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Hello! My name is Jacob Lim and I’m a freshman studying Chemical Engineering. I am currently residing in Kent Ridge Hall! What made you choose to stay in Kent Ridge Hall? To be honest, I initially had no intention of staying on campus as I did not want to bother myself too much with what I thought was unnecessary activities. However one of my close friends who was in Kent Ridge Hall encouraged me to come for the exposure camp, Camp Blue Blood. I changed my mind shortly after and well I guess the rest is history! What made you want to study Chemical Engineering? I decided that Chemical Engineering is one of the more practically applicable degrees which will provide diverse opportunities for me in the future. I know that sounds really pragmatic and seems to go against today’s popular opinion of chasing your passion. However, I think having a solid technical foundation is the key that will allow me to achieve that, whether it be working for a company of my choice, joining a start-up, or even being my own boss! What are you involved with in hall/school? For a period of time I was in Takraw, Volleyball, Football, Dance, and the hall’s Welfare Committee. Now that IHG is over it’s just Welfare and Dance!

What struggles do you face as an engineering student in hall, and how do you recommend tackling them? Number one struggle is definitely time management. This is something everyone has problems with. In fact I’m still learning how to manage my time properly! Keeping a to-do list certainly helps because there will be times when the number of tasks to complete just becomes so long you lose track of everything. Also, organising your notes and tutorials will go a long way in ensuring you do not get buried under a mess of a workspace! What are the perks of staying in hall! There so many canteens in NUS so you are basically spoilt for choice when it comes to food. Also, there’s a library in the Business Faculty beside Kent Ridge Hall so if you decide you need an air-conditioned environment to study in it’s literally a 5 minute walk away. Of course the best thing in hall is the friends you will make and the things you do together that really complete your experience in hall!

“Keep at it, because one day when you get to where you’re going, it will all be worth it.” page 15

The FUSE April 2016  

The Semester 2, AY 15/16 magazine for NUS Faculty of Engineering, produced by NUS Students' Engineering Club.