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What’s your daily schedule like! I do have 8am lectures but there are webcasts so…. My timetable is pretty packed and that is par for the course for an engineering student so there’s nothing to complain about. I am, however, taking 6 Modules this semester so it’s a little busier than usual but I want to see how overloading feels like. For Sports, training is mostly 1-2 trainings a week per sport and for Dance it’s minimum 2 practice sessions per dance item. We’re currently preparing for Dance Uncensored in April and I’m in two items! Welfare Committee has few meetings but the work done behind the scene is quite substantial especially nearing finals where we organise Welfare Supper and the Welfare Pack for the hall every semester. What do you think is the most valuable lesson you have learnt in your time staying in school? I think I’ll go back and say time management, because that is really what you need to survive in hall with all the activities and studying you have to juggle at the same time. I haven’t even got to the late nights with all the impromptu suppers or general horsing around that will take up more of your time than you planned for. You have got to learn how to say no sometimes. And that can be really hard. Secret study tips? Consistency is key. I still have problems with this. But it’s importance cannot be more emphasised. What are your Wednesday night plans? Well that depends on my mood that particular night. Come back to me on a Wednesday and I’ll let you know!

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The FUSE April 2016  
The FUSE April 2016  

The Semester 2, AY 15/16 magazine for NUS Faculty of Engineering, produced by NUS Students' Engineering Club.