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CRM or customer relationship management is business strategy to build stronger relationship with the customers. It provides 360 degree view on the customer data. It reduces the cost and increases the profitability.

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Earlier company collects the documents from the database, which was not an efficient method for processing and analysing the information. Moreover it was really difficult to maintain multiple customers.

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During 1990 customer relationship management (CRM) was introduced.

Web based CRM Today ď ˝

CRM has brought a drastic change to the company. It not only helps to maintain a strong relationship with the clients but also simultaneously focus on increasing the business profit. It has overcome all the hindrance in the client communication, redundant tasks can be avoided, etc.

Early 1980′s: Personal Computers  Late 1980′s: Client/Server  1995: Netscape and the Internet  2010: Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing 

Offers long term benefits for the business  Cost effective solution  Increases the operational efficiency  Can make more sales opportunity  Excellent customer service  Identify and target on the right customers  Rapid ROI 

CRM software works by collecting leads  Analyzing the collected information  Adjusting the campaign to increase sales 

Marketing – Run campaign & generating leads 

Sales – Assigning leads Qualifying leads Converting leads and Tracking the opportunity 

Orders – Deliver the products Produce invoices 

Support – Manage cases Provide service 

According to Gartner, 

Gartner has the most aggressive forecast of CRM SaaS adoption, projecting 50% of all CRM applications will be Web-based by 2016

Marketing automation will lead CRM application segment growth with a 10.7% compound annual growth (CAGR) through 2016, reaching a total market value of $4.6B.

“Multiple solution under single platform “

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What do your customer think, need and want?  How you can get the most out of CRM ?  How do you identify, capture and communicate your business requirements ?  How do you ensure that product are delivered on time within the budget on high level quality ? 

Choose your best customers

With CRM work on the targted customers



Thus CRM software provides an end to end solution.  Stay one step ahead of your competitor with the help of web based CRM  Improve the bottom line  Generate more revenue  Increase positive social impact. 

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What is CRM ?  

CRM customer relationship management is an enhanced tool manage day to day business activties.