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LETTERS FROM THE EDITORS Spring is here! After a year of cabin fever, isolating and virtual overload, we are opening our windows, our doors and our hearts to a much-needed time of renewal. This, our 2nd HOME issue, is full of color, postCovid home trends and ways to freshen your living spaces. And, with the recent easing of social restrictions, we all have a reason to celebrate! Whether you want to have a luncheon with your best ladies or a big creative party for all the special kids in your life, we have ideas for you to run with. And don’t forget about your garden! Have an itch to try your hand at beekeeping? We have all the details on housing local bees to help your yard and your gardening community. Check it out and so much more local home inspiration right here. Share with us your favorite parts of making a home in our beautiful region.


JoElle Knight and Nikki Davis







Meet The Team BEHIND HOME JoElle Knight

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief JoElle Knight has been in the design and event business for over 15 years. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ENGAGED! River Valley bridal magazine, she has the pulse on Tri-State area trends and the many small businesses that make our region home. It has been a long-time dream to create a regional Home Magazine modeled after the success of ENGAGED!. While weddings and events have always been her business, her heart has always been called to Home Design and creating a haven full of warmth, soul and personality. Whether it is dreaming up the next magazine issue, creating beauty for homes and styled shoots, or getting giddy over new design projects, she always has an eye for quality, design and new trends. Obsessed with décor, DIY projects and home renovations, she loves to overhaul houses and bring personality into her surroundings. When she is not writing, creating or designing, she is with her 3 kids and husband dreaming of new projects, summer yard sales and epic books. You can follow her on Instagram at @sycamorelifestyle

Julia Baker

Accounts Manager Just call her Mama Bear. Julia is not only our accounts manager, she is also Editor-in-Chief, JoElle Knight’s mother. With a career in sales, education and small business management, she was the perfect fit for representing ENGAGED! and now HOME River Valley. For years, she witnessed the passion and hard work put into the creation of these publications and we couldn’t be happier to have her at the helm of our partner accounts. You will find no one else who champions our brand more. When she is not building relationships in our local small business industry, she is loving on her grandchildren, traveling or doing home-reno projects.

Nikki Davis

Co-founder and Managing Editor Nikki Davis has been a leader in the local small business industry for almost 20 years and is the 2020 Athena Entrepreneur of the year. She began her career as a local photographer. Her passion for giving back has led her to be a driving force behind many local nonprofit agencies and initiatives. Nikki co-founded ENGAGED! River Valley bridal magazine and is the organizational mind behind the publication, where she uses her networking and writing skills to provide information and inspiration to our local audience. She, along with Editor-in-Chief JoElle Knight, have planned for years to create HOME River Valley and expand the reach of local small businesses and service providers. She lives in the Historic Boehne House in Evansville, where she, her husband and 2 kids are constantly taking on new restoration projects. She's also ramping back into flipping houses, too! Check out more about Nikki and her family's many home and lifestyle adventures on Instagram at @1000milemom

Bobbi Hammonds

Web & Graphic Designer Bobbi has been our company's website guru since our Engaged River Valley magazine debuted and now handles the layout for both publications for each issue. Bobbi began her graphic career over 10 years ago, specializing in design and hand illustration. Her artistry can also be found in many of our photoshoots showcasing her 5 Pink Peonies LLC, custom stationery. A woman of many talents, she has written a children’s book, magazine articles and assisted many local businesses with their branding and marketing. Her greatest work though, comes at home as the mother of 5 girls, one of which is special needs. She has become an advocate for local families dealing with special needs children and her handicap parking campaign has been featured on multiple local news sources. Bobbi’s idea of fun is home renovation projects, whimsical drawings, being with her family and going to Disney World, her happiest place on earth. Follow her on Instagram @my_5_girls



PHOTOS BY PHILIP HOOPER Our friend and historic home expert, Philip R.

preferences for stoops over large, room-like

Hooper with Berkshire Hathaway, brought this

covered porches, with a now-converted

gorgeous Italiante Home to our attention.

sleeping porch on the rear of the hole, much

Philip lets us in on his passion for this home,

like you would find in Philadelphia or New

“Just as there are vast architectural differences

Orleans. Like great architecture of any age, it’s

between the 1950s and the 1990s, homes of

certainly a home that can take your mind off of

the 1850s will showcase different details and

the here and now. It’s simply marvelous.”

floor plans as opposed to later Victorian homes of the 1890s. This place exudes the 1850s with its deep door panels and intricate multi-piece window and door moldings – topped off with a fluted 2 inch dowel that faces the doorways like a breaking, barreled wave. The exterior form of the house is rooted in the early Victorian


Recently owned by cake artist, Leilani Deem and her husband, the couple spent years putting their signature touches on this gorgeous grand dame. In her words, “We had the privilege for five years residing in this beautiful piece of architectural history located in Evansville’s historical district. I never ceased to admire the passion and craftsmanship that has been poured into this home through the years. We continued to restore its legacy with updates to both kitchens and putting in a beautiful, peaceful patio and garden area.” Built in 1852, the Italianate townhome underwent a thoughtful renovation including refinished wood floors, a custom white quartz island table with built-in storage in the dining room, exceedingly rare honed Blue Bahia granite to the kitchen island, new cabinets to the soaring main floor laundry room, a brand new kitchen to the second floor bonus room, and a flooring update upstairs that includes Tennessee marble in the sleeping porch conversion as well as the rear full bath. Evansville connoisseurs will recognize some of the marble in the home and its distinct grain it's the exact quarry match for the signature marble floors in the Vanderburgh County Old Courthouse! The home's thick masonry construction, twelve foot ceilings, and substantial wood moldings give you an aweinspiring entry. Old world details such as arched pocket doors, a butler’s pantry and a breakfast room pack in the historic charm. But our favorite detail is the sleeping porch, used in the by-gone times of no air-conditioning. To beat the heat, families would sleep out on the porch to catch any stray breezes and escape the humidity of the house. The house was built by a father and son just before the Civil War erupted where the father ultimately died. The house is a legacy to his vision and passion for gorgeous architectural design.






Horsin’ Around

Brooklyn and Joshua Buchanan say that they “actually don't have many animals but all are

like family.” They have 2 mini horses (Pete and Houston), 2 labs (Dolly and Opal), and 2 barn cats (Vinny and Kiki), and they drove all the way to Kansas to pickup Houston, their 9 month old foal. Brooklyn shares that “he was so small we actually hauled him back in the bed of our truck in a dog crate. We got some really funny looks.” As far as their home, she goes on to share, “We have a huge wrap around porch and spend most of our family time on it. We don't work normal hours, and our kids are not in daycare, so we work around the clock to keep our business growing, and develop the minds of our children… Joshua and I both tag team everything in our lives and work together very well. I'm not sure what we would do without each other. We work hard to be very present when we are together as a family.” Brooklyn continues, “We keep the boys involved as much as possible and helping to feed the horses and help on our property are developing them their minds and work ethic.” She goes on, “Breakfast is our favorite meal, and we always make omelets and eat together HOME RIVER VALLEY 11

as a family every morning.” Their motto as a family has always been "Love, Health, Family, and Wealth,” and Brooklyn and Joshua sell and remodel homes for a living. Their boys are usually just involved in all our work and if someone asks them what we do for a living they always say "mommy and daddy show houses and fix them."



Getting to Know Designer Brian Ferguson “As na've resident of Indiana, I am currently based in Evansville where I received my degree in Environmental/ Interior Design. I have adopted the philosophy of “Live Your Style Your Way” and subsequently focus my energy on defining crea've solu'ons to design that will result in comfortable, invi'ng spaces that will sa'sfy my clients’ needs. Having been born the eldest of iden'cal triplets, I have always placed a great deal of emphasis on individuality. With each project I pursue. I will strive to leave you smiling. My moKo is ‘Don’t just sa'sfy your customers - delight them.’ My design muse is Frank Lloyd Wright, a renowned architect, and I admire his ability to create numerous designs, one totally different from the other, but each a reflec'on of his versa'le talent.”

Spending months at home avoiding the Coronavirus has made all of us more aware of our living space and looking forward to a change in your decor. At the latest trade show in January, designer Brian Ferguson of Y Factor Studio had the opportunity to see first-hand the upcoming trends in design for the year. Here are the top ones he sees making their mark! 1. Liveable luxury is the theme for the year with the pantone colors being Illumina'ng yellow and ul'mate gray. Blush will now be considered a neutral in trending spaces once used for white only. 2. We will see the shiplap walls and coverings falling out of fashion and other ways of bringing texture into our space are being introduced such as plaster, raKan, and plants. 3. The accent wall is fading and a return to monochroma'c walls that blend seamlessly with decor are emerging. Grey kitchen interiors are becoming less popular and shades of blue are being reintroduced. 4. Industrial style may be the next big trend for 2021. We are seeing an incorpora'on of elements such as exposed stone work, high ceilings with wood and metal elements, all in neutral colors trending. 5. Polyester, nylon and rayon may lose ground to neutral and recyclable tex'les. Organic coKon, and low impact linens will be the preferred choices for the year. Wicker and raKan furniture will likely be popular. We will see darker, modern rooms with accessories, artwork, modern ligh'ng, blending the old with the new. Where you work, live and play is not only a display of your personal style, but is also a reflec'on of who you are, what you enjoy and what makes you happy. Crea'ng a new space can be joyful and refresh your outlook in this 'me of much-needed renewal.

Top Design Trends for 2021 14 HOME RIVER VALLEY

All Merchandise can be purchase through Brian Ferguson at Y Factor Studio. Y Factor Studio Brian Ferguson 812.467.0917

Inspiration picture


Anne Higgins of Willow and Pine Market I have always loved dishes and pretty things

I made mistakes and felt pretty frustrated, at

for the table. This is a love I shared with my

times. However, I had this dream of sharing

mother and my grandmother. Family dinners

the beautiful dinnerware and dishes that I

and gatherings have always been an

loved so much with others. I sold my pottery

important part of my life and in the life of my

from my home and at holiday markets. I

family. The dinnerware and special serving

watched my customers fall in love with their

pieces we used were always a special part of

purchases and realized that I wasn’t alone in

those meals. It was never in my plans to open

my love of (obsession over) pretty dishes! I

a business selling tableware...but now I see

decided to “do it scared” and open a brick

that it was almost inevitable! I’m a Kansas girl

and mortar store. My first location in

living in Kentucky. My husband is retired from

downtown Owensboro boasted 1,000 square

active duty service. We have ten children and

feet and focused, mostly, on Polish Pottery.

six grandchildren. During our time in

As customers began asking for kitchen and

Germany, I discovered Polish Pottery and

baking items, I began stocking the store with

beautiful Italian ceramics and brought those beautiful dishes home with me. They graced my table and now they fill my store. It brings me so much joy to see my customers' faces light up when they walk in the door and when they walk out with that special piece they will love and enjoy for years to come! I left my job as a middle school counselor in August of 2019 to take the first step in creating my business by launching my website. I had no knowledge of how to do that, no knowledge of marketing or business management. I listened to a lot of podcasts and spent a lot of time figuring things out. 16 HOME RIVER VALLEY

them. After four months, I moved to a larger location with more than twice the square footage and the most beautiful architecture and display windows. I offer dinnerware and linens at different price points. I carry fun and unusual kitchen gadgets and utensils. I offer candles, lotions, and other gift items. And, of course, I have a large selection of Polish Pottery! A customer once told me that she loves dishes so much that when she opened the door to my store, she “heard the symphony playing.” That’s exactly how I feel every day. I am surrounded by pretty things. I have wonderful downtown neighbors. I spend my days meeting and connecting with beautiful and interesting people. I say all that time that I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m simply leading with my heart, listening to my customers, and focusing on the joy that comes from observing their excitement and enthusiasm! And...I’m allowing everything else to simply fall into place. Willow and Pine Market Now open at their new location… 126 West 2nd Street, Owensboro, KY http://www.willowandpinemarket.com/ (270) 478-1022 willowandpinemarket@gmail.com



Collector Confessions - Why yes, I do need all these _______ (fill in the blank)! Does your heart skip a beat when you spot a piece of vintage china? Do you feel like a hunter in search of antique gold while hitting thrift stores? Have you almost caused an accident slamming on the brakes for a yard sale? If so, you've found your tribe! As lovers of all things thrifted, vintage and from a by-gone age - we cannot wait to show off our collections and see yours! Send us your Collector Confessions photos and share with us what makes your heart happy! info@homerivervalley.com

a collector



“I love the hunt so some of my canister sets are not complete yet. I prefer McKee Jadite because of the different ranges in color and the swirl in the glass. The color pairs well with the Seville yellow and custard glass pieces. It’s an ever changing display. The Jadite colored Hamilton Beach malt mixers are a favorite of neighbor kids and my granddaughters. I’ve been collecting all types of things since the first auction my father took me too in Bremen, IN. I remember the old Ford pick up traveling down a dirt road, pulling into an empty hay field with open farm wagons filled with everything you could think of. I was hooked at age 7. So collecting has been a family hobby that I have passed down to my daughter. I collect Hull matte pottery, Head Vases, Pyrex, range sets, pixie ware, quilts, vintage Halloween and enameled mesh flapper purses.” The bright shiny colors make me happy. That's pretty much the main reason I collect. I like to surround myself with pretty, colorful things."


“A year ago my husband’s aunt passed away. She was a lovely lady who was an amazing seamstress, better then I could ever dream of being. I was gifted some of her sewing items. Amongst them, these beautiful wooden spools. They simply can not live in a box, so now I proudly have them on display in my office. A piece of aunt Lois to add beauty to my space.” Bowl By @Brayantwoodturnings on instagram



Why won’t my plant bloom? Nothing is as disappointing to house plant hobbyists than a beautiful plant that just won’t seem to bloom! Starting with the soil, make sure it has plenty of nutrients. Eventually your plant will use up the available nutrients in the soil. Be sure to replenish the soil with a granular or liquid fertilizer on a regular basis. Ensure you have a regular watering schedule consistent to that plant’s specific needs. Tropicals like African Violets and Peace Lillies enjoy consistently moist soil; whereas, succulents and cacti need periods of dry in between watering. So if the soil is good that means… Lighting! The main culprit of no blooms is usually a lack of natural or supplemental light. Many tropicals need bright indirect light in order to bloom. Direct light may scorch foliage so finding the right balance is key! For your cacti and succulents you will want to place them in areas with bright indirect light or bright direct light if it is acclimated. Even cacti and succulents can get sunburnt! Use cloudy days to gently transition your cacti and succulents to a new sunnier location. Not sure if your plant is getting the right light? Pick up a Light Meter from your local garden center or hardware store. If your home or office doesn’t have enough natural


lighting, adding a wide spectrum LED may be the solution. Providing all colors of the spectrum is important for growing healthy foliage. In order to promote blooms you will want a bulb with strong red wavelengths. Once all of those things are in check you should see healthy, happy blooms! For more information on Kiwi's Garden Center, find them at: 100 N First Ave Evansville, IN https://www.kiwisgardencenter.com/ (812) 790-5494 And on Facebook @kiwisgardencenter

Bob Davis, Agent
 1209 Lincoln Ave
 Evansville, IN 47714
 Bus: 812-491-7888


Staging to Sell

Staging is no stranger to editor JoElle Knight,

who shares her views on why is makes financial sense to stage your home or hire a staging company to help put your home's best face forward before listing. The goal is to create a space that feels attractive to the most potential buyers, that feels current, and most of all, allows them to envision themselves living in it – NOT envision themselves living in someone else’s house! As we live in a home, we get used to its quirks and design our lives around the furniture and items we have. If someone came into your home to take a photo today, how do you feel it convey to people who have never stepped foot in it? Even as a designer and home stager, I, too, would change many things about my home and furniture layout before putting it up on the market. Even good design does not always translate to home sales. But let’s talk dollars and sense! Did you know, the average staged home sells for around $10,000 more on average than non-staged homes? Think about it. A seller would only need to spend $500 to $2500 (depending on HOME RIVER VALLEY 23

the size of the home and scope of staging needs) and net thousands more in sales profit! You want to know why? Because a properly staged home gives potential buyers the best visuals and physical proportions to easily see if a home will work with their lives and meet their desires. Here are some easy ways to see if your home is sale ready. 1. Is your face in their face? We might be sounding like a broken record but, a house needs to feel neutral to potential buyers. The quickest way to take away the idea of them living in your home is to have family photos, cutesy signs and personal items out for all to see. Strangers do not need to see your kids' Disney trip nor do they need to see toothbrushes or bath toys displayed. Stash those items in drawers or bins. The more a buyer can imagine themselves in your space, the more likely they are to put a bid on your house. And the more buyers putting bids in is the better for you! 2. Cluttering up their view You may have great spaces, storage and square footage in your home, but if you have it filled and packed to the gills, it will look the opposite. No one should see all your stuffed clutter (see number 1) or feel that the furniture and household items are overwhelming the house. So clear the clutter, clear the counters, purge the closets and get rid of impractical furniture – we’re looking at you curio cabinets! 24 HOME RIVER VALLEY

3. Proportions are all wrong Yes, you may love your super-size sectional or your gargantuan dining room table but they will do you no favors when putting your house up for sale. Large, oversize furniture can take all the space out of your space. The last thing you want is for a buyer to think rooms are smaller than they are or worse, they cannot imagine how a room works because only one giant couch is in there. Swap out large furniture with smaller, more appropriate size items. You may be thinking, but, they can see how many people can fit around this table! The opposite it actually true, by placing a smaller table, buyers will see the ample space there is in the room and draw their own conclusions as to how much bigger they can go with a piece of furniture. 4. It’s all about the flow Nothing is more daunting to a buyer than trying to envision furniture in a space that is empty or worse, a space that is undefined by typical walls. So if you have a great room or a unique space, you need to show its potential off. The easiest way of doing this is placing appropriate sized furnishings in these spaces to show how buyers can utilize them. Whether you are creating multiple seating areas in a large great room, or showing how an odd-sized space could work as a home office, kid space or reading nook. Don’t leave an empty shell. No matter how great the finishes, if buyers cannot easily see how a space works, they will pass on your house for one that is better defined. HOME RIVER VALLEY 25

5. Design minded This one is a tricky one for most people. So, to put it simply, I want you to recall a time you entered a house of someone who is elderly. Could you tell as soon as you walked in that the home was occupied by someone whose design style sways to the 70’s? Or what about an artisty maven? Did the walls come in every color of the rainbow and patterns and fabrics burst from every crevice. These, along with other niche styles or outdated designs, are a sale killer. Instead think neutral, new and updated. The easiest fix for this usually comes in the form of paint. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will instantly freshen your spaces not to mention the new paint smell that evokes care and newness to buyers. This is when hiring a staging consultant can really help. A professional stager can walk through your home and give you ideas on quick fixes, aesthetically pleasing ways of arranging your furniture and helpful tips on editing down your distinct personality to allow others to envision themselves in your space. JoElle Knight is the Editor-in-Chief of HOME River Valley and experienced home stager. Check out more info on her staging services at www.joelleelisedesign.com


House on Harmony Way Full of Farmhouse Charm

Located on the Westside of Evansville in the quaint Harmony Way area, this old farmhouse had been owned by the same family since it was built over a hundred years ago. While lots of love was shared within its walls, the house itself was in dire need of some TLC of its own. Our own Editor-inChief, JoElle Knight, her husband Nathan and close friends,


Stephanie and Steve Botts spent two years renovating the space from top to bottom. Their goal was to create a clean, modern vibe while still keeping the charm of the century old home. We are happy to say that they completely met their goal! The colors, textures and renovations transformed what was once a dark, decades-old look into a fresh, young home! We especially love the bold blue of the new exterior paint which makes the


classic farmhouse trim pop.


























Working from Home

I started my business a few years ago, and most of the work I did took place at my dining room table. I never would have dreamed that I would outgrow that space and as quickly as I did. After much consideration, my husband and I embarked on a home renovation project that would give me space to take my business to the next level. My favorite parts are the faux brick wall and that I can shut the door and leave work. Bobbi Hammonds



S I N CE 19 9 8

210 Main Street Evansville, IN 47708 (812)424-Cake(2253) PieceofCakeBakery.com

We have the happiest birthday cakes in town!


The great room swap

AFTER Reader Amy Royster’s room flip flop caught our eye on Facebook, so we had to share it with our readers. How it came about is as such! She shares, “We bought this 1980 colonial style home in nearly original condition. The family room (which is off the kitchen) was walled in and everything was brown. Immediately upon possession we removed the wall to create a more open concept and current living space. We painted the paneling, trim, and updated the flooring with dark hardwood. Though accomplishing a more open concept, the space still seemed disjointed due to the narrow proportions of the room. Also, the small dining space in the front of the home seemed detached and did not accommodate our large

BEFORE Before dining furniture. Thus our inspiration to flip the rooms to be more useful. The living room now resides in the “formal sitting room” (which also has a fireplace), the former dining space is now an office, and the original family space is now a cozy dining room directly attached to the kitchen. Upgrades included a dramatic chandelier, lighter paint shade (Agreeable Gray), and a warm mix of traditional and eclectic accessories.” She goes on to share, "My favorite part is how my sexy and handsome husband is always on board and ready to breathe life into my ideas!"







After Real estate agent Jerrod Eagleson found a 1951 ranch on Hoosier listed by HOME co-editor Nikki Davis back in December 2019, but the home needed updating… including the bathroom! We are so excited to see the life that Jerrod has breathed into this space, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for the rest of the home! More to come in upcoming issues!





If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that our outdoor living space needs to be updated in order to really enjoy our additional time we are spending in nature. They say that flowing water is a prescription for peace and serenity, and honestly after the year we have had who doesn't need that. So it is no wonder that American's most visited national park is home to over 2,000 miles of rivers and streams and over 100 named waterfalls. There are many benefits to having a water feature in your landscape; aesthetic appeal, soothing sounds (and who doesn't love the sounds or looks of running water), enhance the natural ecosystem by providing a natural habitat, add that personal touch to your space and a solution to your problem area. Are you ready to bring the mountain life to Southern Indiana? Whether it is a 110' sprawling water fall to a 9 square foot bubbling vase, there is a perfect water feature for every budget and every taste. Carrie Hazelip Emerald City Landscaping and Mistletoe & Ivy 812.490.3839 cell: 812.629.4669 www.emeraldcitylawn.com

Water Features 44 HOME RIVER VALLEY


QUICK FIXES GOSSIP BENCH GETS NEW LIFE! Our friend Lori Samples shares, “This little gossip bench was such a thrifty little find. I originally was going to leave it as is but decided to put it in my landing upstairs, so I went with a dark blue gray. Distressed it a little and


now all it needs is a little top coat. I like it underneath the stained glass. Thanks for the color recommendation Barb Woodruff.”




Our friend Maria Coleman has been hard at work on projects lately. She shares, “When I fist started with this piece, I had to clean it using a solution called TSP to get any dirt and grime off. I then waited till the next day to begin sanding with a 120 grit sand paper. I prepped the dresser by applying primer than painted the base in the


Vanilla Frosting and top in Cheers from Country Chics Paint line. I also changed the hardware and applied a transfer called Burgundy Rose Garden from redesign with prima.” She now has her latest work for sale online at www.refreshedfurnitureartistry.com

Quick Facelifts FOR YOUR HOME




JUST LIKE A BRAND NEW BUFFETT We loved our reader Ashley Albin-Sollars’s buffet piece so much, we had to hear all about it! She shares, “I wanted a buffet and had been looking around for just the right piece. My mom lives in Owensboro and was



walking thru a flea market mall and a lady said... do you know anyone who needs a buffet? She was like, yes, I do. She sent me a pic and it was very similar to my dining room set that I was gifted from a lady who had to go to a nursing home. She wanted someone who would appreciate it and take care of it.” She continues, “My husband had to go to Owensboro the next day so my mom bought it, and he picked it up. It was meant to be! I got it home and took off the hardware and doors. I use Waverly chalk paint and wax from... wait for it... Walmart! I’ve done several


pieces in my house and it’s always gone on smooth and wears well. I lightly sanded it and did a first coat. Let it dry overnight. Then did a second coat. Dry overnight. Then I used my mouse sander to distress the details. The last coat I did was the wax. On the legs I used Waverly varnish for a shiny finish. I spray painted the hardware with a metal spray paint. I used a dark brown chalk paint (Truffle) on all the corners before I did my two coats of white (Plaster). So when I sanded down the corners, the brown popped through. And I got a little black mixed in with my white so at the end I did some faux weathering. The last step is to buff the wax. It takes a lot of time and patience but I love the feeling of having unique furniture in my home that I added my own artistic touches to.” HOME RIVER VALLEY 47

Mother’s Day Handmade By Nikki Davis

Mother's Day will be here before we know it, and while every mom is different, some of us like to think outside of the box for gifts. Yes, most moms LOVE going out to dinner, chocolates, or that spa package, so go out and spend, spend, spend at our local businesses and #ShopLocal!!!. However, some mom's do still love that little something handmade (and from the heart) to go along with their gifts. So we have pulled together a few ideas for inspiration from small business sellers and DIY gurus to spark some ideas for you to not only surprise your mom but also maybe pick up a new hobby that you never knew you had to have in your life! Arts & Craftsy 101

Embroidery Think about hand embroidering something... anything! Last year one of the gifts that I got from Mia was upcycled blue jeans that she stitched patterns into. Very trendy! She has also become a pro at floral embroidery as well making patterns on her own on any and everything! However you can always go on Etsy to purchase kits such as the ones sold by ArtsAndCraftsy101 called the “3 Pack Beginner Embroidery Kit For Adults - Flowers and Succulents Embroidery Kit - DIY Hand Embroidery Full Kit - Cross Stitch Set” (Price: $34.99+) HOME! RIVER VALLEY


Cross Stitching Cross stitching is another lost art. Raise your hand if your momma used to do it! Mine did, and I learned from the best. We had framed cross stitch work hanging all over my house, and my favorite was a beautiful, colorful swan lake scene that I swear took her months. I remember her sitting in her chair at night, and that is what she would do to relax in the evenings long before we had cell phones and so many distractions. It is so easy to pick up,

Clover House

Crocheted Edging

and for you or your kiddos, it is great fine motor skill practice (that and practice of your

You can easily pick up tea towels and hand

patience). Check out this cute pattern from

towels at Walmart and the dollar stores for

Etsy seller TheStitchPatterns. Note this is the

exactly that… around a dollar or two, but the

PATTERN ONLY! You’ll have to pick up your own supplies, but HOW CUTE!!! “Love my mom Cross Stitch Pattern,Mothers day gift, Counted Cross Stitch Pattern PDF, DIY Gift for Mum,floral cross stitch,cross stitch Chart” (Price: $2

price isn’t what makes them special. It’s not quantity that sets them apart. Take some time with them and teach yourself how to crochet either a simple edging on them or go even fancier with a large topper on them! Some of my favorite towels are ones that I have received as gifts that I only get out at the holidays that are for looks and not for use. They are sentimental because of the people who made them for me that took the time to embellish them! The Clover House blog has a great beginner post at: https:// ourcloverhouse.blogspot.com/2020/03/howto-add-pretty-crocheted-edge-to-tea.html but you can also find other posts/ideas on Pinterest, too, by searching “crochet edging tea towel” or “crochet edging dish towel”


Handmade Winestoppers Yes… wine… Let’s face it that most of us moms run on wine! So this one is a 2 for 1 idea. Buy mom her favorite wine, and then make her some handmade, fabtastic winestoppers out of old corks and drawer pulls (with the help of a dremel). Full instructional blog with video at: https://nourishandnestle.com/diy-winestoppers/

Where The Smiles Have Been

Wood Burning Finally, one of my favorite gifts to myself was my hand held wood burner tool. It is so relaxing to create with, and while I primarily make wooden Christmas ornaments with it, it Nourish & Nestle Blog

also works fabulously on cork OR wooden circles for coasters! Because… you know mom needs a coaster to put her wine glass on!!! P.s. go bigger and make a trivet size for your mom’s pots and pans! The larger size allows you more wiggle room for your design, which will make it easier for you “draw” with! A full tutorial can be found at: https://www.wherethesmileshavebeen.com/

Nourish & Nestle Blog


HORTICULTURE Getting started with bees is an exciting, and

need for equipment. Local bee supply

somewhat daunting, experience. Jumping

shops can be a good source for free classes

right in without being prepared can result in

or connections to learning opportunities.

failure and expensive mistakes. Making the

Lastly, join a local bee club. Helping new

experience something less than enjoyable.

bees is usually their primary mission.

Here are some tips to avoid these pitfalls when get started.

3. Be prepared to get two hives to start. While two hives cost more than one (cost

1. Be a beekeeper not a bee haver. Many

saving tips are below), you will learn faster

start off thinking the bees take care of

and have a backup hive to help you out if

themselves. If you’re talking about bees in

one gets in trouble. Keeping two hives is

the wild, a population of colonies spread

easier than keeping one.

out over hundreds or thousands of acres can survive just fine without our intrusions.

4. Have realistic expectations. While it is

But keeping hives going in an artificially

possible for an experienced beekeeper to

managed system requires management.

get honey off a new package of bees in the

Bee keeping is a form of husbandry. Expect

first year. As a new beekeeper, a more

to spend time keeping them.

realistic goal is to get your bees to survive the coming winter. Focusing on this will

2. Educate yourself before jumping in.

teach you more about the basics. The basics

There are lots of introductory books out

will eventually lead to a honey crop.

there. Buy a couple of them or try to get them from the library. Next, find a local

5. Save money by catching a swarm or

beekeeper to learn from. Offer to help them

making a split. If you’re frugal minded and

with their bees. They can not only teach you

patient, you can catch a swarm. Look up

about the bees but can help you save

how to build a swarm trap or just use a

money by showing you the things you do

deep hive box. Do some reading on studies



bees look for in a cavity. In general, apply

odds. Lastly, I’ll add to be prepared to be

a few drops of lemon grass oil on the

amazed at the industry and mystery of the

inside and get some propolis from a

honey bee. No matter how long you keep

beekeeper friend to rub around the

them, they are always ready to impress

entrance, and hang the box in a tree in a

you and perplex you, sometimes in the

fence row or forest edge at least eight ft

same day!

high. Or buy one hive, feed it heavily in the spring and make a split in the early summer. You can let the hive requeen

Brad Smith, President of the Beekeepers of Southwest Indiana

itself or buy a queen for it. 6. Be prepared to feed the bees. There are schools of beekeeping that are opposed to feeding bees. However as a new beekeeper, there is so much to learn and get comfortable with to start. Feeding them can help develop some insurance to smooth over the learning curve. If you think your leaning toward purely naturalist beekeeping you can move that way after you gained some experience. 7. Be prepared to deal with mites. Like

Beekeepers enjoy gathering together to share and learn around a bee hive.

the advice on feeding, you may be inclined to go “all natural” but until you get experience, plan to treat your bees for mites. There are two options using organic acids that are highly effective at treating the mites. Once you are more experienced and have done the research, you can always switch to try to managing mites without chemical treatments. While following these steps will not guarantee success, it will increase your 53 HOME RIVER VALLEY

A solid frame of capped brood, i.e. bee pupae, a sign of a healthy hive.


Disaster Preparedness for your Home & Family Every season comes with its own risks, and as

flood. Where will you meet? Where will you

a homeowner (or renter), you should prepare


yourself or your family for the dangers that

-Understand what disasters are likely to occur

may present themselves. We just weathered

in our area… We just got hit with a large

through a brief but strong winter. Are you

snow and ice storm. These occur a few times

now prepared for spring storm and tornado

a year, so know that once we get the

season? As a licensed insurance agent, I may

warnings for them that you need to prepare

be a bit more highly attuned to the perils that

enough food, water, supplies and shelter to

hit our community members because I have

weather them, etc. Fast forward to spring…

seen behind the scenes when disaster strikes.

Let’s start talking storm season!

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling and start a conversation with your loved ones

Spring weather concerns/tornado safety

when it comes to family safety and preparedness!

According to the CDC: -”prepare a plan and an emergency kit

-Consider having a disaster preparedness kit

-stay aware of weather conditions during

on-hand for your family in case of emergency


in the event that you have to leave. Pack it

-know the best places to shelter both indoors

with essentials such as flashlights, batteries,

and outdoors

bottled water, lighter/matches, toilet paper,

-and always protect your head”

pocketknife, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes/ toothpaste, energy bars, whistle, ducktape,

Their tips for sheltering go on to share,

glowsticks, small first aid kit, antibiotic

“Go to the basement or an inside room

ointment, etc. The Red Cross has a great quiz

without windows on the lowest floor

to see if your family’s kit is ready: https://

(bathroom, closet, center hallway).


Avoid windows.


For added protection get under something

-Make sure your family has an escape plan in

sturdy (a heavy table or workbench). Cover

case of emergency such as fire, earthquake or

your body with a blanket, sleeping bag or


mattress. Protect your head with anything

If you are under a flood watch or warning:


-Make sure to have your emergency supplies

Do not stay in a mobile home.”

handy and tune into the local radio or news to stay updated

Flood preparedness

-Make sure that you have an emergency water supply on hand

We live in the River Valley, aka we can often

-Make sure that you have brought in (or tied

get high water in areas. Flood watches and

down) your out-door possessions (lawn

flood warnings are common as are water

furniture, trashcans, etc) so that they don’t

backing up into houses. The first advice I

get swept away.

have is making sure that you have conferred with your home insurer to make sure that you

It’s all about being prepared regardless of the

are satisfied with your home insurance

time of year. Communication with your family

coverage. Backup of sewage and drain is an

is key. So start the talks now how you can

added peril that you will need to pay

best keep yourselves and your home safe in

additional for to have added as an

2021 and beyond!

endorsement. Flood insurance is also an endorsement that you can add as well. It will


be required by your lender if you are in a


flood plain.

family/info-2020/emergency-go-bag.html https://www.redcross.org/get-help/how-to-

The next things to consider are:


-Turning off your electrical power if you have


standing water or fallen power lines.


-Do you have a WORKING sump pump


installed in your home?


-Does your sump pump have backup power?


-Do your drains, toilets and other sewer connections have backflow valves or plugs?

By Nikki Davis



Mid-Century State of Mind

All you lovers of Mid-Century Modern style! Eat your heart out! Kristen Gubbins of Evansville sent us these photos of her straight-out-ofthe-50's house! In her own words: "My husband and I have been collecting mid century and vintage items since the mid 90s. I have adored mid century furniture since I was 16 years old and could drive myself to the thrift store. I have always had a modern aesthetic and have been drawn to the clean lines, colorful furnishings and architecture that the mid century era has to offer!"




Local Artist Extraordinare

Dakri Sinclair's art story started while in diapers (well, almost), playing and learning alongside her artist mom and woodworking dad. From the beginning, Dakri's passion for art and creating has never stopped. After graduating from Stephens College with a BFA and studying at the Paris Fashion Institute, she arrived back in Evansville to join the family business. The decision to join her family turned into the opportunity of a lifetime when her mom, Angie Sinclair, signed a deal with Bloomingdale's to feature her holiday hand-painted alphabet and accessories line. Dakri found herself in New York opening and managing Bloomingdale's holiday 'Pop-Up' shops. After a year, she grew the Pop-Ups to over 32 major department stores and catalogs, including Neiman Marcus and Macy's. These wonderful experiences led to many other amazing opportunities including, children's book illustration and publishing and extensive gift product development. After traveling all over, Dakri arrived back in Indiana to raise her family and make her own creative career bringing stories to life with murals at hospitals, schools, businesses, and homes throughout the region. She continues


to paint large and small scale murals and paintings while balancing her successful Etsy store and website featuring products such as heirloom holiday ornaments, home portrait paintings and ornaments, whimsical and fun Easter gifts, Graduation, and Mother's Day, to name a few. Her designs can also be found in home decors, such as pillows, blankets, stationery, and prints. Dakri continues to dream big, paint, and enjoy creating every single day. The two things that bring her the most joy are her three children. Plus, making cherished gifts for families and friends around the globe and making spaces magical for children, families, and businesses with her whimsical and creative style You can find Dakri on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and www.dakrisinclair.com. ETSY STORE www.etsy.com/shop/DAKRIsinclair WEBSITE www.dakrisinclair.com/ INSTAGRAM @dakrisinclair


When editor, JoElle Knight moved into her new home, she struggled with the lack of architecture or visual interest in their large family room. Previously a garage that had been converted into a family room, the main living space had a large wall with a short window that was seemed not proportional to the rest of the space. JoElle wanted to add some interest to the wall as well as extra seating to accommodate the room’s large size. A thorough measuring of the space allowed her to go online and find exactly the shelving sizes needed to create this beautiful window seat book nook. Her vision of a long bench shelf and two flanking bookshelves was created by turning a thin bookcase on its side, sawing off the legs and topping it with a painted slap of wood. Cushions and pillows brought comfort and style to the bench seat and a shallow depth, turned leg table made the space even more versatile while not encroaching on walking space. The two bookshelves on either side of the bench frame the window and bring heft to the wall unit. Accessories, art, photos, a large bamboo blind and of course, books finish the space. Now, JoElle and her family enjoy reading, doing schoolwork and playing games in this charming space brought to life with minimal construction. Do you have a Quick Facelift in your home? We’d love to see your creative ways of transforming small spaces using ingenuity and style. Message us your ideas on our HOME River Valley Facebook or IG page!


Turn a Boring Wall into a Window Seat Book Nook



Cluttered spaces? Soaring Ceilings? Odd room size? We’ve faced our share of design challenges! Thankfully with the advent of Pinterest there are tons of photos and inspiration just waiting to be found! Each issue, we will tackle some common design problems that have stumped our readers. Send us your current home photos and we will scour the depths of Pinterest to find the best


Pinspiration to solve your home challenges!

Design Challenge : THE DREADED DROPZONE OF CLUTTER Clutter feel like its burying you alive? What about that dreaded dropzone by the back door? Yes, we hear you and understand your dilemma. When you have multiple children in multiple activities, the white flag of surrender is often raised in the face of all the STUFF! We hear you and have solutions to this common family problem. Reader, Stacy Freeman sent us her backdoor area and a cry for help! What was once an entry way area intended for fictional times of repose and leisure cups of tea – or at least that is what we imagine these spaces should be in our dreams! - has become a “catch-all” of sporting surplus, instruments, school papers and anything else that has to come and go. Stacy told us she hates having a table there but doesn’t know 62 HOME RIVER VALLEY

how else to contain the overflow of

But most importantly, leave extra


space! Inevitably you will find something else that needs a new home

Well do we have some ideas for her!

PINSPIRATION!: Cubbies to rescue! Shelves and cubbies can provide the organization and visual flow necessary to live a chaotic life filled with zen solutions. Whether you buy premade shelves or have custom built-ins created, you can utilize most any drop zone space to contain the clutter. We are also die-hard believers in doors, doors, doors. Yes, we all crave the perfectly curated look of backpacks and shoes placed all neatly on hooks and in rows but we all know that is a mother’s fever dream that simply does not happen in the real world of family chaos. So, yes, put those doors on! Even premade shelves without doors can have them added by ordering doors fit to size from you local hardware store. Then you can slam them shut with glee and enjoy the sight of clean lines and bare floors. Make sure and think about all the items frequently left in the zone: chargers, phones, tablets, equipment, backpacks, mail, shoes…are we making your eye twitch yet? Take an inventory of the most items that collect in the space and plan a home for them. Think baskets, hooks, shelves and crates, you can get stylish with your containing and still maintain function.

and will utilize it in the future. Better to plan now then have to purge later. We love the idea of a bench incorporated into your drop zone. So many times you need a place to perch when packing a backpack or putting on shoes. This will come in handy in so many ways and also works great in a space that already has a window in it. Work with the window, you will love the result.

A Home for the Ages An Interview with Designer Hilary Denton

For the past couple years, we have been huge fans of local designer, Hilary Denton’s work. Her Vintage Forward Designs signature style can be seen all over Instagram and Pinterest, inspiring budding designers and influencers alike! She recently answered editor, JoElle Knight’s burning questions about her showcase home, now currently for sale in Evansville, Indiana. JoElle: What drew you to undertake this amazing house? Hilary: I loved the challenge of renovating this 8,000 sq ft beast! It also had many original features, I knew I could elevate and bring back to life.

JoElle: What project did you tackle first and how long did your renovations take? Hilary: Well, we actually tackled everything at once! The house needed a total makeover. The renovation took 6 months JoElle: What about the house inspired you? Hilary: My inspiration was the house itself. It has a vintage feel and traditional style of the original home. I added the detail and high end finishes it was lacking. JoElle: Did you have a specific look in mind that helped you streamline the design? Hilary: The look I went for was a historic traditional style. I felt this was perfect for this home. I always stay with the style of the home.


JoElle: What is your proudest part of the renovations? Hilary: Definitely the kitchen! It is the perfect entertaining kitchen. JoElle: How do you decide what to keep and what to renovate to keep the history and charm? Hilary: I always try and keep as much of the original charm of any home I work on. I love a good story, and original features typically tell that. I then blend in my new design ideas and create an elevated new look. JoElle: What would you call your design style? Hilary: I love vintage everything! I am drawn to the amazing craftsmanship and detail vintage finds always have. I also love the stories that come along with each find! My design style is a mish mash of a few styles... I would say my style is vintage, boho and eclectic. I have a love for all styles.

JoElle: What is your favorite feature in the house? Hilary: My favorite feature in the house in the gorgeous entry hall. It takes your from the front of the home to the back. It is magical. JoElle: How can our readers incorporate style like yours in their homes? Hilary: The key to good design is to stick with whichever style you are going for. You need to commit to create fluidity. Don't try and make your home something it's not, don't follow trends, keep it timeless. JoElle: Any final design tips? Hilary: My final design tip is to have intention and purpose with everything in your home. This creates beauty as well as comfort. To see more of Hilary’s beautiful design work follow her on instagram at @caligirlindiworld Contact realty Ken Haynie for more information on purchasing this beautiful home.




IN REAL ESTATE At F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®, our mission is to match people with homes, but the most important aspect of real estate centers on the relationships we have with our customers, clients, colleagues, and everyone else that makes the industry hum. Since the world is filled with all sorts of people, we like our agents to mirror the diversity of the community around us. Almost all of our agents come from a different career entirely, and represent a rich cross-section of the Tri-State. Very rarely does a person start and end their real estate career on day one of their working life. A much more common trajectory is for people to fall into the real estate world from another career for one reason or another. There are as many different types of REALTORS® as there are houses! We are always looking to grow our F.C. Tucker Emge family with people who want to make a difference in the community. While it may be daunting to think about entering into the world of real estate, it is quite accessible. Here are our recommendations for how to become a real estate agent: 1. Talk to an F.C. Tucker Emge agent about their real estate career. 2. Attend one of our Virtual Career Sessions (that we hold once a month at noon via Zoom) to learn more about the tools and training F. C. Tucker Emge has to offer. 3. Sign up for an accredited real estate class and pass it. (We can help you get signed up for that.) 4. Pass the state licensing exam. 5. Sign-on with F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® as we offer the best training and support among real estate brokerages in the area. 6. Broadcast to all of your friends, family and associates that you are in the business. 7. Start selling! Being a REALTOR® does require a set of life skills that will make your path in this business easier. The ability to communicate effectively and solve problems are high on the list. Common sense, adaptability and patience come in handy. If you are willing to work hard, you will find success as an F.C. Tucker Emge REALTOR®. Let’s Talk!

For more information... visit FCTuckerEmge.com/Careers/ or call John Briscoe at 812.479.0801


Tea & Biscuit Brunch By JoElle Knight

As a girl raised on the sacred southern staple sweet tea, I cannot work out how anyone would like the taste of unsweetened tea over an amber-hued, glass of sweet summer. Yes, the English brought us the pomp and circumstance of celebrating afternoon tea, but it was southern ingenuity that sweetened it to perfection. My poor mother, being a German reared midwesterner, married a man whose entire family tree consisted of diehard Southern sweet tea lovers. At least once a year, the story is told of my young mama grinding tea leaves with the fervor only a new bride can have, all in the hopes of presenting a perfect glass of tea to her man. Unfortunately, the ground bits were as far as she got before my dad laughingly let her in on the secret of Luzianne tea bags. She learned quick, and my siblings and I happily spent our childhood guzzling it down. Who needs Kool-Aid when you have a bottomless tea-filled Tupperware pitcher to quench your thirst? Little did we know that our beloved sweet iced tea had no right to be at our elaborate childhood tea parties, where our brothers were made to play our genteel waiters. As a teenager, attending my first true tea party, I was shocked to have my first taste of traditional unsweetened tea. All I could think of as I sat there, grudgingly sipping - milk? honey? what kind of sweeteners are those??? Gone were my childhood visions of tea parties flowing with sweetness and sugar. HOME! RIVER VALLEY


It took me having my own daughters to revisit the idea of having a tea party. But this time, I wanted to give it a southern twist. Instead of shortbread and tea cakes, I created a tea party with various tea flavors, of course including good old fashion sweet tea. A biscuit bar with various toppings, both sweet and savory take the place of crisp English desserts and give guests a more filling menu. From gravy to jams, use your imagination on enticing toppings. Place them all in various vintage tea cups that double as cute centerpieces. Flowers, floral linens, and simple ribbons with roses tied on the ends create simple but elegant table decor. Serve your biscuits on assorted cake stands and platters and put your teas in different size beverage dispensers or pitchers. The final look shows a lovely English-inspired tea sweetened with a good dose of southern charm.


A Masterful Paint Party


Put a creative twist on the standard kids' paint party by designing it around the work of Old World Art, and give your little guests the inspiration to create their own masterpieces! Bobbi Hammonds, our talented marketing guru, designed this party for her daughter’s birthday with creative art gallery display ideas, artist mannequin inspired activities and an amazing cake by Piece of Cake Bakery modeled after the work of Monet & Van Gogh. The whole party is literally “a work of art,” so grab your sketchbooks and take notes on all the painterly details!

PARTY DETAILS, as told by Bobbi…

The last station seemed to be

Arwyn, the middle daughter of five,

everyone’s favorite. The simple artist

loves to draw and create fabulous art.

human mannequin that Arwyn, along

When it came time to design her

with her sisters, lovingly

birthday party, an art party seemed the

named Geoffery, was poised to be

perfect theme, but not your everyday

dressed, posed and sketched.

art themed party. Art with history,

Geoffery had a box of clothing and

sophistication, and beauty seemed to

accessories for everyone’s style and

be more suitable. A museum inspired

taste. These gold sprayed mannequins

artist party was born.

stole the show with their eclectic attire and imagination inspiration.

The stage would be set as a gallery. It would feature works by the greats

The team at Piece of Cake in

alongside Arwyn’s own graphic art in

Evansville, IN, showed off their

ornate gold frames. With custom made

amazing artistic abilities by creating a

artist plaques and quotes from artists,

show-stopping piece of confectionary

guests were enveloped into the

art. The cake featured Claude Monet’s


Fields of Poppy and Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with intricate

An artist party would not be complete

details that would have impressed the

without allowing the guest to create

artists themselves. Set aside a custom

their own classic, so three art stations

cut artist pallet for cupcakes topped in

were erected around the gallery. At

personalized toppers created by our

one station a child could mold with

graphic art team, the cake table was

master’s clay, playdough tubs were

nothing short of its own work of art.

sprayed gold and adorned with oneof-a-kind labels. At another station,

Arwyn’s favorite part of her party was

guests were encouraged to paint a

her Lona Misa. Arwyn drew her own

masterpiece on handcrafted kid-sized

version of the Mona Lisa that we

easels with inexpensive paints and

framed right alongside Leonardo’s

simple brushes found at Ikea. The

famous masterpiece. We even created

gallery would later showcase the

artist postcards as a unique thank you

guests’ completed works.

to guests for joining our Museum


inspired party. We took Lona Misa one step further and created a coloring sheet for guests of all ages to color and enjoy. These small personal touches, that were inspired by Arwyn’s love of art, made the party extra extraordinary.

OUR FAVORITE DETAILS Paintings displayed in ornate gold frames with labels featuring each artist’s name Gold mason jars storing colored pencils & orange stripe straws with paintbrush decorated party flags Individual easels, painter palettes, colorful aprons and canvases for each budding artist Master’s molding clay in individual gold tubs + gold sprayed mannequins for dressing and drawing Amazing cake featuring Claude Monet’s Fields of Poppy and Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers



The Bedford flip

AFTER HOME Co-Editor Nikki Davis and her husband are always on the lookout for their next project, so when the Bedford house presented itself on the market, Nikki jumped at the chance to drag Bob over there to check it out! Needless to say, like most homes needing TLC, it was totally cringeworthy, but the pair has a knack for


vision, and their plan was to convert it from a 2

and the home was presold at the start of the

bed/1 bath to a 3 bed/1.5 bath by removing an

year. The new homeowner was able to pick out

unnecessary dining room and also at the same

her own interior paint colors and kitchen tile,

time bringing the laundry area up to the first

and the home underwent a total gut from top

floor (an additional appealing selling feature

to bottom (including new roof)! The yardwork

from a resale standpoint as Nikki knows as a

will then be finished once the spring thaw

real estate agent). The work began this last fall,








ISSUE 13 2020

Wedding Planning




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Do you have an amazing home renovation or DIY project you would like to share? Message us on Facebook or Instagram @HOMERiverValley and your project just may end up in our next Issue!



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