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to complete online OR fax it on 02 9518 5600, or post to PO Box 92, Pyrmont, NSW 2009 1. Name _______________________________________________________ Company name __________________________________________________ Job Title __________________________________________________ Phone number ___________________________ Email_______________________________________________ 6 Please tell us about the topics we cover and what you’d like to see more of

2. What is your age group?

 19 or under  20-29  30-39  40-49  50-59  60-69  70 or over?

Content type



Practice marketing (using social media, emailing patients, website, advertising, etc.) Managing staff (recruiting the right team, training, managing staff conflicts, etc.) Equipment guides and reviews

3. Tell us about the dental magazines you receive, and how much you read? Title

Don’t receive

Receive but don’t read

Flick through

Read most

Profiles of industry thought leaders Read coverto-cover

Australasian Dental Practice

(tick all that apply)

ADA News Bulletin

4. Please rate the industry magazines according to how useful you find them

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Topical feature such as the business case for being open on weekends, working with patients who are nonEnglish speaking, caring for aging patients, etc.

7. Which of Bite's products do you read?

Australasian Dentist

Not at all useful

Somewhat useful

Very Useful


    

Print magazine Email News on a Friday Partner offer emails on a Tuesday Bite’s Apple or Google Play Store App


8. How often do you access dental content online?

Australasian Dental Practice

   

Australasian Dentist ADA News Bulletin

5. Total number of readers per copy of Bite magazine in your practice

   

One Two Three Four or more


 Buy keywords and online ads  Post content to social media  Buy ads or boost your posts on social media  Send email newsletters to a database of patients and/or prospects

 Have a blog on your website  Other ____________________

Industry news



10. To market your practice do you (tick all that

Daily (or more frequently) Weekly Monthly Very rarely or not at all

11. Have you ever enquired about products or services you’ve seen in Bite?

 Never  Once  Twice  Three or more times.  Check this box if you’d like to receive more information about how to produce content for patients to grow your practice. We’ll also send you our content marketing for dentists e-book with content ideas for every month of the year FREE of charge. 12. Lastly, for your chance to win either a $1,000 JB Hi-Fi voucher or $2,500 worth of blog posts for your practice, tell us in 25 words or less your best idea for something we can include or cover in Bite magazine (think about a problem in your job role or business you would love solutions to). The best answer, judged to be the most creative and original, will win.

9. Do you use any of the following social media for


reading dental content or marketing?


    











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