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It started with a simple phone conversation between two friends. The discussion ranged from our unique river region to the need for an ongoing local wedding publication, highlighting the talented local venues and vendors it has to offer. And like that, a spark was ignited. We introduce you to ENGAGED! River Valley, a magazine dedicated to couples searching for local wedding inspiration. Within these pages, we share with you some of the most creative and dedicated talents around. We seek to inspire you with amazing local weddings, styled photoshoots, advice from event professionals, designer tips from top area stylists, and so much more. Join us each season as we highlight the best of the River Valley’s weddings.







ON OUR The amazing Shillawna Ruffner of Shillawna Ruffner Photography took this breathtaking photo for our Historic Romance inspiration shoot. Jane Austen would be swooning over this Darcyesque setting! www.shillawnaruffnerphotography.com



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Ice, Ice Baby Photo @alishasims Heels @shop_flutter Ring@thediamondgalleria @weddingpartyevv

#peonies + #hydrangea + #queenanneslace = one beautiful #bridalbouquet Flowers and cakes are two of my favorite #weddingdetails to photograph! Can't you tell?!

Packing for a couple of days of video and photo work in Utah.



The hunt may be over, but Ashley & Jacob are gearing up for "s'more" adventures as husband and wife!

Designed a cake table with the theme of wine! I can appreciate that theme!

creative touchesevv Texture is my favorite.

raephotophy _andierae

behappypie company

third_generation _photography

www.raephotos.com w ww.facebook.com/ rae.photos

Introducing pie poppers...bite size crust cups available in all flavors. $10/ dozen.

#WeddingPhotographe r




A little #pressbedportrait (or chase portrait, actually) of my favorite wood type face that I own for #typehighday! I do mostly plate printing on my C&P so it's fun when I get to lock up some of these bad boys and do some larger runs with real type. (The height of type for printing is .918", hence type high day on 9/18!)

Absolutely LOVE the back of Eliza's dress! More of their beautiful courthouse wedding is on our blog.

For all you brides out there today, remember to wear comfy shoes. =) Have a great wedding day everyone.


ENGAGED! Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography


ONCE the ring goes on your finger, your whole life will change. The immediate after effect will be excitement about the prospect ahead of you, but you will soon come to realize that planning a wedding is work. Like most things in life, though, there are options. You can either hire one of the many amazing professionals in our area to assist you with your planning, or you can jump in feet first and make your calls, plans and arrangements by yourself or as a couple. That’s where JoElle and I come in. With a combined over 20 years in the area wedding industry, we are proud to bring you the stylings of dozens of area vendors in each issue of ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY. We hope to inspire you with what they have to offer, and we are also excited to show you not only our finished products but our behind the scenes looks on our social media platforms. From Facebook, to Instagram, to Pinterest, and coming soon YouTube, we want this area to have the most well educated and informed brides around. No longer will planning your wedding be a mystery. You will know every range of service provider in each category, and we will be here to help you along the way.With that being said, we do have some advice for the newly engaged out there. Don’t get overwhelmed. Your wedding is the equivalent to a big party. It doesn’t define you as a couple, nor does it define you for the rest of your life. Enjoy the event that you put together, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Should you try and make sure that everyone has a good time? Yes, of course, but not at the expense of breaking the bank or losing your sanity. Use common sense and good reasoning when planning your big day, and don’t let the planning consume you.

Photo by Third Generation Photography

Photo by Courtney Ilene Photography

Photo by Equinox Photo


Photo by Elizabeth Thang

Work ahead. The more you can do ahead of time, the less that is going to sneak up and snowball on you closer to the date. That overwhelming feeling that I mentioned before… that happens when you procrastinate on details you should have done months ago. So when your DJ asks you for a list of songs for the big day, sit down and do it the week he or she asks. Don’t put it off until right before the event. The phrase about prior proper planning can be a lifesaver, and I advise you to take it to heart. Keep within your budget. To some, a wedding means spending the equivalent to the down payment on a house, and if you have that kind of cash to spend, more power to you. We have vendors in this area able to cater to the high end wedding market.. For those, who don’t want to break the bank, though, we advise sitting down and prioritizing what is going to bring you the most joy that day. Will looking back at photos make you happiest? Does providing your guests with a top notch experience rank at the top of your list? Does your appearance from top-end dress to hair and make-up weigh high on your list of priorities for the big day? Whatever you chose that will help define your wedding, start backwards from your must-haves and work backwards on your budget to your it-would-be-nice-to-includes. Photo by Vickers Photo


Keep your relationship the priority. You will be put on display for friends and family to see, but what they don’t see is into your hearts. They don’t see your true feelings for one another. They don’t see what you have already been through, nor do they see what life has in store for you in the years to come. So always remember what is most important is you as a couple, not the details of the wedding. Your marriage is your foundation, not your wedding. Your wedding is just the celebration of the big day, and we can’t wait to help you plan that! We just always want you to remember that despite the little arguments, and even the big ones, that you are choosing to come together for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death till you part. With that being said, welcome to ENGAGED! River Valley, and happy planning! If we can ever be of any service, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out and let us know! Warmest regards,

Managing Editor Photo by Morgan Lee Photography



CAKES & CONFECTIONS BAKERY Over the past 18 years, locally owned Piece of Cake bakery has helped over 2,000 couples celebrate their special day. Wedding cakes should always reflect the vision of the couple (usually the bride), taste delicious, be beautiful, and stay within their budget. Wedding cake styles have changed dramatically over the past two decades, though. With the popularity of cake decorating shows on the Food Network, first Ace of Cakes and then Cake Boss, couples have become more aware of the newest styles and designs and want them for their wedding cakes as well. Let's not forget about Pinterest, too, the hottest and most comprehensive place to find the latest wedding cake ideas. Piece of Cake LOVES Pinterest! We love to find our wedding cakes posted on Pinterest as well. When Piece of Cake first opened its doors in 1998, frosting roses and fountains and staircases were what most brides were requesting. Today our brides want fresh flowers to adorn their cakes. Silver or gold stands can add height and elegance to a wedding cake. Rustic weddings are also a hot trend, so burlap ribbon and tree trunks or wood slabs to set the wedding cake on are really big, especially for fall weddings. Personalized cake toppers can be another special addition for today's wedding cakes. Etsy is a wonderful resource for personalized cake toppers, from fabric birds to the couple's last name or a cute saying. They can customize them to fit your special day. Let's not forget to mention the cake designs themselves. Today's wedding cakes are sleek and tall, simple and elegant, rustic and modern, country and glam, and anything else that come to our brides minds. Ruffles and ruffle roses make a beautiful bottom tier for a wedding cake. Edible lace is one of the newest products and a favorite of Piece of Cake. The lace can be dyed to match your wedding colors. And glitter, who doesn't love glitter? Edible glitter can add a sparkle to a wedding cake and can be used with edible pearls or nonpareils. More than ever, wedding cakes reflect the couples they are created for. Couples can also customize their weddings with cake alternatives such as cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, chocolate dipped strawberries or cookies. These can replace the wedding cake or be used in addition to a smaller cake. Today's biggest trend is for couples to make the wedding cakes reflect their own personalities. Be fearless, enjoy the day... and eat cake.

Cate Sisco is co-owner of Evansville's premier bakery Piece of Cake in downtown Evansville, IN. Cate and her sisters recently celebrated the award winning bakery's 18th year in business. Her passion for baking was passed down from her parents and grandparents. Many recipes used at the bakery are family recipes, though Cate enjoys making up new recipes for cookies, cakes and breakfast items. Her goals for the bakery are to continue making the highest quality products, while keeping up with current baking trends.





A romantic eventscape set at Evansville, Indiana’s Historic Boehne House, combining lush florals in a range of pastel hues with exquisite place settings and gracious details.




GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Shillawna Ruffner Photography VENUE Historic Boehne House DESIGNER/DÉCOR JoElle Elise Design DRESSES House of White FLORAL Creative Touches CAKE Piece of Cake RENTALS JoElle Elise Design HAIR The Hair Traveler MAKEUP Lezlie Mathies SUIT Byron & Barcley STATIONERY JoElle Elise Design


For all those fans of Game of Thrones, Vikings and those who love a time in history when warriors lived large —this inspiration shoot is for you. Photography by Esther Bloom Photography

With tones of deep browns and rustic elements, a warrior wedding feast was brought to life by the inspired collaboration of several River Valley Region creatives. Styled with finds such as weathered architectural salvage and natural vines, a tablescape and dessert bar was created to display beautiful rustic fruits and an amazing cake by Daisies & Dandelions Couture. Bright stationery by Hello Nola provides saturated tones to contrast with the fur and wood table dÊcor. Metal vessels of copper, silver and pewter are used to elevate the ripe fruits and breads. In lieu of traditional white, the warrior bride look is made complete with a vintage -style emerald dress. Vintage jewelry, pops of gold and natural feather accessories provide the finishing details. Gorgeous model, Lindsay Brandt, channels the look of a fierce huntress with her windswept hair, courtesy of make -up artist and stylist Reagen Leithliter-Willis. Set against a backdrop of wilderness and winter’s first snow, this shoot is straight out of a time of epic past.



The happiest birthday cakes in town!

GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER Esther Bloom Photography DESIGNER/DÉCOR JoElle Elise Design FLORAL JoElle Elise Design CAKE Daisies & Dandelions Couture RENTALS JoElle Elise Design HAIR & MAKEUP Reagen Leithliter-Willis STATIONERY Hello Nola





This issue's editor pick for best bridesmaid gift is Corksicles found at Thyme in the Kitchen on Franklin Street in Evansville. The canteens come in two sizes 9 oz ($19.95) and 25 oz ($27.95), which was specially designed to fit a full bottle of wine. Corkcicle.com shares "Enjoy your favorite cold or hot beverage, anytime, anywhere. Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation. Patented easy-grip flat sides. No-slip bottom. Keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12 without freezing or sweating. Cold even longer for drinks containing ice." Custom monogramming (think adding her name or the word "bridesmaid") available just right down the street at Southwest Grafix!

Rockabilly Wed Photography by FlickerFly Photography


Rockabilly—Vintage with a Rock-n’-Roll Edge. Dreamed up by a group of vintage-lovin’ vendors, this photoshoot was inspired by a mixture of old-school sailor tattoos, nostalgic props and an infusion of fun. The opposite of formal or traditional, this style is for the laid-back couple with a love for graphic color and vintage vibes. Stationery and signage was designed to reflect the swallows, roses and hearts so popular during the 1940’s. Wish cards bring the theme home with humorous illustrations of inked biceps. Creative Touches floral incorporated gorgeous red roses with accents of wildflowers for the centerpieces and bouquet. Pops of black feathers keep the look refreshing and fun. A 4-tier cake designed by Piece of Cake Bakery is the crown jewel of the setting with amazing custom illustrated icing lifted straight from the stationery design. DIY décor and era-appropriate accessories were used to create a fun, casual feel, perfect for popping open a bottle while rocking on a porch. This is a back-yard wedding at its best.


GET THIS PHOTOGRAPHER FlickerFly Photography DESIGNER/DÉCOR JoElle Elise Design FLORAL Creative Touches CAKE Piece of Cake Bakery RENTALS JoElle Elise Design HAIR Bobbi Lynn Hammonds STATIONERY JoElle Elise Design



THE FARMER & THE FRENCHMAN The recently opened Farmer & Frenchman, is a unique agricultural destination just outside Henderson, KY. The property is comprised of several spaces for guests to enjoy, including a winery, vineyard, café, event venue and Bed & Breakfast. The Tobacco Barn, Promenade, and the Vineyard Lawn are designed to capture the essential elements of successful entertaining, including architectural scale, custom lighting and stunning countryside views. Guests at Farmer and Frenchman will have an experience rooted in the past, but with a fresh and stylish interpretation of the classic winery. Farmer & Frenchman winery and cafe is from 12pm to 9pm, Tuesday – Saturday. Reservations are not required but are recommended.

Photo by Darrin Phegley

deck area hold 200 people at tables. The average wedding size at F&F is 250. For larger weddings, brides can make use of the ample lawn and vineyard in addition to the barn. The capacity for the entire property is 400. For more information and details about events at Farmer & Frenchman, visit www.farmerandfrenchman.com

The fully renovated tobacco barn was built in 1940 by owner Katy Groves Mussat’s Great Grandfather Triplett. Amenities include elegant chandelier lighting, stained concrete floors, bathroom facilities with heat and AC, and event services. The barn and covered Photo by Katy Mussat


Photo by Alisha Sims Photography

Photo by Katy Mussat

Photo by Alisha Sims Photography



FRIENDS WHO KNOW Each issue of ENGAGED! River Valley will feature four local culinary pros sharing their favorite dishes and most popular catering options. Owned by Scott Schymik, Sauced and The Ballroom at Sauced are located in the revitalized Haynie's Corner Arts District and consist of two 1870's Victorian style mansions connected by a ballroom in the middle. The restaurant celebrates an award winning cuisine, and their most popular wedding dish is Breast of Chicken Bonne Femme (shiitake mushroom and champagne cream sauce). Their most unique wedding dish is the Beggars Purse (crepe stuffed with smoked trout and creme fraiche), and Scott’s favorite dish to recommend is the Stuffed Breast of Chicken Claudinus (artichoke and red pepper stuffing with sauce veloute). They have a 220 capacity for sit down service.

Sauced and The Ballroom at Sauced  1113-1119 Parrett St  Evansville, IN  812-402-2230  facebook.com/comegetsauced/  Instagram: @sauced812

Owned by Nancy Harris, Touch of Home is based in New Harmony, IN, and serves a 100 mile radius. It’s a full service catering business for rehearsal dinners, weddings, corporate events, and private events, serving guests ranging from 15 to 500. Her most popular wedding dish is roasted pork loin. Chicken Marsala is a close 2nd. Her most popular side dish is the twice baked mashed potatoes. When asked about her food options, Nancy told us "The menu consists of home cooked food with a flare. On occasion the couple wants something different from the norm. If it’s not on the menu, and I feel like I can do it right for a large number of people, I love to try new things. I feel very humbled when someone chooses me to make their wedding the day they have dreamed of. My staff and I work hard to serve quality food at a reasonable price in a very timely manner. The ultimate compliment is when I can service the family more than once, and they give me as a recommendation."

Touch of Home Catering  510 Main St New Harmony, IN  812-480-0310  www.touchofhomecatering.com  facebook.com/touchofhomecatering ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Owned by Amy Word-Smith, Lamasco on Location is a part of Lamasco Bar and Grill, which has been a Westside staple in Evansville for decades. Amy Word-Smith has taken the bar and grill to the next level over the past eight years by hosting some of the hottest musical acts locally, regionally and nationally. Lamasco is open 7 AM to 3 AM, seven days a week, 364 days a year. Lamasco on Location's most popular wedding dish is the fried chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans. They can also create any special drink for your big day. Additionally, they go on to add, "We can also provide entertainment for your special event, whether it be karaoke or a live band. We also have an on staff officiant that would be happy to oversee any blessed wedding day."

Lamasco on Location  1331 W. Franklin St.  Evansville, IN  812-4370171  www.lamascobarandgrill.com  facebook.com/LamascoOnLocation/

Owned by Doros and Ellada Hadjisavva, Acropolis Restaurant and Catering caters very small and intimate gatherings as well as the large parties. They have a handful of locations that they are a suggested caterer for, as well as they will cater anywhere in the area! They love to do weddings as well as rehearsal dinners. Their most popular wedding dish is Chicken Lemonati Pasta, their most unique wedding dish is Stuffed Greek Chicken, and a favorite wedding dish to recommend is Chicken Tortellini Pasta. They share that "Most weddings you go to you see the same foods; fried chicken, roast pork loin, mashed potatoes. We like to serve up something different, and most of our clients will agree – our chicken and pasta dishes are unique and delicious. With many clients we’ve done everything from their bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding and are still staying in touch and doing their upcoming baby showers. You come in as friends and leave family!"

Acropolis Restaurant and Catering 501 N Green River Rd Evansville, IN 812-475-9320  www.acropolisevv.com facebook.com/AcropolisEVV Instagram: @acropolisevv ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY



ADVICE FOR THE For fun, we thought we'd let the guys weigh in. Check out some of the best wedding and marriage advice from some of our favorite wedding friends! "My advice is don't be a stereotypical groom... be involved in the wedding and your marriage. It is as much your day as the bride's, [and] marriage is about working together. So start early!" Corey Ivy

Ivy Event Service/Superior Entertainment

"My advice on marriage is everything takes practice and work to make things better. If things get rough, put in the work to make them better. You said yes to this person for a reason. If it gets broke, work to make it great again, remember you thought this person was amazing enough you thought you didn't want to spend another day with anyone else something like that is worth fixing."

Eric Christian Hoalt

“Just relax, enjoy the wedding day. Maybe plan something fun with the groomsmen for the morning of the wedding like golf or another activity. And be present in the planning process."

Garrette Baird



618 Entertainment

"Don't be afraid to have fun! It's your big day, too, don't forget to enjoy it!"

Randy Land The Progressive Image

"Be present and active in the details of the reception! Most grooms tend to be hands off, but the ones who have input and give ideas usually have more fun seeing it all come together into a great event in the end!"

Scott Schymik


"Months go into planning a wedding, and when things don't go as planned it can be a huge stress to your bride. Our advice, be there for her and remind her how much you appreciate the work put into this day. Let her know the day couldn't be more perfect because you're sharing this amazing experience with your best friend (her)."

Alexander Clark

"Offer advice ONLY when asked!! Be supportive of your Lady's decisions...she's been waiting for this day since she was a little girl. Because that day is all about her!!"

Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly & Associates Mobile DJ Service

Alexander Francis Films

"The best advice I can give to a groom on his wedding day is to keep life simple, put God first and work hard."

Zebulon Hardin

Gigzz Digital DJ Service

"Even though it's 'Her Day' she wants you to be a part of it all. So go with her to the meeting and help with the planning."

Matt Vickers

Vickers Photography

"Get involved. It's [your] wedding, and sometimes [your] ideas are great ones."

Codey Gooden

All About You DJ



FIJI How can you describe Fiji in just one word…beautiful? Relaxing? Yes, to both. However, other words that describe Fiji include tradition. Cultural. Pride. Family. The Fijian Islands have an abundance of tradition, history and culture to share. And isn’t that what traveling is all about? Experiencing new places, learning about different cultures and making new memories? What other destination can you travel to and be able to go into the nearby village to participate in their own meke and kava rituals? Play with their children? Go to their church service? Be immersed in their own culture so that when you leave, it is both a heart-breaking and joyous experience? There is no other place. The experience of a lifetime can bring you to Likuliku Lagoon Resort. The accommodations you can find yourself in range from beachfront bures to overwater bures. Fiji is not known for sprawling resorts. Likuliku has 45 bures total. Planning your trip in advance is a must.

Many of your activities will revolve around the lagoon and Malalo Island. Many people think that there is nothing to do except “relax” and are worried about “getting bored.” This is far from the truth! Plenty of watersports are available from snorkeling and diving





to stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking to fishing and more. Sunset cruises, island hopping tours, picnics and walking trails are also activities that are offered. More adventurous activities can be booked as day excursions to other islands. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy and plenty of time for relaxation. It’s a great balance! The people of Fiji will treat you like family, because for them, family is everything. While at Likuliku you may be treated to a meke ceremony. Music is woven into a traditional song and dance that tells stories of legend, history and the spirits of the islands. Taking a guide into the village will give you the opportunity to be immersed in their customs and traditions. Be sure and eat at a lovo while there! Likuliku Lagoon Resort is just one resort of many in Fiji. Are you ready to start planning your next romantic adventure? Contact Elite Escapes Travel to discuss more about Fiji and other islands in the South Pacific. Leah Dugan founded Elite Escapes with her husband when she began helping couples plan their destination weddings, honeymoons, and romantic trips. She continues to travel to the various destinations, train onsite, retain her certifications, and attend travel industry seminars. Research and a constant eagerness to learn as much as possible keeps her at the forefront of the romance travel industry.


GET IN FORMATION HAPPY Wife, Happy Life they say. There is nothing truer, even before the bride becomes a wife. Being a Feyonce is hard work, and there are so many things they already have to worry about. This letter is for me to help them eliminate one other thing off their list... that’s bridal party members complaining about what their makeup looks like. Being a makeup artist, I don’t typically get to be on the other side of the getting ready process for weddings. I had the special opportunity to do so this summer. I learned a very valuable lesson this summer that I would like to pass on those of you getting the very highly esteemed opportunity of becoming a bridesmaid.

The bridal party is the equivalent to Beyonce’s dancers. You see them, you see them killing it! They are moving with Bey, but never blocking her. They are all there to serve a purpose and that is to elevate the entire Beyonce experience. As a bridesmaid you are there to make the bride’s look POP. That’s why you’re in a different color than her, that’s why you stand next to her, not in front of her. Own the fact that you are helping the Queen B perform at her best. When it comes to makeup on this special occasion, it is completely okay for you to slay. Just subtly. Don’t be a distraction. If do your own, lay off the eyeliner, a heavy eye is distracting. Stay away from bold lip color too, save it for the reception. You want to be neutral as possible. If she’s hired a Makeup Artist, then know you are in good hands. Don’t ask for anything off-the-wall or dramatic. Typically the artist has done many weddings and can make suggestions that work well for the overall look. Just have fun, go with the flow and make sure there is a smile on the Queen’s face. There are many great feelings in the world, and one of those is standing next to your best friend as she takes the next big step in her life. The love that exudes from everyone in the bridal party is way more important than getting to choose your lip color. Remember that. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Photo by Meagan Jordan Photography Kana L. Brown wants to live in a world where every woman looks & feels her absolute best, wine is considered a fruit (which is vital for healthy living) and double clicking on a Pinterest photo makes it come to life. A Beauty Expert that takes a natural approach with a focus on skin care and makeup, she's been spotlighted on Local 7 Lifestyles, a column writer for News4U, a bridal beauty specialist in Evansville Woman, and Editor & Chief of Love IT! EVV Magazine For tips and tricks on bridal beauty check out The Beauty Room Evansville at thebeautyroomevv.com

For the hottest nail design and to schedule an appointment for your bridal party manicure session contact Impulse Salon & Spa www.ImpulseHair.com 812.858.5554


This look would complement any bridal style butBEAUTY will look especially fitting on brides embracing a vintage or natural bohemian look for their wedding day.

Trending Now

NATURAL & UNDERSTATED EVERY bride wants to look perfect on her “big day.” We all hope our weddings can be carefully planned to fulfill our dreams. Apart from the wedding dress, hair styling and jewelry, a perfect wedding nail design also plays an important part of your wedding look. This year’s trend of embracing natural looks extends to bridal manicures. Impulse Salon & Spa designer Melinda Ude completed and designed this look using a muted tone so the nails are understated and elegant along with the jewels on the ring finger. For the hottest nail design and to schedule an appointment for your bridal party manicure session contact Impulse Salon & Spa www.ImpulseHair.com 812.858.5554

This look would complement any bridal style but will look especially fitting on brides embracing a vintage or natural bohemian look for their wedding day.



YOU are original and your wedding stationary should be too, so here are some helpful tips for working with a graphic designer on custom stationery.

Finding Your Style Graphic Designers can help you navigate your style and choose a design that is perfect for you and the look of your wedding. If you love 80’s punk rock and neon colors, a designer can make your nostalgic wedding dreams come true. If you do not know your style, the most useful modern-day tools are Pinterest and Instagram. Not every designer will agree with me or even recommend these, but I find that it is one of the most visual ways to come up with a bride’s look. For the bride that loves a lot of different styles, a good graphic designer can weed out what really is the most desired look from a bunch of different pins or photographs. There is almost always a common thread. Have a color scheme, a handful of designs you love in -hand and your design process will go much smoother.

Spelling Can Make or Break the Bank A bride needs to make sure verbiage and spelling is correct throughout the design process. Spelling errors can cost big money and designers cannot be held responsible for spelling errors given to them. Designers do not reprint for spelling errors that have been approved. It will cost you another round of printing fees to fix errors that were missed from the beginning. So read it forward and read it back. Have a friend or family member read it, our eyes slip over small mistakes, and they can cost big in the long run. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Consult the Parents

Photos by Bobbi Hammonds

I really mean this one. Brides and grooms today are more often than not leaving off their parents’ names. Make sure that the bride’s and groom's parents have been consulted with, prior to removing their names from invitations, especially if they are helping fund the wedding. You do not want to upset your parents before you ever make it down the aisle. Etiquette for special family circumstances, like divorce or being raised by someone other than a biological parent, can be included and handled with class.

Changes Cost Money Graphic designers will, most of them time, do up to three large design alterations. Every alteration after that accrues a fee. Larger overhauls with new graphics or color schemes could be a full design fee charge again. When you go and buy a wedding dress and find the one you love, you are told to not go and try on any more wedding dresses. This is a great piece of advice for your signage and stationery as well. You have decided on a look do not go search Pinterest or scour the internet for more designs you think you might like better. Your wedding day can be magical, and the price of custom stationery can likely be cheaper than big brand invitations. Keeping yourself in check and level headed throughout the process is a must, though. Remember small things can add large cost. Bobbi Hammonds is the owner of 5 Pink Peonies. She specializes in hand illustration and custom graphics creating one-of-a-kind art for her client’s stationery suites. When not drawing, she cares for her five beautiful daughters. Connect with her at www.My5Girls.com


GETTING TO KNOW WITH 35 years in the wedding industry, Jane Elpers and her business OBJ Design bring to the Tri-State area event designing and consultant services as well as a treasure trove of event rental items. Jane specializes in custom floral arranging and prop rentals, and her niche is recycling flowers to suit any couple’s taste. Jane shares, “I began in high school with my first part job working in a hardware store, which also had a small floral area. I would watch the florist making wreathes and bouquets in amazement then began to buy flowers every week to make things at home for my mom. I taught myself to make a bow by reusing the same ribbon over and over again ironing it back straight after each attempt. In college I worked in a bridal shop doing the bridal flowers. After college I entered the medical world but still had a love for flowers so started a small home business while my children were small. I decided [that] the medical world was not for me and took a position at our local casino working in the catering department. Here is where I learned to art of recycling flowers. My budgets were never large enough to purchase everything new for each event, so I learned how to save and reuse making them look different each time. My passion for weddings has always been the most loved, therefore focusing on the bridal industry is the direction my path has always followed. Jane and her team customize the look of every couple. They listen and design the wedding to what each wants. With that being said, Jane goes on to share that “Each is different....each has their own look.....each bride becomes like my own daughter through the planning process.” OBJ is also blessed with a tremendous team of workers. Jane explains, “My husband has believed in my dream forever. He is the person who insists I dream big. When I try to settle for average, he always takes it to the next level, which is reflected in my new retail space. My mother has been with me from the beginning. She helped store my inventory in her house for five years, and she is very happy to see everything under one roof (especially not hers anymore). My children and in-laws are [also] the best setup and take down crew ever. Everyone has their job, and we work well together. Long term plans for OBJ include growing and improving their design skills, helping mentor young business owners starting in the wedding industry, and eventually possibly teaching ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

event planning classes. They are also now making their onsite facility available for small private events such as baby showers, wedding showers, or card parties. To learn more, visit objdesign.net or find them on Facebook under OBJ Design. You can also schedule a visit to their amazing client facility at 14101 Big Cynthiana Road, Evansville, IN 47720 by calling Jane at 812 499-2331.



GETTING TO KNOW Pink Elephant Celebrations WITH over 16 years of event planning experience, Pink Elephant Celebrations continues to serve clients throughout the Tri-State. Their team of coordinators have designed some of the most creative and memorable events in the area. These events include weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, conferences, business meetings, seminars, galas, company picnics, open houses, appreciations, holiday events and parties and private dining events. Also, for your transportation needs, their safe, reliable and fun Pink Elephant Celebrations' party bus has been serving clients throughout the TriState since February of 2012. At Pink Elephant Celebrations, their aspiration is to make every event as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for their clients. They create exciting experiences while maintaining a consistent high level of service with their superior planning, attention to detail and vast knowledge. To learn more visit: www.pinkelephantcelebrations.com Or call 812-909-1900 Fashions by Stef L’s Amour Modeled by: Jena Jaske of River Top Event Coordinating Melissa Meador of It Works! Morgan Williams of Morgan Lee Photography Brittany Naylor of BNEyes Studios



Photo by Nikki Davis




THE latest trend in groom attire is grey tuxedos, which can come in several styles and shades of grey. We at Magic Moments in Evansville offer everything from Tony Bowls Portofino to a Stephen Geoffrey Grey Aspen, and their colors range in shades from Heather Aspen to Steel Grey. Navy Blue is also becoming a popular choice, and we also offer several shades of that, too, ranging from Michael Kors Navy to an Aspen Slate Blue. Whether it be blues or greys, though, one can accessorize with grey, brown or the traditional black shoe. Subtle tones are more appropriate when choosing footwear. With that being said, the shade of grey you choose, though, will dictate the appropriate brightness of the vest and tie. Quite often the bride or groom will choose a vest that matches the tux/suit and just change the color of the tie to correspond with the matching bridesmaids. However, when deciding on a tux/suit it is just as important to know the color of the wedding gown to coordinate the shirts to the gown. At Magic Moments, we also love color swatches to match the maids dresses closer to the vest and tie colors. However, if this is not an option or the color was chosen wrong at time of ordering, everything is fixable and changeable. Picking out suits/tuxedos around 4-6 months before the wedding is ideal. But let’s face it, in our fast moving society most people wait until a couple months before, and that is perfectly acceptable. You do want to have all groomsman, and other participants measured at least 4 weeks before the wedding. This gives everyone time for changes and ordering. Please remember that when being measured for a tux/suit that these are not custom garments and may need to be tried on the week of the wedding, so please allow time for these alterations. This is especially important for the slim fit and modern fit garments that run smaller than usual. Nicole Ford is co-owner of Magic Moments with her sister Misti Taylor and mom Linda Sammet. As a mother of 3 children, she values the flexibility business ownership has allowed her over the last 20 years. She feels that balancing a career and family while helping others plan for theirs is a wonderful feeling and accomplishment.




MEET THE EXPERT Andrea Whitehead HELLO readers! First things first, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Andrea Whitehead, owner of House of White. I've been working in the bridal gown industry for the past ten years, and styling brides in my own beautiful space for four. To put it plainly, I love all things wedding gowns, wedding style, wedding everything, and am happy to have a place to chat about such topics on a regular basis! Something that is said to me on a fairly regular basis is this: "Hey Andrea! I'm engaged! When should I start gown shopping?" My response to this question comes in two parts, which are as follows: PART ONE: You want to shop for your wedding gown at least six months prior to your wedding. This will ensure that your gown can be delivered in time from most designers, and still gives you just enough time to have your gown altered by a seamstress. While there are some options out there for buying a gown 'off the rack,' most bridal gowns are purchased on a 'made to order' basis. Meaning instead of being mass produced, a designer cuts and sews a new gown for a bride once an order is placed. PART TWO: You should shop for your gown when you start planning your wedding. Your gown selection should be one of the first wedding decisions you make...not the last. Let's say you get engaged, but the wedding date is not for two more years. Some brides may table the topic of wedding planning for almost a year, while other brides may dive right into wedding planning immediately. When you start planning, start gown shopping. Your wedding gown sets the tone for the entire wedding and can affect the color palette, mood, style, etc. Any planner or decorator will tell you, it's crucial to know the dress before you get too far into selecting details for your big day. Your gown choice will reveal a lot about what kind of bride you are, and what kind of wedding you should have...not the other way around. So whether you are the bride who's dying to dive right into wedding planning, or the laid back bride who's going to take your time, kick off your wedding planning by saying 'yes' to a dress that's perfectly you. Then let your gown be the inspiration for your big day! Photos by Misti Fraser




Jayme and Craig met as children when Jayme and her family moved to Newburgh, IN. Even then, as a young girl, Jayme knew that there was something special about Craig, but it wasn’t until high school that Craig saw Jayme as more than a friend. As teenagers they started dating, but it took almost a decade more for Craig to pop the question. As Jayme says, “He always said he had to be sure. It was worth the wait.” When it came time to plan their wedding, Jayme knew she wanted a soft color palette of pinks, creams and lavenders. Even her dress was a gorgeous shade of vintage blush finished with lace details and tiny fabric rosettes. Utilizing the urban backdrop of downtown Evansville, the couple and their wedding party made the most of local historic landmarks such as the Greyhound bus station. Arriving at their reception held at Tropicana Evansville, Jayme and Craig could finally celebrate becoming Mr. & Mrs. Waddell. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY






PHOTOGRAPHER Vickers Photo VENUE Tropicana Evansville FLORAL Terry Hughes CAKE Piece of Cake VIDEO Eyenamics DRESS & JEWELRY House of White WEDDING RINGS Kays MAKE­UP Kana Brown DJ All About You DJ





Pricing Flowers

Photo by Lacey Phipps Photography

WHEN it comes to wedding planning, one of the most common questions is always, “How much does it cost?” As a floral designer, my answer is always, “It depends.” The type of flowers used, the number of arrangements needed, and the overall scale of the wedding all factor into the cost. A talented florist will be able to make your ideas come to life on any budget, but it helps to keep a few things in mind. 1. Choose flowers that are in season. Some flowers are available year-round. Some are not. If you have your heart set on peonies, choose to have your wedding in late spring. Your florist may be able to find peonies in late summer, but you will pay a premium price. 2. Be open to suggestions. A good floral designer will listen to your ideas and choose flowers that fit both your style and budget. Bringing a vision to a florist, rather than a specific flower preference, will allow you to get the look you want at the right price.



3. Vary your reception décor. Tall, full arrangements make a statement, but they cost more. Consider placing a few large arrangements throughout your venue, with smaller arrangements on the remaining tables. The impression will still be made, but the balance will keep the price reasonable. 4. Know that flowers cost money. Your florist wants your wedding to be beautiful, but know that you will be paying for the products and your florist’s time and skills. Listen to their ideas and work together to find the best design. The memory of your wedding flowers will live on in your photos and in the minds of your guests. Choose a designer whose style you appreciate and you trust to provide the quality and service you desire. Creative Touches is a floral and event design studio based in Evansville. Mother-daughter duo Pat Ingram and Whitney Muncy have been helping tri-state brides bring their ideas to life since 2004.


What do dinosaurs, piñatas, pizza and milkshakes have to do with a wedding? Everything for Abie and Matt. Embracing their love for fun and quirky details, this couple pulled out all the stops to incorporate their sense of adventure into every aspect of their wedding. Showing you don’t need to do what is expected, guests were treated to a one-of-a-kind reception at Johnny and June’s in Flora, IL. Retro details and a variety of centerpieces made for eye-catching decor. Guests were asked to paint their fingers and “sign” a map to be used later as art in the couple’s home. An assortment of cakes and boxes of pizzas made for easy dining and cemented the laid-back feel of the entire day. And of course, a party is not complete without a piñata! The day ended as one filled with fun, spontaneity and best of all laughter. Just the way these two plan to spend the rest of their lives. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY




MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Esther Bloom Photography VENUE Johnny & June’s DESIGNER Christie Price / Forget Me Not Events COORDINATOR Pat Seibel CAKE The Bride’s Grandmothers DRESS Vintage HAIR & MAKEUP The Hair Garage



HAUB STEAKHOUSE Haub Steakhouse located at 101 E Haub St. in Haubstadt, IN, is most known for its “Best Steaks,” “Best Fine Dining,” and “Best Date Night” accolades, but they also have a large private dining area upstairs and three private dining rooms downstairs that are perfect for your rehearsal dinner or next get together. Co-owner Amber Ungethiem shares that Haub's even allows their customers to customize their own menu for large group special occasions or celebrations. Her favorite items on the menu are fried zucchini and cauliflower with their homemade ranch dressing or horseradish sauce. Her favorite entrees include the baked stuffed shrimp, their fresh cut salmon, and the 8 oz. filet topped with mushrooms. All come paired with a twice baked potato and a house salad with ranch. For dessert, she recommends the bread pudding in whiskey sauce or strawberry shortcake. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Their menu is fine dining and includes hand cut meats, fresh seafood, specialty desserts, and appetizers. They offer three different banquet menus for larger groups, or you can order off the regular menu. By request, they also have a gluten free menu. Reservations are highly recommend They can accommodate groups up to 125 Monday-Saturday and groups of 50-300 on Sundays noting that they are closed on Sundays unless reservations are made. Haub's staff ensures all customers receive top-notch service as many of the employees feel that Haub’s is their second home. They take pride in their work and work hard as a team to help bring you the finest of dining experiences. To schedule a rehearsal dinner or to make a reservation, call them at: 812-768-6462. You can also visit them online at: www.haubssteakhouse.com Photography by Vickers Photo Styling by Jane Elpers of OBJ Design Menus by JoElle Elise Design



Eliza & Mike When describing their perfect wedding, Eliza and Mike shared a vision of old world romance, haunting details and a dash of Tim Burton. Jack Skeleton meets Alice and Wonderland all wrapped in a gothic mansion style. Having their wedding and reception at The Vanderburgh Old Courthouse set the perfect backdrop for this beautiful off-beat theme. Details of bats, moths, vines, ravens and moss were used to create a custom look to capture their unique style. To entertain their guests, Eliza and Mike had a friend pose as a Fortune Teller while the wedding party was taking photos. Guests were also encouraged to take photos using props and a fun photo backdrop with Polaroid cameras scattered throughout the reception. The amazing bridal bouquet was created using untraditional flowers and draped greenery, making for a flower arrangement unlike any other. At the end of the night, guests were treated to skeleton key bottle openers to take home as they saw the happy couple off with a sparkler salute. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY







MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Sharin Shank Photography VENUE Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse DESIGNER JoElle Elise Design BRIDAL BOUQUET Zeidlers FLORAL JoElle Elise Design CHAIRS TRU Rental HAIR & MAKE-UP Beaux Cheveux STATIONERY & SIGNAGE JoElle Elise Design CAKE Family Member


IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP READY FOR AFTER you get engaged, you do a lot of preparation for the day you get married; tasting cakes, deciding on invitations, trying on dresses, on and on until you are sure everything’s ready. It often falls by the wayside to prepare the most important thing of all- your relationship. Here are five signs that you may have some work to do.

Do you get jealous when one of you goes out with friends alone? At the beginning of a relationship, it can be tempting to be attached at the hip. In reality, a healthy relationship includes having time together, and having time apart. You are both still two different people with your own interests and friends. It’s good and healthy to maintain those even in a relationship. It’s all about balance and acceptance that your partner may have interests and connections that are their own.

Do you steal looks at each other’s phones? With the phone within reach while your significant other is busy, it’s easy to sneak a peek. However, this can be a sign of mistrust that could mean there are things to look at before you fully commit. Perhaps you had an ex that cheated, and you can’t shake the feeling that it might happen again. Maybe you can’t believe your good luck, and you’re looking for a problem. It’s a big risk to trust, but it’s worth the pay off in the end.

Do you complain to friends about issues you’ve never brought up with your significant other? It might be simpler to smile and nod when you’re together and then unload all your complaints with a trusted friend when it’s safe. However, keeping things in leads to a buildup and usually a blow up. Try bringing things up calmly, at a good time, and with a solution in mind.




Do you start sentences with ‘you always’ or ‘you never’? Starting sentences with these phrases are automatic argument starters, as the other person will almost always come back defensively. Try using more ‘I’ statements, as the only person you are an expert on is yourself. Instead of saying, “You never help me out around here,” try “I feel overwhelmed with all the housework. Can you start taking out the garbage on your way to work?”

Do you think each argument is the end of the relationship? While dating and engagements can be bliss, successful marriages have arguments. After all, you still have your own backgrounds, beliefs and lives. You are going to argue. The difference is what you do with those arguments. It helps to not have important discussions when angry. If you feel yourself getting upset, take a time out and come back to it when you’re both calm. Then, come at the situation as a team instead of on the defensive. If you said ‘yes’ to any of these, don’t despair. The good news is that all these issues can be addressed. If you feel you need additional help, try seeing a therapist together. They can help walk you through solutions for each of these issues. That way, you will be ready for not only your big day, but what comes after.

“While dating and engagements can be bliss, successful marriages have arguments.” Jean Zelenko is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in communication skills, selfesteem and resolution of past traumas. Jean's purpose and meaning is doing therapy. She brings energy, excitement and a caring and loving nature to therapy. She has her own private practice, Confident Counseling Services.





Jill and Aaron became Mr. and Mrs. Royer at the beautiful John James Audubon Park in Henderson, KY. The weather was ideal for a garden party wedding held under a crisp white tent on the lawn of the museum. Café lights, wildflowers and bottled twinkle lights created a magical look, perfect for one of the last gorgeous days of summer. A lush floral arch served as the focal point as they exchanged vows during the heartfelt ceremony. Afterwards, cocktail hour on the museum patio featured hors d’oerves and Jill and Aaron’s very own home brewed beers. Each guest was given a souvenir tasting glass with the couple’s initials. After a delicious bar-b-que dinner, toasts were made as guests danced into the night to a live band. As night fell, the glow of lights and laughter of friends made for a romantic ending to the happiest day of their lives. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY




MAKING PHOTOGRAPHER Equinox Photography VENUE Audubon Park Museum WEDDING PLANNER Maria Scott Events FLORAL Creative Touches BRIDAL GOWN Fabulous Bridal BAND The Music City Sound CAKE Family Member TENT Bauer’s Tents and Party Rentals HAIR Courtney Sutton / Solaris Aveda MAKE-UP Jessi Suminski O’Brien


YOUR BEST! MOTHERS of the bride and groom everywhere understand the importance of helping their son or daughter pick out the perfect attire for their big day. Whether it’s searching for a gorgeous gown, hand-sewing an heirloom veil or simply picking up the wedding party tuxes, mothers are willing to do almost anything to make their son or daughter’s day a success. While so much time is spent focused on the engaged couple, choosing an outfit for themselves is often put on the back burner. Gone are the days when mothers are resigned to wear matronly dresses and demur accessories. Now, moms are encouraged to pick outfits that show off their style and personality. We love the many stylish options available and were inspired to round up some of our favorite looks, courtesy of Dillard’s of Evansville. Hair by Jessica’s Hair Design.

Photography by Shillawna Ruffner Photography


DRESS R&M Richards $119 MAKE-UP Clinique MODEL Nancy Harris of Touch of Home Catering

DRESS Alex Evenings $240 MAKE-UP Clinique MODEL Jane Elpers of OBJ Design

DRESS Adrianna Papall $320 MAKE-UP Osmotics MODEL Cate Sisco of Piece of Cake Bakery

DRESS Ignite Evenings $179 MAKE-UP Lancome MODEL Stefanie Flemming of Stef’s L’s Amour



Stephanie Susie Photography

Shillawna Ruffner Photography


Shillawna Ruffner Photography

Shillawna Ruffner Photography

Pierce Garter House of White

Vintage Clutch and Blue Fiance’s heels Stef L’s Amour

Swarovski Bracelets Dillard’s

Thistle—Eryngium Zeidlers

Navy Blue 'Penelope' Bralet & Matching Thong House of White Photo by Fearlessly Feminine Photography

18K Blue Topaz Bracelet Diamond Galleria

Photo by Diane Shaw




GET FIT WITH IF you are reading this article, then it’s likely your big day is in the near future and you want to look your best! But, let’s broaden the lens a bit. Fitness delivers more than just a particular look. It gives you more confidence, increased energy, a stronger immune system, reduced levels of stress, better sleep quality, reduced risk of health conditions and disease – the list goes on and on! Is there anything previously mentioned that wouldn’t benefit you leading up to the big day? We didn’t think so either! We understand that a fitness journey can be intimidating and you may not know where to start. The good news is that you are not alone, and we would like to offer you, and anyone else looking for a healthier lifestyle, a few pieces of advice to get you moving in the right direction Find a partner or partners Start with a friend, co-worker, sibling, parent, bridesmaid/ groomsman, or better yet, your future spouse. Working out with a partner helps keep you and your partner accountable. Let’s face it, nobody likes when someone cancels on them, especially when it’s a friend (or fiancé). Your partner can also give you a little extra motivation to keep pushing forward, too. The only workout you’ll regret, is the one you didn’t do! And to the guys out there, if you’re future wife wants to commit to a healthy lifestyle, offer unconditional support. Better yet, commit with her!

Track your progress. How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been? There are apps available that make tracking your exercise/nutrition easy. When you start, take pictures, get a starting weight, and take measurements using a measuring tape. Don’t make your journey all about measurements. Only weigh or measure once every week or two, the results will come when you stay consistent. Process over destination. When committing to a healthier lifestyle, it is all about the process. Experiment until you find what works for you. Some experiments will be failures, but those that are successful easily become habit and a part of your new routine! Just ask Sarah and John from Orangetheory Fitness at Roscoe Village in Chicago. These two committed to each other and to change. They started their fitness journey shortly after becoming engaged last year. “We were immediately hooked and loved adding OTF to our weight loss regime. We participated in multiple peak weeks, a weight loss challenge, and other seminars and special events offered by OTF.” Their dedication paid off. Together, they shed 120 pounds and now are healthier (and happier) than they have ever been! “We’ve learned that fitness isn’t a destination, but rather a lifestyle that we look forward to maintaining with the help of our friends at Orangetheory Fitness.”

Make your fitness journey a priority As busy as we all are, most of us can find an hour to spare. We are talking just 4.167% of your day. Figure out when that one hour is least likely to get interrupted and start there. This may mean getting up early and getting it done before the day starts! As daunting as that sounds, in a few weeks you will be adjusted to the early mornings, feeling accomplished and energized as you start the day! Clean up the eating habits. We aren’t talking about a particular diet. Diets are typically temporary, and most people don’t sustain a diet for very long. A good place to start is by simply being conscious of the choices you are making. Look for healthy alternatives and for ways to make small, simple adjustments that are easy to sustain and incorporate. Two simple pieces of advice: Drink more water. Eat more whole, fresh foods, and less processed foods. If you can do those two things, you are off to a good start! If you are crunched for time, you can easily prep meals for the week ahead of time by setting a few hours aside on a Saturday or Sunday!

At Orangetheory Fitness in Evansville, you will experience a scientifically designed 1-hour workout that keeps burning calories for up to 36 hours. Our classes are heart-rate based, high energy, customized for your fitness level, and led by a professional coach. To find out more, see our Ad on page 20, or visit us at orangetheoryfitness.com.


DIY DISTRESSED and upcycled pieces can make for the perfect displays for desserts or other accents for your wedding, and they are super easy to do! MATERIALS -vintage dresser/table/stand (can be found anywhere from a garage sale to a vintage/thrift shop to a friend who is looking to unload some extra furniture, which is where this piece came from) -chalk paint (there are high end brands, but you can also find them at stores like Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot... or there are recipes on Pinterest to make your own, which I do all the time) -small roller brush -small paint brush for smaller areas -paint tray and liners -sander (hand sander or electric) -wax coat or spray coat

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Because chalk paint will cover most anything, you do not have to sand down your wood/surface before applying like you would if you were re-staining a piece. In this case, I chose to use two very different colors, so I started with my base coat of blue. Use a brush as needed for smaller areas, but stick with the roller for most areas to give the cleanest look. 2. Allow all paint to dry thoroughly then apply second coat of different color. 3. Once all paint is dry, use your hand sander or electric sander to gently strip away excess paint to bring out the bottom layer of color and even some of the base wood. How much you distress the piece is completely up to you! Remember that sand paper has different grit levels. This piece used both a high grit and a low grit for a varied look, but most beginners should start out with a fine grain/low grit sand paper for their projects because once you've sanded down too far, it's next to impossible to fix it to the level that you are striving for (says the person who speaks from experience).

4. Your last step is to coat your piece. Because of the additives to chalk paint, it makes it susceptible to water damage, so in order to protect it, you should either add a wax coat (generally sold in the same brand as your paint color) or simply use a spray paint clear coat, which is what I do. Personally, I find wax coats yellow quickly, and I have yet to have any issues with spray coat finishes. For the vintage look, stick with a matte finish. ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

Desserts by Cindy's Sweets ~ Heavenly Treats Special Events Dessert Bars; Cindy Schmitt, Owner 812-774-2507


FOR brides or grooms for a flair for the original, consider hand designing your thank you cards and having them printed locally or printed through an online company. With many card stocks to choose from, your one-of-akind design is a personal keepsake from your special day, and they are extremely easy to make. For this design, we used: -watercolor paper -brushes -Ken Oliver Crafts Color Burst pigment* -ruler -pencil -Sanford Artgum eraser for the most gentle line erasing Pinterest is a fabulous resource for flower ideas, but you aren't limited to floral patterns. Pick something on trend with your event theme, and worst case scenario recruit a friend to bounce ideas off of or even assist with the actual design.

Once you are done, your area printer should be able to scan the design for you. Discuss sizing and decide if you are purchasing envelopes from them or buying them separately, which actually usually gives you more color and size options. Order extras just in case, too! The final results will make you (and any mom who was a stickler for a hand-written thank you note) proud. Your personal touch elevates it from card to piece of art!

*Ken Oliver is an accomplished artist who specializes in watercolor, paper crafting, altered art, mixed media book binding and craft projects. Ken lives in Newburgh, Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River. You can learn more about him and his products at: http://www.kensworldinprogress.com/ ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY


HAIR DREAMING of a soft, romantic look but wanting your hair to stay styled and frizz free? Stylist Kyle Miller of Impulse Salon and Spa created this gorgeous look to satisfy both dreams and practicality. To keep the soft look, chunky tendrils of hair were caught up at the nape of the neck to keep the curls from hanging loose. Twisting and tucking portions around the crown, Kyle secured them at the base, creating a beautiful soft curled effect. The result is a lovely styled look that will maintain its shape and keep our bride looking picture perfect all day. For the hottest hair styles and to schedule an appointment for your bridal party hair session contact Impulse Salon & Spa www.ImpulseHair.com 812.858.5554





Ketones, Fat loss, Burning Fat, Energy, .........these words are starting to surface, and we want to know what it means! What is Ketosis, and what is all the buzz about? Ketosis is a metabolic state where most of the body's energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis where blood glucose provides most of the energy. In simpler terms, your body is burning fat for fuel, which is why our bodies start to lose unwanted fat. Think of the body as a hybrid car that can burn electricity or gasoline for fuel. Our bodies are designed to use two different fuel sources, they can burn sugar (glucose) or fat (ketones). Studies show our bodies thrive when living off of fat (ketones) for fuel. Our muscles will reject glucose in favor of ketones when ketone levels in the blood are high enough. Our brains thrive on ketones, and your mental clarity, cognition and memory skyrocket. The Navy Seals have turned to Ketosis, which the American Diabetes Association defines as the state the body goes into as it breaks down body fat for energy. “The state is marked by raised levels of ketones in the blood, which can be used by the body as fuel.” In a natural state, our bodies take two to four weeks or more to turn this switch from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel. The switch only occurs when carbs are restricted to 30 grams per day or fewer for most people. This is where products like KETO//OS change the game. By supplementing with exogenous ketones, we can make the switch happen faster and start using ketones for fuel within minutes. You will see ketone levels in the blood rise within 60 minutes of taking products like KETO//OS. There are eight key benefits of ketosis. They are: 1. Fat loss 2. Reduced hunger and cravings 3. Surge in energy 4. Improved moods 5. Sharper mental clarity and focus 6. Autoimmune disease healing and prevention ENGAGED! RIVER VALLEY

7. Skin improvements such as softer, suppler skin or elimination of rashes/eczema/acne 8. Lower inflammation which can improve chronic pain, reduce heart disease risk and cancer risks Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her big day. When you look good and feel good, your confidence and happiness shine through. For some of us, that may mean losing weight, having better skin, being in a better mood, or having more energy for the big day, and working ketosis into your regimen might be the answer for you. Kelley Ashby is a Prüvit Health and Wellness Advocate. Her goal is helping you find the motivation to make healthy choices every day. She promotes the use of KETO//OS to help you lose unwanted fat, have more energy, improve your mental clarity, and help reset your health, so you can be your most gorgeous self! For more information on the benefits of exogenous ketones visit her site at: renewhealth.pruvitnow.com


DJ FINDING a quality DJ is key to a successful wedding reception. After your ceremony, you should enjoy a relaxed time of food, fun, and dancing, not stress, awkward silence, or inappropriate sounds from your DJ’s sound system. In order to do that, though, you need appropriate speaker balance. Here's why... Inexperienced DJ’s will bring in their loudest system, which unfortunately will only yield for you the BOOM BOOM BOOM sound that you hear when a car drives by your house when someone is playing his or her loud music with a lot of bass. Inexperienced DJ’s might also bring in two powered speakers or just bring in two speakers on speaker stands and play your receptions in this fashion. There is a science behind mastering DJ bass and subwoofers, though, and these scenarios are not it. The first thing that you should be aware of is that having a subwoofer at your wedding is not absolutely necessary. Some wedding DJ companies may charge you an extra fee for adding a subwoofer to their main sound system while others may have it included in their packages. We at Songbird DJ Service look at several different things before we decide if we are going to use a subwoofer at your receptions. Those are 1. Where are you going to have your reception? 2. How many guests are you going to have at your reception? and 3. What is the average age going to be at your reception or party? The reason why we asked about the age is that sometimes with elderly event guests, it can be annoying to hear too much bass. Most guests do not realize if the wedding disc jockey is using any subwoofers at all, but the older guests might come up and tell you that the music is “too loud” or “all the songs are the same” just because they hear lots of low frequency response. However, if the vast majority of your guests are young and middle age people and they like listening to dance, rock or hip hop music, it might be a great idea to have at least one sub adding more bass, energy and excitement to your dancing area.


We ask how many guests will be at your reception because the more people you have, the more the sound will be absorbed by their bodies. If having very high quality sound is one of your main priorities, large weddings would require two to four subwoofers as well as additional wired or wireless speakers in every corner of your room. Lastly, bear in mind any sound restrictions at the wedding venue you are in the process of choosing. The last thing that you want is neighbors or nearby businesses calling the police to file a noise complaint. Some venues such as restaurants, hotels and receptions halls also prefer that you not use subwoofers. While others may not have any restrictions, so depending on your want or need, be sure and ask the question of the facilities that you are narrowing down to! Brent Knight is the General Manager of Songbird Entertainment and has been DJing professionally since 1993. He is certified by Bose for Audio Engineering Acoustics Installations and was a radio personality on 96 WSTO for 2 years as Romeo On The Radio then moving on to Clear Channel Radio in Cincinnati, OH, doing productions and imaging as well as being part of the national radio show Fish & The Freak Show. Brent has been with Songbird Entertainment since 2003 delivering high quality DJ service for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Photo by Penelope Belle Photography




Haub Steakhouse Satisfy your sweet tooth with this strawberry shortcake tower.

Zeidler's Pincushion pr otea is a long lasting tropical flower, available year round, in tones of yellow, orange and red.

Piece of Cake One of the hottest trends for wedding cakes is glitter. Gold is the most popular option, but the glitter also comes in silver or pink. Glitter is fun and glamorous and can take a wedding cake to the next level.


Dillard's SPANX has choices for ever y body to help smooth, shape, and sculpt to give you targeted support and a total transformation.

Ella Park Bridal Tie Headband (style HB1616) fr om En Vogue Accessories - $129.99. Make a feminine statement in this organza headband embellished in a unique braid of rhinestone and pearl accents. This easy-towear design secures on satin ties for a perfect fit.

Mystic Hand Letterpress & Design Custom designed invitations, letterpress printing on fine cotton papers, calligraphy and sign painting–all available in Evansville.

Stef L's Amour Vintage broaches like this one found at Stef L's Amour vintage shop make perfect hair accents for your big day. Think outside of the box, and repurpose something old into something BEAUTIFUL!

Sauced Herbal Delight Martini: Rosemary & Stevia infused Bone Dry Gin with Malfy Limone & Dolin Blanc Vermouth make a perfect “Herbal Delight” martini

5 Pink Peonies These beautiful, custom made, bridesmaid proposal gift necklaces can be found at www.Etsy.com/Shop/5PinkPeonies. Use the code ENGAGED! to get 10% off your next order of $20 or more. Request a custom design or choose from the large selection of hand drawn backgrounds.



AMBER UNGETHIEM I didn't realize that when I kept crossing paths with Amber in my wedding world and at our daughters' cheerleading spheres that she would one day be one of my dearest friends. Over the course of the last few years, though, I have gotten to know this amazing mother whose values and work ethic align with my own. Along with her (equally awesome) husband, she is the coowner of The Hornet's Nest Steakhouse, Pizza Depot, Kingmen's Event Facility, and the newly acquired Haub Steakhouse. I call her a food industry dynamo. Their restaurants can provide you everything from a sit down meal to carry-out casual to ultra fine dining, and their Kingmen's Event Facility is also home to corporate events, parties, family gatherings, receptions and weddings. Tucked away on the Northside of Evansville, it is located on a secluded 10-acre site that is fabulous for weddings and other events such as wedding or baby showers! If it's not already on your radar, it should be! And if you didn't catch the feature that we did about rehearsal dinners at Haub Steak House... turn back a few pages to see what you missed! Amber isn't all business, though! She is an active community volunteer, and she has a heart a gold! So I am very proud to feature her as my very person "May I introduce you to" friend! - Nikki Davis

With long over a decade in the area wedding industry, ENGAGED! managing editor Nikki Davis wanted to take the opportunity to personally introduce you to her favorite business folks in the Tri-State! Photo by Shillawna Ruffner Photography


WORSHAM HALL Worsham Hall has a long history in Henderson, KY, and is most recently owned by businesswoman Pem Pfisterer Clark and her husband Glenn Johnson. The property was originally owned by famous naturalist and painter John James Audubon. The city of Henderson took it over in the late 1800s and built a trolley turn-around station, where a rotary track turned the trolley around between its trips to the river and back to town. There was what was referred to as "the trolley shack" onsite where, in the basement, the conductors would clean up and shower after their shifts. The showers, mirror, and medicine cabinet are still in place from early 1900s. Following a tragic trolley accident, though, the trolley was decommissioned, the shack torn down, and the property sold to the American Legion. It was shortly after World War I, and the post was used for newly returned veterans to Henderson County. The building was renamed after Lieut. Arch D. Worsham who gave his life in service to our country at a battle in France just ten weeks before the Armistice ended the war. The American Legion's newly constructed building was made in the Art Deco style that originated in the 1920s and was popular world-wide in the 1930s. According to the history shared by Pem, "The Worsham Post #40 building was completed at 215 North Elm Street in 1934 and served the veterans well with no outside alterations for sixty-five years...The outside paint color scheme is the same one used on the Art Deco Park Avenue Building in New York City." In 1999, Pem and her husband Glenn bought the building right before it could be torn down and made into a parking lot for the building next door, and it is now on the National Register of Historical Places and protected. They purchased the building so that she could teach her art classes, but what she's done with the building has been so much more! Pem goes on to share, "I opened Pem Pfisterer Clark's School of Art Instruction there in 1999 and rented as a reception hall the space the Legion had used as their multi purpose room. The smaller meeting rooms were reconfigured into office suites that we also rented. As my business has grown, I have taken over most of the office space. Suite A is now the Recording Studio for my nationally syndicated radio show, 'Wedding Planning With Pem.' Suite B is The Henderson Room, which is a meeting room during the week and The Bride's Room on the weekends, and Suite D houses Worsham Wedding Chapel, a beautiful little chapel that hosts as many as five weddings in a week. Suite C continues to be the legal offices of Anita Mindrup-Ivie. Pem has now been in the wedding industry for seventeen years. She owns Gallery Gifts & Bridal, a full service bridal boutique; Worsham Hall; Worsham Wedding Chapel, where she officiates weddings; hosts the nationally syndicated radio show, "Wedding Planning With Pem" that has been airing for fifteen years; hosts the TV version of "Wedding Planning With Pem" that has been airing for seven years and is involved in a new television project entitled "Pem's Guide To 'I Do.'" Worsham Hall hosts service and professional organizations, parties, reunions, church services, memorial services, bereavement dinners, weddings and receptions. Pem shares that her favorite thing about the


building is, "the architecture and the atmosphere. The architecture is a beautiful example of Art Deco. Our guests tell us they love the energy of the space." She also adds, "I LOVE weddings!!! If they are held in my Worsham Hall/Worsham Wedding Chapel, I love them even more!!!" To find Worsham Hall, visit 215 North Elm Street, Henderson, KY, 42420. You can also find Pem and her wedding businesses online at: http:// www.pemsbridal.com/ and http:// www.marrymesimply.com/. To schedule a tour, phone 270-826-4008 or text: 270-454-8181. Pem is also on Facebook under Worsham Wedding Chapel, Gallery Gifts & Bridal, and Wedding Planning With Pem and on Instagram under Pem1231.


ADVERTISER DIRECTORY 5 Pink Peonies www.My5Girls.com Acropolis 501 N Green River Road Evansville, IN 47715 812.475.9320 www.acropolisevv.com facebook.com/acropolisevv twitter.com/theacropolis All About You DJ 812.604.6437 info@allaboutyoudj.com Bauerhaus 13605 Darmstadt Road Evansville, IN 47725 812.867.3169 www.thebauerhaus.com Bauerhaus Catering 13605 Darmstadt Road Evansville, IN 47725 812.759.9000 www.bauerhauscatering.com Bauerhaus Pastry 13605 Darmstadt Road Evansville, IN 47725 812.867.3588 www.bauerhauspastry.com Bauer's Tents and Party Rentals 13607 Darmstadt Rd Evansville, IN 47725 www.bauerstents.com www.facebook.com/bauerstents Bob Davis State Farm 2727 N First Avenue Evansville, IN 47710 812.491.7888 www.evansville.sf facebook.com/agentbobdavis Beautiful Beach Honeymoons & Vacations www.beautifulbeachhoneymoons.com kelly@beautifulbeachhoneymoons.com 812.962.3665 800.507.9525 F: 812.645.0652 Daily's Annex Bakery 701 N Main Street Evansville, IN, 47711 812.423.0320 www.daily's-bakery.net Facebook - Daily's Annex Bakery

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It Works! Melissa Meador, Diamond Executive 812.598.3369 www.melissameador.myitworks.com

Donna Curry Esthetics 812.483.1208 www.donnacurry.skincaretherapy.net www.facebook.com/ estheticiandonnacurry www.instagram.com/donnacurryesthetics

Kingmen's Event Facility 15901 Old Petersburg Road Evansville, IN 47725 812.868.1111 www.kingmensevents.com www.facebook.com/ kingmenseventfacility

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OBJ Design Jane Elpers, CERP 14101 Big Cynthiana Road Evansville, IN 47720 C: 812.499.2331 O: 812.480.6767 www.objdesign.net Orangetheory Fitness 3431 N Green River Road - Lakeside Crossing Evansville, IN 47715 812.645.9712 www.orangetheoryfitness.ccom Piece of Cake 20 Main Street Evansville, IN 47708 812.424.CAKE (2253) www.pieceofcakebakery.com Plexus Krystal Bealmear, Independent Ambassador 812.629.5120 pink_revolution@yahoo.com www.shopmyplexus.com/krystalbealmear www.facebook.com/ pinkrevolutionkrystalbealmear

DIRECTORY Pruvit Kelley Ashby 703.946.5817 Renewhealth.pruvitnow.com Rae Photography www.raephotos.com www.facebook.com/rae.photos www.instagram.com/ raephotography_andierae Rapp-Owen Granary 413 Granary Street New Harmony, IN 47631 812.682.3050 www.rappowengranary.com Ribeyre Gymnasium 603 Main Street New Harmony, IN 47631 812.682.3050 Facebook - Ribeyre Gymnasium Restoration Group Roofless Church 420 North Street New Harmony, IN 47631 812-862-3050 www.robertleeblafferfoundation.org

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United Fidelity Bank Various locations in Evansville, Mt. Vernon, and Newburgh 812.424.0921 (main office) www.unitedfidelity.com Vickers Photo 812.568.6919 www.vickerphotos.com Zeidlers 812.421.1234 www.zeidlersweddings.com www.facebook.com/zeidlersflowers www.instagram.com/zeidlersflowers www.twitter.com/zeidlers

IN LOVING MEMORY Barbara McCarty was a dear friend to many of us in the Evansville Area Wedding Networking Association. She was a like a mom to some, like a sister to others, but in whatever capacity you knew her in, she was always one of the kindest people that you would ever meet! Barbara passed away in April 2016 after a tough fight against cancer. She was known for her outgoing attitude, infectious smile, adventurous spirit, and generosity. Barbara was passionate about community development, arts and culture, women and children's advocacy, and nature preservation. She played an instrumental part in the Evansville community and volunteered for the Girl Scouts of the USA, ANEW- A Network of Evansville Women, the Arthritis Foundation, Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, and WNIN Tri-State Public Media. With your help she will be honored in Barbara's Grove as a featured space for children to play within the new Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve - Children's Playscape opening in the Fall of 2017. For more information or to make a contribution, visit: gofundme.com/barbarasgrove