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Breathe in Bali H

ome to towering volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields, popularized by bestseller novel and film “Eat Pray Love”, revered by notable Youtubers like “devinsupertramp”, ”Night Owl Cinematics” and “The Smart Local”, Bali is a must visit, and has made it to our list of 4 destinations to go to. For the adventures and beaches, this is the place to indulge in. So get out of that armchair and experience! Here’s a list of things to do on this island (and we are just scraping the surface): Imagine walking atop a blanket of cloud. Fairy tale? That is precisely the unbelievable stunning experience, hiking Mt. Batur. Standing at 1,717m, meander your way up this mountain to an inviting glorious sunrise. It is worth every effort to wake up extra early at 2am, and find your way to Mt Batur. In a country laden with volcanoes, scaling one is a definite must in Bali, Indonesia. Waterbom Bali is sure to keep your heart racing. With rides that plunges you down 4 storeys, it is little wonder why it has become such a popular tourist destination. Devinsupertramp has a youtube video called “Asia’s Largest Waterpark! – Waterbom Bali in 4K!” that captured every ounce of its thrill. In Bali, one can choose to paraglide over the sea with a view that looks like an Australia

seascape. Being suspended high in the air, all you feel is tranquility and immortal. It will cost a steep USD100, but count it as a once in a lifetime experience. What better place to learn how to surf than an island known for its beaches? Sign up for a class and conquer those waves. In fact, there are a ton of water activities available in Bali. From Diving, to parasailing, to banana boating, to jet skiing, find the water sport that suits you the most and have a splashing fun time. In the spirit of adventure, one can try canyoning in Bali, which involves cliff jumping, abseiling, rope climbing, sliding, caving, etc. Join “Adventure & Spirit” in Ubud (Gitgit Waterfall), and be certified with a “CAI”(Canyoneer Initiation). Take insta-worthy shots at the myriads of beach clubs and villa resorts. Potato Head Beach Club is a popular place to dine, party and unwind, with an infinity pool in front of a majestic beach front. Massage parlours are also scattered all around town, at absurdly cheap price of SGD6-7, you are in for nightly treats. Besides massaging for relaxation, try a session or two of yoga. Rightfully pointed out in the

The FUSE April 2016  
The FUSE April 2016  

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