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The best foundations for good advice And for a successful sale

Christian Vรถlkers, founder of Engel & Vรถlkers

We know the true value of your property - and how to make it a sales success.

Anyone wanting to sell a property for the

kets. We also provide you with an unsur-

best possible price should not leave this to

passed range of individual sales tools and

chance, but to an expert who appreciates

services: in addition to proven PR and

the real value of the property. With

­traditional offline advertising, we also offer

Engel &  Völkers, you can benefit from

a wide range of opportunities in digital

over 40 years of experience in the success-

marketing in order to address the right

ful sale of exclusive properties. Our global

­target group for your property. After all,

network gives us access to a wide circle of

your desire to achieve the best price for

potential buyers, while our agents are very

your property in the shortest amount of

familiar with the respective regional mar-

time is our top priority!

Best wishes,

Christian Völkers Sven Odia CEO  /  Founder  CEO


steps towards the successful sale of your property From in-depth market valuation to the successful closure of the sale: our expertise is well worth your while.

4 3 2 1 Personal initial consultation

Expert purchase price estimation

Exclusive marketing

Tailored marketing concept

8 7 6 5 Perfect planning for property viewings

Regular reports on the status of the sale

Professional contract negotiation

Comprehensive after-sales service

For us, a personal initial consultation goes without saying - as does exceptional marketing expertise.

1 For you as the owner, the successful sale of

well as being able to draw on our unique

a property means finding the right buyer as

network and the proven Engel & Völkers

soon as possible and achieving the maxi-

service concept. Our service starts from the

mum selling price. This is where our experts’

first time you contact us. Based on our many

skills come in. Thanks to their training at

years of experience, we know that a personal

our in-house Academy, they have extensive

consultation is the best foundation for the

expertise in real estate and marketing, as

profitable and fast sale of your property.

Good reasons for selling your property with Engel & Völkers ■

Established shop concept strengthens the presence of your property on the market Expert advice based on in-depth knowledge of the local market

International network – more than 850 locations in around 33 countries across 4 continents Access to a pool of affluent clients – locally and internationally

Our measures to determine the selling price ■

Expert assessment of the property

Detailed target group analysis

Creation of market analyses and reports Research into comparable properties in the market environment

Determining the purchase price is an expert matter - and our market value analysis is the best foundation for this.

2 A professional valuation of your property is

property shop, where you will be advised in

the foundation for sales success. After all,

person by our team of experienced property

only those with the necessary experience,

experts, before they provide an individual

comprehensive expert knowledge and an

assessment of the maximum potential selling

in-depth understanding of the market have

price of your property based on a thorough

what it takes to accurately gauge the value of

analysis of the market and target group. Ul­ti-

your property. Your sales enquiries are in the

mately, our top priority is to find the right

best possible hands at your Engel & Völkers

buyer and the best price for your property.

Benefit from an exclusive mandate and our tailored, all-inclusive service.

3 With a qualified Engel & VĂślkers exclusive

your selected marketing measures. After

mandate, you are guaranteed a decisive

receiving and agreeing on all property-

advantage on your path to making a suc-

relevant information and sales activities, the

cessful sale. As part of our exclusive, all-

corresponding facts and figures will be set

inclusive package, we guarantee you our

down in writing. From this point onwards,

maximum dedication in terms of time and

you will benefit from a marketing concept

service, countless options for advertising

that is fully tailored to your property – right

your property and gauging the success of

up to the successful closure of the sale.

The advantages of an exclusive mandate ■

Individual advice and support based on your requirements Targeted selection of shortlisted potential buyers

■ ■

Creation of an individual marketing concept Measurability of the response from our advertising activities

Examples of our many marketing tools and services ■

Professionally designed, prestigious property descriptions, including high-quality photography Ads published in print and online media

Creation of an individual, high-quality property film Engel & Völkers sales signage

Let us develop a tailored marketing concept - while you determine the level of discretion required.

4 In order to emphasise the unique nature of

of over a million clients worldwide, we

your property on the market, we develop

will help you plan the next steps in the

an individual marketing strategy that will

strategy. This is where you can rely on our

resound throughout the entire market-

large portfolio of offline and online adver-

ing process. Before this, we offer your

tising measures – from a professionally

­property discreetly and specifically to our

designed property description and targeted

shortlist of interested buyers. If, against

print and/or online ads to a cutting-edge

all expectations, you do not find a suitable

­property film to showcase your property

buyer for your property among our pool

in a unique way.

A property viewing should inspire potential buyers - we show your property in the best possible light.

5 There is no second chance for a first

new home. Draw on our real estate agents’

impression – which is why it is essential to

many years of experience in order to show-

leave nothing to chance, especially in terms

case the most attractive aspects of your

of property viewings by carefully selected

property – both inside and outside. Because

potential buyers. Meticulous planning

one thing is certain: a successful viewing

is a key prerequisite for presenting your

that leaves an exceptional impression is the

­property in such a way that the potential

key to the successful sale of your property

buyer can immediately imagine it as their

for all involved.

Proven measures for successful viewings ■

Development of a tailored property viewing concept Joint planning of property viewings

Consultations regarding any necessary minor repairs Recommendations for creating an inviting ­atmosphere

Our activities that keep you up to date ■

Detailed minutes of property viewings

Latest information about the market

Activity reports regarding the status of the sale

Planning and evaluating marketing measures

We will keep you informed of the sales status - so that you are always up to date.

6 Commissioning the sale of your property

ing regular updates on the status of the sale,

to someone means granting them a great

detailed minutes of property viewings and

deal of trust. At Engel & Völkers, your

exchanging information regarding planned

trust is in the right hands – right from the

marketing measures and information about

very start. For example, you will always

details pertinent to your contract. Good

have a designated contact person to deal

communication with you as the ­client is

with any queries throughout the entire

our top priority – after all, it is one of the

marketing process and who will involve

most important requirements for making

you in all activities. This includes provid-

the sale a success.

Let a professional take care of the sales contract - we are pleased to provide tailored expert advice.

7 The Engel & Völkers marketing experts

not least thanks to the regular training they

have set themselves a clear aim: to recognise

receive at our in-house Academy. Whether it

the potential of your property and to make

concerns a fast transfer of purchase offers,

the sale as profitable as possible for you.

providing advice about submitting an offer,

We dedicate all our passion and extensive

the negotiation process itself or contract-

expertise to this objective. And this is where

related issues, Engel & Völkers guarantees

you will benefit from the excellent qualifi-

you the highest possible level of expertise,

cations of our agents and licence partners –

market knowledge and negotiation skills.

Excellent conditions for the successful closure of the sale ■

Agreement of the contractual parties on the selling price and other terms prior to notarisation Professional, straightforward sale

Recommendation of expert partners for legal and tax affairs

Our services after the sales contract has been signed ■ ■

Supervision of the property handover Optional support of the buyer following the acquisition

Recommendation of service providers

Consultation for future property brokerage/sales

Our experts will accompany you every step of the way - even after you hand over the keys.

8 It is with good reason that Engel & ­Völkers

to answer any queries you might have

represents the highest level of service qual-

beyond this, too. In addition, we can provide

ity – and has done so for over 40 years.

organisational support when it comes to

That is why our service does not simply

moving house. And of course we would be

end after the sales contract has been signed.

delighted to be of help if you buy or sell any

We are on hand right up to the successful

property in the future. Thank you for your

handover of your property and are happy

trust – and for recommending us to others!

Overview of our marketing services for you

Dialogue with shortlisted clients

Creation and distribution of property description

Direct marketing

Presentation in the shop window

Your property

Valuation of the property

Presentation online

Sales order

Initial consultation

Marketing assessment


Putting up “For Sale� sign

Ad published locally, internationally and in GG magazine

Digital campaigns





Personal initial consultation

Expert purchase price estimation

Exclusive marketing

Tailored marketing concept

Tailored property viewing concept

Credit checks on potential buyers Contact and service to new owner of property

Activity reports regarding status of the sale Viewing of the property

Sales negotiations Latest market information

Property viewing report

Handover service Preparation of sales contract

Evaluation of marketing measures Reports on conversations for the seller

Contact and service to seller Closure of contract





Perfect planning for property viewings

Regular reports on the status of the sale

Professional contract negotiation

Comprehensive after-sales service

Engel & Völkers: a strong brand a diverse company profile.

The success story of Engel & Völkers began in 1977 when the company started brokering prestigious residential property. Our strong brand is now bolstered by an acclaimed ­franchise system with a unique shop concept and a comprehensive range of services, as well as innovative marketing and IT capabilities.

The Commercial division, founded in 1988, specialises in the brokerage of multi-purpose apartment and office blocks, office, industrial and retail space, agriculture and forestry, hotels and investment portfolios – and is represented with commercial offices in Europe, South Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Since 2007, the Yachting division has also formed a part of Engel & Völkers’ comprehensive range of services. Alongside the brokerage of high-end yachts, this incorporates a charter service and management of new constructions and refitting projects.

Our company’s Aviation division was launched in 2015. It is dedicated to the global ­brokerage of business aircraft and private jets – from a charter service to sales, and from small propeller aircraft through to superjets for transatlantic flights.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we founded the Charity e.V. in 2008. With our primary school project in the village of Agbetiko, we aim to work with our cooperation partners to give the children there a dignified future. More information can be found at www.engelvoelkers.com/charity

As an independent magazine, GG offers enjoyment at its most sophisticated. Insightful interviews, trends and news from the worlds of architecture, lifestyle, design, fashion and luxury travel feature alongside exclusive homes and yachts from around the globe. ­Published quarterly in six languages, GG has a circulation of 300,000 copies.


Profile for Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers Seller Brochure (English)  

Engel & Völkers Seller Brochure (English)  

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