. But other jobs are set to grind to a halt as the administration process proceeds. The first signs that things may not be going well for Lakesmere emerged when finance director Mark Johnson left the firm last month. Lakesmere Group has been investing heavily in the last few years opening a major facility in 2016 at Portadown in Northern Ireland.

Administrators from Deloitte targeted sales and estimating staff while keeping design and site staff while the business assets are put up for sale. Deloitte administrator Richard Hawes said: “Lakesmere Limited has experienced financial challenges, arising from a number of unprofitable contracts. “This has resulted in Lakesmere Limited being placed into administration. Unfortunately a number of redundancies have to be made in the UK and we are offering those affected support at this difficult time. We are currently assessing the options available, including a potential sale of McMullen Facades , which is continuing to trade solvently.” Now staff at the firm have taken to social media looking for new job opportunities.


The firm has been operating in the Middle East since 2009 and recently also established a manufacturing facility in China as it worked to deliver projects in Hong Kong. The firm ranked as the largest installer of Kalzip standing seam roofing in Europe and the Middle East. Lakesmere grew rapidly in recent years establishing a group structure with seven main businesses covering home and key international marketsAccording to the most recent results international work accounted for £19m of the near £120m turnover, helping the group to generate a pre-tax profit of £3.5m. In recent years Lakesmere had built up an impressive portfolio of projects including: the London Aquatics Centre, Ricoh Stadium, Aintree Racecourse grandstand development, the O2 Arena, Diamond Synchrotron and Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2 building.

November 2017 Industry News

Drone Major Group Promoting Use ESFA lines up £300m modular of Drones in Construction Industry secondary schools deal The launch of the Drone Major Group in September was seen as a significant turning point for the drone industry. Newly launched company works to deliver a range of critical connectivity services for the drone industry. The Drone Major Group have created a Drone Major portal that can be utilised to help improve the sale of drones related to the construction industry. The portal has been created to offer to help inform a range of potential buyers about the widespread applications that are available for drones. It has been well reported that Britain is in need of more homes, and the sooner they are delivered, the better. From the social housing sector to the private housing stock, more and more people are struggling to find somewhere to live, being faced with long waiting lists and endless red tape to fight through. However, it would appear that developers and the public sector are starting to pay attention to the demand. However, the pace of construction has been one of the main hindrances to change. In order to combat this, companies are using drones to help construction firms to help take on the housing crisis. The use of drones has had an influence on cost efficiency of site surveying as well as speeding up the overall delivery time of the projects. Those who work on a construction project in order to deliver the development and maintenance of the nation’s infrastructure are also seeing significant benefits from the use of drones on the project. An example of this is West Sussex County Council has been using drones in order to survey the county’s bridges in partnership with a leading international infrastructure group. This use of technology is another example of the improvements that can be made to efficiency, speed of delivery and cost reduction for a range of different tasks in the construction industry.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency will start the bid race this month for its largest modular school construction framework. It is the third framework agreement for offsite construction from the ESFA in a plan to revolutionise the way education buildings are specified, procured and delivered. The agency hopes that modular construction will give it more cost effective delivery in the face of rising construction costs. Selected firms for the latest framework will be used to deliver both individual secondary school extensions as well as several whole schools. Lot one will be used for higher value schemes and will include a bundle of projects worth around £20m, with potential for a pipeline of £250m. Lot two will involve a bundle of smaller projects of around 16,000 sq ft, worth up to £15m, but offering a potential future pipeline of £50m. So far the ESFA has let two other modular framework agreements for primary schools. The Modular A framework, which is being used for whole school buildings, was won by Eliott, which secured nine schools, and McAvoy, which is preferred bidder on an additional three schools. A joint venture between Styles & Wood and modular specialist Extraspace Solutions picked up the Modular B framework to deliver primary three school block extensions. Caledonia was also announced as preferred bidder on this framework, which will deliver initially 16 schools projects, with further schemes expected up to a value of £95m.

LEVEL CHANGE SOLUTIONS commercial or residential

Grone Major Group has been working to connect a number of key players with the creation of one worldwide drone revolution involving any industry from private operators to manufacturers. The Drone Major portal is a central part of this idea and allows for industry connectivity.


November 2017

McAVOY WINS MAJOR INDUSTRY AWARD FOR BIM The McAvoy Group has won a major industry award for its commitment to adopting and implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) in its offsite construction projects. McAvoy was presented with the award for Best Virtual Reality BIM at the third annual RICS BIM4SME Awards. This is for the design and delivery of a two-storey primary school building for children with special educational needs at West Hill School for Surrey County Council. Ten firms that utilise BIM technology to create smarter and more creative buildings were recognised at this major industry event, held at the iconic HMS Belfast in London.

The RICS has identified BIM as the critical development affecting organisations of every size across the construction industry, and it continues to promote the importance of BIM adoption and those companies at the forefront in the UK. The BIM4SME awards showcase excellence, promote best practice, and the tremendous opportunities that BIM presents for the whole of construction. Commenting on the awards, Alan Muse, Global Director of Built Environment Standards at the RICS, said, “BIM offers significant benefits for construction projects….it enables a project to be delivered faster, of higher quality, have more sustainable performance and more efficient operation. “More firms are adopting BIM for these reasons and our winners are testament to those leading the way in utilising it to deliver better, more innovative and cost-effective built initiatives. I hope they inspire other businesses of the importance and benefits of BIM in revolutionising the construction process.”


Eugene Lynch, Managing Director of The McAvoy Group, said, “We are absolutely thrilled that our industry-leading commitment and investment in BIM has been recognised in this way. McAvoy was the first offsite construction specialist to be accredited to BIM Level 2 – which was a major achievement. We are now working towards BIM Level 3 as we really value the efficiency benefits that the process and the latest virtual reality technology can bring to our customers and our offsite projects.” David Clark, Innovation Manager at The McAvoy Group added, “There is a strong synergy between BIM and offsite construction. Our offsite solutions and factory production processes significantly reduce time on site, and improve the quality and efficiency of buildings. The use of BIM takes that to a new level. We consider BIM and virtual reality to be an absolutely vital part of our business. Harnessing the latest technology allows us to streamline processes even further, to help facilitate better decision making and enhance stakeholder engagement at the earliest possible stages of a project. This will deliver shorter design periods and in our view, outstanding buildings that exceed our clients’ expectations.” For further information, visit, call 028 8774 0372 or email

November 2017

EQUITONE: EVOKING THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF FIBRE CEMENT Fibre cement mineral composite materials combine outstanding physical and aesthetic properties. For more than a century, the combination of mineral materials, water, air and heat has been transforming the exteriors of buildings around the world. Due to the nature and range of the materials, fibre cement suits both modern and traditional schemes - from private commercial properties, to public centre facilities – and is the ideal choice for both new builds and refurbishments. Architect’s choice EQUITONE is a through-coloured facade material designed by and for architects. The material’s versatility provides architects with the ability to bring inspirational designs to life. Constructing beauty EQUITONE materials are created in large, flat panels, which can be cut and fabricated into a variety of shapes and sizes, enabling an architect to add intricate detail to the facade and create striking patterns in the exterior design. EQUITONE’s fibre cement materials are available in a range of through colours, offering an extensive palette of subtle and inspiring shades in a variety of textures and finishes. Look and feel Although the overall look is important, the texture can make a big difference to the finish of a building too. EQUITONE materials are available in a range of finishes such as EQUITONE [linea], which is a great tool for architects who want to play with texture, light and shadow. Its unique 3D shape with routed lines gives a striking final effect, particularly when cut into unusual shapes. EQUITONE’s most recent addition to the range, EQUITONE [materia], accentuates the beauty of fibre cement. The material


encompasses the characteristics of cement whereas the fibres render its surface textured yet velvety. The ever-changing atmosphere gives the material natural subtle shade variations. Working with the environment Long lifespan is a key factor when specifying cladding materials – fibre cement has a life expectancy of over 50 years and, at the end of its life, can be crushed and recycled. It also requires low maintenance, and additional finishes available on select materials, such as anti-graffiti coating helps prevent weathering in areas of heavy footfall or areas where the building has to withstand harsh elements. In addition to environmental benefits of the material itself, EQUITONE helps to improve the thermal efficiency of a building. When installed, the air gap at the back of the panel protects the inner skin of the main building, acting as a rainscreen. In the summer, the ventilated facade has a cooling effect when outside temperatures are high. The ventilation space allows air to freely circulate behind the panel, creating a comfortable inner building and enabling water vapour from inside the structure to escape. Flexibility in fixings Depending on an architect’s vision, EQUITONE can be fitted using secret fix when a smooth surface is required, or using a range of face fix systems to achieve the desired aesthetic. Commenting on the use of EQUITONE [tectiva] for a public-sector building, Ajay Chauhan, architect at CPMG said: “We’re really pleased with the overall finish of the project. EQUITONE [tectiva] was the ideal choice– it gave the aesthetic appearance we hoped for, was within budget and is fantastic quality.” For more information about EQUITONE, visit


Coatings & Paints November 2017

Dow Corning Launches New, Low Odour Neutral Sanitary Silicone Global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, Dow Corning, has launched a new, fast acting sealant suitable for sanitary projects in both domestic and commercial settings. The Dow Corning 785N Neutral Sanitary Silicone is a mould and mildew resistant neutral silicone with low odour, high flexibility and excellent adhesion to a range of porous and non-porous surfaces. Non-corrosive to metal, the sealant remains flexible over time for lasting performance and is fast curing as well as ensuring low shrinkage – allowing for quick turnaround with a wide variety of jobs. It can be used on stone, marble and granite, as well as ceramic, porcelain, glass, tile, stainless steel and more. With a matt finish and high resistance against damage, Dow Corning 785N is the ideal product for a range of sealant projects and is available in white and clear 310ml cartridges.

Tackle Large Scale Projects With the Marathon Sleeve From Purdy Purdy’s Marathon™ sleeve is an essential piece of kit, making large scale decorating projects a breeze. Other rollers can leave an uneven appearance when they become worn but the durability and quality of the Marathon™ sleeve means a smoother finish – ideal when working on more challenging projects that need consistent coverage and a great final appearance. Developed by Purdy’s expert technical team, the durable cover will deliver performance over 40 hours of constant use – giving consistently high performance from beginning to end. It is often the tool of choice for contractors working on large scale, professional projects Made using a blend of nylon and polyester fabric, Marathon™ lasts longer, paints further and leaves less lint on the painted surface.


The roller cover series also has brilliant paint pick-up and release properties – which means less trips back to the bucket – and can be used with oil-based or water-based paints for interior or exterior projects.





TOUPRET UK 25 North Row - London W1K 6DJ Phone: +44 (0)203 691 6747 Fax: +44 (0)20 3691 6751 Email:

Coatings & Paints November 2017

Is it “Damp” or “Condensation”? Damp and condensation are common problems in a wide range of properties; Housing Associations, Leisure Centres, Schools, Industrial Premises and Domestic Properties all suffer to some extent. There are several methods to control the problems, but ideally we need to discover the source of the problem. Then it can be treated using the correct control method, let’s say an anti-damp or anti-condensation coating in a ‘belt and braces’ approach to the problem. We hope the information given will help understand the issues involved. Visual analysis Look for the following symptoms and sketch them on a plan:1. Water leaks from kitchen, central heating system or bathroom. 2. Water stains, discoloured paint, peeling paper. 3. White salts on the surface or pushing the paper off the wall. This is called efflorescence and the salts are mobilised by water and crystallize on the wall surface. 4. Mould. 5. A tide mark, often a wavy line along the wall. 6. Chimney breast stains, which floor? After this look at the outside of the building and compare the results, does that patch of damp in the bedroom correspond with that cracked gutter, or even that patch of weeds blocking the water flow in the gutter. Or the tide mark corresponds to a wall where the soil level is higher... potentially over the damp proof membrane (DPC). Again make a sketch it may just help you to understand the root cause of the problem.


Concentrate on the following:1. Leaking or blocked gutters, downpipes or drains. 2. High external ground levels relative to the DPC. 3. Cracks or pointing issues in the chimney, has someone made off with the lead flashing?

Measuring Ideally test for dampness using a conductivity ‘pin’ meter, again note the readings on the sketch and compare with readings from an unaffected area. If you do not have access to a meter then it is possible to test for damp vs condensation by taking an unbroken layer of polyethylene sheet and taping it to the wall, sealing it completely with a good strong waterproof tape on all

November 2017 Coatings & Paints visible, means that you cannot repair the wall in patches; you must coat either the entire wall or a complete section of the wall. This prevents you simply moving the problem to another area on, for example, an external wall. Once you’ve solved any long term issues around the chimney stack, but as part of our belt and braces approach apply two coats of Coo-Var Anti-Damp paint to the chimney breast and even the surrounding walls. This also has the added benefit that it has integral stain blocking properties and will prevent the staining by salts and chemicals returning at a later date. four sides. Leave overnight before examining. Ideally leave it for a few days; condensation on the inside means there is a damp problem either within the wall or penetrating from the outside. No condensation inside the plastic means we simply have a condensation problem; the condensation is unlikely to form on the plastic because of the insulating layer of air inside.

Analysis of the problem Rising dampness is indicated by readings which start in the skirting board and continue up anywhere between 150mm and 500mm; usually there is a fast cut off from a high reading to zero very quickly. There may well be a tide mark corresponding to this cut off. Penetrating dampness can occur at any height, look for a patch of high readings around the defect. Condensation is often accompanied by mould growth, black or green in colour, with no real sign of any dampness within the wall, i.e. low meter readings. There are other key pointers; condensation often occurs around windows, especially single glazed where the temperature drop is large. Cold spots often give rings or patches of mould; these are often caused by an isolated defect in solid walls. Chimney breast staining is caused by salts and chemicals being slowly washed through the

walls as a result of moisture in the chimney. The moisture can come from poor flashing, poor chimney stack pointing or leaking back boilers. Condensation in the chimney itself is usually the result of a lack of ventilation in the flue.

Belt and Braces Approach Firstly, if there are any doubts at all about the problems encountered, then before you spend a small fortune on repairs, have the dampness assessed by an expert. If you have carried out the above analysis and are confident it is a simple issue. Then, if condensation, consider an Anti-Condensation paint. Firstly, an insulation type coating which helps remove the cause of condensation; it keeps the wall warmer and hence prevents condensation in the first place. Secondly, moisture absorption coating which attempts to absorb condensation and then let the moisture out when the conditions are dryer. Both types of product generally have a film protective additive to stop the mould growth. Please note insulation coatings generally have a micro texture and can be over coated with decorative paint which should not affect their Anti-Condensation properties. The micro texture, which is barely

Both of these products can be painted or wallpapered over as required.

Summary We would always recommend analysis to discover the root cause of the problem, but, both Coo-Var Anti-Damp and AntiCondensation paints are a useful tool to have in the battle against dampness and condensation. Even in these modern days where ‘one coat of one paint does everything’, they should continue to be an integral part of every decorator’s emergency kit. Coo-Var technical services can be contacted on info@ or by phoning 01482 328053 and selecting the Technical services option. For more information or technical advice on Coo-Var Anti-Damp & Anti-Condensation paints contact the Technical hotline on 01482 328053 or email info@ To download more information, visit the Coo-Var Website at Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for regular updates.


Coatings & Paints November 2017


roomfield is the largest general hospital in this part of Essex and refurbishment work was needed on the helipad situated on the roof of the building. Bradite’s CF22 Chlorinated Rubber paint was specified to recoat the previously painted concrete deck, thanks to distributor Kent Blaxill. “Hearing that the work needed to be done we contacted Bradite and their national sales manager James Burton visited the site and wrote a specification,” says Kent Blaxill’s Dan Ruegg. Chelmsford-based Kestrel Maintenance took on the job, beginning by high-pressure

Happy landings with Bradite refreshed helipad Air ambulance helicopters now have a distinctive new helipad at a Chelmsford hospital, thanks to a repainting job using Bradite products.

hosing the helipad surface to remove all loose and flaking paint and degreased with Bradite TD39 detergent to banish any remaining oil contamination.

“Chlorinated rubber is ideal because of its quick drying time in situations when speed is important so that the site can be back in use quickly,” - James Burton. The product also deals with spillages effectively and has a low spread of flame characteristic. The helipad received two coats of CF22 and was ready to take light foot traffic after drying overnight with full curing taking effect in less than four days. “These products are great,” says managing director Paul Mercer from Kestrel Maintenance “I had not used any of the Bradite products before and it was extremely good. This site is quite exposed to the elements and the pilots need to be able to see the signs clearly.” The base colour of the new deck is green with various markings, including a large ‘H’ in the centre. The name of the hospital and other information has been painted in white, yellow, black and red, as specified by the NHS. The different signage was all picked out in Bradite’s CF22 colours and stencilled into position.


November 2017 Coatings & Paints

Remmers Leads the Way With Low Emission Resin Flooring

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Remmers Epoxy OS Color New is a coloured Epoxy Self Smoothing resin system suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Its high mechanical strength coupled with excellent chemical resistance makes it ideal for industrial environments whilst its innovative reduction in VOC’s means it is perfect for commercial applications such as Schools, Hospitals or retail areas. Epoxy OS Color New is one of a select band of Remmers Solvent free epoxy resins that holds AgBB certification thanks to a huge reduction in the use of harmful ingredients when compared to standard resin flooring. These market leading improvements come alongside the usual high-quality product performance that Remmers clients have come to expect. The system is available in a range of standard colours but can also be produced to any RAL, BS or NCS colour to suit the designer’s tastes.

THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! • Easy and quick to apply by trowel or spray • Extremely fast drying time • Universal use: internal or external and new & old buildings • Unbeatable flexibility • Excellent crack-bridging capability >2mm • Strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure • Highly adhesive to most common building substrates • Overcoat in just over 4 hours • UV-resistant • Can be over-coated with Remmers coatings • Extreme resistance to frost and salts • Solvent & bitumen free – low odour

01293 594 010


November 2017

Four Seasons Case Study


November 2017 Date: January 2017 Project: Four Seasons Hotel, Tianjin, China Products: Flexirol Straight Sliding, Soltaire 120, Securefold 150, Husky 100 Location The Four Seasons Hotel in Tianjin, China is a 45 storey, 259 room hotel in the heart of the city’s Central Business District. Currently the tallest building in the metropolis, the high-end hotel is the first skyscraper in Tianjin to achieve LEED Gold certification for its extensive use of sustainable building products and construction methods. Requirements A range of P C Henderson’s sliding and folding door hardware products were specified by the project’s Architectural Hardware Consultant to enhance the bespoke design of the building. The main requirements were for large, heavy doors that offered a distinctive grandeur, while portraying the luxurious look, feel and operation desired by the end user. It was also important that the chosen hardware could cover a variety of sizeable apertures for different uses within the large luxurious development. Part of this included conference rooms and a signature Italian restaurant. Mock up rooms for Four Seasons’ branded residences were also created as well as a grand and impressive ballroom installation. In addition to this P C Henderson’s sliding door hardware was also fitted in the hotel’s lavish 3,434 sq. ft. Presidential Suite. The Presidential Suite is designed with many large openings to provide guests with expansive city views from the highest floors, as well as to create flexible and abundant spaces for entertaining and relaxing. Products Used A total of 31 Flexirol Straight Sliding systems were installed as room dividers in the Presidential Suite and as sliding doors in

the hotel’s conference rooms to create flexible spaces. This system offers a high performance and attractive finish with the option of being face or soffit fixed. Our Soltaire 120 hardware was employed in the grand ballroom, due to its low friction and fingertip operation benefits. Alongside this two sets of our popular Securefold 150 folding door systems were also fitted in the hotel’s Italian restaurant’s entrance allowing the use of folding wooden doors weighing up to 150kg to be specified. Phase 1 of the build also included the installation of 32 Husky 100 sliding door hardware systems, complete with soft close mechanisms in mock-up rooms for the hotel’s branded residences. The 2nd phase of the development will see the fit out of a further 143 branded residences within the same tower. Why Henderson Henderson is renowned for its quality, expertise and customer service across the world. Our Flexirol Straight Sliding hardware systems were specified as they met the project brief which required hardware that could carry heavy doors weighing up to 300kg, while matching the opulent look and feel of the huge presidential suite and grand ballroom. Doors of this size must adhere to stringent safety requirements which our products conform to due to the rigorous testing we carry out. The unique capabilities and recognised quality of our Husky, Securefold and Soltaire product ranges ensured further specification in other apertures within the development where sliding and folding door hardware was required. To find out more about what P C Henderson has to offer, visit or email


Floors, Walls & Ceilings November 2017

An entrances is an area that can give visitors their first impressions of a building and so it requires particular attention to be paid to creating a sense of harmony in the overall look. As the market leader in the field of customized dirt collection systems, emco has been setting benchmarks within this sector for over 70 years. Thanks to its Entrance-Mat- and Clean-Off Systems as well the numerous special designs it offers, emco makes sure that dirt and moisture are left at the door. emco – designing clean entrances Exceptional variety and designoriented functionality. The first impression on entering a building plays a crucial part in the overall effect on the visitor. Entrance areas therefore require an environment that combines a welcoming atmosphere with aesthetics and functionality. We offer individual, tailor-made dirt removal systems, based on our 3-zone cleaning system concept, that trap up to 90% of dirt and moisture as people walk across them. They make a significant contribution to a pleasant reception environment and longlasting protection of the surrounding floor coverings, as well as to a significant reduction in cleaning work throughout the building.


In addition to our dirt-removal systems, our product range also includes carpet mats made with individually tailored colours and motifs, as well as top-quality gratings for swimming-pool and sanitary facilities. A wide choice of designs and components means we can provide architecturally sophisticated solutions for every type of requirement. At the same time, experienced specialists and a nationwide service network ensure expert, reliable project support throughout the pre- at- and after-sales phases.


emco – the first step to a cleaner environment. Entrances can give visitors their first impression of a building and require particular attention to create a sense of harmony in their overall look and ability. As a market leader in the field of customised dirt collection systems, emco has been setting benchmarks within this sector for over 50 years. Thanks to our tried and tested entrance mat ranges Diplomat, Marschall, Senator, Radial and Plaza as well as numerous special designs we offer, emco makes sure that dirt and moisture are left at the door. emco provides a range of entrance mats and clean off carpets that work in harmony with one another and provide protection against coarse, fine and damp dirt, offering a 3-zone cleaning system.

Telephone: 01952 / 256446

Floors, Walls & Ceilings November 2017

Armstrong Ceilings win the Mason seal of approval Canopies retro-fitted into a care home’s corridors.

Canopies by Armstrong Ceiling Solutions were specified for new-look common areas in a Royal Masonic Benevolent Care home for the three As – aesthetics, acoustics and affordability.


ome 240 Optima L white mineral canopies were retro-fitted by Mitie Technical Facilities Management throughout the corridors in the home in Porthcawl near Cardiff.

The brief from the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Care Company, a registered charity, was to raise the quality of the ceiling finish without losing access to the existing installations that were surface mounted as well as delivering this in a cost-effective way. The charity’s national project manager Rob Murray said: “I have used Armstrong products for many years and they deliver superior quality at an affordable price. To this particular project they bring aesthetics as well as reducing echoes within the corridors.” He added: “The key to its success was the early involvement of Armstrong and Fagerhult Lighting in creating samples and testing of products. Through a close working relationship with my local specification manager Adam Mansell, I was able to get the personal service needed for this kind of trickier job.” The 40mm-thick Armstrong Optima L 1200mm x 1200mm canopies feature excellent sound absorption, light reflectance of 87% and fire reaction performance to Euroclass B-s1, d0, and are also fully recyclable.


The Fagerhult Discovery EVO light fittings had integral wireless E-Sense Move which enabled Mitie engineers to install and commission the fittings very easily. E-Sense Move is a duplex system which means all

luminaires are combined “master” and “slave”. When presence is detected, information is sent on to one or more luminaires, which turn on. Each sensor is able to actively “listen” to 15 other sensors. Commissioning is carried out by remote control which includes determining which luminaires should listen to one another, light levels for basic and low-level lighting, time settings for returning to low-level lighting and/or for turning lights off. The £750,000 five-month refurbishment has proved popular with the end users. “The residents have commented how much they like the new look,” said Rob. Ryan Devinett, electrical contracts manager for Mitie, said: “The project was completed with minimal challenges and with ease I am pleased to say. The Armstrong canopies performed as planned, reducing noise while making the ceilings aesthetically pleasing.” Adam Mansell said: “The hall’s circulation areas were rather tired and in need of an update and I was called in to see what we could do. “The ceilings were quite low and cables and services were potential problems also. I came up with the idea of fitting Optima canopies down the corridors so as not to disrupt services and the residents too much. The client and the FM manager are really pleased with the result, commenting on how good they look and how quiet the corridors are now.”


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Innovative Underfloor Air Conditioning for Plexal at Here East AET Flexible Space recently supplied a bespoke underfloor air conditioning system to the Plexal innovation centre at Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. AET Flexible Space recently supplied a bespoke underfloor air conditioning system to the Plexal innovation centre at Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The Here East project announced in 2013 involved transforming the former


Olympic Press and Broadcast spaces into Europe’s biggest technology hub. Plexal’s vision was to create new space at the East London campus for technology companies, universities, startups and creatives, and AET Flexible Space are delighted to have contributed to this visionary development.

The innovation centre has office spaces that can accommodate from four to thirty workers, in addition to shared co-working space. The centre also offers bespoke services for residents, such as discounted PR, law and recruitment, and the campus-led design for

November 2017

co-working and collaboration gives it a distinctly unique edge over comparable coworking spaces in London.

beneath the raised access floor, and is then introduced into the space via the fan terminal unit (Fantile).

Working closely with M&E consultant, Cundall and M&E contractor, McDowall’s Air Conditioning, AET Flexible Space have supplied and commissioned a total of 13 downflow units (CAM-V) and 146 slimline TUS-EC Fantiles to the new 50,000 ft2 workspace located on the ground floor, and on an additional mezzanine level of the former Olympic Press Centre building.

The Fantile replaces a standard 600mm x 600mm floor tile and is therefore easily interchangeable. The CAM-V unit receives used air back at high level for re-conditioning. This configuration is ideally suited to the “hangar” style building and enables a flexible offering for future reconfiguration of the space as no division of the plenum into supply and return air plena is required.

The CAM-V system introduces conditioned air into the 190mm depth plenum

The underfloor system designed for the cellular office pods was also required

to run in conjunction with other services, such as the 4-pipe fan coils used to cool the mezzanine co-working areas and the pre-existing trench heating system installed at the perimeter. Custom floor stands were designed to raise the height of the CAM-V units, located in the central Plexal corridor within special acoustic enclosures. The Here East development in Stratford was officially opened in June 2017 but was already 55% pre-let 18 months before completion. Plexal has created a truly unique and flexible workspace offering for the new generation of digital and tech business occupiers.


Heating & Ventilation November 2017

Efficient Water Heating From Elco ELCO Heating Solutions has launched the TRIGON® XL WH – a new condensing direct gas-fired water heater capable of instantaneously supplying large volumes of hot water in commercial applications. The range comprises seven models with outputs from 150kW to 570kW, with each version offering class-leading efficiencies up to 110%, robust performance and NOx emissions as low as 34mg/kWh. TRIGON® XL WH is capable of providing a continuous supply of hot water at an efficient recovery rate of up to 9,257 litres per hour. Combined with extremely flexible configurations and a clever design, the water heater is perfect for a variety of installations, such as leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and commercial laundrettes. There are a number of standout technological features in the range, including an advanced premix-burner system for reliable performance, a water-cooled combustion chamber which provides highest possible thermal conductivity, plus optimised combustion zones for low emissions. In addition, TRIGON® XL WH benefits from several design features to enhance practicality, such as built-in cargo wheels for quick transportation, compact dimensions for easy passage through standard doors, plus a clever modular system that allows the water heater to be quickly disassembled into component parts for flexible siting. TRIGON® XL WH has a stainless steel heat exchanger, which is built to withstand challenging working conditions. It is specifically


designed for optimised efficiency and performance during its entire lifetime. This is enhanced by the use of a hydroforming process during manufacture, which fixes the heat exchanger’s cooling tubes inside the water heater’s sidewalls for optimum heat transfer. This provides the highest possible thermal conductivity, while a laser welded fin tube also minimises heat losses through the heat exchanger surface. Commenting on the new model, Ian Bradley, Managing Director for ELCO Heating Solutions, said: “By manufacturing all of our own condensing water heaters and boilers, we are able to specifically design,

develop and supply products that meet our customers’ requirements. This latest water heater is no exception and we’re sure that its performance characteristics and stunning technological features, along with ELCO’s proven technical prowess, will ensure it is well received within the commercial marketplace.” For more information on the TRIGON® XL and ELCO’s full range of water heaters, please visit



0030% Ours use this much space in the floor

10%in build costs

Save up to


Flexible Space

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Heating & Ventilation November 2017

Specflue’s Winter Plan

Wood and solid fuel heating installers, user 8 plan to make the most of the busiest time of year. Keep customers safe appliances efficient and carry out your job effectively, to a high standard. 1. Get swept: Fire and rescue services had to deal with more than 5,000 chimney fires

between April 2014 and March 2015. Don’t let your customers join this dangerous statistic. Point them in the direction of a qualified chimney sweep. Visit the HETAS website for a full list of accredited chimney sweeps: Customers should keep copies of all sweep certificates.

2. Be smoke aware: Smoke can be more lethal than fire itself. A properly sited and installed smoke alarm will detect the early stages of a fire. Ensure all alarms are tested weekly.

3. Be CO aware: Blocked chimneys, incorrect flue design and incomplete burning can cause CO poisoning. Make sure your customers have a CO alarm fitted correctly - this should happen as standard with new stove installs as part of the current Building Regulations. Alarms should be tested on a weekly basis.

4. Be fuel aware: Making your customers aware of the type and quality of fuel they need for

their appliance will help maintain efficiency and optimum eco-credentials. A wood thermometer will ensure fuel is being burnt at the correct temperature. Wood needs to be split and seasoned for around 18 months, with a moisture content of no more than 20% - this can be tested with a moisture metre. Point your customers in the direction of Woodsure, where they can buy certified, high quality wood fuel All solid fuels should be HETAS approved.

5. Be Ecodesign aware: For new stoves, choose a Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) Approved

Eco Design 2022 model, to ensure optimum efficiency and minimal emissions - ideal for urban locations.

6. Take a long-term view: When installing a new heating system, choose products that

have long warranty periods, to give your customer peace of mind, as well as covering your back should anything go wrong. We supply Schiedel liners (Tecnoflex Plus and ICID Plus) which come with a lifetime warranty.

7. Be prepared: Make sure you’ve got everything you need to do the job. Arriving on site and

realising bits are missing will hold things up and make you look unprofessional. We offer flue packs, which ensure you have all the fixings required in one place, including pipe connections, adaptors and chimney cowl. Order products in advance rather than leaving purchasing to the last minute.

8. Understand the true cost: Seemingly cheap cost per metre deals might seem like the

best option when choosing a flue, but, in reality this approach may cost more in the long term. A quality product with a long warranty will be easier to install and require little or no maintenance, reducing costs overall, and the need for customer call-backs.

Don’t forget, if you’re going to install solid fuel appliances, you must be HETAS registered. Don’t be tempted to ‘have a go’ at installing a stove or fireplace without the necessary training. For installers in related trades, such as plumbing or other forms of heating, upskilling can be a straightforward process. Visit


UK Spares: your one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial electrical spares Call or email our friendly team TODAY... or email Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares Unit 1155, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TF

Heating, Ventilation & insulation November 2017

Warm Water Underfloor Heating Systems Get Guidance From BPF Pipes Group As underfloor heating continues to grow in popularity in the UK, both for new build and refurbishment, the BPF Pipes Group has launched timely new guidance for warm water underfloor heating systems. With the aim of promoting best practice in the industry when using plastic pipe systems, the guidance is available at and offers useful references to installing underfloor heating systems correctly. The guidance details the benefits and components of such systems, along with design principles and stages, and also covers components like safety devices and pumps, and installation on different types of floors. Using warm water systems offers many performance advantages over other methods of central heating. Previously only featured in the UK in premium and commercial installations, underfloor heating’s popularity has grown rapidly over the last decade and today it represents a significant percentage of UK domestic and commercial heating projects. Plastic pipes have proven themselves for many years in underfloor heating applications: they are flexible for bends and curves, offer long continuous lengths to reduce the number of welds and joints needed – also making them faster to install and minimising potential leakage points – and they meet the needs of the application absolutely. They are easy to handle and install on site and provide a long service life. Plastic pipes have been in common use for over 50 years, and so are not a ‘new’ solution; they have proven ideal for underfloor heating systems.


There have been many new companies entering the UK market offering underfloor heating systems, but the best reassurance for UK specifiers and installers about quality systems with third party approvals comes from those who are BPF Pipes Group members, and therefore who conform to all current regulations and offer accurate technical information and advice. A list of BPF Pipes Group members manufacturing and supplying these systems is available at Gareth Samuel chairs the BPF Pipes Group’s working group on Building Services: hot and cold water applications. He commented: “We strongly recommend this useful guidance as we are confident it will provide an essential best practice reference for designers and installers. Plastic pipes are ideal for underfloor heating systems and our members are ready to provide helpful advice on the many different types of applications being considered.”



Airtight membranes to swear by

We don’t like to swear but we do swear by our liquid-applied, airtight membranes! Blowerproof Liquid completely seals cracks and gaps to make them airtight. Just paint it on. It adheres to the contours of substrates in the most awkward spaces and flexes so they remain vapour-tight.

Forms permanent seamless airtight seal Can be over-painted or plastered No VOCs Use on any surface Very quick to apply Clean brushes with water Be amazed at how Blowerproof Liquid is the fast, flexible and durable solution for all airtight connections. Call us now on 01793 847 444 or visit

Well,blow me down!

Blowerproof UK, ENBM Limited, Lydiard Fields, Great Western Way, Swindon SN5 8UB Telephone: 01793 847 444

November 2017

Anticipating the needs of designers and the construction sector when it comes to flooring is a constant challenge for my industry. While we as suppliers endeavour to set trends, the changing pace of technology and constraints of the modern economy make it more important than ever to bring our customers into the design process.

How the flooring to meet the needs 34

November 2017


hile principles remain the same, almost every element of commercial and domestic buildings will be changed as smart management technologies, new construction techniques and advances in materials mean businesses must invest if they want to stay ahead. My company, V4 Woodflooring, is investing ÂŁ3 million to create the V4 World design centre, a state-of-theart facility which will be equipped with the latest technology, including virtual reality goggles to allow customers to visualise our flooring in place. While as a business the primary purpose of V4 World will be to showcase luxury flooring products and wall panels in an aesthetically pleasing environment, so architects, builders, specifiers and customers can see our products in individual room settings, the design centre will have a wider social purpose. The centre will host training days for installers, and educational events for schools to discuss how best to protect the environment and foster a culture of sustainability in business. We now stock a massive range of products to suit all budgets and styles, not just in wood but also in concrete. It might seem counter intuitive for a supplier of wooden floors to expand into concrete,

We listened to what home owners and commercial installers wanted and added engineered wood floors to our range. Because engineered wood is a composite, made from layers of wood chosen for their different physical characteristics it is not only more cost competitive than many solid wood options, but also less prone to expansion and contraction when factors like temperature and humidity change.

industry is changing of construction but the installation process is remarkably similar. Our range of pre-cast concrete panels for walls and floors are lightweight, easy to install and work in almost any interior space, without any of the difficulties of traditional concrete flooring

These are just some of the ways we have embraced new ideas to suit our clients, and on top of this we are able to provide samples with full spec sheets and life style images for architects’ libraries.


November 2017

Beautiful Surfaces That Work Hard For Modern Living Durability, ease of maintenance and aesthetics need to combine when selecting surfaces for key interior areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom and high-traffic spaces such as flooring in hallways and living areas. This is why materials such as ceramic and quartz are becoming such a popular choice, for all areas of a property and for surfaces including kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops, walls and floors. Drawing on its 20 years expertise in the stone industry and responding head on to current trends in interior design, CRL Stone offers porcelain and quartz surfaces that are highly durable and versatile in design. Ceralsio by CRL Stone is a hardwearing and versatile range of porcelain surfaces, which is totally impermeable, stain and scratch resistant, very thermally stable and highly durable.


In a thickness of 12mm for worktops, the Ceralsio colour palette is diverse, with a choice

of 17 shades, in natural, textured or polished finishes. Ceralsio tiles are available in two thicknesses – 6mm for wall cladding and 10mm for floor tiling - and a large choice of sizes from 30 x 30 cm to 150 x 300 cm responding to the trend for large format tiles in the contemporary setting.

ABOVE: Highly durable, simple to maintain and available in 27 colours, Ceralsio by CRL Stone is a porcelain surface that is a versatile interior design solution. TOP LEFT: CRL Quartz from CRL Stone requires minimum maintenance to keep it looking as good as new. Pictured is CRL Quartz in River White. BELOW: Ceralsio is non-porous extremely hygienic and easy to care for. Pictured is Ceralsio Marquina Natural wall and floor tiling and Calacatta Gris Natural countertop.

CRL Quartz is an engineered quartz stone by CRL Stone that is scratch, heat and stain resistant, and unlike natural materials such as marble never needs to be sealed. Requiring minimum maintenance, the non-porous surface is simple to clean with a mild detergent and soft damp cloth. Offering a versatile design solution appropriate for any setting, CRL Quartz is available in 32 colours, with a polished finish. In thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm, the surface comes in an extra-large format slab in sizes up to 1650 x 3300mm, allowing for greater consistency in design over large spaces such as kitchen worktops. Both CRL Quartz and Ceralsio can be chosen to emulate the look of natural materials such as marble or wood, without the drawbacks in terms of maintenance, enabling the latest on-trend look to be created with peace of mind that it will be easy to care for.

All CRL Stone surfaces are available from stock for delivery anywhere in the UK and Ireland. From wall and floor tiles to extra-large format slabs of porcelain and quartz, all 60 colours and finishes in the Ceralsio and CRL Quartz collection are in kept in stock at CRL Stone’s UK depot, with a 48-hour turnaround offered on orders. Brochures and samples are free to order from the website at or call CRL Stone on 01706 863600 for more information.

CRL Quartz is a highly durable engineered quartz stone, available in 32 colours and extra-large format allowing for greater consistency in design. Hard-wearing and easy to care for, it is the perfect surface for the kitchen and bathroom.

Scratch resistant | Heat resistant | Stain resistant

t: : 01706 863 600 e:


Modern living made easy.

Modern space planning for the whole family. With exclusive design highlights everything is possible and this can all be done with the highest degree of individuality providing unique design and with intelligent equipment details.

LifestyLe Kitchens See the unmistakable quality of Mereway, Pronorm and Rempp kitchens for yourself and then rely on Alaris to be an efficient and experienced partner when you are choosing and designing a new kitchen. With our kitchen ranges we can set a high value on design, quality and functionality. This is reflected in the variety of our kitchens which will always offer future trends in style and design and are the result of our close co-operation with our kitchen brands. Modern colours, forms and materials are as important as the development of solutions which last the test of time. It’s important that the kitchen you choose will suit your aspirations and lifestyle for many years to come. The Alaris design team can be trusted to help you achieve your perfect kitchen that will exactly match your personal requirements and your lifestyle. Alaris designers have the experience to guide you through the many options offered by modern kitchen layouts, from small kitchen spaces to comfortable

PROnORM Kitchens Pronorm can look back over a long company history. It began production of high quality kitchen furniture back in 1945 at its location in Vlotho Germany. Pronorm are now one of the leading manufacturers of high quality kitchens which cater for our most discerning customers looking for modern style and functionality. ReMPP Kitchens Since its foundation as a little joiner´s workshop in the 1930’s Rempp Küchen has cultivated its tradition of craftmanship. Modern production engineering is also needed to create beautiful kitchens and with Rempp Küchen tradition and progress go hand in hand. They have features that are truly exclusive for those who are impressed by perfectly engineered components.

MeReway Kitchens The Mereway name means exercising taste and judgment, but more than that, it means taking the time to make choices that enhance your life. Just as a coffee lover would never choose an instant coffee because it was cheaper, quicker to make or more conveniently available, so a typical Mereway Kitchens customer would take the time to select a kitchen on the basis of quality of craftsmanship, inspirational design and exceptional customer experience. To experience the Alaris difference why not visit a showroom or the website and ask for a free design consultation.


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Timber November 2017

Red Grandis Lands at Lathams ™

The UK’s biggest independent timber and panel products distributor, James Latham, is now offering Red Grandis™ directly from stock through all eight of its nationwide timber depots.


thically sourced and plantation grown in Uruguay by forestry and logging giant Urufor, Red Grandis is one hundred percent FSC® certified and fully complaint with EUTR legislation. Offering exceptional durability and stability, this high-performing, versatile hardwood timber - which comes from the Eucalyptus family - is also easy to machine and stain, plus, because it is plantation grown, it offers continuity of supply.

James Latham’s Technical Timber Sales Development Manager, Justin Hayward explained, “We are really excited to be able to offer this product and I am confident that it will quickly become a popular choice with our customers. Red Grandis is ethically sourced; environmentally friendly and readily available and this, coupled with outstanding levels of performance in stability and durability, ensures that it ticks all of the boxes not only for us, but for our customers.” Typical uses for Red Grandis include all types of joinery such as windows, doors, conservatories, mouldings and cladding. It is particularly well suited to large projects such as door frames as it is supplied in long engineered lengths so it is less likely to bow and warp, this in turn reduces the need to overlap and finger joint frames. Mr Hayward added, “James Latham has a long history and expertise in bringing new and innovative products to market and Red Grandis fits perfectly within our extensive timber portfolio which boasts one of the largest and most varied ranges of joinery quality hardwoods and softwoods available in the UK.”


Red Grandis is available in the following thicknesses as sawn timber; 25mm, 32mm, 38mm and 50mm and in

widths of 150mm and wider as well as long lengths (mainly 3.7m to 4.9m). It is also offered as WoodEx®, Latham’s own premium quality, engineered hardwood and softwood timber product in all core sizes for joinery applications as clear faced and finger jointed for long lengths. To learn more about Red Grandis and Latham’s complete product range please visit Information is also available from Latham’s marketing department by e-mailing: or by calling: 0116 257 3415.


Timber November 2017

Morgan Sindall Tops Out at £13 Million Aberdeen Primary School Construction and infrastructure company Morgan Sindall has celebrated reaching the topping out stage of its work building the new £13 million Stoneywood Primary School in the Bucksburn area in the north of Aberdeen. “We’re very pleased to be making such good progress on what is a valuable addition to the education offering in the local area, and one which breathes new life and purpose into a derelict site.” Head Teacher Gael Ross said: “We are such a strong community at Stoneywood, pupils, staff and parents alike. It will be just great to be in our new home and everyone is really looking forward to it.” - Stuart Parker, managing director of Morgan Sindall


ouncil Co-Leaders Jennifer Laing and Douglas Lumsden, along with Councillor John Wheeler, Education and Children’s Services Convener, and representatives from Morgan Sindall unveiled a rooftop plaque at the site of the former Bankhead Academy, which was demolished following a fire in 2012.


schedule for a spring 2018 handover, and the new school will open its doors to 434 pupils for the new 2018 school year.

The single-storey project will feature a sensory garden, an orchard with insect and bird boxes and open spaces of grass for sports and games. The building is being constructed using a cross-laminated timber framework covered in a range of external finishes including glass, render and cladding. It also includes a number of sustainable features including low energy central heating and solar UV panels.

Councillor Wheeler said: “This is a fantastic milestone for the new Stoneywood School which will be another amazing addition to capital investment in education across Aberdeen. This year alone we have seen the opening of the £5 million Greenbrae School extension and the ground-breaking Centre of Excellence at Orchard Brae and we also have the new Lochside Academy to look forward to as well.

Morgan Sindall’s site team has completed the external structure and electrical works, and is now putting the finishing touches to the glazing. The building is on

“We’re delighted that pupils and staff at Stoneywood will have such a great facility to come to when the new school year begins.”

Stuart Parker, managing director of Morgan Sindall in Scotland, said: “Topping out is an important milestone in a construction project and it’s great to mark the occasion.

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November 2017

in 1988. They don’t always work so close to home and the company’s dedicated teams of structural engineers, steel fabricators, joiners and installation staff were all proud to be working on a local project.

The historic Copley Bridge near Sowerby Bridge that was destroyed by floods in 2015 has recently been replaced by an all new steel and timber structure supplied by local specialists CTS Bridges.

New Bridge – New Name for Copley Bridge “Wilson Bridge” is the new name chosen by local primary school children and residents for the bridleway crossing. Pupils’ research revealed that the original Copley Bridge was once a toll bridge and that one neighbouring resident – the late Mr Graham Wilson – had done much to maintain and improve the bridge. Thus the name “Wilson Bridge” was a worthy winner. Calderdale Council appointed CTS Bridges of Huddersfield to design, manufacture, deliver


and install the 40m x 3m bridge. The single span truss bridge is above the flood level and avoids reliance on any supports within the river channel making it far less vulnerable if there were to be a repeat of the 2015 flood. Stone from the original Copley bridge was used to enhance the approaches to the new crossing. CTS Bridges deliver designand-build bridge projects for customers all over the UK and boast a portfolio of several thousand bridges of all shapes and styles since their formation

As CTS director Sally Preston explained: “Along with meeting Calderdale Council’s project requirements the main design challenge of this scheme was the difficult access into the site which prohibited delivery of a fully assembled bridge and restricted the crane size to carry out the final lift. This influenced the design, resulting in the incorporation of removable elements such as the deck so that the weight could be minimised during the lift and then the bridge completed insitu”. The structure was brought into site in 3-sections and welded together on the bank in the weeks before the main lift. To work within the capacity of the 350-tonne crane CTS joiners only fitted the hardwood deck boards after the bridge had been dropped into its final position. The installation over the weekend was organised with Calderdale Council and site contractor BAM Nuttall to minimise disruption to residents - many of whom turned out to watch their new “Wilson Bridge” reunite the two river banks once again.

If you require any further information, please contact us for more details on our design, build and installation service for bridges and structures on 01484 606416 or visit our website at or by email

November 2017

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November 2017

Marshalls launch New Ethical Risk Index During recent years, improper practice in large organisation’s supply chains have been brought to light in the media, with brands such as ASOS, Mango and Marks and Spencer all being put in the spotlight, with issues including child workers and the exploitation of refugees being uncovered. Ethical sourcing is an issue affecting many industries today, and is not going away any time soon. Issues including slave and child labour have traditionally marred the stone industry’s reputation, but a positive move towards transparent supply chains has been a sea change of late. However, sourcing in the stone industry is still a difficult area in which to clearly identify transparency in supply chains across the world. Marshalls has acknowledged the industry’s need for an allencompassing structure, which highlights potential issues when it comes to stone sourcing in a number of well-known countries, and brought varying measures together in the Ethical Risk Index. The Marshalls Ethical Risk Index (ERI) uses a bespoke, independently audited scoring framework and gives a genuine insight into the multidimensional ethical challenges facing stone procurers to allow for more informed decision-making. It scores its own commercial stone portfolio against the industry ‘cluster’ for the corresponding origin of the stone in terms of ethical sourcing for that particular location. The ERI has been developed in conjunction with Stirling Smith, an independent consultant who specialises in ethical trade and human rights at work. He has worked for DFID, British Council, Fair Labour Association, trade unions, NGOs and several companies. He is a lead trainer for the Ethical Trading Initiative, and his areas of expertise include child labour, HIV/AIDS in the workplace, migrant labour, social dialogue and industrial relations, and health and safety at work.


Stirling has worked in more than thirty countries and his training manuals have been translated into more than twenty languages.

He said: “The ERI is a huge step forward in transparency. Marshalls was the first company in the stone sector to join the Ethical Trading Initiative and has been a leader for more than a decade. The Ethical Risk Index will enable customers to see what kind of problems might exist in a particular country, and whether a supplier is better or worse than the average in that country.” The ERI score is presented on two levels, a detailed breakdown across 10 assessment criteria, with a simple rating system derived from the average score, and consists of 10 different measures, all of which have equal bearing on the overall ERI score. These are:

1. Modern Slavery Act Awareness This measures Marshalls’ journey on implementing the Modern Slavery Act and Marshalls’ declared actions from its Modern Slavery and Anti-Human Trafficking Policy and Disclosure Statement. The measure is scored on the suppliers ‘Awareness’ of the Act, ‘Understanding’ of the Act and ‘Implementation’ of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) where this has been deemed appropriate This measure is not about the risk of modern slavery in the supply chain, but it is about embedding the awareness of the UK legislation into the Marshalls supply chain.

2. Supply Chain Visibility Supply chain visibility is a measure of the transparency of the supply chain to raw material extraction. It is about how confident Marshalls can be that it knows how and where the product is extracted and processed into finished goods for re-sale. Supply chain visibility gives Marshalls the ability to be confident in assessing the ethical risks.

3. Income & Employment Security This looks at how employees are paid and their contract of work. It is about how exploited the work force are, and gives some indication as to whether modern slavery may be present. The measure has four issues against which it is scored. These are wage levels, payment of wages, working hours and regular employment

4. Health & Safety Health and safety precautions and the welfare of the workers are all considered in this measure. It is about the awareness of potential hazards and the measures which are undertaken to prevent these. The measure has four criteria relating to safe working conditions in the processing of natural stone (control of dust, noise level, and the guarding and personal protection compliance with regards to machine safety) and

November 2017

two of welfare facilities (on and off site facilities available).

national reference number, contract of employment etc.

indicate issues with employment rights and potentially modern slavery

5. Social Well-being

7. Empowerment

10. Corruption & Bribery

Social wellbeing measures how the supply chain treats its workers through harsh or inhumane treatment and how it engages with the wider community. The treatment of the workers is another potential sign of the potential of modern slavery in the supply chain.

This is a measure of whether the worker has a voice with no consequences and whether they can join a labour organisation such as a Trade Union with the right to collective bargaining. Evidence of empowerment would suggest a very low risk of modern slavery

This is a measure of the supplier’s awareness, understanding and implementation of standards on corruption and bribery. The highest level of compliance would be the supplier prohibiting these activities with documented evidence including such things as ‘whistle blowing’.

The measure is scored for treatment on evidence for harsh or inhumane treatment through perceived treatment and finally exemplar treatment with good management systems.

The measure is split into two issues, the first being Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining and the second is on levels of Discrimination

The detailed scoring breakdown of each of the 10 measures not only illustrates how Marshalls score against the 10 criteria, but also against the score of the industry cluster – where other UK stone distributors draw from. The basic score consists of a simple visual rating, enabling a very quick and easily understood comparator.

The Corporate Social Responsibility program is scored from none in place, through informal and limited up to embedded and exemplar.

6. Employment Freely Chosen This looks at whether or not the workers freely chose to be employed at the location, and is the true indicator of modern slavery. Scored by two issues, child labour and forced, bonded or prison labour, both issues are scored on a scale of evidence for employment not being freely chosen via perceived opinion, to exemplar where formal management system are in place for each worker, documenting name,

8. Environmental This is a measure of the impact of the operation on the environment whether short or long term and what mitigation and future restoration is planned The measure is scored by two issues these being legal compliance and best practice engagement

9. Governance This is a measure of the overall transparency of the supplier, that it is a legal entity with ownership clearly defined, and that it has management control with documentation and policies with management systems. A lack of evidence in governance may

Marshalls is trying to present more of the real picture to customers. The Ethical Risk Index can enable customers to see what kind of problems might exist in a particular country, and whether a supplier is better or worse than the average in that country. Ethical trade is only going to be successful when consumers are better informed, and the Ethical Risk Index is an important step in educating customers. For further information, please visit:


Roofing November 2017

Holiday home made with GreenCoat® steel nominated for highly recognized World Architecture Award (WAF) 2017

The House KD, a holiday home in Sweden featuring a GreenCoat® colour coated steel roof, has been shortlisted for the 2017 World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award in the category “Villa - Completed Buildings”. Designed by architect Timo Karasalo, at GWSK Arkitekter in Stockholm, House KD is a year-round holiday home located on the island of Öland in Sweden. The WAF Award shortlisted house features design elements similar to traditional buildings on the island, but with modern and highly sustainable materials. The Metallic Silver roof of the House KD is made from GreenCoat® colour coated steel, from SSAB. SSAB is a company recognized worldwide for producing one of the best steels in the world, and works closely with innovative architects interested in sustainability.


Currently, GreenCoat is the only product on the market using Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating instead of fossil based oils, making it the greenest steel for exterior building applications. It was chosen for the roof of House KD in order to create

a maintenance free construction with high durability and a low environmental footprint. “The idea of a “modern barn” came up quite early in the sketching phase since the buildings in this area are almost exclusively built with sheet metal roofing,” explains architect Timo Karasalo. “In our daily work, our clients want us to choose materials that are both durable and environmentally friendly. When it comes to sheet metal work, GreenCoat meets both of these criteria.” GreenCoat colour coated steel products are offered with a patented, Bio-based Technology (BT) coating that reduces a building’s environmental footprint, while also delivering extreme durability, resistance to corrosion and long colour retention.

Furthermore, they provide building specifiers with a significantly lighter material compared to alternative solutions and have a very low temperature elongation for reduced buckling. “This project is a story of letting signs in the local building tradition to inspire the design concept. It felt very good, especially with this project, to say to the farmers in the area that the surface coating containing Swedish rapeseed oil came from their own fields,” says Karasalo. Other highly recognized projects featuring GreenCoat® steel include the Skýli design study by Utopia Architects, which is also shortlisted for a WAF 2017 Award in the category, “Leisure-led Development - Future Projects”. Furthermore, architect Henning Stummel’s “Tin House”, having the entire cladding made from GreenCoat® steel, was also a WAF Award finalist in 2016. The winner of the 2017 WAF Awards will be announced at the World Architecture Festival taking place November 15-17 in Berlin, Germany.

Calling ALL Architects and Specifiers...


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November 2017


The Parkside Group Hits A Half Century

TPG – The Parkside Group Limited would like to take this opportunity to thank all their architectural, contractor and fabricator clients as they celebrate their 50th year and welcome in their Golden anniversary. As an independent, privately owned British company, The Parkside Group Limited shares it’s remarkable history and here highlights its ambitious strategy for the future. In 1967, London, a joinery business was founded with a start-up loan of a mere £300. This small enterprise has now grown into The Parkside Group Limited which includes the market leading brands of Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, Axim Architectural Hardware and Alu-Timber. Hardwired within the DNA of a business that has survived and thrived for over 50 years is customer service. To put this longevity in perspective, when The Parkside Group Limited was founded, NASA had not yet taken a giant leap for mankind and landed on the moon. Since 1967 The Parkside Group Limited has worked through great recessions, 3-day weeks and the Black Monday crash, whilst always maintaining its unique customer service ethos; working with customers to supply innovative solutions that make their businesses profitable. The Parkside Group Limited actively seeks to supply solutions and market leading delivery, that provides the market with cost efficiencies which stand the test of time. Examples of this are operating a 100% instock philosophy and twice weekly delivery service, so fabricators can utilise all the cost savings of a JIT policy and for our specification clients creating bespoke aluminium profiles & systems that provide fast-track, robust solutions. In 1987 Axim Architectural Hardware joined the group and the famous TC-8800 Transom Closer stormed the door hardware market, and still today Axim is the number 1 branded architectural door closer for reliability and performance. To celebrate the Golden Anniversary, The Parkside Group Limited has a new brand identity to take them through the next 50 years of ambitious plans. The Parkside Group Limited, now TPG, uses the heritage of the diamond logo, branding aluminium with “TPG” to reassure its partners of the TPG mark of quality. This is backed up with a new website which outlines the Group’s TPG: 2025 strategy, highlighting the processes that have, and always will be, critical to the businesses success.


In 2017, TPG:2025 has never been more important, as it aligns with the Government’s “Construction: 2025” objectives. By publishing our TPG: 2025 strategy, TPG will continue to be the partner of choice for the design and delivery of innovative building envelope solutions to the construction industry. TPG is proud to be a highly responsive, service orientated, independent business that is known to help, support and value its employees, customers, suppliers and business

November 2017

partners. TPG’s goal is to be a company that is a dynamic leader, respected for its professionalism, customer focus and entrepreneurial spirit now and in the future. The cornerstone of TPG: 2025 is its Innovation Strategy. TPG’s Innovation Strategy introduced the Stage Gate process into New Product Development to take advantage of technological advances in terms of materials, performance and production methodologies. A cross function team works together to research and deliver new products to program, to provide partners with a future proof supplier that develops products that will meet the market’s requirements both now and in the future. The competitive advantage of the innovation strategy provides “fast to market” new products that exceed the offer of the competition at a cost-efficient price.

Furthermore, our Comar 10 Window has also been launched, winning an award for innovation. Comar 10 is a Passivhaus B Certified product with U‐values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by 70%. Marking the 50th anniversary with such innovative products, TPG, with its market leading brands, will continue to supply innovative solutions that make customers’ businesses profitable now and in the future. T: 020 8685 9685 E:

Examples of this are the launch of Comar 6EFT Curtain Walling suite, a system with glazing sizes up to 54mm and high-span additional mullions and transoms, that have the highest Ixx and Iyy values in the industry. This offers wider spans with smaller box sizes, providing value engineered solutions for designers and contractors alike. In 2017 TPG launches Comar 6EFT Unitised, which features a unique 3 seal arrangement that offers outstanding weather performance coupled with options to accommodate high building movements.


November 2017

JSP’s Visilite™ Helmet Illumination System More Vital than Ever to Increase Visibility and Worker Safety As the evenings grow darker each day with the approach of Autumn and Winter, the need for optimum worker visibility on site increases. 52


t this time of year, the nights draw in more quickly, with less daylight in the mornings too. The weather is changing, and is more likely to be bleak, cloudy, stormy and wet, also making visibility trickier.

By using the Visilite™, JSP’s unique lighting system for its EVO™ industrial safety helmets, the problem of gloomy and dim light at work can easily be avoided. The revolutionary Visilite™ is a flexible, durable fibre optic lighting system that increases worker visibility without dazzling colleagues. The Visilite’s™ tough ABS casings ensure it can withstand knocks and scrapes. Effortless and quick to fit, it simply clips securely onto the sides and rear of any of JSP’s EVO™ range of helmets, allowing fibre optic light to shine all around the helmet. The splash-proof Visilite™ can even be used in wet weather. Visible up to 50 metres away, the Visilite™ offers three lighting modes – static, fast flash, or slow flash – so it suits the needs of any user. It works by LED lights shining low-level light down the fibre optic, which is refracted by the engraved logos on the optic strip. The unit is USB rechargeable, comes with a micro USB cable, and can even be charged whilst fitted to the helmet. To ensure workers are visible at all times, whether walking to or from the site or whilst working, the Visilite™ is a simple, inexpensive, but invaluable asset to keep them safe at work during the darker months. More information is available from, by emailing or calling +44 (0)1993 826050.

November 2017



The JSP Innovation stream is in full flow with a new range of truly ground breaking safety products that we can’t wait for you to see...

The JSP Innovation stream is in full flow with a new range of truly ground breaking safety products that we can’t wait for you to see... | Tel: 01993 826050 | Tel: 01993 826050


Let the Experts Take Care of your Let the Experts TakeProblems Care of your Domestic Domestic Waste Water Waste Water Problems

When it comes to off mains sewage many people can be blown away by all the information and differing products internet, Google “domestic sewage plant” andthe the consumer regulations?? Whatisabout the When it available comes toon offthe mains sewage many people can betreatment blown away Environment agency?? Etc. but be bombarded by plants of all shapes and sizes . by all the information and differing products available on the internet,

assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you products on the backed up by proper havemarket the right solution designed good old- fashioned customer service - (dial around your requirements. You straight through speak ourmanufacturer, specialists, no treatment plants like We Build It Ltd can give Do I need planning permission? dealand direct withtothe the consumer piece of mind and Do I need to inform the or architect wants to knowautomated service or queuing buying a with over 25 yearssystem) waste water soak away has failed. is that his is why dealing with a confidence they arespecialist getting the right information, the Environment agency? the product will work withsewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, experience, 24-7-365 days of the the manufacturer, right solution and the right system. long will it last? plant isyear best for my situation?? What are We often getHow asked; minimum effort from themwhich during installer and servicer of DOES IT SMELL!!!!!????? the life of the plant. the regulations?? What about the Environment treatment plants like We Build It We It Ltdthe areconsumer based in the heart ofHow somedoes it work? What does it agency?? Etc.For butthe beself-builder assured we the will right be with LtdBuild can give piece of most outstanding All of these questions can We be answered We straight you every step of the way, making suretoyou treatment plant is simple install cost? Build It Ltdbyoffer of Shropshire’s mind and confidence they arecountryside. As one ofthe theright UK’s largest manufacturersDoes of it use electric? Build It experts who knowforward, their products havefor the rightproviding solution they designed have around taken the easy toinside follow advice getting information, domestic plants, we And focushow much? out; ask a middle man withyour no knowledge of your requirements. You dealadvice, direct with the manufacturers be aware sewage treatment needs. the right sewage solutiontreatment and the right on high quality, affordable products. AllDo of I have to the industry, these questions manufacturer,some withplants over 25 years waste water need complete maintain it? product or process All of our sewage treatment system. our sewage treatment plants are based How on do I install andit? the customer is often plants baffledcome by terms experience, 24-7-365 of the yearcan add concretedays backfill which with easy to follow the extended aeration do they really need manuals, as to install costs, a well-constructed How big is it?such as BOD, COD, NH4, but installation and service We successful Build It Ltdand are simple based in the method. We can manufacture, knowit? this? All the homeowner, builder or For the self-builder the right plant plant such as thetreatment BioPure can beis Do I need to to empty well as free telephone assistance heart of some ofdesign, Shropshire’s most install simple to install providing they have taken the and service sewage treatment plant for single architect wants to know is that the product backfilled with pea gravel. by specialist installers. We can also outstanding countryside. As one of What can go into the plant? manufacturers advice, be aware some plants houses, developments, rural willto work the minimum effort from them installations What happens the with waste? offer full or assisted the UK’ssmall largest manufacturers of industrial units, campsites, hotels,plants, offices, barn during the life of the very competitive rates. We need complete concrete backfill whichnot can add Consider whole life costs, Do I need planning permission? domestic sewagepubs, treatment conversions applications. install costs, a well-constructed plant such as just the cost of the treatment Do Our I need to inform the pride ourselves on offeringtothe we focus on and highcommercial quality, affordable We Build It Ltd offer straight forward, easy to the BioPure can be factor backfilled with costs, pea gravel. products besewage used after an existing plant, in install Environment agency? best GRP products on the market products.can All also of our follow advice for your sewage treatment needs. septic tank to enable the effluent to be power consumption, servicing, How long will it last? backed up by proper good oldtreatment plants are based on the Consider whole life costs, not just the cost discharged directly to aextended water causeway,DOES if your consumable spare parts, product IT SMELL!!!!!????? fashioned customer service - (dial successful and simple All of our sewage treatment plants come of the treatment plant, factor in install costs, existing awayWe hascan failed. life cycle (guarantee) and emptying straight through and speak to our aerationsoak method. design, with easy to follow installation and service power consumption, servicing, consumable charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 All of these questions be as free telephone specialists, no automated service manufacture, install and service manuals,can as well assistance spare parts, product life cycle (guarantee) and We often get asked; year guarantee on the treatment answered by by Wespecialist Build It experts queuing system) a sewage treatment plant for single installers. Weor can also offer full orbuyingemptying charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 year plant and 2 Years on the air pump. products inside sewage treatment plant can be houses, small developments, How does it work? What doesrural it cost? who know their assisted installations at very competitive rates. guarantee on the treatment plant and 2 Years on out; ask a middle man with no on offering quite the daunting, which plant is industrial campsites, pubs, Does it useunits, electric? We pride ourselves best GRP the air pump. knowledge of the industry, product best for my situation?? What are hotels, offices, barn conversions And how much? or process these questions and andI commercial applications. Our Do have to maintain it? We can design, install and service sewage treatment plant for the customer is often baffled by manufacture, products can also How do I install it?be used after an We can design, manufacture, install and service sewage single small developments, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, terms such as BOD, COD,houses, NH4, existing How bigseptic is it? tank to enable the treatment plant for single houses, small developments, need tobarn knowconversions and commercial applications. effluent toto beempty discharged Do I need it? directly to but do they reallyoffices, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, this? All the homeowner, builder a water causeway, if your existing

Google “domestic sewage treatment plant” the consumer is This is why dealing with a specialist What can go into and the plant? manufacturer, installer servicerof of all shapes What happens to the bombarded byand plants and sizes . waste?


barn conversions and commercial applications.

The solution sewage system The Bio-Pure Bio-PureSimple Simple solution sewage system Any plant up to 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to Any plant upthis to gives 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to EN12566-3, the consumer confidence they are getting the right EN12566-3,plant this for gives theapplication, consumer confidence getting the right treatment their but always they ask toare see the certificate treatment plantas forthese theircan application, but always see the and test results be manipulated andask nottoshow the certificate true and test results these can be manipulated and not show the true outcome of the as test. outcome of the test. Model

Bio-Pure 1

Bio-Pure 2

Bio-Pure 3

Sizing the plant for a single house is simple its number of bedrooms plus Sizing plantbedroom for a single house number of bedrooms plus two, sothe a three house is ais5simple personitstreatment plant, for multiple two, so a three is a 5 plant person treatment for multiple dwellings usingbedroom the samehouse treatment speak to the plant, manufacturer for dwellings the same plantrange speakare to in theincrements manufacturer the correctusing size unit, mosttreatment manufactures 1-5, for 1-7, the unit, most (See manufactures areRight). in increments 1-5, 1-7, 5-13correct etc. upsize to 50 person. Our Rangerange To The 5-13 etc. up to 50 person. (See Our Range To The Right).

Bio-Pure 4

Bio-Pure 5

Bio-Pure 6

Bio-Pure 7

Bio-Pure 8

Bio-Pure 9

Bio-Pure 10




No. of persons

1 to 5

1 to 7

5 to 13

10 to 16

14 to 22

20 to 27

25 to 32

30 to 36

35 to 42

40 to 55

Max. average daily flow

750 ltr

1050 ltr

1800 ltr

2400 ltr

3300 ltr

4050 ltr

4800 ltr

5400 ltr

6000 ltr

8250 ltr

Max. BOD/day

300 g

420 g

780 g

960 g

1320 g

1620 g

1820 g

2160 g

2520 g

3300 g

In ground depth

2.25 m

2.25 m

2.44 m

2.74 m

2.74 m

2.98 m

2.98 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.98

Outside Diameter

1.85 m

1.85 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.55 m


2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.53

Inlet invert

570 mm

570 mm

700 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

820 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

Outlet invert

670 mm

670 mm

800 mm

800 mm

800 mm

920 mm

920 mm

900 mm

900 mm

1020 mm

Weight empty

125 kgs

125 kgs

200 kgs

230 kgs

230 kgs

350 kgs

350 kgs

460 kgs

460 kgs

800 kgs

Total Capacity

2270 ltr

2270 ltr

3000 ltr

3975 ltr

3975 ltr

5610 ltr

6000 ltr

7950 ltr

7950 ltr

11220 ltr

E Range

27 w

42 w

65 w

84 w

130 w

130 w

210 w

230 w

280 w

280 w

The treatment plant you choose should be around 95% efficient thus allowing long intervals before de-sludge is required. The waste water must be cleaned to a standard meeting the usual discharge level requirement. You must apply for either an exemption certificate or permit before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, watercourse or soakaway. Thethe treatment plant you choose As system breaks down and aerates the solids, the should be around 95% efficient items such as wipes, sanitary introduction of non-degradable thus allowing long intervals products etc. should be avoided at all times in any treatment beforeThis de-sludge required. The and increase the need to plant. will clogisup the system waste water must be cleaned to empty the unit, follow this instruction and typical emptying will a standard meeting the usual be around 3-5 years, it is also recommended no medicines, or discharge level requirement, you harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and must apply for either an exemption stagger washing throughout the week. certificate or permit, before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, Simple solution sewage watercourse or soakaway.

The FlowPath

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant

A BioPure Treatment Plant


We Build it hasbreaks developed range of package As the system downitsand sewage treatment plants utilising proven SAF aerates the solids, the introduction (submerged aerateditems filter)such technology for of non-degradable maximum performance andetc. reliability, need using to theempty the unit, follow this as wipes, sanitary products most reliable energy blowers should be avoided atefficient all timesaeration in instruction and typical emptying with a prolonged integral FlowPath to around 3-5 years, it is also any treatment plant, this will clog system will be maximise effluent up the system andquality. increase the recommended no medicines, or

harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and stagger washing throughout the week.

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant A BioPure Treatment Plant



All our Flowpath treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British Simple Water Code of solution sewage system Practice for flows and loads, this range can be designed to meet your population and We Buildrequirements, it has developed consent our standard range its range of package can accommodate upsewage to 300 pe. This range treatment utilising of productsplants can be designed for larger scale proven SAF (submerged commercial applications aerated such as camping sites, filter) technology for maximum ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT FlowPath System • One service visit where all necessary leisure facilities, schools, hotels, offices and performance and reliability, using checks are carried out. This includes industrial applications. the most reliable energy efficient assessing the aeration pattern, sludge • The service agreement lasts for 12 aeration blowers with And a prolonged Maintenance, Spares Servicing levels and effluent quality. months and will also help you meet integral FlowPath system to your Environment Agency obligations maximise effluent quality. The consumer needs easy to follow advice for • All labour expenses for servicing and call regarding your Consent to Discharge. All our Flowpath treatment plants their sewage treatment needs especially when outs are covered so there are no hidden This includes keeping records of service, are designed accordance servicing theirinplant, maintaining any sewage costs. de-sludging and maintenance work for a ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT with the British Water Code of A simple Schematic of a BioPure • Emergency breakdown coverminimum treatment plant, is a very important partneeds of especially when servicing of 5 years. Treatment Plant Practice for and loads, • The cost will beIffree their plant, maintaining anyof all serviceable for parts 12 months. you have any ensuring theflows efficiency of thethis system and that BOTTOM LEFT A simple Schematic of a BioPure range can be to meet charge. rebuilding theyour air unit,Our sewage treatmentof plant, is a This very includesproblem with call Other us you adhere todesigned any operating and maintenance Treatment Plant Products include Mini SAF’s (for your population andservicing. consent pump, replacing the diaphragms alsoout and important part of ensuring the and we willand come fix it and outbuildings up to 4 persons) manual and annual offices requirements, our standard range the airand filters. efficiency of the system that free of charge. meet your Pump Stations you (standard and Environment bespoke) Septic canstrongly accommodate to 300 the pe. systemyou We advise up servicing on adhere to any operating and • One service visit where Tank all Conversion Agency regarding Units obligations (used as secondary Sludge out as required. This rangebasis of products an annual and thiscan will take on average maintenance• manual and return annualis carriednecessary checks are carried your Consent to Discharge. treatment for underperforming septic tanks) This is the removal of settled sludge fromassessing the be designed for larger scale It will also less than an hour to complete. help servicing. out. This includes This includes keeping records the outer scum ring back into the centre sludgeFor commercial such as you to meet applications your legal requirements with the aeration pattern, levels a full rangeof ofservice, our products and servicing de-sludging and be re digested treated camping sites,Agency. leisure facilities, Environment We strongly advisechamber servicingtothe andand effluent quality. visit maintenance work for a again. This helps to keep emptying schools, hotels, offices and system on an annual basis and • Allthe labour expenses for servicing or5 years. minimum of We Build Itapplications. Ltd Service Contracts periodless low. industrial this will take on average and call outs are covered so(01746 781782). call than an hour to complete. It will there are no hidden costs. Our Other Products include Emergency breakdown cover for 12 months. If you• to meet Emptying is NOT included theof all serviceable parts Maintanance, Spares And also help your legal • Theincost Mini SAF’s (for offices and you have any problem with your unit, call us and as the Bio-Pure notof charge. This Servicing requirements withagreement the Environment will does be free we will come out and fix it free of charge. require emptying for 3-5 years. Agency. includes rebuilding the air pump, outbuildings up to 4 persons) Pump Stations (standard and The consumer needs easy to follow replacing the diaphragms and advice for their sewage treatment bespoke) We Build It Ltd Service Contracts also the air filters. • Sludge return is carried out as Septic Tank Units Visit usConversion at required. This is the removal of (used as secondary treatment settled sludge from the outer for underperforming septic scum ring back into the centre tanks) chamber to be re digested and For a full range of our treated again. This helps to keep products and servicing visit the emptying period low. Stand Number • Emptying is NOT included in E217 the agreement as the Bio-Pure does not require emptying for or call (01746 781782). 3-5 years. • The service agreement lasts for 12 months and will also help

The FlowPath

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Landscaping November 2017

Brett Landscaping achieves Excellent rating for BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Some years ago Brett Landscaping were one of the first businesses in their sector to achieve certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and BES 6001. Now a concerted effort to continually improve the sustainability of Brett Landscaping has resulted in the business receiving the top classification for responsible sourcing from the BRE Trust - the UK’s leading independent accreditation service for sustainability. During the recent reverification for the BES 6001 Issue 3.1 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing, Brett Landscaping was delighted to be awarded the highest overall ranking of “Excellent”, an improvement on the previous ranking of “Very Good”. “This is great news for us because it gives a tangible reward for the efforts that our team have been making in recent years to continually improve our operations” said Rachel Stone, the Lead SHEQ Manager for Brett Landscaping, who had worked particularly hard with the production team to help achieve this result for the business. Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager at Brett Landscaping, commented


“From our customers perspective this result provides a significant benefit in working with us on projects where sustainability is a key consideration. However, this is only a step, albeit a significant one, in our ongoing drive to operate our business in the most sustainable ways to help deliver a greener built environment for future generations. “This result, allied to the availability of our commercial product range as BIM objects via the National BIM Library and free-to-use design tools such as PermCalc really does help make Brett Landscaping the partner of choice for commercial paving projects.” Responding to demand for an independent third party responsible sourcing standard for the

construction industry, BRE produced BES 6001 and it has quickly become the de facto standard by which companies evaluate their efforts to operate in a sustainable fashion. The BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing is the building industry’s gold standard for sustainability within the supply chain. It focuses on a range of business practices ranging from organisational governance, supply chain management and environmental and social factors to help drive the green building agenda.

November 2017 Landscaping

Charcon reports sales growth of linear drainage solution Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has reported continued sales growth for its linear drainage product: Safeticurb. Having relaunched the product in January 2016, the innovative technology vastly reduces the need for conventional underground piping, and offers a discrete solution for removing surface water. The product continues to be specified on a variety of hard landscaping projects, with supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, the latest name on the list. The product was installed in the Staines superstore in spring 2017, providing an effective and well-priced solution to eliminate standing surface water around the complex. Safeticurb is designed to fit most hard landscaping projects, including car parks, industrial sites and pedestrianised developments. The product is tested to BS EN 1433 standards and can withstand up to 400kN, Class D, in its heaviest specification. To create a perfect balance between cost and effectiveness, the product runs parallel drainage sections at 30-35m intervals across the total drainage area. The system also requires very little maintenance, reducing overheads through smart design. Mike Davies, sector marketing manager for Charcon, comments: “Safeticurb has been a fantastic success and its reputation is still growing today. The system offers substantial cost savings while still providing good performance for the removal of surface water.” For further information, including technical data sheets, visit or call 01335 372 222.

Designing driveways, car parks or even HGV parks?... We’ll have a solution for you

Suregreen offer a wide range of permeable, SuDS compliant ground reinforcement solutions

The majority of our products are available from stock & if ordered before 4pm can be delivered the next working day!

PP25 Porous Paver 25mm deep lightweight paver ideal for domestic applications.

PP30 Porous Paver 30mm deep decorative white porous paver - for driveways.

PP40 Porous Paver 40mm deep & available in green or black - grass or gravel finish.

PP50 Porous Paver Our strongest paver in the PP range, for high traffic usage.

TRUCKGRID-MAX Our heaviest duty porous paver perfect for commercial jobs.

Turf Reinforcement Mesh Lightweight grass protection for gardens & domestic use.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh Offers grass protection & easy to install - ideal for parking.

TRACKTURF Reinforcement Reinforced grass surface using rootzone & plastic mesh elements.

Other product ranges available from Suregreen To purchase:

Call: 01376 503869 email: Website:

To speak to a specialist:

Call: 07703 784558 email: Technical site:

Technical Information:

We have technical datasheets, installation guides, design guides, case studies & more online -


Landscaping November 2017

Charcon reports sales growth of linear drainage solution Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has reported continued sales growth for its linear drainage product: Safeticurb. Having relaunched the product in January 2016, the innovative technology vastly reduces the need for conventional underground piping, and offers a discrete solution for removing surface water.


The product continues to be specified on a variety of hard landscaping projects, with supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, the latest name on the list.

The product was installed in the Staines superstore in spring 2017, providing an effective and well-priced solution to eliminate standing surface water around the complex. Safeticurb is designed to fit most hard landscaping projects, including car parks, industrial sites and pedestrianised developments. The product is tested to BS EN 1433 standards and can withstand up to 400kN, Class D, in its heaviest specification. To create a perfect balance between cost and effectiveness, the product runs parallel drainage sections at 30-35m intervals across the total drainage area. The system also requires very little maintenance,

reducing overheads through smart design. Mike Davies, sector marketing manager for Charcon, comments: “Safeticurb has been a fantastic success and its reputation is still growing today. The system offers substantial cost savings while still providing good performance for the removal of surface water.�

For further information, including technical data sheets, visit or call 01335 372 222.

November 2017



STRETCHED TO THE X-TREME X-treme cool-stretch trousers and all Engel workwear available from and For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197


Recognised the World over for its comprehensive range of comfortably fitting, stylish and practical workwear, F Engel build further on their reputation by introducing a collection of slim-fit, stretchable work trousers which allow wearers to be especially comfortable in any work situation – and look and feel smart at the same time. Called ‘X-treme’, the trousers are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton incorporating a specially developed mechanical stretch factor; they are available in various choices both with and without useful hanging pockets. Designed to offer as much comfort and functional, day-to day uses as possible, each garment has a smooth, inner-crotch seam panel and patches of highly stretchable and ventilated material at the backs of the knees and seat areas to help keep cool and provide maximum flexibility whilst bending or kneeling. There are two spacious slanted pockets at the front, two back pockets and a mobile phone

pocket with a flap on the right thigh; there’s a standard one on the left which has an extra inner, zipped compartment. Engel seem to have thought of everything with more useful features including a ruler pocket with extra sections for tools, tool straps and Velcro-fastened, knee-reinforced pockets with two knee pad positions for height adjustment. Reflector strips are built in behind the knees for greater visibility and the trousers have an extra deep hem so the length can be increased if required. Depending on the model number chosen, the Engel ‘X-treme’ Slim-

Fit Stretchable Work Trousers are available in a black, black/anthracite grey, Forest green/black and Mocha Brown/black in sizes 42-66. Item numbers to look for are: 0360-186, 0361-186, 0362-740 and 0363-740. All Engel garments are available from The Workwear Trade Centre, Milton Keynes; Telephone: 01908 561569; email: and Anchor Safety, Ipswich; Telephone: 0800 328 5028; email: For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197


Superior strength, lasting beauty As well as improved strength and stiffness, other benefits of SentryGlas® include: • Safety: In the event of breakage, glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, reducing the chance for injury • Security: SentryGlas® can be used in glazing that withstands bullets, hurricane-force winds and even bomb blasts • Durability: SentryGlas® is extremely durable and resistant to clouding, even after years of exposure • Design Versatility: SentryGlas® can be used in glass manufactured flat or curved, including annealed, toughened, heat-strengthened, spandrel, wired, patterned and colour tinted glass • UV control: SentryGlas® is available with or without UV transmittance

The SentryGlas® interlayer is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. With this kind of strength the glass can be a more active structural element in the building envelope, opening up design possibilities that didn’t exist before. Besides its strength, SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer retains its clarity – even after years of service. Unlike other interlayers, SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer is much less vulnerable to moisture exposure or yellowing over time.

Limitless possibilities Some of the many SentryGlas® interlayer applications include: Minimally supported and open-edged railings, facades and canopies Structural glass flooring, stairs, walkways and pedestrian bridges Hurricane resistant windows, doors and skylights Bomb blast resistant windows, doors and facades SentryGlas® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates for its brand of interlayers. It is used under exclusive license by Kuraray and its sub-licensees. For more information please visit

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Construction Update - November 2017  
Construction Update - November 2017