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The Traditional Packaging

Description The brief asked us to work in groups and pick out a product of the storytelling “The Fox’s Widow”. We chose three types of traditional Norwegian pastries from the food producer Toro, and later we had to design the packaging in a given era, in our case we got Art Deco. We mixed the value of the storytelling with the given era, ending up with a scale of red toned colours which represent the story and the straight strokes from the Art Deco era. My part of this group project was to do the writing, style guide and design the packaging.

Client Toro AS Norwegian School of Creative Studies Year 2011 Tools ID PS AI

Report Editorial

Description The brief asked us in groups to visit a chosen design studio placed in Sydney. My group visited “Huston” in Surry Hills, which are a modern and a medium sized studio. After we did an interview and had a look at how they worked, we needed to create a magazine individually that represented the studio we had visited. The keywords I was left behind with after the visit was social, open-minded and professional. Orange was the colour for me that represented the studio the most, the way they worked and the whole impression of the studio. The layout on the magazine has a clean and modern look, with different creative solutions. The idea behind using squares through the magazine was because of their belief of thinking outside the box all the time, and not to be afraid of trying new ways to design.

Client College Brief Billy Blue College of Design Year 2012 Tools ID PS

Bellona Branding

Description The Bellona Foundation is an international environmental NGO based in Norway. They are a direct action group and have become a recognised technology and solution-oriented organisation. The brief asked us to redesign their existing profile. The idea was to bring a more environmental and friendly look into the profile, but still keep the technological feeling. The logo is based on water drops in a circled shape that represents the circle of life, and how the technology is always changing. The light blue makes the profile friendly and serious, with the focus on future.

Client Bellona Norwegian School of Creative Studies Year 2011 Tools ID PS AI


360 Festival Concept and advertising

Description The brief asked me to create a new concept for Converse. The brief was very open, so I could go any direction I wanted. I was asked to make an identity, strategy, advertising for print and digital, and then design a magazine for the whole process. I created a festival called “360�, that focused on skating, music and Aids issues in Africa. The message behind the festival was that 360 festival together with (RED) organisation could work together to make Africa an Aids and Hiv free generation by 2015. All the visitors that comes to the festival will directly donate money that goes to this case. The brand identity has a strong look that reflects back to Converse and (RED) and the picture usage has a connection with all of what the festival is standing for.

Client Converse Billy Blue College of Design Year 2013 Tools ID PS AI


& (Red)


Young & Clean Branding

Description The brief asked me to create an organisation were I had to make an identity, strategy and advertising. The brief was very open and I could go any direction I wanted. I created an organisation called “Young and Clean”, which worked for getting young people out of drugs and problems in life. The reason why I chose this theme was because I believe that everyone deserves a second change in life, and that’s what “Young and Clean” is aiming for. The logo has a labyrinth as a symbol that represents to find the way out of issues you are meeting in life. The colour that I have used through the identity of “Young and Clean” is turquoise that represents youth, communication, health, strength, confidence and protection. These keywords also reflect back to what the organisation is standing for.

Client College Brief Billy Blue College of Design Year 2012 Tools ID PS AI



Because I Care Concept and advertising

Description The brief asked us in groups to choose a brand, and then create a product made up of only fruits that they can represent individually. I was asked to create an identity for the new product, strategy, advertising and design a magazine of the whole process. The group chose Victoria’s Secret as our brand. I created a new product called “Because I Care” that is a series of packages of different fruits. This is a new product that is ideal for partners and friends to give to each other. The series has 5 different packages with a specific message to each one, they can be given at a certain period or all year around. The idea is that you care about all the ones you love and appreciate. The identity for “Because I Care” has a strong connection with Victoria’s Secret so it’s clear that they are the publishers. I have created an illustration that represents the fruits through the whole identity and packaging, which is a new look for Victoria’s Secret.

Client Victoria’s Secret Billy Blue College of Design Year 2013

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The Brief Concept and advertising

Description Design for Change is a collaborative platform where creative people come together to show their skills, passions and imaginations to forge innovative solutions to global problems. Every year 6 different briefs are being uploaded on their platform asking the creative’s to find solutions, and transform the way people think and act with global perspective. The brief asked me to bring more knowledge of this platform to its users, and create an identity and advertising. The concept is an event called “The Brief”, where the students are in focus. By taking the brief to life and solve it, they will have the opportunity as a student/ junior designer to get an internship in one of the studios that cooperates with Design for Change. This is a good way for the platform to get in touch with their own users, and starting to make a connection with them. The student and junior designers are very concerned about their future and where they going to end up working. By using internship and studios as partners to engage the target audience, they will build their knowledge and become more known in the industry. The identity for “The Brief” has a strong connection with the exciting identity to Design for Change, that makes it easier for the users to understand the communication between the two.

Client Oxfam Billy Blue College of Design Year 2013 Tools ID PS AI




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Laid Advertising

Description Laid AS is the first Norwegian company to design and manufacture sex toys for men and women. They have chosen an exclusive image in order to break away from the sex industry’s traditional style and at the same time remove preconceptions. The aims are for the quality and design of both the packaging and the product to create new sales arenas. The brief asked us to create a series of posters. The idea behind the posters was to show the product in an elegant way. The product is always in focus with their existing colour, the person, and background in a light-fading colour to create a contrast.

Client Laid AS Norwegian School of Creative Studies Year 2011 Tools ID PS

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