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446m, expect quite a climb ahead of you – 6 hours hike to and fro that will get you on all fours. Be extra careful, for there were reported cases of death from trekking and scaling Bukit Tabur. But do not let this dampen your spirit, for the stunning views and thrilling climb, is sure to keep your adrenaline pumping, and is worth the effort. The social butterfly will enjoy Couchsurfing events. Head on over to couchsurfing, and find weekly gathering events, and night market hangouts to join. I dare say KL has one of the best couchsurfing events in South East Asia. Be greeted by friendly Malaysian locals, and/or listen to traveller’s tales during these CS events. You might even join them for the after-event nightlife clubbing session. Photo credit: Darren Tien

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For the adventure-junkie, join a day tour that will bring you a little north of KL to Perak for amazing white water rafting. Alternatively, head a little south of Perak to race your friends in a round or two of go-karting at Sepang International Circuit, or Melaka International Circuit. For those who love the beaches, and watersports, take a day or two out of KL to visit Langkawi. They call this “tropical paradise”, an island a little off the north-west coast of Peninsula Malaysia, Langkawi is a rather hidden gem, that provides much recluse. Famous for its water sport, get ready to dive into a slew of beach activities, ranging from parasailing, to banana boat, to scuba diving, and jet skiing. Romantically enjoying the beauteous sunset view, is a nice conclusion to a day in Langkawi, as it envelopes you and welcomes you to this small island getaway. To the untrained traveller, KL is such a common place to visit, yet there is so much MORE to the city than meets the eyes. It is not just the touristy Petronas Twin Towers that gravitates us towards this cosmopolitan metropolis, it is its culture, its intrinsic nature and its hidden gems/little known hooks. If you are really not incline to visit the city central, KL, visit other parts of malaysia, like Terengganu for Stargazing, or Port Dickson for its glow in the dark beaches, or even Eastern Malaysia. Getting Around Avoid taking Taxi. The taxi there are, more often than not, rip offs. Your safest and cheapest bet lies in Uber. But remember to look for a steady source of WiFi to use the Uber app – Mcdonald’s and Starbucks are a backpacker’s campsite. You can easily rent an Airbnb apartment for an extremely comfortable stay. Forget the norms of hotel staying; for an affordable price, you can reside in the high end district of KL in comfort and style. With multi-facilities condominium, you will not be disappointed. Recommended number of days of travel: 4 days All-in budget: ~SGD$150-200

The FUSE April 2016  
The FUSE April 2016  

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