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03/ 2011


Notes from the Editors...

Welcome of the Model for a Day Competition Special! This special issue of Engaged is her to introduce you to the 33 gorgeous ladies who each want to feature in our upcoming editorial photo shoot. We have been so happy with the number of entries and everyone who has entered has just reinforced to us just how beautiful the ladies of New Zealand are. We also have interviews with a couple of the businesses that are helping to make this competition happen - Jessica Photography and City Bridal. As you will see from Jessica’s interview (and accompanying photos), she is amazingly talented and we are so excited to see the results of the final editorial shoot. City Bridal have also been amazingly supportive and have a fantastic range of dresses that we will be showcasing in the shoot. Well, it is now up to you, the readers, to check out the hopefuls and cast your vote!

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The Hopefuls

Meet the


We thought it would be great for you all to meet the photographer who will be shooting the upcoming editorial spread. So, we recently met up with the extremely talented Jessica Higueras from Jessica Photography and chatted with her about her approach to her photography, some of the new things she is doing with her business, and her inspiration.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. You are originally from Peru and mother of two. How long have you been in NZ and when did you start your business? I have been 10 years in NZ (and still the accent hahaha). I would say I have 3 children because my business became my 3rd one since the first day Jessica Photography Ltd was created, which was June 2006 How would you describe your style or your approach to wedding photography? I think all photographers start with a style and then we keep evolving year after year…I approach wedding photography with a mix of photojournalism, editorial, portrait, landscape and even macro photography!!… put all that in a box, shake it and then that’s what you would see! I would add to all that my real passion for photography and my eye when shooting, my personality and enthusiasm when directing, and also my x-factor when editing. I read you went back to Peru and cover a wedding that won a Kodak Gold Award, how was it going back to Peru and shooting there? Yes, I had the great opportunity to shoot a wedding in Lima. I approached it exactly in the same way as I do weddings here. Normally weddings in Lima are at night but this one was during the day. Lima was better than I remembered it and I have to confess that it felt really good to be back and shooting there. It was a lovely surprise to win the Kodak Gold Award, which is a great affirmation of the quality of work, and design that we do. I’ve seen your photos and can really say that you are doing great things with your photography, where do you get your inspiration from? I’m always trying to reinvent myself and improve my photographic craft. I’m addicted to magazines! There’s

nothing better than sitting with a big pile of mags and a good coffee!!.... also like watching lots of movies and music videos. I have an eye for ‘framing’ portraits everywhere I go. I cant help seeing photos of couples even when I’m not shooting a wedding!! I see you also do editorial shoots. How are these different from weddings? They are totally different. In weddings, couples are different from professional models, you need to know how to direct them and you don’t have as much time as you would have on an editorial shoot. Also, with weddings, you are watching the clock all day and you need to be organized and deliver no matter what even if it is a stormy day! It cant be postponed. You recently added an Associate, Jared Luke to your business. What do you think this addition will offer to your clients? Jared is a talented and passionate photographer who is able to cover weddings in the same unique style as I do. It is a pleasure to have somebody with such great talent on board that adds to the overall flavor of Jessica Photography. This will give more opportunities for those couples that wish to experience the special Jessica Photography touch as we now have more dates available for bookings. All Images are edited in house giving that unique style that is Jessica Photography With the recession, have you found that people are spending less on their wedding photography? No, I have found that people are still willing to pay for a quality photographer. People recognize that wedding photos are something not to be skimped on and are willing to pay for experience and expertise. Do you shoot portraits as well? Yes, I enjoy shooting family portraits, children at play and Pregnancy. I’m a bit like a Fashion designer when shooting

Pregnancy as I like to use different type of fabrics in my shoots! ..… I love it!!! Do you have any advice for people when choosing a wedding photographer? I think it is really important to look at complete wedding albums to see how the photographer captures the day and how they can design your story in an album. How do you feel when looking back at yourself, 5 years ago when you started your business and now shooting all the great weddings you’ve done, shooting editorials and even having covers on magazines? I feel very privileged to be doing what I love. I feel extremely lucky to be shooting weddings in this beautiful country with amazing landscapes and venues! Now that I’m shooting editorials, I feel that I’m living my dream and I’m very grateful to be doing this. It has been a long road paved with lots of effort, commitment and dedication to be where I am now. It looks like you are very goal orientated…. What is next for Jessica Photography? Yes, I’m always looking for new projects to continue my development and growth as a photographer. I have some very exciting plans on the horizon, so watch this space….. of course next thing is finding out who will be our winner for the editorial shoot for Engaged. To find more about Jessica Photography and tips for your wedding visit And ask for our specials we are offering until end of month.

Over the next few pages, we have some fantastic examples of Jessica’s work (including some of her recent editorial work which looks amazing).



We are pleased to announce that in our upcoming editorial shoot, we will be showcasing some fantastic dresses from City Bridal. We asked Vera Wang and Rositta Chong from City Bridal about what they do and what they see as the next trends in bridal gown design. Give us some background about your business. When did you start and what made you want to get into wedding dresses? Vera Wang: I have been immersed in design and beauty all my life so it only felt natural to end up designing wedding fashion. With my wedding gowns, my aim is to make every woman feel extra beautiful on her special day. I am inspired by my research in North America and Asia, where I personally select most of the fabrics for the wedding and bridesmaid gowns I create. However, while creating amazing gowns that make a bride look fantastic is extremely important, service is also a top priority for me. If I promise that a gown will be completed on a certain date, I always make sure it will be. At Vera Zuccari Couture, we are able to supply wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, ball gowns and all wedding accessories, providing customers with a “one-stop-shop” experience they can trust completely. We also opened “City Bridal” in Auckland in 2004, and this brand is now found in selected wedding retailers across New Zealand. Rositta Chong: I have been passionate about designing clothing since I was little. I even used to design paper clothing for paper dolls when I was still at Primary School! My father had a clothing manufacturing business exporting to Europe and the USA which I used to work at in the school holidays, so I have learnt about the design and manufacturing process from a very young age. That developed into a huge passion for fashion and I have now been involved in the fashion industry in New

Zealand for 25 years. I really have a passion for clothes and people. When I see a piece of fabric, I can really visualise a style and can imagine how it will look like on a person. Through my designs, I want to bring the best out of people. I really want people to feel good and confident in what they wear rather than just following the trend. The gown must suit the bride’s personality and that is always my aim. For most brides, it is the first time getting married and can be a daunting process. It doesn’t need to be though, does it? Tell us about the process for brides wanting a wedding dress from City Bridal. Our consultation at our showrooms are by appointment only, which means each and every bride gets our full attention and the showroom to herself, without other clients popping in to scan through the available dresses and interrupt her trying on process. We sit down and have a talk to the bride about what she would like and then make suggestions about dresses, both within her ideal dress style and also dresses that may suit her. If the bride has seen a dress in a magazine that she likes, it is great if she can bring that photo to us. Once the bride finds a gown she likes, we take an extensive range of measurements and arrange to have it made in our workshop. It takes about 12-14 weeks for dresses from our Couture Collection. We find that most dresses fit perfectly first time, but we also provide extra fittings if needed. What is the difference between your City Bridal Collection, Couture Collection and Simply Exquisite / Exquisite Designs Collection? Our range of gowns is very complementing, providing each bride with the opportunity to choose from a variety of exclusive gowns that meet her needs, expectations, style, price range and personal wishes.

Each collection offers a choice of alternative options to ensure the gown of choice meets and exceeds the bride’s expectations. Is there a trying on or consultation fee? No, there are no consultation fees as we believe the customers need a chance to establish a close working relationship to us and feel sure that they are in good hands. As soon as the bride and members of her family and friends recognize during the initial free consultation that we are working hard to provide her with the gown that best suits her, stands out and perfectly matches her dream dress, then we start designing her exquisite gown. Some shops only supply dresses up to size 12. Do you have any dresses available for plus size brides? Our couture collection gowns are custom made. This allows us to tailor one-off gowns that fit perfectly and compliment different body shapes. Is there any style that is currently more popular than others? And what are your predictions for the future? At the moment, there seems to be a trend towards single shoulder strap, less beading and a softer structure. There is a strong indication that in future there will be more emphasis on a designer look rather than the traditional look. Furthermore, we believe that lighter weight; free and easy gowns will gain in popularity. Do you offer any other services besides wedding dresses? While we focus on bridal gowns, we also offer custom-made bridesmaid gowns and mother of the bride gowns. We also have a large range of wedding accessories such as veils, shoes and jewellery. And as we are in the business of tailoring, we obviously offer alteration and fitting services. Don’t forget to head to to view their collection.



We have the photographer and the dresses. Now, we need the model. On the next few pages are the 33 hopefuls who all want your votes so that they can be the one featuring in our editorial shoot. As you will see, they are all gorgeous ladies. It sure is going to be a tough call as to who will be the one...

Turn the page to view the entries!

You’ve seen the entries - now it is time to vote! It’s quick and easy to vote - click the link below and select the gorgeous lady who you think should feature in our upcoming editorial shoot! Also, everyone who votes goes in the draw for a $100 voucher from Beads Glorious Beads!


Also, don’t forget to follow our facebook pages to keep up to date with the competition! Jessica Photography Engaged Magazine

Engaged Model for Day Competition Special  

Engaged Model for a Day Competition Special - your chance to vote for which gorgeous lady will feature in our upcoming editorial shoot

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