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28 March 2014

Upcoming Renfrewshire Planning Conferences 

Edition 41


Monday 31 March 2014 9.45 am - 2.45 pm, Paisley Town Hall Wednesday 2 April 2014 9.45 am - 2.45 pm, Cornerstone Centre Thursday 24 April 2014 9.45 am - 2.45 pm, Community Sports Complex


Tuesday 29 April 2014 5.15 pm - 9 pm, Paisley Town Hall The next e-bulletin will be circulated on 28th April 2014 Please submit articles by 12 noon on 24th April 2014


28 March 2014

Edition 41

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People who are vulnerable because of learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairment or mental health problems have the right to feel safe when they are out in the community. Unfortunately these people can sometimes become targets for bullying and harassment and can feel intimidated, scared and frightened to go out. This bullying and harassment can also lead to the person becoming a victim of Disability Hate Crime. Police Scotland and partner agencies are working with I Am Me to set up an initiative called Keep Safe. This will initially be piloted in Renfrewshire with a view to rolling out.

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What is Keep Safe and how will it work? The Keep Safe initiative will involve a network of businesses such as shops, libraries and cafes who have agreed to make their premises a ‘Keep Safe’ place for people to go if they feel frightened, distressed or the victim of crime when out in the community. Disabled and elderly people who wish to take part in the initiative will be issued with a contact card which will contain details of the persons name, any health concerns, any communication needs and helpful contact details for friends or family. Businesses who agree to take part in the initiative will be issued with a Keep Safe Sticker to display in their premises window to let vulnerable people know that they provide a ‘Keep Safe’ place. If a person goes into the ‘Keep Safe’ place and shows their contact card to staff the staff member will reassure the person and ring one of the numbers on the card and/or contact the police if a crime has been committed. What is the aim of the initiative? The aim of the Keep Safe initiative is to ensure that disabled people can enjoy ordinary day to day life and activities without the fear of abuse or intimidation. I would like more information If you would like more information or you work in a local business and would like to participate in the initiative, please contact us.

Engage Renfrewshire @EngageNews1 t: 0141 887 7707 f: 0141 887 8808 e:

We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to participate in a small steering group to assist with rolling Keep Safe out across Renfrewshire. If you are

Contact: Engage Renfrewshire Limited, 10 Falcon Crescent, Paisley, PA3 1NS Telephone: 0141 887 7707 Fax: 0141 887 8808 Email: Website: Scottish Charity number: SC018453 Company Registration number: 120101


Engage Page From time to time we will feature a post from our Chief Executive’s (Alan McNiven) Blog. This blog was posted earlier this week during one of Renfrewshire’s local CPP events.

A Half Pipe to Happiness… It’s the first of Renfrewshire’s local CPP events today – kicking off in the Renfrew Town Hall and looking at the Renfrew and Gallowhill area. Workshops are underway and at the moment everyone is hunched over maps of the local area identifying local landmarks, community hubs and where community groups are active. There is a hub-bub of noise and quite a few laughs but everyone is taking the challenge seriously. The identification of what’s truly important to local people and local organisations is a key task for partners and the information being pulled together today is extremely valuable. What is very clear is that there is already fantastic community initiatives in place in this area. One that is represented today is 30 Acres ( ) a skatepark initiative in Renfrew. The park was Built in 2010 by Gravity Skateparks and four years later is still well utilised and draws skaters from all over. This initiative was led by local people and local people are still benefiting from the investment. It takes a lot of time, energy and commitment to work toward improving things in your neighbourhood. With everything else you have to do on daily basis it’s sometimes hard to find the time to fit in volunteering. Today in Renfrew Town Hall a lot of people are giving their time, energy and commitment…hard work but not without a few smiles. All the best Alan If you want to keep up to date with the latest blogs simply visit and follow Alan’s Wordpress blog: Contact: Engage Renfrewshire Limited, 10 Falcon Crescent, Paisley, PA3 1NS Telephone: 0141 887 7707 Fax: 0141 887 8808 Email: Website: Scottish Charity number: SC018453 Company Registration number: 120101 3

Volunteering Page Shopmobility Paisley & District Volunteer Assistants Helping service users with our scooters, cleaning floors, dealing with the public, answering phone, etc. Are recruiting Volunteer Assistants to help service users in the multi-storey car park in Paisley with their scooters. This is a multifunctional role involving office work, administration, assisting and escorting service users. Volunteers will work as part of a team and help with many tasks such as answering and taking calls, messages and dealing with members of the public.

Abbeyfield House - Entertainer We are looking for a volunteer to entertain 12 residents within the home. Producing an entertainment schedule of training activities, entertainment and activities. Also assisting within the entertainment on the day. These can include massage/nails, quizzes, arts etc.

The Saltire Awards is a recognition programme designed for young people, between 12 & 25, engaged in volunteering. There are 4 sections to the Awards – Challenge, Approach, Ascent and Summit. The young people can progress through the various stages but also have the option to enter and exit the programme at any level. Young people can receive certificates when they reach specific accumulated hours in each stage. This offers complete flexibility making it more accessible to young people regardless of ability, personal circumstances and lifestyles. A new interactive website has been developed to support the involvement of young people, schools and voluntary organisations in the Saltire Awards If you involve young people then why not encourage them to sign up and gain rewards for their volunteering contribution. As well as a certificate for each achievement you can claim young scot rewards points which build up to allow you to claim prizes. If you require any more information then contact Engage Renfrewshire.

VOLUNTEERING! Engage Renfrewshire has a wide range of volunteering opportunities from a diverse selection of organisations and groups. From working with children to fostering pets, we have something that you can do make a real positive difference to your community. Registering as a volunteer with us is very simple. All you need to do is download an application form from our website (details below) and email your completed form to, or, call 0141 887 7707 for more information. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.

Contact: Engage Renfrewshire Limited, 10 Falcon Crescent, Paisley, PA3 1NS Telephone: 0141 887 7707 Fax: 0141 887 8808 Email: Website: Scottish Charity number: SC018453 Company Registration number: 120101


Volunteering Page Volunteer Friendly The Volunteer Friendly Award is a simple, user-friendly quality standard designed by Volunteer Centre Dundee to support, recognise and reward groups who are good at involving volunteers. Many essential services in Scotland’s communities are enhanced by volunteers. Volunteering also has a significant social value as it is increasingly being used to give excluded individuals the chance to build their confidence and skills through helping others. Volunteer Friendly helps you to take a systematic look at what you do and how you do it. It offers a flexible approach which allows your group to work at its own pace, with full support from your local Volunteer Centre. It is based on the national standard Investing in Volunteers (IiV) but is designed for small organisations which may not be ready to undertake IiV yet, or which may be looking for a stepping stone towards IiV. The scheme is divided into five main strands as follows: Commitment volunteers)








Making Volunteering Happen-(Money, management, staff time and materials) Fair and equal volunteering- (Diversity, equal opportunities, fair recruitment and reference checks for volunteers) Volunteering Tasks and Getting them done-(Developing task descriptions, training and the support needs of individuals) Celebrating Volunteers contributions In the current challenging economic climate this contribution helps to Clyde Muirshiel volunteer coordinator Joanne enhance essential services across the with the parks award country, meaning that it is extremely important for organisations and groups to be in a position to demonstrate commitment in managing their volunteers. If your organisation is interested in the Volunteer Friendly award then contact Engage Renfrewshire. Contact: Engage Renfrewshire Limited, 10 Falcon Crescent, Paisley, PA3 1NS Telephone: 0141 887 7707 Fax: 0141 887 8808 Email: Website: Scottish Charity number: SC018453 Company Registration number: 120101 5

Information Page ENABLE Scotland is a dynamic charity run by its members. We campaign for better opportunities for people who have learning disabilities and their families, and support people to live, work and actively contribute to the community they live in. ENABLE Direct is a customer helpline from ENABLE Scotland, designed to make it easy for people to find information and potentially purchase the support they need. Our experienced team of advisors work with organisations throughout Scotland, continuously building on our network of valuable connections, in order to support and signpost each individual customer enquiry swiftly, accurately and efficiently. We ultimately aim to support individuals, family members and carers to make informed choices about the best care and support services available to them, based on their own individual needs. This includes a wide array of categories, such as:  personalised support services  local activities and shared support services  personalisation and managing individual budgets  social care and support  education, training and employment  social activities, meeting friends and short breaks  welfare and money advice  carer support and respite  planning for the future, such as wills and trusts  guardianship and incapacity If you have any enquiries with regards to any of the above team on 0300 0200 101 or by email on Come and join our digital mission Could you deliver digital skills training in the community? We want to hear from you! We’re really excited to be partners with the Tinder Foundation in a bid to the Big Lottery’s Basic Online Skills programme. We’re now looking for a range of local partners to deliver digital clubs across Scotland. The application information gives lots more detail, but what we would ask is that applicants think creatively and innovatively about what a club could be. It doesn’t have to be something new. You don’t need to be delivering it already (but you could be)! You could already be running any type of activity to which adding a digital learning element would make a real impact. So I’m calling on you to come and join our digital mission. I look forward to being inundated with great applications from across Scotland to assess! Renfrewshire Seniors Forum together with ROAR, Active Communities and Renfrewshire Council's Sheltered Housing activity coordinator are arranging a SOOPIR day (strengthening Opportunities for Older People in Renfrewshire). This day is a fun event for older people in Renfrewshire and consists of a programme of activities such as a singalong and tap dancing. They would like to invite you along to give the older people attending info re your services. It will take place on Friday 2nd May 2014 from 9.30am to 1.30pm. If you wish to come along please let me know in the next couple of weeks and if you have your own table that would be great - if not don't worry we will arrange one for you.

For further details please contact: Carolyn Russell, Community Link Officer, Renfrewshire Council Tel 0141 618 5598 Contact: Engage Renfrewshire Limited, 10 Falcon Crescent, Paisley, PA3 1NS Telephone: 0141 887 7707 Fax: 0141 887 8808 Email: Website: Scottish Charity number: SC018453 Company Registration number: 120101


If you have any good news stories, events or general information you wish to share with the sector please submit them by 12 noon on 24th April 2014 for inclusion in our next e-bulletin 7

Engage Renfrewshire Ebulletin - Edition 41  
Engage Renfrewshire Ebulletin - Edition 41