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engaged AUGUST 2009



Loads of winter wedding fashion

Keeping Toasty

Heating sources to keep you warm on your wedding day


Beautiful wraps and jackets to avoid you getting the cold shoulder

The Love Boat

Cruise to your wedding in the South-Pacific


Notes from the Editors... As we sat huddled around our heaters planning this month’s issue and wishing it were summer, our thoughts turned to all of those lovely brides that get married in the winter months.

Cover Credits: Alex & Zoe, married at The Boatshed on Waiheke. Photography by Emma Hughes Photography

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Images of brides and grooms snuggling together, decadent food, roaring fires, luxuriant fabrics, icy blues and rich jewel colours sprung to mind and we thought ‘what better way to celebrate winter than with a special issue on winter weddings?’. So we bring you a beautiful winter issue, crammed with stunning winter wedding photos and tips on making the most of your winter nupitals. Enjoy! And one last thing ... It snuck around so quickly that we couldn’t believe it ourselves: Engaged celebrates its first birthday this month!! So Happy Birthday to us!

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WINTER FASHION Heaps of real winter wedding photos to feast your eyes on


WINTER WARMERS Great winter recipe ideas


KEEPING TOASTY Heating sources to keep you warm


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80 18 WINTER BLOOMS Find out which flowers are in season over winter

PRE-NUPS What are they and why should you have one?

PURE SKIN We talk with Paul from The Pureskin Clinic

24 THE LOVE BOAT Cruising to your South-Pacific wedding

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R O M A N T I C A L B E RTO N A lovely centrally-located historic Auckland venue for weddings, civil unions, wedding photos and functions. Indoor and outdoor options available. web: email: phone: +64 9 846 7367

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What’s New Wedding decorations are the first things that welcome you and your guests into your wedding venue! Bridal Grace Wedding Decorators is a new and exciting decorating company based in Auckland. They are stylish venue decorators who specialize in indoor as well as outdoor weddings. They work with the client’s theme and ideas to create a decoration package which is customized and reflects the uniqueness and passion of their clients! All of their clients are cherished as individuals and no wedding dream is too big for Bridal Grace! Bridal grace Wedding Decorators is an all-rounder decorating company, they do all the decorations for you, while saving you time, energy and money! Check out their website: PLUS: You can be in to win a $1000 prize package courtesy of Bridal Grace and Sothys Paris - to find out how to enter, check out the competitions page at the end of this issue! Romantic Weekend at Millbrook Resort The Auckland Ring Company is currently running a promotion - spend $10,000 on a handmade engagement or anniversary ring for your loved one and they will send you both on a romantic weekend to Millbrook Resort, Queenstown. The package includes: airfares, Queenstown airport transfers, two nights of luxurious accommodation, one bottle of complimentary champagne, full buffet breakfast each morning, and two of the following options per person: unlimited golf green fees for a day, a day-spa half-hour massage, or a three-course dinner. Get in touch with the Auckland Ring Company to find out more details:

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Winter WEDDINGS When some of us think of winter, we think beautiful winter whites, sparking silvers and icy blues. The tone is pure and fresh and new – what a perfect metaphor for a wedding! Those in the other camp think of themes that are rich with opulent fabrics and bold jewel colours – deep, warm and comforting, just as a marriage should be! Both themes can work equally well for winter weddings. As Emma Newman of Emma Newman Weddings says, just because it is winter doesn’t mean your wedding can’t be elegant and fun!

Page 9 : engaged : August 2009

Photos previous page and this spread: The wedding of Rebecca Robinson and Reece Morrow, Friday 17th July 2009. Flowers by Anna Hiatt of Pure Chaos, Photography by Debby Heard Photography, Styling by Emma Newman Weddings

There are, of course, certain things you do need to think of when planning a winter wedding:

Choices, choices… Nicky Malcolm of Décor-atif backs up Emma’s comments that a winter wedding is a time to get inventive. Take advantage of the season and use things like bare tree branches hung with crystal garlands, drops, feathers and fur, objects ‘old and interesting’ in tones of white and silver. Or use gorgeous fabrics and candles, open fires, braziers and old lanterns to create a warm, luxuriant setting. Or be theatrical or adventurous and try and mid-winter festival or masquerade celebration! The beauty of winter is that it can be rich and warm and invites a bit of mid-winter madness – be quirky and fun and give your guests something to remember!

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All warm and snuggly: Never underestimate the cold, both in the rooms for your ceremony and reception, but also when choosing clothing and transport. The last thing you want is to look a lovely shade of blue (a la Marge Simpson!) and be so cold your warm, loving feelings just aren’t managing to heat you up! Emma suggests that you politely ask your church or ceremony venue to put their heaters on early in the day to take the chill off the room. Extra heaters are also a good investment – we have some suggestions for alternative heat sources in this month’s issue. These heat sources can also provide excellent soft light for photographers (a great topic to discuss with your photographer!). Cars should be well-heated (but not too humid – don’t want to ruin that lovely hairdo and makeup!). If you prefer the simplicity of the horse and carriage described in last month’s issue, be sure that the carriage is loaded up with pretty blankets to wrap you and your beloved in!

If you don’t intend to wear a long-sleeved gown or special wrap during the ceremony and reception, ensure that you carry some type of wrap for wearing whilst you are waiting for photographs. It is a great idea to check the wrap or cape or jacket doesn’t shed lint or stray cotton that will cling to your dress. We have some wonderful examples later in this issue. Also think of your bridesmaids – we are sure they will have the same warm, loving thoughts you do about your big day, but we are not sure their adrenaline will be running so high and keeping them glowing! They will also be likely to be waiting around a fair bit while you and your husband are having your photos taken.

Covering up: With New Zealand’s (OK, we mean Auckland’s) unpredictable rain, it is also a good idea to carry a brolly or three with you. With the fashionable umbrellas available, you are bound to find one that fits with your theme and looks great in those pics! Or check out the range of parasols on offer.

Keeping it clean: With rain and snow comes mud and slush. This of course needs to be remembered when walking anywhere, climbing in and out of vehicles, sitting, and posing for photos. Just take care that you don’t step any potholes filled with muddy water and ruin that beautiful gown and shoes! Your shoe sales person and dress designer may be able to suggest simple solutions to any problems such as this (other than just keep inside!).

A certain light: With the sun setting a little earlier in winter, and without the benefit of daylight savings, keep in mind the timings for both the ceremony and reception. Ask your photographer when the light will be best and plan your times around this – whilst photos in the dark can look amazing, winter lighting can be something very special and you should aim to take advantage of this! Photos next two pages courtesy of Decor-atif:

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Warm and hearty: During winter, people’s thoughts tend towards rich, comforting fare and it is important that you serve food keeping in mind our bodies need a little more fuel in winter. The venison and red wine pie in Wanaka Catering’s article looks perfect!

Floral tributes: With flowers being more expensive due to availability in winter, try to use flowers in season and produced locally. We have provided a list of winter flowers in this issue to give you some ideas.

The cost benefit: One big benefit of getting married in winter is that there is not as much demand for venues and other wedding related vendors. In the winter months, suppliers may be willing to offer special rates or to negotiate on price – not always, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! A winter wedding can be a visually stunning event and will often be remembered because you have chosen the so-called off-season. As with any wedding, careful planning and being aware of the issues can make your wedding something truly special!

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Winter Blooms W

hilst spring is obviously the first season we think of when we think of flowers, there are a myriad of flowers available for those brides getting married in the winter months.


s always, try to choose flowers that will go with your theme – winter is a time where you can go crazy with richers, darker tones, adding in textures such as baby pinecones and holly leaves.


o from Best Blooms has generously helped us out with the following chart, showing which blooms are in season during the colder months. Of course, availability may vary from year and it is best to discuss your choices in the context of your whole theme with your chosen florist.

Page 15 : engaged : August 2009

FLOWER Agapanthus Mini Alstromeria Anemones Anthuriums Calla Lillies Cally Lillies (white) Carnation Spray Carnation Standard Caspea Chrysanthemums Cornflower Daffodil Delphinium Easlicheer Freesia Gerbera Gerbera Mini Gypsophilia Iris Ivy Trailing Leucodendron Varieties Lillium Asiatic Lillium Casablanca Lillium Longiflorum Lillium Stargazer Lisianthus Nerine Ochid Cymbidium Orchid Polymin Orchid Paphiopedilum - Slipper Orchid Phaleonopsis - Moth












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FLOWER MAY Orchid Singapore/Tahi/Dendrobiums Y (Imported) Paper Whites Y Protea King Y Protea Other Varieites Y Pussy Willow Ranuculus Y Rose Y Rose Minature Y Snapdragon Y Sol D’Ors Statice Y Stock Y Sunflower Y Thryptomen Y Tuberose Y Tulip Y








See for the full table

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Pure Skin Brides wishing to improve skin and remove hair prior to summer weddings should be thinking about a plan of action about now! We have received a few questions about laser hair removal, so we approached Paul Davis from The Pureskin Clinic to have a chat about it.

Page 18 : engaged : August 2009


You run the Pureskin Clinic in Ponsonby. Tell us a bit about the clinic – how you got started, how long you have been open, what are the guiding forces behind your business philosophy?


We have been in business for about five years. We started off just doing IPL treatments and making it affordable to everyone, and we have expanded our treatments from that point. We want to provide a professional friendly atmosphere where we can advise, educate and empower clients in care of their skin and appearance. If we don’t know the answer, we will research it as we take pride in getting it right! The Pureskin Clinic is all about the science of beautiful skin. Our approach is aimed at offering chemical and paraben-free skin care and non-invasive treatments. What we mean by this is helping the clients to take care of their skin naturally, so they don’t need to go under the knife! Of course, if in the future they might want to have invasive treatments their skin will be in the best possible condition. EmerginC is our major range of skin care and we also like to promote other smaller ranges that are either NZ-sourced and natural or specific to certain skin types.


IPL is a reasonably new concept, compared to waxing and shaving that is! We covered it briefly in a previous issue, but could you give us a better description of what actually happens and how it works?

PD: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is light created by a machine. It is attracted

to different cromophores within the skin. One of these is the pigment melanin, which we have in hair and skin. In hair removal, light is used via a handpiece to pulse the light through the skin surface. As it is attracted to the melanin in the hair, heat is created at the hair root level, and this disrupts the hair growing cycle.



Are their different types of machines or systems used? What do you


We use a Luminex L900 machine that has FDA and CE approval. It is widely used in many countries throughout the world, including Europe

Page 20 : engaged : August 2009

and Australia. It is extremely safe for therapist and client. There is no guess work involved with our treatments.

E: How long do technicians have to train? PD: We ensure our technicians already have trained and have a broad

knowledge of how IPL and laser works, via their therapy courses. In addition, our therapists have a world renowned training certificate from Fleming Resources of Australia. We also complete further training as and when advised.


How long does it take? How many treatments does a person need? Do you normally need ‘tops up’ after your initial treatments?


Treatment times vary with hair removal. The time is dependent on the size of the area that needs treating. For example an upper lip procedure can be accomplished within 5– 10 mins. The number of treatments a person requires differs according to the reasons behind the hair growth. There is a minimum of three to encompass the different stages of hair growth.


Is there a certain skin type that suits IPL better? Are there any skin types that should avoid it all together?


IPL can be used on a wide range of skin types. We measure skin melanin during the course of a consultation, so we can accurately assess the power level and suitability of the treatment. Skins that have a very high melanin reading would be unsuitable for IPL. Only on consultation with us would you be apprised of the suitability.


Are there any pre-treatment or after-treatment steps you would recommend?


Prior to treatment, prospective clients should not wax or pluck hair for six weeks prior to considering IPL. There should also be no use of cream depilatories. For certain areas they are however asked to shave the day before or the morning of their treatment. After and as an ongoing care, you should not use hot water immediately after the service or use exfoliators or shave for five days. You must use an SPF30 sun block after a service on the face or an area that you expose to the UV (ultra violet rays) on a regular basis. You must also not use Retinol or AHA products on a area that will be treated within 7-10 days of treatment. Of course, our therapists will give you advice about this at the time of consultation.

E: The big question: does it hurt? PD: The sensation of the light as it is pulsed through the skin is likened to

a ‘flick’ and then a feeling of heat under the skin, that rapidly recedes. The sensation experienced is very individual and varies according to area that is being treated.

E: Is IPL only for hair removal? PD: Our IPL rejuvenation

programme can also remove unsightly pigmentation marks and our Max7 LED light machine that we use with our facials, can improve a variety of skin problems. A consultation regarding the benefits of this modality is available by booking an appointment and assessment of the skin.

Page 22 : engaged : August 2009

Pureskin is located in Ponsonby and not only do IPL. They also offer a skin consultation programme, and this can be incorporated into one of their promotional facial treatments. Their other treatments range from eyebrow shaping and eyelash tinting, manicures and pedicures, waxing, paraffin wax treatments, hot stone massages (coming soon!), facials, Max 7 Photodermatology, IPL, Luminologie and infrared saunas.

The Pureskin Clinic is open from 10am to 5pm with late nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 9pm. They are closed on Sundays. For more information, please see


The Pureskin Clinic has given us hundreds of dollars of vouchers to give away to our lucky readers. To find out how to enter, check out our competitions page at the end of this issue!

Plus they have some special offers for Engaged readers: • Get your first full face photo rejuvenation for $190 (normal price is $295) • Purchase 3 full face photo rejuvenations for $495 this month and receive a Hollywood pamper package for free (valued at $306)!

The Love Boat

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Cruising to your South-Pacific Wedding

“Love - exciting and new. Come aboard. We’re expecting you.” Everyone can hum the theme song for ‘The Love Boat’, a series that captured the imagination of millions with the romance and adventure of cruising. Make the romance your reality by sailing from Auckland to your South Pacific wedding. 2010 offers seven very unique opportunities to cruise with P&O Cruises and celebrate a sunny beach wedding in Fiji or Vanuatu. Due to the registration regulations of ships it is not possible to get married on board. However, the 2010 itineraries of P&O’s Pacific Sun allow you to cruise with family and friends and stop off to enjoy a leisurely wedding ceremony in beautiful Fiji or Vanuatu – an inclusive wedding and honeymoon shared with the people you love!

Easy organising - What the wedding coordinator can offer you: Wedding coordinators in Fiji and Vanuatu are very experienced in helping you to plan for an overseas wedding. Flexible to your unique requests, these are some of the things they can help you organise: • All marriage licence arrangements, including transport to the registry office to collect it • Marriage celebrant, witnesses (if necessary) • Hair and make-up for the bride • Catering – from tropical fruit platters to a champagne lunch • Equipment and set up, from floral archways to table settings • Floral arrangements, eg leis, buttonholes and bouquets • Dancers and live music • Photography/Videography packages Basic wedding packages are priced from around NZ$1000 Page 22 : engaged : August 2009

Unique, romantic – and great value for money! An absolute New Zealand first! Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel has liaised with P&O Cruises and wedding coordinators in Fiji and Vanuatu to arrange the first ever Pacific Sun wedding cruises from Auckland. With all-inclusive cruise fares - meaning no extra costs for a wedding reception – a cruise wedding offers fantastic value for money. 2010 itineraries begin from March so guests will have plenty of time to save for their fares. Even better: earlybird specials on now include up to 50% off fares*, offers of the 3rd and 4th person free*, as well as onboard credits*. Cruise life is great for all ages and interests. You can relax and read by the pool, sip a cocktail with friends as you enjoy the nightly live entertainment, and the kids are kept busy with the huge range of activities offered by the kids’ clubs. From nana to the young ones, your wedding party will enjoy the diverse range of onboard entertainment options as they sail in celebration of your future as husband and wife.

Sail away stress-free With the Pacific Sun essentially an all-inclusive floating resort, you’re free to relax and enjoy your guests’ company. Tonia Timmins, Wedding Specialist at Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel, says, “It’s a pre-wedding holiday – just what you need after organising a wedding!” Make the most of it and treat the girls to a pampering beauty treatment at the onboard Lotus Day Spa while the boys head to the casino for Black Jack.

All about P&O Cruises From the moment you step on board the new-look Pacific Sun, you’re on holiday. Unpack just once and get ready for a magical experience. Your floating resort offers an amazing array of facilities with your fare, including the exciting range of activities, dining options and entertainment. With over 75 years of experience, cruising with P&O Cruises is the perfect escape for all ages. There are plenty of fun options for children available through the kids’ clubs which cater for children 3 years of age through to teenagers. 2010 cruises departing from Auckland with the flexibility for a wedding in Fiji or Vanuatu: • 10 night Bounty Discovery – 24 March 2010 and 24 May 2010. From $1,968* share twin • 10 night Island Fiesta – 15 April 2010 and 3 June 2010. From $2,029* share twin • 12 night Natural Wonders – 3 April 2010 and 13 June 2010. From $2,417* share twin • 21 night Tahitian Treasures – 3 May 2010. From $4,108* share twin 4 berth options also available. Plus Earlybird savings including up to 50% off, 3rd and 4th person free, and onboard credit, depending on cruise chosen and subject to availability. *Cruise fare includes all meals and entertainment on board. Extra costs include alcoholic drinks and babysitting after 10pm. Contact Tonia at Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel for full details of inclusions: Ph 09 368 6804 For full cruise details visit Page 24 : engaged : August 2009

It’s even easier to relax when you know all the details for your wedding have been finalised and a wedding coordinator will be meeting you as you arrive in port. Prior to your cruise everything will be nutted out with your wedding coordinator, including the marriage licence, ceremony location, music, flowers, cake, and so on. Wedding ceremony on South Pacific shores The Big Day unfolds… 8am • Pacific Sun arrives in port at your wedding destination – Vila, Vanuatu or Nadi, Fiji. • Visit the Lotus Day Spa onboard for hair and make-up. • Disembark and meet your waiting wedding coordinator. • Be transported to the Registry Office to collect marriage licence. • Make your way to your pre-arranged ceremony location, whether it’s a beach,

chapel or bure, and find everything waiting for you exactly as you had arranged with the wedding coordinator.

• Marry the man of your dreams against a backdrop of sand, swaying palms and

sparkling seas.

• Enjoy a champagne toast to wedded bliss, canapés, music and mingling with

family and friends and photos taken in a South Pacific paradise.

• Be transported back to the Pacific Sun to continue celebrations onboard,

whether it’s a buffet and cocktails on the private Oasis upper deck or the private use of one of the Pacific Sun’s bars or dining rooms.

5-6pm • Pacific Sun sails out of port and into the sunset as you share a toast to your

new life as husband and wife.

Wedding reception on Pacific Sun The reception is the time to really let down your hair and have some fun! Return exhilarated from your shore ceremony to continue the festivities on board the Pacific Sun. With plenty of flexibility, the possibilities include: • Booking the Oasis deck at the top of the ship for informal canapés and

cocktails. Amazing photo opportunities as the ship sails out of port and into the sunset.

• Private use of one of the ship’s many bars. Put up a bar tab for your guests

and toast to your new life together.

• Private use of the Seafood and Steakhouse specialty dining room for your

wedding dinner. This is a more exclusive dining option which seats 30 and incurs an additional charge of $20 per person.

All options can be followed by dinner in one of the ship’s restaurants, all included in the price of your cruise fare. Furthermore, children can have complimentary care at a kids club until 10pm, with care continuing until 1am at an additional cost. Keep the party going well into the night! Sailing into the sunset is a romantic beginning to any marriage. Combining a cruise with your wedding and honeymoon is the perfect way to discover the most picturesque islands in the South Pacific and celebrate the beginning of your new life together with the people you love.

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Weddings in Paradise

“Choosing Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel to organise my wedding travel arrangements was the first decision that I made, and by far one of the best! Tonia has such a broad range of knowledge in destination weddings, her advice was invaluable! From arranging packages for my family all over New Zealand to helping me choose the right resort for our wedding. We not only had the perfect wedding, we also enjoyed a fabulous holiday with our family that we will never forget.� Stacey and Chris Morunga October 2008

Expert in Paradise! Tonia Timmins is our Wedding and Honeymoon Expert, using her exceptional organisational skills, travel expertise and creative flair to design beach wedding and honeymoon packages. All wedding packages we feature are at resorts Tonia has visited, enjoying the hospitality and charm of island paradises in the quest to find the best Pacific wedding and honeymoon destinations.

Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel CRUISES & TRAVEL

8a Cleveland Road, Parnell, Auckland Ph 368 6804



Winter wedding menus call for hearty, warming dishes that nourish and energise your guests, ready for a night of celebrating! Your venue or caterer will have some amazing ideas how to use local produce to create dishes suitable for the colder months – and using local ingredients has the advantage of not only being better for the environment, but also better for your wallet! This month’s article by Wanaka Catering focuses on part of the wedding celebrations that are often overlooked: the pre-wedding feed-the-crowd part! As Kiwis, often we will have many guests from far away arriving for the Page 28 : engaged : August 2009

Venison and Red Wine Pie Topped with Puff Flaky Pastry 2 kilos of venison shoulder 55 grams flour 150ml of good red wine 150ml of red wine vinegar 300ml of stock 2 onions, finely chopped 2 carrots, finely chopped 2 sticks of celery 2 cloves garlic ½ tablespoon of chopped parsley 1 tablespoon of redcurrent jelly (or quince jelly works very well) Flakey puff pastry Seasoning

Mix cubed venison with flour and season well. Sauté in small batches. Remove venison and in same pan, cook onions, carrots, celery and garlic. Once nicely browned, add in the red wine to de-glaze the pan and then add venison back into pan. Pour over the stock and vinegar to cover the meat and cook for about 1½ hours until the meat is nice and tender. After about 1 hour add in the parsley and the jelly and stir. Once cooked, place the meat and vege mix into an oven pie dish and roll out pastry and cover the pie. Make sure you put a steam hole in middle. Bake for 35 mins until the pastry is lovely and golden. Serve with winter greens and creamy mash potato. ENJOY!

wedding – friends we have made on our OE travels, family living in Australia and so on. And where do half of them end up staying? That’s right, with you! And then the other half show up to eat with you! Usually, you won’t have seen these friend or family members for some time and will want to spend as much time as possible catching up with them and having fun; after all, that is what it is all about! Try to keep your time in the kitchen to a minimum. Meals should be a casual affair. One of the easiest meals to cook is soup. It is the ideal choice for a starter or as a main course, complete with some fresh grainy bread or rolls. Everyone enjoys and appreciates homemade soup. Soups are generally easy to make and most can be made fully in advance, only requiring heating at serving time – perfect for entertaining. At this time of year it’s a bit hard to get some produce but sometimes you can’t go past the old favourites: spicy pumpkin soup or broccoli and blue cheese served with warm ciabatta bread. For the main course, budget-friendly chicken is always popular and can be prepared in so many ways: curried, roasted, braised. A dish such as Coq au Vin (chicken braised in wine) is a wonderful winter-warmer. If you prefer to serve meat, one of the great things about winter food is much of it is slow-cooked and the best choice of meat for these types of dishes are the cheaper cuts such as chuck, blade and skirt. The connective tissue, fat and sinew that hold the muscles of the meat together are broken down in the braising or stewing process, rendering the meat tender and releasing gelatinous juices to create a rich and full bodied gravy. Dishes such as Braised Lamb Shanks, Beef Curry, and Osso Bucco are excellent choices for this time of year. Or if you feel like something a little different a meat fondue will get your guests involved in the cooking and make it easier on the cleaning up! Serve this with a roasted vegetable and baby spinach salad and you have a very tasty meal. If you’re on a budget, don’t choose rib eye steak for 12 people; instead dress up a low cost pasta dish with lots of yummy winter ingredients like shitaki mushrooms or eggplant. Page 30 : engaged : August 2009

If you would like to serve a dessert but are not quite a baker then stick to something simple like chocolate and pecan brownies, very easy to make and look a million dollars. Because it’s winter, you are also allowed to think of warming drinks such as whiskies, hot chocolate or even a brandy. You could finish the evening off with the most warming gesture of all: cognac. Float two teaspoons of cognac on the surface of a cup of hot coffee. Put a lump of sugar on a tablespoon, fill the spoon with cognac and warm it over the flame of a candle. Then ignite the cognac on the spoon and add it gently to the surface of the coffee. Stir until the flame burns out. Just go easy on these the night before the wedding! Don’t forget to get your friends and family to help out. They will be happy to make your wedding week one to remember – and to make sure you don’t break a nail doing the dishes!

Your wedding breakfast is one of the major aspects of your wedding day. Its time for your guests to relax together, families to meet, and your wedding to be celebrated. Ph: 03 443 4129 or 021 304 293

Wedding Shows September The Wedding Show 13 September 2009 Aotea Centre Taupo Wedding Show 20 September 2009 Great Lake Centre, Taupo

Christchurch’s Premier Wedding Expo 20 September 2009 Christchurch Convention Centre, Christchurch

October The Spring Wellington Wedding Show 4th October 2009 Overseas Terminal Function Centre www.thewellingtonweddingshow.

nadia couture Redefining bridesmaids. nadia couture is Auckland’s premier bridesmaid shop. Timeless design, quality fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship for the bride and your bridesmaids needs. nadiacouture garments range from soft silk chiffon to elegant formal satin, available in a wide range of colours and sizes. To compliment the dresses, nadia couture has exquisite jewellery and beautiful evening bags, guaranteeing nadia remains a ‘must-see’ destination for your entire bridal party and every evening occasion.

271a Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

Phone: 09 361 1205

Winter Weddings

Beautiful winter wedding photos to inspire...

Melissa & Geoff

Married in North Canterbury. by Amanda Page 33 :Photography engaged : August 2009 Haynes

Page 34 : engaged : August 2009

Robert & Odette

Married in Waimate. Photography by Amanda Haynes

Page 35 : engaged : August 2009

Robert & Odette

Married in Waimate. Photography by Amanda Haynes

Page 36 : engaged : August 2009

Philippa & Brad

Married in Kaiapoi. Photography by Amanda Haynes

Page 37 : engaged : August 2009

Page 38 : engaged : August 2009

Alex & Zoe

Married at The Boatshed on Waiheke. Photography by Emma Hughes Photography

Page 39 : engaged : August 2009

Page 40 : engaged : August 2009

Page 41 : engaged : August 2009

Mana & Cara

Married at Mudbrick on Waiheke. Photography by Phillipa Karn Photography

Page 42 : engaged : August 2009

Carl & Karina

Married at Mudbrick on Waiheke. Photography by Phillipa Karn Photography

Christal & Pierre

Married on Hahei Beach, dress by A La Robe Page 43 : engaged : August 2009

Page 44 : engaged : August 2009

Grace & Christopher

Married on the Liebig Done (approx 2300m altitude) in the Mt Cook National Park. Photography by Stu Jackson of Photo-One

Page 45 : engaged : August 2009

Page 46 : engaged : August 2009

Page 47 : engaged : August 2009

Lara & Andy

Married at Mudbrick on Waiheke. Photography by Jody Lidstone

Page 48 : engaged : August 2009

Page 49 : engaged : August 2009

Lara & Andy

Married at Mudbrick on Waiheke. Photography by Jody Lidstone

Page 50 : engaged : August 2009

Page 51 : engaged : August 2009

Nicola & Andrew

Married at Old St Paul’s, Wellington. Photography by Rob Driessen Page 52 : engaged : August 2009

Page 53 : engaged : August 2009

Nicola & Andrew

Married at Old St Paul’s, Wellington. Photography by Rob Driessen

Page 54 : engaged : August 2009

Page 55 : engaged : August 2009

From the wedding of Nicola & Andrew Married at Old St Paul’s, Wellington. Photography by Rob Driessen

Page 56 : engaged : August 2009

Megan & Kevin

by Susanna Burton Page 57 : Photography engaged : August 2009

Page 58 : engaged : August 2009

Megan & Kevin

Photography by Susanna Burton

Page 59 : engaged : August 2009

Megan & Kevin

Susanna Page 60Photography : engaged : by August 2009 Burton

Weddings at Castaways Castaways - for the ultimate wedding experience. Coastal cliff top ceremonies, stunning sunset wedding receptions, fine food, award winning service and luxury onsite accommodation. More than 100 couples have booked with Castaways to celebrate their marriage in the past year.

See why - contact us now for your appointment to view Castaways and to meet with our team. 685 Karioitahi Road, Karioitahi Beach, Waiuku Ph 09 236 5161 Email Web

“Thank you so much for offering us more than our dream wedding� (Castaways Bride, 2008)

~ lodge ~

Page 61 : engaged : August 2009 ~ events & functions ~

~ restaurant ~

Page 62 : engaged : July 2009

Winter heating

Page 64 : engaged : August 2009

Nice and


New Zealand has some fantastic outdoor venues, complete with stunning views and that distinct Kiwi natural feeling. It would be a shame to see these beautiful balconies and patios go to waste in winter, so how do you make it work for your wedding? Here are some suggestions for making those outdoor areas nice and toasty.

Walled in Before any heat source is added to an outdoor area, make sure the area is as closed in as is possible. A number of venues are set up with roller shades that act as temporary walls. These keep the wind out and heat in. Check that your venue has ‘walls’ like this available for any outdoor area and ask to see what they look like.

Safety first Safety should always be a priority. Remember that any heat source can become extremely hot and take precautions to keep guests, especially children, at a safe distance. With open fires, be aware of sparks and any damage that could be done to clothing or decorations near the open flames. It is also important to ensure there is adequate ventilation in the room you are heating. There are three main heat sources available:

Open fires The most romantic of the three, an open fireplace just screams romance. The flames, the sound of crackling firewood, the smell‌. An open fireplace is also the least portable of the heat sources. Your venue needs to have a fireplace as part of its charms before you can utilise this one and many venues sell themselves on having a roaring fire in winter! One point to note is that if the outdoor area is not completely closed in to keep the heat in, then the fire can become a concentrated heat source – the closer you are to it, the warmer you will be! You may need to keep this is mind for guests seated at tables far from the fireplace or those too close to it.

Gas heaters A very portable and effective alternative is the gas heater. These range in shape and size and provide great radiant heat, generally up to an area of five metres. Free-standing gas heating is great for bar areas, as guests are able to mingle around same with drinks and nibble in hand. Depending on the height of the heaters, this option may also work for seated areas, as long as the upright poles of the heaters are not blocking anyone’s view of the bridal table and speeches. These types of heaters work best in sheltered areas so that the flame does not blow out in strong winds. (Safety note: check your heaters automatically shut the gas off when the flame is extinguished.)

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Gas heaters are also available as fixed heaters (ie overhead) and work in the same way. Your venue will advise if they are available in their outdoor function areas. Most portable gas heaters run on bottled gas. A 9kg ‘BBQ’ bottle will last for up to approximately 12 hours when the heat is on full. If your venue does not have gas heaters you can hire them for $80-140 per day each, dependent on whether gas, delivery and set-up fees are included. Gas flares are also available for a more dramatic touch. These may be hired for approximately $75-$130 per day each, again dependent on whether gas, delivery and set-up fees are included. Gas flares are only suitable for outdoor use.

Braziers and chimineas A brazier is basically a metal basket on legs which is filled with coals to provide heat; whilst a chiminea is clay or cast iron on legs that is shaped like a pear – well, a pear, with an open mouth for the coals and a chimney at the top!! Both provide a lovely ambience, with open flames, as well as providing a source of heat. Again, as the flames are unguarded, ensure you take adequate precautions, especially with braziers being below eye level - it can be quite easy for a tipsy guest to walk straight into one!! Gas heater braziers are also available. Braziers may be hired for approximately $60 per day. Chimineas are a little harder to find.

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Ensure that you stay nice and warm on your wedding day in one of these exquisite jackets or wraps from some of New Zealand’s favourite designers.

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Right: Asian-inspired winter white wool satin with the current accented shoulder detail hand applied frogging for an elegant classic winter wedding from Liz Mitchell

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Above: Beaded Kimono jacket with handmade silk flower brooch from A La Robe

Below: Silk-fringed shawl from A La Robe

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Below: Estelle jacket with vintage brooch from A La Robe

Above: ‘Bell-Air-Oh’ cape from Natalie Chan

Below: White faux-fur stole from Renee Bridal Fashion

Right: Pretty beaded cardigan from Natalie Chan

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Showcasing Photographic Excellence

Photograph by VisionWorks Photography

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Amy Schulz Photography

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Rob Driessen Photography

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He loves me… He loves me not...

Your guide to prenuptial agreements Pulling petals off of a flower and attempting to ascertain whether the man of the moment actually loves you, may seem old fashioned. The modern and preferred method is for the love of your life to tell you that he is marrying you for you, not the money you earn, the house you own or the savings you have in the bank. “Real love is reflected in a prenuptial agreement”, says Pauline Matherson, who runs, the only web-based fixed-fee document drafting service for prenuptial agreements in New Zealand.

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Many people consider the idea of prenuptial agreements with distaste and displeasure; the concept of having such a document is viewed by many as not necessary as indeed they are in love, and they more than want to share what they have with the person they intend to share the rest of their lives with. However, entering into a prenuptial agreement is actually quite a romantic notion. By entering into the agreement, you are making it clear that your love is real and genuine and that you are marrying them because you love them unconditionally, not because of what they have, or what you could get out of the marriage. So why should people enter into a prenuptial agreement? Essentially, a prenuptial agreement ensures that, in the event that you split up with your spouse, you retain the property that you enter into the marriage with. Under the Property (Relationship) Act, once you have been in a de-facto relationship, civil union or married for three years then, on separation, your property (assets and money) are divided according to the equal sharing rules in the Act unless you have ‘contracted out’ of the Act and signed a pre-nuptial agreement. You might want to do this if you are bringing an unequal amount of assets to the marriage (maybe you already own a house, or have a large chunk of savings), or if there are particular items (often with sentimental value) that you would never want to lose. How do you go about drafting a prenuptial agreement? The process is fairly straight-forward to draft a prenuptial agreement. While you can do it yourself, the Property (Relationship) Act requires that certain formalities be considered and included, so it is normally best to use a lawyer or another document drafting service (such as to do it for you. That way, you know that it will be legally binding. The cost will depend upon who drafts it for you, although offers a fixed-fee service for $300. Once the agreement has been drafted, you have been given legal advice, and the agreement has been signed by you, your partner and your respective lawyers then it is legal and binding.

With thanks to Pauline Matherson from for her assistance with this article

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