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Through this OCIP with ScrubUP, one of the important lessons I have learnt would be that helping a community is not one-sided. Through this experience, though the team has helped in building the infrastructure and assisted in planning of the English lessons, the locals do in fact inspired me to be a better person. The simplicity of their life had a differing contrast in my daily life. The only difference is that the locals are still able to find joy in what they do despite not having many luxuries. Seeing the happiness written on their faces while playing soccer or even simple games without elaborate materials really made me appreciate what I have back in Singapore. While the initial plan was to help the community in Cambodia, I felt that at the end of the trip, the team also had some personal growth. It was indeed a two-way learning experience for all of us! --- Aaron Oh (BME Year 2)

Through NUS ScrubUP, I have definitely obtained a greater understanding of the environment and culture of Cambodia through visiting different cultural landmarks (Angkor Wat & the Killing Fields). However, my biggest takeaway of the trip was my stay in UNACAS. During that period, I had the opportunity to interact and make friends with some of the kids living in the orphanage. As a team, we have also helped out in constructing the chicken coop and taught English lessons to some of the kids. Throughout the trip, I gained a significant sense of accomplishment in terms of achieving our initial goal, and many friendships with both my teammates and the kids in UNACAS. Also, I learnt to cherish what I have now, as the comfort that our homeland provided for us does not come easy. Most importantly, I felt that a small difference made by me can lead to a huge impact in someone else’s life. --- Tham Xunhong (BME Year 2) It was one of the best decisions I have made in my university life thus far. I have learnt deeply from people at UNACAS orphanage. Despite having little, they even share their joy with others around them. They never dwell on the fact that they do not have more, but rather, they are happy over the fact that they have it. Competition over possessions is meaningless, only hunger for knowledge is truly having more. Being in a first world country, we live in a society that is full of temptations and desire to fit into the masses, more often than not; we forget to be true to ourselves. When we did not succeed becoming what others want, we unknowingly fall into the trap of devaluing ourselves. However, seeing the smiles from the friends whom I have made in Cambodia, allows me to understand that I am uniquely valuable and can contribute to the society, just like every other who is an asset to the OCIP team. This whole OCIP really inspired me to make every single day of my life count and be a blessing to others, just like what the people in Cambodia did for me. page 8 --- Shirley Lim (BME Year 3)

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