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Why Is Homelessness Still an Issue Even in Times of Economic Growth? Ca s e



Facts 

Approximately half of all runaways were physically abused before fleeing home. Up to a third of runaways have been forced to perform a sexual act against his/ her will.

Half of all runaways left home because of a disagreement with a parent or guardian.

A third of all runaways will attempt suicide.

This year, one in 260 runaways and homeless youths will die from assault, illness, and suicide.

1.6 to 1.7 million people under the age of 18 will experience homelessness each year.

Displacement Poverty is a major issue that is unfortunately growing not just in America, but in the world as a whole. It is awful that a person has to be left out in the cold, rain, and heat of the night just because they don’t have a place to call “home.” When people say homeless, they think I can’t believe that they chose to be that way. Many don’t chose to be homeless and a more accurate term to define this problem would be displacement. Many become homeless because of other factors in life that they can’t control. Or because of someone else’s

actions that cause them to be in the situation that they are in. In other countries,

be able to provide and support. So next time you see a homeless person on the street, don’t judge and blame them for the life they live. Extend a helping hand to the less fortunate and maybe save a life. people are driven to be homeless because of the state of the country, not the individual’s choice. They don’t live in a country that would provide them with the things that they need to

Why? People’s choices they make in life may or may not be the cause of their current living situation. Their parents may not of been able to give them the life they deserved.

The country that one lives in will contribute to how you life is. If you have to struggle to get the basic minuends to survive, like water and food having a home doesn’t seem that important any more.

Why Is Homelessness Still an Issue Even in Times of Economic Growth?

Did you know? 

1 out of every 3 homeless people are under 18.

The homeless pop. is roughly 50% African American, 35% Caucasian, 12% Hispanic, 2% Native American and 1% Asian.

In the past decade, people in conflicted areas become displaced at a rate of 100 per hour.

People who are homeless are not social inadequate. They are people without homes -- Sheila McKenchnie

The Roots of Sudan. Sudan has suffered decades of civil war, drought, widespread, ethnic conflict. The government has purposely pushed families out of their homes, leaving them to live in famine and homelessness. There has often been militia attacks

Would you make people leave knowing they have no place to go?

and bombing causing families to move seeking for a safe place from bombardment. This has caused regular outbreaks of disease, chronic food insecurity, and limited access to clean water.

Sudan: Country Information LOCATION: Africa CAPITAL: Khartoum

MENT: 31%

POPULATION: 42,272,000


SIZE: 1 quarter of the U.S. LANGUAGE: Arabic, Swahili, and Nubian.

“In the name of the hungry, the naked, and the blind I accept this award.”


CHILD MORTALITY RATE:112 deaths/1000 births.

-Mother Teresa


Did You Know? 

Sudan is the largest African country.

Sudan’s name in Arabic means “land of Blacks” .

Sudan is controlled by a Military Government.

Displaced mother an d child walk alone down the track.



Young People Struggling to Survive! dress herself. She does not want to have sex with men for money, but she can not find a job. Life is getting more rough for her every day. The only place she feels safe is at home, but yet she is still unsettled. “When I leave home I work, Will I reach there safely?”

Samira a 21 year old trying to survive in Juba, Sudan is selling herself just to survive. She knows that it is not ok to do it, but she has to eat and

John an 18 year old boy who has been living in

the streets since he was 10 tells us that, “he will do anything to earn money.” His father was a soldier and died when he was younger, his mom is still alive, but he can’t stay with her because she cannot support both of them. He states, “we sleep under tables but we can be attacked.” Knowing that they might be woken to a cop beating them they still try to survive. He says that, “ If the money isn’t here then I starve. But friends help each other. We share in the market.” They do not want to keep killing or harming themselves, but they need to money and they need it today!

Solutions The International Conference for Assistance to Refugees (ICARA) had invited over one hundred countries to participate in trying to pledge money for the refugees. With the UN ambassador pledging the highest amount, $285 million they failed to meet there goal. $560 mil-

lion was pledged with some being West Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the EEC. With the goal of $500 million for immediate rehabilitation , these countries exceeded that, but still $1.2 billion is needed for long-term rehab. Although the short term has only been solved they are

trying to do something to change the longterm.

More than 13,000 refugees have been made homeless by the floods in Sudan around!

Current Situation The rainy season has hit Sudan! With over 30 killed, 100 injured, and 25,000 homes destroyed the flood is really causing problems. Hundreds of mud homes have been destroyed leaving many homeless. The authorities are concerned that the Nile will keep rising, submerging

the lower houses in the capital. This could also cause diseases to break out . The Sudanese have over 20,000 homeless from the flood. The UN started an emergency relief effort to help get food to the people. This flood has made a big problem in Sudan.

People leaving the area to avoid the flood waters.

Did you know that 1 in 8 people in the U.S lives below Poverty Line?

What`s the Government`s Role?

The government has involved a couple programs and different types of assistance such as; Progressive income tax, Public assistance programs, economic development programs, and trying to manage the economy. More than one in 8 people live below poverty line, which is an estimate of $21,756 for a family of four. A family of four would need to earn twice the poverty line to provide the basic needs for there children. An estimate of 84% of single mothers are in the working field and are still living in poverty making it hard to provide. This affects the children, 30 percent of children live in low income families in America. Also one in every two babies are enrolled in WIC. Low in-come families spend a large amount of money on food which accounts for 17.1% of there annual in-come making less $10,000.

Real stories Children in America seem to be hit the hardest these are stories of teens and what they deal with everyday. Shannay is a seventeen year old senior in high school. She lives with her mother and grandmother which have been her strongest influence in life. Shannay hasn`t herd from her father in years, who is in jail. “None of my friends– none of them have fathers that live in the same household,” Shannay says. “ I guess it`s accepted.” “ But I think it matters,” she adds. “I wish I had a dad.” Jesse Staley also a senior in high school dreamed of graduating high school and attending prom. While girls from her school are shopping for prom dresses and planning to go to after parties she is struggling to

feed her brothers and sisters. Her father a delivery driver has 12– 15 hour shifts doesn`t get enough money to pay all there bills wishes he had more government help to be able to provide college for Jesse and her other siblings. Even though this family isn`t homeless they

only have $120 each months for food. Jesse`s dream is to attend college but with the con-

stant struggle her family has it`s most likely she won` get the college experience. Keyshawna a single mother supports her three children on $12.86 an hour as a nursing attendent . She was raised by her father, while her mother was out of her life because of an addiction with cocaine. Keyshawna had her first child at age 15 but still managed to graduate high school. Each of her children has a different father and non of there fathers are around. She doesn`t have money to provide the basic needs for her children so her family helps pitch in for food and needed items.


This magazine is to inform people of the growing problem of homelessness. It is an important issue that people need to become more aware of.