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TE Connectivity launches the new ENTRELEC DBL distribution block range featuring innovative distribution concept

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Label 8 PCR tubes at once With Brady Corporation’s new laboratory sample label, up to 8 PCR tubes can be labelled simultaneously. Designed to resist a range of chemicals, and easily printable in any lab with a Brady label printer, the new B-492 PCR tube label is precise, reliable and efficient. Save time Instead of labelling every PCR tube separately, up to 8 PCR tubes can now be identified simultaneously. Brady’s new B-492 PCR tube label contains 8 smaller, perforated labels in a single label strip. The self-adhesive strip can be applied on 8 PCR tube labels in a rack and can easily be torn after application into separate PCR tube labels thanks to the perforations.

Reliable identification The B-492 PCR tube label is made out of polyester and will resist common lab chemicals, including DMSO, Xylene and Ethanol, as well as low and high temperatures. Its adhesive is designed to stick to curved PCR tubes so the label doesn’t fall off, even when stored in liquid nitrogen. When printed with a Brady label printer, the ink on the label will not smear or fade and will remain legible throughout processing to enable reliable sample traceability.

Design and print in the lab The new PCR tube label can be designed with Brady Workstation apps to include a barcode, symbol, serial number or other identification. Brady Workstation’s Basic App Suite is available for free and already covers a number of needs. More advanced apps include the possibility to link label printing with the lab’s LIMS-system and come with a 30-day free trial. Once the PCR tube label is designed, simply hit print to send it to a Brady label printer and apply the label on 8 PCR tubes at once.

Samples are available for testing via the Brady website.

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Great Price 5 Comm Ports Inc. Ethernet Real-Time Data On Display Easy PID Free No-Limit Programming Hardware Auto-Discovery Hot-Swappable I/O Built-in Data Logging Slim Form-Factor Multiple Wiring Options Integrated Web-Server Motion Made Easy

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SICK Absolute Encoders with HIPERFACE® Boost Direct Drive Feedback With the introduction of its SES and SEM absolute encoders, SICK has delivered a motor feedback system with the standard HIPERFACE® interface that takes precision and reliability to the next level for hollow shaft motors and direct drives. The compact SICK SES70/90 singleturn and SEM70/90 multiturn encoders can be mounted directly on a hollow drive shaft without the need for additional mounting tools, enabling rapid installation and making transmission components, such as timing belts or couplings, unnecessary. Available in 25mm, SES/ SEM70 and 50mm, SES/ SEM90 hollow shaft diameters, their low installation depth helps machine builders to save space and weight across a diverse range of direct drive applications such as robotics, extrusion and moulding machines and revolving transfer machines in semiconductor manufacture. Using capacitive sensing technology, all of the information necessary for the operation of a motor including commutation, speed and absolute position measurement even over a number of rotations, is provided. The robust technology enables use in geared or ungeared drives working at very low speeds up to high maximum speeds – 6,000 rpm for the SES/ M90 and 8,500 rpm for the SES/M70 – and it is immune to interference from electromagnetic fields or humidity. Multiturn variants feature an innovative new mechanical design that can capture up to 4,096 revolutions without the need to use the external buffer batteries normally required for encoders with 6 - Automation Update

large hollow shafts, avoiding the consequent risks of data loss and maintenance downtime. SICK SES/SEM 70/90 bearing-less encoders are rugged, shock and vibration resistant and achieve high axial tolerances to avoid misalignment. Once installed, it is possible to read out the position of the rotor using the PGT-11-S programming device, providing a reliable way of identifying and rectifying installation errors during the mounting process “SICK has responded to the increasing preference for compact and rugged direct drive motors, with the development of the SES/SEM motor feedback encoders to provide the necessary precision and reliability,” explains Darren Pratt SICK UK’s National Product Manager for Encoders. “SICK’s HIPERFACE® motor feedback interface is available on drive electronics produced by nearly every major drive manufacturer across the world, a list is available on request. With HIPERFACE® on-board, the SICK SES/SEM 70/90 encoders’ electronic type label allows the drive to automatically recognise the feedback type and user memory can be used to store and read off application specific parameters.” For more information on the SICK SES/SEM 70/90 motor feedback encoders, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email


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Zero Downtime Intelligent diagnostics for robots


Unexpected downtime could cost as much as £5,000 per minute. With the new ZDT diagnostics tool from FANUC, we ensure that downtime doesn’t happen. ZDT constantly monitors each robot’s mechanical, maintenance and process health in real-time and proactively detects potential robot, controller, or process problems before unexpected downtime can occur. Notifications can be seen even via smartphone.





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Enrichment of the mk Profile System

Two round variants will expand the existing aluminium profile cross-sections from the extensive mk profile system. Two profile cross-sections with a diameter of 28 mm as well as a small number of form-fitting and stable connecting elements will soon expand the mk profile system. The new D28 round tube system was developed for lean production purposes to provide more streamlined and economical use of production resources. Almost any design for individual workshop and assembly equipment can be built using only 13 standard components.


Whether for supply trolleys, shelves, racks or extensions for workstations, the easy-to-use D28 round pipe system means that a single person can put together brand new structures or extensions with little effort. Profile machining is not required for the solid and load-bearing construction of standard elements. The D28 round pipe system is compatible with the mk 40 series profiles, offering the possibility to combine square and round cross sections. This combines the advantages of both series, ensuring high stability and versatility as well as weight and cost savings. The system can also be combined with round tube components from other market leaders, making it easy to expand any existing designs. In some cases, the range of functions and stiffness are even more extensive thanks to the innovative profile cross-section. 8 - Automation Update

Simple, fast and economical design

Fast integration of existing applications

Very easy installation with little effort

Durable sturdy connection technology

Easy connection to 40 series mk profiles with no need for profile processing

Additional connection without obstructing edges using mk clamping connectors

Fully compatible with round tube profiles of 28mm diameter

Degree of assembly freely selectable (components, assemblies, complete solutions)

Particularly light profile at 0.6 kg/m

Flexibility in every aspect SSI Schaefer, one of the global market leaders and innovators in the intralogistics sector, continues to expand its comprehensive shuttle portfolio for small load carriers with the innovative SSI Flexi Shuttle. Powered by supercapacitors, the innovative single-level shuttle system can handle a variety of stored goods with a capacity of up to 50kg, thanks to the adjustable-width load handling device. The unique feature of this system is the dynamically adaptable storage location sizes according to the dimensions of the stored goods. This feature is possible thanks to flexible positioning in the racking system. The single-level shuttle is designed for use in highly dynamic automated miniload systems with a wide variety of stored goods. It combines the technology of the SSI Schaefer shuttle portfolio with the broad industry knowhow of SSI Schaefer’s intralogistics experts and stands out due to its high level of flexibility over the entire product life cycle. With the SSI Flexi Shuttle, SSI Schaefer is not only offering an innovative solution, but also a modular concept, which combines shuttles, lifts, and a racking system. It allows the creation of bespoke systems with outstanding use of space. The system is suitable for single, double and multiple-deep storage with variable height and width partitions up to an aisle length of 150m and a height of up to 30m. Having a comprehensive system that can efficiently store a broad spectrum of loading units and dimensions in a space optimised manner is a significant advantage. The ability to handle a range of loading units with dimensions of up to 860 x 680mm is guaranteed by a universal load handling device, which is adjustable in width. Within one racking system it is possible to efficiently and safely store a mixture of cubic and conical bins (totes), cartons and trays weighing up to 50kg. 10 - Automation Update

The new, fully automated, high performance shuttle plays an important part not only in sustainably increasing energy efficiency, but also in optimising costs throughout the entire logistics chain when analysing the total cost of ownership (TCO). The integration of supercapacitors as an energy source guarantees maximum performance density at the highest levels of technical performance. They also function as temporary energy-storage units whilst energy is recovered during braking processes. “The new SSI Flexi Shuttle will be an important addition to our shuttle family, helping to increase the market coverage of our fully automated storage systems,� explains Peter Berlik. Whether single-level or multi-level solutions for the handling of pallets, trays, cartons, or bins (totes), the scope of SSI Schaefer shuttle systems is comprehensive and fits perfectly into almost any modern warehouse. Thanks to an extensive shuttle portfolio, the intralogistics experts can create an optimised storage solution with fast materials transport and short access times. ENDS T +44 (0)1264 386600

What’s the real cost of your picking operation? Picking involves much more than grabbing an item off a static storage rack or shelf. In the typical manual distribution center, an operator has to physically locate the number of items required, picks the items, confirms the pick and then delivers the items for packing. Because distribution centers are packed with shelves, racks, pallets, cases and pieces, order fulfilment is frequently acknowledged as, labour-intensive and the cost of order picking is estimated to be as much as 55% of the total warehouse operating expense. Investing in automated storage and retrieval systems— such as vertical carousels, vertical lift modules (VLMs) and the Vertical Buffer module (VBM) — optimises manual picking processes, which leads to increased profits. That’s because, by implementing automation, multiple areas of a manufacturing or distribution facility will benefit from savings in inventory accessibility, floor space, time, improved ergonomics and better accuracy.

with both inventory management and order management software, the picks are sequenced so the machine’s movement is optimised to match the required picks. This means all items can be picked in one rotation, or cycle, of the machine’s storage bins or trays, further maximising pick time. These functions can optimise an existing labour force, increasing productivity from 200% to 600%. Because an

To justify your cost for low risk picking automation, consider five key areas of potential profit in your current warehousing and order fulfilment operations: • How much labour does your picking operation require?

• What is the cost of an absent, or injured, worker?

• What is the value of additional floor space?

• How much does a picking mistake cost?

• Are picking operations fast enough to meet customer demand?

Implementing an automated solution brings the stored items directly to an operator. The “goods to person” method eliminates time spent walking from one pick location to another within a warehouse. These automated solutions are equipped with indicator lights that illuminate the item’s location and pick quantity required. This cuts the time spent searching for a specific stock keeping unit (SKU). The result is more time to spend picking. Furthermore, because the automated solution interfaces

automated solution enables just one worker to handle the picking assignments of multiple operators, as many as twothirds of a facility’s workforce can be reassigned to other, non-picking tasks—without a loss of throughput. With increased resources through the consolidation of multiple picking, there is now the ability to accommodate more SKUs to inventory. Automation also eliminates human error as automated storage systems incorporates advanced picking and real time inventory tracking technologies—such as lightdirected indicators that pinpoint the precise SKU location and quantity to be picked—picking accuracy increases up to 99.9%. To learn more about dynamic storage solutions contact Kardex Remstar at or visit our website at

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Rutland Plastics, is a private company based in Oakham Rutland with a 66000 ft sq factory and a turnover in excess of ÂŁ10 million, operating moulding machines ranging from 150 tonne to 1700 tonne. Looking to achieve unattended production on a Krauss Maffei KM150, Rutland Plastics selected UPM Conveyors to provide a turnkey solution requiring 8 belt conveyors to allow automatic product divert for QC inspection; ferrous/non-ferrous metal detection; product cooling; parts separation and box filling with a capacity of 8 full; 8 empty and 1 filling. Product divert is achieved with a small reversing conveyor located onto a swan neck conveyor in the well of the machine and at any stage in production an operator can energise to reverse and transfer a shot to an integral sample drawer for QC inspection. Metal detection is based on UPM inserting a search coil under the inclined section of the Swan Neck in the well of the machine and on detecting a foreign body will energise an audible / visual alarm and stop the belt conveyor so an operator can check and remove the contamination. This does not affect the moulding machine cycle as product continues to be produced and accumulated on the conveyor until the operator has reset to start again. Product cooling is necessary to avoid any deformation to the mouldings which are produced in PP on multi-cavity tools ranging from 8-16 impressions mould and 4 sprues with a section thickness of 5 to 15mm and UPM fitted a cooling tunnel with high flow air fans to reduce the temperature from 80oc to 20oc. Parts separation is via a roller drum with central adjustment for the gap to allow ease of changing so the sprues exit onto another swan neck for transfer to a granulator and mouldings discharge to a third swan neck for conveying to the box filling station. The UPM box filling station is a two tier construction and was designed to accommodate 8 full boxes; 8 empty and 1 filling with the box located onto a weigh scale to count by weight which achieves an extremely high level of accuracy so on achieving the correct pre-weight/count the overhead conveyor will stop; the full box is indexed off and an empty box brought onto the weight scale which initiates the overhead conveyor to start again repeating 12 - Automation Update


the cycle. When all boxes are full a sensor will energise an audible / visual alarm to alert an operator. The central control is a PLC controlling all aspects of the system interfacing with the variable speed drives on each conveyor and connecting to the weigh scale.

Rutland expressed their total s at i s f a c t i o n w i t h t h e U P M project team who installed and commissioned the system which is operating 24/7 trouble free. For more information contact: Roy Fowler, UPM Conveyors, 00 44 1753 548801

Hitaltech brings added value to the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition 2019 Hitaltech is returning to The Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition in February, and in addition to showcasing the latest connecting technologies and enclosures, the company will also be focusing on the Value Added Services that make production more efficient.`


he Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition is the UK’s largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition. The 19th edition of the exhibition takes place on 5-7 February 2019 at the brand new Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, and Hitaltech will once again be there. Building Automation & Industrial Control On display at Stand J75 will be Hitaltech’s latest components designed for building automation and industrial control products. These components help make managing buildings easier, or are designed to support evolving cloud computing, cyber-physical and Internet-of-Things applications. They include high power terminal blocks to meet the demands of high power interface and energy metering applications; miniature terminal blocks and board to board connectors that enable manufacturers to pack large volumes of inputs and outputs into small spaces; and modular jacks and USB style connectors for building management data and communications applications.

Conex-It Hitaltech’s own Conex-It range of screw and screwless terminal blocks will also be on display. These enable manufacturers to benefit from reliable connections, fast and accurate wiring and/or increased vibration resistance. Value Added Services For the first time at the show, Hitaltech will be focusing on its Value Added Services. These services bring together the myriad ways in which Hitaltech has always supported its customers, raising their profile to ensure that everyone can benefit from services designed to deliver products faster, simpler and more cost effectively. “Services such as kitting, printing, wiring loom assembly, machining and more can help our customers develop better-realised products that stand out from the competition,” says Jack Walker, Sales Engineer for the South.

“ T h e s e services help refine processes, reduce assembly times and cut production costs, and we’re looking forward to exploring the many ways we can tailor our services to benefit the companies attending the show.” “2019 marks the sixth time we have been part of the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition,” says Andy Fitzer, MD. “We are always excited to showcase our latest innovations and meet customers old and new. And this year we are particularly excited to bring our Value Added Services to the show to demonstrate how much more we can benefit our customers when we work in partnership with them.” The Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition takes place on 5-7 February 2019. You can register here. Hitaltech will be at Stand J75.

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Rittal Offers Opportunity Drive the Perforex Solution Rittal is offering UK customers the chance to ‘test drive’ its Perforex machining and automation systems before they buy. Rittal Perforex machining centres are a major advance for switchgear manufacturing. They are designed to automate the creation of bore holes, cut-outs and threads in mounting plates, enclosure doors and side panels. It means that the timeconsuming and mechanical processing steps required for the preparation of enclosure panels can now be accomplished in a single work step to an extremely high degree of accuracy. The work can be simply programmed into the Perforex to be repeated multiple times for fast, effective batch processing. Customers are being invited to Rittal’s new Working Demonstration Centre in Rotherham to see a working demonstration model of the Perforex. They can bring examples of their own enclosure modification projects using Rittal AE enclosures and compare the quality of finish they’re currently achieving, as well as the time a job takes, with that delivered by the Perforex. “The Perforex really is a game-changer for panel

builders,” says Paresh Kansara, Rittal’s Product Manager for Industrial and Outdoor Enclosures. “Automation of mundane and routine tasks improves accuracy and quality, as well as increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. “We’ve heard of projects that would have taken up four hours, now completed in 20 minutes to a consistently high standard of finish, whether the order was for one panel, or 100. And because it’s cleaner and there’s less waste, it can also transform the working environment. “This is the first time we’ve been able to offer a noobligation opportunity for customers to see it in action and ‘test drive’ it in the UK. We’re looking forward to demonstrating it to them.” Rittal’s Working Demonstration Centre also includes a RiMatrix Rig – Rittal’s integrated modular solution for IT infrastructures - and a working IT chiller, which

The Perforex solution ENCLOSURES




to Test

demonstrates Rittal’s ongoing commitment in preparation for IoT demands and delivering edge computing solutions. The Perforex is one of a range of automated tools, developed by Rittal, to support panel building and switchgear manufacturing. They include tools to help with: • handling and ergonomics in the assembly of mounting plates and panels • cutting centres for effortlessly cutting cable ducts, cable duct covers and support rails • automated wiring to automatically wire enclosure mounting plates, which is a huge time-saving advance – potentially saving 15 working hours per enclosure To book a Perforex Free Trial customers should contact their Local Rittal Area Sales Manager, or email Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.



Clear Signaling of Process Statusess The new signal towers Modlight Pro deliver an extremely intense light output This is true of routine processes as well as unscheduled or even unforeseen events, including dangerous situations. These signals must be so clear that they can be detected easily, even in situations where employees may be under pressure or even stressed. It is state-of-the-art to use signal towers. That’s why it is important to use colors that people already associate with certain kinds of situations. A simple example is at pedestrian cross walks: green for walk and red for don’t walk. Every machine operator can recognize that machines with green signal status are running normally while red indicates a potentially hazardous situation.

Under some circumstances, it is not sufficient to use only visual signals to inform the machine operators of the status and therefore to take the first step towards reducing the length of a downtime period. For example, the environment within the building or the lighting situation may make it difficult to discern things visually. In such cases, audible signaling is essential because it makes the recipient aware via another sense. The Murrelektronik signal towers in the Modlight Pro series, with diameters of 50 or 70 millimeters, can be used to put together up to five color elements in an individual configuration. In addition to

Modlight Pro on the shop floor 16 - Automation Update

Every company needs to ensure that its machines and systems are being well utilized and have high runtimes. After all, idle and downtime periods in machines and plants don’t contribute towards economic success. Consequently, production schedulers endeavor to keep downtime to a minimum. In order to intervene as quickly as necessary, it’s important to signal process statuses clearly.

and money! Compared to the previous models, the optimum arrangement of the signaling system ensures that process statuses can also be identified across long distances.

base which enables each tower to be mounted quickly, and also removed temporarily for transportation. These towers are very easy to clean because the surface is smooth and rounded. Download the new Product Guide by clicking on the brochure - Modlight Pro LED signal towers, Comlight57 LED signal lights and Modlight Illumix LED machine light.

These color elements can be clicked together without tools easily and quickly. The elements have practical connection terminals are color coded and represent the color of the light. This helps reduce the risk of assembly errors. There are also preassembled Modlight Pro signal towers in the most commonly used color combinations.

A buzzer module can be incorporated for audible signaling purposes. It is fitted to the Modlight Pro as a terminal component, thus replacing the cover of the basic element. The buzzer unit is designed to be clearly audible in all directions. With a dip switch, one of four tones can be selected for each signal tower. This means that a clear distinction can be made whenever there are several machines in the same building. The volume level can also be adjusted. A maximum volume level of 90 dB ensures that these acoustic signals can still be heard clearly, even in a loud environment.

Bulb replacement is a thing of the past thanks to the use of innovative and energy-saving LED technology. LEDs have a very long service life and can usually shine for at least 40,000 hours at full illumination. Even after that, lighting intensity is only slightly reduced, which is scarcely perceptible to the human eye. This means that these towers remain maintenance-free over the entire service life of a machine. This saves time

Thanks to their housing, Modlight Pro signal towers fulfill the IP65 protection class. Comprehensive approvals and resistance to vibration enable these units to be used all around the world, opening up versatile options for use in the industrial sector. For example, signal towers can also be used for building automation. These signal towers are available with a plug-in M12 connector. A special feature is the magnetic

red and green, they are also available in yellow, blue and white. They can be used for the signaling of process statuses, for example in accordance with the specifications of machinery standard IEC 60204-1.

Visit the online shop for data sheets, stock availability and to place an order Contact: Murrelektronik Ltd, 0161 728 3133 Automation Update - 17

Don’t Overlook Gantry Robots

Engineering Update’s Editor Wendy Mcmanus Interviews Troy McCourt of Güdel UK.


Wendy Mcmanus: What is your view on the state of the robotics sector in the UK? Troy McCourt: It is common knowledge that the UK has continued to lag behind other industrial nations in the uptake of robotics, and this stance has had a negative effect on the UK’s productivity as a whole. The future however does look more promising as manufacturers now realise not only the need but also the urgency with which we have to automate because of the benefits that automation and robotics in particular can bring. This is all brought into perspective by the statistics for UK robot population, outside of the automotive

18 - Automation Update

sector, per 10,000 employees. The UK figure is just 39 whereas Germany boasts an impressive 181. Over 4 times that of the UK,

so clearly we have some catching up to do!


Wendy Mcmanus: Can you tell me what differentiates Gantry Robots from other robot types? Troy McCourt: As you know, robots come in all shapes and sizes ranging from small SCARA types through sophisticated 6 axis systems to gantry robots. The limitation, if we can call it that, of articulated arm robots is that they have a fixed configuration. That is they have a pre-determined reach and work envelope. The main advantage of the gantry robot is the capability to address large or unusual working envelopes. There are several major features that differentiate Gantry robots. One is the ability to span great areas, but with a minimal footprint. A Gantry Robot can easily work over the top of a number of machine tools without impacting on the access to those machines, and with just a small footprint for the support sections. Another is the ability to configure the system to meet the exact needs of the application. We have supplied Gantry Robot Systems up to 100 metres in length. Also, the rigidity of Güdel Gantry Robots allows them to handle large payloads, but still match the accuracy and repeatability of other robot types.



Wendy Mcmanus: Are there specific industry sectors where Gantry Robots are more suited? Troy McCourt: Due to their different configuration, gantries are a niche solution, so almost all sectors have applications where a Gantry robot is the best solution. Güdel has supplied Gantry Robots into the Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Logistics, Food, Rail, Energy and Tyre industries for a wide variety of applications. As I mentioned before, the ability to be able to tailor a Gantry Robot to the specific application means that they are suited to certain applications in all industries. New application areas emerge all the time, and Güdel is currently active within the Modular Building sector, where we have Gantry robots producing items such as roof trusses and wall panels, and in other parts of the world Gudel gantries are even being used for 3D concrete printing of modular housing.


Wendy Mcmanus: You mention that Gantry Robots are suited to all industry sectors, can you give an example of one of the most innovative applications you have been involved with? Troy McCourt: Yes, for example, Güdel Gantry robots are an integral part of the production systems for the A380 aircraft wing Outer Rear Spar, transporting the specialist tooling systems used to produce the multitude of holes on each component. In another of the more unusual applications, a 5 axis Güdel Gantry system uses a 1.0m diameter wheel, combined with force monitoring, to create a highly polished mirror finish on aircraft fuselage sections. The capability of the Gantry robot to span great distances, makes them the perfect solution for these applications. Wendy Mcmanus: Finally, how is Güdel placed to meet future market challenges? Troy McCourt: Güdel is a Swiss family owned business with a heritage spanning 3 generations. Today the company has over 1,200 employees, a presence in 30 locations worldwide, and an enviable reputation as a supplier of high precision machine components and intelligent automation solutions. With credentials such as these, plus a philosophy of ongoing technical innovation, Güdel is well placed to take advantage of the many opportunities for automation which the future holds.

For more information about Güdel visit the website at

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Take your machinery safety knowledge to the next level ... Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge in the field of safe mechanical and electrical engineering, optimise projects or acquire further qualifications in the field of machinery safety – with Pilz as your training partner, you’re sure to reach your goal. Our 2018 schedule is now available on the Pilz website. Courses include: • CMSE ® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV certified) • City & Guilds 4 Day Machinery Safety Course • Safe Human-Robot Collaboration • Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO 13849-1

For futher infomation or to book onto one of our courses visit, webcode: 150535

Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ

01536 460766