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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry.

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SICK TDC Gateway brings Data Control to Your Fingertips With the launch of its Telematic Data Collector (TDC) gateway system, SICK has unlocked the power of data collected by multiple sensors in automated production environments and delivered it to the fingertips of engineers for real-time monitoring, analysis and alarms. The SICK TDC is a simple-to-use, remote-access plant management tool for both operators and system managers, aiding condition monitoring and prognostics as part of Industry 4.0-enabled production environments. The SICK TDC collects and processes sensor outputs and data in stationary and mobile machinery, together with GPS localisation information, and enables them to be displayed, monitored, recorded and analysed via a server or cloud system. By transferring data via mobile communications protocol (MQTT), a real-time overview of selected plant and processing parameters can be provided, and SMS text alarms can be configured. The SICK TDC system enhances system transparency to SICK and third-party sensors compatible with Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485, 1-Wire and UART interfaces. It offers wider capability with more inputs per gateway controller than many other systems currently available. Output communications can be via cable, wireless signal or SMS. “Sensors are the eyes and ears of automated production environments, so it is a logical next-step for SICK to bring Industry 4.0-ready transparency to production and logistics environments in a simple format that’s easy to access and use. “SICK TDC enables plant data to be managed in a customised dashboard format that can be uploaded to the customer’s own server, or hosted by SICK on a customersecure segment of the SICK Cloud. “It offers a welcome addition to traditional SCADA control hierarchies, that can be accessed by mobile phone or laptop

from the office, home – or, indeed anywhere in the world. The TDC system can respond to the incoming data and provide real-time outputs via IO-Links or alarms straight to your mobile phone.” The SICK TDC-M100, B100 and E100 series each comprise hardware and firmware, on-board sensors and a wide selection of outputs. Each offers wireless communication and SMS text messaging and can be powered by a variety of sources with a voltage range between 10V and 36V, including vehicle batteries. The SICK TDC-M100 features hardware: Micro Controller Unit with Message Queuing Telemetry Transport support; on-board sensors include GPS, accelerometer, thermometer and magnetometer; and interfaces include GSM and GPRS. The SICK TDC-B100 and B200 feature hardware: MCU and MQTT support; on-board sensors include GPS, accelerometer, thermometer and magnetometer; and interfaces include GSM/GPRS, serial and CAN. The Ethernet-based SICK TDC E100 and E200 feature hardware: dual Core CPU and M4 co-processor; software: Web based configuration, SOPAS runtime support, preinstalled Node Red and Custom Docker Container support; on-board sensors include GPS, Decawave (UWB; RTLS), accelerometer, thermometer and magnetometer; and interfaces include Ethernet, WLAN and WPAN, 3G with on-board micro-SIM, IO-Link, serial and CAN. For more information on the SICK Telematic Data Collector (TDC) gateway system, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

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Great Price 5 Comm Ports Inc. Ethernet Real-Time Data On Display Easy PID Free No-Limit Programming Hardware Auto-Discovery Hot-Swappable I/O Built-in Data Logging Slim Form-Factor Multiple Wiring Options Integrated Web-Server Motion Made Easy

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Croft Filters

– Metal 3D Printing in Filtration

Croft Filters Ltd, based in Warrington England, have been supplying custom filtration and separation solutions for over 32 years. Throughout this time Croft has developed a reputation for their quality, bespoke service through manufacturing a variety of products for specific requirements. These products have included: Filtration Cones, Baskets and Screens, Disc Filters and Filtration housings amongst others and are made with Wire Mesh, Wedge Wire and Perforated Plate, depending on the product’s design. Croft continues to supply a wide range of industries including Oil, Gas, Pharmaceutical Food and Beverage. As a result of this and due to the application requirements, most of Croft’s products are manufactured using Stainless Steel 316L. Croft continues to meet Customer’s demands by heavily investing into research and development of their custom filtration solutions. In 2013 Croft invested into Additive Manufacturing, specifically Selective Laser Melting (SLM) in order to develop new innovative filtration solutions. Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as metal 3D printing, is the process of creating a 3D component

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in a series of layers. The process uses a metal powder, in Croft’s case this is Stainless Steel 316L. The powder is spread evenly across a buildplate as a laser then melts the powder according to a CAD file. The build plate then drops between 50 micron and another powder layer is added. The laser then melts this layer to the previous. The process is repeated until the final part is complete. This process differs to subtractive methods, only using the required material to build the part as any excess powder that has not been fused is recycled back into the machine’s powder delivery system. Benefits of the Additive process, such as: part weight reduction, multi-part to single component and expanded design capabilities, allow Croft’s customers to re-think their approach to their designs in order to improve the efficiency, utility or aesthetics of their parts. Each component has been designed to give supply-chain advantages whether that is to reduce lead time by manufacturing multi-part components as a singular part (eg Wedge Wire) or whether the component itself is more efficient such as Croft’s ‘Straightliner Filter™’.

Quality of both product and service has been the key to Croft’s success; the Company takes great pride in understanding customer’s needs, quickly supplying them with a high quality product that exceeds Customer’s expectations.

For more information: Visit: Call: 01925 766265


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Zero Downtime Intelligent diagnostics for robots


Unexpected downtime could cost as much as £5,000 per minute. With the new ZDT diagnostics tool from FANUC, we ensure that downtime doesn’t happen. ZDT constantly monitors each robot’s mechanical, maintenance and process health in real-time and proactively detects potential robot, controller, or process problems before unexpected downtime can occur. Notifications can be seen even via smartphone.





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Cold forming: economical, high-integrity single-piece manufacturing Manufacturers seeking new ways to boost sustainability and productivity without compromising quality might care to consider the cold forming technique. This process enables single-piece, highintegrity metal parts to be manufactured at low cost, with minimal waste and to ultra-fine tolerances. Mark Jennings, Engineering Director at Dawson Shanahan explains. Metal components of various shapes, sizes and complexities can be produced by cold forming. Simple parts or multi-faceted cold formed and finished machined components can be produced for a diverse range of applications. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who embrace the technique, can benefit from single-piece manufacturing which brings a host of strategic advantages and solid business benefits. The process involves extruding a single component part from a metal blank in one operation at ambient temperatures via a mould and die, enabling complex shapes to be formed with minimal requirement for finishing operations. Mechanical characteristics, including part strength, are maximized, waste is practically eliminated, and high volume parts can be produced both quickly and to a consistent standard of quality. Cold forming provides an alternative to cutting, milling or grinding the required

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shape from a solid piece of metal. While also avoiding the structural weaknesses that can accrue when joining a complex part from several machined components by welding or brazing. Cold forming also enables components to be manufactured to a higher standard than is possible with alternative processes. Unlike machining, for example, which is an extractive process, cold forming works with the grain, and the grain structure of the material being extruded is forced to follow the contours of the punch and die. As a result, the strength of the part is maximised along its length, in the same way that a piece of wood is stronger along the line of its grain. As cold forming essentially uses a mould and die into which the metal is extruded it is restricted in terms of the profiles that can be produced. Nonetheless, for complex parts, it may still be possible to use cold forming to create sections of the part and by doing so, reduce the

total number of components involved. Moreover, the process is capable of delivering precision-engineered parts with up to 80% less scrap than would be the case with machining. Cold forming can be performed using forward extrusion, backward extrusion and free flow methods, depending upon the application and component type. Dawson Shanahan can use the benefit of its experience to offer advice on which may be the most appropriate for a particular project.

mk Conveyor Technology helps ensure Baby Strollers are up to the Job! mk were asked to design a test rig for baby strollers that would satisfy the test criteria of the TUV safety regulations. This was achieved by simulating different ground conditions with standardised obstacles for testing baby strollers. The adjustable speed of the conveyor belt should be up to 10 km/h (170 m/min), which corresponds to a moderate jogging speed. The total load is a maximum of 150 kg. Features of this test rig include the following: • mk’s GUF-P 2004 conveyor was equipped with a timing belt drive and balanced rollers. • A wire hook connection ensures easy belt change. Standardised obstacles were screwed onto the belt. 10 - Automation Update

• To damp strong vibrations (that occur through cleats) it was necessary to support conveyor belt on metal vibration buffers. • A switch-off safeguard was implemented via magnetic pull switches. This TUV compliant Baby stroller test fixture including guarding was

produced using predominantly systems or modules within the mk profile and conveyor ranges. To see this unique baby stroller test rig in action visit: Or to find out more about the extensive range of mk conveyor technology visit our website.

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Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

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REGISTER FOR LIFTEX 2018 NOW! LiftEx, the only show in the UK dedicated to overhead lifting, is heading to Milton Keynes. Organised by LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) – the leading global representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide – and now in its fourteenth year, LiftEx Exhibition & LEEA Awards 2018 will take place on the Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th November at the Arena MK Milton Keynes. Admission to the exhibition is free-of-charge for visitors. Entry to the LEEA Awards on Day One of the show costs £75 + vat for LEEA members and their guests only. Over 100 trade exhibitors are expected to take part, and the LEEA Awards will be bestowed during the prestigious LiftEx 2018 Gala Dinner in a celebration of the Lifting Equipment industry’s achievements. The Speakers’ Corner located on the show floor will play host to 2 days of complimentary sessions and specialty programmes on key topics, designed to help visitors in their everyday role. In addition to end users and suppliers of lifting equipment, LiftEx will therefore prove invaluable to professionals working in fields such as health and safety, training, plant engineering and maintenance. For the latest info please visit

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14-15 NOVEMBER 2018

Introducing the inaugural LEEA Awards, taking place on 14th November during LiftEx, at the DoubleTree Hilton Milton Keynes. Join your peers for an evening of top class food and fabulous entertainment to celebrate successes in the lifting industry. LEEA members can book their ticket now at:


A two day event open to LEEA members, non-members, end users and suppliers to the lifting equipment industry.

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If you work in the lifting and rigging industry or you want to learn about the latest solutions in the marketplace, then you can’t afford to miss LiftEx 2018. Network with other like-minded professionals, gain advice on the latest regulations and best practice to save you time and money.

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SUMMIT & EXPO A combined high-level conference and trade exhibition, the event aims to educate manufacturers on developing their own industry 4.0 strategy, as well as providing a great platform to see the latest technologies & demonstrations, seek advice and finance from government, meet industry associations, and to network with over 2,000 attendees from 40 countries. The summit has managed to attract a stellar line-up of speakers since its launch in 2017 from industry, government & academia. The announcement of its first two speakers reconfirms this commitment with Stephen Phipson, CEO of EEF, the manufacturer’s association, and Brain Holliday, Managing Director, Siemens Digital Factory part of the opening keynote panel. The organisers are diligently working on the programme that will be announced at the end beginning of November. Event Director Gary Gilmour comments “We aim to provide content that attending manufacturers can grasp, digest and in turn take back to their colleagues and share. We will be addressing big issues post-Brexit, and addressing areas such as skills & training, new technologies such as blockchain and its potential use in manufacturing, as 14 - Automation Update

well as sharing case studies, good & bad, of manufacturers who have started their own digital journey.” Since industry 4.0 has an impact right across the manufacturing spectrum, the event has attracted senior attendees from the aerospace, food & drink, automotive, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. Gilmour continues “An event like this is about bringing people together and sharing experiences and best practice and learning from other industries. Our event would best be described as a one-stop to gain knowledge and see all the various technologies encompassing industry 4.0.” Bosch Rexroth have returned as headline sponsor for the third year in the row, a testament the organisers hope shows that the event is able to deliver the right audience to leading businesses.

Siemens will also be attending with a large stand and sponsorship of the Open Technology Forum area, a freeto-attend feature designed for SMEs to get a better grasp of 4.0. Within the exhibition hall, attendees to the free expo will be able to see a broad mixture of smart technologies from automation, robotics, AR/VR, cyber security, 3D printing, big data and other relevant areas. The organisers have secured support of companies across the 4.0 spectrum including firms such as ifm (Sensors) Daqri (VR/AR), Valuechain (supply chain software), Werma (automation), Omron (robotics) and Brainboxes (predictive maintenance). For more details please contact Gary Gilmour on 01642 438225 or at




n iO



1 0 - 1 1 A pri l 2 0 1 9 www.inDUSTRy40SUmmiT.COm



TE L E V I S I O N Automation



The one stop show for advanced manufacturing solutions


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ThE UK’S pREmiER EVEnT FOR ThE 4Th inDUSTRiAl REVOlUTiOn Featuring

400+ delegates

100+ exhibitors

Headline SponSor

2000 attendees

50 speakers aSSociate SponSorS

Round Tables

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Open Technology Forum SponSorS

Contact Gary Gilmour, Event Director | +44 (0)1642 438 225 |

the benefit of standard tax relief in the year of purchase. Businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can also make significant energy savings. Considering embedding the ETL into procurement processes will reduce the time it takes the business to find good quality products, and can deliver resource, energy and financial savings. The specific Seeley International products that have listed on the ETL are as follows: • Breezair TBS 580 • Breezair TBSI 580 • Breezair EXS 220 To get more information about B r e e z a i r, y o u c a n b r o w s e or write an email to

Evaporative cooling listed as new category on the Energy Technology List (ETL), entitling buyers to claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance Seeley International are proud to have all three Breezair models listed on The Energy Technology List (ETL), a government list of energy-saving products used by businesses. Breezair products are the first evaporative coolers to be listed on the UK’s Carbon Trust Energy Technology List.


h e E T L (or En erg y Technology Product List, E TPL) is a governmentmanaged list of energ yef ficient plant and machinery, such as boilers, electric motors, air conditioning and refrigeration systems that qualify for full tax relief. With over 17,000 listed products the ETL is one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy efficient products. UK businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA), a first year 100% accelerated capital allowance that delivers all available tax relief in 1 year.

the ETL and those changes have been published as The Capital Allowances (Energy-saving Plant and Machinery) Order 2018 No. 268. The Order came into force on 22 March 2018. The changes include the addition of 3 new sub-technologies for Evaporative Air Coolers, Saturated Steam to Electricity Conversion Equipment and White LED Lighting Modules for Backlit Illuminated Signs.

At the end of 2017, the Chancellor announced a number of changes to the technologies supported under

The benefit that businesses can get from choosing a product from ETL is equivalent to approximately 5.5 times

16 - Automation Update

Seeley International was part of the working committee to establish the new energy technology list criteria for evaporative air coolers, with the Carbon Trust and a number of different stakeholders in the industry.

W h a t is e v a p o r a t i v e c o o li n g? Evaporative cooling is the only viable option when cooling large industrial or commercial areas, including semiopen spaces. Evaporative air cooling uses between up to 87% less energy than conventional A/C; it brings in 100% fresh outside air and utilises water for cooling instead of synthetic chemical refrigerants. That all adds up to very responsible environmental and energy saving characteristics. Very easy to install and maintain, evaporative coolers are a great solution to improve air quality, especially in production areas where fumes and germs are involved: in fact, cooled air is never recirculated, doors and windows can be left open or extraction fans need to be installed.

100+ Highly Accurate Pyrometers for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement! The importance of accurate temperature measurement for industrial processes. - LumaSense Technologies owns Expert knowledge to achieve it Pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. The key benefit of using an infrared thermometer to measure temperature is that you do not have to make contact with the process or surface being measured. In many industry sectors, the use of non-contact temperature measurement instruments is an important technology. For example, it is used for controlling complete factory processes or measuring even the smallest components to ensure a consistent quality level. LumaSense offers a wide range of infrared pyrometers developed from years of experience, research and customer contact. These highly accurate instruments provide solutions for nearly every industry and measurement application. The company have been in the business for almost 60 years and in fact, are celebrating some of their pyrometers for being successfully in production for over 30 of those years, all “Made in Germany”! LumaSense’s line of IMPAC pyrometers are well known for their accuracy, ruggedness and dependability even operating under difficult conditions and in the harshest environments. The IGA 140‐TV was launched into space on a JAXA (Japan Aerospace) mission to help scientists gather temperature data in zero‐gravity.

The versatile Series 140 include fully digital, fast pyrometers (in many different wavelength versions) with view finder, laser targeting light, or color TV camera for a broad variety of applications. This series offers very small spot sizes, focusable optics, display, buttons for instrument settings, analog output, digital interface,

and maximum value storage. Versions are also available with Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet interface. In October 2014, LumaSense introduced the ISR 6‐TI Advanced, the world’s first industrial grade infrared pyrometer with thermal imaging capabilities. This instrument incorporates the combination of pyrometry and thermal imaging in a single solution.

The ISR 6-TI Advanced infr ared thermometer combines accurate (2-color) pyrometry and thermal imaging in one non-contact temperature measurement system. It accurately measures the temperature of the center spot and uses an infrared filter to show an auto-calibrated thermal image based on the accurate (and to a large extent emissivity independent) ratio pyrometer temperature reading. The system is based on the high quality 2-color (ratio) pyrometer ISR 6 Advanced for temperature measurements in ranges between 700 and 1800 °C in combination with a video camera with a short wavelength infrared filter. Another model out of LumaSense’s top Series, the IGAR 6 Advanced is only pyrometer suited for many industrial applications with Smart Mode functionality. This includes a unique switchover technology that transitions between modes, creating a very long temperature measurement range.

Besides the 1-color mode (100 ... 2000 °C) a 2-color mode (250 ... 2000 °C) or a special Smart mode can be selected. In Smart mode, the measurements in the range between 100 ... 250 °C will be taken in 1-color mode whereas in the range between 280 ... 2000 °C the measurements will be based on the 2-color (or ratio) method. In the range from 250 to 280 °C, a continuous transition from 1-color to 2-color measurement automatically takes place. These are just 3 of the 100+ pyrometers in the range, providing solutions for hundreds of applications! The extremely fast and highly accurate digital instruments of the versatile Series 6 Advanced (single color or 2-color) pyrometers, have very wide temperature ranges, analog output, digital interface, and focusable optics. Models are available with integrated LED display with laser targeting light, view finder, or integrated color-TV camera, to minimize set-up time. Moreover, special versions are available, e.g. with integrated thermal imaging feature, for mid temperatures or 2-color measurements or for ultra-thin glass sheets (e.g. Gorilla® glass). Our portable IMPAC pyrometers Series 8, which jus t celebrated their 30th year in production, are suitable for measuring metals, ceramics, graphite etc. Also, they can be used for special applications such as measuring pouring streams or for temperature monitoring in coke ovens. These classically designed handheld infrared thermometers offer small spot sizes, maximum value storage, and temperature indicators. LumaSense Technologies, is one of the most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. IMPAC, acquired by LumaSense in 2007, has 60 years of experience in infrared and non-contact temperature measurement and is a trusted source for pyrometers worldwide. Contact: LumaSense Technologies GmbH

The IGAR 6 Advanced pyrometer is a digital, compact and fast pyrometer which - depending on the individual requirements - can be operated in different modes. Product link

Automation Update - 17

Not just for mechanical engineering: Tool storage with a Shuttle System Significant improvements can be made in this area simply by introducing a central tool store with the help of an automated storage lift such as a shuttle. The accommodation of various tools in a few different types of boxes or tool holders with precisely tailored dimensions brings further advantages, because optimal use can be made of the depth and height within the storage space.

The mechanical engineering industry needs to consistently meet the growing need for special tools and solutions. However, the industry is also faced with increasing competitive pressure, which is causing manufacturers to permanently examine and optimise their production processes in order to hold their ground in today’s competitive market. What about Tool storage with automated shuttle systems?

In addition, it is often the case that the instruments and tools used are extremely sensitive. Accordingly, besides ensuring fast and accurate access to the stored tools, there is a focus above all else on safe and clean storage. Modern storage lift systems also have an advantage here, because the parts can be placed in compartments precisely adapted to their specific dimensions on the trays, thereby limiting the contact these sensitive parts have with their surroundings from the outset. In addition, there are special devices in the shuttles which guarantee dust-free and especially dry storage. Storing the tools at a certain temperature or drying them with warm air is also no problem. These are all options that conventional shelfbased storage cannot offer. Furthermore, dynamic systems such as automated storage lifts give the user many more opportunities to optimise the efficiency of their intralogistics processes. Faster and more accurate access to the stored parts is but one example that speak in favour of this modern storage method.

Machine tools are used across a wide range of industries processing materials of all kinds. They are primarily used by companies in the metalworking sector or businesses involved in toolmaking and the automotive industry.

Further advantages include:

Regardless of whether forming machines are used to process steel, aluminium, or plastics, cutting machines are used for processing materials such as wood and special high-performance tools are constantly required during the manufacturing process. When not in use, these tools have to be stored in a number of different ways. Storing the parts in special tool cabinets is certainly the most common way. The tools are frequently stored in several tool cabinets and boxes of various sizes distributed throughout the entire production area. This inconvenient arrangement takes up valuable space, not to mention the fact that the parts are difficult to access.

Yet as the challenges associated with a changing market steadily grow, so do the demands in relation to efficiency and costs in the area of internal tool storage. The use of modern manufacturing structures in production goes hand in hand with rising intralogistic market demands for • • •

greater storage flexibility a larger range of articles available in stock smaller storage volumes

All of this means that the pressure in relation to increased efficiency also grows on conventional storage methods. After all, apart from the relatively convenient form of storage in static tool cabinets, this form of storage can only make a small contribution to improving productivity. 18 - Automation Update

• •

significantly less walking around for employees thanks to the goods-to-person principle fast and accurate access to stored goods, controlled by warehouse management software, avoids unproductive search times and increases picking accuracy to over 99 percent the use of warehouse management software also permits accurate monitoring and management of the entire storage process optimal use is made of the room height and space in the building the ergonomically designed workspaces, which work according to the goods-to-person principle, cut the amount of time that employees are absent from work

It is therefore no wonder that ever more companies involved in tool storage are now switching to automated storage lift systems to manage their intralogistics processes even more efficiently. You can find out more about the various storage options afforded by modern shuttle solutions here. Or contact Kardex direct on 0844 9390800 or email us at:

Compact. Modular. Flexible.


by Murrelektronik

The perfect I/O system for decentralized installation concepts Cube‘s flexibility creates the best solution for every application – all the way from the controls to the on-machine I/Os. Cube solutions offer the best value for your money during the engineering phase, commissioning phase and maintenance phase. Maximizing uptime and productivity.

Take your machinery safety knowledge to the next level ... Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge in the field of safe mechanical and electrical engineering, optimise projects or acquire further qualifications in the field of machinery safety – with Pilz as your training partner, you’re sure to reach your goal. Our 2018 schedule is now available on the Pilz website. Courses include: • CMSE ® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV certified) • City & Guilds 4 Day Machinery Safety Course • Safe Human-Robot Collaboration • Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO 13849-1

For futher infomation or to book onto one of our courses visit, webcode: 150535

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