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Paradiso Hidden away down Market Lane, Paradiso is a cosy Mediterranean style café / bar / restaurant with plenty of character. There are three floors plus an outside eating area within Paradiso, so it’s a lot more spacious than it looks or feels. The layout is well planned and on a busy night (such as it was when we visited), the atmosphere is fantastic. We selected our dishes from the evening set menu* and started with the Salmon Skewer and Lamb Skewer (both of which were excellent). The salmon came with a rocket salad with lemon dressing, and the lamb was partnered with a home-made hummus and coriander bread. We also both opted for a glass of the delicious house red. Next up were the main courses. I went for the Lamb Shank accompanied by roasted red peppers and a mixed bean casserole, and my partner decided on the Braised Pork Loin. The lamb shank was unbelievably tender, it just fell away from the bone with barely any effort required on my part, and the flavours were very natural, complimenting each other well. Even without a dedicated sauce to speak of, the dish wasn’t dry at all. If anything a tangy, strong sauce would taken away from the fantastic natural flavour and aroma of the lamb. The braised pork loin was as tender and juicy as the lamb, and the apricot sauce it sat in was one of the tastiest sauces I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. I went to grab a second bite but my partner was having none of it – the sign of a good dish, I suppose! For our final course we opted to share the Pannacotta – the idea of getting one each was ludicrous due to how full we were. However, we thought we best try one of the desserts (for the benefit of our readers, of course). The verdict – creamy, sweet and smooth, as any good pannacotta should be. Our evening at Paradiso was superb. From the moment we sat down to the moment we left, there are no complaints to make at all. The staff are clearly passionate about what they do and that translated into stellar service. Everything was done professionally, enthusiastically and with a smile. The main course portions were huge, so you will certainly get your money’s worth in terms of size and quality. If you’re ever in the mood for a bit of Mediterranean, make sure you get to Paradiso. *The menu we ate from was slightly different to the one currently offered. 20 | ENGAGE

Engage Magazine: Issue 4  
Engage Magazine: Issue 4  

Issue four of Newcastle and Gateshead's premier lifestyle magazine.