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EngenderHealth at Women Deliver #WD2016 A Photo Story

#WD2016… Off to a Great Start!

EngenderHealth Event and Reception: “Change Makers and Game Changers –– Reimagining the Road to 2030”

Jillian Reilly, a writer, public speaker focusing primarily on developing world affairs inspired an evening of honest conversation and reflection.

EngenderHealth Seeks to Challenge the Status Quo

Ulla E. MĂźller, President and CEO, EngenderHealth, opened the evening discussion by inviting attendees to challenge assumptions and consider how disruptive technologies might enable us to reach the most vulnerable populations and put the power of reproductive health directly into the hands of girls and women.

Technology as a Mindset…

Jacob Bøtter stepped outside of the development sector to share his personal experience as a CEO of a digital crowdsourcing company at age 12 and suggested we can apply “a technology mindset” in an evershrinking digital world. Among many themes, he highlighted that technology has the potential to act as a social and organizational gamechanger through the democratization of knowledge.

Enabling Women and Girls to Be Their Own Change Makers

Dr. Yetnayet Asfaw, Vice President, Strategy and Impact, EngenderHealth, followed with her experience on the Advisory Board of a book to highlight “Phenomenal Ethiopian Women� who have each challenged status quo and shared the trials and tribulations of their journey.

The Change Makers of Tomorrow Are Here Today

The young Mea Olympio from EngenderHealth’s Togo Office closed the evening with a call for engaging for young girls and boys to determine their own futures and recognize that they are their own change makers.

Concurrent Session: “The Forgotten Challenge: Maternal and Newborn Morbidity” "Maternal and newborn morbidities remain a devastating and largely preventable cost of having a failed health system.” — Ulla E. Müller Panelists Dr. Hannah Blencowe, Dr. Lauri Romanzi, Ruma Khatun, and Dr. Charlemagne Ouedraogo called for quality care across the continuum, urging maternal and newborn morbidities to be part of the public health agenda.

Breakfast Event: ‘Safe Surgery: A NonNegotiable for Women’s Health, Equity and Wellbeing?’ “Imagine a young doctor performing surgery under the light of a flashlight in Eastern Congo.” — Dr. Mukwege, Panzi Hospital

A packed house attentively listening to a discussion with Dr. Denis Mukwege, Dr. Luc de Bernis, Erin Anastasi and EngenderHealth’s Dr. Lauri Romanzi on access to safe surgery as a human right.

EngenderHealth Exhibition Booth: Before and After!

And We Were Not the Only Ones Asking‌ #WheresTheFP

Hundreds stopped by to take a selfie and ask Where’s The Family Planning?!

And the Conversation Continued Beyond the Conference Doors #WDLive Watch Party: EngenderHealth HQ Delivers!

#WD2016 High-Five Moments!

EngenderHealth at #WD2016  

EngenderHealth was proud to join the Women Deliver Global Conference 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. View the highlights here.

EngenderHealth at #WD2016  

EngenderHealth was proud to join the Women Deliver Global Conference 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. View the highlights here.