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What’s your daily schedule like! Take a look at an engineer’s timetable and you will know…the engin life is tough! I have plenty of 8am lessons and most of them end late afternoon around 5pm. But thankfully there are webcasts for lazy people like me so I end up skipping half of my classes anyway. Tutorials are a must though (kinda). Hall activities in KR normally start after dinner and they last for a good few hours, ending around midnight. That’s when studying actually starts for me. What do you think is the most valuable lesson you have learnt in your time staying in school? I don’t think there’s any particular one that I think is the most valuable, but through the countless lessons learned I’ve grown a lot mentally and have learnt how to fight my struggles alone (most of the time), and I’m most grateful for that. Secret study tips? I don’t think my study tips would be worth listening to, looking at my results! However, just find what works for you and most importantly give yourself a break whenever you want to. Just don’t break until like finals la that one nobody can help you! What are your Wednesday night plans? Studying of course, what else? ;)

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The FUSE April 2016  
The FUSE April 2016  

The Semester 2, AY 15/16 magazine for NUS Faculty of Engineering, produced by NUS Students' Engineering Club.