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Getting Around Taipei’s Mass Rapid Transit System is almost like that of Singapore’s, with the occasional cute pets that you see the locals bringing onto the trains. The Taipei MRT is fast and convenient, with signs in English on trains and in stations. If you happen to be travelling in a group, just take taxis wherever you go. A 30min taxi ride will only cost about S$1 each in a group of 4! That’s dirt cheap and not to mention the large numbers of taxis you see everywhere, making travelling around so much more convenient. You may also want to take a leisure ride around the streets in a bicycle. Taipei has the Bike Sharing System also known as YouBike. The large network of bicycle rental kiosks allows one to easily rent the wheels by just registering your Easycard, which is similar to our Ezlink Card. The first 30min of rental is free for each trip originating from New Taipei City, so take advantage of free transport where possible! Recommended number of days of travel: 6 days All-in budget: ~SGD700-800 Photo credit: Desmond Lam

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Desmond Lam

The FUSE April 2016  

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