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engaged DECEMBER 2009


Why you should get your colours done before choosing your dress


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Band, DJ or DIY music?

Our Place, Your Event Just 45 minutes south of Auckland you will find a little piece of the Mediterranean. Nestled in the northern slopes of the Bombay hills on more than 86 hectares and surrounded by 40,000 olive trees is the tranquil and beautiful Bracu. Your wedding is a personal and intimate Occasion. The decision on your venue is often the first and most important one you will make as it becomes the heart of the celebration. Simunovich Olive Estate provides privacy and seclusion which makes the property exceptional. The options for delivering your perfect day are endless and we will work with you to ensure all your dreams are fulfilled. There are a number of locations on the estate for you to choose from when it comes to having your ceremony and exchanging your vows. Bracu Restaurant is a dining destination that ignites the senses and captivates the palate. This excellence is carried through in every aspect of our food delivery. Our Head Chef and Restaurant Manager lead a talented team who deliver culinary delights that will leave your guests talking about the experience long after your big day. Modern, European cuisine with a hint of New Zealand influence uses the best of fresh, seasonal, local produce and products from the estate. We invite you to join in our relaxing atmosphere of casual sophistication.

WEDDINGS ON THE ESTATE 49 Main Road, R D 1 B ombay, Auckland 2675, New Zealand Telephone +6 4 9 236 10 30,

Notes from the Editors... Where has the year gone? We can hardly believe that Christmas is less than four weeks away!

Cover Credits: Photography: Amanda Wignell Photography Couple: Jono & Julie

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While the lead up to Christmas, and Christmas itself, can be a really busy time for many, it is also a great time to get some of your wedding planning done. The Christmas and January sales are a fantastic time to buy any of those bits and pieces for your wedding, especially if you are making your own table decorations or invitations. Off-the-rack bridesmaids’ dresses can also often be bought on sale, so you can save loads! This month, we have our inaugural Twelve Days of Christmas competition. We will have prizes up for grabs every day from 7 December and everyone who enters for more than eight of the twelve days goes in the draw for our grand prize, which includes a night’s accommodation at the a Heritage or City Life Hotel of your choice! Each day, we will have a clue which we will be posting on our Facebook and Twitter pages - so make sure that you become a fan now! The team here wishes you an enjoyable and safe festive season. Enjoy!

Tim & Deborah

BAND, DJ or IPOD? Tips for choosing the right music for your wedding reception


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VANUATU Resort weddings to suit every budget

COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL Find our exactly what shade of white is going to make you look your best Page 4 : engaged : December 2009

FOUR WEDDINGS (NO FUNERAL) Amanda Wignell shares some of her favourite photos with us



IT’S A MAN’S WORLD Grooming tips for the groom

SURVIVING THE SILLY SEASON Tips for keeping your health regime on track over the festive season


table of contents Page 5 : engaged : December 2009

nadia couture Redefining bridesmaids. nadia couture is Auckland’s premier bridesmaid shop. Timeless design, quality fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship for the bride and your bridesmaids needs. nadiacouture garments range from soft silk chiffon to elegant formal satin, available in a wide range of colours and sizes. To compliment the dresses, nadia couture has exquisite jewellery and beautiful evening bags, guaranteeing nadia remains a ‘must-see’ destination for your entire bridal party and every evening occasion.

271a Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

Phone: 09 361 1205

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Competitions Changing your name? Win one of 20 Easy Name Change Kits! Are you changing your name after you get married? You’re probably wondering how to get it done quickly and easily. What forms do you need to fill out and what paperwork do you need to provide? Easy Name Change can help. Easy Name Change is New Zealand’s own bridal name change service that provides you with all the information you need to change your name in one place. The name change kit includes procedures and forms for popular companies and letter and fax templates to help notify companies of your new name. We have 20 Easy Name Change kits to give away. Click the button below to find out how to enter.

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Glamorpuss Cosmetics has generously given us another make-over valued at $75 to give away. The make-over will make you look fantastic - the professionals at Glamorpuss will colour match the winner with foundation, concealer and powder, then apply colour to lips, eyes and cheeks with make-up artists tips through-out! To be in the draw, hit the button below and complete the entry form.

Enter here

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Engaged’s Twelve Days of Chris Competition

7-18 December Prizes up for grabs everyda

Become a fan on our Facebook page us on Twitter to receive the entry c

Prizes include: A night’s accommodation at a Heritage or Shoehorns courtesy of Nest, a copy of Beautiful Eyes: The Ulti Personalised Chocolates from Chocolate Promotions, $150 vouche Skincare Products courtesy of The Pureskin Clinic an Page 8 : engaged : December 2009


Chocolate Promotions Say it with chocolate

Leave your guests with a delicious memento of your special day. We specialise in personalised bitesize portions of mouth-watering mint chocolate with your own unique message or image. The perfect finishing touch to your table setting. When friends/family are unable to attend your special day. When family/friends come to view your wedding gifts and photos.


e or follow clues.

r CityLife hotel, Manalo Blahnik imate Eye Makeup Guide, 100 ers from Beads Glorious Beads, nd much more!

Ring us for a free sample

09 - 2711042

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Music: it’s a vital part of life to some of us and an essential requirement for a great wedding. It provides a soundtrack to what could be the greatest day of your married life. Celebratory tunes for your first walk down the aisle as husband and wife, something romantic for your first dance, something poignant for your father-daughter dance, songs to get the guests up and onto the dance floor: it’s all needed to make your day truly memorable. One sign of a great wedding is how much the guests dance into the wee small hours of the morning. And if you can persuade

Page 11 : engaged : December 2009

those reluctant dancers onto the floor, you know you’ve done a fantastic job! So the big question is how? Do you go with the more tradition live band or DJ, or take the DIY approach and compile your own playlist on CD or i-pod? Engaged discusses the pros and cons.

I’m With the Band There is something classy about hiring a band. What’s more, the band members have personalities that can enliven your wedding. They can serve as entertainers, providing light banter between sets. Talented bands can enthral an audience and even non-dancers will enjoy watching and listening to them perform. An energetic band can energise the crowd. Experienced bands will also be able to adjust their sound to suit the acoustics of the venue. They will be able to adapt the tempo to suit the mood of the crowd and the progress of the evening. They also will be able to take endless requests! And if you are having a themed wedding, this is where bands really come into their own. Having a Irish-themed wedding? Look for a band that specialises in a whole range of Celtic music! A 1920s wedding may suit a ‘big band’ feel with lots of brass! Now for the downside… while “live” is always better, it can be expensive. When doing your budget, think about if you would like a band and ring a couple to get an idea of pricing. When making enquiries, it is a great idea to see if the band will only play a limited number of hours or songs and ensure that that agreement is reduced to writing, so you don’t find the band packing up just as the dancing really gets going! Finally, when thinking of booking a band, make sure you get in early. Suggested time for booking a band in most cases is at least three months. Page 12 : engaged : December 2009

A DJ Saved My Life Tonight Good DJs also have amazing personalities and the ability to ‘work the crowd’, judging the mood at each stage during the night. Even if it is not their job to say a word, their ability to “read” the audience is a major bonus. With a huge range of songs available to him or her, the DJ can fit the music to suit whether Great Aunt Ada is being spun round the dance floor or the teens need to get up and let loose. A good DJ will know their music inside out and what songs are always popular and get just about everyone on the dance floor. As mentioned, DJs generally have a dizzying array of music: jazz, Broadway musicals, the latest top 40s. All you need to do is let him or her know what you like and, sometimes more importantly, what you definitely don’t like! He may have suggestions about what would be good if you are stuck for choice.

COPYRIGHT? Sometimes people wonder if they need a licence to play music at their wedding reception (or whether their DJ or venue needs a licence).

And, like a band, DJs do requests. Unlike a band, the DJ’s range of choices may be far wider and they will have something to suit everyone.

We contacted the Australasian Performing Rights Association (“APRA”) who informed us that weddings are classed as “domestic functions” and, accordingly, no licence is required.

A DJ may not cost as much as a band, but you must ensure you

Yay, one less thing to worry about!

Page 13 : engaged : December 2009

get a good one. An unenthusiastic or inexperienced DJ can kill the celebratory mood of your crowd. It can definitely be a case of “you get what you pay for” so you may need to pay a bit more to get one that you feel comfortable will handle your wedding the appropriate skill and expertise. The best thing to do is make sure that you meet the DJ first, listen to a sample play list and ask to look at their list of songs, to ensure they will have something that all age ranges and tastes will like. If possible, see if they have any testimonials or past clients that you can get in touch with. As with bands, make sure you find out the number of hours that come with the package and if your DJ would be willing to add extra hours if necessary.

Your Chance to Live Out Those DJ Fantasies The cheapest option for wedding music is a pre-recorded CD or i-pod playlist. It allows you to choose the songs you and your fiancé like and set those songs up to be played at the appropriate times during the day. Be warned though – these playlists can take a lot of time and thought! One big advantage of using your own music is that you don’t need to audition bands or DJs; you know your own and, hopefully, each other’s tastes. As your own DJ you can get more variety as you mix up your own music – from lone trumpet songs to full brass bands to rhythm ‘n’ bass to good ol’ eighties rock: it’s your choice. Just remember your guests. With the guest list beside you, think about what your guests would like to hear and what will help them enjoy their night.

Page 14 : engaged : December 2009

To set up your own playlist, consider the timing of the wedding and what kind of songs you want played when. It is a good idea to ‘overstuff’ the period that guests are eating. There is nothing worse than the first dance music coming on while people are still lined up at the buffet table. Over estimate the number of songs needed so there is no need to put your soundtrack on repeat. Also important is tempo. Use background music during cocktails and canapés as guests will be chatting and catching up. The same goes for during the dinner service. Several DJs advise that you should ‘ramp up’ during the night and once you start playing music for people to dance to, you should try to keep all of the following tracks danceable. It is often heard that ‘if you’ve put up real dance music and you slow it down, it’s like murder to get people back out on the dance floor’. The music can start to soften as the farewell dance approaches. One of the downsides of organising your own music is that it is more difficult to change the music to flow with the mood of the crowd. There is also a bit of an art to choosing the right music that will get the crowd going (it is this experience that makes a good DJ worth their weight in gold). Technically, three things are important. First, check with the venue that you can play CDs or plug an i-pod into their stereo system and that their system has good, clear sound. Secondly, someone should be placed in charge of monitoring the i-pod and playlists, just in case something goes wrong, and also to ensure the right songs are played at the right time. This should be the only person who can control the i-pod – there is nothing worse than guests with a few drinks under their belts interrupting your carefully planned playlist to find ‘their song’! And the last thing? Have a back-up! Whichever medium you choose, make sure you keep your music happy – it’s a celebration and you want your guests to enjoy!

Page 15 : engaged : December 2009

Page 16 : engaged : December 2009

Colour Me


WHITE OR CREAM? SILVER OR GOLD? Naturally we all want to shine on our wedding day and just as importantly, look our very best in our wedding photos. Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. A time when the focus is on the bride! Which brings us to the very important topic of colour. Page 17 : engaged : December 2009

Some of you may be able to tell whether white or cream is best suited to your skin tone, and some of you may know what styles of dress suit your body shape. However your wedding day is the one time where you definitely don’t want to get it wrong. Let us go into ‘colour’ a bit more. Everyone is born with either a warm skin tone or a cool skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone you have yellow undertones and if you are cool skin toned you have blue/pink undertones. If you have a warm skin tone, it is essential you wear warm tones/colours, and if you have a cool skin tone you should only wear cool colours which will blend well with your natural skin tone. The difference between wearing the right colours and the wrong colours can have such a dramatic effect on your appearance. For example, if you wear colours that are too harsh for your skin you will appear washed out and people will be drawn to the colour, rather than you. There is the old saying ‘we want you to wear the colour, not the colour to wear you’. On the same note, if you wear a colour too pale for your skin tone you will look sallow, tired and ill. In general, wearing a colour that doesn’t blend with your natural skin tone makes fine lines, uneven skin tone, dark circles and blemishes become more prominent. On the contrary, wearing the right colour can make one look more youthful and alive. The skin appears more radiant and will have a natural glow about it. Overall you will look healthy and your eyes will sparkle. Now tell me who doesn’t want to look like this, especially on your big day. There is such a beautiful array of colours out there, but it is all about what hues and intensities are right for your skin tone. For example everyone can wear green. It is just knowing what shade is right for you. Is it olive green or is it emerald green or is it mint green? The same applies to blues and yellows and pinks.

Page 18 : engaged : December 2009

So if you are not sure whether to wear white or cream or wear gold or silver accessories and shoes, or maybe you are unsure what colour you want your bridal party to dress in, then now may be the time to invest some time into yourself by having a professional draping done. There will be a cost for this service, however unlike a facial where the benefits last days, having your colours done will benefit you forever. Your skin tone doesn’t change so it is worth the investment. Of course, a colour draping will not only apply to the colours of your clothes, but also to your accessories, shoes, make-up, hair colours, and glasses. Even more reason to take the step! In the long term it will save you time and money and shopping will become a more productive and enjoyable experience as you will know exactly which colours to go for and which ones to steer clear of. Be a stunner on your wedding day and get the colours right. Just because you love a particular colour, doesn’t always mean it’s the colour you should be dressing in.

Colour With Style Colour consultants Anita and Andie from Colour with Style love colour and the love people. When you have a colour consulation with them, they focus solely on you and your personal image. Their aim is to help you discover your own natural beauty regardless of your shape, size, gender, age or budget and they are committed to making you look good and feel good. There are different packages to suit, and you can even have a group session (with up to five other people). When you have a colour consultation, not only will you find out which colours are right for you, but you will also get lots of tips and advice for dressing for your body shape as well as how to accessorise to your advantage. You can find out more about their service at www.colourwithstyle.

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

With thanks to Anita and Andie from Colour with Style for their assistance with this article. Page 19 : engaged : December 2009

Boutique Wedding Venue A wonderful wedding begins with a wonderful venue.

2 – 8 Maginnity Street, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand | Page 20 : engaged : December 2009

T: + 64 4 4741300

The Wellesley Boutique Hotel located in Wellington's CBD has an ambience which is unique. Within the classical neo-Georgian building are facilities and appointments which make the Wellesley Boutique Hotel a superb wedding venue. Elegant drapes and carpeting, monogrammed silver and crockery, antique furniture, paneled walls hung with original paintings – all create an atmosphere of elegance. But selecting the right venue is just the start. Food, wines, flowers and so many details are all important.

The Grand Dining Room is magnificently panelled in oak, whilst the high stud allows for natural light through elegantly draped windows. This room caters for up to 120 guests banquet style or 200 for cocktails.

Our Grand Dining Room, where your reception will take place, is accessed via the sweeping staircase.

At the Wellesley Boutique Hotel we never forget whose wedding it is.

Choosing the Wellesley Boutique Hotel means being able to call on the skills of our experienced wedding co-ordinator, who will work with you to ensure you create a wedding which suits your personal style – and your budget.

E: | W:: December www. Page 21 : engaged 2009

Four Weddings

(but no funeral)

This month, Amanda Wignell shares some photos from four of her favourite weddings. This award-winning photographer has beautiful images that truly capture the essence of each wedding. Enjoy! Amanda Wignell Photography - Page 22 : engaged : December 2009


Page 23 : engaged : December 2009

Ross & Nadine

Page 24 : engaged : December 2009

Page 25 : engaged : December 2009

Page 26 : engaged : December 2009

Page 27 : engaged : December 2009

Page 28 : engaged : December 2009

Page 29 : engaged : December 2009

Page 30 : engaged : December 2009

Ross & Amy

Page 31 : engaged : December 2009

Page 32 : engaged : December 2009

Page 33 : engaged : December 2009

Page 34 : engaged : December 2009

Page 35 : engaged : December 2009

Jono & Julie

Page 36 : engaged : December 2009

Page 37 : engaged : December 2009

Page 38 : engaged : December 2009

Page 39 : engaged : December 2009

Page 40 : engaged : December 2009

Page 41 : engaged : December 2009

Craig & Fi

Page 42 : engaged : December 2009

Page 43 : engaged : December 2009

Page 44 : engaged : December 2009

Page 45 : engaged : December 2009

Page 46 : engaged : December 2009

Page 47 : engaged : December 2009

Page 48 : engaged : December 2009

Page 49 : engaged : December 2009

Page 50 : engaged : December 2009

We offer an outstanding range of wedding invitations at a reasonable cost. Options also available to change the colour of the designs according to your colour theme. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.

exquisite invitations | craft paper | greeting cards

Mob: 021 076 6623 E: W:

R O M A N T I C A L B E RTO N A lovely centrally-located historic Auckland venue for weddings, civil unions, wedding photos and functions. Indoor and outdoor options available. web: email: phone: +64 9 846 7367

Stunning freeze dried Rose and Hydrangea petals in 25 colours and blends

Exquisite bouquets for brides and bridesmaids

Personalized petal cones

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Leonie Fisher Mobile Make-up Artist

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Create your own unique jewellery. Custom designs with delight. Beads for embellishment. 6 Kingsland Tce, Kingsland, Auckland - Phone: 09 815 1177




Mob: 021 458 687

Through the Lens

Showcasing Photographic Excellence

Photograph by VisionWorks Photography

Page 53 : engaged : May 2009

Amy Schulz Photography

Website: Email: Mobile: 0211556071 Wellington and Nationwide

Page 54 : engaged : December 2009

Rob Driessen Photography

Website: Master NZ Institute of Professional Photography

Email: Phone: 04 479 7769 Wellington

Emma Hughes Photography Website: Email: Phone: 09 372 8729 Mobile: 021 051 3292 Waiheke and Auckland Master NZ Institute of Professional Photography

Page 55 : engaged : December 2009

Brett Lees, Unique Visions Photography Website: Email: Phone: 09 817 7014 Mobile: 0274 913 061 Qualified Member NZ Institute of Professional Photography Auckland

Jan Maree Vodanovich Photography and Art Website: Email: Phone: 09 236 8553 Mobile: 027 281 5921 Auckland, Franklin, Hamilton

Page 56 : engaged : December 2009

Jeremy Hill Photography Website: Email: Phone: (09) 8263394 Mobile: 021 2279196 Auckland

Vicky Broadbent Website: Qualified Member NZ Institute of Professional Photography

Page 57 : engaged : December 2009

Email: Phone: 021 633 404 Coromandel and Auckland

Photography by Marijke Website: Email: Phone: 07 572 4085 Mobile: 021 560 509 Bay of Plenty and Nationwide

Victoria Vincent Photography Website: Mobile: 021 213 5759 Wellington, Nelson, Nationwide


Page 58 : engaged : December 2009

VisionWorks Photography

Website: Email: Phone: 09 845 5925 Mobile: 021 44 88 17 Auckland

Amanda Wignell Photography Website: Email: Phone: 09 426 2647 Mobile: 027 615 3078 Associate Member NZ Institute of Professional Photography Auckland and Northland

Page 59 : engaged : December 2009

Parker Swannell Photography Email: Phone: 09 817 2678 Mobile: 021 257 5355 Auckland

New Regent Studios Website: Email: Phone: 03 355 4448 Mobile: 027 229 2329 Christchurch

Page 60 : engaged : December 2009

Where The Heart Is Photography

Website: Email: Phone: 07 8547933 Mobile: 021 235 7976 Auckland, Waikato, King Country & Bay of Plenty

VisionWorks Photography

Website: Email: Phone: 09 123 4567 Mobile: 021 123 4567 Auckland

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Page 62 : engaged : December 2009

It’s a MAN’S WORLD Hey girls, drag your men to this page and start reading, you’ll be glad you did… On their wedding day men don’t normally wear makeup, all they have is their bare skin. Read all about how to have it looking great on that special day! Thanks guys for reading! Generally most women like you to not only smell good, but to feel good too. You and your partner spend many hours preparing for your wedding – suits, haircuts, shoes, cars, and photographer. So what about preparing that face of yours as well?

Page 63 : engaged : December 2009

We both know that a lot of you don’t like the idea of putting products on your skin, so it can be hard for the ladies in your life to convince you to use any. However, if someone were to ask you if having skin that looks younger and smoother is important to you, you would agree, right? So isn’t that a great reason to start looking after your skin now, to prepare for your wedding day? Some helpful tips to start with… The first thing is an easy one. You need to drink loads of water. Water is essential for hydration. It is also beneficial to take Omega3 orally, which has proven to lower levels of stress, therefore helping our bodies to do what they do best. This allows your skin (being your largest organ) to work the most effectively. Pureskin Clinic promotes ProLife supplements for achieving these results. ProLife is an organic and natural range of products that uses deep-sea fish for collecting Omega3. They also test all their products for quality assurance. In terms of products, if you are new to putting lotions on your face, it is recommended that you start with something that smells very manly, and doesn’t make your face feel too oily and heavy. Also recommended is using a gel cleanser, morning

cream and a night gel, every day for three weeks. It is a well-known theory that to create a habit we need to complete an action consistently every day for 21 days. This will then mean that taking care of your skin has become a way of life to you. You will see amazing results…. simple and effective! It is about starting with a basic skin care regime to have your skin looking youthful and smooth. From there you can move on to serums, which are more potent and results driven. As an example, at Pureskin they recommend using their Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C is one of the most amazing and proactive anti-ageing products to protect you from the sun – remember just because you are a man you are not immune to the damage from the sun. A lot of skin damage is done in our late teens to early 30s. So using a good sun block is essential. It is a great way of protecting your face from the harmful damage and helps you to keep looking more youthful. Vitamin C is scientifically proven and is also effective in the fight against wrinkles, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. However, when taken orally, only a very small amount of this precious skin-saving

Page 64 : engaged : December 2009

vitamin actually reaches the skin. And because the body cannot manufacture or store vitamin C, the skin often lacks this essential nutrient. That’s why it is crucial to obtain enough of this powerful anti-oxidant, collagen-boosting, and skin-strengthening ingredient, by applying a daily dose of Vitamin C to the skin. Vitamin C is normally deposited in the skin. It is an essential part of the anti-oxidant brigade to protect skin against free radical assault, from the atmosphere and from ultra violet light – it’s your very own natural sun inhibitor! Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes of South Africa, says that Vitamin C affects pigmentation in two ways: The creation of melanin is an oxidative process and so a powerful antioxidant like vitamin C could counteract the oxidative process required to create melanin. Ascorbic acid also has a role to play as an inhibitor tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is essential for the formation of melanin, so if it is inhibited then the action of pigmentation is reduced.

wondering about now what this word “glue” means? Desmosomes are essential adhesion structures in most skin cells. They consist of a specific group of proteins, necessary to join the intermediate filament network of one cell to the intermediate filament network of a neighboring cell, thus forming a strong bond. Facials can even out the skin and peels can be used to break down the glue, so the dead skin cells can be removed leaving a younger looking skin. With the proper care and products, your skin can look as good as you feel!

WIN The Pureskin Clinic is giving away two gel cleansers for two lucky guys to start their skincare regime now. Click here to find out how to enter this competition.

As we age the skin gets thicker and it builds up a “glue” (Desmosomes Bond) that holds on to dead skin cells, blocking the skin and giving an uneven skin tone and texture. The result is a dull leathery looking skin, not the best look! You are probably

Page 65 : engaged : December 2009

Great receptions don’t happen by chance... Christchurch’s elite professional mobile disco. Providing high quality, tasteful entertainment for wedding receptions for over 20 years, with the experience and the skill to create something special just for you.

Therese Mitchell (aka DJ Chick) Ph: 349 2501 Mob: 021 216 2610 Page 66 : : December 2009

visionworks PHOTOGRAPHY

Packages from $1495 Page 67 : engaged : December 2009

Welcome to the third of a series of health and fitness -related articles which aim to put you on the road to looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. We would like to thank Rachael Corcoran and Gym Junkie, New Zealand’s health and fitness community website, for contributing to this series.

Page 68 : engaged : October 2009



SILLY SEASON By Rachael Corcoran

Well, the aptly named ‘silly season’ is upon us. The next six to eight weeks is likely to involve more than your usual number of invites to after work drinks, dinners, cocktail parties, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and the like. Added to this, you will be having additional days off work, likely be taking the odd day trip away or holiday, and in essence having some major disruptions in routine. I have therefore chosen to keep this article a little on the ‘lighter’ side, because it is exactly these types of occasions that can cause ‘road-blocks’ in your journey to looking fabulous on your wedding day. In addition, becoming and keeping fit and healthy shouldn’t have to be a burden, and missing out on these occasions simply to avoid temptation, can leave you feeling less enthusiastic about your health and weight goals. Page 69 : engaged : October 2009

The following are The Twelve Commandments that I have been giving clients for a number of years on surviving celebrations, family dinners and nights out without piling on the pounds! 1. Acknowledge that the mind is weak when it comes to the fruits of

the gods (ie food and alcohol).

2. Diarise your fitness sessions as well as your business meetings and

social engagements.

3. On those days that social activities fall, extend your fitness session

by 15 mins (weight loss/maintenance is all about calories burned in relation to calories consumed).

4. During workouts try to up the intensity, thus expending more calories

(especially if you cannot extend the duration of the exercise session).

5. Keep the sessions fun, take advantage of different surrounds. Walking

sand dunes or through surf or on a riverbed is good for leg muscles and a great cardio workout.

6. Drink plenty (of H2O). Especially important in negating the dehydration

associated with the ‘day after’ hang-over.

7. Eating healthy snacks at morning and afternoon tea will stop any

cravings and will keep your metabolism high (again helping with the calorie burning).

8. Don’t skip meals prior to social engagements, it will only encourage

you to eat to excess at the event.

9. Fill your plate with the healthy stuff first, however, if you have real

trouble controlling yourself, ask your partner to plate your food for you.

Page 70 : engaged : October 2009


Should your best laid plans for a healthy day turn to custard, simply move on and come up with ways to ‘work around’ the challenges you identified on this occasion. (It is important to note here that we often repeat mistakes, so if you can work out a way of dealing with that particular demon, you can avoid it again in the future).


Remember that if you’re on track with your diet and fitness most of the time, then the odd splurge won’t matter. (In fact it can be good for the soul).


Above all, enjoy the time you have with family and friends and appreciate the talents with which you are blessed.

From myself and all the licensed kHiSSt Health Coaches throughout the country, I would like to wish you a beautiful Christmas season, and I look forward to helping you on your road to health in the New Year.

Rachael Corcoran is Head Coach and Director of kHiSSt Health Coaching. As well as contributing articles, Rachael is a motivational speaker, her main subject material being body image, and inspiring health.

Page 71 : engaged : October 2009

Page 72 : engaged : December 2009

VANUATU Working Holiday with a Twist: Part One


much-anticipated working holiday to scout out the best wedding and honeymoon destinations in Vanuatu was unfortunately cut short when Tonia Timmins, Wedding Expert at Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel, fell and broke her ankle. However, in less than a week Tonia was able to look around seven great resorts and is keen to share her experiences and recommendations. Consider this Part One - look out for Part Two early next year when Tonia makes a return trip to complete her discovery of Vanuatu. “I feel that Vanuatu is under-rated as a wedding destination here in New Zealand and is often over-shadowed by the ever-popular Cook Islands and Fiji wedding destinations. However in my short time in Vanuatu, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it as a destination for a holiday, wedding or honeymoon”, says Tonia. “Efate is the most visited and tourist-friendly island in Vanuatu’s 83-island archipelago due to the International Airport in Port Vila. Surrounded by villages scattered down the coast, Port Vila is the capital city - vibrant, yet laid-back, with a mixture of European, Vietnamese, Chinese and Melanesian cultures. Exploring the lagoons, waterfalls, coral reefs and native rainforests will keep you busy in Vila. On a Sunday I drove around the coastline of Efate, stopping off at friendly villages where the locals were dressed in their colourful Sunday-best. The beauty and variety of Vanuatu’s undersea-world is highly regarded in the Pacific, along with the gourmet dining available in Vila. As well as experiencing seven great resorts – Le Lagon, Erakor Island,

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Paradise Cove, The Moorings, The Meridian, The Melanesian and The Sebel – I met with key wedding coordinators on the island. Unlike Fiji and the Cook Islands, where most resorts have their own wedding coordinators, in Vanuatu, independent wedding coordinators plan all wedding arrangements, which allows you seemingly limitless choices, especially in terms of locations. Here are my impressions of the resorts I visited in Vila, catering to a variety of budgets:

Le Lagon Resort This is a great resort for couples and families and offers a great choice of accommodation to suit all budgets. Le Lagon is a large resort featuring an appealing swimming pool with a swim-up bar at one end. The resort has two restaurants, the Lagoon Terrace Restaurant being the main restaurant that serves breakfast, and lunch as well as a themed buffet dinner daily with live cultural entertainment.

Le Lagon has a fine dining restaurant called Wild Ginger – an Asian Fusion Restaurant with an open exhibition kitchen. The menu is a fusion of the freshest local produce, including Vanuatu’s world-renowned char-grilled Santo Beef. This prime cut of beef comes from Espiritu Santo, one of the northerly islands and is popular on menus across Vanuatu. Swimming in the ocean can be enjoyed all day with the water changing from a green to a blue later in the day - it’s really quite amazing. The garden and beachfront bungalows with their small verandahs are fabulous for couples and the beachfront bungalows obviously have a great view. Le Lagon Resort is well spread out and, although a large resort and one of the original resorts on the island, it is very well maintained and exudes a warm cosy feeling.

Erakor Island Resort This resort is just across the bay from Le Lagon, located on a very small island and is ideal for those on a tighter budget but wanting an island holiday. You can even dine here and charge back to your room at the Le Lagon, travelling across on a boat that operates 24 hours a day just beside the Le Lagon. The Erakor Island Resort restaurant is waterfront with magnificent views and the food is very reasonably priced. There is a sandy point at one end of the island where weddings can be held

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and they also have an open air chapel – which is a novel option to consider. Erakor Island Resort has deluxe and waterfront bungalows and also family accommodation, however all rooms are fan cooled rather than air-conditioned.

Paradise Cove This would have to be my personal favourite - a real tropical boutique retreat. The ten self-contained bungalows are all uniquely decorated and set amongst tropical gardens. There is one staff member per guest at this resort so the attention and service to guests is top quality. The staff are so friendly they will feel like close friends by the end of your stay. The beach is great for swimming and the views from this resort are magnificent looking across to the town of Port Vila in the distance. Weddings can be held on the beach or in the gardens. In case of rain, part of the restaurant comes out on a point to meet with the water’s edge and is under cover while still giving you the feeling you are on the beach. Paradise Cove is small but big on service and you just won’t want to leave this little piece of paradise. The only downside is that the last ten minutes of the road to the resort is not tar-sealed and there are lots of pot holes - perhaps a free massage to and from the resort?

Climate Wet Season: Nov – Apr, average temp 20 C Dry season: May-Oct, average temp 23 C Vanuatu is two hours behind NZ during daylight savings

Money Exchange It is not possible to buy the local currency (Vatu) in New Zealand before your departure. Money can be changed at the airport upon arrival in Vanuatu, however the local Goodies or 7/11 stores in town will give you a better exchange rate. Keep in mind that stores and banks (except the airport bank) are closed in the weekend. Change your money back before returning to New Zealand. While credit cards are accepted in most places, you will need cash if visiting the local markets or supermarkets. When using a credit card for payment (even at the resorts), there is a surcharge of approximately 2.5% depending on the card being used. 100 Vatu = approximately NZD 2.00

Getting Around Driving is on the right-hand side which does take some getting used to if renting a car or even just crossing the street. However the drivers are very courteous on the road and are used to tourists stepping out. Taxis are plentiful and are all metered. Mini-buses offer a frequent service and, although not time tabled, they can be flagged down and will take you anywhere in the local area for 100 Vatu per person. This is the cheapest way to travel if you have the time and don’t mind the frequent stops.

Getting there I travelled on Air Vanuatu leaving on the 31st of October. Flight time is just three hours. The crew on Air Vanuatu were friendly and really looked after the passengers well. In a sense it was like going back in time to the days of good old-fashioned service, for example, tea, coffee and drinks were offered throughout the flight and not just at meal times.

Getting Married Vila as a wedding destination has so much to offer and I am really excited to be able to promote this destination as another option for engaged couples. Weddings can take place in a resort’s on-site chapel or beach, but there is also an array of choice for ceremony locations elsewhere on the island. I particularly recommend the Mele Cascades Waterfall which is an area surrounded by fabulous lush tropical fauna and magnificent waterfalls great for photographs. There are areas out of town where it’s so deserted you will honestly think you are the only people on the beach. If choosing not to marry at a resort, I have made contact with a Wedding Co-ordinator in Vila who has lived there for 26 years and is highly regarded in Vila and able to organise all transportation to the site and every finer detail you could think of. Genuine and enthusiastic, she will go that extra mile to make your day the very best. Page 78 : engaged : December 2009

The Moorings This is a great mid-range small property on the outskirts of town within walking distance of restaurants and bars. The property is beachfront and very modern and, although the rooms are small, they are well-equiped and extremely airy. The main gathering venue is the bar and restaurant which has a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There is a deck built over the water’s edge which would be great as a wedding venue – with plenty of room to celebrate into the evening afterwards.

The Meridien As with most Meridien properties, there is that touch of luxury that awaits you on arrival. This resort covers a huge area with lots of room for more development – in fact major renovations are planned for early next year. The overwater villas are lovely and really romantic and this is where they offer the VIP experience. This includes VIP meet and greet on arrival, hassle-free check in and check out, fresh fruit daily, canapes served in the villa every evening with a choice of beverage. Continental breakfast is served daily in your villa with complimentary laundry service and free internet access. These villas are on their own little island which has access to the main resort by a swing bridge (for those that have the courage) or a more stable road bridge for the faint-hearted.

The Melanesian This is a standard property offering affordable accommodation to the budget-conscious. If you were staying here, you would probably consider

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the many beautiful locations elsewhere on the island for your wedding ceremony.

The Sebel This is a great hotel situated right in town – with all the conveniences and dining choices but unfortunately no beach. All rooms have a view out over the port of Vila and across to Iririki Island Resort. The rooms are small but have all that is required for your stay. Vanuatu is great for those who want culture along with the usual beachy things that island resorts offer. The French influence has inspired many great restaurants such as L’Houstalet and Villa Chaumiere. My steak restaurant recommendation would be to go to Chill Restaurant and Bar - the meat just melts in your mouth! For a quieter, more intimate evening, visit the local markets for the fresh veges and fruits, buy some of the local bread and pastries, pick up a bottle of French red wine, and dine on your own balcony. Vila has something to suit everyone in the wedding party, with a good mix of lazing-around options as well as activities and beautiful places to explore. Linger in Vila to enjoy your honeymoon or travel to one of the outer islands that make up the Vanuatu group. I was to travel to Tanna Island which is most famous for its volcano Mt Yasur, considered to be the most easily accessible active volcano in the world. My impressions of this island will be in Part Two of my story… Tonia Timmins Wedding Expert – Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel

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Weddings in Paradise

“Choosing Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel to organise my wedding travel arrangements was the first decision that I made, and by far one of the best! Tonia has such a broad range of knowledge in destination weddings, her advice was invaluable! From arranging packages for my family all over New Zealand to helping me choose the right resort for our wedding. We not only had the perfect wedding, we also enjoyed a fabulous holiday with our family that we will never forget.� Stacey and Chris Morunga October 2008

Expert in Paradise! Tonia Timmins is our Wedding and Honeymoon Expert, using her exceptional organisational skills, travel expertise and creative flair to design beach wedding and honeymoon packages. All wedding packages we feature are at resorts Tonia has visited, enjoying the hospitality and charm of island paradises in the quest to find the best Pacific wedding and honeymoon destinations.

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his month Engaged talks to the owners of the innovative Paperless Wedding. Jim and Emma recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary in full-on Kiwi fashion with a bach weekender in the Coromandel, but a year ago they had no idea what a bach was! Just after their wedding they quit their London jobs, rented out their East End flat and set off to move to Auckland, via an extended honeymoon in sunny Thailand and a camper trip around the not-

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quite-so-sunny South Island. They have since thrown themselves into New Zealand life as much as they can (reporting the best things as the scenery and cafes), including getting their new venture, Paperless Wedding, up and running! E:

We understand that you work together. What roles do you each take in the business?

PW: I refer to myself as chief geek as I build and maintain the site, while Em uses her spare time to help out with marketing and running the business side. We’ve come up with this great arrangement whereby we hold our team meetings in different cafes around town at the weekends, this means we can keep work and home separate and also see more of the cool bits of the city. We’ve also drafted in some local design talent to help us to look great. E:

How did you come up with the idea?

PW: After ten years of working as a digital TV programmer, I wanted to apply my skills to the web, with a view to going freelance for our move to NZ. After being shocked at how much traditional stationers were charging for wedding invitations, I suggested that I could write a wedding website and email our invitations.

These days you tend to know more email addresses than street addresses, and we are getting more and more used to organising our lives online with sites such as Facebook. We figured that our friends would love it, but we were really surprised how keen our parents, aunts and uncles were: virtually everyone used our online RSVP, including our grandparents! Come the event itself, our guests were raving about our site, how they’d used it to keep up-to-date with what was going on and how it had helped them get to know the other family and members of the wedding party. We’d been looking for a business idea for when we moved over, so it seemed natural to use this as a starting point and, while staying with friends in Parnell, we came up with the name Paperless Wedding.


Tell us how Paperless Weddings works.

PW: Our aim is that guests will get a much more interactive version of the contents of a traditional wedding invitation envelope, however

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we also want it to look just as good and retain that personal touch. Guests are emailed their own elegant looking invite; they then click on a link which gives them a unique login to the site the couple have created, with a matching theme. This contains details of the wedding events and venues and essential info like how to get there. Couples can also add their own pages, so they can list local accommodation for instance, or introduce the wedding party. Guests can RSVP, leave messages and upload photos, before and after the main event. E:

What are the advantages over regular paper invitations?

PW: Apart from saving money and time collecting street addresses, there are loads of advantages of going paperless. It’s easy and fun to keep communicating with your guests online – for instance you could hold a vote for the first dance. Also, you can track replies on our site as soon as they come in: you’ll be able to see who hasn’t responded yet and remind them. You’re not restricted to the amount you can fit in an envelope either, so you’ve got plenty of space to write as much as you like, meaning that your guests feel much more involved before the day happens. On top of all this, it’s cool building your own website and you don’t need any technical knowledge! E:

Why is it more environmentally friendly?

PW: Saving the paper used on invitations is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but there’s also the emissions from delivery too, especially if you’re sending invitations overseas. Also, at Paperless we try to be as green as possible, our servers are energy efficient and we’ve signed up to a tree planting scheme. E:

Can you cater for guests that don’t have online access?

PW: We reckon most couples would be surprised how many of their relations have email, even if they don’t think they do. If not, this is a great way to persuade them to take the plunge, tell them they can’t come otherwise! Okay, we accept that some couples will need to send out cards (hopefully recycled) in the post, although they can still include details of the website and the login code. Plus you can reply on behalf of guests who can’t get online. We’re priced so that you can afford to send out a few cards and in the future we’ll have a way to send paper invitations with themes that match your paperless ones.

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Examples of Paperless Wedding websites


Are there different levels of service provided? What are the costs of these?

PW: If you want to see how easy it is to create your own Paperless Wedding, you can sign up to a two week free trial, after this it’s only $99 and for that you get to send unlimited invitation emails and have a website for 12 months. We also have a ‘Save the Date’ option – just $39 and you can send advance notification to your guests and you then get $20 off when you sign up for the invitations and website and get to keep the guest list and theme. If you want it all at once, you can get that for a bargain $115. E:

Do you have any design tips that brides and grooms can incorporate into their Paperless Wedding invites?

PW: Get loads of content up on your site, write about how you got together, why you’ve chosen your venue and about who’s taking part on the day. Get people chatting on the message board, ask them what songs they want at the disco, make them feel involved and they’ll be looking forward to it even more. Also, include stuff you’re both into and tie in the content of the site with what’s happening on the day. We met doing theatre, so we made our site like a programme, with

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cast write ups for the wedding party, then on the day we had readings from a Shakespeare play and a cabaret. E:

How many different themes are available?

PW: We’ve got 19 themes at the moment, but we’re planning to add loads more, plus there will soon be an option to create your own theme using your choice of colours and uploading a photo or logo. Since we’re starting up, if a couple put a cool idea to us, then we’ll commission it as a new theme from one of our designers. E:

Are there any new services coming soon?

PW: There are so many directions we could go in with Paperless Wedding, but we feel it’s important to stick to our mantra of replacing and enhancing the traditional wedding invitation. Many couples would include a gift list registry, so we’ve just added a way to create your own totally bespoke gift list, integrated with your site. We’ll also be allowing couples to send out reminders, and, after the wedding, thank you cards, all via email of course!

To check our Paperless Wedding, go to

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