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Engage Kids Newsletter Spring 2014 A season of growth, new life, and celebration.

What’s New?   *Engage   Kids   is   excited   to   now   have   3   Team   Leaders   (Terri   Martin   for   check   in,   Jan   Travis   for   Nursery   and   Preschool,   and   Charity   Wirl   for   k-­‐5th   grade)   and   a   Team   Coordinator,   Kim   Sokolofsky!     Please   see   any   of   these   leaders  for  questions,  ideas,  or  if  you’d  like  to  be  part  of  a  team!       *HOORAY!!!    Two  Youth  Groups  have  been  started!      2nd  through  4th  and  5th  through  12th  grade!    See  Youth   Group  Calendars  for  dates,  times,  and  locations.   *April   13   will   be   our   first   KID’S   CHURCH!     The   kids   will   be   downstairs,   with   a   special   service   of   their   own   once   a   month.     They   will   be   included   in   the   singing,   announcements,   spotlights,   etc!     We   are   looking   for   a   variety   of   adult   helpers  to  sing,  give  a  mini  sermon,  share  a  talent,  etc.    Please  contact  Kim  if  you’d  like  to  help  in  this.      

For your  calendars…   April  13:    Easter  Egg  Hunt  at  Fort  Letort  Park  immediately  following  church:  ALL  INVITED!!   (Candy  Donations  gratefully  accepted-­‐  put  in  basket  on  Connection  Table)     April   17:     Good   Friday   Service;   (yes,   on   Thursday!)   Kids   Invited   to   Attend.    6pm  at  the  Ribbon  Mill.           May  4:    Engage  Kids  Potluck  Luncheon:    For  Everyone!    Come  check  out   what   is   happening   in   Engage   Kids,   meet   the   team   leaders   and   teachers,   and  eat  lunch!    Immediately  following  service.       CommuniAes     Growing      

Hearts Singing    

Faith Blooming  

Engage kids newsletter march 2014  

Here are the exciting things happening in Engage Kids in April and May.