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Product Update

Made in America Edition 1320 N. Lake Street Neenah, WI 54956 Volume 4

Providing efficient, accurate and cost competitive solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction industry in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Michigan. - lighting controls & fixtures - home convenience systems - fans & ventilation products - energy efficient lamps & controls - conductive heat cables & thermostats - fittings & supplies

GREEN Products:

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•Time Savings

Products that save time because they install quickly

•Money Savings

Products that save money because they cost less to Install

•Energy Savings

Products that save energy because they are efficient

Arlington Industries – Broan – NuTone – CD Lighting –

1st Edition


Cordeck –

Have you checked out H.E. Williams lately? The Williams line has grown dramatically over the last year. See what they have to offer on pages 5 -6

Danfoss – Electrix – elliptipar – Gammalux – H.E. Williams / Infinity Lighting –

Energy Savers in this edition:

Intelligent Lighting Controls –

Lutron Power Saver – Page 3

LEDTronics –

Williams Led Cans – Page 5

Lighting Services Inc. – Lutron – Nora Lighting – Strand Lighting, Inc. – Tambient Lighting – Tokistar Lighting Systems –

Product Update Made in America Edition

Broan-Nutone Energy Star Products - Page 7 Broan Solar PAV – Page 7

Lamina –

USI Electric –

Williams Induction Lighting – Page 6

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Volume 4 1st Edition

Arlington Industries

B44 StandStand-Off Bracket

Delivers rigid, secure box support

•Delivers compliance with 2008 NEC articles 300.11 (A) and 314.23 (A, B) with secure fastening and rigid box support. •20 gauge steel •Sizes: 1/2" and 3/4“ •Mounts to metal, wood, block or brick with a variety of fasteners


GB5 Grounding Bridge

Meets 2008 NEC Ground RequirementsLayin Lug Grounding Conductor goes here

• With paintable cover, provides intersystem bonding between power and communications grounding systems

FD1RP – Super Fast Cut in Box Very Fast and Secure Installation –

•Fastest Way to install a standard device/receptacle in a retrofit project • Cuts with 3.5” hole saw •Installed NM Cable connector and paintable flange •Mounting Wings hold box securely against drywall

Installed NM Cable Connector Mounting “Wings” Paintable Flange

FSR 404 – Versatile 4X4 Metal Cut Cut--In Box For Power and/or Low Voltage –

•Ideal for installations of fire alarms or signalling devices •½” or ¾” knockouts •Non-metallic Red and Black •For wall thickness greater than 1-1/4”, bracket can be field modified

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Product Update Made in America Edition

Volume 4 1st Edition

LUTRON® Electronics

Maestro Power Saver Wireless Occupancy Sensor A Simple Way to go Green and Save Money

•Fast and easy installation with no wires required •Saves energy by turning the lights off when the room is not occupied •Passive infrared motion detection with exclusive Lutron XCTTM Technology for fine motion detection Able to dim lights which saves even more energy and money •360° coverage ranges from 324 sq. ft to 676 sq. ft •Work with Lutron Maestro Wireless devices and Grafik QS Wireless

Dimmer With “Pico” Controller


Grafik QS™ & Sivoia QS™ Product Line Enhancements

•Helps save energy and meets the aesthetic, functional, and regulatory needs of any project or space •Integrate with AV, HVAC, and other systems •Create a wireless system that is convenient, can be customized, and saves energy


Product Update Made in America Edition

Page 3

Volume 4 1st Edition

Intelligent Lighting Controls - ILC www.ilc

Apprentice II – Programmable Lighting Controllers

48 Relay Panel Network #CS0016_revC 365-day programmable Lighting Control Panel Available for use with ILC LightSync™ switches and accessories for ease of installation Panel capacity of 4, 8 or 16 relays

Numerous add-on modules for flexibility of integration with light-level sensors, occupancy sensors and building automation systems UL 916 Listed FCC approval for commercial use Title 24 Certified, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant

LightSync™ LightSync ™ Photo Sensor • Completely digital sensor for reliable measurement of foot candle level • Indoor or Outdoor Sensors • 8 individual ON/OFF control points with 256 levels, and individual dead band each • 0-1800 FC sensor range • LightSync data line connection (RJ45 connection/ CAT-5 cabling) • Controller can be mounted in the lighting control panel or at a remote location

LightSync™ LightSync ™ G2 Keypad

for the LightMaster SA, SN, EN and Apprentice II Relay Panels #CS0614

RJ45 connectivity for CAT5 cable Digitally addressable for speedy installation 1 to 6 button configurations Compatible with Apprentice II relay panels and LightMaster StandAlone, Single Network and Extended Network Systems Available in White or Ivory and fits standard Decora™ openings

Apprentice II – 2 Pole Relay Board

Mounts in the same panel without ‘all the real-estate’! #CS0214_revC

• Electrically held DPST • Controls 208 / 240 / 480 circuits • Requires only one space in the APII panel • Up to 277V per pole

Page 4

ILC Motion Sensors Now Available •Full product line, including wall, ceiling, dual technology, power packs •This established line has been marketed for over 20 years •Made in America!

Product Update Made in America Edition

Volume 4 1st Edition

H.E. Williams, Inc.

Introducing New LED Downlights

Outstanding light output, efficiency, and pleasing color

4.5" Recessed LED Downlights

6" LED Downlights

Low maintenance and energy efficient

Low maintenance and energy efficient

•optimized and integrated 14-watt Osram Sylvania DLM700 or DLM800 LED module with the OPTOTRONIC® driver to provide energy efficient, low maintenance illumination •50000 hours of service life •produce crisp white light with a color rendering index (CRI) of 83 and 3500k color temperature •come with a wide variety of reflector color choices •ICLEDS45 provides the added benefit of being rated for use in insulation-contact applications


• combines our 20-gauge die-formed galvanized steel pan with the 12-watt, 650-lumen, Cree LR6 LED module to provide 92 CRI illumination • two color temperature choices: 2700K or 3500K • 50,000 hours service life • ICLEDC60 features a 22-gauge galvanized steel housing with a 20-gauge pan and adjustable throat that field adjusts to accommodate ceiling thicknesses up to 2" for use in insulation-contact installations




H.E. Williams, Inc.

Introducing H.E. Williams Outdoor Lighting Line Williams has significantly expanded their outdoor offering. Please check it out at



Sign Product Update Made in America Edition

Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Surface Mount

Architectural Vandal

Step Lights

Post Top



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Volume 4 1st Edition

H.E. Williams, Inc.

Introducing H.E. Williams Induction Lighting Solution • 100,000 hour lamp life significantly reduces maintenance where relamping is inconvenient or expensive • Induction lamps provide excellent lumen maintenance – 70% at 60,000 hours • Lamps are available in 3500K, 4100K, and 5000K • 80 color rendering index (CRI) • Works in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit • Instant-on/instant re-strike

Round Recessed

Blade® Troffer

Square Recessed

Surface/Pendant Mount

Lensed Troffer



LSI - Lighting Services Inc.

Lighting Services MRMR-16 12W LED

Cleanly blends into virtually any arcitectual space

•Up to 50,000 hours of lamp life •Self locking swivel for horizontal and vertical focusing •Hinged front with relamping handle for easy lamp changing •Extruded aluminium driver housing with Integral 10VA 120V electronic LED driver

Page 6

•Internal multiple accessory clips accept all sizes-AAA LSI filters and accessories. •On/Off safety switch on most mounting types

Product Update Made in America Edition

Volume 4 1st Edition

Broan--NuTone Broan – Broan -NuTone – Energy Star Ventilation

Broan -NuTone – is Made in America!

Broan-Nutone offers the most Energy Star fan style options. Products with the Energy Star logo help consumers save money on products they need.

•America’s choice for residential exhaust fans for over 77 years! •Over 150 million fans installed •Over 80% of American homes have 1 or more Broan-Nutone fans •Broan-Nutone employs 969 associates in the United States •Over 14,732 years of American know-how •An average of over 15 years of experience per associate

The largest Energy Star product offering!

Fan and Fan / Light Combo (42W bi-pin Fluorescent) Model #



Duct Size



Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan / Light Fan / Light Fan / Light Fan / Light Fan / Light

6 6 6 6 4 4 4 6 6 6 4 4

0.3 0.3 0.7 1.4 1.0 1.0 1.3 0.3 0.7 1.4 0.8 1.3

50 80 110 150 80 90 110 80 110 150 80 110

Duct Size



6 4 6

0.7 1.5 0.7

110 100 110


Duct Size



Fan Fan Fan / Light

4 4 4

1.5 1.5 1.5

50 50 70

Humidity Sensing Fans Model #


QTXE110S Fan QTRE100S Fan QTXE110SFLT Fan / Light

Specialty Fans Model #

HD50 HD50RDF 744FL

Solar powered Attic Ventillators (SPAV) Save energy and keep heat out

Product Update Made in America Edition

Page 7

The Whiteboard.

Volume 4 1st Edition

Thoughts on market trends and industry relevant issues we’re working on...

LED Replacement Success Job #1 -Existing Elevators -20 watt incandescent elevator cab lamps -LEDtronics replacement: DBL642-XPW-001M


-Per elevator analysis, multiple elevators on job

LED Replacement Success Job #2 -Existing Apartment. Hallway Lighting -50 watt incandescent recessed MR16 downlights -LEDtronics replacement: MR16-6W-XIW-001M


-Per job analysis, a total of three floors, includes replacement of existing LV transformers (1 per floor) Page 8

Product Update Made in America Edition

ERI 2008 Product Update Vol4 Ed1